Met Gala 2021 Fashion Review

Kelsey Kreppel
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we are back baby!!! fashionistas for life!

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Met Gala 2021 Fashion Review

Kelsey Kreppel

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20 sep 2021






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Violet Stavisky
Violet Stavisky Hace 10 horas
Ummm hunter shafer?? Also the other youtubers that were there?!? Lol love you guys
Sky Wohllaib
Sky Wohllaib Hace 14 horas
Why does it feel like the met gala was two days ago?
Siobhan Hernandez
Siobhan Hernandez Hace un día
I’m dying at cody calling pete davidsons outfit a dropkick murphy moment
OliveTv Hace un día
He seems annoyed lol but love them together
esikazemese Hace un día
I just want the kardashians to disappear into the black hole she has dressed for...
Trixie Tang
Trixie Tang Hace 2 días
Y’all was being so nice
S Mooney
S Mooney Hace 2 días
Every day Cody grows closer to looking like that philosophy dude on TikTok
haze C
haze C Hace 3 días
i cant stop looking at kelseys eyes they are so gorgeous
Shannon Ervin
Shannon Ervin Hace 4 días
"the doll's name is Cody?" [a moment of terrified silence]
Juno Hace 4 días
Billy eilish really made my jaw hit the FLOOR like wow I’m gay
seth fields
seth fields Hace 4 días
I LOVED Iman’s dress
Mouse _
Mouse _ Hace 5 días
0:34 oh wow
ByronTheUsurper / Eatinggamer 39
Lil nas went as a fucking door
TejasGingerBelle Hace 6 días
Kelsey, your outfit is fab. I love it and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Before you said that, I was thinking to myself how much I would love a sweater vest like that!
Rachael Leduc
Rachael Leduc Hace 6 días
Dan Levy’s outfit is actually inspired by American artist and AIDS activist David Wojnarowicz whose work confronted the systematic oppression of gays, while shedding a harsh light on the abandonment the community experienced during the peak of the AIDS crisis. Specifically, this ensemble utilized his works entitled ‘Fuck You F**got Fucker’ 1984, and ‘Untitled (One Day This Kid…)’ 1990-91.
Rachael Leduc
Rachael Leduc Hace 6 días
Kelsey is a horse girl #confirmed
Stevey Pizza
Stevey Pizza Hace 7 días
lil nas x looking like the next gangstar
Arham Boy
Arham Boy Hace 7 días
Cody is one lucky guy 0:34
shibby mccoy
shibby mccoy Hace 9 días
20:00 her dress reminds me of old school Televisions
Kait Riker
Kait Riker Hace 9 días
Olivia went as the leg lamp from a Christmas Story, an American classix
Alisara Lembcke
Alisara Lembcke Hace 10 días
kelsey's tongue scares me
messibessi11 Hace 10 días
Why does Kristen Stewart look like she should be in the capital in the hunger games?
Danielle Jeffrey
Danielle Jeffrey Hace 10 días
My favorite fashion experts n fave time of year Kelsey n.cody review met gala!!!
MellyKC Hace 10 días
5:30 cody not knowing the word barber might be the funniest thing
cyma akhter
cyma akhter Hace 10 días
Kelsey singing "thinking about you" by Frank Ocean has me dead.
Tommu innit
Tommu innit Hace 11 días
I thought it was Ben Shapiro wearing a shit with two dudes kissing fascinating
em Hace 11 días
keke’s dress really reminds me of a golden age hollywood starlet moment, like marilyn monroe couldve worn the same dress
ella charlotte
ella charlotte Hace 11 días
When you both neighed I lost it💀💀
Aesthetically Pleasing
Anything Frank Ocean I love it😌
ninaa Hace 11 días
i'm sad no one made the diana ross connection for keke's look :(
Mali Sargent
Mali Sargent Hace 11 días
lupita nyong’o was wearing a jress
Maya Garcia-Hector
Maya Garcia-Hector Hace 11 días
I’m so sorry so many of these were terrible 😞
Wisp Hace 12 días
Kiluxin Hace 12 días
charm ebonia
charm ebonia Hace 12 días
