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Melon Music Awards 2018 BTS WHO ARE YOU멜론뮤직어워드

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1 dic 2018






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Jiminisgod Hace 3 horas
Why hasn't anyone commented on how much Jin's Dancing has improved?? HOLY SHIZZ
RandomARMYpandafan Hace 5 horas
Jin doesnt even need to dance...he just exists and its enough
Yashasri M
Yashasri M Hace 7 horas
Idkm, but I'm so impressed by their performance and the way they represent their culture Everyone had to see till the end!😘😘
Cranberry Sprite
Cranberry Sprite Hace 9 horas
3:14 PeRsOnA?
Ngọc Nguyễn
Ngọc Nguyễn Hace 11 horas
jungkook very cute
Solci Roch
Solci Roch Hace 21 un hora
Please @RMY remember vote in soompi app we go losing on two categories. @rmys latinas! Descarguen la app de soompi y voten por ßt§. Vamos perdiendo en dos categorías y quedan 5 días para votar.. Somos el fandom más grande de los grupos de kpop no podemos perder. Avisen!!
이럴슈가 뷔상사태야
It hard to show cultural aspects through kpop... BTS: here, hold ma beer
Alondra Sastre
Alondra Sastre Hace un día
Hermoso me encantó 😍😍😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤🤤♥️♥️♥️♥️
Rebecca Edger
Rebecca Edger Hace un día
Namjoon made me feel very attacked
Rebecca Edger
Rebecca Edger Hace un día
Tbh they all did
Chaimae Belmaarouf
Chaimae Belmaarouf Hace un día
Just to remind you guys, the duration of the performance has increased from 2016 till 2018. I am so proud of them BTS. From 8 min to 20 min. 😭😭😭 My tears .
علي احمد
علي احمد Hace un día
WOW Can any body talk about all backup dancers and cameramen they did very will...
BTS Jungkook
BTS Jungkook Hace un día
HATERS: BTS has forgotten it's Korean culture. BTS: You want culture here you go.
Hồng nhung Nguyễn thị
I love watching them live more than th MV
tha than
tha than Hace 2 días
I have installed BTS Wallpaper HD 2019. This is awesome app for fans of BTS. Try it here play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.beautywall.bts.wallpaper.offline
KIM.TAE. OH Hace 2 días
Yes bitchs they are BTS 💜💜 fuck you haters 👊👊
Bangtan is love I stan BTS.
1k ppl disliked this? Like what the freakin' hell?!! I mean if u don't like BTS atleast admire their design and stage presence.... well u know what antis? Can't respect so don't even try to disrespect! MAKE IT CLEAR!!
Angelita Bustamante
Angelita Bustamante Hace 2 días
I love you bts army forever and ever ❤
Angelita Bustamante
Angelita Bustamante Hace 2 días
Wow that presentation lt was crazy and extraordinary 👌😍❤😘
S. A.
S. A. Hace 3 días
IT'S FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍
Kyla Amat
Kyla Amat Hace 3 días
What happen to jimins voice HAHAHHA OMG
It's Me
It's Me Hace 3 días
Lễ trao giải mà cảm giác như concert của mấy anh luôn, rợp Bomb😆
Gucci Gang Tae
Gucci Gang Tae Hace 3 días
Here before persona drops uwu
Foli Tirua
Foli Tirua Hace 4 días
Sigo sin superar esto😊
Rose Roses
Rose Roses Hace 4 días
Damn that's cool
Bedazzle Juju
Bedazzle Juju Hace 4 días
F^¥king breathtaking.
Mehri Arzu
Mehri Arzu Hace 4 días
Andrea Lee
Andrea Lee Hace 5 días
clao Hace 5 días
Too much screams.
Laarni joy Del rosario
the best stage ever ,..with BTS on it ...it was like a dream performance any artist could evet dreampt of ...amazing beyond amazing and greatness at its finest..
