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Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.
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18 sep 2018

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Chimdi Ugoji
Chimdi Ugoji Hace 5 minutos
Captin marvel: online Thanos: 1 min ago
Coletrain Baby
Coletrain Baby Hace 10 minutos
I just got confirmation with the chief that this indeed *IS NOT IT*
Aditya Nimgade
Aditya Nimgade Hace 44 minutos
Who thinks that Nick doubts that carol is a skrull ?? And he is referring carol as the target.?1:35
Heisenberg is my name
No female lead movie can top 'Wonder Woman'. It was one of a kind, like "The Dark Knight"
KitanMax Corona
KitanMax Corona Hace un hora
I'm wating for Thanos to show up and kill Captain Marvel so we dont have to keep up with this act of this being a good movie. FFS. I already can tell the writing is weaker than a Tranformers movie.The flashbacks look sooooo corny that its cornier than a corn dog made with real corn in the dough. XD. Not to mention couldnt get Jenifer Lawerence? Cause thats some discount Hunger Games make up LOL. What epic L for a marvel movie.
KitanMax Corona
KitanMax Corona Hace 3 minutos
+Rosa San Martin don't assume age by English this isn't a English class lol.
I'm Your Huckleberry
I'm Your Huckleberry Hace 18 minutos
Agree with you looks bland and corny as F****.
Rosa San Martin
Rosa San Martin Hace un hora
I didnt assume your "physical age". I just assumed your "mental age" ;) By your answer, i assume that you are 13-16 years old (17 max) :)
KitanMax Corona
KitanMax Corona Hace un hora
+Rosa San Martin Iol assuming my age now XD this picture is the picture I let my niece choose so yea its not actually representative of me at all lol. Its just hillarious to watch people assume I'm some little girl XD. Cause they are so easy to catfish LOL. And no dont drink milk. Cause that milk that comes from cows has to be treated to even be properly digestable by humans XD.
Rosa San Martin
Rosa San Martin Hace un hora
Go to drink your milk, little one
「Hussain Ricon」
「Hussain Ricon」 Hace 2 horas
eneko erkidegoa
eneko erkidegoa Hace 2 horas
The same DC fans said in suicide squad and batman vs superman. Trailer looked good but what actually happened? Razzie nominations - an alien territory for MCU movies. I'm not even a fan of both MCU and DCEU but DC fans should stop bitching when you can't even make a decent movie save for wonder woman.
77BishopGator Hace 2 horas
She's fighting the skrulls in the movie who are shapeshifters that's why she punched the grandma bcuz it was a skrull
Christian Carlan
Christian Carlan Hace 3 horas
Is that Ronin at 1:32?
Evan Medinis
Evan Medinis Hace 3 horas
Christian Carlan yes
Bill Fletcher
Bill Fletcher Hace 3 horas
Meh, not impressed
Abhay Sharma
Abhay Sharma Hace 4 horas
I won't like the fact that somebody is gonna more powerful than Thor in MCU.
Chakra Malla
Chakra Malla Hace 4 horas
Dc's Captain Marvel looks better so far......
kristian hernandez
kristian hernandez Hace 4 horas
now the MCU has both the sherlocks Holmes and the Drs. Watson: ++Robert D Jr. and Jude law ++Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman
SeFu2006 Hace 4 horas
Why do aliens always look like us?
John Moini
John Moini Hace 5 horas
Isn’t Jude Law playing as captain Mar-Vell?
Ronaldo Farias Carbajal
What's it about: a flashback how nick fury and captain marvel they meet and then Ronan he was young kind of... and then the post credits is the avengers 4 what happens?
b o i
b o i Hace 6 horas
I bet that the post-credit is going to be about Captain Marvel receiving the distress signal that Nick Fury sent to her before he faded into dust
PowerRedBull Hace 6 horas
*the moment you see samuel L jackson walking from behind, displays more expression and personality than watching Brie's face close up*
PowerRedBull Hace 6 horas
*Hey cool, a trailer from captan marv.......ZzzzZzzZzzzzzZZZzZzZZZzzzzzZZZ*
止 无
止 无 Hace 6 horas
so cool !你们好
ucapitanu Hace 6 horas
Stop npc movies
GARDA Production
GARDA Production Hace 6 horas
Alien always land in the USA? Hmm
SlumpGod Hace 6 horas
We want an Avengers 4 trailer marvel!
starstorm blader
starstorm blader Hace 6 horas
Why did you fire Mark Ruffalo❔
Karun Sagar
Karun Sagar Hace 7 horas
Now see, this is how you do a trailer. Instead of cheap one liners played over "epic music" and lengthy exposition of the plot, you set a tone and drop hints about the premise. DCEU should take a hint.
