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17 may 2022






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shicrapt Hace un mes
What's impressive about this win is that GS built their lead slowly but surely. They didn't do it with hot shooting. Hot shooting always turns cold, usually sooner than later, then the other team makes their run. But when you build a big lead slowly, that means you're executing your game plan to perfection.
AymsLT Hace un mes
@EXCLAMATION! this u - 💀💀
Eric Heffner
Eric Heffner Hace un mes
@AymsLT 😄😄😄 We'll see
Jesus has given you all. Repent or die.
Repent to Jesus Christ ““You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”” ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭4:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Alan Brooks
Alan Brooks Hace un mes
The player development coaches on this Warriors staff is incredible and deserves credit. Developing guys like Poole, Looney even Wiggins. Remember when nobody wanted Wiggins? Bet they do now. Obviously Great players here with Steph, Klay, Green but these coaches need to be talked about. Coaching still matters even if some people don't think so. Great display GS. 💯
Praise Jesus, Repent or Likewise Perish
Repent to Jesus Christ “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Alan Brooks
Alan Brooks Hace un mes
@Freddie 👍💯
Freddie Hace un mes
I seen Wiggins play in person during his senior year of highschool and he put my buddy on his hoops mixtape highlight reel lmao. He was chill to talk to after the game and seemed kind of shy, but he was a monster on the court. Glad to see him be an allstar this year and potentially win a title
Jesus has given you all. Repent or die.
Repent to Jesus Christ ““You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”” ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭4:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬ J
Mario Pangelina
Mario Pangelina Hace un mes
@Appollo his rookie year cavs drafted him and Bron traded him for love and a three way trade with Boston to get kyrie
Kedo Hace un mes
That was a complete game, great ball movement/passing, big D, unselfish team play etc. This is what TEAM play looks like.
youngin Gz
youngin Gz Hace un mes
@JC bruh y'all is so dirty, "D" means good defends tf
Nugglife 303
Nugglife 303 Hace un mes
@Tom Yamaguchi with a name like Yamacoochi, I bet you're like 5'5" and the closest you've ever been to an athlete is when you wear your older sisters leotard and figure skates. 🤣🤣🤣
Nugglife 303
Nugglife 303 Hace un mes
@Tom Yamaguchi you don't even know what "jumped the shark" means, buddy. That whole game was awful. Both teams and the officials.
Ronny Rodriguez
Ronny Rodriguez Hace un mes
The Warriors are such a great all around team I got them taking it all the way! They have shooters, great defense, Kevon Looney being Rodman on the glass, Curry adding to that and the ball movement on this team is just beautiful. It’s just amazing basketball by an amazing team. 💯💯🔥
AveRage Hace 3 días
@Trident YT WARRIORS IN 6 lol Boston's defense was overrated
Trident YT
Trident YT Hace un mes
@8’9 female Refrigerator how? What defense have they faced on par with either team?
8’9 female Refrigerator
@Trident YT they’d beat the both of them in 6
Modern Day Entertainment
@Trident YT we’re talking about the Warriors
Trident YT
Trident YT Hace un mes
No way they beat the Heat or Cetics
Mr. Honesty
Mr. Honesty Hace un mes
I remember when Wiggins wasn’t what everyone expected him to be on the Timberwolves & now look at him. Dude is a crucial part of that team & in the right system he flourished.
Junaide Totok
Junaide Totok Hace un mes
McGee also improved in GSW.
the glasses riley
the glasses riley Hace un mes
Jordan Poole plays better off the bench not starting and Wiggins is a third opinion cause Poole is a bench player only.
Jinni Hace un mes
@Allen Roth precisely. Some guys aren’t made to be the number 1 option, and that’s completely acceptable. He knows his role and he plays it extremely well. It would used to be “agh damn wigs only scored 20, what a bad game.” For wiggins. But now it’s “damn wiggins great defense won this for us. Added 15 too to seal it off.” He works perfectly with the warriors system.
Allen Roth
Allen Roth Hace un mes
I think the main reason he flourished is because he’s not counted on to be the number one guy. He’s more like a number three option almost a number four option after Jordan Poole and I think it allows him to shine
the glasses riley
the glasses riley Hace un mes
Yes after Kevin love left it was Wiggins team cause he was younger
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson Hace un mes
Very COMPLETE game by the Warriors tonight. Everyone was involved, Steph with 12 rebounds, Dray with defensive stops, and Wiggins and Poole getting their buckets as usual. But they need to stay on their toes with the Mavs, they'e used to getting blown out and bouncing back.
