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Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.
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18 sep 2018

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Mira Evans
Mira Evans Hace 18 minutos
I'm not gonna fight your war. I'm gonna end it. -Captain Marvel
JKL Hace 8 horas
Finally some more story on Fury
Carl Talavera
Carl Talavera Hace 8 horas
Shmm just Let the man be a Farmer... for a while.
Göksel Selçuk
Göksel Selçuk Hace 10 horas
This character sucks
Ciaran Grainger
Ciaran Grainger Hace 11 horas
Grandma didn’t do nothin wrong
Aadhu Crazy
Aadhu Crazy Hace 11 horas
One only captain steve Rogers
Pug Hace 11 horas
If the lead in this film cares so much about giving opportunity to women of color, why did she accept the role? She knows why she was offered this film and it was for the very features she advocates against. Hypocrite. Also, the movie looks bad.
C. J. Pets
C. J. Pets Hace 12 horas
I think I ship Captain Marvel + Captain America No one else... kay
Anthony D'Agostino
Anthony D'Agostino Hace 14 horas
It may very well be bad, but there is nothing in this trailer that demonstrates that conclusively. Digitized Sam Jackson looks strange.
Bobby Biship
Bobby Biship Hace 22 horas
Wait till she meets Rogue
commando30 Hace 22 horas
Cyclone _
Cyclone _ Hace 23 horas
When are you gonna show Captain Marvel? Is this chick his girlfriend or something? She didn’t scrub one dish the entire trailer
Czoo Stark
Czoo Stark Hace 23 horas
Who gonna kiss captain marvel in Avanger 4😝
Phumudzo Bele
Phumudzo Bele Hace un día
This background music is fire, hope it's the theme song Trailer 2 background music is whack
Christof L
Christof L Hace un día
A female super hero? What is her super power? Can she bake a cake twice as fast as any other woman?
Xebys Hace 14 minutos
+Christof Lwe should be talking more about mass shooters more than 'bake a cake' and 'kitchen' cuz they're a real menace to society...they don't choose their victims including innocent children so what's the gender stereotype of a mass shooter based on available data?!...and do they have a racial stereotype as well?! do they share some of the stereotypes of serial killers/rapist?!
Christof L
Christof L Hace 2 horas
+Xebys What do mass shooters have to do with a Marvel character? You might also learn how to capitalize sentences and learn proper punctuation. Better yet, if you're a woman, get back in the kitchen!
Xebys Hace 9 horas
they made her a superhero coz she doesn't fall into the stereotype of a mass shooter...you know those who goes to kindergarten school and... you know the stereotype of a mass shooter, right?!?
octoman511 Hace un día
WOW a Blockbuster Video. Gee i wonder if this takes place in the past. (sarcastic tone)
C. J. Pets
C. J. Pets Hace 12 horas
octoman511 yeah
Drake Mogan
Drake Mogan Hace un día
For those of you who comment on cap marvel hitting the old lady, here is the spoiler The old lady might be one of the skrulls...
Drake Mogan
Drake Mogan Hace un día
Was the music better than the trailer itself or is it just me???
ZesTy KeonE
ZesTy KeonE Hace un día
1:30 you’ll thank me later
William Baldwin
William Baldwin Hace un día
So what about Mr. Marvel?
christian seroian
christian seroian Hace un día
Please don't be a political movie... This movie looks so awesome I hope they don't mess it up with stupid political garbage. People watch marvel movies to escape real life. If it isn't over political I think this is going to be an awesome movie.
Anthony D'Agostino
Anthony D'Agostino Hace 13 horas
For real.
egrusa99 Hace un día
🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮 What horrible acting!! The SOLO of the MCU. Brie Larson was better in Kong Skull Island. What a mismatch. It’s its own protection against piracy. Not going to theater for this whatever it is.
Afif Ahmed
Afif Ahmed Hace un día
hobbit Hace un día
I had the same face as Brie while watching the trailer.
