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The pandemic has thrown into high relief some of the longstanding issues surrounding working conditions in meatpacking facilities. John Oliver explains why greater oversight is needed, and how we can go about getting it.
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21 feb 2021






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UnclaimedGnat Hace un minuto
How can a consumer stop supporting these companies? I know becoming vegan/vegetarian is the ultimate goal but for those that still prefer to eat meat. How can someone purchase ethically made meat and ethical work practices in their meat purchases.
Gray Hace 11 minutos
Shame on those places
Italiana 626
Italiana 626 Hace 34 minutos
Another of the many great reasons to stop eating meat. Please.
TwentySidedDyeCrapShoot Hace 40 minutos
automate and replace all of them... problem solved
Pepe LeFrog
Pepe LeFrog Hace 46 minutos
Corporate office employees get pampered like fragile children while the dregs suffer in the plants. It's universal. Everything is fake and gay. It's always about appearances.
Atlaskor Hace 48 minutos
That intro vid there KILLED me... That was good! It's bananas that you can teach us more than our own damn media. Sub +1
Weiwulah Hace 51 un minuto
You know, I think Congress and Senate should screen Last Week Tonight episodes before every session. Probably the most meaningful 30 min of their lives.
inthso Hace 58 minutos
Well, I'm not an admirer of Perdue's business practices, but I somewhat admire he's a Monty Python fan.
AI A229
AI A229 Hace un hora
Land of the free!
US Hace un hora
Man, the USA is so fucked in a lot oft ways.
Gah Tang
Gah Tang Hace un hora
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burper2000000 Hace un hora
No. 4 in assets is my dog
Ëë Mage
Ëë Mage Hace un hora
Ask any republican and they will tell you corporate regulation is a bad idea.
Joep Ewald
Joep Ewald Hace un hora
This is basically the reason why the EU doesn't want to sell American meat to its population. Get your shit together America!
m gee
m gee Hace 2 horas
John is not funny anymore..maybe he never was. He is the same as Hollywood, NBA, NFL.......Obsolete
Gloria A
Gloria A Hace 2 horas
Quite a commentary when it is our comedians who best point out the abuses in our work places! Let’s keep at this until there are laws which force action!
Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal Hace 2 horas
Oliver doesn't specifically name Northeast Alabama, but he might as well...My home county's biggest industry was chicken plants. They were miserable places to work, treated workers like dirt, they kept better paying jobs and opportunities out, and pollute the environment more than you'd think. Honestly, if your town can get ANY other jobs, you should do so.
One Drop Mtg
One Drop Mtg Hace 3 horas
You should do something on manufacturing in general. Many manufacturing companies push their employees to ridiculous degrees. Or like you covered around 13:00 the divide between treatment of white collar and blue collar workers.
Jbrownjetmech -
Jbrownjetmech - Hace 3 horas
That's the first commercial I've seen in years.
Raphael G
Raphael G Hace 3 horas
We decide with what we buy what happens in this world. Think before you spend a cent to the wrong guys... Buy local, organic etc
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Hace 4 horas
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Pablo Tassinari
Pablo Tassinari Hace 4 horas
instead of taking out linconl statues, the people should close this companies!
Storm Vatican
Storm Vatican Hace 4 horas
Cheongju District Public Prosecutors' Office Hello S. Korean Prosecutor, I am the one who traveled abroad a lot and who had been suffering from depression 4 years ago due to my family's abuse and violence, and who were forcibly held by mob of the prosecutor's office with a small amount of MDA's income for treatment, had extreme depression and almost committed suicide. This is Lee Mi-jin, who was spied for revealing corrupt politician to the world. Can I ask a few questions? I haven't been in Korea for more than 20 years, and I have been traveling around the world on my own, meeting meditation teachers from many countries, meeting stewardships from many countries, and passing on the knowledge and experiences I have acquired to people all over the world. Do you still agree I have to pay $11,000 fine? Did you seize my computer for that small amount MDMA and spy all my personal data? And Why did you spy me? Do you know how many months have suffered from schizophrenia because of trauma since then? Did you know that my family, relatives, friends and colleagues have been branded as criminals and as criminals on my lifetime social security records? Did you have to listen to my private life by dressing up my best friend in elementary school as a coffee shop employee, and dressing up my 20 years old best friend as a spy at a yoga academy and at a bar? When I was threatened by teach the dharma and meditation in a Christian country in Brazil, I visited s.Korea again after 10 years, and went to the Taebaek mountain temple to ask for help in a place to meditate. But you trash me just because you believe women can not be enlighten? And the prosecutor had to dress up as a house buyer for spying me a flat? where I meditate for 3 month in silence. Did you came in my room and checked what I eat? What do I read? What I have that small flat?
