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6 sep 2019






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deeda Hace 6 horas
she has magic hips i don’t make the rules
Juno Fitzhugh
Juno Fitzhugh Hace 6 horas
The trans part hit me even tho I’m not trans And the self help part helped me cause I used to not like the way I looked
Jayah Romo
Jayah Romo Hace 6 horas
Can we talk about how cute the outfits are
Lidya McLaughlin
Lidya McLaughlin Hace 6 horas
the thought and effort that went into this is just amazing 🙌👏
Cookie Crunch23
Cookie Crunch23 Hace 6 horas
I never realized she was wearing tights
Jaamaia Hace 7 horas
8:29 its like the movie Matilda. Matilda Martinez 🙂
WhyDontWe'sGurl Hi
WhyDontWe'sGurl Hi Hace 7 horas
Gacha me
Gacha me Hace 7 horas
I love this so much~!!!! I hope theres a another movie!!! I loved all the music too!! Drama Club was my fav!
bye sisters
bye sisters Hace 7 horas
Wait are we gonna have a part 2
Tox!c Hace 7 horas
You can’t even lie The teachers pet video was good but hella uncomfortable
The Gomez Sister
The Gomez Sister Hace 7 horas
It was AWSOME i LOVED it its like a princcess story But the opposite of perfect Plz be 2 parts ❤❤❤
tika chu
tika chu Hace 7 horas
Love your songs ekkkkk
Co Smlls
Co Smlls Hace 7 horas
Every time a song ends, Crybaby’s hair changes. Kinda noticed that
kiwi kiwi
kiwi kiwi Hace 7 horas
A R T E.
Juno Fitzhugh
Juno Fitzhugh Hace 7 horas
Melanie Martinez: a girl who creates songs and one day toke up a challenge of a film The film also takes no payments Definition of Melanie Martinez is a angel
JinnieJinChimm Hace 7 horas
Can someone explain the plot of the story please? I just finished watching it and am a bit confused...
Luis Mtz
Luis Mtz Hace 7 horas
Sean Elliott
Sean Elliott Hace 7 horas
Is it illegal to sell a DVD/digital of a movie that's available completely free on youtube?
Cc Alison
Cc Alison Hace 7 horas
This is my first time watch this and also the first time watch Melanie Martinez’s MV . I was crying so much after I finished watched this...there has a lot of songs means to me so much... my heart actually had been touched it.
Jewel Msp
Jewel Msp Hace 7 horas
my gap between my teeth make me look a little like melanie lol
Cry baby in a crown
Cry baby in a crown Hace 7 horas
Cry baby in a crown
Cry baby in a crown Hace 7 horas
Cool ¿
Lizzie Harper-Nickerson
Tell me why when orange juice came on it looked like that they were praising an orange? Btw I LOVE YOU MELANIE ♡
maria medina
maria medina Hace 7 horas
Can we just appreciate Melanie’s friend THOSE ARE GOALS
Ponygirl & Cheerietay
Wait what happens
Jarath Rodriguez
Jarath Rodriguez Hace 7 horas
ironic. I watching this on the bus
Minh Thu
Minh Thu Hace 7 horas
This is creepy
Christina Ludwiczak
Christina Ludwiczak Hace 7 horas
This is neat
Sky Crystal
Sky Crystal Hace 7 horas
40:48 MY EYES
Minineow Cat
Minineow Cat Hace 7 horas
You're trash madam
pickle dilly
pickle dilly Hace 7 horas
“the ball is flying away” “oh shit” they way she said it im dying
hentia Bunny
hentia Bunny Hace 7 horas
15:40 yessssssss
Jaely Hace 7 horas
I have no clue what I’m watching but ok
My fingers are cracking And I'm dying
Omg ur sooo pretty! Btw I love the song “ nurse office “ actually...I should say I love this video! Like!
