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Hope begins with a hero. Check out this special look at Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel! In theaters March 8. Get tickets now: fandango.com/captainmarvel
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8 ene 2019







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Comentarios 17 127
illmatic tony
illmatic tony Hace 4 horas
Majestic Person
Majestic Person Hace 8 horas
When grandma's used to fight back in public transportation...The Good ol days.
Why is Gamora
Why is Gamora Hace 11 horas
Not feeling the hype for this movie I go spend my money on Shazam instead
Andrew James rafols
Andrew James rafols Hace 11 horas
I can't wait for that movie
Farhad Davierwalla
Farhad Davierwalla Hace 13 horas
This is going to be epic movie. Her personality for captain marvel is perfect 👍😊
Miggy Aquino
Miggy Aquino Hace 19 horas
Many people will always judge or doubt the movie before it release just wait for the reviews or the movie to come out if its suck then its sucks if its good then thats great
Rivkie Sparkle
Rivkie Sparkle Hace un día
*Oops I fell asleep*
Anika Hace un día
Why wasn't this the trailer? THIS IS SO GOOD.
Bhyoop Hace un día
I really want to think this looks good, but I just can't. I don't know why. I can't seem to like these trailers for Captain Marvel. Hopefully the movie is good. The trailers for Spider-Man and The Avengers look great, though.
Matt King
Matt King Hace un día
Is captain marvel trying to sound black?
احمد ناصر
احمد ناصر Hace 2 días
Captain feminatzi Femminests new favourite movie
urias muñoz cortez
urias muñoz cortez Hace 2 días
Por lo que el agente Coulson lo resuelve diciendo SHIELD?
urias muñoz cortez
urias muñoz cortez Hace 2 días
No es en Ironman 1 cuando Peppers Potts menciona que el nombres de la agencia es muy largo?
Paul T Sjordal
Paul T Sjordal Hace 2 días
Marvel really knows how to pick music for these things. Elastica's Connection is about giving something up to form a connection with someone, and given the speculation about the movie's story, this will probably resonate in multiple ways. Also, Elastica famously ripped off the main riff of that song from a British punk band, which kind of relates to how Marvel stole the name "Captain Marvel" from DC through legal shenanigans.
Roger Smith
Roger Smith Hace 2 días
Remember guys, if you don't like it you're sexist👌
TheOfficial SNDR
TheOfficial SNDR Hace 3 días
The trailer that finally made me want to watch the movie
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Muy buen trailer
Dean Handy
Dean Handy Hace 3 días
This should have been the first trailer.
we uncharted
we uncharted Hace 3 días
Anyone knows the music at 0:32?
lucas Hace 3 días
Yall really out here embarrassing yourselves saying Brie Larson is a bad actress... She has AN OSCAR, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, a SAGA and many more awards so it's basically "Professionals who know about acting" VS "Salty fanboys"
lucas Hace un día
+metademetra I don't have a problem, with THAT. I don't like when people say "She's a bad actress" just cause you don't like her a Carol. That's it. You're reaching...
metademetra Hace 2 días
+lucas And it's okay to dislike an Oscar winner's acting occasionally. Getting mad at someone going "She doesn't seem particularly good in this" is silly.
lucas Hace 2 días
+metademetra Lmaooo I'm just pointing out the fact that it isn't a coincidence she was won so many important awards!
metademetra Hace 2 días
Think about what you just said and realize that Jeremy Irons was in Dungeons and Dragons, and that Al Pacino won a Razzie for worst actor playing HIMSELF. An Oscar winning actor can still have a bad day, be it because the script is bad, the director is bad, or because the actor is just there for a paycheck. I can't judge Brie Larson's usual acting skills as I have not seen her movies, but for heaven's sake, everyone watching this video needs to stop with the fallacious arguments!
Mr Critical
Mr Critical Hace 2 días
These people don’t know what they’re talking about Carol’s been brainwashed into an emotionless weapon
Julian Montgomery
Julian Montgomery Hace 4 días
The fact that they gave Goose his own character poster made me put all my love and support behind this film
Anthony Alabado
Anthony Alabado Hace 4 días
Nick Fury and Agent Coulson is like they're Men in Black....wearing black suit dealing with aliens
C-MC Official
C-MC Official Hace 3 días
fun fact: Men In Black is owned by Marvel in the comics since the 90s
Israel M
Israel M Hace 4 días
Dam movies are like Netflix they just make as many as they for money that it's lame now to go see the movie
V.I.K DOPE BOY Hace 4 días
It has nothing to do with endgame! This is simply an captain marvel origin story! You can definitely skip this before endgame! Why would marvel take a risk of possibly spoiling the income of $2 billion at box office by spilling the story or any mainline plot before the endgame come out in theatre!