Robb's Homemade Life
In the 1970s, the meatpackers had the highest-paid factory jobs in America. The jobs were brutal, but unionized and mostly white blue collar workers. The companies moved the companies south and hired nonunion. They they bagan hiring immigrant workers at even lower pay. then they began hiring illegal immigrants at even lower pay. Then they donated to elected officials to create a visa worker just for them to hire more immigrants at even lower pay. people who say we need immigrants to do these terrible jobs are just pushing an open border corporate globalist narrative that destroys wages and job opportunities for American workers who used to do all of these jobs when they were not paid slave wages. Oliver always pretends he is sticking it to the man. When it comes to immigration he is the man.
darkeyez Hace 4 horas
That commercial reminds me of an episode of The State on MTV. The "Snuggles" skit
Miss Pat Van Driver Lady
But whisper that you might try to improve conditions and you are clearly a communist driving American jobs overseas... Well, maybe these jobs need to be driven overseas. I bet they can't in all cases, though, and they could actually be forced to make this safer, but then, oh no, meat prices would go up! Perish the thought! We might have to eat less meat!!! 😱
Not Sure
Not Sure Hace 4 horas
Anyone else prefer him in the void? he gets to the point... not as many stupid prop jokes... and no laugh track from the audience or forced laugh que's.
Charlee Pinkard
Charlee Pinkard Hace 5 horas
When will we address the issue of why production lines are experiencing high volumes? Do we ignore our increasingly unsustainable demand for meat?
Salvatore UR
Salvatore UR Hace 5 horas
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Sky Le Pancake
Sky Le Pancake Hace 5 horas
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Taste Georgia
Taste Georgia Hace 5 horas
As long as people keep buying cheap meat, these conditions will continue to exist.
soinu foig
soinu foig Hace 5 horas
In the richest country in human history .Modern slavery.
legalizitt Hace 6 horas
John Oliver has obviously not worked as a member of management in a union shop. Management is charged with following the workers around cracking the whip and writing up violations, while labor hides and slacks off whenever and wherever they can. Not all, but a lot. It's a game they play so leadership from both sides can sit down at the table once a month and trade violations for grievances. Totally unproductive and a waste of time, but that's life in a union shop.
Targeted Victim
Targeted Victim Hace 6 horas
The dutch government and dutch media, and an enormous amount of youtubers have been scattering my personal information over the internet for 3 years. They torture me and gangstalk me on a daily basis. They intimidate me with police cars. I want my privacy and human rights back now!
soinu foig
soinu foig Hace 5 horas
Yes Biden has no ties to big business. 😂😂😂
yoavm92 Hace 6 horas
Ya Zu
Ya Zu Hace 6 horas
That's the shit you should be demonstrating on instead of pulling down statues and stuff. You got distracted by people who don't want you to endanger their game.
Sagan Thacker
Sagan Thacker Hace 6 horas
OK, so does anyone else notice the weird thing that's happening with John's glasses every time he leans back? It looks like his eyes are on fire
freshencounter Hace 6 horas
If that guy peed on the line, there must be pee buckets 🪣 and they all do it! I 80% only buy local. Now as I move towards 100% I’m gonna double check the working conditions of all the local farms and not just how the animals are treated. Thanks for this post!
Qw Fs
Qw Fs Hace 6 horas
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ouch, i want to live somewhere my children will have to do this job.... NO.
Seb Alex
Seb Alex Hace 7 horas
All y’all anti vegans who say “WHAT ABOUT HUMANS?!”, let’s see if you’re gonna boycott this disgusting industry who does so much damage to other animals, to us and to the environment.
Carrie Hace 7 horas
If I didn't have obligate carnivore pets, I'd be just fine never buying meat again.
DrDomich Hace 7 horas
John stopped being satirical news commentator and became straight up investigative journalism news anchor.
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly Hace 7 horas
Great. So it's bad enough I have to feel horrible about the animals. Now I have to feel horrible about the humans too?
