Matt Damon Explains Why 'Good Will Hunting' Has So Much Cursing

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'Downsizing' star Matt Damon looks back on his fondest and most tainted memories tied to the movie that defined his early adult life: 'Good Will Hunting.'
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12 dic 2017






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Comentarios 1 078
daniel niklas
daniel niklas Hace 45 minutos
BullShark Hace 2 días
As a Bostonian he is right fuck and shit are placeholders especially shit.
James Jones
James Jones Hace 2 días
He’s a hypocritical F Tard w a huge ego!!! Anti gun hollywierd hypocrite making millions on guns and violence.. but he’s just acting.... F tard!
highlights Bottle flip nbanflnhl
What about Jerry?
Mr. Scoot Scooter
Mr. Scoot Scooter Hace 8 días
Fuck yeah Spirit!
Stemster Hace 12 días
I read the title wrong, i thought he said making the movie was a curse.
Leo Orc
Leo Orc Hace 12 días
matt damon lookin like george w bush is weird
Dan Montgomery
Dan Montgomery Hace 12 días
I loved that his intro music was the bridge to "Passion Dance", that's amazing
daniel worthington
daniel worthington Hace 14 días
Imagine being offended by a word
amy clarke
amy clarke Hace 16 días
love matt 😙
abc def
abc def Hace 16 días
Kenny Garrett!!
Burkhamer Julie
Burkhamer Julie Hace 16 días
The best way to understand the life of a paranoid man is to follow him for a while
lilshabaz1862 Hace 17 días
I was nice of Stephen to list so many great movies Matt's been in, but did he really have to just read them all off a card like an intern just printed out his IMDb page? just came off as disingenuous to me
Tarun Mudaliar
Tarun Mudaliar Hace 17 días
If you remember Good Will Hunting only for its cussing, then you're not watching it right..
Electric Fangs
Electric Fangs Hace 19 días
Y’all think you’re slick with that subtle Coca Cola ad
Lynda M
Lynda M Hace 21 un día
He gets more intelligent every time we get to hear him speak!
Joanie Cummings
Joanie Cummings Hace 24 días
Good actor but an idiot in real life.
official_w3st Hace 27 días
Someone is fucking Matt Damon!
yep me
yep me Hace 28 días
Good Will Hunting was a great movie or should I say is a great movie
Alan Rowley
Alan Rowley Hace 28 días
The real star of this clip is the doofus who wrote the subtitles. My god, they are bloody atrocious.
Swapnil S
Swapnil S Hace un mes
Matt damon gives the raw vibes of taylor lautner #jacob, with maturity
Chris Sunday
Chris Sunday Hace un mes
Jason Bourne...That character made me love this guy so much....
Best of Humans
Best of Humans Hace un mes
About 15 years ago when I was a kid, I was sitting on a plane while everyone was boarding. I was wearing a Yankee hat. From out of nowhere, someone said to me: "Yankees suck." I looked up, and it was Matt Damon, in full denim, wearing a Red Sox hat. We laughed. I couldn't believe it. Later while in flight, the movie that was showing was Ocean's 12. I went up to first class and asked Matt if he would sign my plane program over the Ocean's 12 blurb. He asked my name and happily signed. That program was pinned to my refrigerator until I went to college. He couldn't have been a nicer guy. We were on our way back from Miami and I later found out that he had just proposed to his girlfriend who is still his wife.
James Edward
James Edward Hace un mes
"I love your movies"...proceeds to have to read them off a sheet.
Josh McBuckets
Josh McBuckets Hace un mes
Simple answer. They’re from Boston. How do they talk in Boston? It’s a bleeping bleep good bleeping morning.
Jack Tenace
Jack Tenace Hace un mes
Love how every time he tries to talk the audience starts screaming
Ric Sanches
Ric Sanches Hace un mes
Jocelyn Farmer
Jocelyn Farmer Hace un mes
As with most talk show hosts, this is largely words, words, words from the host - and the actual star hardly has the chance to speak one whole sentence. Pathetic
Casey Frederick
Casey Frederick Hace un mes
Because human
Dharmabum9287 Hace un mes
So much cursing? It’s fuckin Boston, kid!!! We have officially replaced “ummm...” with “fuckinnn...”
vidright Hace un mes
That constant „beeping“ really is annoying. The USA is a weird country. The US society and media are full of brutal violence. Every day you can see in TV, netflix or whatever a bunch of violence like using guns or other deadly weapons, killing, raping, asassinating, with a lot of victims. Does anybody protest against it or simply say: Its enough? No. It‘s accepted. But if anybody uses a word in a sexualized context or if anyone is cursing or swearing, the entire nation is cracking up.