Keddo Lyrics
Keddo Lyrics Hace un mes
Warriors feels like a complete team..to think looney is still underrated..#keddolyrics
Brandon Rawls
Brandon Rawls Hace un mes
Luka has an illuminati tattoo on his wrist
SpongeBob Hace un mes
@God Mode Activated 😂 Nope not gonna happen. Not a big warriors fan but their chemistry is on another level just see the contribution from all the players. Man u hating
Zach F
Zach F Hace un mes
The offensive rebounding & second chance points for the Warriors has been absolutely crazy.
Allen Roth
Allen Roth Hace un mes
I don’t see many people discussing one of the most important players in this game. Kevon looney. He’s been doing work the past two games and he could be the game changer. He could dominate the boards. He played fantastic and I think he was the difference in this game
ATH Hace un mes
Klay Thompson has improved so much as an all around player. He used to be just a really good catch and shoot guy and a good defender. He's now all that and a great play maker, passer... I like his play chemistry with Looney.
Honestly he had to , his injuries and his very cold shooting , he has to be a ball passer now
Zero Hace un mes
Ever since the 2014-15 championship run by GSW i knew i had to follow this team, all the way even during 2020, and i am glad they are already preparing themselves for the future after the big 3 retires
Jamie Hace un mes
Mavs lost game 1 in the last two series. Easy to write them off after a blowout, but their coaches have done a tremendous job making adjustments. Warriors will probably do a better job of countering than Jazz and Suns though. Some jitters possibly came into play for Mavs. They missed so many good looks in first half, but give credit to Warriors. Their defensive rotations were solid.
Jeremy Crockett
Jeremy Crockett Hace un mes
Nice to see some good old fashioned teamwork 👏 👍 😀 from the Warriors
Anwar Anfield
Anwar Anfield Hace un mes
Golden state is not a team anymore but a culture. I'm from Minnesota and looking at Wiggins...... This is nothing short of incredible to watch... they all play unselfish. It's like a combination of the Triangle offense and Greg pops pass style..... the way the ball flows beautiful... everyone talks about how they have great players...but golden is what you get when great players execute a great scheme!
Praise Jesus, Repent or Likewise Perish
Repent to Jesus Christ “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬
NAP NAP Hace un mes
Your observations are spot on. Kerr played for the Bulls with Coach Jackson's triangle system and Kerr played for the Spurs under coach POP. Looks like Kerr absorbed it all! A won multiple titles with each team.
Jae Beez
Jae Beez Hace un mes
GSws impressed the crap out of me in this game I smell another chip for them. Awesome game play 7:17
ameriTHIGHwang _IGOT7
The passing is a work of art
piro Hace un mes
Wiggins is showing up lately in the playoffs. This is why he was an all star this season, and its what we needed these playoffs. Love to see it.
Vulcan Raven
Vulcan Raven Hace un mes
@Yaboiyikes hey at least warriors wont play a 5th Seed in NBA finals like LeMickey.
Homo Habilis
Homo Habilis Hace un mes
@Keion Jones What? The suns have horrible coaching.
Dr. Acula
Dr. Acula Hace un mes
@Jordan Cromwell It's pretty self-explanatory.. the point is, it's not over til it's over. Anything can happen.. Oh, and uh, I've been trying to get my hands on a magic crystal ball for a long time now.. where'd you get yours from?
Caleb Reid
Caleb Reid Hace un mes
Micah Lovejoy
Micah Lovejoy Hace un mes
The warriors passing was on point. This was pure team basketball 🏀
MONEYTIME 2022 Hace un mes
What most of the media ain't saying is they made Luka look slow. Ripped him easily. And he's a liability on defense. GS is too agile and athletic for Luka to dominate this series. Warriors win this.
Son of Man!!
Son of Man!! Hace un mes
When the Mavs have the ball, you just see everyone standing around. When the Warriors have the ball you see everyone moving around.
Sansenzekai Hace un mes
Yeah they know how to defend that kind of play coz they seen it already in Houston, Cleveland and Portland in the past playoffs
Pistol Pete 61
Pistol Pete 61 Hace un mes
That was a complete game, great ball movement/passing, big D, unselfish team play etc. This is what TEAM play looks like.
Rohan George
Rohan George Hace un mes
fax bruh the highest scorer was curry with 21 points and he didnt even shoot that well, and warriors won by 25, we coulda won by more. well ig dallas coulda played better but this is only game 1, more fun close games to come. im excited for those. lets go warriors!
Darko Hace un mes
Mavericks cannot be missing those shots. They played great defense until the 2nd half, and Luka Doncic will probably have to adjust since Wiggins will be playing great defense.
DadiMyksTV Hace 27 días
@Danny Rios lol
Kirivon Hace un mes
@Exogen Design True enough, nothing but to do and wait and see. Game 2 let's go!
