Matthijs de Ligt Against Bayern | 2018

Kinry Double
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Bryan Ooi
Bryan Ooi Hace 5 días
Can someone tell me why the tackle at 1.12 is not a foul !
Charles Klepac
Charles Klepac Hace 3 días
Usually refs aren't going to call that inside the box. They are both grabbing, but De Ligt is just shielding the ball. It's fair
Jamie Kopite
Jamie Kopite Hace 13 días
The tackle in 4:15 makes me remember of Maldini!
Sergio Manteca
Sergio Manteca Hace 22 días
1:10 that's penalty
Stephanos Parcci
Stephanos Parcci Hace 25 días
Welcome to the greatest club on this planet FCBARCELONA 👍👊 Visca El Barça 💪👊💛😎 Welcome welcome welcome.
Suuu Saad
Suuu Saad Hace 26 días
I wish to see you Liverpool
Biruleibe Leibe
Biruleibe Leibe Hace 26 días
Algum BR?
Kritt Bayern
Kritt Bayern Hace 28 días
He is going to one of the best of defender in the world.
Hilight Football Super Macht
Journey in the Champions League of Ajax Amsterdam esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-vGdbPw8Gy6A.html
Streamer86 Hace un mes
Like si lo ves después de que el ajax eliminase a la juve en semis
K1NG Hace un mes
Download link?
Ryan Rusyda
Ryan Rusyda Hace un mes
He ruined the bayern attacks
Beulah the Daydreamer
19 pocketing Lewandowski.
Anhtuan Fcb
Anhtuan Fcb Hace un mes
Matthijs de ligt será el gran capitán en el Camp Nou.
maximus gonzalez
maximus gonzalez Hace un mes
a bit like harry mcguire
Xavier Alejandro
Xavier Alejandro Hace un mes
19 and wins almost lewandoski im strength and hes 30
Paul dissosha
Paul dissosha Hace 2 meses
Ligt superb defence....
MyOG Hace 2 meses
Come to liverpool
J T Hace 2 meses
Militao is better!
hafiz zaki
hafiz zaki Hace 2 meses
Good player but not worth more than 50M atm
best scene
best scene Hace 2 meses
What a good player
sami Luew
sami Luew Hace 2 meses
The Next partner lindelöf De ligt is Red🔴⚫💪❤
thomas Grizzell
thomas Grizzell Hace 2 meses
He will join barca
mo Gabriel
mo Gabriel Hace 2 meses
Good player but oh boi his delivery is atricous
Muy bom jugador
Javier Flores
Javier Flores Hace 2 meses
Parecía maldini 4:27
josue duran
josue duran Hace 3 meses
Piqué out, Welcome De Ligt
Sergio Solana Gonzalez-marron
Belcome al Barcelona crack
RFKE 95 Hace 3 meses
Milly Hace 3 meses
4:15 one of the best tackles i’ve ever seen.
array s
array s Hace 3 meses
Wish he'll come to Manchester United. A tall big strong and commanding centre back is what we really need to partnered Victor Lindelof now.
Xavier Sedney
Xavier Sedney Hace 3 meses
come Barcelona please buy this guy
Aboubacar Sow
Aboubacar Sow Hace 3 meses
welcome to in barça
Juan Manuel Perez
Juan Manuel Perez Hace 3 meses
lo siento pero Matthijs de Ligt estara jugando en el Barça con Frankie De JONG el año que viene se sienteeee¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Kelvin Ng'ang'a
Kelvin Ng'ang'a Hace 3 meses
He's so good
Jash Media
Jash Media Hace 3 meses
4:35 What did Onana say to Blind? Except for the "Use your fuckin head" at the end
Jash Media
Jash Media Hace 3 meses
The whole game in Germany i heard the Ajax fans more than the Bayern fans themselves.
