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Hii babesss! I finally filmed a video with baby e's daddy hehe. This was definitely out of the ordinary for him, but I hope you guys like it! :)
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See you guys in my next bideooo!


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24 mar 2020






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Jaselin Munoz
Jaselin Munoz Hace 7 días
Aww their relationship is so cute ☺️🥺❤️
Paula P.
Paula P. Hace 9 días
I love how even thoe elsy had somn hella good wit E Buh she still defended ha besf 🥺😩😭😭
Refujio Martinez
Refujio Martinez Hace 16 días
This man said "IM TEAM TEA"
Brittany Lopez
Brittany Lopez Hace 21 un día
Lol they’re soooo cute I haven’t been able to keep up with me losing my job and having to find a new job (very hard actually) due to the pandemic but I got a job woo-hoo but they do both talk a bit low lol they don’t seem to try so hard I feel like they’re really themselves unlike a lot of other ESvid couples who try hard
Victoria Viera
Victoria Viera Hace 26 días
I’ve been so annoyed of notifications before😒, im like a “I hate it here😭” rn bc I really want to watch this an I just can’t keep watch it in peace😢. FYI y’all so cute🥺 if Elsy can help me get ZER0 Notifications while watching her channel.. I’ll be aweeing in peace all the way😍
Allison Brock
Allison Brock Hace 29 días
Ur amazing y’all
Rey Gomez
Rey Gomez Hace un mes
Well thats a good sign he loves her more than she does...an ol man once said when a man wants to really love a woman he will love her more than she does.No matter how awkward you guys started ur relationship as im sure you 2 know it takes two to make it work.best wishes and more blessings.
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Hace un mes
marriage comes first. may god bless your guys relationship.
Joleen Langley
Joleen Langley Hace un mes
Love your videos. Just subscribed too.
Shasha LaRose
Shasha LaRose Hace un mes
casandra garcia
casandra garcia Hace un mes
Ok im a lil late but i fucking love you guys 😭😭🥰
Lacey Jane
Lacey Jane Hace 2 meses
When they call balenciagas “dressing casual” lol
Salemeh Mahrom
Salemeh Mahrom Hace 2 meses
Whats the music name in the video
Desiree Hernandez
Desiree Hernandez Hace 2 meses
You guys are cute I love your guys vibe together ❤️
Elizabeth Masushita
Elizabeth Masushita Hace 2 meses
😂😂 he talks so low that when i elsy asked the question “What was your first impression of her” i heard him say “Damn she has some big ass titties😂😂 i had to rewatch the part again and put my phone close to my ear and he said “Damn she has a big ass head”😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Nicole Kaye
Nicole Kaye Hace 2 meses
Lol the way he looks at your mouth and looks like he's getting excited 😁 LOL you guys make a cute couple and can tell you guys are going to be together for a loooooomg time 😻
Kailee Hace 2 meses
😩😩😩😩😩 this love is the sweetest
M Kandola
M Kandola Hace 2 meses
Are their zodiac signs compatible tho?!?!
Liliana Torres
Liliana Torres Hace 2 meses
dude i love elijah he just brings something out of elsy and ahhh 🥺
Geneva Anaya
Geneva Anaya Hace 2 meses
Dominique Martinez
Dominique Martinez Hace 2 meses
He said his first impression was your big head 🤣🤣🤣 I love this because my man is always talking shit about my big head lol
Josefina Juarez
Josefina Juarez Hace 2 meses
"I spent the night and never left" he said free rent here fuck it🤣
Josefina Juarez
Josefina Juarez Hace 2 meses
She's barely showing the baby daddy 😂 wtfff it took them to have a whole ass kid 😭
P Hace 3 meses
How old is he
Jazlynn Muniz
Jazlynn Muniz Hace 3 meses
The baby going to be talking like the girl from Pitch Perfect lol
VvTheKingvV Hace 3 meses
You can do alot better that dude ugly for you tf lmfao
Rosiie M
Rosiie M Hace 3 meses
Real LIVe pocahontas and john Smith!! Beautiful couple!
Ecaterina Cioban
Ecaterina Cioban Hace 3 meses
Aila Hace 3 meses
i can't understand some of the words you say!! LOL i keep rewinding and still can't understand some words. I even put caption on and even that shit don't even understand lmao damnit man. Congrats on baby!
