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Meet Seer, a visionary artist and a Legend who fights for outcasts everywhere.


Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play hero shooter game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

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29 jul 2021






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Comentarios 11 877
KoKo65a Hace un día
Why he look like lil nas 😖
tak Hace 2 días
JUAN MANUEL astudillo
El juego va pésimo
JoJoeh Play
JoJoeh Play Hace 3 días
*Seer's gonna take his horse down the 'ol Town Road, he's gonna **_riiiiiide_** till he can't no mo*
FeeLiT Hace 4 días
this game was skill based back then
JacobExCraze Hace 5 días
“There is no such thing as a coincidence. The fact that you are watching this video means you are energetically aligned with me”
Ducky64 Hace 7 días
John Rey Monceda
John Rey Monceda Hace 8 días
"There's no such a things as a coincidence" hahahaaa
حسن Hace 9 días
frn miniman
frn miniman Hace 10 días
Apex: hey can i copy your homework Mortal kombat: yea just dont make it look obvious
Idont Know
Idont Know Hace 10 días
They added lil nas x to apex legends
Under Rated
Under Rated Hace 11 días
Lil nas
Pasta Sauce Gaming _
Pasta Sauce Gaming _ Hace 12 días
fix titanfall
Opt1c G4m1ng
Opt1c G4m1ng Hace 12 días
Doesn’t this kind of ruin bloodhound as a pick can we come up with something original why don’t you fix crypto. A multimillion dollar company and they’re literally put out Dva and another bloodhound
Hace 12 días
I thought he was little nas x
Slimetime Hace 14 días
Call me by your name
Wave Daxy
Wave Daxy Hace 14 días
When did they add lil nas x to the game?
Jetoa Hace 16 días
he definitely has the horses in the back
MassEffectGuy101 Hace 16 días
This dude out here looking like he belonged to that old game Brink lol
LogeyPerogi Hace 16 días
Everyone: SEER IS OP Me: Lol, Seer is my target practice
-Zeke- Hace 16 días
Apex add that I can play on mouse and keyboard on xbox
Kira yoshikage
Kira yoshikage Hace 17 días
He look like the “ there’s no such thing as a coincidence “ guy
BoomShakaLaka Hace 17 días
Since they ban people for hurting SJW feelings it’s time to create countless hacker accounts.
Zerozzlikaboss Hace 18 días
lol nas x?
Hace 18 días
Thank you for destroying titanfall
каптилка аимер
сиир не такой вы его как хорайзон убили
каптилка аимер
Happy little Bunny :D
Happy little Bunny :D Hace 19 días
Man I thought we were done killing octane in apex trailers
Falser Guy
Falser Guy Hace 19 días
His entire kit is just wallhacks I bet he’s a totally balanced character that is very balanced
Cgunner 11
Cgunner 11 Hace 19 días
Lol every season this game gets worse and worse
Stendari Hace 19 días
there is no such thing as a coincidence
Peek Morose
Peek Morose Hace 19 días
We Must All Agree Hank Form Madness Combat Has To Be A Legend
Sugar rush
Sugar rush Hace 19 días
My therapist: "Apex legends lil Nas x doesn't exist, he can't hurt you" *Apex legends lil Nas x:*
KXNG RXSE Hace 20 días
Bruh they really put Lil Nas in Apex 😂😂😂
Yara Rouge
Yara Rouge Hace 20 días
I see, so there really is no such thing as a coincidence
Yeshua The Stoic
Yeshua The Stoic Hace 20 días
Bro sounds like a young Lance Reddick. And just as menacing
Le_Biblioteker Hace 21 un día
SEER KIT = auto lock pistol in TF2
Eliasta Meliala
Eliasta Meliala Hace 23 días
"gigigigigiigigigigiigigve me a corpse"- someone I don't know probably knowone
Star Exp
Star Exp Hace 23 días
Bruh, this legend is op they must nerf wattson
Vamp Hace 23 días
So he’s pretty much a buffed Bloodhound…
Dane Martinez noobus 9000
Seer is just a better bloodhound it doesn’t make sense to make a duplicate but with different design
Keino Hace 23 días
Why does this sound like a Smite God Reveal??
Sulam01 Hace 23 días
I'm so happy they finally added a gay character in apex legends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AJ Does Everything
AJ Does Everything Hace 21 un día
Gibbi is gay now we have another smh this pandering companies have is cringe
IsaacisHere Hace 24 días
Ayoo its lil nas x lol
Grenadă Hace 24 días
There is no such thing as a coincidence, the fact that he seems like a TikTok version of Jhin means you are energetically aligned with me and this comment. Your thoughts create your reality, but you already knew that, yet you still live a life that you dread.
Galaktik Hace 25 días
industryyyy babyyyy
Galaktik Hace 25 días
Nathan chavez
Nathan chavez Hace 25 días
Apex lags
Phúc Đào
Phúc Đào Hace 25 días
a greeting from Valorant Ps: From Cypher
AcE ThE GREAT Hace 26 días
Obi is a name of a God in Santeria. God of divination.
Soberker Hace 26 días
Seer looks like a character from JoJo and Mortal Kombat at the same time
Mackholiver Hace 27 días
William knight is looking good in apex...
