Melania Trump Gets Emotional About Moving Into The White House

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The First Lady of the United States opens up about her big move from New York City to Washington, D.C.
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14 jun 2017

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Therese Seva
Therese Seva Hace 22 días
4:13 No matter how often America fantasizes about being with Justin Trudeau lmao!
Debra Nañez
Debra Nañez Hace un mes
Melanoma is a mail- order-bride & a liar like trumpo. She is the biggest hypocrite when she has this demented 45th bullying 24-7 when she's trying to make America like her. Bet she feels dumber!😂
Judi Bickford
Judi Bickford Hace un mes
I know that Cecily Strong is SNL's Melania Trump. But just to get Laura Benanti and Alec Baldwin together would be comedic genius!
Tomato Sydney
Tomato Sydney Hace un mes
This TV show is bullshit all Amrrican know who vote Trump. I even know from Asia that they ate low profile people in this USA. hak. .hak. . Shame on you.
Abdulaziz Abdullah
Abdulaziz Abdullah Hace 2 meses
0:20 minus the blond hair, is EXACTLY what William Barr looks like.
vincent fong
vincent fong Hace 2 meses
Melania has a terrible life in the white house . No freedom, no massive shopping trip, no holiday to the beach. White house toilet isn't gold plated. Can't go to watch movies in the cinema. No more party with friends. Her life must be so boring. No power and no life.
Megan Hutcherson
Megan Hutcherson Hace 3 meses
Laura Benanti is so funny!!
MrPilgrim Hace 4 meses
Good lord even the ladder 😂
Evon Williams
Evon Williams Hace 5 meses
She is so silly love her
trump wins
trump wins Hace 5 meses
Here's to a bunch of lazy benchwarmers living in fantasy in a real world! I wish i can ship them out into comedy limbo, away from the milky way.
Zorka Kelly
Zorka Kelly Hace 5 meses
she is genius actress!
Thomas Wade
Thomas Wade Hace 5 meses
Terrible impersonation
aviva levi
aviva levi Hace 5 meses
I cant stop waching this show....love you Melaniiiia💕🌺🌹💐💗🎭😻
Drifting Dwarf
Drifting Dwarf Hace 5 meses
Laura's Melania can wear an astronaut's suit and still be burning hot! Godamn. This woman's sexual aura goes beyond our planet's atmosphere.
D Paul
D Paul Hace 6 meses
There should deff be an prank skit with Melania Trump having Malaria? from her African experiences.
100% Michoacano
100% Michoacano Hace 6 meses
Tony Jiang
Tony Jiang Hace 6 meses
I lOVE HER!!! Laura Benanti I meant.
Kaladhar Battepati
Kaladhar Battepati Hace 6 meses
She is actually pretty amazing! I smile everytime I see her talk :D
O'bey Me
O'bey Me Hace 6 meses
From a whore house to the wight house!
Michael Watt
Michael Watt Hace 6 meses
With so much cannon fodder to use this Melania takes the cake!
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski Hace 6 meses
Make America grape again. I'll drink to that.
Sharvendra Nair
Sharvendra Nair Hace 6 meses
Better approval rating than the real one
Kartini Hanitio
Kartini Hanitio Hace 6 meses
She's awesome!! I laughed out loud with that 'mosquito' part. LOL!!! She's so stunning and hilarious!
Ryan Salle
Ryan Salle Hace 7 meses
I like Melania because of this lady
Tutin Le
Tutin Le Hace 7 meses
Most stupid show.
Michel Appolo
Michel Appolo Hace 7 meses
That's absolutely stupid ! useless! They all are jealous about Melania.
Agassi Lee
Agassi Lee Hace 7 meses
I think the actress who played Melanie is better than the real one. It is weird, bc Trump is 71 and Melanie is 43
Eva Colin
Eva Colin Hace 7 meses
I love fake Melania 💕😂 you crack me up 👍👍👍
michael white
michael white Hace 8 meses
She’s actually more attractive than the real melania
Peter Szarow
Peter Szarow Hace 8 meses
I've been so tired of all these...I don't even know what these type of shows are called, but enough of badgering and humiliating people simply on their closeness or relationship to people of disdain, however this was FUNNY!!! TSK said it best.