Bia_ r.A
Bia_ r.A Hace 7 horas
Melanie Martinez is a best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Fabian Hace 7 horas
just if you need to replay 0:00
I go to Texas
I go to Texas Hace 7 horas
There’s so many Easter eggs in this movie
Ocean & Freinds
Ocean & Freinds Hace 7 horas
This was amazing
Jeni Furtado
Jeni Furtado Hace 7 horas
Carina Hern
Carina Hern Hace 7 horas
If you love Melanie then like👎 down below
KarliEnchanted Hace 7 horas
Where are her tattoos?!
lijah Hace 7 horas
she covered them during filming
Soup Hace 7 horas
God, I wish I looked like her. I wish I had talent like her. Fuck, I wish I was her
Cry baby in a crown
Cry baby in a crown Hace 7 horas
U perfect gurl ♡
SAvvy SAnara
SAvvy SAnara Hace 7 horas
1:11:57 I wish sumone stressed for me😭😭
Chloe Chloe
Chloe Chloe Hace 7 horas
Bruh this is some weird shit...
Best Friend Studios
Best Friend Studios Hace 7 horas
omg I just noticed I'm eating milk and cookies :000
Miagacha Hace 7 horas
Kelley_fox Lovely15
Kelley_fox Lovely15 Hace 7 horas
I love this
Ale gria
Ale gria Hace 7 horas
I neeeeeed a continuation
Duda Pelegrini Maciel
I love Melanie Martinez
lily amy
lily amy Hace 7 horas
Sea Pink
Sea Pink Hace 7 horas
OMG! Cores pasteis
Heather Oberhaus
Heather Oberhaus Hace 7 horas
Just so you know guys she is making 2 more movies after this
Taeasna Meenaeka
Taeasna Meenaeka Hace 7 horas
Heather Oberhaus yay
Gabriel Vazquez
Gabriel Vazquez Hace 7 horas
In the song detention does anyone remember there being a “shhhh” in the song
Ieasha Mcmullan
Ieasha Mcmullan Hace 7 horas
NuUuUUuuuUUUuuuUuU why T^T
StrangerThings Walker
*You know what I love about this masterpiece? In her first album, she used some of the same props in this movie, saves up alot of money to put on ESvid for flipping free, and can sing so good.* *ISTG, Every singer I've heard of, hasn't done this. Please reply, if you have, BUT HONESTLY. THIS WARMS MY HEART. And I think the reason why Crybaby didn't go through the portal is because of Kelly.* I mean, in the ending she stays in the gym. In the beginning I HATED Kelly, until close to end.. I honestly wish the best for her. And I love how she added all those little details people might forget about in, shows or just movies. I'm impressed, Melanie. *EDIT; And spends 7MILLION FLIPPING DOLLARS*, TO PUT IT ON YT FOR FREE, AND NO ADS?* Istg, I would die for this girl. She covered anything I could think of. Like; Body Shaming. And the part where the teacher turned transgender, it touched my heart. Because my friend became trans. And, her name now is Nicola. And that part, the teacher was wearing transgender colours. *as in blue for boy, and pink for girl?* she adds in the littlest things, and makes them pop out. This movie describes my whole entire childhood. Damn. This made me almost cry, seeing her post a movie for free. This is long, and I may have repeated some things.. but jesus christ. We stan for her.*
Dear_ Queen gacha27
Dear_ Queen gacha27 Hace 7 horas
Mr.StubbieTheUnicorn 47
3:42 i was ready for her to turn around and sock someone
Izzy.doneen Hace 7 horas
Tell me why I started crying
jenna hullender
jenna hullender Hace 7 horas
Orange juice- about anxoria Shiw and tell- about being someone shes not to fit in Drama club- about people who aren’t how they are Strawberry shortcake- about women harresment
Magali Bonilla
Magali Bonilla Hace 7 horas
She may have a gap in her teeth but she still be slaying
Moon Child
Moon Child Hace 7 horas
Bro that killie girl is still in the castle how much in the second til there ass ganna come back ahhh😂❗️💔😭
Standly Rodriguez
Standly Rodriguez Hace 7 horas
Melanie: shut up if your not my type Billie: dont say im not ur type just say im not ur preference sexual orientation :v
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