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Pick A Card Love Relationship Twin Flame Tarot Reading - MESSAGES FROM YOUR PERSON ❤️
This video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to to reveal your message. Here are the timestamps for each card:
Cards 1) 2:01
Cards 2) 16:03
Cards 3) 34:00
Cards 4) 54:46
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I hope you enjoy the reading!
Love and Light to you! 💖✨
Karen x
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Soul Whispers Tarot
Soul Whispers Tarot Hace 2 meses
Cards 1) 2:01 Cards 2) 16:03 Cards 3) 34:00 Cards 4) 54:46 "How Does He Feel About Me?" Readings Playlist: esvid.net/group/PLwa_-rYGCZZWK3zP--imX0gWhrHVwGVdU
Devanshi Raval
Devanshi Raval Hace un mes
Pile 3
Bernadette Bernadette
#2 ...Thank you so much ... :-)
Jessica Hace un mes
Marcella Butler
Marcella Butler Hace un mes
#1 and #4 both resonated.
lila 1215
lila 1215 Hace un mes
Shannon Joy
Shannon Joy Hace 12 días
Number 4: anyone ever want to know why child abuse and just abuse in general fucks with your head just watch this one. All things I knew already because i feel that too LOL. Only time can help it really.
Jessica Grayson
Jessica Grayson Hace 13 días
SiroTheWolf Hace 16 días
every reading has something in common its weird i don't want to beleave he might come back because ya know... also got num 2 i want to be able to be his healing light i want to be there for him.
Stephanie Krol
Stephanie Krol Hace 21 un día
Thank you
JIMIN'S LOST JAMS Hace 25 días
I’m trying to base this on someone else but my mind keeps saying this is what my ex is thinking and I want my mind to stop
Trúc Hồng Việt
Trúc Hồng Việt Hace 25 días
Cards 4 :)
halo merric
halo merric Hace 28 días
#4 oooffff
love star
love star Hace 29 días
His is so confusing 😁😁😁😁😁
Silvia Hsu
Silvia Hsu Hace un mes
3thank u for ur reading
FeelGood Within
FeelGood Within Hace un mes
He is not only guy in universe. M done now. I have freewill in my life 😝 😍 I don't care about labels anymore. He can think anything. You cannot stop anyone from thinking crap. To hell with him. I hate him. I have not seen coward person than him. In my dream also I won't talk to him. M so grateful I broke up.
Midorin 00
Midorin 00 Hace un mes
#2 I cried a lot...
Xen A
Xen A Hace un mes
#3. Omg! This is so true, but it hurts so much. I lose him( he is silent) and I also lose myself.... I feel so lost. - It really seems like I was in love with a fantasy, I feel like everything it was an illusion.. I chase him. I wanted more from him. He told me that I didn’t love him for who he is..... There was imbalance. I gave and gave and he was sitting and do nothing
Shamim Mbabazi
Shamim Mbabazi Hace un mes
Pile 3 Oh my God Am crying everything is reasonted
Sasha Musman
Sasha Musman Hace un mes
Pile 3 doesn’t resonate - you go on and on about the same topic rAther repetitive zzzzzz
Anthea Lai
Anthea Lai Hace un mes
1 thank you
Felicia Natrese
Felicia Natrese Hace un mes
Pile 2 whew!
Katherine Romaine
Katherine Romaine Hace un mes
What are the name of the decks?
agender-cookie Hace un mes
I choose nr 2 and i have no idea if it's about my person, but i myself relate to this reading so much. I get it a lot lately with readings,maybe i'm my own soulmate 😂 or maybe it's the universe telling me to finally heal 🙈 anyway, i felt like listening to the last pile as well,so i wonder what it's going to be about :)
Sharan Kaur
Sharan Kaur Hace un mes
Anyone else craving for donut?? Hehe Tbh.. Reading were so accurate and detailed. 😬
Emily Llewellyn Brown
Wow, every single one resonates with me so much. Thank you. I get the same readings everytime.
Peradaban 7000
Peradaban 7000 Hace un mes
Pile #2
AnAn Hace un mes
#2 omg another good reading ❤️🙏
Xoo Xoo
Xoo Xoo Hace un mes
This is so enlightening. Thank you. I choose #2 and yup, he's exactly as you've described him.
Alicia Leme
Alicia Leme Hace un mes
Heavy readings... all donuts colors OMG
yug prabhat
yug prabhat Hace un mes
Chooses #1
Joy In Light Creations
Point on!