Reiner Jung
Reiner Jung Hace 7 horas
In Germany we do not employ those workers. Instead they are self-employed. They have to rent the equipment from the slaughter house, life in together with other workers in the same room, and do not get health insurance (which would have been necessary if they were employed, as this is mandatory in Germany). As no German would work under these conditions, these workers come from eastern European countries which are associated with or part of the EU. If they get sick, they are send back home.
Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright Hace 7 horas
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Vanessa MARTINI Hace 7 horas
wtf is that? frozen (prob) cancer inducing meals is exactly what america DOES NOT NEED. & the Tyson "family" ridiculous.
►What r U Waiting◄ ☺◘♪☼
John who talked 24/7 on Trump won't say shit about Biden
►What r U Waiting◄ ☺◘♪☼
you have been bamboozled
Michael Farrow
Michael Farrow Hace 8 horas
MyWestMichigan are clearly woke as fuck.
Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko Hace 8 horas
Yes Biden has no ties to big business. 😂😂😂
Nathan McKaskle
Nathan McKaskle Hace 8 horas
It’s a bribocracy, what does anyone expect here? Seriously, the U.S. is an obnoxiously stupid mess of fucking dumb. I gotta find some way to stop eating meat.
Shay Morcormick
Shay Morcormick Hace 8 horas
I'd love to work for Osha yet I have never seen any recruiting information about them. I once worked for an incredibly cheap boss. He refused to spend extra on anything. Cheap fixes all the way. The "warehouse" I was working for door collapsed down on top of me one day. Luckily I was in caged forklift. He wanted me to put it back together. I've never worked on one and knew it could be dangerous tensioning the spring. Spring was massive and over 40 years old, nearly slipped on me multiple times. That entire warehouse was just a fire waiting to happen. I've had other bad experiences in different workplaces. Employers know osha just isnt going to show up to enforce anything.
Xenaca Hace 8 horas
Oh and lets not forget getting tossed into the freezer when you get hurt to either make you quit, or to claim your not injured anymore, and then fired when the pain shows up again.
Bezo 816
Bezo 816 Hace 9 horas
Just a fun fact, im throwing in there...no particular reason. 🤣🤣🤣 Keep doing what you do
Ray Morphis
Ray Morphis Hace 9 horas
the only meat packing you need to do is with your butt buddy Biden you liberal hack!
Red mAn
Red mAn Hace 9 horas
I missed this show! Life is slowly getting back on track
NeneJD Hace 9 horas
Tyson should do a job swap. Work the floors for a month.
Vedraj r.m
Vedraj r.m Hace 10 horas
Tax animal products and meat products to save the earth
Boos LE
Boos LE Hace 10 horas
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Michael Jones
Michael Jones Hace 10 horas
The land of the free, HA. Good luck USA, the rest of the world is laughing at you in disgust.
Bella Block
Bella Block Hace 10 horas
That is how it comes when everything that sounds like "state" means "devil". Thank God I'm not living in the USA. And I am not working in this business. Horror!
Arabian Knight with Excellent Internet Connection
So what's new u John peecock it's Just Classical Capitalism..
TheKeithvidz Hace 11 horas
capitalism's face - by design profits before life.
Boomer Ang
Boomer Ang Hace 11 horas
1:47 Word Association: Tyson, Family = Mike, Wife Beater, Missing Body Parts
meganwgartin Hace 11 horas
Anyone remember "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair? written over a hundred years ago about the meatpacking industry. Meat industry workers have been mistreated for, as Mr. Oliver put it, a LONG TIME.
Boomer Ang
Boomer Ang Hace 11 horas
OSHA - Original Sweatshop Hell of America
Beth Hicks
Beth Hicks Hace 11 horas
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omstout Hace 11 horas
Immigrants are in the jobs because natives are comfortable not working. Here is a solution: no welfare unless working. 4 hour shift work at chicken plant. For those that complain workers are not paid enough; you are the ones that complain about $1 chicken nugget.
omstout Hace 11 horas
1500 with COVID 19: 8 dead?? 0.5%, what happened to the other 2.5% that were supposed to die? Sounds like health care at Chicken Plant is pretty good? Perhaps the reason infection rate is so high is because the minorities you state are nuclear families with high levels of interaction based upon their cultural norms? Multu-generational plant workers?