che Mokni
che Mokni Hace 7 horas
Nick fury is tha best !! Love that dude
Pizzatc 0
Pizzatc 0 Hace 7 horas
1.33 Ronan
Pizzatc 0
Pizzatc 0 Hace 7 horas
Stop hating on this trailer
ucapitanu Hace 6 horas
Pizzatc 0 stop npc propaganda
Macie is Me
Macie is Me Hace 7 horas
Ok, did they just COMPLETELY forget about the last marvel movie? Like, seriously, PEOPLE DISINIGRATED AND YOUR WORRIED ABOUT MISS FIREGIRL WHO FELL INTO EARTH
the cartoonist
the cartoonist Hace 5 horas
this film is a prequel, takes place way before Infinity War.
Chuong Nguyen
Chuong Nguyen Hace 7 horas
She looks boring .....
mitchell laboucane
mitchell laboucane Hace 7 horas
October 15th anyone
Kumari Gurusamy
Kumari Gurusamy Hace 8 horas
I feel better. Atleast now they cant say we wanted to give you appropriate compensation for your intellectual input, but you didnt name a price! :D Wooohoooo. Yes ofcourse you can act like you never heard about it! :D :D :D I am not going to sue you or anything Disney. I have been having good fun and not much expectations. You want to know a number, so the number is 3 million. That is it! :D
Kumari Gurusamy
Kumari Gurusamy Hace 5 horas
In Bayesian econometrics, theta is pretty easy to discover with known pattern behaviour like the name you have used! :D Maximum Likelihood Estimate is derived rather quickly. I should go learn bayesian theory more! :D
Kumari Gurusamy
Kumari Gurusamy Hace 5 horas
+Jimmy1Boot No my friend, I am trying to make this world know that in my name no harm can be done to anyone. It isnt about this movie. I am not from around here. It is hard to explain! :D There that line they didnt take from me, but I am taking from this trailer for you to understand my point of view! :D
Jimmy1Boot Hace 6 horas
Who are you and why are you so crazy? Are u tryna say this entire movie was your idea? Hahaha
Hau Anh
Hau Anh Hace 8 horas
Chuc mung ka ve nhe
Ordinary Autism
Ordinary Autism Hace 8 horas
If only her character had a plot centered on regaining lost emotions or something. At least then her complete lack of expression would make sense. SHE ISN'T RIGHT FOR THE CHARACTER HOW DID NOBODY CATCH THIS
I'm Your Huckleberry
I'm Your Huckleberry Hace 4 minutos
Agree, the suit looks baggy as well and her Tweets 🤢 Man Hater alert!
Alexa fleming
Alexa fleming Hace 8 horas
Richard Jones
Richard Jones Hace 9 horas
Obviously it's a bit early to start judging but I'm not a fan of the new origin. To me it always felt like Carol was unique particularly because amongst the super scientists, living legends and literal gods of the avengers, Captain Marvel was the average joe with down to earth, relatable problems and insecurities (discounting her ability to bench press a mountain of course). Now she's a space faring adventurer.
Josh Hace 9 horas
I really hope the whole film isn't a super serious pro feminist movie and has some humour like other marvel movies, Carol Danvers is a great character in the comics and shows you can have a stong female character with a personality.... Hope the mcu was taking notes
Will Wolmarans
Will Wolmarans Hace 9 horas
Don't mind me! Just getting my daily fix of Captain Marvel...
allfanman Hace 9 horas
Guess I was a little too optimistic. I was also hoping for the actress to have the "commanding officer"-type voice.
sam the seus vuorinen
I know yoy would love me
Shark3 Stigma
Shark3 Stigma Hace 9 horas
graandma nooooooo!!! 😭😭
Lulimobileri Hace 10 horas
Beautiful blondie!
Alexandre Junior
Alexandre Junior Hace 10 horas
Everybody complains about how stupid DC is by putting the best part of They movies in the trailer Then Marvel do the exact opposite thing and everybody complains about how the trailer sucks! C'mon guys can't we reach a agreement that for a origin history trailer can't have awesome fight's or Avengers infinity war/4 references?
Beta ray bill Jackson
I wouldn't say the best parts, but I would say they did spoil the third act and some characters.