Exogen Design
Exogen Design Hace un mes
@Kirivon that's a lot of comment but yeah we are just both a fan and aren't expert as those famous basketball analyst so our inputs probably won't matter and maybe 100% wrong. Let's just see who'll survive and become wcf champion.
Kirivon Hace un mes
@Exogen Design Luka absolutely can transition to being a playmaker. Dude averaged 8.7 assists per game this season, that's almost as much as Steph and Klay combined. It's a difference of teams and systems. For reasons unknown the Suns refused to send a double against Luka, until late game 7 when it was already over. Luka just got to feast on isos against Ayton. The Mavs lead the league in 3pt's made because a kick out 3 from the paint is the highest percentage 3pt shot in basketball. Their entire offense revolves around drive and kicks from Luka. For that reason if you shut down Luka, you shut down the Mavs. The Mavs tried to target Steph in the pick and roll, but Steph showed out early and high for the soft double to avoid switches. Plus, when he did switch Steph was able to hold his own on defense. They ran a box-and-one, 2-3 zone, soft doubles, hard doubles, all focused on Luka. And, when they did leave him in single coverage both Wiggins and Looney bothered his shots. The gameplan for the Warriors isn't as simple as "shut down Steph." The Warriors offense isn't predicated around Steph handling the ball. Steph's gravity and movement off the ball means it's harder for his defenders to play zone, help off the ball, or go to double. Same goes for Klay. Then you have Poole who can create his own shot and get by anybody any time he wants. Draymond, who can play point and is always looking to make plays and push the tempo. And oh yeah, that Wiggins guy.. who you know was a #1 pick overall. Jason Kidd has been coaching well this season, Luka and the Mavs will make adjustments to the Warriors's coverage. The Mavs also won't go 11-48 every game. People are acting like this series is over after game one, but look at this post season and how much better teams do at home. Warriors should be able to wrap this up in 5 or 6, but if they keep messing around, turning the ball over, and blowing leads and this goes to a game 7 then anything can happen. Just look at the Suns. As for Steph transitioning to being a "better playmaker," I don't think there's anything to back that up. Steph averaged more assists during his MVP seasons, in addition to scoring more and shooting a higher percentage. His assist totals between last year and this year weren't much different either. The Warriors were just short handed last year and players like Poole hadn't fully broken out yet. Everyone is dealing with injuries this post season, including the warriors. The warrior's system, coaching, and unselfishness lets them absorb mistakes and bad shooting nights. I think the Warriors can win the title this year but, given how they're playing this could have easily been a 2nd round exit for them any other year. Tbh if Desmond Bane wasn't a total shell of himself I'm not sure the dubs would have gotten past the grizz this year either.
Exogen Design
Exogen Design Hace un mes
@Kirivon the only difference with chris paul and booker is they never have experienced in finals, while curry and klay been there a lot and has been champions, also curry is a great closer unlike chrispaul who chokes a lot, curry carry his team no matter what, and he always shows up when they need him. I think you're being so casual coz you only think they are inconsistent with points, but curry is a play maker and unselfish he is more to winning than individual stats. What lukas has been doing was what curry were doing, But was it effective? Look at 2021 curry out of this world career high. Did they won? No! That's why he changed gears and become a better playmaker. Look at how fluid them now?, So back to your inconsistency conundrum, it doesn't matter if curry and klay has a bad night, they can transition as passers and playmaker, Luka can't.
Pepz Chungus
Pepz Chungus Hace un mes
Good Game, they played very well, congratulations to the warriors. and good job Mavericks 🙂👍🏼
Tina Molinar
Tina Molinar Hace un mes
Wow I'm really excited that the Warriors won this game I sat on the edge of my seat cheering them on
capricorn girl
capricorn girl Hace un mes
Congrats team warriors.. happy to see you won on this game.. looking forward for your team to win atleast 4 games ❤️❤️🥰❤️
Ricardo Delgado
Ricardo Delgado Hace un mes
Team basketball at its finest. Ball and player movement with good defense is beautiful to watch.
MAXtime Hace un mes
Steph had 12 rebounds tonight. Killed it. Wiggins was the MVP this game. Amazing on offense and DEFENSE. Held Luka to 20.
Sac12 Hace un mes
@Zebb 😄
Zebb Hace un mes
@Sac12 We know it's you. The non-sense jokes and futile comments. Lol
Stephen Van Zant
Stephen Van Zant Hace un mes
Even golden states “b” squad is killer. Let’s hope they can play this good every game!
Zach F
Zach F Hace un mes
The Warriors are going to be hard to beat if they keep up this improvement in offensive rebounding.