GGcomment Hace un mes
Chose Pile #3, it is so accurate to my situation. There is a guy who I met only a couple months ago, and we started hanging out right away. I had a huge crush on him, but he said he was only seeking friendship. As I've gotten to know him as friends he would say things like "when a girl likes me, I think what does she see in me? Why me?" Which you pointed out. We talk nearly every day and hang out often. And while I honour that he wants to be friends, there is still a part of me that wonders.
realitysuuuck k
realitysuuuck k Hace un mes
i didnt feel any connection to any of the cards... so i watched pile 2 and 4 and it makes sense like some parts from here and there
S T Hace un mes
Anonymous Hace un mes
Pile #2, everything you said is accurate. I was my twin flame's mother in at least one past life, and it is so tempting to want to console him and help him to 'fix' his wounds in a way, but I know he's never going to grow on his own if I interfere. So now I'm trying to concentrate on myself, and if we meet, we meet, if we don't, we don't. Thank you so much ♥
Delsa Zitha
Delsa Zitha Hace un mes
There are no comments I've run out of words I rest my case. There are to many expression in this reading .
StellaPastLife Hace un mes
#2 nice reading.
Anila Namboodiri
Anila Namboodiri Hace un mes
Chose pack 3. Very good reading!
Throw Away
Throw Away Hace un mes
Chose number one and it resonated
MarKus Romero
MarKus Romero Hace un mes
#4 I never project onto her. I genuinely do love her....it has nothing to do with abandonment or anything i just accept everything about her because its her. I accept her flaws and i am genuinely just giving because she deserves it. She doesn't have to live up to anything....
Jen Beulke
Jen Beulke Hace un mes
Blown away yet again xxx
ღRoma Peopleღ
ღRoma Peopleღ Hace un mes
This was for me spot on almost scary!
Rose minda Medina
Rose minda Medina Hace un mes
Honey Treats
Honey Treats Hace un mes
#3 i actually have the same fears as him. I know he likes me but hes not giving in for some reason. Im scared that my feelings for him would disappear if he admits his feelings. I had already liked him but only started investing when i noticed that he’s the only guy who wouldnt throw themselves all over me. I dont want to sound arrogant but it just is what it is.
Taurus Girl
Taurus Girl Hace un mes
Number 4 sounds as if a narcissist is being described to me; as a psychotherapist, I do not say that lightly. Reading between the lines here but: Chronic insecurity? self pity? selfishness? being forced to Love an illusion of them? I enjoy tarot readings, and am open to unconventional, and spiritual tools that can help people see possible blind spots, which I suspect was your aim. And I say that because I watch your videos often, and have noticed that they tend to have a psychological theme, which can be a slippery slope, and carry a lot of responsibility, but up until now, I personally have appreciated your efforts as they appeared genuine, and also, I believe it is important for people to understand how the subconscious, or even unconscious behaviors of themselves or others, may be impacting their connections. But you lost me somewhere with this one. Clearly there was advice/guidance/ caution etc. being given to those watching, but I am unsure as to whether you are suggesting that whoever chose pile 4 is loving too much, or that they are loving the wrong person too much? My personal and professional experience is that (HEALTHY) people do not have a problem with being loved purely and it would be (NORMAL) for most people to approach love that way. With that said, I would agree that people need to be more discriminating with whom they choose to share their lives with. There is an important distinction. I do not believe it helpful, or empowering to viewers/subscribers to be led to think that they are somehow to blame or doing something wrong because the individual they may be dealing with has issues; that's a lot of potential damage to be done based on presupposition, or someone else's intuition, in the first place. I think your readings have much depth, and therefore can be powerful to people, but as the old adage goes, "with great power comes great responsibility."
Anita Bhattacharjee
Deck 2....whatever u said is true...five years this cat and mice game is going on. When he is emotionally available I m not and vice versa. Maybe we both have trust issues.
Constance Chovet
Constance Chovet Hace un mes
Wow... It makes sense. I choose cards2 and cards3 and feel like cards2 were related to him and cards3 related to me. He wants to go forward and make effort, he is not stable in his life and I feel that his words are not genuine. I'm still believing he wants to be with me just for the idea of being in couple, not because it's me. We can't really find each other because we are both fighting with our ideas and fears even if we are both attracted to each other. Thank you ❤ Your reading was clear, it's helpfull 🙏
Hathor 5
Hathor 5 Hace un mes
Totally resonate with card 2 pink 👍🏼Thank you Soul Whispers 🙏🏻🙌🏼✨💫✨💫
LACHELLE Mays Hace un mes
#3 is so what im going through💔
FeelGood Within
FeelGood Within Hace un mes
Oh really lol M very much happy by alone. Actually I was idiot who thought it was love. I don't expect anything from him. Universe send me songs 24hrs. I don't even understand all this. I don't Wana hurt anyone else thts I didn't date anyone else. Now I will do. To hell with him.
