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6 sep 2019






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saturn games
saturn games Hace 6 horas
awh shucks its for premium only 😢 time to buy premium instead of disney plus
Rosette Livian
Rosette Livian Hace 6 horas
im so sad I didn't get to watch this before it became premium only :sob:
Sone Say
Sone Say Hace 6 horas
i love it so much
Naw Paw
Naw Paw Hace 7 horas
Melanie could’ve got more views until youtube came in with a premium
Cintia Villagómez
Cintia Villagómez Hace 7 horas
no lunchbox friends, come to my friends let's die together.. so freaking emotional. I totally love this movie, I love Melanie is so damn pretty and talented, I wish i could sing like that, all i do is put the music on the headphones and sing like if i could do it; my parents always look at me like if i were crazy :v
Harley owo
Harley owo Hace 8 horas
I had to buy premium for this but it was *worth it.*
Astra.editss Hace 8 horas
It says it’s only for premium memebers
Ash Hace 8 horas
Does it say video only available for Music Premium members for anyone else because I see all these comments about it working.
Love edits 12340
Love edits 12340 Hace 8 horas
I can't watch is Melanie it says This video is only available to Music Premium members and u have your music on Spotify and I'm following you on Spotify and I'm subscribed and I turned the bell on
Lucia Rodriguez
Lucia Rodriguez Hace 8 horas
Y’all just download ESvid music and watch it on there or come back to ESvid after you downloaded it and you have premium
Dylan Hooper
Dylan Hooper Hace 9 horas
I love your work but I do not think it is fair to put it on ESvid music I really was looking forward to watching this. I still love u tho and keep up the great work👍🏻
Kaleb Hicks
Kaleb Hicks Hace 9 horas
It’s not free
Melix q
Melix q Hace 9 horas
hey, i thought this movie was boring at the start so i stopped watching and that happened when you were about to make the move only for music premium. I hate myself so doing that because i listened to your new music and it was hella GOOD and i saw spoilers of the movie the movie was also hella GOOD i think. :( im just sad. by the way ive been a supporter every since 2015 so i dont sound like i just heard your music
ḂḕṮṠẏ ḞḭḠṳḕṙṏḀ
Hey Melanie can you put it up just for 2 week more plz it's fjne if you don't want to Just saying and love you 💗😌
dorkgirl54 m
dorkgirl54 m Hace 10 horas
Aw I can't watch it now!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Takaru Gacha Galaxy
Takaru Gacha Galaxy Hace 10 horas
For those who like to watch K-12 for free and offline, I suggest you should copy the link and paste it here: ytmp3.cc/ Paste the link and just press MP4 and download. This may take up a lot of storage. If it does not work, the website is malfunctioning or your storage is not enough. It should take some time for you to see it on your device but I'm sure it works. Have a nice day!!❤
Evelyn, Evelyn Studios
Evelyn, Evelyn Studios
Copper な
Copper な Hace 10 horas
“This video is only available to music premium members” welp I’m going to watch it no matter what so here I come
Unique Erika Castillo
Unique Erika Castillo Hace 10 horas
It's only for youtube premium
Isabella Russell
Isabella Russell Hace 10 horas
Melanie, please un-premium this😢 I'm becoming a crybaby since I cannot watch again
Luna playz
Luna playz Hace 10 horas
Plot twist: *They never got a pic with Melanie*
cup of tea
cup of tea Hace 11 horas
cup of tea
cup of tea Hace 6 horas
Fire Work2 how do u do it?
Fire Work2
Fire Work2 Hace 10 horas
cup of tea download ESvid music and watch it free💕
Alexa Potter
Alexa Potter Hace 11 horas
Im surprised there wasn’t anything about P.E / Gym
Gih Gacha
Gih Gacha Hace 11 horas
I wanna watch it so badly...
Dylan Pack
Dylan Pack Hace 11 horas
👁👄👁 U👄U ⚫️👄⚫️
Jimmy McDonald's
Jimmy McDonald's Hace 11 horas
•itz jaycee•
•itz jaycee• Hace 12 horas
Nobody: Not a single soul: ESvid: *only available to MUSIC PREMUIM MEMBERS*
Ocean Eyes
Ocean Eyes Hace 12 horas
I wanna see it again
layla mathias
layla mathias Hace 12 horas
Hey my name is Layla
Sad Saturn
Sad Saturn Hace 12 horas
That's just great!
m u l t i
m u l t i Hace 12 horas
Im glad i saw the movie before this is only for premium members.
