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17 jul 2019

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Almina ÖZTEN
Almina ÖZTEN Hace 2 horas
My fave video on ESvid, you guys are sooo cute, I admire your love 😍😍💖
Kaylee Johnson
Kaylee Johnson Hace 4 horas
Omg I cried 🥺😭🥰❤️ I swear you guys are perfect. Mason is adorable. You guys are the definition of relationship goals... congratulations! You deserve the world Casey and Davis sure does give it to you. Casey: “look at my cheeks. omg” Davis: “I think you look perfect” 😩🥺😭😍 Davis: “say hi to the world buddy.... good try” 😂❤️ Omg y’all are perfect
Isa Lenk
Isa Lenk Hace 5 horas
On the thumbnail, I thought for a second, that is Tom Brady😂😂
Fórtñįtę_Møbìłē Gãmïńg
OMG he is gonna be so cute and very tall. I was born ant 6lbs and 19 2/4 inches, 11 years old and I’m 5”2 1/2 to 5”3
Khili Trahan
Khili Trahan Hace un día
I’m bawling my eyes out. You are my favorite influencer & I am so glad I’ve followed you for so long!
Chanel C
Chanel C Hace un día
Omg I got so emotional watching this video I love you guys 🥰🥰🥰
kaitlyn seward
kaitlyn seward Hace un día
I am bawling watching this I am so happy for you two welcome to parenthood the hardest most stressful loving rewarding job in the world
Cynthia Heath
Cynthia Heath Hace 2 días
Christie LeDuc
Christie LeDuc Hace 2 días
Oh goodness I’m crying 😭 this is the most beautiful love story 🥰
Blair & Derek
Blair & Derek Hace 2 días
Shoot I’m crying 😭😭😭
Ana Farias
Ana Farias Hace 2 días
True love is them holding that cute little baby boy....🖤🚼
shannon mcmanus
shannon mcmanus Hace 2 días
I was sobbing the entire video, so happy for you guys he’s perfect!
Abby Walters
Abby Walters Hace 3 días
Davis crying when you walk down is literally the sweetest thing ever
Kristina Arcos
Kristina Arcos Hace 3 días
I never get tired of watching this video!! Absolutely beautiful!! It truly warms my heart. ❤❤❤
cayce constantine
cayce constantine Hace 3 días
Omg these are the best moments of your life !! 💙 You’ve honestly looked like a boy mom from the beginning !! & he’s handsome . Perfect ! It goes so quickly , it’s bittersweet enjoy every second. & it seems like you already are.. being a momma is the best’ ! You have a beautiful family. Truly blessed. Newborns are the best. These were my favorite times.. just don’t blink mama ! Good luck & god bless. 😍✨🙏🏼
Leela Hayes
Leela Hayes Hace 3 días
Listen are started watching you guys a year ago about your pregnancy test and now I see your baby boy I'm so glad I started watching you guys you guys are amazing
Maria João Ramalho
Maria João Ramalho Hace 3 días
May God bless you all! You are such an amazing family You deserve all of good and wish you a life time of happiness.
Lizette Rosa
Lizette Rosa Hace 3 días
7:50 he held his hand through out the whole time. Idk why that made me cry
Kaitlin Louie
Kaitlin Louie Hace 3 días
Beautiful 😍😭
Abrianna Harris
Abrianna Harris Hace 3 días
It makes me sad because he was born the same day Cameron died 💔
Flowerbomb31 Hace 3 días
So So happy for you doll! The universe has your back! XX
Evelyn Putnam
Evelyn Putnam Hace 4 días
Bawling, this is so beautiful and cute. You also know Davis is truly in love because he cried watching Casey walk down the isle.
Nurse Calls
Nurse Calls Hace 4 días
Absolutely, beautiful love story 👏💗👏 Congratulations!!! May GOD Bless your sweet baby boy, guide and protect him.
Gabbi Goynes
Gabbi Goynes Hace 4 días
I'm not crying you're crying 😍😢
Nicole Ann
Nicole Ann Hace 4 días
I’m 37 seconds in and I’m already about to cry 😭
Payton Paige
Payton Paige Hace 4 días
I cried like a baby this whole videoooo😭😭😭😭😭
Ana Herrera
Ana Herrera Hace 4 días
I cried through the entire video!😘
Jennifer Cossette
Jennifer Cossette Hace 4 días
I love how Rose is protective of lil' man. So cute!
JENNY KIM Hace 4 días
Welcome Mason. You are a handsome baby boy.
Leah Smith
Leah Smith Hace 4 días
He is precious! ♥️♥️♥️
mysonruns Hace 4 días
What a precious boy! I hope you're enjoying your time with him.
Debby Lewis
Debby Lewis Hace 4 días
Again congratulations. Mason 8s so very adorable. The girls seems to live him already.
Britt B
Britt B Hace 4 días
Seriously. You 2 couldn't be any sweeter if you tried and baby Mason is just ADORABLE. Congratulations!!
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Hace 4 días
Watching this again after watching the Lil man meet the dogs....crying again! Love you guys!!!
Hannah Banana Studios
Looking back at all those memories...I was crying!!
Kathy Corkum
Kathy Corkum Hace 5 días
Where r u? Vlogs please!!!
Chloe K.
Chloe K. Hace 5 días
My birthday is July 7th and omg cutest little baby!!! Y’all will be amazing parents
Ian Kirk
Ian Kirk Hace 5 días
I hope you are doing well and enjoying having your first kid love you guys
Kaylie Dudley
Kaylie Dudley Hace 5 días
People that dislike will go to prison. Also he is adorable!!