D B Hace un mes
The Warriors are a team. They deserve their success. When Steph plays loose like that they are impossible to beat
Yourzav Hace un mes
Andrew Frondozo
Andrew Frondozo Hace un mes
The "Strength in numbers" mantra was in full display. Truly a warriors type of basketball - movement, transition, constant motion, passing, swarming defence, & spectacular shots. That's why I fell in love with this team. 💪🏼🏀👏🏻
Klevens Hace un mes
@MemesStar LeBron isn’t either
MemesStar Hace un mes
@Klevens Curry is better than Lebron? Curry isn’t even in the GOAT conversation.
Klevens Hace un mes
@MemesStar Curry is better then LeBron and Kyrie tho. Plus we also had klay, and draymond.
MemesStar Hace un mes
@Klevens Never said I hated curry or any players on the warriors. Nevertheless there was no way you would have swept a prime Lebron and Kyrie without KD.
Don Julio
Don Julio Hace un mes
Zone with perimeter pressure really bothered Doncic, I'm sure he'll adjust but it's interesting seeing how many turnovers he committed trying to drive into the heart of the zone.
aDrainly Stars
aDrainly Stars Hace un mes
Finally good teamwork from the Warriors, and glad to see Green and Klay and Curry again, they learned that 3 point shooting will backfire and they do not need Durant anymore, as long as it is teamwork and finding the weaknesses, they will get a slow but sure lead.
Lauren- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
The Warriors are such a great all around team I got them taking it all the way! They have shooters, great defense, Kevon Looney being Rodman on the glass, Curry adding to that and the ball movement on this team is just beautiful. It’s just amazing basketball by an amazing team.
Supreem Court
Supreem Court Hace un mes
5:19 well communicated plays like this is the reason the warriors are gonna win the championship
MicahMane Hace un mes
Having ball movement like the Dubs had tonight at such a high speed of play is crazy... That is basketball at its finest!
Alex V
Alex V Hace un mes
Rebounding was better, and attacking the paint was priority.
Insta Glam
Insta Glam Hace un mes
These "old" Warriors players. As the Grizzlies called them.
Brennden Hace un mes
Not a golden state or mavs fan but I agree, that ball movement was great& was shaking up the mavs defense
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez Hace un mes
Facts ball movement was insane
demetri perez
demetri perez Hace un mes
Great game. Happy to see luka in the finals. Dudes a beast. With a better team he could easily make it to the championship next year. Maybe not this year cause Golden State has a solid team. But luka is young still
demetri perez
demetri perez Hace un mes
@Cobra King Gaming lol dude he's 23 and doing what he is doing. I'm going to be 25 so that's young to me
Cobra King Gaming
Cobra King Gaming Hace un mes
He’s not that young
John Gamer
John Gamer Hace un mes
A very exciting wcf. Hope both team reach game 7!
Shakester71 Hace un mes
The Mavs found success against the Warriors when they moved the ball, but those types of possessions weren’t more than the amount of isolation, 1 on 1 plays. Brunson and Doncic constantly over dribbled until the shot clock was down to 3.
DNSL Hace un mes
That "Oh my gahd!" after Curry missed a free throw really got me. Man was NOT expecting to see that that night fr.
Kookies enkrem
Kookies enkrem Hace un mes
It's like almost all of the baskets from the Warriors came from assists. Just shows how insane their chemistry is and the results show up on the numbers tonight.
Rohan George
Rohan George Hace un mes
@Dylan Rotich and klay lol, but yes team high 4 assists, this game was a perfect example of strength in numbers as the game high was 21 points from curry on meh shooting
Appollo Hace un mes
scary team basketball when you have that kind of chemistry.
EXCLAMATION! Hace un mes
Ratio + k-pop better🤡🤡🤡🤡🤓🤓🤓🤓
Eric Peterson
Eric Peterson Hace un mes
Dallas was trying the same trapping schemes they used for Booker in the last round (i.e.show strongly or go over screens and try to corral with 2 defenders) on the Warriors' primary scorers. Golden State just had the pick setter or whatever GS player was rotated off of cut/drive immediately. This created confusion/breakdown in the Dallas defensive rotation and opened easy passes to the cutter on basically half of the scores. They did this from basically all over the perimeter with different initiators, and it worked like clockwork. Just beautiful. This was clearly Kerr's strategy, and the Warriors passing skills made it work beautifully. This is a credit to Kerr's game planning and the teams unselfishness! Boom! Interested to see if Kidd can counter. It'll be tough to give up the trapping scheme and allow GS's shooters to run their very well established motions... but that'll be the first part of Dallas' adjustments, I'd guess.
PetroleumZelly Hace un mes
No one was cold, warmed up with rebounds and open shots and nice passing. Good job GS
Sai Namuduri
Sai Namuduri Hace un mes
THIS is the Warrior style I missed! Fluid movement, Steph/Klay and Dray/Looney working with three agile movers off the ball, and always one extra pass to get those open shots. Beautiful!
