Melania Trump Is Dreaming Of A Dark Christmas

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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First Lady Melania Trump (Laura Benanti) is only planning the White House's Christmas festivities and definitely not her getaway.
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1 dic 2017

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Comentarios 5 292
polly foo foo
polly foo foo Hace 7 horas
Her 'being happy' face is the bomb LOL
Tessmage Tessera
Tessmage Tessera Hace un día
Laura Benanti is a national treasure. Better looking than Melania, too. And hilarious.
john eckhartjr
john eckhartjr Hace 2 días
God bless President Donald J Trump and his family
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Hace 6 días
Chris R
Chris R Hace 8 días
At least she doesn’t look like a monkey ...let’s face it, Michelle was a character from The planet of the apes 🦍... hahaha
commentor12 Hace 10 días
Propaganda like this is very bad for the public opinion , it can influence in the wrong way, which is dangerous for people and children.
Heidi Hace 20 días
1:12 flashes devil horns. can't stand this zionist puppet- servant of the antichrist
Ethentent Hace 21 un día
This actress's grammar is too good to be Melania.
Marco Ziervogel
Marco Ziervogel Hace 23 días
Ha ha ha...Sore losers you Democrats...Sore losers (From Australia)
Dead Pool
Dead Pool Hace 25 días
I feel so bad for Melania. We can mock her but it doesn't change the fact that she trapped. I don't know if she's a good person but no one on earth deserve this.
Kamola Rustamova
Kamola Rustamova Hace 26 días
His 1st wife is as stupid as the current one! Her accent is worse then milania's! No wonder their kids are as stupid as their parents!
TheTooginator Hace 28 días
Operam Contentione et Sonitus Sui Servientes
Logeeth Kumar
Logeeth Kumar Hace 28 días
Oh my god! That's awesome. It's redicoulusly hilarious
Aloara Hace un mes
It’s not funny. Americans have no respect
Alexandria Reynoso
Alexandria Reynoso Hace un mes
I like this Melania better!!
Pants Bob
Pants Bob Hace un mes
The real Mrs Trump is nothing more than a high dollars whore that sold her cunt to the highest bidder
Lol anchor donkey fuck mother because your face look alike donkey
cathy hurd
cathy hurd Hace un mes
Damn, Ivana is a beast. Melanoma has nothing to worry about with #1.
Norbert Müller
Norbert Müller Hace un mes
Baby See in youre bad face, See, you are a Loser and remember, Never be President, Never be President, ha ha ha ha. And the answer?
Potnios Demetros
Potnios Demetros Hace un mes
holy shit..Ivana Trump...looks like the ugliest owner of a bordelo..
Nuno Soares
Nuno Soares Hace 2 meses
Laura Benanti is amazing impersonating Melania :-)
Mac intoSser
Mac intoSser Hace 2 meses
“Look at me being happy...” 😂😂😂
Gaha Gaha
Gaha Gaha Hace 2 meses
Critising and programming us to hate them.
Sreeja Gummadi
Sreeja Gummadi Hace 2 meses
Well... I really feel sorry for Melania...
Marilyn Lefebvre
Marilyn Lefebvre Hace 3 meses
Simply the best !
Ethan Rogers
Ethan Rogers Hace 3 meses
Melania has had a ton of plastic surgery.
A Seaof Honey
A Seaof Honey Hace 3 meses
hahaha, all you can do is to fart under Melanias window, nothing more.....
Kyle de Jager
Kyle de Jager Hace 3 meses
What if Melania was actually a Russian spy!!!! Her role was to lure Donald trump in convince him to run for president, when she disappeared she actually went back to Moscow to report back
ALEX CHUAN Hace 3 meses
So funny😂😂😂
Lola mo
Lola mo Hace 3 meses
Stephen stop hiding your smile lol
Anja Vrčon
Anja Vrčon Hace 3 meses
Isn't it just a tiny bit ironic how trump is called racist/ignorant/offensive on a daily basis, but you have no trouble making fun of a woman's slavic accent, her first language (Slovenian)?
Bonnie Oles
Bonnie Oles Hace 3 meses
I love the Trump family crest! 😂
Sean Romero
Sean Romero Hace 3 meses
"I really don't care, do u"? Take a Slovenian stripper off the streets, and put her in the white house, and you can't get anything good out of it.
Zoe Gottschalk
Zoe Gottschalk Hace 4 meses
Donald: “I’m dreaming of a white country”
rafael lima
rafael lima Hace 4 meses
Ridiculous losers
GenesisnKaidence Hace 4 meses
Laura Benanti is way hotter then Melania
mady guindin
mady guindin Hace 4 meses
He does not want to deport any immigrants only the illegal ones omg stop already
Bonnie Oles
Bonnie Oles Hace 4 meses
She is so good! I love watching her!
