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Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.
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Comentarios 100
TTempes TT
TTempes TT Hace 2 horas
I wanna see a ugly main hero
David Smith
David Smith Hace 9 horas
It's amusing how any person who doesn't like this film is called a misogynistic troll who's afraid of women. Feminism is a women's supremacy movement promoting misandry hiding behind claims of gender equality. If feminism is about gender equality, why are former female feminists and women speaking out against the lies of feminism?
Nick Garduce
Nick Garduce Hace 14 horas
Fury:Cmon Goose! Do your thing!
Akshay Salve
Akshay Salve Hace 21 un hora
Watch captain marvel full movie hindi dubbed This link 👇👇👇
Akshay Salve
Akshay Salve Hace 21 un hora
Watch captain marvel full movie hindi dubbed This link 👇👇
Space Gacha
Space Gacha Hace un día
This is a good movie
Kaari [GD]
Kaari [GD] Hace un día
Wow i must watch it
Cernumospete Hace un día
Where is Furys eyepatch?
Flat Plainstone
Flat Plainstone Hace 2 días
Captain Save-a-Hoe.
Flat Plainstone
Flat Plainstone Hace 2 días
I'm here to see who's shilling for brie larson's captain marvel the most protected assets by the shill media and social media.
Anthony Sandoval
Anthony Sandoval Hace 2 días
Really, A great movie
William Villasboa
William Villasboa Hace 3 días
This fiasco is by far the worst MCU movie, absolutely awful good luck with the sequel, now that Avengers and Tony Stark died.
HunGerMovies Hace 3 días
if it had been a badass character like Milla Jovovich instead of an instagramceleb-like massproduct whose name will be forgotten in 2 weeks.
xZANZIBARZx Hace 4 días
Foreigners are paid to say this movie didn't totally flop *H0nk H0nk*
Tampax Tampons
Tampax Tampons Hace 4 días
This movie is a stinking pile
Chaske Carr
Chaske Carr Hace 4 días
The first lesbian super hero and not the last
Samuel Attias
Samuel Attias Hace 4 días
She will be married on August 15
Aditya Makhija
Aditya Makhija Hace 4 días
Shazam vs Cap Marvel
Aditya Makhija
Aditya Makhija Hace 4 días
Doctor Strange fan UwU
Remember guys when We all hoped Captain Marvel was going to kill Thanos..? Yeah...
Skyclaw Hace 4 días
Spidey: Ruined. Batman: Ruined. Captain Marvel: Ruined. Who's next???
i Predator
i Predator Hace 4 días
Thor: ruined Hulk: ruined
Curtis Shreve
Curtis Shreve Hace 5 días
Terrible movie...waste of money. Please bring back good movies.
Journey to Christ
Journey to Christ Hace 5 días
Am I the only one who thought this movie just wasn't very good? it's okay and all but it didn't blow be away like with other marvel films.
Bupake anonh
Bupake anonh Hace 5 días
Hey i want you back carol
Aiden's  Stuff
Aiden's Stuff Hace 6 días
Fury said he lost an eye after trusting someone. Really fury?
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali Hace 7 días
I have participated in the channel Btaie myself I have a lot of people and downloaded videos that benefit people I wish to participate with everyone 🤗🤗
Team Spirit
Team Spirit Hace 7 días
Second worst MCU movie
Wehrmacht General
Wehrmacht General Hace 4 días
Team Spirit ok
Team Spirit
Team Spirit Hace 5 días
@Wehrmacht General Nah, I'm not that stupid
Wehrmacht General
Wehrmacht General Hace 5 días
Team Spirit oh,ok. I thought you were gonna say endgame.
Team Spirit
Team Spirit Hace 5 días
@Wehrmacht General Hulk
Wehrmacht General
Wehrmacht General Hace 5 días
Team Spirit what’s the worst?
187278 Hace 7 días
MidnightMonet Hace 8 días
old lady: smiles captain marvel: 1:31
Soumyashree Panda
Soumyashree Panda Hace 6 días
Love captain marvel.and that dialogue i'm not what u think I am......😘😘😘😘😘🙃
Charlie Mulder
Charlie Mulder Hace 8 días
Yes we are Hunan. Xxx
Camping Yaconny
Camping Yaconny Hace 8 días
Aqui no hay nadie que able español latino
Camping Yaconny
Camping Yaconny Hace 8 días
Yo soy idola de capitana marvel yo vi avengers end game
Cairo Calero
Cairo Calero Hace 9 días
love captain marvel:cats flying in outer space, aliens playing space invaders in a spaceship whats not to like lol
ReZisT Lust
ReZisT Lust Hace 9 días
Discover, what makes A ( *HER* )O. ROFL
Darryl Moore
Darryl Moore Hace 10 días
you guys are playing victim once again while at the same time lashing out subconciously at minorities,....i saw the captain marvel movie and what i saw in this movie was the strereotype of the fatherless black family, and a black macho male treated like a child by the white woman who is in charge while being worshiped by the fatherless black family void of males in a feminist / almost lesbian kind of way ,...RACIST NONSENSE!!!
