Meet The Guy Who Wraps Celebrities' Luxury Cars

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Celebrity car customizer Yianni Charalambous specializes in incredibly rare and expensive cars. Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, Bentley, Rolls Royce, he's wrapped them all. Among some of the celebrities he has worked with are KSI, Harry Styles, Rupert Grint, Gordon Ramsay, and Anthony Joshua.
For more, visit: yiannimize.com/
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Meet The Guy Who Wraps Celebrities' Luxury Cars


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8 feb 2019

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Comentarios 2 383
Jj Hace un hora
can you wrap my razor scooter? thats all ive got.. *:))*
Earth Worm
Earth Worm Hace un hora
Nothing like name dropping to boost the ego nice wrapping But I'll stick to my normal sport car and be the other percent rather wiping pompus celebrities and licking their arse
dll errorr
dll errorr Hace un hora
he should crap his car...
Kristofer Darwish
Kristofer Darwish Hace 2 horas
Marketing Mastermind
Viraj Shah
Viraj Shah Hace 3 horas
Let me guess 1 one of them is ksi due to the thumbnail
Rusem Paul
Rusem Paul Hace 3 horas
Vroom Vroom I’m in me mum’s car
Aisha Mahamed
Aisha Mahamed Hace 3 horas
So i passed this everyday before going to school and your now telling me ONE DIRECTION HAVE BEEN THERE
Aisha Mahamed
Aisha Mahamed Hace 3 horas
Privat Privat
Privat Privat Hace 4 horas
HANE Mhmd  Alhmod
HANE Mhmd Alhmod Hace 5 horas
He did it for Harry Potter too.
KILL3R XX Hace 6 horas
1:26 is that kylie Jenner’s Lamborghini behind there
i dont know a good name there was no good name
0:45 Hold up do i see gta 5 girl?
Robert Williams
Robert Williams Hace 8 horas
I appreciate this shops work, but as a mechanic and business owner with clients myself, "pliers and luxury" should not come together ever. 3:24
Karson Padgett
Karson Padgett Hace 8 horas
I wonder if they only do celebrities
Paris Karashialis
Paris Karashialis Hace 9 horas
0:45 This dude is from Cyprus the white flag on the left is a Cypriot flag #ProudtobeCypriot
Cameron Cabase
Cameron Cabase Hace 10 horas
Parang Filipino yung dalawang workers nila ah
why u do dis :0
why u do dis :0 Hace 10 horas
They must be godly at putting on screen protector
Dilpreet SINGH
Dilpreet SINGH Hace 10 horas
IronFist Hace 12 horas
So you want wrap your car rather than painting it? WTH is wrong with celebs nowadays? This is the proof money can't buy taste
Craig Dunne
Craig Dunne Hace 14 horas
hope Hace 15 horas
Pffft, pimp my ride's cars were way better
Hanz Delizo
Hanz Delizo Hace 15 horas
London Lewis
London Lewis Hace 15 horas
10 year old him:I wanna be a wrapper when I grow up 10 years later:
Valerie Peacher
Valerie Peacher Hace 15 horas
This is so weird! Gift wrapping your car lol
7802ShadowHawk Hace 17 horas
All your car wrappers are Asian. That's awesome. 😀
FaLLen Demon
FaLLen Demon Hace 20 horas
Damn. In London?!
Jonathan Lol
Jonathan Lol Hace 22 horas
Never trust edited comments
PurplyPurplePurpPurp Hace 22 horas
"Rupert Grint from Harry Potter." Wait, what did he say? *rewinds like 10 times*
David Palacka
David Palacka Hace 22 horas
6:23 zaujímalo by ma aká už len celebrita žije v Komárne s Rolce Roycom
Leo St.Corsa
Leo St.Corsa Hace un día
Those wrappers look under paid
Unknown ;/
Unknown ;/ Hace un día
I'm from LA CALIFORNIA and the guy can wrap gucci Louise vitton and more
OhSnapGG Hace un día
Yianni or laurel
DapitenOSoChurroSarge Channel Ese!
they won't tell you that taking off the wrap is another venture lol its not a remove yourself thing , someone who wraps vehicles has to remove it and take any adhesive that stayed on lol . in my personal opinion i know that doesn't matter in the internet, plastidip is easier remove. but takes practice to apply.