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas Hace 11 horas
Americans, you have to realize that every major industrialized country in the world has a national health insurance plan (UK, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan...). People do not lose their homes paying for overpriced healthcare. It is a human right and healthy democracies treat all citizens equally. The US is the weird exception, where Republicans have brainwashed many to think it is some kind of socialism (if so, then all insurance is, but it isn’t; who owns health?). Second, the Republicans stand for deregulation, which means that Trump and his ilk want to eliminate OSHA and all agencies that would hold companies to healthy standards, as this video shows. “OSHA has to be rebuilt” means stop electing Republicans who are for maximum profits for companies, not the well-being of the poor workers who work like slaves in such shitty conditions. This is 2021. Learn from the pandemic or die.
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas Hace 12 horas
Why are so many people in this story grossly overweight? The managers, the workers, even the TV morning show ladies in Michigan?
James Mayle
James Mayle Hace 12 horas
The entire point of life: Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve. Mathew 20: 28. We are no different. This entire life is a representation of the spiritual warfare going on. Good vs evil. God isn't a flying man in the sky, but the actual representation of Love, Hope, Joy, Peace, Light, etc. Not metaphor, but literally, like an extra demintional wavelength of thought, emotions, and intent. The devil is the opposite wavelength, pain, fear, hate, anger, darkness, etc. Human life is serving one of these two. Not a man in the sky, actual sentient collective universal Love. However, humans are primatives, we make mistakes. It's in our nature, since the fall, to go down the wrong path. This means at some time each one of us has served darkness to some degree. God understands our limited understanding of our own actions, so he gave us forgiveness, though sacrificing himself in human form as Jesus Christ. It is our duty to accept that sacrifice, get the forgiveness, and be better, helping others be better, and spreading this wavelength of Love, Hope, Joy, Peace, Light, etc, thoughout the universe. But God had to make a way for us to get to this place spiritually, this is why evidence is not allowed. Evidence will make you believe, using the fear of absolute punishment to change your behavior, but that won't make you better, just scared. Faith makes you better. It is what redeemes us, not our works. Faith is the hope that things get better, that justice always prevails, that we're at least loved by our creator. But it has to be Faith in Jesus, because of his sacrifice. And there can't be evidence to point us to him, because Love had to be fair. If there were a code in our DNA, what about everyone born before genetic sequencing? If there were a book with the solar system thosands of years ago, what would stop an evil person from hiding/destroying it? If it were something you had to go to, what about the geographically isolated, imprisoned, or enslaved. If it were a train of logic, what about the uneducated, or mentally slow? Not to mention all the people born before schools. Love cannot give to one without giving to the other. So the key to salvation had to be something everyone has access to. The only thing is Faith. This is why God puts it upon your heart to learn about these things, even if it's only to criticize, or hate. God is everywhere, because Love is everywhere, and so is the devil, because hate is everywhere. They're in your head all the time, regardless of weather or not you accept that. They whisper inside your heart, giving you ideas. But more than that, they're inside everyone's heart. This is how they get things done. They corrordanate us like pieces on a chess board. The only difference is, we get to chose who's side we're playing for. At the end of our life, we go to that team's home base, Heaven, or Hell. A place where all that exists is those wavelengths. Hate, pain, anger, fear, darkness; or Love, Hope, Joy, Peace, Pleasure, Light. The choice is yours to make. But you cannot go to Heaven with hate in your heart. You must forgive, repent, and spread joy for those around you. These are sentient eternal controlling forces in our universe. Heaven and Hell are very real places, I've seen them. Those steps prime your soul for a meeting with God. Very literally. Once you've done all four, in that order, you get divine revelation, with all the evidence you'll ever need. They are, forgive your parents, brake down before Jesus, ask for forgiveness, and read the Bible. Step four takes three books to get the revelation. I recommend Genesis, Mathew, and then either Luke, Psalms, or proverbs. The order of the steps is important, step 1 has to come before step 3. I can state that for an absolute certainty that these steps always work. Please, take your salvation seriously. See for yourself. Do those steps. Jesus Christ is Lord. It's all True,
thisisyol Hace 12 horas
Can i quote Einstein here: As long as slaughterhouses exist, battlefields will exist, too.
Sebas Alpízar
Sebas Alpízar Hace 12 horas
I miss the fake laughs idk why but it made it funnier
Jied Cghlm
Jied Cghlm Hace 12 horas
John, evidently your worst nightmare is to be watch by an owl, John.
Istanbul Beauty
Istanbul Beauty Hace 12 horas
Please next episode about the brutal murder of khashoggi and demanding concrete accountability
Suryaprakash Shrestha
Suryaprakash Shrestha Hace 12 horas
John you should be next president of USA..