sandro Cortes
sandro Cortes Hace 3 meses
wuelcome to barcelona🔥
ARDA Danii
ARDA Danii Hace 3 meses
Barca got de jong I hope they also get him
Amun-Ra Hace 3 meses
fcking hell, this kid just got 19 in august! what a beast
Squidward Hace 3 meses
bring this guy to City at any cost
Say Tsano
Say Tsano Hace 3 meses
Ar D
Ar D Hace 3 meses
Really this was like bayern vs de ligt!!!👌👌 super strong...He was like a wall whom no one can pass
Stephen Kioko
Stephen Kioko Hace 4 meses
He is good but he must reduce back pass balls,,,, he must learn how to carry ball forward
Aldin Nedzibovic
Aldin Nedzibovic Hace 4 meses
every once in a while @pepteam is cocky against de ligts mom but every time de ligt starts to spit on his cock and masturbate against benfica this needs tostop and i need halp but pls dont tell @pepteam because he wil just be cocky in spanish
Aldin Nedzibovic
Aldin Nedzibovic Hace 4 meses
Hmm i wonder what they done to you.When i was 12 y/o i visited de ligt hjouse.When i knocked on his door his mom came out and spitted on me,then de ligt started masturbating on my skin.FUCK THE LIGTTS
Farizzian Thoni
Farizzian Thoni Hace 4 meses
Wishing him at bayern
HumorLovinGuy Hace 4 meses
I can definitely see him at Bayern rather than at Man U or Barca
Mashiur Rahman
Mashiur Rahman Hace 4 meses
Wow he is one of the best young talanted defender
marselinus rizky
marselinus rizky Hace 4 meses
Kiyingi Rogers
Kiyingi Rogers Hace 4 meses
He should replace koscienly at arsenal
ALL DAY Hace 4 meses
Kiyingi Rogers As Arsenal fan yeh, in the next few years
Sharique Hammad
Sharique Hammad Hace 4 meses
array s
array s Hace 4 meses
He's 19? 😨
Raymond Cc
Raymond Cc Hace 4 meses
young , should dribble the ball forward to build up attack... But it is the matter of experience , bright future ahead
punsbrah Hace 4 meses
Welcome to Manchester United ;)
Reda D.Teach
Reda D.Teach Hace 4 meses
Attal futur best CB in the World
Febriankw Kesuma Wijaya
Blonde maldini.
hadi257 Hace 4 meses
Van Dijk and De Ligt both clean WorldClass tacklers. Unlike that stupid Ramos how is he WorldClass ive no idea.
Harry Vlogs
Harry Vlogs Hace 4 meses
Slice Of Life 1985
Slice Of Life 1985 Hace 3 meses
In your dreams, you already have van dijk carrying your entire defence on his back. Only player your trash club gonna sign is subotic
Saleh Suleiman
Saleh Suleiman Hace 4 meses
best defndng
Subash Shrestha
Subash Shrestha Hace 4 meses
Liverpool Style of football suits him.
Verckcrev Hace 4 meses
bayern should've bought him instead of Hernandez from Athleti
Adrian Yoi Lim
Adrian Yoi Lim Hace 4 meses
What MU need
shivneil pratap
shivneil pratap Hace 4 meses
Truz up
diulikadikaday Hace 4 meses
how is his speed and ability to turn though? I think he would be great in possession at Barca, but what about the counterattacks? This is when Barca are so vulnerable because they play so high up the pitch. This is what made Puyol and Mascherano such good CBs for Barca; they were able to chase down attackers.
diulikadikaday Hace 4 meses
4:17, that's one of the most beautiful things in the game. Everyone loves fancy step overs and rocket shots, but a tackle that wins back controlled possession is so important too.
Dr. David Dow
Dr. David Dow Hace 7 días
diulikadikaday ye that’s a maldini tackle
John Redmond
John Redmond Hace un mes
That's some maldini stuff right there.
