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Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.
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18 sep 2018

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Cristian Paiz-Mills
Cristian Paiz-Mills Hace 6 minutos
I just don't have high expectations for this movie idk why
Norihc X
Norihc X Hace 9 minutos
Crash lands into a Blockbuster...foreshadowing where MCS is ending up; Bankrupt
Robert DeNiro
Robert DeNiro Hace 43 minutos
I literally got to this ad via a PornHub link. So..:: oh so no I didn’t cum lolz since you’re wondering
AwesomeByrd Hace un hora
They should make a new hero called "Captain Reality" It is an average man and he easily beats the athletic build woman that trained for years, laughs at her, then relaxes watching TV after working an actual job that pays him the same as it does anyone else with the same title and seniority.
D Schulz
D Schulz Hace un hora
I hope this movie ends up tanking. ONLY because it has been made political now. I'm sick of seeing everything politicized.
xohillary Hace 2 horas
Only MCU movie I haven't been interested in seeing. Not only did they pick an incredibly bland and boring actress, but she ruined any chance of making herself redeemable by spewing her feminazi/sexist garbage. As a woman myself, I think her attitude towards "white males" is repulsive.
Zuga Hace 2 horas
1:22 bruv fix your contact. :/ looks kinda fricky
Rehman Baig
Rehman Baig Hace 2 horas
Best of luck Captain Marvel.
TheMr Vader
TheMr Vader Hace 2 horas
Didn't even watch video, just came to comment. I would not even watch this movie even if I was paid to do so. Marvel if you want to make money get you actors to STFU about their political leanings, cause going woke means going broke.
All Mango
All Mango Hace 2 horas
Something about her makes the movie look boring... Very boring
Greg Yaesu
Greg Yaesu Hace 2 horas
looks cool to me honestly....
MilesUmbrae Hace 2 horas
I haven't seen an actor this expressionless since Twilight... Did she take acting lessons from Kristen Stewart?
Clint Bronson 5
Clint Bronson 5 Hace 3 horas
This movie is going to be GREAT! Just watch you’ll see ;)
Justin Asselin
Justin Asselin Hace 3 horas
I cant wait to not see this movie
Deliver Us To Evil TN
I smell some like buying on marvels part here
Mr. Natural
Mr. Natural Hace 4 horas
People need to go see Alita: Battle Angel. It's an amazing movie and a serious breath of fresh air. Seriously, if you're waiting for Captain Marvel because you want a badass female lead, you need to see Alita, she will put Captain Marvel to shame. Plus, you know a movie is worth seeing when critics try to diminish it with such low ratings. 59% or rotten tomatoes vs a 94% audience score? The worst Marvel movie didn't even score that low...
Marco Estiercol
Marco Estiercol Hace 5 horas
Is her superpower bad acting?
Marco Estiercol
Marco Estiercol Hace 5 horas
I wont pay to see a racist and sexist awful actress.
CosmicThomas Hace 5 horas
Thor: Bring me thanos! Captain marvel: bring me grandma! Brie Larson: bringn’t me white men
Ray C
Ray C Hace 6 horas
Something about the way she presents herself. It exudes arrogance.
Jason Walter
Jason Walter Hace 6 horas
Wait, when did SHAZM become a woman?
Red Shield
Red Shield Hace 7 horas
She should’ve done this movie while free bleeding! That would’ve been awesome!
Steven H
Steven H Hace 7 horas
I predict a flop like a 300 pound fat guy jumping in a pool.
Reggiostar Hace 7 horas
Why is the protagonist... bad at acting?
J.J. Walton
J.J. Walton Hace 7 horas
WAIT.......does anyone else think Marvel changed Nick Fury into a black character 10+ years ago becuase they knew their future Captain Marvel wouldn't care about his opinion otherwise???? How could Nick Fury be a mentor to her and be an old white guy at the same time? Are Marvel geniuses?
Potato Salad
Potato Salad Hace 7 horas
J.J. Walton If only they would have hired a black woman or really anybody besides brie Larson I would agree they are genius
Matt Harden
Matt Harden Hace 8 horas
The villain that killed MCU
1212 12
1212 12 Hace 8 horas
Ofc they have to make the female supeehero overpowered
ֆ ǟ ɖ ɨ ֆ ȶ ɨ ƈ ӄ ɨ ռ ɢ
Stan Lee kept the lefties at bay.
Primal Anima87
Primal Anima87 Hace 8 horas
Not being sexist or anything but sometimes whenever its a female it's like they ruin stuff that men usually do
Reformed Anti-semite
Never heard of her.
Christian de la Mare
BOYCOTTING this! Wouldn't want my white male $$$$$$ I'm sure.
Nicolas A
Nicolas A Hace 9 horas
Her voice... I don't think ill be able to get past 10 min of that voice.
venom6848 Hace 9 horas
BORING!!! Who in their right mind would spend their hard earned wages to go see this garbage? 🤔
Adam Frelke
Adam Frelke Hace 9 horas
Brie larson acts all high and mighty thinking that she god wrong She is nothing more then a attention-seeking skank no money from me 0% rotten tomatoes
Drake Gillard
Drake Gillard Hace 10 horas
Why did she punch that old woman in the face?