Oratile Mogolane
Oratile Mogolane Hace 3 meses
I just realized how Elsy’s full names could be a killa ass clothing brand or a brand of some sort - ELSY GUEVARA 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏿
tintin Hace 3 meses
They are so cute together! 🥰🥰🥰
Eileen Avila
Eileen Avila Hace 3 meses
Congratulations🌈 baby E💗
Steph Polanco
Steph Polanco Hace 3 meses
Just followed baby E's Insta can't wait to see pics❤️
Monica Garcia
Monica Garcia Hace 3 meses
I always find myself reading lips anytime Elsy is on the camera. Lol no manches and then to hear baby daddy E speaks lower then Elsy. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Bigsexyred1985 Hace 3 meses
Beautiful couple glad u ☺ happy😍😍😍😍😍😍
Maribel Ortiz
Maribel Ortiz Hace 3 meses
Cash app name $papimarieee already subscribed!!!
Ashley Morales
Ashley Morales Hace 4 meses
Jalanna Haywood
Jalanna Haywood Hace 4 meses
I don't understand why there are so many negative comments about him😭😭. He seems to be really into her and they look soo cute together. The way he looks at her is so cute, you can tell that there is something there. The parts where they talked about marriage and being in love just made my heart melt🥺🤍, I even had to rewind this video a couple times because of the chemistry that I saw between them. I truly wish them nothing but the best and I can't wait till baby E gets here! I think they will be great parents💞.
Michelle Pineda
Michelle Pineda Hace 4 meses
my volume was all the way up and i couldn’t hear 😔
Gabrielle Huizar
Gabrielle Huizar Hace 4 meses
Love yall sm🙏🏻 Cashapp : $MarleneHuizar 🤞🏻💞
Gabrielle Huizar
Gabrielle Huizar Hace 4 meses
Love yall sm🙏🏻 Cashapp : $MarleneHuizar 🤞🏻💞
Gabrielle Huizar
Gabrielle Huizar Hace 4 meses
Love yall sm🙏🏻 Cashapp : $MarleneHuizar 🤞🏻💞
Gabrielle Huizar
Gabrielle Huizar Hace 4 meses
Love yall sm🙏🏻 Cashapp : $MarleneHuizar 🤞🏻💞
Gabrielle Huizar
Gabrielle Huizar Hace 4 meses
Love yall sm🙏🏻 Cashapp : $MarleneHuizar 🤞🏻💞
Gabrielle Huizar
Gabrielle Huizar Hace 4 meses
Love yall sm🙏🏻 Cashapp : $MarleneHuizar 🤞🏻💞
Gabrielle Huizar
Gabrielle Huizar Hace 4 meses
Love yall sm🙏🏻 Cashapp : $MarleneHuizar 🤞🏻💞
Dairine Morales
Dairine Morales Hace 4 meses
Half of the video I was like “whatt are they saying ,I can’t hear them” and put my volume higher 😂😂
Mersayus Htx
Mersayus Htx Hace 4 meses
"Im team tea" DEADDD😂
Razelene Nicole
Razelene Nicole Hace 4 meses
i love you guys! pls make more videos together hehe
Nicknatters Hace 4 meses
Me and my husband be joking /checking each other allll the time. And he'll kiss me right after or we both will laugh. Y'all need to chilll
samantha marcello
samantha marcello Hace 4 meses
he loves mentioning her big head😭
Layla Hewson
Layla Hewson Hace 4 meses
Who else has there volume on full
Ana_YT Hace 4 meses
I gust are so cute
Daisy Salazar
Daisy Salazar Hace 4 meses
He said “I’m team TEA” 😂😂😂
Your Daily Cup of Piping Hot Tea
Yoooooo. This was hella cute. I’m crackin up NON STOP AND I’m only five minutes in 🤯😂
Isntshelovely Hace 4 meses
Lol. People really think they know the person and their intentions by watching one video. Just stop. You look a fool.
percy cat
percy cat Hace 4 meses
Gloria G I AGREE
Brenda Rayas
Brenda Rayas Hace 4 meses
This baby gonna be cute af❤️
Avery Plankenhorn
Avery Plankenhorn Hace 4 meses
he is cute periodt.
Armida Aranda
Armida Aranda Hace 4 meses
She talks weird
Sara Hernandez
Sara Hernandez Hace 4 meses
genesis beltran
genesis beltran Hace 4 meses
i love you guys omg
Tool Shop Guy
Tool Shop Guy Hace 4 meses
You can tell dude is starin at HIMSELF the whole time in the camera
DAISY ORTIZ Hace 4 meses
We need more videos of you guys together ❤️💕😍
Lupe Hace 4 meses
lol when he said he wasn’t upset that his cousin wasn’t at the gender reveal you could tell by his voice he was lying lol
Isntshelovely Hace 4 meses
You dont know that. Stop assuming shit.
