Mexican Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Mexico is on the verge of a major election. John Oliver discusses some things we should know about the races and one thing we should not know about Santa Claus.
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25 jun 2018






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Zu Mirk
Zu Mirk Hace un día
AMLO WON!! And so far so good! 86% popularity! He reduced his salary as soon as he started (slashed in half of what EPN was making) - He start his day at 5 am in the morning ( to avoid the Mexico City traffic ; he hates being late) -He reunites with cabinet every day at 6 am to talk about their plans and daily agenda. -Holds a press conferences EVERYDAY @ 7 am (where he actually answers questions in corteous way and talk about anything they ask him). Except for the weekend , when he travel around the country supervising the different programs he is implementing . -Traveling in comercial flights ( economic) like a normal citizen . -Eating steet food on the side of the road and getting his $1 peso coffee at the gas stations in the morning. -- Still living in his old house , he opened the Los Pinos presidencial house and made it cultural and recreation area. And the First Lady figure doesn’t exist anymore, AMLO’s wife gave up that title and said that “ there is no a “First Lady” because in Mexico ALL ladies are First “ So ; that’s what’s going on so far .
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman Hace un día
Hey Guido learnt it from Amlo, you know? Swearing himself in illegally?
Dolf Dervish
Dolf Dervish Hace 2 días
Perhaps. But, for me, the REAL question is: How much of that Mexican trafficked "yayo" did your "Santa" do for what was the cringiest sh!t bit I have EVER seen?
Dawood Dawood
Dawood Dawood Hace 2 días
Branco is the Saudi Arabia representative in mexico 😂
Javier Ortega
Javier Ortega Hace 2 días
I love John Oliver show, and I would love for him to make the second part or the post Mexican elections, AMLO is his own person and do not resembles trump on the most insignificant thing. Trumpy wishes to be as popular and effective as AMLO. AMLO is a truth leader unlike mr. Goofball, whom only thinks of himself and seeks the cheep vegas style gold and shinny things. AMLO goes for the transcending changes that benefits all not just the few or corrupt ones.
Real_Goat60 Hace 4 días
a little bit a yayo on top of it, a lotta bit a yayo.
Liana H
Liana H Hace 5 días
Oh you're gonna interrupt an event? Lemme murder you
Michelle Gambel
Michelle Gambel Hace 7 días
First and only time I stopped watching his clips....9:22 was my limit:( everything else he does, thumbs up...so many parallels to the U.S. now...
Regret is my middle name
Anybody else feel like he kind of glossed over the slaughter of 43 students? That should have been a bigger deal.
Richard Sanchez
Richard Sanchez Hace 8 días
Its 2019. Didnt he get re elected again?
raghunath gorti
raghunath gorti Hace 8 días
You need see the guy doing the sign language of what el bronco was saying in the interview
Scott Peterson
Scott Peterson Hace 9 días
I love comedy in this amazing 21st century 🥰🇬🇧🍾🥂
slmeucalesa1 Hace 10 días
if Pitbull went to Grad School?......wow that was borderline cringe
The-Trustees Hace 10 días
Telling children Santa is not real is NOT something that should be denigrated. Delusion and ignorance should NEVER be condoned... even with masturbation... because people may turn off the show before the punch line.
Funkopedia Hace 12 días
so who won
moonprincess500 Hace 8 días
Funkopedia AMLO
madi li
madi li Hace 12 días
my little sister saw Santa and stayed to watch.... >w
Ostentatiousnessness Hace 12 días
Welp, yet another thing that surprise Santa’s ruined for me
CorvinBlack Hace 13 días
6.9k Child killers and Santa haters disliked this video.
yogi baba
yogi baba Hace 14 días
When Mexico is so dangerous, how can you blame Donald trump for building a wall to keep them away?
Giovanni S C
Giovanni S C Hace 14 días
Lol they put a picture of people with hats
Phoenix1220 Hace 15 días
How much did you pay that Santa
Some Random Dude
Some Random Dude Hace 18 días
That's Bobby Moynihan as Santa, right?
Brendan Michaels
Brendan Michaels Hace 19 días
john oliver is a political stooge
Olivver Can't Speak
Olivver Can't Speak Hace 19 días
Did anyone notice that the dude pulling the cloth out from under the silverware was Greg in the marijuana episode?