Zett76 Hace 13 horas
1) An ideology always has an unproven claim at its core, from which all other conclusions are derived. - Hannah Arendt. 2) "Eating meat is necessary for human health." (...actually, No.2 is not "unproven" - it's falsified) Google tip: "carnism".
Benjamin R. Mascorro
Benjamin R. Mascorro Hace 13 horas
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Yolanda Shikers
Yolanda Shikers Hace 13 horas
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Dallas Taylor
Dallas Taylor Hace 13 horas
"Same movement... It's non-stop..." Yeah, I'm gonna say a robot could do that without diapers or openly pissing under the line. We aren't very good at even being humans, so replacing these positions with robots isn't a huge foul. Aren't these the jobs exploiting migrant workers? Can we even human??
Joan Scott
Joan Scott Hace 13 horas
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James Albuquerque
James Albuquerque Hace 13 horas
United States of Corruption
Iahd hWje
Iahd hWje Hace 13 horas
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lukie80de Hace 14 horas
Looks like there are Corporations out there which wouldn't bat an eye reintroducing slavery if it just resulted in calculable fines.
Bader Alaraimi
Bader Alaraimi Hace 14 horas
I still don't get it why you don't upload the whole episode here in ESvid you force us to use Stremio to watch the whole thing. Keep in mind we don't like to pirate your channel but we don't have HBO in our countries. Please upload the the entire episode next time. Thank you ❤️
Otsile M
Otsile M Hace 14 horas
Boycott anyone?
bobi chung
bobi chung Hace 14 horas
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Spiral-M Hace 14 horas
go vegan. It's a no-brainer. The animal farming and processing industry is a cancer on Earth. It couldn't be more karmic "coronavirus" - anagramm - "carnivorous". Organic plant-based agriculture and complete transormation of our cut-throat greed system needed urgently
Entertainment and News Sarcasm
USA UK NATO Europeans r FAKE champion of democracy and human rights
Twizted Transistor
Twizted Transistor Hace 15 horas
American crony capitalism at its best. America has propelled itself as a superpower by filling in all our heads that enough isn't good enough, ever. After exploitation of the workers world over, its coming back to bite them in the ass too. Karma is a fact.
kim minh
kim minh Hace 15 horas
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Peta Fibbie
Peta Fibbie Hace 16 horas
so they shipped those terrible work to china and now they claim china steal their job... ...
bobi chung
bobi chung Hace 16 horas
The difficult park spatially wander because weather contemporaneously mix atop a creepy nest. homely, yummy august
Bear With Me Girl
Bear With Me Girl Hace 16 horas
Why not educate people on the option to not eat meat? At least give those who are willing to make a change the information they need to switch to a healthy plant-based lifestyle. In my experience, the majority of people are unaware that it is even an option (as they believe that meat is essential, when it isn't), and even those who are aware often feel it isn't a realistic option, because they don't know how to do it (and so they don't even try). Just giving people information on how to eat plant-based could ease the pressure on the meat packing industry (by encouraging those who are willing to go plant-based).
Star Lord
Star Lord Hace 16 horas
Pro DNC show, poor journalism that focuses on left wing ideas. Very annoying host that should be deported
R R Hace 16 horas
just go fucking vegan HBO and John Oliver!
Bunni Pop
Bunni Pop Hace 17 horas
If you have the time and if you have a twitter account please use #DontKillItBernie with this message "Bernie Sanders, as Chair of the Budget Committee, decides what goes in the COVID relief bill. It's his decision on whether a $15-per-hour minimum wage is included in the bill or not. If he keeps it in, it forces the Democrats to vote on it and means it has a chance of passing. If he takes it out, it means Bernie Sanders is killing the increase in minimum wage himself. We, the undersigned, have a clear message: Don't kill it Bernie!" and sign this petition: tyt.com/petitions/dontkillitbernie If Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema are threatening to kill the stimulus bill over a 15$ min wage, we must call their bluff. In order for us to do that, the 15$ min wage MUST stay within the bill! Please urge Bernie as the Chair of the Budget Committee to not take the 15$ minimum wage, as this action will be used to throw him under the bus the moment corporate dems get the opportunity to do so.
Chad Hace 17 horas
Well democrats what are you doing about this? oh yeah, nothing. Talk shit now snowflakes.
46rd Hace 17 horas
Imagration amnesty and no border enforcement turned packinghouse jobs to shit in the 80's before that they were good paying jobs with little turnover
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