Shin Aaron Tomizawa
Shin Aaron Tomizawa Hace un día
Is she gonna replace Captain America? 😓😢
Kugelblitz Hace un día
Caleb Hace un día
Oof 1:30
Kyranthegamer14 Hace un día
Thanos left the chat
Richard Wang
Richard Wang Hace un día
I really wish Marvel chose someone just a little bit prettier... jjust a little bittt...
hobbit Hace un día
like Aly Michalka?
epvit Hace un día
M Ikkoku
M Ikkoku Hace un día
+James Charbonneau I think he just wants to be dumb af lol
James Charbonneau
James Charbonneau Hace un día
Green Lantern is DC bro
Fidel Shaan
Fidel Shaan Hace un día
Well I think her world didn’t get dusted.
sierra stark
sierra stark Hace un día
I'm getting skeptical with all of these new Marvel movies. Infinity War was a big mess in my opinion. The trailers that are coming out for these new movies look boring. I think I'm just getting sick of superhero movies in general.
sierra stark
sierra stark Hace un día
The only thing that interests me is seeing Nick Fury before he became associated with the Avengers. Everything else looks boring.
Son of Martha
Son of Martha Hace un día
SHE IS TE BEST!!! The footage we saw at ccxp PEOPLE KNOW NOTHING and talk bs. SHE IS 100% carol! Haha we say the movie is FUNNY FUNNY POWERFUL AND UNIQUE!! BRIOOOOO CAPTAIN MARVEL BABY
Xebys Hace 9 horas
+Son of Martha pssst...he's trolling Captain Marvel trailers...posting negative comments in them LOL
I'm Your Huckleberry
Lol yeah right would rather watch Trash Busters Do Not Answer That Call Again! then watch this!
Palapessy kers
Palapessy kers Hace 2 días
Hahaha im the skrull
Nabil Khalil
Nabil Khalil Hace 2 días
I now have a female hero crush.
Pothayto Hace 2 días
79k losers that will regret the hate after this movie becomes a HIT
Tiffany Mayer
Tiffany Mayer Hace 2 días
am I the only one who knows how endgame will end?
Reshma Abraham
Reshma Abraham Hace 2 días
Isn't that music from The Conjuring 2 for Valak? :-|
tech bytes
tech bytes Hace 2 días
who's see Avengers end game after this
Jeff Caloway
Jeff Caloway Hace 2 días
Kind of reminds me of the Green Lantern Movie 2011 Trailer...
Oh - Oh
Oh - Oh Hace 2 días
Captain marvel 48M v. In 2 months Aquaman 43M v. In 4 months 😏
NeidalRuekk Hace 2 días
'You think you're the only superhero, Mr Stark, you've become part of a bigger universe, you just don't know it yet'
Al Slavinzki
Al Slavinzki Hace 2 días
What was not Captain Marvel a guy. I will PASS on this unless the real Captain Marvel returns. Serious like wtf. 2 thumbs down.
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith Hace un día
I mean the one you’re referring to for the comics is indeed female.
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith Hace un día
Al Slavinzki the one you’re referring to is a Dc character and now referred to as “Shazam”. Captain marvel was always a woman
Al Slavinzki
Al Slavinzki Hace un día
I am thinking of the only Captain Marvel that matters the one Gene Colan and Stan Lee created in 1967 that was associated with the Avengers and Defenders in the 1970's,
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith Hace un día
Al Slavinzki actually no this is not the same person you’re thinking of. You’re thinking of a male character from DC comics
Shawn Voyles
Shawn Voyles Hace 2 días
I'm sorry but wasn't captain Marvel a man in the comic books? So much 4 the women's movement.
Liz Hace un día
Shawn Voyles not since the 80s
Robert Lynch
Robert Lynch Hace 2 días
What if marvel made a movie and no one saw it?
I'm Your Huckleberry
They will always be the numb sheep who will go, the same ones who will go and watch this lol.