The Sleepy Assassin
The Sleepy Assassin Hace 5 meses
This guy is only 19? Wow such power and knowledge of his Gameplay.
maswari suriandi mahdzir
This guy good to replace philjohns at manchester united
Aristos Pano
Aristos Pano Hace 5 meses
world class at 19
Joy Dias
Joy Dias Hace 5 meses
Perfect replacement for Thiago Silva
Mauricio Salas
Mauricio Salas Hace 4 meses
Joy Dias no please anywhere but France
manuel Dutch
manuel Dutch Hace 5 meses
De Ligt and de Jong should go to Bayern. Healthy club, mix of old and young. Strong steam with the ability to play attack football. My opinion, the best club to make career. If Bayern wants to have them. They get pearls in there hand. When they go to Germany and play well, then they can play in more big competitions. With lots of xp and strong clubs. But yeah who knows what will happen, but I hope at least Bayern contacts Ajax about these 2 players.
Chewy Suarez
Chewy Suarez Hace 3 meses
Nishit Agarwal
Nishit Agarwal Hace 3 meses
Dw barca brought de jong and soon de ligt yusss
lmao x2
lmao x2 Hace 5 meses
Been a fan since early last year!
Toine BTW
Toine BTW Hace 5 meses
ajax Amsterdam
ajax Amsterdam Hace 5 meses
Rustig gap laat je niet zo kennen
Toine BTW
Toine BTW Hace 5 meses
Rishaant Kandhai
Rishaant Kandhai Hace 5 meses
ItzToine YT huts a nifauwwww
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez Hace 5 meses
Replacement of Ramos
Football HD
Football HD Hace 2 meses
+King Rida Because he want to go to Barca and Real Madrid already bought Militao.
King Rida
King Rida Hace 2 meses
+Football HD yes why not ?
Football HD
Football HD Hace 3 meses
Sinisa K.
Sinisa K. Hace 5 meses
He got much stronger in one year time. He is a beast already With this style of play definetly suits for barcelona. Also they have great history of dutch players so i think 90% he is going there He is by far best young defender in the world, i hope he doesnt get some serious injury
mazen bahaj
mazen bahaj Hace 3 meses
It will be a very smart move for him to go Barcelona because pique is 32 and de light 19 ..although pique is not doing well and will leave barca next season
ROYAL MAPHINS Hace 3 meses
And he plays like ramos 🙅
Mr XXX Hace 4 meses
he would be one of the main leaders of the next era at bayern
Tgldr Kh
Tgldr Kh Hace 4 meses
I think he is more suitable in Juventus
David de Ruiter
David de Ruiter Hace 4 meses
He is even crowned with the Golden Boy Award
pranesh Waisher
pranesh Waisher Hace 5 meses
Would love to see him against psg, Real Madrid, Tottenham, Chelsea.
PrinceOfM4rs20 __
PrinceOfM4rs20 __ Hace 2 meses
Chelsea wouldn’t provide much of a challenge lol im pretty sure he can handle Willian, Higuain, Pedro, Barkley, and Kovacic.
fatty rooney
fatty rooney Hace 3 meses
well he just did now
DutchNewbJr Hace 5 meses
13 februari : Ajax - Real Madrid.
Salim Huerta
Salim Huerta Hace 5 meses
Barca’s first priority in January
Brysen Hivon
Brysen Hivon Hace un mes
Salim Huerta got De Jong instead
Edwin Barajas
Edwin Barajas Hace 3 meses
+fatty rooney did you see nacho today yea delight can bench him lol
fatty rooney
fatty rooney Hace 3 meses
+Edwin Barajas madrid could've destroyed his career. they would bench him like any other player they had
Peter Buma
Peter Buma Hace 3 meses
+slidRazor still, would be awesome. Could be a golden signing for Liverpool
slidRazor Hace 3 meses
+Peter Buma Liverpool already have a partner and his name is gomes.
허걱 Hace 5 meses
I am sure this young defender can make it to worldclass. He’s only 19 but he plays like very experienced player.
#ThankYouPewdiepie Hace 4 días
He already is world class
Shitta Hace 5 meses
It's a Delight to see him play!