2008topshelf Hace 8 meses
Rodrigo Resendes
Rodrigo Resendes Hace 8 meses
I want to see more of the impressions of melania
Macedonia Weaver
Macedonia Weaver Hace 9 meses
She is so talented...love her!
Shimron Netia
Shimron Netia Hace 10 meses
she is so sexy when talking about Justin Trudo
M Cormanes
M Cormanes Hace 10 meses
My pleasure Steven...i died laughing...the timing and the tone...that timing of her voice😅😅😅
Mazin Rejabo
Mazin Rejabo Hace 10 meses
These are my khappy eyes see
Amilcar Schettini
Amilcar Schettini Hace 10 meses
It's funny Melania is attractive I guess but when she does her impression of her I just about lose it.
David D
David D Hace 10 meses
Stop insulting jabba
Buzz Kill
Buzz Kill Hace 11 meses
that is disgusting......
eltanin awry
eltanin awry Hace 11 meses
''Make America grape again''. She's hilarious!
greg lopez
greg lopez Hace 11 meses
you idiots elected the president you deserve. enjoy your freedumb.
Kriss Kross
Kriss Kross Hace 11 meses
"make America grape again" LOL!!!
Nasty tranny
Joaquin Praveen Vishnu
The Trudeau part and hand part were funny
LeoM Hace un año
Cyber bullying the illiterate, it's so cruel! They can't even read what these bullies are typing!!
Ethan Hill
Ethan Hill Hace un año
I called it my prison of freedom.
Allen Lichner
Allen Lichner Hace un año
Our First Lady is awesome. We are finally rid of that transsexual monster Michelle
lobotimise aha
lobotimise aha Hace un año
Colbert is a repulsive dickhead..Plus unfunny..He's miles miles below Craig Ferguson
imiss toronto
imiss toronto Hace 11 meses
he's fucking hilarious
mrpurple11 Hace un año
Well she is rigth, America voted and now they have Trump as their president and the world has to endure that to. Like WTF America?! Where u drunk?! 🤦 shitting on South America democracies and stuking your nose into near east wasn't enought?
Lucas Lima
Lucas Lima Hace un año
It's a simple answer, they're hypocrites
THIS IS OUR TIME Hace un año
Meklit Dagninet Yimenu
This situation not Melania Trump. This is an actor that looks like her.
imiss toronto
imiss toronto Hace 11 meses
yes we know that. How long did it take you to figure that out? That's the whole point of it. dumbass
connie rahim
connie rahim Hace un año
yeah well keep making fun of the FLOTUS b/c you're afraid of POTUS, from your TV studios on the 2 coasts, and watch yourself lose the elections over and over again b/c NY and CA do not give you 270 electoral votes.
Natalie Kirk
Natalie Kirk Hace un año
Men they have had Melania's number for a long time XD
carschmn Hace un año
Cyber bullying the illiterate is so cruel. They can’t even read what these bullies are typing!
GoldenState Hace un año
Jabba the Trump.
Amelie Smith
Amelie Smith Hace un año
0:33 i saw no difference
Anna Warner
Anna Warner Hace un año
She is absolutely outstanding.
soapwonder Hace un año
She’s amazing
Cheng Teresa
Cheng Teresa Hace un año
Make more funs ,even how bad you are doing!
fabian palma
fabian palma Hace un año
if someone would have misrespected Michelle Obama like this would probably be called a racist an almost a terrorist, but well, is the double standard of the left what makes them loose the elections
21cooper 21
21cooper 21 Hace un año
That’s Laura beneti
Galaxy Samsung
Galaxy Samsung Hace un año
Im an ashole its before planed by mans
Galaxy Samsung
Galaxy Samsung Hace un año
Best heartbroker scene ever in my life, all over the world!