Delta Psych
Delta Psych Hace un mes
Pile 4 - 54:46
Cait Loves Kitty
Cait Loves Kitty Hace un mes
This is wild. I’ve been craving chocolate & oranges like no other. I ate mountains of both before I got my period 3 days ago. I was also seeing the number 33 every where for about 3 weeks. This is spot on with the Mirroring.
booricua Hace un mes
My pile was #1 and it was exactly spot on. My hubby and I are separated and we are both grieving and trying to heal I’m so lost without him and I want to make things right. And I pray he does as well this reading gives me hope. Thank you
rafa carazzai
rafa carazzai Hace un mes
#1 - looking forward for that passionate new beginning... make this relationship a reality
Rosella Boselli
Rosella Boselli Hace un mes
thank you
Jade Williamson
Jade Williamson Hace un mes
Pile 2 wow ur spot on thank you 😊
Aya Aya
Aya Aya Hace un mes
Card 2 You speak such you are with us OMG!
Tianlan Dai
Tianlan Dai Hace un mes
Pile 4. Great reading! Definitely resonates.
Eugene Chung
Eugene Chung Hace un mes
4. Was right on the spot....
Shiela Marie
Shiela Marie Hace un mes
#3 crying so hard right now😭😩 my intuition telling me this😢
brijanand sharma Ghoorun
Pile 2 She cut me off all of a sudden She knows I am a very caring and empowering
gaeafforu only
gaeafforu only Hace un mes
no. 2 😔
Lovely Fins
Lovely Fins Hace un mes
I chose deck 4 and it was so true that it hurt. But it's the good kind of pain, the kind necessary for understanding and growth. I need to validate and heal my own childhood wounds. It's not his responsibility.
Jai Tazel
Jai Tazel Hace un mes
Pile 2: ♑️✨♍️
badassbiggirl Hace un mes
Deck 2 was on the money omg. Thank you
M & M 's
M & M 's Hace un mes
4 and 2...thanks Karen! Spot on 🙂
STARSK - Hace un mes
I love the donuts! food and tarot should combine more often 😋
Miss Khaleesi
Miss Khaleesi Hace un mes
#3 Damn. 😭
Julie Boun
Julie Boun Hace un mes
All the donuts looked so good, it was hard to pick one
Kelly Hace un mes
Group 1 on point, he said a lot of those things to me. I’m tired of giving him chances and letting him in whenever he wants and then snap out of nowhere. I want something fresh and light, I want an easygoing relationship
lovehealsforever Hace un mes
No 1 very helpful and so true.
ASAP18 Hace un mes
Card 3- “ They wanted you to keep chasing them” LMAO I’m chasing Chase! 😭
nanadee25 Hace un mes
Kendra Shay
Kendra Shay Hace un mes
Pile 3
Nucstar Hace un mes
Wow, spot on 😱😱😱
Miki N
Miki N Hace un mes
wow. I picked the first deck and its incredible how accurate you are. bless
Tina Gilbert
Tina Gilbert Hace un mes
Bonnie Beats
Bonnie Beats Hace un mes
Wow, thank you so much for this extensive reading. The clarity and guidance it offered is unmatched. Thank you 🙏🏼
Jordan P
Jordan P Hace un mes
#2 resonated so much, thank you so much for this I really needed to hear these things ❤️
Honey Brown
Honey Brown Hace un mes
Wow wow wow!!! You keep hitting the nail on the head with your readings....I picked pile number 2, it definitely resonated with me.... I definitely sense that he is in a dark place but all i can do is love him from a distance. Im now trying to move on with my life and focus more on myself but i know for a fact that our chapter isn’t over, just on pause!!!
Gemma Wang
Gemma Wang Hace un mes
#3 You dissect his behind the scene too well dear 😂😂 Thank you btw... I enjoy this reading 😊💕
De’Sandra Oshay
De’Sandra Oshay Hace un mes
Thank you ☺️ pile 3 resonated perfectly.
It’s crazy that I’ve been clicking on a few videos and all the cards I picked suggested the same message that’s also accurate. Thank you✨
Fragile Life
Fragile Life Hace un mes
Pile 4, it's all about me. Hermm
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