Kalani C
Kalani C Hace 2 días
Thanos is gonna get rEkT
نت فليكس ليبيا
I don't like it
Arthur Henrique Mallmann
Shady S
Shady S Hace 2 días
A big middle finger to the 79k dislikers of all races and genders 🖕
I'm Your Huckleberry
Yeah none of the dislikes thought it was lame and that Brie Larson was miscast, just sexist people or them DC fans again! 😂
Felice Sibilano
Felice Sibilano Hace 2 días
She looks a lil like Sarah Lance from Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow
Crafty Gurl
Crafty Gurl Hace 2 días
Imagine if she was actually a granny. GRANNY????!!!! Noo...
Omniscience Hace 2 días
Lets hope that unlike Star Wars this is a bad trailer good movie (not vice versa).
Dark_Shadow 627
Dark_Shadow 627 Hace 3 días
They're making this movie to put her in the last Avengers Movie. If only they've put deadpool in it then it would've ended by Infinity War.
Dexterror Hace 3 días
This is more cringe than ESvid rewind
Kim Jong Illegal
Kim Jong Illegal Hace 3 días
to someone who just likes the marvel movies is there a reason why they went with a female marvel instead of the big ol buff dood i used to see back in the day or am i missing something.... i guess there are multiple cpt marvels?
Megan Gault
Megan Gault Hace un día
ms. marvel turned into captain marvel sometime after the boy captain marvel turned into shazam.
Sonamy Lover101
Sonamy Lover101 Hace 3 días
This came out 2 months ago and Avengers Engame came out 2 day ago and it already has more views and likes😂
Anna Hatch
Anna Hatch Hace 3 días
Is that McKenna grace playing the young version of captain marvel???
Sco2b Hace 3 días
Dear movie studios, please stop putting trailers out months before the release date. 2 months should be the maximum amount aloud to wait for a new movie after the trailer has been release. When trailers are release a year before the movie comes out, my anxiety skyrockets cause that means I need to find a way to survive and hope that I’m not dead because a lot can happen in a year.
Megan Gault
Megan Gault Hace un día
a lot can happen in two months too my dude
pack animal Productions 2K
So miss cast like green lantern in 2011!
Selfob Session *
Selfob Session * Hace 3 días
All I want to see is if she saves the other hero’s who faded away in infinity war!
maoriairbender Hace 3 días
Captain marvel is going to help the avengers defeat thanos
Matti Ace
Matti Ace Hace 3 días
stfu bot
Josephine Park
Josephine Park Hace 3 días
Did she just punch an old lady?
Agung Prayuda
Agung Prayuda Hace 3 días
is just me or not, ath the end i got goosebumps when the drum rolling
Matti Ace
Matti Ace Hace 3 días
stfu bot
ava firnkoess
ava firnkoess Hace 3 días
is it true that Steven Del Bagno Thunderbird pilot #4 the man who died helped make this movie? Because I'm a girl scout from Troop 76 honor him as a hero all of my friends wish we were able to meet him in person. He was a great person and I think the world should know him as a hero who served and fought for our freedom.
ava firnkoess
ava firnkoess Hace 3 días
Sir William, Captain Marvel hit a bad guy who was dressed up as an old lady.
Thebatmanboss Hace 3 días
1 Like = $1 for the grandma's funeral
craig the god
craig the god Hace 3 días
Her voice sounds weird _not being judgmental though_
Urbanxx Hace 3 días
Ah yes, let's set the era of the movie by showing Blockbuster in the first scene...
Spankeedee Hace 3 días
But does stan Lee have a cameo in this movie?
Andy Parker
Andy Parker Hace 3 días
Emil Hace 3 días
I dunno, it looks the same as the other movies... (punches happy old lady) nevermind.
lakshitha nuwan
lakshitha nuwan Hace 3 días
Marvel_ like Dc_ Comments
What The Film is going on
I look forward to watching and reviewing this film, I like the trailer!
IcecreamDF Hace 3 días
Shazam! No, wait...
Reza Ali
Reza Ali Hace 3 días
This is before Avengers 😁! marvel created shield and captain marvel is behind avengers, mother of a wounder women!
Norman Padilla
Norman Padilla Hace 3 días
Am I the only one that does not feel excited about this movie like at all? I think her acting is not good enough for the character, you know something like what Gal Gadot did, she made an Amazing Wonder Woman, I know it’s two different universe, but in regards to acting, it’s like being a superhero it’s not for her at all. Her acting looks corny.