Fortnite IRL 123
Fortnite IRL 123 Hace 10 horas
*All the dislikes are from Thanos Lovers*
Robin Minj
Robin Minj Hace 11 horas
A..pussy's.. movie..🤢😝
R-Developer Hace 11 horas
It's petty in from of Iron Man, not of that worth
SHAIKH MASS Hace 11 horas
After《Avengers infinity war》 Marvel Studio's more popular👍
SHAIKH MASS Hace 11 horas
After ```Avengers infinity war``` Block buster hit👌👌👌 One more Super hit on the way in 2019
MrPixels Hace 11 horas
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar Hace 11 horas
Year 2014 People ---> GOG Trailer Sucks, Boring AF...etc After release ---> People be like GOG is one of the best movies Marvel ever made..... Fast forward to 2018 People ---> Captain Marvel Trailer Sucks, Boring AF, Brie Larson is boring .... etc History going to repeat itself
Tommy Boman
Tommy Boman Hace 10 horas
Personally I thought that the trailers for Winter Soldier was extremely boring and I almost did not see that movie. It turned out to be Marvels best movie so far. Go figure.
Ajith Uchiha
Ajith Uchiha Hace 11 horas
I wish she is not powerful as thor 🙄
Beta ray bill Jackson
badri naath
badri naath Hace 11 horas
Can u plz list out the top 20 strongest avengers in a video ?
bud389 Hace 12 horas
There's only one Captain Marvel, and he belongs to DC.
NinesOwnGoal TouchMe
NinesOwnGoal TouchMe Hace 12 horas
Cant help but notice that bug bulging forehead.. this is somewhat same with cheadle being warmachine
NinesOwnGoal TouchMe
NinesOwnGoal TouchMe Hace 12 horas
She looks like a porn actress. Very poor acting and boring..
Manoja Dharmendra
Manoja Dharmendra Hace 12 horas
She is thor 4th girlfriend😜😜😜.
Beta ray bill Jackson
What was his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th? (Sif shouldn't count)
yuval158 Hace 12 horas
i thought there would be some blockbusters jokes in the comments
"I'm not what you think I am" Thanos: snapped his finger
ZethHolyblade Hace 12 horas
For a marvel movie, the trailer felt average 😕 Except for the old lady scene. That was more like 'lol wtf? 😆'
Reto MouseX
Reto MouseX Hace 12 horas
She's not as pretty as Wonder Woman. She looks like a "Becky".
Beta ray bill Jackson
She's not who you think she is She is *the* Mary Sue
Matti Ace
Matti Ace Hace 12 horas
Shes a Mary Sue
Hamza Radi
Hamza Radi Hace 13 horas
بصراحه الفلم صرف كتير اوي
Hamza Radi
Hamza Radi Hace 13 horas
احل اكشن ولا اي
yeet my boi
yeet my boi Hace 13 horas
appearently having emotions is way to feminine and not badass
Dante Shawareb
Dante Shawareb Hace 13 horas
Trailer song is nice tho
FriesQueen3 Hace 14 horas
It might not say it, but this is a teaser so stop hating on it!!!
I'm Your Huckleberry
+ucapitanu Silly F**** are unbelievable 🙄
ucapitanu Hace 8 horas
I'm Your Huckleberry lol
I'm Your Huckleberry
I'm Your Huckleberry Hace 10 horas
Official Trailer nowhere does it say teaser trailer except in your head.
ucapitanu Hace 12 horas
Brotato Hace 14 horas
Why do I get a feeling that this movie is going to be praised by critics and hated by audiences?
Tommy Boman
Tommy Boman Hace 9 horas
No idea, the audience so far seem to love the hell out of this teaser, while mainstream critics seem to dislike it. So based on what can be seen and heard so far I think it will be the complete opposite.
Matti Ace
Matti Ace Hace 12 horas
This is Ghostbusters 2016 all over again.
Joshua Briggs
Joshua Briggs Hace 14 horas
Great trailer it about time for a woman superhero in the mcu I think brie Larson is going to be fabulous mcu trailers have to be always serious it just a teaser but anyway awesome trailer can't wait till March
Matti Ace
Matti Ace Hace 12 horas
Kirbysmith64 Hace 14 horas
"I'm not what you think I am." ...Someone who hits old ladies and doesn't afraid of anything?
Casper Hace 14 horas
terrible trailer she showed no emotion in half of the trailer even schwarzenegger showed more emotion when he was playing the terminator in T2 judgement day Marvel is getting lazy anyways they need competition
0rezinlv Hace 14 horas
"We can't do this alone, we need you." More than you know Nick, more than you know.
Julius Ulit
Julius Ulit Hace 14 horas
stronger than Thor?!!