ZiplineShazam Hace 10 días
Captain Mediocrity
K.K. VinayKumar
K.K. VinayKumar Hace 10 días
She protecc She attacc She saves She shoots . . . . Most importantly she had the straightest face in the whole movie, even her friend in the movie showed more facial expressions even though she had less screen time. I have never seen an actor in my whole life who had such expressionless face.
Izanami Veena
Izanami Veena Hace 10 días
My fave marvel movie so far..
Marcelo M.M.
Marcelo M.M. Hace 10 días
How much money should invest MCU to fill rotten tomatoes and youtube with bots? It is impossible that someone... (being normal)... got a remotely good idea of the movie about some... Captain Mary Sue, but also, without charisma, an average face, and the body of a boy. Hilarious.
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson Hace 10 días
This movie was overrated. Too outer spacey, too science fictiony, and hardly any action until the very end. Typical Avengers. I'm glad I waited until it came to the $ 1.00 theater to see it. Not worth paying full price to see.
Jack Chang
Jack Chang Hace 10 días
Wait, she crashed into a Block Buster? Didn’t they go out of business? 🤔
Cooper Scalercio
Cooper Scalercio Hace 10 días
The movie takes place in the 90s.
Maverick Hace 10 días
This movie sucks
Bob Septian
Bob Septian Hace 10 días
This movie is good. I love it.
LookFor Soko
LookFor Soko Hace 11 días
Bad actress bad movie
Wehrmacht General
Wehrmacht General Hace 5 días
The actress is bad But the movie is ok
Phill Simmer
Phill Simmer Hace 11 días
Got around to watching it. It's painfully mediocre.
flamer26 Hace 11 días
Cosmic karen
Gumball Watterson
Gumball Watterson Hace 11 días
*C A P T A I N M A R V E L* Starring: Brie Larson Samuel L. Jackson Ben Mendelsohn Djimon Hounsou Lee Pace Lashana Lynch Gemma Chan Rune Temte Algenis Perez Soto McKenna Grace With Annette Bening With Clark Gregg And Jude Law As *YON-ROGG*
Fun Stuffio
Fun Stuffio Hace 11 días
Plot twist the cat takes out Nick’s eye
jeeBuz Hace 11 días
movie coulda been so much better
Huginn Hjartarson
Huginn Hjartarson Hace 11 días
1:32 Ronan!
Questioning Everything
This movie was hot garbage
Twxi Hace 12 días
I'm shocked at how many people actually enjoyed this movie, and Brie Larson as a whole. Oh well. That's life I guess.
David Smith
David Smith Hace 12 días
Kim Ridah
Kim Ridah Hace 12 días
i love Captain sparkle fingers
Сергей Афанасьев
Alex Clark
Alex Clark Hace 13 días
Who’s here after Avengers End-Game
WillBrink Hace 14 días
How this movie received decent ratings I will never know. Terrible dialog, utterly predictable, terrible acting (yet the movie is full of good actors all calling it in), cheesy as chit, Brie Larson couldn't have been less believable in the role and the fail goes on and on. Worst super hero movie I can remember in a long time. That one is a total stain on the Marvel Franchise. The plus is only due to some good visuals. Avoid. D+
Florence Hace 14 días
WHY do people hate on this trailer so much? It's so good lmao
Florence Hace 12 días
@Questioning Everything you know it's funny, the 99% of the people in the comment section are saying the exact opposite😂😂
Questioning Everything
Florence because it’s better then the full movie that’s why
Mohamed AL mahfood
Mohamed AL mahfood Hace 15 días
Trailer :10/10 Movie : 7/10 I didn't care about the opinion of the critics and the opinion of many people I loved the film and I loved the story got to Captain Marvel like exactly what happened to Venom Penh and the two were fantastic
samuel attias
samuel attias Hace 15 días
Now On DVD
Peter Stenberg
Peter Stenberg Hace 15 días
How can 100k dislike this video? makes no sense. White blonde women are the best.
The lion -Norsk noe
The lion -Norsk noe Hace 15 días
Is it captain marvel or mar-vell
Anthony Notes
Anthony Notes Hace 15 días
It's a convoluted story but I'll give you my short version. Captain Mar-Vell was a Kree warrior sent to earth as a spy, but was accepted as a friend after helping earth. He was incorrectly called Marvel by earth people and eventually took the name of a deceased scientist named Walter Lawson.
lemon diesel
lemon diesel Hace 16 días
that exaggerated jump walking is cringy af
Mike M.