MrShanester117 Hace un mes
It’s okay, if it’s in a three way...
Jeremy Dale
Jeremy Dale Hace un mes
Hated Good Will Hunting. Damon was so obnoxious in it. If it hadn't been for Williams I doubt I could have made it through the film. I do like his later stuff though - especially the Bourne movies and I thought he was amazing in The Departed. Could have done without the injection of politics.
mike 3dfx
mike 3dfx Hace un mes
ahepperl Hace un mes
Manure is used for fertilizer around the world, so I'm sure we've all eaten poop potatoes before.
Mr Shu
Mr Shu Hace un mes
Too bad Hollywood is crazy liberal. Didn't use to be this way...
archieblackpool Hace un mes
That's the only time I've ever laughed when a father has joked his kid is too old to be molested by a pervert.
g mac
g mac Hace un mes
Still a stunning looking man
Jamie Fletcher
Jamie Fletcher Hace un mes
Matt Should be on the 2020 ticket, Somewhere...
Noel Reynoso
Noel Reynoso Hace un mes
I like Stephen, but everytime I watch him, I get fixated on his crooked ass ears...they're sooo asymmetrical. Petty, I know...
Emmanuel James
Emmanuel James Hace un mes
"You spent 150 grand on a fuckin' education you could've got for $1.50 in late charges at the public library!!" 😂😂😂😂
Jenn Dear
Jenn Dear Hace un mes
Matt Damon has a 20 yer old child!?!??
Jenn Dear
Jenn Dear Hace un mes
I forgot his wife had a child when they met. So it’s nice he refers to her as his daughter.
Jeremy Dale
Jeremy Dale Hace un mes
He's almost 50.
Jerry Esque
Jerry Esque Hace un mes
There should be a sequel to good will hunting where matt damon is in a similar position as robin williams. A professor who has experience now. Love that movie.
MonkeySpecs301 Hace un mes
why does yt try to charge 4$ for a 20yr old movie?
keven trembley
keven trembley Hace 2 meses
Deborah Ann Frederick
Thumbs up.
King Killerstripe
King Killerstripe Hace 2 meses
In my opinion Matt Damon is more mature then Mark Wahlberg
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson Hace 2 meses
Syriana was amazing.
Madwizard145 Hace 2 meses
kill yourself?
I watched good will hunting tonight and now this is in my recommendations...they’re listening
Emm_er Hace 2 meses
How I didn't make the connection that Matt Damon voice Spirit considering that, as a child, every other night we watched either the Oceans films or my favorite horse movie, I have no idea.
alphaphotoandvideo Hace 2 meses
The martian was good.
Daniel Ciari
Daniel Ciari Hace 2 meses
Fuck yeah
M15949 Hace 2 meses
i never noticed that, before. that's a fucking shitload of profanity.
Pat French
Pat French Hace 2 meses
Man, Good Will Hunting had a lot of cussing and the famous "It's not your fault" scene had the F-Word as in "Don't f--- with me!"
gamingsfinest1 Hace 2 meses
Just saw Good Will Hunting today
Richard Sec
Richard Sec Hace 2 meses
I didn't know he was in Spirit. I loved that movie back then.
Tony DeMaria
Tony DeMaria Hace 2 meses
Lulz! Best interview ever!
tadlee Hace 2 meses
how did good will not win best pic?
Igor Schmidlapp
Igor Schmidlapp Hace 2 meses
New movie rating... "It's stream-able..." ;-P
Igor Schmidlapp
Igor Schmidlapp Hace 2 meses
"Downsizing"... Matt Damon was just fine... the movie... not so much...
Laura Hace 3 meses
Oh yeah the guy who sat back knowing Weinstein was rapping all those women makes jokes about unfounded allegations!!! Stfu Matt
Michael P
Michael P Hace 3 meses
I cannot for whatever reason stomach this comedian. He seems like a prick.
Nautilus1972 Hace 3 meses
A vegan with cut abs? I doubt that.