lost a little respect after this years met gala video from u guys 💔💔💔
Phoenix Hace 12 días
These are always wholesome
Andata Hace 12 días
0:35 thats.. thats long, in a good way...
Fxx Alaba
Fxx Alaba Hace 12 días
Do they know that the people don’t pick their own outfits
Mr.Hugene Hace 13 días
he getting that gawk 0:35
-Nova- Hace 13 días
8:15 lmao she got a *ponytail*
Renae Jay
Renae Jay Hace 13 días
who was the last person -
Ben K.
Ben K. Hace 13 días
would have liked to hear their opinion on AOC but i get why they didnt
Wāhine Māori Ahitereiria
3:50 the lil nas x robot street performer is the best 😂😂
Kat Alexander
Kat Alexander Hace 13 días
14:41 Cynthia from Rugrats, Angelicas doll. You’re welcome.
Caroline Rivera
Caroline Rivera Hace 13 días
cody’s lil bob 😭
Rachel R.E.
Rachel R.E. Hace 13 días
Was Pete Davidson going for Ruth Bader Ginsberg?
Being Amaya
Being Amaya Hace 13 días
A kid's honest review of the Met Gala 2021 🤣esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-qrVVa2KOSpo.html
Decembersfeather X
Decembersfeather X Hace 14 días
kelsey you look so good!! ur glowing x
the girl with the sun in her head
kelsey serving us Doug Funnie while being funny.
Min -
Min - Hace 14 días
I think Pete looked like Betty white
mj beukers
mj beukers Hace 14 días
4:25 Cody almost went a little Canadian there
Jesse Jensen
Jesse Jensen Hace 15 días
awww glad emma's parents gave her the stamp of approval!!!
SunsetSpecials Hace 15 días
was waiting for this, forgot about it and now I'm back! glad to see these real fashion experts take on met gala.
Dakota Lenzi
Dakota Lenzi Hace 15 días
I’m upset that she’s wearing a sweater of some sort of yours, of which I would be equally upset about seeing YOU in…..
Whitney Elizabeth
Whitney Elizabeth Hace 15 días
Not me JUST finding out that “a potato flew around my room before you came” was a parody 😭😂
Apple Crumpies22
Apple Crumpies22 Hace 15 días
Kristen Stewart's is giving Austin Powers sister. Which he's not American he's British so....she failed. 😂
Bingo Bongo
Bingo Bongo Hace 15 días
Nobody: Kim Kardashian: Who's that Pokémon!?!?
Br Mo
Br Mo Hace 15 días
Dan Levi came as a Portuguese Man-o-war
Lia Romanelli
Lia Romanelli Hace 15 días
as a figure skater, no man would wear that on the ice. unless you’re yuzuru hanyu you’re wearing a t-shirt and pants
Angel Castillo
Angel Castillo Hace 15 días
Cody: I don’t like it Kelsey: I like it Cody: I love it actually
Manaalmao👼 Hace 15 días
Next year theme's better be horror related because that shit would eat up 😌
Emma Walker
Emma Walker Hace 15 días
Why is cody auto tuned at 5:29
Christopher Newton
Christopher Newton Hace 16 días
I hated asap and rihanna then they said what they said n i fuckin love it america the lazy yo ass back to bed
L Bo
L Bo Hace 16 días
Actually Megan Fox did dang near the exact look that Kim K did at Met Gala years previous. It was the wet look and Megan did the exact looking dress with the exact hair style as well. So I'm not thinking Kendall copied Megan's look if anything Megan copied her sisters.
atticus corbett
atticus corbett Hace 16 días
0:34 how long is her tongue 😂
fuzzy sharks
fuzzy sharks Hace 16 días
cody: "she played stand-up bass" me who grew up with a dad who was punk in the 80s-90s and went thru a rockabilly phase in the early 2000s: "its upright bass" i love u guys sm tho and ik this comment was annoying LOL
Joe Browning
Joe Browning Hace 16 días
Yo wait wtf did she do at 00:34 😳
Mayra Lopez
Mayra Lopez Hace 16 días
Where's Kelsey's sweater vest top from!?
Tiffany Kurland
Tiffany Kurland Hace 16 días
Can we just appreciate Kelseys new glowing skin here 😍😍😍 idk what she did but the hydration is real and I love it 🙏
FE Rebekah
FE Rebekah Hace 16 días