Can't think of a good name
Her comments remind me the ones from the EA executive: "Don't like it, don't buy it".
Sanish Sarasan
Sanish Sarasan Hace 11 horas
She is going to get an Oscar anyway 😂
MuffinROBLOX Hace 11 horas
1:40 she looks like Batman xD
Storm Hace 11 horas
Only seeing the movie for Samuel Jackson
Sanish Sarasan
Sanish Sarasan Hace 11 horas
Captain lantern
Ray QuazaBlazer116
Ray QuazaBlazer116 Hace 11 horas
👁 👁 👃 Brie Larson 👄
RealLionKing LKD
RealLionKing LKD Hace 11 horas
I think she learned her facial expressions from Ben Stiller in Zoolander.
Potato Salad
Potato Salad Hace 7 horas
RealLionKing LKD Same facial expressions I use when I fart
Bill The Bull Gates
Bill The Bull Gates Hace 11 horas
1 million people liked this... The world is seriously getting weird...
dragonweyr44 Hace 12 horas
Carol Danvers was a US Air Force pilot, right? Wouldn't Fury have access to her fingerprint data? Mystery solved
Sacrifice Theory
Sacrifice Theory Hace 12 horas
When this trailer first came out I was not hyped at all. Now that movie is around the corner I’m hyped. I hope this movie doesn’t disappoint!
Carmine Dome
Carmine Dome Hace 12 horas
this movie will be a big stain on marvels amazing 10 year run. Brie Larson is a nut job.
nickoli singh
nickoli singh Hace 12 horas
lmao aquaman trailer came back and beat this with views its at 55 million now and it also has 36k dislikes compared to this which has 85k dislikes lets go dc wohoo
Bo_Hazem Hace 12 horas
Captain Feminist.
ImagineMaker Hace 12 horas
Y she so stiff? I want the movie to be good but can't take her character seriously :/
Ken Riven
Ken Riven Hace 13 horas
*Me:* How do I get as many normies as possible to "like" my comment. *Half-dozen Trite Commenters:* Point out that there is a Blockbuster in the trailer!
M D Hace 13 horas
Marvel made a mistake, I aint watching this trash. Shazam has everything that this trash doesnt.
RETRO Hace 9 horas
What is as shazam?
TheRetiredtrucker Hace 13 horas
She says men are toxic, so no need to spend our toxic money on this
John Macloyd
John Macloyd Hace 13 horas
DC fan here, and I must admit. After seeing this trailer, I hope this movie fails haha
RETRO Hace 9 horas
Lol You really though you did something... this movie will be a success. Stay mad.
Christopher Thorkon
Christopher Thorkon Hace 13 horas
I am a white man so unfortunately I will not be seeing this. Brie Larson doesn't want me to.
RETRO Hace 9 horas
Good riddance.
Frying pan Man
Frying pan Man Hace 13 horas
Marcus Sundbom
Marcus Sundbom Hace 14 horas
LUL, so much badness in one single trailer...
ashley 1010
ashley 1010 Hace 14 horas
Cut print terrible
afiq muhd
afiq muhd Hace 14 horas
What's the piano track name in the beginning?
marko j
marko j Hace 15 horas
All the negative people commenting stuff, shut your mouths... Reactions just came out for the movie and they’re very good.
Matt Hace un hora
Finally a good comment xd
Tiny Tequila
Tiny Tequila Hace 15 horas
I’m very confused about this whole “white men aren’t allowed to see this movie” thing. Can someone explain what’s going on? Like actually explain??
Jass S
Jass S Hace 16 horas
Jeroen hazz
Jeroen hazz Hace 16 horas
As a white male, i won't go to the theatre to watch this movie. That racist woman was a mistake to play captain marvel.
kanna san
kanna san Hace 16 horas
How tf is this trailer has 1M likes 🙄
lizio farrugia
lizio farrugia Hace 16 horas
Ben He
Ben He Hace 16 horas
dont hate capt marvel its larson u gotta look at
Kevin Qualls
Kevin Qualls Hace 17 horas
Way to go Marvel...YOU are the next STAR WARS! Kevin Feige welcome to Bob Iger's world. And who do you think for that...Brie Larson!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I won't be seeing Captain Marvel! Please keep Brie out of Avengers: Endgame!!
Ilcu Mihai
Ilcu Mihai Hace 17 horas
If she has more than 5 min screen time in Endgame, I will not see that movie.
Carlos Lopes
Carlos Lopes Hace 18 horas
is this a SpyKids sequel?
