Meet Sirfetch’d in Pokémon Sword! ⚔️

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🚨 New Pokémon Discovered! 🚨
Meet Sirfetch’d, the Wild Duck Pokémon! Farfetch’d that inhabit the Galar region can evolve into Sirfetch’d after experiencing many battles. bit.ly/2kny0uq
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18 sep 2019






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Jojo Cst
Jojo Cst Hace 3 horas
Too bad that you need *3* critical hits in *one* battle to evolve Galarian Farfetch'd into Sirfetch'd.
JamieJames KingOfGames
He has a sword and shield...get it!!! 😂
Goro Akechi
Goro Akechi Hace 5 horas
Except that he doesn't have any shield moves
Ixpextion Hace un día
So basically if you give Sirfetch’d a toy he murders you
Dean Vine
Dean Vine Hace 2 días
Holding a shield....isn't in shield
Jakemo Hace 2 días
Xuphuut Draws
Xuphuut Draws Hace 2 días
Who else thinks sirfetchd is kinda hawt...
EliteBoi Hace 3 días
i need a gif of Sirfetch’d swinging his sword at the trainer he’s literally like *I DO NOT PLAY WITH TOYS, GET THAT THING AWAY!*
MrPatrickbuit Hace 3 días
This design is cool as hell honestly. One of the only good things to have come from this game
Goro Akechi
Goro Akechi Hace 5 horas
There's only a few good pokemon designs in Sword/Shield. Galarian Meowth/Persian isn't
XGAD Hace 3 días
Such lame names in the english version. In german he is called ,,Sir Lauchzelot'' (funny reference to Sir Lancelot and ,,Lauch'' means leek)
MysticMaxx Hace 3 días
evolves by getting 3 crits in 1 match. good luck guys
Goro Akechi
Goro Akechi Hace 5 horas
Not hard if you catch a Farfetch'd with a leek and battle a trainer with like 2 pokemon
Nabbit Hace 3 días
You all know how important an evolution for farfetch’d
Iñigo Errandonea Ochoa de Zabalegui
How do I evolve fartfetch
Jason Mejia
Jason Mejia Hace 4 días
Trainer: *Tries to play with Sirfetch’d* Sirfetch’d: B E G O N E T H O T!!
The YouTubes Fan Guy
Pokémon are straying to look shitty beef and shitty chicken. It was a matter of time 🤷‍♂️
am I the only one who likes Sirfetchd over galarian Ponyta?
Robert Catcheside
Robert Catcheside Hace 6 días
Some told me that they'd created the new pokémon Sirfetch'd, but I didn't believe them. It just sounded a little *farfetch'd.*
Bardabing crash
Bardabing crash Hace 7 días
Nyjle Toledo
Nyjle Toledo Hace 7 días
I told myself, the day farfetchd gets an evolution, pokemon would go down in shambles as a brand. Lets see how it plays out
Mystical Fox
Mystical Fox Hace 8 días
I’m trying to sign in AND YOU WONT LET MEHHH
kalóz 96
kalóz 96 Hace 8 días
Awesome and raad !!!
ReaverFlux Rebirth
ReaverFlux Rebirth Hace 8 días
*DAT stare...*
Choqixx Hace 8 días
I was expecting the evolution would be called something like “Flabirdgasted” but nope
DragonTamer67 Hace 8 días
0:08 HO HO are you approaching me?
Lokareo Studios
Lokareo Studios Hace 9 días
It’s fiannaly happed bois we fiannaly did it
Moonrise Howler
Moonrise Howler Hace 9 días
vegetables make you grow big and _sirfetch'd._
Crimson _Drak
Crimson _Drak Hace 9 días
If this dudes stats are garbo I'm gonna cry
Alessio Messeri
Alessio Messeri Hace 9 días
well, name of the ost?, it touched me lmao
Awesomesauce Hace 10 días
I didn't know Farfetch'd could master ultra instinct.
R crowder
R crowder Hace 11 días
Its a shame we had to wait 7 generations to see Farfetch'd FINALLY have an evolution
Klutzybear Hace 11 días
*ME:* Another flying type? Ah, well. . . at least Farfetch finally got an evolution. *See's Pokemon type: Fighting* *Me:* IT'S A FIGHTING TYPE?!?! GIMMIE, GIMMIE!
Dota 2 Legion
Dota 2 Legion Hace 11 días
Carrying what looks like veggies as weapons and him looking like a marshmallow makes me think of food.