Mike M. Hace 16 días
and that's why Hollywood says they are making movies for people with mental capacity of 8 years. (hollywood words) lol
Elie Rizk
Elie Rizk Hace 17 días
Cringiest feminist movie ive ever seen. Dislike
Steven Neal
Steven Neal Hace 17 días
This moive started out so Damm fast was confused a bit it started with all that action but great moive
Elie Rizk
Elie Rizk Hace 17 días
Filled with feminazi messages it was so cringy and unbearable to watch
Matt Foley
Matt Foley Hace 17 días
*Feminist propaganda has entered the chat*
Im Batman
Im Batman Hace 17 días
such a dissapointing movie
David Andrés TGC
David Andrés TGC Hace 18 días
David Andrés TGC
David Andrés TGC Hace 18 días
C WID Hace 18 días
Fans: Can you speak French? Brie: 0:54
Filmologia Hace 18 días
Nick Fury's first appearance in the trailer was epic, am I right?
Anonymous 99
Anonymous 99 Hace 19 días
This movie is pretty much crap.
GamingWith Cloud
GamingWith Cloud Hace 20 días
This was the only MCU that got 78 % rating
nano _sa
nano _sa Hace 20 días
This so bad
Brandon Pecoraro
Brandon Pecoraro Hace 20 días
The movie is good, but Brie larsons feminism kinda gets really annoying
ASSASINKDOGG Hace 21 un día
Such a garbage movie
evilbanana _
evilbanana _ Hace 21 un día
Lack of character arc, barely any facial expression and high pitched nasal voice combined with deadpan delivery made for bland character.
Diamondte Hace 21 un día
Everyone keeps saying that marvel overhyped this movie with this trailer and I'm sitting here thinking it seems like a normal superhero movie lmao
Kamari Davis
Kamari Davis Hace 21 un día
You knew this was back in the day because of Blockbuster.
Arthur Hastings
Arthur Hastings Hace 21 un día
Someone should replace the actress with Lily James
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Hace 21 un día
Feminism comes in all forms and shapes unfortunetly. Even in movies... Sad
Gridseeker Hace 21 un día
@Brandon Pecoraro If you don´t like it I understand, but bad can be very subjective. Lot of folks love Iron Man 3 but for me it was a big dissapointment.
Brandon Pecoraro
Brandon Pecoraro Hace 21 un día
Gridseeker no but this movie is bad
Gridseeker Hace 21 un día
Another incel who cries just because a woman is the protagonist. Don´t worry buddy, you have a lot of movies (some good, some decent, some crap) full of male cast....even nudes!
Orange02Blue03 Hace 21 un día
Is it just me or is Marvel/ESvid deleting dislikes and all the negative comments that get a lot of likes?
Orange02Blue03 Hace 21 un día
Before you delete this comment, great job showing you can't handle alternate opinions. Just because people have legit criticisms of the movie doesn't mean they're "hating" it.
DaDataDude Hace 22 días
so wait... Captain Marvel is a "girl"?
Slobodan Gligorijevic
Slobodan Gligorijevic Hace 22 días
Pleyade, Nordian and Tau Ceti made us and are good. Sirius-A gives technology to both sides GOOD and DRACO
SHEHZAAD Hace 22 días
Was very excited to see this movie, did tonight. The most disappointing superhero I’ve ever watched. What a cheap movie omg
David Smith
David Smith Hace 22 días
Tries to promote the nonsense of breaking through a glass ceiling when the Supergirl film came out in 1984.
Mikhail M.
Mikhail M. Hace 22 días
feminism propaganda, girls pilot? what? where? no I have not seen :) ahahhaha...
Mikhail M.
Mikhail M. Hace 20 días
@MegaSterick :))
MegaSterick Hace 20 días
You have to open your eyes to see.
Eldrick Neil Reyes
Eldrick Neil Reyes Hace 22 días
Some of this trailer is not on the movie lol.
Princess Wolfy
Princess Wolfy Hace 23 días
Hey I have a question.. I’ve been hearing a lot.. and I do mean A LOT of bad comments about this movie in real life.. everyone that I know that went to see it said that it sucked. And everyone on the internet said Captain Marvel is going to ruin this entire thing.. My question is.. what exactly is wrong with Captain Marvel? I wanna watch the movie but I don’t wanna waste my time if it’s just a bunch of trash
bigwilly43729 Hace 11 días
Dudebros are mad that Larson said something that didn’t apply to them over a year ago at something unrelated to this movie. With that said, if you are looking for character development, you aren’t going to get it here. If you just want to be entertained & shut your brain off for a little while, it’s not a terrible watch.