V.I.K DOPE BOY Hace 2 días
If they are gonna time travel in end game then they probably gonna do through the ant man quantum realm and only ant man can survive through that and probably captain marvel!
V.I.K DOPE BOY Hace 2 días
Guys captain marvel do not have the power to time travel! Its the the fact she can time travel and survive because of its toughness or indestructible!
cristiano Ronaldo
cristiano Ronaldo Hace 2 días
C-MC Official its confirmed.
C-MC Official
C-MC Official Hace 2 días
+cristiano Ronaldo sam jackson could be lying to us
cristiano Ronaldo
cristiano Ronaldo Hace 2 días
V.I.K DOPE BOY Its not a origin story and its very different from the comic heroine already have her power in the starting of the movie. And Captain marvel can time travel. People need to watch this movie because they will be clueless how can she time travel or got that power from.
Earl Brooks
Earl Brooks Hace 5 días
Song please
Dwayne Chambers
Dwayne Chambers Hace 5 días
It's too late now, but I always thought Evan Rachel Wood from Westworld would've made a better pick for Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. We'll see how Brie Larson does. She might surprise us.
smasheddragon Hace 5 días
Are we supposed to forget the real captain marvel and love line of miss marvel? Ohhh... right... gender equality or bias?? Idk which one is happening
GuelphRacing Hace 5 días
Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a wonderful day
DorshAn Hace 5 días
Okay so how did Nick Fury know that Captain Marvel isn't turned into dust by the snap. Can anyone explain please
DorshAn Hace 2 días
+Orlando Rios i dont think so dude, Spiderman and the Guardians were on Titan, still they were affected by the snap and Thanos wiped half of the Universe (not just Earth).
Orlando Rios
Orlando Rios Hace 2 días
It's probably because she was not on Earth at the time
Mr Critical
Mr Critical Hace 2 días
Nick didn’t I think he just knew she was their last hope and hoped that she was still alive
What ost at 0:49 pls
Khalid jamal
Khalid jamal Hace 5 días
Waiting on fire 😭❤️
Taras 23
Taras 23 Hace 5 días
So this takes time before Iron Man or when?
Taras 23
Taras 23 Hace 2 días
+Mr Critical thanks
Taras 23
Taras 23 Hace 2 días
+C-MC Official thanks
Mr Critical
Mr Critical Hace 2 días
Set in the 90’s
C-MC Official
C-MC Official Hace 5 días
yeah 13 years before Iron Man
Ali Zengin
Ali Zengin Hace 5 días
OMGGG. Awesomeee Cap.! Carol Danvers I love you. ;)
mrknockknock1 Hace 6 días
Still no match for Deadpool. :P
John Smith
John Smith Hace 4 días
Or Gwenpool
David Michael
David Michael Hace 6 días
Marvel is dominating the industry and I’m absolutely living for it.
GranToreno916 Hace 6 días
Who’s here after watching the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer???
YoAsTy ToAsTy
YoAsTy ToAsTy Hace 6 días
Captain Feminism
Jayden  Hughes
Jayden Hughes Hace 4 días
Manu Solorio
Manu Solorio Hace 6 días
00:19 ufff that face
josh muyingo
josh muyingo Hace 6 días
What's the song?
Ella Heller
Ella Heller Hace 6 días
As excited as I am for this movie, the SHIELD acronym wasn't created yet so what might have been funny just kinda bothered me by being inaccurate
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez Hace 6 días
Doo doo
Rejie Park
Rejie Park Hace 6 días
I cant really remember the last time ive heard to "Get tickets now"
nikoo.mp4 Hace 6 días
0:08, is that the villain from guardians of the galaxy?
Lasana ndow
Lasana ndow Hace 4 días
Little Wu
Little Wu Hace 6 días
Can she just go help Stark already XD
Esaie Prince
Esaie Prince Hace 6 días
TRUMP needs no political experience to be president of the united states of america!!! but all my movie scripts ideas are rejected as UNSOLICITED MATERIAL!!!
Policeman 51
Policeman 51 Hace 6 días
Still Nope
Kayla DeAngelis
Kayla DeAngelis Hace 7 días
nice trailer and all but i really love the soundtrack
Kevin Castaneda
Kevin Castaneda Hace 7 días
I wish they casted a different woman
John Smith
John Smith Hace 6 días
Not made this movie
Hunny Wong
Hunny Wong Hace 7 días
Jude Law😍😍😍
앤디패밀리tv Hace 7 días
Why I feel like she is not attractive?