Jennifer Lopez looks like she’s trying to recreate her famous green emmy’s dress with the long slit down the front. But it just doesn’t work for me for some reason.
FE Rebekah
FE Rebekah Hace 16 días
I don’t love the Billie Eilish look, and I think it’s the colors of her hair vs the dress vs her skin color. Something just seems off to me.
FE Rebekah
FE Rebekah Hace 16 días
… A little mystery to figure out 🎶🎵
Shoop Dawhoop
Shoop Dawhoop Hace 16 días
Nice yogscast intro
Madeline Miller
Madeline Miller Hace 16 días
kristen stewart's fit gave me berries and cream vibes
Dkn K
Dkn K Hace 16 días
Why to ur toungr kong
Lily Yue
Lily Yue Hace 16 días
emily Cunningham
emily Cunningham Hace 16 días
idk if I'm like hallucinating but her voice started sounding like auto tune the rest of the video after the tornado song I'm dead
Az Hace 16 días
Its ok, you guys can say they were 99 percent trash lol
Mary Hace 16 días
lil nas x actually killed it
Jilli Jaisaree
Jilli Jaisaree Hace 16 días
I would’ve dressed in a hoodie and sweatpants. The big reveal would be the tshirt underneath
Blingblingtinz Z
Blingblingtinz Z Hace 16 días
Lol lying about Emma’s outfit lol it’s awful
Princess Savage
Princess Savage Hace 16 días
Every day Cody and Kelsey stray closer to siblings or dating
Parker Salinas
Parker Salinas Hace 16 días
boooooooooo. not on brand here
The Harbinger of Conflation
Kristen Stewarts outfit is about as disappointing as any of her movies I ever saw
The Harbinger of Conflation
Honestly the fact that she is Kamala Harris's step daughter is the thing I don't like looking at that picture xD
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Hace 17 días
it's honestly refreshing to see true fashion critiques review the met gala.
Y45H Hace 17 días
kelsey has a really long tongue
Laura Luthier
Laura Luthier Hace 17 días
Has nobody notice how frigging long Kelsey's tongue is
shwetha Hace 17 días
rosalia basically wore her 2020 grammy outfits but a longer version
Monica Hace 17 días
I didn't know I wanted you to review Met Gala outfits, but I definitely really do
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Hace 17 días
Stephanie Bennett
Stephanie Bennett Hace 17 días
Why does Cody know more about fabrics than me
Cinnamon Girl
Cinnamon Girl Hace 17 días
These two talk alot & say nothing next...
Victoria R
Victoria R Hace 17 días
7:00 Dan Levy's outfit is a reference/homage to the American Gay Rights movement in the 1980s with a pivotal image from David Wojnarowicz' art. He did a lot of protest pieces against the Reagan Administration's dismissal of the AIDS crisis, including the famous jacket which read "If I Die of AIDS - Forget Burial - Just Drop My Body on the Steps of the F.D.A.". Very cool costume commentary on the history of freedom movements in the United States to go with the theme "American Independence"
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Hace 17 días
that’s cool
e v
e v Hace 17 días
i love yall and i really do think y’all deserve to get some custom chairs that match you just like the like couple in the pixar movie up
Hannah-Bellnana Hace 17 días
Her analysis of Timotee I 🤭. That was PERFECT! Also, it’s 1920’s meets 2020’s with the suit cut and the “party on the bottom” look made popular thnx to zoom
Gabrielle Linson
Gabrielle Linson Hace 17 días
it’s giving i’m a little lad who loves berries and creams
Isabella Dowdle
Isabella Dowdle Hace 17 días
im sorry but emma chamberlain gave us absolutely nothing
Isabella Dowdle
Isabella Dowdle Hace 17 días
conspiracy theorists think the all black kim k shit is some free mason blood drinking bullshit
Baby Quinn
Baby Quinn Hace 17 días
Timothy chamalamalaaayyy
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