WolfQueenMorgan :3
WolfQueenMorgan :3 Hace 12 horas
Nuuu it no longer completely free
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou Hace 13 horas
FUCK!! Great now I’m sad. I was always too busy to watch it, and I was planning on watching it today now I can’t. Well shit
Fire Work2
Fire Work2 Hace 10 horas
Download ESvid premium and watch it free💕
Nopekrol Hace 13 horas
Glad I could watch it before it was only available for music premium members🙏🏽
2cooll_ 4skool
2cooll_ 4skool Hace 13 horas
Cori Chan
Cori Chan Hace 13 horas
you can tell in the live chat who wasn’t a fan of her music bc they’re like, “oh this is creepy!!” or “ewwww!!” like this isn’t that scary, if anything, this makes me feel happy and excited. melanie did a great job on her movie and im proud of her. btw, when nurse’s office came on, I DIED-
Ķűķį Ćhăň
Ķűķį Ćhăň Hace 14 horas
Guys she spent 7 million dollar to make this movie and even she uploaded on her Channel so we can watch it and now some of you guys saying "WHYYYYY ISNT THAT FREE I WANNA WATCH IT MOREEEEE 😭😭" Like seriously? You should be respectful that you watched it free
H R Hace 14 horas
It says only for premium music members now
Gacha Blue TR
Gacha Blue TR Hace 14 horas
Why this is premium .c
o3rianna YT
o3rianna YT Hace 11 horas
Because it was free for a month and Melanie spent millions of dollars on it
shireen uwu
shireen uwu Hace 14 horas
Gacha Blue TR it’s only fair
Wazup Girl
Wazup Girl Hace 15 horas
I love this but when I tried to watch it again it said this video is only available to music premium members
Joy *
Joy * Hace 15 horas
All of us og fans watched this before it was premium
BeautyCommunity on CrAcK
why is this only for music premium????????
Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread Man Hace 15 horas
melanie please upload teacher's pet
Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread Man Hace 16 horas
drama club 6# song favorite
bible study we are all children of Jesus
WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT LILITH 😨😨😨 BROOO , Lilith , from ebrean mythology , the fall of Lucifer??? C’MOOONNN , FIRST WOMAN OF ADAN .BROOOOOO , WHYYY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THAATTT :*****(((((
Gacha Cookie
Gacha Cookie Hace 16 horas
Give me part 2!!!!!
Rainbow Bow
Rainbow Bow Hace 16 horas
I'm so happy I watched this before it turned to Premium members only
Alexandra M
Alexandra M Hace 16 horas
Why is it no longer available 😖
E. Ariel
E. Ariel Hace 16 horas
Because you have to pay for it on ESvid Music Premium
LMAO! Hace 17 horas
U guys who wanna watch it, Search K-12 google drive ((:
Ton H
Ton H Hace 17 horas
te amo ❤️
Sn Trouxinha
Sn Trouxinha Hace 17 horas
Kry - baby - 12 シ
Kry - baby - 12 シ Hace 18 horas
I luv Melanie Martinez uwu I luv the films :0 Perfeeeect!
Mako Sako
Mako Sako Hace 18 horas
I saw You comin to my Munich!!! cant wait to hear and c you miss Martinez.... love you big time!!!
Sõph Pineãpplę
Sõph Pineãpplę Hace 18 horas
Elena Santillan
Elena Santillan Hace 19 horas
Like cry babys forever
Francielly Santos
Francielly Santos Hace 19 horas
Muito bom,porém é uma pena não ter legendas 😥😭 e nem ele dublado😭
Maria luiza Souza
Maria luiza Souza Hace 20 horas
Poxa pq tao perfeito cara
HelpICannot ThinkOfaName
Where can i buy premium
Queen Punch
Queen Punch Hace 20 horas
Why it’s not working
E. Ariel
E. Ariel Hace 16 horas
Because you have to pay it on ESvid premium
Rochelle Baldecir
Rochelle Baldecir Hace 20 horas
I just noticed, why is there a dog barking in every song?
Jelaisk Kowalski
Jelaisk Kowalski Hace 22 horas
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