Adam Durham
Adam Durham Hace 4 meses
Jacqueline Loats
Jacqueline Loats Hace 4 meses
Shame on you!!!!! So tired of you and your show and your cut downs on the trump family...totally sick of it...he is president, get over it and show them respect...you would not do this if it the Obamas...but because he is white, and not your party, this is all you do but cut them down...I will not watch your show anymore...you guys preach how your suppose to be nice to everyone except when u don't get your way...tired of everyone showing no respect if someone is white but we have to bend over if they are not. All of these talk shows should be cut off the TV.
LeoM Hace 4 meses
When she goes low, I go: Bye biiiiitch!!
You Mad?
You Mad? Hace 4 meses
She looks like Eva Notty
dennis garrett
dennis garrett Hace 4 meses
Chiwawa women!!! come from mexico, spain italy and ukraine. have hotel chain money and whole sale oil money from open ship ports. oil deals are made on Yacht meeting to get people elected. No longer associated with mall chains and and textile industries. Thanks to the war! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiwawa
jacofan86 Hace 5 meses
I like that he makes fun of other people's cultures and beliefs!!
jacofan86 Hace 4 meses
It's making fun of how she celebrates christmas. That's part of her culture. Try and watch the video buddy.
Steve Spaulding
Steve Spaulding Hace 4 meses
How is this making fun of anyone's culture or belief? Project much?
JeevesReturns Hace 5 meses
My god what an ugly bitch! If I woke up next to that I’d swear off drinking and cut my dick off. Holy shit she’s frightening looking!
Dionasia Gardner
Dionasia Gardner Hace 5 meses
"My staircase of freedom".
Burak Ueda
Burak Ueda Hace 5 meses
Anthony Atamanuik and Laura Benanti *MUST* do a show together.
Choong Huh
Choong Huh Hace 5 meses
disgraceful to make mockery of... jk lol that shit is hilarious
Allen Lichner
Allen Lichner Hace 5 meses
The mainstream media doesn’t get it. Pure propaganda
Maxine C
Maxine C Hace 5 meses
She’s really really good
Lucero Duarte
Lucero Duarte Hace 5 meses
Why I'm seeing this bullshit?
Donald Petkus
Donald Petkus Hace 5 meses
“Merry Christmas to all, and all a good bye.”
ciper metrin
ciper metrin Hace 5 meses
This is not very nice from this liberal show. It is a clear insulation. In china they could have stopped the show after 2 minutes and the host would have been executed or at least sentenced to prisom for a lifetime.
Are we sure this is a joke ?
rob thoreux
rob thoreux Hace 6 meses
Loving the Melania! Can't get enough. BRAVO!!!
JoJo Pemb
JoJo Pemb Hace 6 meses
I wonder how Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric feel about Melania indirectly insulting their mother
LordAaronus Hace 6 meses
say can we bring in Jennifer Coolidge as Ivana
ShinkasaLian Hace 6 meses
Why actress speaks with Russian accent? Melania is Slovenian and has much smoother, softer one. This is next evidence that only few American actors can manage any role.
CrazySexyCoolmeisha Hace 6 meses
Melania does look very depressed everytime u see her. I kinda feel sorry for her
CrazySexyCoolmeisha Hace 6 meses
Melania does look very depressed everytime u see her. I kinda feel sorry for her
hoytoy100 Hace 6 meses
Spanky loves those east European mail order brides!
Andreas Behringer
Andreas Behringer Hace 6 meses
Oh my god Laura Benanti is so beautiful. And funny. More please!
tim kat
tim kat Hace 6 meses
Antione Berry
Antione Berry Hace 6 meses
the political correctness crap 💩 is ridiculous and outrageous the first lady melania trump gave us a great christmas party 🎅and a great new year!
Saevo Pectore
Saevo Pectore Hace 6 meses
Colbert = 100% shill
Connor pope
Connor pope Hace 7 meses
"Look at me... being happy"Makes ridiculous facesRofl
shyguy778 Hace 7 meses
I always thought that they should ease up on Melania a little, she's basically tied into a back seat in all of this with a piece of rope and a gag in her mouth just doing what she's told. She can't divorce Trump (even if she wanted), because it would destroy her family, her country, her right to see her children, and her life, I'm not defending her or her "views", "speeches" or political support in any way, but I feel she's doing what she can to simply get by everyday, everyone knows she gets cheated on, and she lives in a world where her family is the most hated in all of America, and perhaps the entire world right now. What would you do in her situation? Would you have the guts to abandon everything you've ever known in your entire life, including your living, family, children and the little dignity your country has left by being the first woman to leave her "husband" while he was the President in office? You know, after all this blows over and Trump is impeached, it would be really funny if Stephen Colbert said "And now, live from the White House, we have Melania Trump ladies and gentlemen!!", and it ACTUALLY shot to a live camera shot of Melania Trump acting all misty on purpose lmao
VC Hace 7 meses
Benanti so sexy and funny as heck!!!
stree7sweeper Hace 7 meses
Woah... Is that our real first lady of the white sexy house ? She is an prison awesome.
stree7sweeper Hace 7 meses
December 1 2017... I think that was a beautiful Christmas White Hall Tree.