Nautilus1972 Hace 3 meses
The Martian .. great comedy.
Nautilus1972 Hace 3 meses
Suburbicon - the 32nd worst-ever opening for a film playing in over 2,000 theaters.
Jake Heissler
Jake Heissler Hace 3 meses
Carrie Ann LaShelle
Carrie Ann LaShelle Hace 3 meses
I saw Suburbicon. Genius. I love you. sigh
Daniel Alves
Daniel Alves Hace 3 meses
The movie "Spirit" is amazing.
JR Richards
JR Richards Hace 3 meses
God awful awkward interview for the 1st 3 mins.
Ken Aldrich
Ken Aldrich Hace 3 meses
How many times the F word is spoken normally doesn't make or break a movie, but Good Will Hunting needed the F word to make its main point about Matt's character being a punk in addition to being way smart.
Pat French
Pat French Hace 2 meses
As in "Don't f--- with me!"
Thomas Wyrick
Thomas Wyrick Hace 3 meses
I see Matt Damon is still pretending him and Batfleck wrote Good Will Hunting. Probably the best scripted movie of my lifetime. Any similar followup from those two? Yeh, thought not.
emma Hace 3 meses
Sofa King Original
Sofa King Original Hace 3 meses
....you are...you are... an asshole. ..I hate Damon 22% less... for now..
Melissa Mattey
Melissa Mattey Hace 3 meses
McCoy Tyner Big Band Passion Dance as the walk-on tune????!! Love. It!
Conor Lennon
Conor Lennon Hace 3 meses
Met daymun
elisha carlton
elisha carlton Hace 3 meses
spirit is my shit, cant believe its been so long
Glenn van Nijevelt
Glenn van Nijevelt Hace 3 meses
love this guy!
Demonic's Gaming Domain
Yet Disney has pedo subliminal messages...
Philip Dority
Philip Dority Hace 3 meses
666 dislikes
Tripp Miller
Tripp Miller Hace 4 meses
Colbert is so much better and funny when he stays away from the politics and has solid guests on.
Andrew August
Andrew August Hace 4 meses
Holy shit I didn't know George Miller directed Happy Feet 2 He made the Mad Max movies...
Dee Cee
Dee Cee Hace 4 meses
Long track record of excellence - like the Coen Brothers. Hint hint.
Dee Cee
Dee Cee Hace 4 meses
oh wait - True Grit. scratch that
within 30
within 30 Hace 4 meses
Does anyone know how long did it take to write the movie?
LukzaFactory Hace 4 meses
What is the entrance theme song please ?
Peter Hace 4 meses
Bleep out *hole* instead of *ass* good job
Jasmin Caro
Jasmin Caro Hace 4 meses
He looks so nervous!!
J h
J h Hace 4 meses
Hey Matt, you Hillary-thug... How you like them Mid-term results... TRUMP 2020
People Kind
People Kind Hace 4 meses
Because those words were heard from weinsteins hotel room perhaps?
J Hood
J Hood Hace 4 meses
That Roy Moore joke was savage. Damon pretty witty on the fly
paul steven Lockley
paul steven Lockley Hace 4 meses
Each talk show host to their own believe what ya wanna believe most important is to believe in ya self America x x
paul steven Lockley
paul steven Lockley Hace 4 meses
Bartender always wins bro 😇😂😉😉😉☺😇
paul steven Lockley
paul steven Lockley Hace 4 meses
Walk the line and walk of life love Johnny5live x x 😇😇😇😇😇
paul steven Lockley
paul steven Lockley Hace 4 meses
The Martian is one of the best films ever and my favourite is departed 😇😇😇😂😂🔨🗼🗽🚘🚖🚜🚝🚞💌💍💐💒marry me susanna or I'm marrying Lucy 😉😂😂😂😂😉😇
androssteague Hace 4 meses
Suburbicon was good. I don't care what anyone says.
evil inc
evil inc Hace 4 meses
is he "Matt Damian" ? (in guillermo voice)
M Double U
M Double U Hace 4 meses
been like 10 years now, still cant figure out if colbert is serious or not
james88 Hace 4 meses
Maaaaaaaaaaasst deeeaaaaaamoon
Bethany Cook
Bethany Cook Hace 5 meses
I swear he gets cuter w age
luke weller
luke weller Hace 5 meses
What a stupid shit blabbing interview
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