Arianne Chua
Arianne Chua Hace 5 días
Still iconic
Zlata Zlata
Zlata Zlata Hace 5 días
Eto prosto neveroyatno 👀
DanyIllegible Hace 5 días
Wow... would like to give about a thousand likes for this performance!
seema moosai
seema moosai Hace 5 días
God I love these guys
dinh van
dinh van Hace 5 días
Ayano Yami
Ayano Yami Hace 5 días
chồng ai lên hốt đi để thế kia mất máu con dân quá
Chim chim Park chimny
How many colors do u want ? BTS: yes
barbara yañez
barbara yañez Hace 6 días
Quien es el que está detrás de la mascara
o o
o o Hace 6 días
ok lol i was always criticizing bts and i even commented in bigbang’s perfomances that they would never reach bigbang’s level but that was AWESOME! i thought exo would be the one to make perfomances like that but i was wrong. even tho i’m not attracted at all about bts’ songs and i find their old songs better, this perfomances was truly blessed. they did amazing, no one can’t deny it, definitely the perfomance of the night.
bentata karima
bentata karima Hace 6 días
BTS kings of kpop period.
serendipity Hace 6 días
*And people still keep discussing about how Bangtan been that famous. LOL FUNNY* *THEY RULE THE WORLD*
pau tdleon
pau tdleon Hace 6 días
Now I rewatched this for many time on the intro itself the map your soul era was their the self when jungkook enter the door the animus when he see his reflection and the shadow of his back is the members and last is the persona the mask they have... OMG hahaah... They really hook me up to them I can't escape haahaha I purple you BTS
Khanh Tran
Khanh Tran Hace 6 días
This is LEGENDARY. Am still screaming when I am rewatching this amazing live stage.
Yuli Flor
Yuli Flor Hace 6 días
Can someone tell me what it says on RM's chest!!!!! Please
popo6579 Hace 6 días
I love BTS.... But BIG BANG tho
jen gamab
jen gamab Hace 6 días
was it jin in the last of idol as a center? OMG
Shino See
Shino See Hace 7 días
This is performance and art combined. BTS...I have no words. Props to all of the crew who worked hard for this stage and props to all of the backup dancers. Bighit and BTS...Amazing.
Daniel Medina
Daniel Medina Hace 7 días
07:02 😏😏😂
Kayyy Hace 7 días
ximena FLORES
ximena FLORES Hace 7 días
Ram Urbano
Ram Urbano Hace 7 días
Eh bts batang supot
ChloeJk Hace 7 días
Madonna mia che performance!!!!!!! Io li amo sono unici
SAF KEV Hace 7 días
MusicLove K
MusicLove K Hace 8 días
Anyone here after the PERSONA thing? I'm shook
Yelizaveta Ursuliak
Yelizaveta Ursuliak Hace 7 días
This is totally the theme of the next album
Marinela Kirilova
Marinela Kirilova Hace 8 días
I'm fell in love with BTS !!! Their boundary is endless cosmos!!! O my... They are EPIC!!!
Milena Germany
Milena Germany Hace 8 días
Anyone noticed "PERSONA" ?!
Diego Army
Diego Army Hace 8 días
Persona :ooo
Toriè Hace 9 días
7:02 , ur welcome😉😂💜
cristina piquer
cristina piquer Hace 9 días
La berdad me dejan sin palabra quiero ir a berlo personalmente me encanta me deja sin aliento yapooo
Plava Rivera
Plava Rivera Hace 9 días
If they actually do this on their concerts, i will totally watch it no matter how high it costs because everything is just so 😘
Fiona Lanuevo
Fiona Lanuevo Hace 9 días
Ah Ny
Ah Ny Hace 9 días
Bantang is the best 💋💋💋💋
Tonie San Jose
Tonie San Jose Hace 9 días
Forever an Army, Forever my BTS!!!
Baek Hyeon
Baek Hyeon Hace 9 días
When you see red hair you know for sure its V 😂
april99 cp
april99 cp Hace 9 días
Suga sold jimin's jams for 3 dollars
ARMY is not a fandom anymore. It's a cult.