Ja Ra
Ja Ra Hace un mes
Warriors game planning is incredible. Seriously, how many different types of basketball have they played in these playoffs let alone since 2015. Incredible coaching incredible players incredible basketball. They remind me of Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona teams.
Ja Ra
Ja Ra Hace un mes
@Nugglife 303 what happened today? Still tired?
Nugglife 303
Nugglife 303 Hace un mes
Or maybe Dallas just starts slow and they're a lil tired from a 7 game series and Luka is under the weather...
Maleekk Elliss
Maleekk Elliss Hace un mes
Macctenamo Hace un mes
3:10 was a big moment, kick the ball out an settle for a open three or kick it inside for a potentially open layup. We took it to the paint, let's keep playing this way we'll get our open three looks if we keep taking it to the rack.
joncaju Hace un mes
The big 3 of the Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Greene. Now a second set of big 3: Poole, Wiggins, Looney. What a team!
capricorn girl
capricorn girl Hace un mes
I agree..
Delon Lawrence
Delon Lawrence Hace un mes
Kuminga would do just as well as Poole in the playoffs if he got minutes.
Delon Lawrence
Delon Lawrence Hace un mes
Happy to see Looney finally be recognized.
Flowbe Hace un mes
We played very well last night lets keep this going man warriors all day
mikeyls Hace un mes
Good to see that they bring back the golden yellow crowd shirt, we feel now the warriors' atmosphere and the warriors' playoffs
Will D. Swish
Will D. Swish Hace un mes
Wiggins getting a tip back bucket and then immediately picking up Luka is pure masterclass at the 6:00 mark
Lauren Hunt
Lauren Hunt Hace un mes
woohoo!! yeah that's what I'm talking about, no clumsiness tonight, bravo GSW!! 😁👏😎 keep it up and don't get comfortable or you'll mess up, keep guards up.
Winlox Hace un mes
My 2 favorite team, what a sight to watch🥰😍🥰🥰.. Im rooting for both of you!!! Goodluck, whoever wins i hope wins the Championship! Go go Gsw and Mavs ❤❤❣
DeebO Hace un mes
Luka being a defensive liability was exposed HARD in this game.
Tony Baze
Tony Baze Hace un mes
I want The warriors to win it all 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Hace un mes
Looney and Wiggins came through with playing like they're capable of!
Denniszen Hace un mes
GSW's ball movement is so fluid. It's hard to figure out who's going to score. Amazing.
Joshua Durham
Joshua Durham Hace un mes
The golden state warriors aka the dub and westside nations 4life the world championship game title series of (1947, 1956, 1975, 2015, 2017, and 2018) 6x times boy! Let's go!!!! Warriors aka the dub nations and westside nations 4life!!!!
Rhiza Jhane
Rhiza Jhane Hace un mes
@Sac12 you think what the Warriors doing is easy? Their plays need proper spacing and timing, more importantly great chemistry. They can read each others' minds. That's what makes them win. Look at their stats. 7 of them got double digits- everyone works!
reX Hace un mes
Having worriors 3 shooter.... Its very hard for others teams to compete with them.... Warriors on fire🔥🔥🔥🔥
novak chong
novak chong Hace un mes
i watched the whole game and yet i'm still here go warriors 4-0
Ron Peace
Ron Peace Hace un mes
This will be a good series...Dallas will definitely bounce back. Both teams has alot of shooters.
GLoading Hace un mes
@Anthony Mercado it’s doesn’t matter how you starts. It matter how you finish & the mavs did that to the suns. Too early to be saying what you said
Max Hace un mes
@Anthony Mercado People said the same about the Mavs in the Suns series before that all turned around. The thing about the playoffs is that momentum can shift at any moment.
Hermand Duverne
Hermand Duverne Hace un mes
Is it me? I feel like the great Luka moves a little bit slow. I think the warriors are aware of that, and they're gonna catch him. I usually compare him to Zinedine Zidane( French soccer player). You have the impression that they move slow, but they are effective players. But, there are a few teams and players who are going to take advantage on this side.
Xavier Hace un mes
The difference in this game was the rebounding. Golden State crushed Dallas on the boards 51-35. That was the difference in the game
latre york
latre york Hace un mes
@DER I know bro just stating the obvious 😂
Tyronn Fields
Tyronn Fields Hace un mes
Dont forget the great passing...
Luke12 Hace un mes
Fritz Arciosa
Fritz Arciosa Hace un mes
Xavier hahahha
Bailey 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me
The player development coaches on this Warriors staff is incredible and deserves credit. Developing guys like Poole, Looney even Wiggins. Remember when nobody wanted Wiggins? Bet they do now. Obviously Great players here with Steph, Klay, Green but these coaches need to be talked about. Coaching still matters even if some people don't think so. Great display GS.