Grace Chavez
Grace Chavez Hace 4 meses
The way he looks at herrrrr
SpaceEarth Hace 4 meses
Yeeeeeeeeees first!!!!!
L V Hace 4 meses
I think they’re trying to say that their relationship started as friends with benefits
Lupitha Ramblas
Lupitha Ramblas Hace 4 meses
How old is he?
Tatiana Orozco
Tatiana Orozco Hace 4 meses
Los Angeles Aerial Image
Roblox GamerGirl
Roblox GamerGirl Hace 4 meses
Elsy and Elija
Angelina L
Angelina L Hace 4 meses
i love them wow
Lynn Hace 4 meses
You two are too cute. I love it so happy for you guys! 😍😍😍
Audrey Hernandez
Audrey Hernandez Hace 4 meses
I wanna know why they kept this relationship secretive or was it that they were not in a relationship when she got pregnant till she became pregnant now they are OFFICIAL?🤔 👀
only fuentezzy
only fuentezzy Hace 3 meses
because he doesn’t like social media or attention, she’s mentioned it before and elsy has also mentioned how she always keeps her relationships private but once she announced her pregnancy she didn’t want people to think that it was like a one night stand and prego situation yk? A
Yesica Reyes
Yesica Reyes Hace 3 meses
Audrey Hernandez they way theyre going about it seems like they werent together before until they found out
Geneva Valencia
Geneva Valencia Hace 4 meses
I love y'alls dynamic omfgg 🤍✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Viva la familia! $713bambi
yvonne maldonado
yvonne maldonado Hace 4 meses
love it 😹
Violeta Rodriguez
Violeta Rodriguez Hace 5 meses
Elsy: are you cool with alondra Him: yeah but I’m team T 😑
Anais Martinez
Anais Martinez Hace 5 meses
Oh my god, her chewing gum gives me anxiety 💆🏻‍♀️ like how about not chewing while filming... it ruins it sometimes
RUBEN P Hace 5 meses
This guy really said Team T no mames 😱
Carolina Lopez
Carolina Lopez Hace 5 meses
Is this a meet my baby daddy asmr? Jk lol y'all are so cute together!
Brenda R
Brenda R Hace 5 meses
Did anyone else catch that 14:02 “I’m team TEA”
Celeste Annmariee
Celeste Annmariee Hace 5 meses
Jasmin Ivonne
Jasmin Ivonne Hace 5 meses
So not natural lol
Melissa K
Melissa K Hace 5 meses
Such a cute relationship. You can see the love ♥️♥️♥️
Carson Gates-Cecilio
E's not being mean that's just him
sarah dillon
sarah dillon Hace 5 meses
You guys are going to be great parents and you guys are a cute ASF couple #couokegoals Cashapp : $sarahdillon69
yass E
yass E Hace 5 meses
I feel bad for them u can obviously tell they are forcing this
halieamae Hace 5 meses
He literally talks like you 🤣 whispers
Guadalupe Moore Jáquez
So he more of your baby daddy or more of your partner. Cuz if y’all are together why didn’t you just say he was your boyfriend in the thumb nail
Victoria Diosdado
Victoria Diosdado Hace 5 meses
Elsy is honesty so In love with him & you can tell 💓
Aumydasnowman Hace 5 meses
He’s cool af!!!
S G Hace 5 meses
Idk this relations weird get weird vibes . Alo and Benny seems tru
Asil Hace 5 meses
Love this video. You can see and feel the love between you guys. Wish you guys the best! Hopefully baby E comes out whispering too so she can get a mini frozen microphone!haha
_liz _
_liz _ Hace 5 meses
He’s me being shy on camera 👏🏼
_liz _
_liz _ Hace 5 meses
Y’all have to realize this is on Camera not in real life 🤦🏻‍♀️
mariiisitaaa Hace 5 meses
Maddd authentic! I love the vibesssss, never would of thought elsy baby daddy is a guerooo haha it’s cute tho!!! Love y’all can’t wait to see more 😍
Sky Wonder
Sky Wonder Hace 5 meses
Not to be mean but I don’t feel no chemistry between them it sounds to me like if they were just fuck buddies and cuz she’s pregnant now it’s official with them! That’s just my opinion people that’s the vibe I got from this video. Wish them the best tho 🙏🏻
Andrea Hernandez
Andrea Hernandez Hace 5 meses
i love them together and im so happy for you elsy congrats he seems like such a nice guy.
Conny Martinez
Conny Martinez Hace 5 meses
i love thissss !
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