Vijay Baidya
Vijay Baidya Hace 14 horas
Whatever the trailer says..... It is going to be a BIGG HIT !!! (for sure)
Att One
Att One Hace 15 horas
Please send venom movie in hindi on this channel free pls pls
FriesQueen3 Hace 15 horas
FriesQueen3 Hace 15 horas
Ethan Couch
Ethan Couch Hace 15 horas
Like Sub Will do the same! Huge marvel fan as well.
Adam Tatti
Adam Tatti Hace 16 horas
Once Captain Marvel enters Avengers 4, Thanos will be cancelled.
naturalerectileguide Hace 17 horas
"I need to feel you on me so bad." > *Freedaypdf*com* 9248
TRANQU1L_ VO1D Hace 17 horas
Matthew awesomeness
Matthew awesomeness Hace 17 horas
So wheres the title for avengers 4?
ucapitanu Hace 17 horas
she's going to kill thanos with a fake feminist allegation
ucapitanu Hace 17 horas
wow 1 milion NPC
Jimmy1Boot Hace 5 horas
ucapitanu and now they shut the likes n dislikes off haha
epsilon347 Hace 17 horas
1:30 what if the old lady is a skrull in disguise? D:
El Tramposo
El Tramposo Hace 17 horas
*I Thought That Captain Marvel Is Captain Americas Girlfriend* *LOL* 😂😁
C-MC Official
C-MC Official Hace 16 horas
they're not in a relationship but they're personalities are very similar to each other
JustANormalGuy Lol
JustANormalGuy Lol Hace 17 horas
1M likes and 42M views TAKE THAT DC!
Antonio Betts
Antonio Betts Hace 18 horas
Everyone saying dc movies will be better 😂 when they can’t hang on to their number one cash grab Superman 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and they plan on making super girl the main thing to pursue so whaaa are you talking about
P-Star 7
P-Star 7 Hace 18 horas
What if in The Avengers 4 she is brainwashed like Winter Soldier by another big villain and she attacks The Avengers when they enter the Quantum Realm and they need to face her. She is about to kill them and then she sees Nick's message and starts to remember. Then she helps everyone and they tell her about Thanos and she tells them that there is even bigger villain and they lose their mind like I did when I heard about it.
amir sarah
amir sarah Hace 18 horas
Bruce: thanos is coming,hes coming. Me: She's Coming.
Dомашний Hace 18 horas
Hi, maybe someone is interested in watching movie tops? true video in Russian) I will soon write subtitles. hold m
Mollie Hace 18 horas
@ 80% of this comment section, just say you hate women and leave
John Gillespie
John Gillespie Hace 19 horas
This confuses me. Wasn't captain marvel a guy? And ms. Marvel a person? I don't read the comics..but..I would like to know why hes gone
John Gillespie
John Gillespie Hace 10 horas
+Mie R ah ok no I didn't know as I said I dont read the comics I know there was a male 1..ty for the info
Mie R
Mie R Hace 14 horas
You're very late, the male Captain Marvel has been dead for decades. Unless you're talking about DC's Captain Marvel (who goes by the name of Shazam these days)? That's a completely different character. Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel are different mantles (that different characters have held). Carol Danvers is currently using the Captain Marvel mantle but did use the Ms. Marvel mantle for many years. Kamala Khan is currently using the Ms. Marvel mantle.
I'm Your Huckleberry
I'm Your Huckleberry Hace 19 horas
🤢 No thanks the only good thing was the music.
I'm Your Huckleberry
I'm Your Huckleberry Hace 10 horas
+C-MC Official Because silly sheep and morons think the trailer looks good 😂
C-MC Official
C-MC Official Hace 16 horas
why are you still here if you're gonna keep hatin' ?
somting about fish in tamil
Please marvel I don’t like that caption marvel
brylle Adriatico
brylle Adriatico Hace 19 horas
I don't known guys but I think this will be a blockbuster movie she an Oscar you know and if you really a marvel they don't put the good parts in the trailer watch aquaman trailer all the good parts is in it
Jai Mc
Jai Mc Hace 20 horas
Most creative name of the year
Bored cat Micks
Bored cat Micks Hace 20 horas
john rambo
john rambo Hace 21 un hora
Beta ray bill Jackson
9 year olds, man, also Disney probably paid people to like
J Saun
J Saun Hace 23 horas
This will be marvel 1st L ,trying to play the strong women empowerment movie
Anthony James
Anthony James Hace 23 horas
If i have to see her kicking thanos butt n save the avengers imma be so dissapointed
Anthony James
Anthony James Hace 23 horas
I don't think i like her styll
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