Jonathan Bautista
Jonathan Bautista Hace un mes
Good coaching plays a big part but theres a lot more into it. Long time planning, preparations of the players physically and mentally is the key, in which I commend the gsw team for doing a great job.
kid Rich
kid Rich Hace un mes
Draymond I'm proud of you man you're keep'in it above the waist, I know one thing we gonna see👀one Hell of Final Series!!!🤠🏀💪💯
Winlox Hace un mes
You know the team is good when 2 of the best shooter in the nba rn is having a bad day and the team is still doing well.
KingLeoIV Hace un mes
I truly expect the Mavs to adjust and make a great series out of this. And they will... but wow did GSW assert dominance in a way that they only know how to... imagine if Wiseman, Iggy and GP2 was in this series 😳
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Hace un mes
DylanOps4 Hace un mes
@Julie Ann Intan oh my bad I forgot but good that he's getting better
Kaleb Johnson
Kaleb Johnson Hace un mes
@Young Fu it's a two way street man, so when GSW 3's are falling they aren't the best team? They beat them convincingly without the 3's they can put up. C'mon man those guys not outshooting Steph, Klay and Poole when their 3's are falling. Its deeper than 3's man they do everything well, and do you notice while other teams are baited into thinking they have to shoot a lot of 3's against GSW, they actually play more balanced, they just have 2 of the top 5 shooters of all time while doing so.
Hadly McMuffin
Hadly McMuffin Hace un mes
@Money Flow that’s what “making adjustments” is
Ricky Low
Ricky Low Hace un mes
The coordination in the warriors is what makes them stand out and they truly play everyone evenly no matter if you’re a rookie or not with hard core training to make shots and make potential star players in the future
I like turtles
I like turtles Hace un mes
Why does the announcer get way more excited when the warriors score vs the Mavericks clearly favored
Nikki Hace un mes
i like how all of them are still humble after defeating dallas, be it green on inside the nba or klay and steph in their postgame interviews, shows maturity unlike many young players who often got lot to say after crushing moments like these
Ankit Sharma
Ankit Sharma Hace un mes
look what happen to books. better not to poke the bear😎
Titanium T.
Titanium T. Hace un mes
The Klaymond Curry Trio have that veteran savy to deal with eps and flos of the game. The team that takes the ball to the basket and rebounds, and don't rely on the 3ball usually wins the game in the playoffs.💯💪
Jeniffer-🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
That was a complete game, great ball movement/passing, big D, unselfish team play etc. This is what TEAM play looks like.
SuperPunch76 Hace un mes
I always felt like the Grizzlies would be the Warriors biggest test. If they got past them I thought they would most likely get to the Finals and be favored to win. Even if Phoenix beat Dallas I thought this. Of course I didn’t expect Phoenix to choke like they did.
Rohan George
Rohan George Hace un mes
@BustedyurEgo20 i mean yea giannis who was the best player in the playoffs this season is gone, so one major threat ty celtics, but jayson tatum and jaylen brown can step up in nba finals if warriors make it, and heat if by any chance they do have butler lol. also beware of luka magic ya never know lol, but i honestly think warriors vs celtics finals. it only makes sense.
dn uɐʇıʇ
dn uɐʇıʇ Hace un mes
@Benn Darayta he just needs to improve his defense
Zechariah Reyes
Zechariah Reyes Hace un mes
@Zappp And GS was 4-1 against NUGGETS, 4-2 against GRIZZLIES this playoffs🤷
Vegeta King
Vegeta King Hace un mes
@Ishmael Ofc they'd have my friend bcuz they've been there before & honestly is a much deeper team vs Gs than Mavs is imo plus I think it might be a bad matchup for Mavs vs Gs but then again Mavs wasn't even supposed to be this far! So Mavs is playin with house money! I think it's gon be either a sweep or 4-1
That was a complete game, great ball movement/passing, big D, unselfish team play etc. This is what TEAM play looks like.
Nia- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞
That was a complete game, great ball movement/passing, big D, unselfish team play etc. This is what TEAM play looks like.
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
That was a complete game, great ball movement/passing, big D, unselfish team play etc. This is what TEAM play looks like.
KawaiiJM Hace un mes
When the ball movement and then talents and skills work together 🔥💦 #warriors
Ambition Air Conditioning
As a sun's fan this just digs the wound deeper, seeing how easy golden state handled the mavs. Lord have mercy it's hard being a sun's fan right now.
