Master Chief's Step Brother

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Master chief just wants to hug his new brother Doom guy
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28 sep 2020






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Zuleima Montoya
Zuleima Montoya Hace 2 días
Doom slayer will be the big step brother
AlpacaWizardMan Hace 18 días
So that makes little sister Pelinal Whitestrake, right?
Biper Ssj
Biper Ssj Hace 19 días
Megan que personaje sería?
Marcus Honeybourne
Marcus Honeybourne Hace 19 días
what is this show
Sega Games Lie
Sega Games Lie Hace 20 días
Coming soon to the gamesphere.
Robbie mcinnis
Robbie mcinnis Hace 20 días
Can’t believe Microsoft owns Bethesda if Microsoft buy other video game companies I think it would be 3 1 Sega Sammy 2 Bandai Namco holdings 3 take two interactive The only reason I see Microsoft buy these 3 Is to get the rights for sonic Pac-Man and GTA and that’s how I imagine 3 companies would be bought by Microsoft like if you agree
Hunter Doucette
Hunter Doucette Hace 21 un día
Silly Xbox🤦🤦
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos Hace 21 un día
Miranda should have been Gears of war
deciphir altair
deciphir altair Hace 21 un día
The funniest shit I've ever seen
Alan martinez butron
Alan martinez butron Hace 22 días
Imagine a crossover of gears and doom or halo and doom.... Wooooooowwwwww
Luis Hernández
Luis Hernández Hace 22 días
Well, we can dream about a crossover
Redhagane Gothica
Redhagane Gothica Hace 22 días
Apian Monster925
Apian Monster925 Hace 24 días
Saumya Verma
Saumya Verma Hace 24 días
This is why we all watch youtube
EddyBinxEB Hace 24 días
Does that mean the Game Sphere is also owned by Microsoft?
Dr. Archangel
Dr. Archangel Hace 21 un día
Might as well.
Dr. Samuel Hayden
Dr. Samuel Hayden Hace 24 días
Now is the time. Two Titans meet - as it was written.
LivingTrash Hace 24 días
funichigo Hace 24 días
The death battle between these two is next on my suggestions must be a part of ESvid's family-friendly programming 😂😂😂
Karol Tellez
Karol Tellez Hace 24 días
Davi Feltrin
Davi Feltrin Hace 24 días
Bendoeswhatever 11
Bendoeswhatever 11 Hace 24 días
They should of put duke nukem
Moeg.Faizel Hendricks
Moeg.Faizel Hendricks Hace 24 días
Yo new game doomguy gets outta he'll and finds himself in the halo universe And are we all gonna not admit master chief would be internally screaming not doomguy cause john is the demon so bro sheh with arbiter will cause a war between them,but we know how this is gonna end tho F for doomguy
Gleidston Filipe Santos Silva
I didn't know there was an iCarly prequel.
U g o
U g o Hace 25 días
The little girl should have been Rare
Luis Raccoon gaga
Luis Raccoon gaga Hace 25 días
What are you doing step bro...
Leonardo Gonzalez
Leonardo Gonzalez Hace 25 días
W-what are you doing stepbro?
Dr. Archangel
Dr. Archangel Hace 25 días
So who do you think Megan would portray in this situation?
Sir Joshua De lani anderson
can't wait to see Microsoft buy out nintendo so you can remake this to make megan bayonetta XD or samus
SomeJaguar Hace 25 días
I never knew Drake and Josh were step brothers
TheNubMan Hace 25 días
Poor kid...
Un niño con Asperger
Un niño con Asperger Hace 25 días
Hug me B R O ther
Sanjay Hace 25 días
What are you doing step bro
Mr Avo
Mr Avo Hace 26 días
Haha lol
Dutch Van der linde
Dutch Van der linde Hace 26 días
Always thought doom 2016 was like halo on crack
The clones
The clones Hace 26 días
Why does this work so well
Crashlanded Hace 26 días
I mean call me a boomer but shouldnt it be Doomguys Step Brother since he camed first and without him Chief would literally not exist ?
Marco Carrillo
Marco Carrillo Hace 26 días
Halo is the best video game series ever.
Bioshockaholic Hace 26 días
As a chief fan...I'm not sure to be offended or laugh...hmmm...
Sergeant: Carnage
Sergeant: Carnage Hace 26 días
Exactly that's how it works friends
Chris Seely
Chris Seely Hace 27 días
Sooooooo who's Meghan supposed to be
Ivan5352 Ree
Ivan5352 Ree Hace 27 días
I miss drake and josh
Natural BBX
Natural BBX Hace 27 días
I had the same reaction 0:40
Chonkin Galah
Chonkin Galah Hace 27 días
I think doom slayer would kill master chief doom slayers is literally a Demi god
BigGeek2256 Hace 27 días
This is now Canon, can’t change my mind
MLGPro69Master420 Hace 27 días
You guys have another stepbrother. *Vault B o y.*
MLGPro69Master420 Hace 27 días
You guys have another stepbrother. *Vault B o y.*
Brick Man
Brick Man Hace 27 días
The sister should've been kait from gears of war.😂
BobbleheadLuck Hace 27 días
Meghan is samus
DeluxePhil Hace 27 días
what if the video said this? mom: WE HAVE SOME NEWS!! Doom Guy: you got me a dirt bike? mom: NO mom: we're going to go hunting cuz we got guns Doom Guy: WAIT! *inhales* THAT MEANS... Also doom guy: THAT MEANS THAT WE ALL ARE GOING TO GO HUNTING... LIKE BOUNTY HUNTING?!???!?!??!? Mom and Stepdad: no... doom guy: *FAINTS CUZ HE DIDN'T GO BOUNTY HUNTING* Master chief: oh, ok *ALSO FAINTS*
Classified Hace 27 días
Master chief: People calls me the "The Demon" Doom slayer: The What?