Pass Word
Pass Word Hace un día
I bet the car in the thumbnail was ksi's
toki Hace un día
Can they put on my screen protecter?
netei Hace un día
seconds :-)... the guiness world record is 22:56 min 2018 full-wrap tesla.
eienna Hace un día
attracting gold diggers be like:
Opposite Tuber
Opposite Tuber Hace un día
*Came here cause of KSI's Lambo in the thumbnail*
A fat Paki bastard
A fat Paki bastard Hace un día
I saw him in Westfield London on Saturday couldn’t take a picture because he went on his break 😪
Freya 123
Freya 123 Hace un día
Bet these guys are good at covering books
AnimateMJ Hace un día
Gordon ramsay be like : gonna *SEASON* it a little
Idc Idc
Idc Idc Hace un día
I prefer less metallic vomit on my car
PT CoolBoii
PT CoolBoii Hace un día
If your gonna wrap a car what car would it be?
KGF_Lambo Hace un día
If anyone here didn’t know about Yianny, well, rip.
Brayan Rodriguez
Brayan Rodriguez Hace un día
Dope i hope u can do a dragon ball super wallpaper
Noname M
Noname M Hace un día
"ThE rIcH aRe TaXeD tOo MuCh!"
Zachariah Cano-Hill
Zachariah Cano-Hill Hace un día
Does ksi count as a celbrity though?
Paige Morrison
Paige Morrison Hace un día
I saw KSIs lambo and clicked😩
ii Alan
ii Alan Hace un día
West coast customs
D3AD1Y BL4Z3Y Hace 2 días
K s eyes
Danielcm Hace 2 días
hola gd
Snoop Ham
Snoop Ham Hace 2 días
Don’t attempty
sadeed khalid
sadeed khalid Hace 2 días
this guy was racing with a tesla model x with his lambos on carwow
Scuando Z
Scuando Z Hace 2 días
Wow that’s absolutely pointless
Mr. Frisky Whiskers
Mr. Frisky Whiskers Hace 2 días
Whats the white car brand at 0:46 to 0:48?
Ransom Butler
Ransom Butler Hace un día
Mr. Frisky Whiskers Pagani Huayra with the Tempesta package
Mr. Frisky Whiskers
Mr. Frisky Whiskers Hace 2 días
What brand is the white car that opened all the way up?
Ransom Butler
Ransom Butler Hace un día
Mr. Frisky Whiskers Pagani Huayra with the Tempesta package
Chrissy The Cat
Chrissy The Cat Hace 2 días
1:25. is that a gorilla I hear?
LA Dodgers
LA Dodgers Hace 2 días
I thought by wrap they meant wrapping the car for a gift
Thalia Estrada
Thalia Estrada Hace 2 días
2:24 AYYYY 1D! 2:33 RUPERT!!!
Lojane Bacalso
Lojane Bacalso Hace 2 días
Proof Humans doesnt feel satisfaction
DinDoDi g
DinDoDi g Hace 2 días
I want a car and i want it wrapped in memes.
Hey pass the cheesecake!!!
DinDoDi g
DinDoDi g Hace 2 días
+tomas mullex heck yeah bro
tomas mullex
tomas mullex Hace 2 días
good idea
Stukaman Hace 2 días
You don't hear Democrats complaining about these 1%ers making too much money, do ya? A great example of how the self-absorbed, idle rich spend their $$$, which is their right to do. But if Alexandria Occasional Cortex ever heard about these pukes, she'd want to tax them at a 70% rate.