HamodyO21 Hace 27 días
Lil nas x gor added
Ian Hamilton
Ian Hamilton Hace 27 días
This guy just feels like someone mushed Revenant and Bloodhound together but only the annoying parts
jelly beam
jelly beam Hace 27 días
Seer later left the apex games and went on to make rap music under the name of lil nas x
Vyze Hace 28 días
oh i thought that was lil nas x
S G Hace 29 días
Hey look it’s lil nas x 🤦🏾‍♂️
RaGz Bacon
RaGz Bacon Hace 29 días
cypher from valorant but in apex legends lol
Yassin Soki
Yassin Soki Hace 29 días
Apex fix arenas ranked
Solo Tufi x2_3
Solo Tufi x2_3 Hace 29 días
Cheaters using this dude
nick ng
nick ng Hace 29 días
ngl he look like lil nas x
YutoTheSaiyan Hace un mes
KoKane Hace un mes
Seer have every hack apart from aimbot. Ridiculous.
Laktosfritt Hace un mes
Please EA dont put more cheats in the game. We want more R99s and more movement not abilities that prevents you from doing EVERYTHING
Fattan091 Hace un mes
Seer look like lil nas x
Jared Benton
Jared Benton Hace un mes
Ok so they just went “let’s make bloodhound completely useless”
Social Gaming
Social Gaming Hace un mes
Me:this guy looks fun but kinda broken Patch:broken and people are asking for nerfs Me playing:yeah he’s a little broken but nothing a small nerf can’t do Next patch:They nerfed his entire kit
CASH C Hace un mes
fk seer
KaJi Hace un mes
Eshan Naidoo
Eshan Naidoo Hace un mes
lil nas x in apex wow pog
Judge1982 Hace un mes
I quit the game because of this. Fk little nas x
gazzpar :l
gazzpar :l Hace un mes
Baby back, ayy Couple racks, ayy
Paige Murnighan
Paige Murnighan Hace un mes
Is it just me or does he kinda resemble Lil Nas X? 🤔
Алексей Григорьев
"Scavenge is inevitable, my friend. I just make it gay'ish af".
Ghany Hafiizh
Ghany Hafiizh Hace un mes
Convert colour brother 🤔 Can filter +colour or graphic 🤔 too reality for apex not good 🤔
Thomas Bailey
Thomas Bailey Hace un mes
Respawn can you please make a skill based matchmaking in reg battle royal is so sweaty that its just not fun anymore and I don't got the time to get better btw
Daniel Harmon
Daniel Harmon Hace un mes
*Lil Nas X has entered the chat*
Ghany Hafiizh
Ghany Hafiizh Hace un mes
Feedback still feedback. Function -> for improves your games not for change 🤔 Don't erase your first build game 🤔 Repeat with your first build 2-3 days, with your improves 🤔
Froztpop6 Hace un mes
I hope the new legend in next season (season 11) will be a low gravity and a high gravity power attack, ultimate i the same but over a large area, I mean almost every one likes the low gravity glitch in firing range and the normal is he can super jump 5 meters upp
Jermaine Howes
Jermaine Howes Hace un mes
New doomfist.
Darsh Naware
Darsh Naware Hace un mes
大丈夫大丈夫 Hace un mes
Dabonit1 Hace un mes
Add a revenant edition plz
VeryPoopyDog Hace un mes
Best season ☺💟👍 I love the new additions
Bruce Hace un mes
Nerf Watson
nihilityjoey Hace un mes
Great character. Just remove his heartbeat sensor.
viper Hace un mes
Lil nas x
Sushike Hace un mes
you already knew that meme becoming a legend in Apex Legend
piano pino
piano pino Hace un mes
1000% 10season is bad and boring
VeryPoopyDog Hace un mes
Nobody asked
ScottishKoala Hace un mes
*cries in blothhoondrian*
Jekkelstein Hace un mes
Seer is pretty versatile which I like. But his SFX sound to his abilities is so loud, just make those a little less ear piercing.
Mark Zaikov
Mark Zaikov Hace un mes
Next Legend be like.. Passive: Wallhack Skill: 0.05s reload for 10 seconds Ult: Aimbot for 5 seconds
superBOSSkev Hace un mes
30 seconds*
Kensane12 Hace un mes
Me before: "I can't wait til they add a black guy to this game. Representation is important." Me after: ............"Octane it is!"
Lord Zarkares
Lord Zarkares Hace un mes
Ok, it's Bloodhound but OP. Good job, EA.
Letture Fantastiche
I would very much like, to improve the "Quality life" of the game, that we could choose not one, but 3 favorite legends in order of importance, so that if some other random player at the start chooses our legend and we are distracted, the game go by itself in order of preference. It would be nice then, to balance the nice "Mirage", . that his Passive made him invisible while healing shields or health . that his Tactics ability spawned two clones diagonally, rather than just one . that his Ultimate ability made him invisible for an extra second
Nathan Lopez
Nathan Lopez Hace un mes
This game ain't doing to flop I'll tell you that much
Leechy_Leek Hace un mes
Ayo lil nas is that you?!
Agent_ad1 Hace un mes
Seer is OP, but Valkyrie is boring and annoying to play against. Seer is way better than Valk.
Elizabeth Hill
Elizabeth Hill Hace un mes
Lil nas x if he had a wakanduh accent
inner decay
inner decay Hace un mes
He reminds me of Isaac from Castlevania
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