아이린 Hace 10 días
Now that the new album was released, I can't help but read PERSONA on the boxes behind them. I stan intellectuals! 😭😭😭
Jazmín Cordero
Jazmín Cordero Hace 10 días
One word: AMAZING!! 💜😂💜
Ishita Mandy
Ishita Mandy Hace 10 días
1:57 me when i am trying to find where did i put my phone
Analie Tabangay
Analie Tabangay Hace 10 días
One word..AMAZING...!!!!😍😍❤❤👍👍💜💜💜
Happy Pear
Happy Pear Hace 10 días
Anyone else come back to see if it spelt persona 💀💀
Hamna Batool
Hamna Batool Hace 10 días
Hamna Batool
Hamna Batool Hace 10 días
Who came here for theories?
Yelizaveta Ursuliak
Yelizaveta Ursuliak Hace 7 días
Me 🙋 They'll wear those masks again in their music videos, not just in the extended versions or for a performance. I think we should pay attention to Japanese versions and extended versions for good theories
Chocolate Cheeks
Chocolate Cheeks Hace 10 días
Anyone else rewatching this March 2019 looking for theories for of the new album? :)
Chocolate Cheeks
Chocolate Cheeks Hace 6 días
+Esther Ke i'm too stupid to come up with any theories. you have any better luck? lol
Esther Ke
Esther Ke Hace 6 días
yessss me!
Sejal Pawar
Sejal Pawar Hace 11 días
They were giving us hints for there new album all the time you can see PERSONA 3:12 I am so sorry that I couldn’t recognised this 😓😭
Yelizaveta Ursuliak
Yelizaveta Ursuliak Hace 7 días
That's not the only one, the masks and the opening sequence are Persona hints, too
Axel Mendoza
Axel Mendoza Hace 11 días
Maddie Sanders
Maddie Sanders Hace 11 días
Why am I loving these guys so much? I am a ARMYGAMMA!!! They make me smile so much!! The dance is spectacular in every way’!!! They are Army’s Family’n
hana love bts
hana love bts Hace 11 días
I comeback here because it really mind blowing how they put a hint here for the MAP OF THE SOUL PERSONA the mask in fake love is not really for fake love it is for the next album and as you can see on 3:14 the boxes are Spell PERSONA the other hint are on their 2018 mama Hong Kong vcr performance
Bem Yumnam
Bem Yumnam Hace 11 días
I would be the happiest person in this world if I could see a live stage of BTS even if it's not a concert..... 😢😢😢😢
符泽琳 Hace 11 días
Arguably the best performance ever in Kpop award shows.
cha Luna
cha Luna Hace 12 días
Jimin is always the pride of bts in show he's always the center and with the most thing to do happy they got each other's
BulletProofGirls Bangtan
Анна Младенова
silvrr spoon
silvrr spoon Hace 12 días
true performers
Umaima Imran
Umaima Imran Hace 13 días
9:06 how?.....
idolsonyeondan Hace 13 días
At the end of IDOL where they all spin and then sit down,,,, [chef’s kiss]
InfiredArmy Hace 13 días
I can't believe they will have a comeback soon. Like I'm still not over Fake Love I still get friggin goosebumps
Say P
Say P Hace 13 días
I dont think those who dislike this are even human. Sorry haters you dont deserve to be human. May be they are just heartless idiot haters. Before pressing dislike button at least try to dance like jin rap like jimin and sing like suga. Our 7 Princes are best in the world. Proud to be an ARMY.
Victoria Ware
Victoria Ware Hace 13 días
The best performance i've ever seen 😘
Kaori Han
Kaori Han Hace 13 días
Is theres somewhere remix of fake love which BTS are dancing to from the beginning of this awards?
I know it is 2019 but i can’t stop watching this
Amina Army
Amina Army Hace 14 días
i wish i was that mask on bts 's pretty faces
Amina Army
Amina Army Hace 14 días
Im dead
Marlijn2002 Hace 14 días
Ohmygod I litterally died at the zoom of Jungkooks abs 7:02
Lizzy Harper
Lizzy Harper Hace 14 días
Best performance of the night BY FAR! Like explodingly good!
Victoria Hostler
Victoria Hostler Hace 14 días
“BTS are too westernized” y’all hear sumn?
Purple Jamzzz
Purple Jamzzz Hace 14 días
Here to watch it again cuz I can't get over it😂
K Hawthorne
K Hawthorne Hace 15 días
BTS Melon Music Awards 2018 1. Fake Love 2. Airplane Pt.2 3. Idol
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