Lawrence Kin
Lawrence Kin Hace un año
Laura Benanti is awesome :)
Prince  Vourjolo
Prince Vourjolo Hace un año
I think it’s fucked up how America has become. Like we get it Trump is a bad person, but the fact that we’re bandwagoning this so called bashing of Melania is so fucked up. We need to realize that Melania is not a bad person but rather she’s married to a bad person. I hate how America makes it seem like it’s cool and funny to attack someone based on who they’re associated with. I bet you 80% of people who bash Melania will not have a valid reason to hate her other than the obvious fact that’s she’s Trump’s wife. We live in a society that will constantly bash you without getting to fully know you and understand you as a person. These late night shows do these skits for one sole purpose; to gain viewers, there is no valid reason why America hates Melania. She’s never publicly bashed anyone or said anything negative. Grow the fuck up America. By the way I am in no way, shape, or form a supporter of this presidency. I just see things for what they truly are and speak on it.
Kevin McGuire
Kevin McGuire Hace un año
Laura Benanti is so talented. I never would have expected her to have another career as Melania spoof.
imiss toronto
imiss toronto Hace un año
I think this skit should be nominated for an Oscar. Everyone involved should get one, from the writing to the acting, this is $#$$$%% hilarious.
knightd12 Hace un año
She is Fantastic!!!
Bozo The Clown
Bozo The Clown Hace un año
Her husband is a horrible cyber bully she should do something about that...
Maris Kaulins
Maris Kaulins Hace un año
Melanija is my name not melani
npaujbais Hace un año
"In sickness or in no healthcare." Lol!😂
Pintuxo Hace un año
Laura is so beautiful as Melania that it makes me suffer.
Jocelyn Ngh
Jocelyn Ngh Hace un año
"...They can't even read when these bullies are typing"
loveisallinside Hace un año
She's so good I had to come back and watch all her videos
alex johnson
alex johnson Hace un año
Ali T n
Ali T n Hace un año
love your frist lady!!😘😘
Catherine Murphy
Catherine Murphy Hace un año
cyber bullying the illiterate..........she's brilliant................
old dog city pound
old dog city pound Hace un año
Evon Williams
Evon Williams Hace un año
he's so stupid love him
Jody Grove
Jody Grove Hace un año
I think Stephen is hilarious. I am a psychologist and have to be serious all the time. I find Stephen clever and just 👍🏻
Jennifer Lorence
Jennifer Lorence Hace un año
LMAO. Her LIPS. LOL. And the things She says...
Jennifer Lorence
Jennifer Lorence Hace un año
LOL. She is SO GOOD!!!!!!! LMAO.
Maya Davis-Goodstein
After she had baby Ella❤️
Gregory Thompson
Gregory Thompson Hace un año
Can always drink
martin martin
martin martin Hace un año
ah why bother ....another crap for empty heads
Sheila Dey
Sheila Dey Hace un año
This is hilarious 😂😂
dwight forbes
dwight forbes Hace un año
Mariama Barrie
Mariama Barrie Hace un año
Make America grape again....
chandan _
chandan _ Hace un año
make america grape again...
Anna Warner
Anna Warner Hace un año
She is actually even better than Melania. Her eyes are so expressive and deep.
Judy Silka
Judy Silka Hace un año
Melania married her sugar daddy.
nova florencia
nova florencia Hace un año
#FreeMelania She's stuck in an abusive marriage. Whether you like the trump family or not, It's pretty obvious that Donald is emotionally abusing her 💔
DiabolicalAngel Hace un año
She should be with Anthony Atamanuik (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) on The President Show!
Nuno Soares
Nuno Soares Hace un año
Laura Benanti is awesome as Melania
Ninja Student
Ninja Student Hace un año
More seductive than the real thang lol
Ti Wozo
Ti Wozo Hace un año
She is a treasure
Allen M. Quinn
Allen M. Quinn Hace un año
They need to submit her appearances for Emmy consideration next year. She's excellent!
Dedra Kuhn
Dedra Kuhn Hace un año
steven colbert is so NASTY!
Whole One
Whole One Hace un año
On line bullying: the dumb low IQ micro penis frustrated software fellas.
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