Andy Parker
Andy Parker Hace 3 días
What exactly would you like a serious outer-space warrior, who's lost her memory, to do? Smile or break down into tears?
Big Willie
Big Willie Hace 3 días
So this takes place in the past since fury has both his eyes.
Jenna Griffin
Jenna Griffin Hace 3 días
Plot twist: the grandma is actually Peggy Carter lmaoooo
Toilet Talk
Toilet Talk Hace 3 días
Looks AWSOME!!!!
lego marvel films
lego marvel films Hace 3 días
*which one is better* Marvel or dc Like marvel Comment marvel
Oge Anoliefo
Oge Anoliefo Hace 3 días
....this looks awful
Pervis Edmonds
Pervis Edmonds Hace 3 días
Oge Anoliefo how so?
Deville Hace 3 días
Well, they finally made the first “meh” MCU trailer
Талант Мукалаев
*ABBIE CORNISH was supposed to be Captain Marvel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Sawyer Thompson
Sawyer Thompson Hace 3 días
Marvel 2019 Captain Marvel Dark Pheonix Avengers: Endgame Spider-Man: Far From Home Sounds like a PRETTY good year for Marvel! Other movies of 2019: Toy Story 4 The Secret Life of Pets 2 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Detective Pikachu Joker Transformers: No. 5. (Unknown Title) ETCETERA!!!
LocalDynastyAF _
LocalDynastyAF _ Hace 3 días
I love this movie im so anxious to watch it she , wonder woman and hawkgirl are my favorites 😱😍(talking bout woman ofc)
Alec Kilgour
Alec Kilgour Hace 4 días
Yet another movie ruined by feminism
Alec Kilgour
Alec Kilgour Hace 3 días
I’m fine to have civil conversation but your talking about Ms.Marvel a girl but there replacing him with a girl it just angers me that people just ruin my childhood with some progressive movement I’m glad to talk more with you
Pervis Edmonds
Pervis Edmonds Hace 3 días
Alec Kilgour For real! I didn’t know Captain Marvel was a guy. I’ve always seen Carol Danvers in the latest comics. Then again she used to be Ms.Marvel in the comics too.
Alec Kilgour
Alec Kilgour Hace 3 días
Sorry if I sounded rude but the original captain marvel is a male in the comics and we have been seeing this a lot now
Pervis Edmonds
Pervis Edmonds Hace 3 días
I don’t think having a female leading superhero is connected to feminism. Although you’re welcome to have your opinion.
AliCagan4235 Hace 4 días
1:45 so cool
Butt Head Astronomer
F-16's gasm 1:04
legit behind
legit behind Hace 4 días
i like how she landed in a blockbuster just to hint to the viewers that this is from the past, clever.
James Everett
James Everett Hace 4 días
Ironic that they “target” the old generation with block buster but the original captain marvel was a guy 😂
J Tanashi
J Tanashi Hace 4 días
She's pretty hot!
Dj GaMeBoY342
Dj GaMeBoY342 Hace 4 días
wait so is captain america alive during this time? Before he crashed b the plane
macar naja
macar naja Hace 4 días
TheStevenrobinson Hace 4 días
This movie is in the past, BEFORE Avengers. Why? Because some black guy who I won't name has two eyes. AND, there's a blockbuster store.
Ricky Saikia
Ricky Saikia Hace 4 días
Haha..captain marvel becomes super sayen2 at the end
Francisco Jaimes
Francisco Jaimes Hace 4 días
Avengers low key has more views lmao 😂
Grace Herbertz
Grace Herbertz Hace 4 días
Did she just slap an old woman
Grace Herbertz
Grace Herbertz Hace 3 días
+comics-movie studios ha no
comics-movie studios
Man do you what skrulls are?
Grace Herbertz
Grace Herbertz Hace 4 días
Rip blockbuster
Troodon Hace 4 días
Ah, she crashed into a Blockbuster. So this is a period piece.
Ekanki Bansal
Ekanki Bansal Hace 4 días
I think I died a little.
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