Gridseeker Hace 21 un día
Nothing wrong with the movie: it´s just ok, not at the same level as Winter Soldier, Civil War or the last two Avengers, but still worth a watching, some people like it, some found it boring, just watch it and don´t pay attention those angry incels.
Orange02Blue03 Hace 21 un día
Character is boring as hell, bland as hell, and never feels like she's actually threatened or in danger.
Even after watching the movie I come here for this music :)
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar Hace 23 días
confuzler Hace 23 días
Overrated movie. good cast though.
Master Neo
Master Neo Hace 23 días
For me this is an ok movie. Par with Green Lantern. Definitely not in the league of Wonder Woman or Avangers :: infinity War. But due to extensive marketing campaign they managed to make it a profitable one. Movie had a weak script. As usual Jude Law and Samuel Jackson never disappoint. But worth for your ticket. That's all.
Raven Night
Raven Night Hace 24 días
So, Fury just copied the Avengers on her name?
seraph101 Hace 24 días
Just saw this movie. And it’s great!
Juan C
Juan C Hace 24 días
kit kat
kit kat Hace 24 días
if you want to waste your time on a movie which has nothing interesting
David Smith
David Smith Hace 24 días
This film promotes intersectional feminism and U.S. Air Force recruitment propaganda targeting women. Feminist Brie Larson had no problem with making a U.S. Air Force recruitment propaganda film despite the increasing numbers of women being raped serving in the U.S. military. And intersectional feminism is a fallacy that puts Caucasian women in the prominent positions over other ethnic groups.
David Smith
David Smith Hace 9 días
@bigwilly43729 Wrong. According to the U.S. military rapes against female service members has been increasing. The rest of your rant are sarcastic straw man arguments. I'm talking about feminist Brie Larson promoting a U.S. Air Force recruitment propaganda film targeting women. Rhodes and Steve aren't female feminists. Try again.
bigwilly43729 Hace 10 días
David Smith again, the issue is the rapes, not the women actually being in the military. Its likely that the actual number isn’t increasing, but that more women are actually coming forward to report them. Are we going to say that Rhodes is doing the same thing by being an Air Force Colonel? Steve was a Captain in the Army; is he promoting rape as well?
David Smith
David Smith Hace 11 días
@bigwilly43729 Not according to me. The increasing number of rapes against women in the U.S. military is not my calculation. For years men promoting U.S. recruitment military propaganda worked.
bigwilly43729 Hace 11 días
David Smith so if Larson can’t promote the military, who can? Since, according to you, women will be raped, who exactly can support military recruitment propaganda?
David Smith
David Smith Hace 11 días
@bigwilly43729 Weak straw man argument. I never said troops shouldn't be supported because of sexual assaults. The fact is Brie Larson is a feminist, yet Brie has no problem with promoting U.S. Air Force recruitment propaganda targeting women some of which will probably be raped.
Alex USTP Hace 24 días
I honestly loved this movie, please someone explain to me all the criticism besides something political about brie larson
bigwilly43729 Hace 12 días
She is nowhere near the form of "hero" we have become accustomed to. There's no real cost for her being who she is or having her powers. She just gets to "win" in the end, unlike the majority of our heroes to this point. The time setting just doesn't make any sense either. It just leads to a BS excuse about her somehow running around the galaxy for almost 15 years without anyone even hearing of or mentioning an amazing, flying, laser shooting, indestructible one woman army. I have a theory that the Carol Danvers we see in Endgame is a Skrull & that the real one is either dead or being held captive, but that's neither here nor there. It's OK, but the bar for the MCU is much higher at this point, especially if you are interested in any of the themes of the movies. If you just want explosions, then it's fine. I didn't think they hit us over the head with the feminism stuff, but that's just another element that ends up making me feel like that was more of a priority than the story or her development. If she's going to be the flagship character going forward, this was the time to really establish her & highlight her flaws (she doesn't seem to have any & everyone else is the problem), giving her something to actually overcome. They can do this going forward, but this was the real time to do it. But it made a billion dollars, so what in the hell do I know.
Gridseeker Hace 21 un día
I also liked it but definitely not the bast from the MCU, tough is way better than the first Thor flick. I think it lacks more character development, for instace (SPOILER) the villains weren´t so developed as I expected, overall the movie works more as an appetiser or starter for the main dish (Endgame) and did it well but not remarkable. Hopefully a sequel would fix or improve those flaws as Thor Dark World did it.
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