My cousin: man we used to make a far fetched clan where we carry sticks and dress up like birds man good time *Sirfetched exsit* My cousin: THE GODS HAVE SPOKEN TO ME
R. Ortiz
R. Ortiz Hace 11 días
Soldiers from England : We're the mightiest Sirfetch'd: Hold my sword
yulog kerrang
yulog kerrang Hace 12 días
About time he got an evolution.
TheGamerBros 420
TheGamerBros 420 Hace 12 días
A Galarian Mr mime would be cool
Foxes Hace 5 días
@TheGamerBros 420 yep
TheGamerBros 420
TheGamerBros 420 Hace 6 días
@Foxes so you saw eternatus
Foxes Hace 6 días
@TheGamerBros 420 I saw it in the leaks
TheGamerBros 420
TheGamerBros 420 Hace 7 días
@Foxes well that was the biggest I told you so ever
TheGamerBros 420
TheGamerBros 420 Hace 9 días
Nice this is BROCK Obama and I approve this game
Pandemic Hace 13 días
whats the pint of bying shield if sword has Sirfech'd
qbz gaming
qbz gaming Hace 14 días
I'm hyped. Who else hyped?
Audzac gamer
Audzac gamer Hace 15 días
If sirfetched is fighting its weak to flying which is birds and sirfetched is a duck and duck is a bird....
Bea O’problem
Bea O’problem Hace 15 días
Wouldn’t a female sirfetch’d be called a damefetch’d
Rosa Maria
Rosa Maria Hace 15 días
0:07 Sirfetch'd
pikachucet the second
pikachucet the second Hace 16 días
Nintendo gave us Falco and Revali, and Gamefreak has given us Sir’Fetched Does Nintendo just like birds who are full of themselves?
JacobTwentyOne Hace 16 días
Egg Heads
Egg Heads Hace 16 días
Sirfetch’d looks like Farfetch’d buff dad that only drinks protein shakes
kakie Broomfield
kakie Broomfield Hace 17 días
Make a new Pokemon plz it make me feel happy ✌👍👌🤳👈👌
Anthony Buggs
Anthony Buggs Hace 18 días
This is Farfetch'd if he grew up in the pokemon hood.
Sirfetch'd VS Escavalier UK🇬🇧 VS FRANCE🇫🇷 DUEL OF THE FATES🔥⚔️🔥
NathanS Hace 19 días
0:19 "Stop! You have violated the law. Pay now or your stolen goods are now forfeit." *music plays*
MrAstrothousand98 Hace 20 días
Excuse me could you tell me? Sirfetch'd (appalled): You dare refer to me without my title of sir?!?! I'm sorry sir.... Sirfetch'd: In the beginning!!! Sir, I'm sorry sir?!?! Sirfetch'd: Good just like that....INSOLENT FOOL HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME (Proceeds to use cut).
Noasphere Hace 21 un día
I don't like what they did to its eyes, other than that I have no complaints
Cardboard Box
Cardboard Box Hace 22 días
I feel like sirfetched should be in Pokémon shield because he has a shield and a lance, with no sword. Likewise, Galarian Ponyta should be in sword because it has an actual weapon on its head that could be counted as a sword
qt.Junior Hace 22 días
When your asian mom evolves
Star :]
Star :] Hace 22 días
The true god has arrived
Ree Hace 22 días
To be honest I wanted Pokemon shield but now I want sword haha
Kick X Weeb
Kick X Weeb Hace 22 días
My friend plans to get shield and I plan to get sword hopefully we can trade galarian ponyta and sirfetch'd
Jason Liu
Jason Liu Hace 23 días
If this can follow me I will be so happy. I can just imagine it’s GIGANTIC sword
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski Hace 23 días
Dark Souls!? is that you?
The Austin
The Austin Hace 23 días
It would be cool if farfetch could get like two of them Sirfetch'd is it honorable Knight It would also make sense if there was one evolution that's based off of a scumbag
Ambrosio Alubia
Ambrosio Alubia Hace 24 días
No starter evolutions for pokemon sword and shield
Cameron Hughes
Cameron Hughes Hace 26 días
Will Pokemon sword and shield ever be on the 3ds
larry the cable guy
larry the cable guy Hace 23 días
No why would they release it on a previous console
Pinemiibo Hace 25 días
no i don't think so
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