YianniRo Hace 2 días
He has the same name as me
Shawn Doran
Shawn Doran Hace 2 días
Matchbox cars
Papa Stalin
Papa Stalin Hace 2 días
wrap my T34 or gulag
Ahmed Jaf
Ahmed Jaf Hace 2 días
0:52 it's not pronounced like that.... 1:02 DUUUDDEEE!! WHAT I SAID TO YOU?!?!! 2:57 Wait... Do you just.... CANT LEARN!!??! 😂😂
ItzMe Oscarr
ItzMe Oscarr Hace 2 días
my car was wrapped their the name was nothing
Jay Jalette
Jay Jalette Hace 2 días
Can you wrap goldfish
Zyrim Hace 2 días
jj’s lambo??
iiReddii 67o
iiReddii 67o Hace 2 días
I can't even afford to pay attention...
Beckham RBLX
Beckham RBLX Hace 2 días
The Aqua Is The Best
PRAETORIAN 994 Hace 2 días
Families and pensioners living in poverty, children going school hungry,homelessness epidemic and rich fools waste money for their own ego. Just saying.....
blooby dj
blooby dj Hace 2 días
He is probs like a dictator to them and is only chummy when things going right the moment one screws up it comes out of the guys paycheck
Aslery Hace 2 días
Can you guys wrap my brother's mouth?
Julesx Hace 2 días
The guy who bubblewraps cars
Julesx Hace 2 días
The guy who bubblewraps cars
InfinityTo Victory
InfinityTo Victory Hace 2 días
LionatowaPokabmvawatativiaton tengeneke
Are the 2crews are pinoy?
Teige Leckey
Teige Leckey Hace 2 días
You’d have to be really good at putting on stickers
6000 subs without any videos challenge
The music gave me anxiety anxiety....
Just Me
Just Me Hace 2 días
Keep winning 😍
Faraz Khan
Faraz Khan Hace 2 días
Oh I used to watch yianamize i used to be subbed but now i stopped watching
123junerey Hace 2 días
Stephen Dheinard Jacob
RoyaleRusherYT Hace 2 días
Okay this is cool. 😮 But if the people that wrap the cars actually PAID you to let them wrap your cars it would be SUPER COOL. 😎
SamCovert Hace 2 días
Tonghai Oeng
Tonghai Oeng Hace 2 días
CL4YB0Y _ Hace 2 días
King Tut got the chrome gold wrap on his coffin lol
Michael Millward
Michael Millward Hace 2 días
can I get 1000 subs without a video ?
I know it's yanimise without watching hes a god
1 Million
1 Million Hace 2 días
I need one of these guys to glad wrap my polony sandwich to take to work
MrQ.123 Hace 2 días
I met him once, well not really meet him, but saw him. I was with my brother in his car and he noticed a Lambo in front of us. He then realised it was his because of the car plate. We drove next to him and put the windows down and my brother briefly spoke to Yianni whilst driving on the highway
Valdo331 Hace 2 días
Who else saw ksi's lambo and clicked
Nixy Hace 2 días
Most of these wraps are horrible, it makes me sad
Juju Hace 2 días
Who tf is KSI. I know he fought some white dude and didnt win. What does he do
Abraham Gonzalez
Abraham Gonzalez Hace 3 días
Since when is KSI a celebrity???
Eliot Luka
Eliot Luka Hace 2 días
A celebrity is someone famous and ksi having almost 20 miles followers on a single platform makes him 100% a celebrity
ArchaicRBLX Hace 2 días
i mean.. ksi and caspar made a movie together .-. oh yeah yeah
Blue nFF
Blue nFF Hace 3 días
Lowkey thought this was gta5
Jab Ash Burn
Jab Ash Burn Hace 3 días
Myanmar refugee
Noe Neave
Noe Neave Hace 3 días
Ksi’s car looks nice
Monkey Mayhem gaming
When I heard Rupert Grint from Harry Potter I shit myself
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