Tim Brodd
Tim Brodd Hace 18 horas
Milos Pasic
Milos Pasic Hace 18 horas
Oh God... I would love to see Jessica Biel in this role
Shawn Alexander
Shawn Alexander Hace 18 horas
Go see Alita and tell your friends. Was an amazing movie and THE female hero the people deserve. Vote with your wallets because we deserve great movies with no political agendas and trash talking by the actors. Why support some Brie Larson trash talker who is clearly sexist and gets a gofundme to buy tickets that will only pad HER pocket and further blow up that ivory tower ego? I support Alita, it has real heart and is respectful of fans. Not to mention, there was charity to get a girl prosthetics that was truly positive. These Hollywood political types need to feel it in the pocket books otherwise we will never get the amazing movies we deserve.
pokemon man
pokemon man Hace 16 horas
Political themes regarding race and gender have been in movies forever. They add depth to a movie and make it more interesting. If you're movie experience is ruined because of something non-controversial as a woman being proud of herself you're the one with the political agenda. Most moviegoers want a good. If whatever they do with captain marvel makes it more interesting and good, people won't care. Captain marvel will fail if it's not a good movie but don't talk as if you saw the movie
Адам Кадеев
Адам Кадеев Hace 19 horas
Karl Boman
Karl Boman Hace 19 horas
Yes! Can't wait!
Douchebags Refuted
Douchebags Refuted Hace 19 horas
looks so bad. definitely not wasting my money on this one
CloneComCody Hace 19 horas
85k wh*te men disliked
rosselliswilkinson Hace 20 horas
Brie Larsen hates white men.
Mr Socrates
Mr Socrates Hace 20 horas
This is the first time i see a boring Marvel trailer, whats wrong with her? Did her face got a wrong cgi make over?
Deon podcaster
Deon podcaster Hace 20 horas
I'll be watching this movie, just to hate on the white men
nadia sukma
nadia sukma Hace 20 horas
whoaa i can't wait
They should make a captain crunch movie.
JPtv3000 Hace 20 horas
I can't stand her b***** resting face ( BRF )
Books and Coffee
Books and Coffee Hace 20 horas
Dear, Marvel Studios stop milking the cash cow. this looks horrible anyway.
Hansu Lee
Hansu Lee Hace 20 horas
So extreme feminism has invaded deep inside MCU. I don't know why Marvel movies has to be made to prove the point of feminism. When movies lose its focus and has hidden political agenda, they normally goes wrong. Look at what happened to the beauty and the beast movie. Feminist Emma Watson had a say in how females should be represented and broke the main character to be strong and boyish woman. Yeah, since when Belle was that kind of character?
Bob Llamas
Bob Llamas Hace 20 horas
max kraus
max kraus Hace 22 horas
Looks not good for us
E.P. Manne
E.P. Manne Hace 22 horas
Given the choice between two evils, I'd rather call myself "sexist" than "woke." The trailer looks fine and yet the narrative around this film is a disgusting perversion of an initial ideal taken to its illogical extreme. Gross. I wash my hands of this nonsense. I want to go back to being a logical realist in a world I understand.
STEAMPUNK Hace 23 horas
Our new Captain
K P Hace 23 horas
"Am I saying I hate white dudes? No, I am not," *Larson clarified.* "What I am saying is if you make a movie that is a love letter to women of color, there is an insanely low chance a woman of color will have a chance to see your movie, and review your movie." - The white male privilege hurt you yet?
Brorelia Hace un día
I cam here to read the comment section. More entertaining than the movie likely will be.
Kamran Islam
Kamran Islam Hace un día
i hope marvel's team is reading the comments lol dont act surprised and blame it on the audience when this movie sinks deeper than the Titanic
Marc Harris
Marc Harris Hace un día
Why didn't you choose a better actress??????
Giancarlo S.
Giancarlo S. Hace un día
How can I go see this movie when I know she is racist and sexist towards white men? Hey Brie I have something to tell you, "GO WOKE, GO BROKE!!"
big p
big p Hace un día
Look in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's captain manhater! Fighting against justice truth and the American way!
Idk_a_good_name ?
Idk_a_good_name ? Hace un día
I am having severe heartburn
Walter Whitey
Walter Whitey Hace un día
Captain Unseasoned
James Bushman
James Bushman Hace un día
You checked my white male privilege for me, I wont go see it now. Thanks Bri that's what I needed.
Dalek Supreme
Dalek Supreme Hace un día
Thanos you can run! you can hide! but Captain Mary Sue is coming for you!
Bleir Millions
Bleir Millions Hace un día
Movie looks like garbage...Brie is making herself look like garbage lately....I'm not going to see this film. Any chance you can just release the post credit scenes and skip the actual movie?
Henry Thoreau
Henry Thoreau Hace un día
I hope they replace her with a White Male in the second movie.
Solange Boudreau
Solange Boudreau Hace 10 horas
Only White Males for you? Different strokes for different folks. I’m partial to the ladies myself. Enjoy the movie😊
신선여호 Hace un día
People are not against the movie character. It is the actor. The woman hero is welcomed. Not the one who acted the role. You are disgracing the woman hero who should be valued more than as of now.
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