Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills w/ Gloom

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Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills -
7 Second Riddles: esvid.net/show-UCttF...
Gloom: esvid.net/video/vídeo-mjkx0FyFIfc.html
Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills w/ Gloom
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Araliz Vazquez
Araliz Vazquez Hace 14 horas
Janez Saris
Janez Saris Hace 22 horas
In i Play Raft and i go lost at sea for ever
Desiree Bowen
Desiree Bowen Hace un día
Did anyone notice that Azzy said number a in the riddle involving the wizard?😑😑😂😂😑😑😂😂
Kenz Mer
Kenz Mer Hace 2 días
I Hate The Second One! And The First
Kenz Mer
Kenz Mer Hace 2 días
... Azzy and Gloom I LOVE YA!!! I Subscribed To YOUR Channl Because Your Amazing! GO GIRLS
Izzy Jeffcoat
Izzy Jeffcoat Hace 5 días
Nelly Timothee
Nelly Timothee Hace 9 días
You you skip two riddles
Inosuke Hashibira
Inosuke Hashibira Hace 10 días
10:27 “Number A” 😂
Mary Combs
Mary Combs Hace 10 días
Number A?
Abdoul Diallo
Abdoul Diallo Hace 12 días
It is d
Angel playz
Angel playz Hace 14 días
Can I get a like😶
Fishy Foxy
Fishy Foxy Hace 14 días
13:20 that mom is thicccccccc
trey shockley
trey shockley Hace 16 días
Both will die because he shoots him then he falls
Tats Arts Creations
Tats Arts Creations Hace 17 días
I love you girl’s
Tats Arts Creations
Tats Arts Creations Hace 17 días
Madison Moore
Madison Moore Hace 18 días
The mother did it
Jade Jordan & Jude
Jade Jordan & Jude Hace 19 días
Jade Jordan & Jude
Jade Jordan & Jude Hace 19 días
Bichs🌭🍟😐🤔😑😶😗B-) :-$ :-! :-[ :-( :'( :O :O =-O
Jade Jordan & Jude
Jade Jordan & Jude Hace 19 días
bro rocks
bro rocks Hace 19 días
Azzy is your name really azzy
Peter Herrera Jr
Peter Herrera Jr Hace 19 días
I do
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Hace 22 días
giv me a lake if you lake azzy
Sir Loc
Sir Loc Hace 24 días
1: wait until you are deep into the water 2: There is no such thing as 502 because they're are only 3 floors 3: It was Will because all of the words with 'Will' works 4: Go with B because at least you can keep yourself active and keep your energy 5: Harry is wanted and she left 6: Betty was getting fired and she wanted to get revenge 7: B 8: put 1 in each corner and then someone in the middle 9: The mother because she only prepared three plates 10: Sally used the blow-dryer
Frenie Ball
Frenie Ball Hace 26 días
Why would you want to help a robber😂😂😂
Michelle Walker
Michelle Walker Hace 26 días
it is ston
Roach Valiek
Roach Valiek Hace 26 días
The answers to #1 are all wrong. Unless its a crappy up-armored humvee, most vehicles of this type are sealed and pressurized in case they come in contact with any gas (cs, mustard, chlorine, sarin, etc) so they still wouldnt be able to open the door.
april fogle
april fogle Hace 27 días
Realization: Lily and Betty. Riverdale. Lili Reinhart plays Betty Cooper. Lily and Betty. Wrong Lili but I mean... Btw I'm just saying. I know it has nothing to do with Riverdale. Don't hate me.
kristen Harshbarger
kristen Harshbarger Hace 27 días
On the show and it said somebody was being murdered in a hotel
kristen Harshbarger
kristen Harshbarger Hace 27 días
It says hotel on the building he went in
Claire Russell
Claire Russell Hace 28 días
did anyone else catch azzy say number A?
Halunka Records
Halunka Records Hace 28 días
Rainbow Gal Pal
Rainbow Gal Pal Hace 28 días
ok but azzy literally said number A lol. 10:26
Kaysie Velasco
Kaysie Velasco Hace 29 días
I dare kassie to send a video saying how to slam the door
Valerie Ford
Valerie Ford Hace un mes
The answer is. B.👍👍👍👍👍
Betty Welch
Betty Welch Hace un mes
Hi I'm betty and I'm your fan and I love your ESvid videos so much. Bye.
Paul Richardson
Paul Richardson Hace un mes
Emma the mother bid it
Abdul Sani
Abdul Sani Hace un mes
Love it 3:08
Audrey is bad at YouTube
you and 5 other survivors *only shows 5 survivors*
Amy Klucas
Amy Klucas Hace un mes
chris duffield
chris duffield Hace un mes
the mom
covers 4u
covers 4u Hace un mes
5:56 azzy: you and 5 other survivers Me: (counts the people) Me again: there r only 5 people Azzy: the problem is your stranded on an island Me : I PROBABLY DIED ALREADY!!!!!
Lily Johnson
Lily Johnson Hace un mes
Azzy: blurs knife. Gloom: f*** it. Let em see
Janique Anderson
Janique Anderson Hace un mes
The sisters bro
Samaa Elmougy
Samaa Elmougy Hace un mes
I love you Azzy
Katherine Flores
Katherine Flores Hace un mes
8:41 azzy said for people instead of three
Amethyst Black
Amethyst Black Hace un mes
did nobody notice that Azzy said number A also? lmao
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury Hace un mes
10:44 why arent the armors all the same if the guards are in the same group?
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury Hace un mes
7:10 also if they send only some people to call help how are those people going to know how to get back to the island with help?
Reagan Mahoney
Reagan Mahoney Hace un mes
you guys should react to a share your story togather
Daisy Perkens
Daisy Perkens Hace un mes
At 13:40 it was the mom because she set up for 3 people and they are a family of 4!
George Collier
George Collier Hace un mes
10:58 Azzy it’s called a Mace
George Collier
George Collier Hace un mes
Plot twist (Who killed George): Leo killed him!
kilah Williams
kilah Williams Hace un mes
William D. Piechotta
Niall Schutte
Niall Schutte Hace un mes
carl razor
carl razor Hace un mes
katelynn johnson
katelynn johnson Hace un mes
it was the mom because she only set up 3 plates and cups
Reyzo 092
Reyzo 092 Hace un mes
Who wantching this in 2020? Love kassy and azzy
Emthara Cadet élève
#Titanic goals
wandulinska D
wandulinska D Hace un mes
Vu reno lu dar
Lisa Cory
Lisa Cory Hace un mes
The mom
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