Bailey Wilson
Bailey Wilson Hace 6 días
Do you guys plan on posting more videos? Love the videos! Your baby is a cutie. You will be great parents.
Priscilla Kidwell
Priscilla Kidwell Hace 6 días
I have been watching you for YEARS ! I remember watching all the videos you looked back on in the intro and it’s so amazing to see it come full circle. I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy for you !! Congratulations Casey! Your family is beautiful
Tonya Sullivan
Tonya Sullivan Hace 6 días
What a beautiful baby, enjoy!
Jessica Sokoloski
Jessica Sokoloski Hace 6 días
This video made me cry.
Robin Bird
Robin Bird Hace 6 días
Miss you!!
Nurse April
Nurse April Hace 6 días
Hope all is well. Miss ur videos
Gacha•• Brownie
Gacha•• Brownie Hace 6 días
What did that man tell ya! U will have the most baby in world and look at u😊
Autumn Desimone
Autumn Desimone Hace 6 días
Omg congratts
Sydney Welsch
Sydney Welsch Hace 7 días
do more vlogs
Crystal Reynolds
Crystal Reynolds Hace 7 días
that babe is gonna be the cutest thing when he’s older😭❤️ got the best looking parents
Savage Squad
Savage Squad Hace 7 días
Jessie Kroons
Jessie Kroons Hace 7 días
Your little boy was almost born on my birthday!
Emma Langfird
Emma Langfird Hace 7 días
we need an update
Luiza Faria
Luiza Faria Hace 7 días
This is the cutest video i've ever seen
Anna Kisel
Anna Kisel Hace 8 días
the cutest video i've ever seen
Ellie Wiedenhoeft
Ellie Wiedenhoeft Hace 8 días
This whole video is so precious. It’s so neat how you have all this footage to enjoy together and with your son!
Mathijs van der Hoek
I love your video's en congratulations with messon and you are so beyutifeul
TheCreamyBoat Hace 8 días
No way! I just stumbled across this channel a few minutes ago and I see you went to the red dog saloon. I live in Juneau!! Small world, I'll go inside and see if your dollar is still there!
Hallie Rogers
Hallie Rogers Hace 8 días
Literally started crying 2 seconds into the video....Jesus this was such a touching and beautiful video!
Skye Wilson
Skye Wilson Hace 8 días
The nurse could have been a little more gentle
Cheerleader18 Cheerleader18
That nurse cleaning off the baby looked so unfazed by like everyone and everything 😂
Maro Frouzaki
Maro Frouzaki Hace 9 días
Soooo cuteeeee ❤️
amb_makeup Hace 9 días
This makes my heart so happy. You are such a beautiful little family. Sending so much love from New Zealand ❤️
valgal193 Hace 9 días
Does anyone know the music on the background in the flashback. It is beautiful :)
julie morris
julie morris Hace 9 días
This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing this blessing.
Camille K
Camille K Hace 9 días
I'm thinking of moving to GA do you have any advise on were to move to? Any good school districts where you plan on sending your son? Congrats btw!!!
Ali nayeri
Ali nayeri Hace 10 días
This was tne best that I see ever , .............congratulation guys
Sophia Castro
Sophia Castro Hace 10 días
OMG, I started crying and I never understood why ppl would cry when babies were born. Umm now, I get it! Congratulations to the Marlar family! Casey, you look incredible regardless if you feel that it's hot and your cheeks are so red. You just had a baby and you look so beautiful! May God bless you all and tons of love from Texas! I hope my husband is ecstatic as Davis was when we finally have a baby. XOXOXO- Sophia
Jocelyn Celeste
Jocelyn Celeste Hace 10 días
Omg I'm crying marlyn was born on the same day as me and at the same time😭im speachless😊🙏so proud of you guys
HLSTYLE013 Hace 10 días
Ahhhhhh! Congratulations!🎉🎈🍾
susie veliz
susie veliz Hace 10 días
I remember a video where you said you didn't want kids lol I always knew you would change your mind 🤗
Royah A
Royah A Hace 10 días
Hello you guys are a beautiful couple and your baby is beautiful as well! Congratulations on the birth of your bundle of joy! I used to have Rosacea too. Try L-Lysine tables from like Target. It worked and healed my rosacea! Congrats and may God send His holy peace and blessings on you all. :)
BeautyByCourtney Hace 10 días
Yalls vlogs always make me cry. 😭😭 he’s perfect and y’all are the most beautiful family ❤️❤️ God bless y’all sweetie
stacey Murphy
stacey Murphy Hace 10 días
where you at????
Ellen rose Mccann
Ellen rose Mccann Hace 11 días
Is you boyfriend in the army
Ellen rose Mccann
Ellen rose Mccann Hace 11 días
When are you going to post again
Boer Tan
Boer Tan Hace 11 días
cute family!!!
Kristen Joy
Kristen Joy Hace 11 días
What a sweet, sweet little video, case!! I was bawling, its perfect!! May God continue to shower you guys w/ blessings and favor!! Hope you guys are enjoying being parents! 😊💙💛💜
christina Gorham
christina Gorham Hace 11 días
Congrats he is beautiful
Emily L
Emily L Hace 12 días
I’m crying. Congratulations this video is so beautiful!! I find out the gender of my baby on Saturday and I can’t wait. I’m saving this video so I can make a one of my husband and I and our memories 😭😭😭😭
Corinne Frias
Corinne Frias Hace 12 días
Omg I balled my eyes out!!!!
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