Classified Hace 27 días
Doom x Halo crossover when?
fallout new vegas player
Its reba me and my mom watch this
Егор Горшков
ObeliscoParlante Hace 27 días
Imagine Megan's jokes in this version: Cortana!
Stephan Stefanus
Stephan Stefanus Hace 27 días
Now for a 5 season long slice of life comedy anime involving these two forming a relationship and actually becoming good brothers.
Faiza Ali
Faiza Ali Hace 28 días
Me I'm like a halo fan but there doom guy and master chief are super soldiers and why not arbiter.
Md Montakir Uddin Jimam
Wait untill he knows about his other brother who shouts and makes people fly
Villager Hace 28 días
I've never seen Doomslayer so before
Harris Zeboki
Harris Zeboki Hace 28 días
I'm just trying to figure out who would Megan personify as.
The mighty Buegeler
The mighty Buegeler Hace 28 días
Hes screaming on the inside and outside
Mr Happy
Mr Happy Hace 28 días
step brothers please please do step brothers
Cantinflas 007
Cantinflas 007 Hace 28 días
Doomguy arrives at hell? Doomguy: Excuse me is this hell? Demon: here? In the paradise of fire? Hey I dont know! Doomguy: I get it sarcastic
Felipe Rocha
Felipe Rocha Hace 28 días
top 10
top 10 Hace 28 días
This is real what happen
Andrew Mitton
Andrew Mitton Hace 28 días
I better be able to be doom guy in the new halo
Mahendra Jagatkar
Mahendra Jagatkar Hace 28 días
Drake and Josh!
Red star siege
Red star siege Hace 28 días
Exactly what I imagined
liam hirst
liam hirst Hace 28 días
I want to see a Microsoft style smash game now
liam hirst
liam hirst Hace 28 días
They own rare and Bethesda so could be great
CombatFan134 Hace 28 días
I wonder what Megan should have been in this scenario.
alex nice
alex nice Hace 28 días
Is the little girl from Microsoft or Bethseda ?
Victor Latorre romero
Victor Latorre romero Hace 28 días
Wait till the Slayer starts stealing the tank fuel for his chainsaw
Sad Penguin
Sad Penguin Hace 28 días
Welcome to the family son
RebrandedPumpkin Hace 28 días
It's 3am... The whole house is asleep. Doomguy at 3am: Plays doom eternal VERY loudly. Master chief: Can YOU turn that down! Doomguy: fu** you IM SLAYING DEMONS Master chief: W-Wh-What... Did he say?! Master chief: Don't worry brother. I have a plan. The next day 3am Master chief: Plays halo while shouting at some kid while munching on doritos. Doomguy: SHUT UP! Master chief: This is revenge for last night!
game tube
game tube Hace 29 días
Lets be honest, doom guy would be lifting master cheif
Jambo Rabbit
Jambo Rabbit Hace 29 días
What are you doing step bro?
BochiDochi Hace 29 días
I love how its xbox Bethesda Master Cheif Doomguy and...MEGAN
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever Hace 29 días
What are u doing stepbro
TheGameMage Hace 29 días
So would megan be in power armor
Tyson Nitro
Tyson Nitro Hace 29 días
What are you doing step-bro?
Matt black
Matt black Hace 29 días
TEAM SLAYER is now just a Chief and Doom slayer co-op horde mode
Matt black
Matt black Hace 29 días
idk :0
idk :0 Hace 29 días
Uh oh step bro~
taptap Hace 29 días
I wish you put The Courier's ranger helmet on Meg.
Pablo Estrada
Pablo Estrada Hace 29 días
It would be fun to see clips of drake & josh edited with doomguy and master chief as the leads in differeng situations
Gmod Locus
Gmod Locus Hace 29 días
chief : so you got some nice armor there slayer : chief : nice shotgun slayer : chief : got any plans for the weekend slayer, halfway through ripping an elite in half :
Swank Man
Swank Man Hace 29 días
RIP Bethesda
greatbudda Hace 29 días
hug me brother!
Kyx Hace un mes
Doomguy's Stepbrother
Enraged Monkey
Enraged Monkey Hace un mes
Painfully accurate.
Enraged Monkey
Enraged Monkey Hace un mes
I think.
Raccoon Dragon LOVER
Its going to get missed up fast
Demetrious Ferris
Demetrious Ferris Hace un mes
i hope chief doesnt get stuck in a washer
Sean Brogan
Sean Brogan Hace un mes
Immagine thinking halo came first.
Broly Hace un mes
Xbox: father Doom Guy: brother Master Chief: brother Samus: step sister
Puppy Puppington
Puppy Puppington Hace un mes
Brian the Trainer
Brian the Trainer Hace un mes
Ironic cause both of them were in a Death Battle 😂
DRaceNut Hace un mes
I saw a fucking comment on how doomguy would die to chief over a speed issue. Youre cute whoever said that. You paired a fast superhuman who struggles at times in a war where doomguy a god at this point, fought an entire dimension for eons without tiring, slowing down, struggling or stopping. sure doomguy would DEFINITELY lose (couldnt find him again so i put it here)
vesta6000 Hace un mes
I liked the vid before I even watched
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels Hace un mes
Trinston was here ...
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