Rohan George
Rohan George Hace un mes
@GuyGenie73 i loved that moment so satisfying. also jp and andrew wiggins can get a consistent 15-20 points a game so they are of help as well. im pretty sure and hoping warriors reach the finals but the east teams are good with celtics and heat. even if bucks came through it would be kinda hard cause khris middleton would be ready for finals and giannis is giannis
Garrett Gomes
Garrett Gomes Hace un mes
@Yann Courtel Not sure why you think the Suns underestimated an opponent. They already played them 6 times, they knew their opponent. There are games where shots just don’t go in. Looks are good, on average this shot would go in, but this night it just doesn’t. Everyone has those games. Unfortunate to happen in a game 7. Fine to happen in a game 5. Fine to happen in a game 1. My point was only that this is a common occurrence recently so Warriors fans should not get overhyped.
Elli chacon
Elli chacon Hace un mes
I just think it's time to face facts.. Devin Booker ain't all that. I learned a lot about him in that game 7 loss.. he's a softy and cries when things don't go his way. I guess that success went straight to his head quick, I think he forgot about the time when the sun's sucked and were at the bottom of the totem poll. It's just disappointing to see his lack of effort, he just looked like he didn't give a fuck.
@Anthony Mercado exactly
Lebrons Step Dad
Lebrons Step Dad Hace un mes
It’s 1 game, calm down. Mavericks took PHX to 7, don’t forget.
capricorn girl
capricorn girl Hace un mes
Congrats team warriors.. no matter how strong the opponent, as long the team bonding is solid . No doubt to win on any game . Wish you all luck.. nice team, curry is humble star, he cheers for the success of his team,
ededed Hace un mes
If you’re a Mavericks fan there’s one thing you can hang your head on, Jordan Poole will get cold in Dallas, and that will be your way back into the series. Luka is the man, BUT The Warriors are probably gonna win this series in 6 or 7.
Dr. Bishop
Dr. Bishop Hace un mes
So happy to see them all healthy. That 2 years rest of not being in the finals really helped them. They needed it for being there for a few straight years. I'm excited to see them win this series! Go GSW!!
Terrence Burnette
Terrence Burnette Hace un mes
We still not healthy..still missing players
Martin Pizza
Martin Pizza Hace un mes
That look on Luka’s face says it all. He knows he’s going to have to play the best basketball of his life and it still likely won’t be enough for them to get by the dubs. He’s a hell of a player but the warriors are just on another level. Warriors will be the champions this year and maybe even next year especially if Wiesman can play well.
Ian John
Ian John Hace un mes
I know it’s just game 1, but I still think the warriors will reach the finals. The Grizzlies in my opinion was gonna be their most grueling test and I feel like, since they are out of that gauntlet, they can better handle a small ball team like Dallas.
Rondo Datcher
Rondo Datcher Hace un mes
@Rod __ Mavs lost 1 game. How many games you think Luka gone have like that ?? None. If gone drop 40 a game and average a triple double. As long as he gone Brunson playing good they gone win
Rod __
Rod __ Hace un mes
@Rondo Datcher i dont know why you think this series is gonna go the mavs way but we will see lol
Rondo Datcher
Rondo Datcher Hace un mes
@Rod __ huh ??
Rod __
Rod __ Hace un mes
@Rondo Datcher lls idk why u think this rey go in DAL favor but i sure will
flavanthensome Hace un mes
All the warriors players just know WHERE to be on offense. It's beautiful to watch.
The Sports Junkie
The Sports Junkie Hace un mes
This will be a very tough series for the Mavs if they think they can outshoot the greatest duo of shooters in the history of basketball. Dallas has to play with discipline and take advantage of GSWs prideful mistakes. Luka has to realize that scoring 50 won't win the game against this group. You have to take care of the ball and maximize every possession in hopes of keeping the game close to the end.
joe blow
joe blow Hace un mes
They going at Luka of defense hard. Seem like they wore him down. The Mavs only hope is for Golden state to turn ice cold shooting the ball.
Amy 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me
The player development coaches on this Warriors staff is incredible and deserves credit. Developing guys like Poole, Looney even Wiggins. Remember when nobody wanted Wiggins? Bet they do now. Obviously Great players here with Steph, Klay, Green but these coaches need to be talked about. Coaching still matters even if some people don't think so. Great display GS.
Desmond Ervin
Desmond Ervin Hace un mes
True that
Toby Trish
Toby Trish Hace un mes
I’m a warriors fan and I love my team but this game was very sad for me to watch because of the fouls that were called on Dallas vs the fouls that weren’t called on Golden State. It was ridiculous. I don’t care do golden state is the better team or not and I’m rooting for them, it wasn’t fair.
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams Hace un mes
Ummm, there were 22 fouls called on Golden State and only 17 called on the Mavs. Google is a wonderful tool. You should try it sometime, between tears I mean.