Orlando Rios
Orlando Rios Hace 2 días
Because some thing is wrong with you
Insomnia_ Hace 7 días
This is a ok trailer but the far from home trailer is way better
Orlando Rios
Orlando Rios Hace 2 días
+Ti My (InTD93) this looks good but Spiderman far from home looks and will be better
Ti My
Ti My Hace 3 días
Not even close. This looks like an actual movie, far from home looks no different than those spiderman sponsored Audi commercials.
ThuyMy Taylor - I am Single, I need a boyfriend
I love captain chris evan 💋
Cid Hatch
Cid Hatch Hace 7 días
Is it just me are why the hell would you have a female playing a move called captain marvel its just like changeing captain America to a female whyyyyy noooooooo[
VendableAli Hace 7 días
*Captain Marvel Entered the chat * thanos left the chat
Shubh Pallav
Shubh Pallav Hace 7 días
Wait a min. He says the SHIELD logo. I remember Coulson saying to Pepper about the abbreviation that took place later in the timeline.
DP2050 Hace 7 días
so...much reality in this...for those that have the eyes to see it...
Funky Krunch
Funky Krunch Hace 7 días
The cat from the first trailer is a shape shifter. Im calling it.
Ha Nguyên
Ha Nguyên Hace 7 días
Apollo Lasky
Apollo Lasky Hace 7 días
this movie is gonna be a super flop.. Nobody wants to see a super hero struggling, unless its wolverine.
Mr Critical
Mr Critical Hace 2 días
If anything this movie is about Carol rediscovering Who she was before she was brainwashed and combining her new life as a galactic warrior hero with her old life as Carol Danvers and finding her place in the universe
Apollo Lasky
Apollo Lasky Hace 7 días
no, but the whole "falling down and getting back up again" lesson is a BS sympathy PITY story gimmick, full nonsense. "Oh boo hoo, boo hoo life is hard and i need to discover who i really am so i dont get emotional anymore" "the more hurt i get the stronger i will become". really this is the stupid lesson for female ideology? "accept your flaws and faults it will make you a better person". The "struggling female" narrative is quite obvious and pathetic.
jäxtri Hace 7 días
so you want a Mary Sue? perfect characters with no conflict?
PSYCHOBEVO Hace 7 días
Fury's reaction to Thor in Avengers, as if that's when they realized for the first time that powerful aliens exist, now makes no sense in retrospect.
Mr Critical
Mr Critical Hace 2 días
Fury appears to have been keeping Carol secret
Tia Aaron
Tia Aaron Hace 6 días
+PSYCHOBEVO Fury was talking about other people realizing that brings like Thor exist. By the end of Thro movie,everyone knew about him. Fury never seemed truly shocked by Thor's presence.
PSYCHOBEVO Hace 7 días
+Miguel Torres That would make sense, I suppose. But they better address it, not gloss over it.
Miguel Torres
Miguel Torres Hace 7 días
PSYCHOBEVO technicaly there was never a reaction...it was a story he told the avengers. I was thinking about this for a minute and actually went back to the first thor the first avengers, the short with coulson..and I realized it was only a story. A lie possibly just like the card story. Hiding things just like the weapon making cover up.
Unknown 2.0
Unknown 2.0 Hace 7 días
Wolf Justice
Wolf Justice Hace 7 días
Who watches this after Spider-man Far from home?
PŁiñKØ Hace 7 días
Her suit looks dope!
optivion Hace 7 días
Derrell Venters
Derrell Venters Hace 7 días
coulson's back in action
Lazen Amazarashi
Lazen Amazarashi Hace 7 días
I like stoic girl characters as long as that isn't the only thing there is to them, great trailer, i am exited.
Shaikh Fatima
Shaikh Fatima Hace 7 días
This does put a smile on my face
Arkham Legend
Arkham Legend Hace 7 días
Trash. People commenting have no idea how unpopular she is in Marvel Comics and how many times her comic runs gets canceled. Forget the Avengers she will be beat Thanos while we ignore 10 years of our well developed MCU. A new Mary Sue is born. Plus she hates white men
Anthony Rizkallah
Anthony Rizkallah Hace 7 días
Arkham Legend nobody reads comics. Their like .09% of movie gowers
Dee Hace 7 días
Why is this so much better than the actual trailers lmao
bima f
bima f Hace 7 días
U right, i came here after ffh trailer
Ailema Gonzalez
Ailema Gonzalez Hace 7 días
Thierry Dezarmenien
Thierry Dezarmenien Hace 7 días
This trailer is so messy it feel like Marvel is still trying to figure the story for this movie.