Negrita Black
Negrita Black Hace 7 meses
Lisa you are the best 🌹❤️
Negrita Black
Negrita Black Hace 7 meses
Lisa you are the ..🌹❤️💙Liza and Alex please
Angela A
Angela A Hace 7 meses
How the hell is she able to do the skit without cracking up??? 😂😂😂😂
Negrita Black
Negrita Black Hace 7 meses
Laura and Alex please that will be hilarious
Noel Genoway
Noel Genoway Hace 7 meses
Love her
Knut Kiesewetter
Knut Kiesewetter Hace 8 meses
Idiot for idiots. Always the same. Only for stupid
Madison Taylor
Madison Taylor Hace 8 meses
Laura Benanti is a queen
Sandro Kovalev
Sandro Kovalev Hace 8 meses
The impersonator Melania is hotter than the real Melania
Mark Kasprzyk
Mark Kasprzyk Hace 8 meses
How pathetic, unamerican. You never did anything negative about Michelle Obama for 8 years. But now make fun of Melania all the time. Michelle said she's for the first time in her life proud to be an American after Barack won. Could you imagine if Melania said this! And how you hypocrites would bash her? Melania speaks 7 languages. She makes Michelle, you HW morons look stupid and you make fun of her. It would be funny if it was sincere but so obvious that you're stretching to do it and give Michelle a pass for 8 years. You're the racist, sexist, losers.
Tere Riera-Carrion
Tere Riera-Carrion Hace 8 meses
Ines Almeyda
Ines Almeyda Hace 8 meses
Melania looks like an angel of light. Most beautiful First Lady of the USA.
selfan4evr Hace 8 meses
A "dark Christmas"? Is he implying there's too many black people at their party? Sounds a bit racist to me.
kaj van het hoff
kaj van het hoff Hace 8 meses
arrival master evolution subsequent need center dancer slide concert wave see ahead.
Raja Eko Pratomo
Raja Eko Pratomo Hace 8 meses
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Raja Eko Pratomo
Raja Eko Pratomo Hace 8 meses
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CheckinUpOnCharlie Hace 8 meses
Laura Benanti is funnier that everything I’ve seen in the past year on SNL
Dtrollmancan Hace 8 meses
In The Late Show is the most wee have heard Melania talk in all this time
Ethan Hace 8 meses
Ugh. Why do we have to deal with Ivana Trump?
moonshine yogi
moonshine yogi Hace 8 meses
This actress is amazing!!! I love her
sophia Hace 8 meses
I honestly feel bad for her. She seems sweet, and she just wanted a sugar daddy, not to be the first lady
Clem Fandango
Clem Fandango Hace 8 meses
02:58 is when I die laughing
LackaDaisy Hace 8 meses
This could be really funny, if that Melania wouldn't be so over acted
Hai Anh Bui Thi
Hai Anh Bui Thi Hace 8 meses
I've been to many boring concerts/performances, but i've never seen such discomfort and awkwardness like the one Melania was stuck in while watching the ballet
Kawaii Kawaii
Kawaii Kawaii Hace 8 meses
3:53 Miranda sings has possessed her
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore Hace 8 meses
2:05 - Whoa, that Ivana has some multi-colored-facial-features botox-ugliness goin' on right there!
So Ni
So Ni Hace 8 meses
So incredible how you guys fuck with him and his family 😂😂 🤣
Luminya M
Luminya M Hace 8 meses
I love Laura Benanti's Melania Trump! Laura is hilarious!
Amir Smit
Amir Smit Hace 8 meses
license safe knowledge tovvza ever hit blow poll.
Uko Ješita
Uko Ješita Hace 8 meses
Someone should say how was staff of secret service afraid of Hilary. Their chief gary byrne wrote book and was on tv. On YT is long interview - he said she stinked like hell and had unpredictable rage outbursts - guys were afraid of her - no eye contact was allowed. She was smiling just for cameras.
Robert Cornelius
Robert Cornelius Hace 8 meses
Melania doesn't shop at Walmart. But the poor people who support Colbert do.
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