Virgil Manuel
Virgil Manuel Hace un mes
You can see that Luka looked deflated and became passive when he realized that he can’t score that easily against Wiggins. Wiggs looks lean and all but don’t get it confused, dude has that hidden strength and world class athleticism
GLoading Hace un mes
@WestsideLegacy he’s not wrong tho. A super team with great role players vs a Slovenian kid who has inconsistent role players.
WestsideLegacy Hace un mes
@Gun Man What are you talking about they won before they got KD they built that team from the ground up Steph Klay and Draymond we're all drafted there KD joined them because of the system they have you obviously don't know what you're talking about.
Gun Man
Gun Man Hace un mes
@WestsideLegacy First of all, gsw is a CORNY SUPERTEAM. Sure they still want KD yeah? Thats how HOPELESS they are. And Luka's teammates? Do I have to go further? Superteam VS a kid from Slovenia. Europe's wonder kid. Let that sink in.
Jona in "LAGALAG"
Jona in "LAGALAG" Hace un mes
wooow what the nice game 👍👍 congrats warrior's still 💪💪💪 for the finals ⛹️⛹️⛹️🏀🏀🏆🏆🏆
Armand Plancher
Armand Plancher Hace un mes
This win by the Warriors was a collective effort. Curry was effective on both ends (offensive & defensive).
Yobe 1
Yobe 1 Hace un mes
A very nice opener for the warriors. The boys are back in town
Jeremy Pagcaliwangan
I know it's only 1 game but I feel like it's already over for dallas. They had a hell of a season though. Gsw have too much fire power for dallas to cover and I hate the warriors but, it's the facts.
Frence Dave Ocbeña
Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for bagging the game 1 win
CowboysVS The World
There are times when you would never know Steph has made a 3 before. 5:23 its like he just did it for the first time.
jon1nson Hace un mes
The Warriors came out and dominated the Mavs this game. The Mavs weren't ready for the defense the Warriors played or the cuts and rebounds. We'll see what adjustments they make in game 2. Go Warriors!!!
This is definitely gonna be an entertaining series
RupinPahwaOfficial Hace un mes
Their battles with Memphis prepped them for this win! You could see the eagerness
sticker shock
sticker shock Hace un mes
@iGreenzUpz Looks like my pick, the Celtics, is not going so well.
sticker shock
sticker shock Hace un mes
@iGreenzUpz I mean, Overall, they are not. Look at the last home game with the Mavs. Curry scored poorly, but look who won.
iGreenzUpz Hace un mes
@sticker shock I’m talking about last season they were clearly a one man team if the bucks are than the warriors definitely were last year. No other scorers beside Curry and they had solid defense but no offense besides curry
sticker shock
sticker shock Hace un mes
@iGreenzUpz No. The Warriors are not a one man team. Grizz, Bucks, Mavs, are examples that stick out like a sore thumb.
iGreenzUpz Hace un mes
@sticker shock u realize the warriors were a one man team with Curry right? He was the only threat offensively
Desean Curry
Desean Curry Hace un mes
Yessir let's go dubs 1 down 3 to go we're getting closer and closer we haven't seen Klay best yet better watch out
Tony b
Tony b Hace un mes
What ever happened to teams losing by 2 or 3 or 4? Games going into overtime? Now it's just back back blow out games but some how the series goes 6 or 7
BiggO-Dogg Hace un mes
The Warriors is just on another level of Basketball. when you see your big man make passes and the rest of the team do the same game Series over Warrors in 4 sweep the Mavs
Jonathan Mendosa
Jonathan Mendosa Hace un mes
I love Reggie’s reaction to these plays.
King of Fedoras
King of Fedoras Hace un mes
Unlike the suns the Warriors have 3 guys who are legit scorers (Phoneix really only has Booker) Curry Klay and Poole are all capable of going off for 30, and Wiggins can also give you a solid 15-20 a night while also playing good defense. They got a major experience advantage I think Dallas is gonna get overwhelmed
Couldn't find a good name
@King of Fedoras I want the Warriors to win, but it ain’t over till it’s over.
King of Fedoras
King of Fedoras Hace un mes
@Couldn't find a good name bout to be a sweep my guy
ariaarulasan Hace un mes
@SJU I told you to stop doing drugs bro.
Rod __
Rod __ Hace un mes
@SJU not sure on what your stance is ..gsw won even tho mavs played well and hit their shots.. it's over
SJU Hace un mes
@Rod __ are you sure about that?
Meir Elfassy
Meir Elfassy Hace un mes
I thought I had the game in 1.5 speed the players are so fast and intense 😱😱
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
It now helps that the Warriors can play against a team which doesn’t have much size in their frontcourt.
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