M Ö N C H Hace un mes
+De tijgers ???? Its De Ligt 😂😂😂😂
MT1120 Hace 3 meses
Not how you pronounce it
De tijgers
De tijgers Hace 4 meses
Its de Licht
Johan Jordi.09
Johan Jordi.09 Hace 4 meses
Good one 😂👌
Dias silalahi
Dias silalahi Hace 5 meses
I see what you did there 👀
Gabriel Vieira
Gabriel Vieira Hace 5 meses
Lewandowski tá no bolso dele
Mateus Medeiros
Mateus Medeiros Hace 5 meses
Lewandowski tá muito fraco man.
JC AM Hace 5 meses
De light y de jong crack
WESSA 92 Hace 5 meses
Zacker Awali
Zacker Awali Hace 6 meses
RoyalSaiyajin YT
RoyalSaiyajin YT Hace 6 meses
Tackle against Gnabry made me nut
Mario Khalil
Mario Khalil Hace 5 meses
Markus Zöggeler but it wasn’t as smooth as this one tbh...
Markus Zöggeler
Markus Zöggeler Hace 5 meses
go see koulibaly against mbappe
Dennis Hace 6 meses
The guy is 19. Looks very mature.
Rob Hollister
Rob Hollister Hace 6 meses
in meinem FM 2019 hat sich Bayern den gekauft
Johnas Mwasnsansu
Johnas Mwasnsansu Hace 6 meses
welcome to man city
Akash Basu
Akash Basu Hace 5 meses
de jong's prolly will to go to city
GuusF Hace 6 meses
Enjoy another year at Ajax! I think he will be great with Barcelona. Man city not so much.
Cult Tops
Cult Tops Hace 6 meses
Welcome to Barcelona
Somal Lo
Somal Lo Hace 6 meses
Very strong sturdy player with good positioning and tackle abilities. I think he would be a great asset to any topclubs in Europe.
Thijmen Hace 6 meses
4:15 very nice
Dr. David Dow
Dr. David Dow Hace 7 días
Thijmen he’s 19 and kinda like Maldini with that
Oona Y
Oona Y Hace 4 meses
looks like he's been watching maldini
VictorFilms Hace 6 meses
Hey bro can you tell me a site where I can download full matches? please help me a lot!
Kinry Double
Kinry Double Hace 6 meses
Sorry for the late reply. I use galatamanhdf.blogspot.com/?m=1 and rgfootball.net
Cem Karabulut
Cem Karabulut Hace 6 meses
Can u make Ozan Kabak's video??
FootyMedia Hace 6 meses
This dude is definitely one for the future. Strong, good reading of the game and can lead the team!
Stephanos Parcci
Stephanos Parcci Hace 25 días
He's definitely said before that...it will be my biggest dream for one day can play for FCBARCELONA 👍👊👏 Visca barça 💪👊💛😎 You are always welcome.
giovanni gio
giovanni gio Hace un mes
+Beulah the Daydreamer There ar enow rumors that Barca whants to work with Ajax. In this case Barca has the first option to buy players for Ajax wiyhout having to pay the full price. And Ajax could loan some of Barca's top talents. But of course there is nothing official. Let's see what will happen.
Beulah the Daydreamer
giovanni gio sell coutinho?
giovanni gio
giovanni gio Hace 2 meses
+Winds Barca did buy some expensive players like Coutinho, Dembele and de Jong. I think they are not willing to pay +80 mil. But maybe they earn more money or sell a player to be able to buy him.
Winds Hace 2 meses
+giovanni gioBarcelona
mohamed Afazar
mohamed Afazar Hace 6 meses
3axa riiif
Kinry Double
Kinry Double Hace 6 meses
I hope you enjoy the video!
GuusF Hace 6 meses
I did thank you! He wil leave Ajax this summer, no competition for him anymore in the Eredivisie. I hope he stays one more year tho..
Kinry Double
Kinry Double Hace 6 meses
Thanks! When you look at it he has been linked with every big club but you never know. He might decide to stay longer
Memey Boi
Memey Boi Hace 6 meses
Kinry Double Yes! Great video about my favorite player. Sad to know he will be leaving this summer, he is a great defender and a great captain! ❌❌❌
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