Deepanjan Ghosh
Deepanjan Ghosh Hace 7 días
Nope. Still wood face
John Smith
John Smith Hace 7 días
Nope, pass
richystar2001 Hace 8 días
Brie Larson... Has the power unlike any... To have the most expressionless souless face in the universe.
Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars Hace 8 días
How incredible she is!
Jang WonYoung
Jang WonYoung Hace 8 días
-thanos has left the chat-
Poonam smart kitchen
Dan Hace 8 días
should have been the first and only trailer
God Sephiroth
God Sephiroth Hace 8 días
Um so is Wolverine going to be in the next Avengers? Bc everyone else is going to be boring to watch..
Whisper Hace 7 días
He's dead.
C-MC Official
C-MC Official Hace 8 días
YTuberosity Hace 8 días
Samuel got botox.
eveninfall Hace 8 días
whats the name of the second songgg
TonyQuickScopeY Hace 8 días
Whats the name of the second song of this trailer chief?
Shiki Tono
Shiki Tono Hace 8 días
can they just move the time too? like February, instead of March? maybe Feb. 21? why? it's my b-day. lols. coz endgame is too close (April 26) with this movie. and I'd love to watch this movie in theaters for at least 3 times. please please!
C-MC Official
C-MC Official Hace 8 días
They can't cuz the oscars are on Feb 25th and people will be focused on that
Daniel Scheib
Daniel Scheib Hace 8 días
I just wonder who's going to older Captain marvel in Infinity War Endgame
Joey Roller
Joey Roller Hace 7 días
C-MC Official She’s a half Kree as she cannot age.
C-MC Official
C-MC Official Hace 8 días
Its still Brie Larson, she doesn't age that fast just like Captain America
Stief Hard
Stief Hard Hace 8 días
Weak acting on her part. Movie saved with big hollywood actors to support her, even agent colson came back in the trailer for extra wow effect, but there is nothing like it than the swag of sam l jackson to make a movie and even a trailer better!!
LIL99 Hace 8 días
where is x force ?
Tia Aaron
Tia Aaron Hace 6 días
In trash can where it belongs.
Gamer Idronplayz
Gamer Idronplayz Hace 8 días
0:22 rip jukebox 2019-2019
Silly Little Thot
Silly Little Thot Hace 8 días
Hehe muh female protagonist.
Andres Martin
Andres Martin Hace 8 días
It looks good to me, hoping to watch the film soon!
Spooks DaGamer
Spooks DaGamer Hace 8 días
Samus: does announcing your identity on clothing help with the covert part of your job Furry: says the bounty Hunter who's wearing a blue rubber suit
Paul Whitehead
Paul Whitehead Hace 8 días
So excited for this movie..!! She looks so badass..!! Can't wait for her interact with the Avengers 👌👌🙌🙌 Can imagine a Thor, Captain Marvel team up
Paul Whitehead
Paul Whitehead Hace 7 días
+Michele McDaniel 😂🤣🤣
Michele McDaniel
Michele McDaniel Hace 7 días
No. I want her and Natasha to spend some alone time.
Pangasauras Hace 8 días
Ok, I’m no longer worried about this movie. This actually shows some of Captain Marvel’s personality and I’m digging it
Pangasauras Hace 7 días
C-MC Official I was only worried because I didn’t know what the feel of the movie would be like, if they had shown this trailer first I would have never been worried
C-MC Official
C-MC Official Hace 8 días
A real fan is never worried to begin with
Frank Hammerhand
Frank Hammerhand Hace 8 días
Why are her Sass-blasters set to lethal?
Official Filmilen
Official Filmilen Hace 8 días
Captain Marvel is going to earn 1 billion at the global box office
John Smith
John Smith Hace 7 días
LoL, no. But thanks for the funny shill
C-MC Official
C-MC Official Hace 8 días
Guaranteed ✊🏻
Leonardo Oliveira
Leonardo Oliveira Hace 8 días
Wait, SHIELD logo?... What?...
Ali Abdoo
Ali Abdoo Hace 8 días
Still not sold on this actress
princess R
princess R Hace 8 días
OOOhhhkay people lets do this again and again. "There was an idea"
princess R
princess R Hace 8 días
Okay this changed my perspective on the movie.
Kendrik Doughty
Kendrik Doughty Hace 8 días
*MUCH* Better than the teaser
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