Elizabeth Athineu
Elizabeth Athineu Hace 19 días
Good Lord! "Sleep tight, little Miguel. And remember what daddy always says: THERE IS NO SANTA! Sweet dreams!" Also, the Oscars are 11 years behind; those 2 Oscars are actually for Pan's Labyrinth. Good thing Guillermo didn't go home sad and stop making incredible fantasy-drama.
PogoBox Hace 19 días
10:40 This timestamp will take you immediately past the Santa Claus sketch.
edgar garcia
edgar garcia Hace 19 días
Chinga tu puta madre Peña Nieto!
PositiveSarcasm Hace 19 días
What the fuck? Those kids! How could they?
msw7qw11 Hace 20 días
Thank goodness for fast forward because some of John's bits are unwatchable ie: Santa.
msw7qw11 Hace 20 días
Unless some drastic isn't done to deal with narco terrorists, than Mexico will never be free of political corruption. Mexico was unable to deal with El Chapo and had to extradite him to the US for trial. Mexico must bring back the death penalty or have death squads to deal with the cartels. It is a national emergency and unfortunately I don't see any other way to eliminate the cartels.
Juan Zavala
Juan Zavala Hace 20 días
I am Mexican and I feel so ashamed of our politics. Thanks for the laughs but sorry for the candidates
Gary Zambrano
Gary Zambrano Hace 20 días
So did he win
Gilberto Velazquez Hernandez
Yes he did... sadly...
Edgar Vargas
Edgar Vargas Hace 21 un día
The entire santa bit was terrible....ouch
Rafs Hace 21 un día
I can relate it Santa a little bit too much. Edit: only when it comes to the masturbation part tough.
Jarod Farrant
Jarod Farrant Hace 22 días
People be more interested in worlds politics and world elections.
Kasino80 Hace 22 días
October 24 Memes day
October 24 Memes day Hace 22 días
Santa in the summer??
MOOK KIM Hace 22 días
US is numberonce
bender42 bender42
bender42 bender42 Hace 23 días
Make America BOSS again! El Bronco for US President 2020! #ElBroncoUSA2020 #Save-US-ElBronco! #ImpeachSanta
Accfinors Vallarta
Accfinors Vallarta Hace 23 días
man there needs to be a follow up video about this, Peña Nieto is now with a super hot model and AMLO is doing lots of cray things
Arief Rakhman
Arief Rakhman Hace 24 días
Iraq, Syria, Mexico..? Now that's a reason for border wall.. why I just know this?
Danae Unrine
Danae Unrine Hace 25 días
1:58 OK, that’s actually pretty adorable.
Zoe Bueche
Zoe Bueche Hace 25 días
Oh well are all pretty much welcome here just dont want to admit it because lie so can treat em like crap n get away of it perhaps should see it as scape goat n laugh of them B words!
sandesh suresh
sandesh suresh Hace 25 días
chopping your hand is also used in Saudi Arabia for stealing
fizzior Hace 26 días
Bob Moynihan as Santa Claus :D
jmfd15 Hace 26 días
¡Chinga tu madre Enrique Peña Nieto!
Piotr Sternadel
Piotr Sternadel Hace 27 días
Well, in Poland before world war II punishment for corruption was death by fire squad so cuting hand - not so bad ;] www.antykorupcja.gov.pl/ak/czy-wiesz-ze/10477,II-RP-kara-smierci-za-korupcje.html
carmofcardina carcardina
Sartre Sianez
Sartre Sianez Hace 29 días
Wow, the Santa bit hit home for a lot of people 😂
parapobabam Hace 29 días
my kind of santa.I loved it. still masturbating.
GAKA120 Hace 29 días
I would stroke the candy cane out of Santa's Dick
Super_Cyb0rg Hace un mes
>"Go fuck your mother is something that people only shout at you when they are angry." Hooooooooo boy, not only that, but isn't it considered a *grave* insult to bring someone's mother into an insult for Mexican people? Like, it's shitty to bring someone's mother into any shouting match, but I seem to recall from my High School Spanish classes that it's *extremely* disrespectful to say something of insult about someone's mother. These people aren't just angry, they're pissed *right* the fuck off.
Sayantan Pal
Sayantan Pal Hace un mes
@Lastweektonight Can you publish the complete list of things Donald Trump is most frightened of??
Shaqille Zaydan
Shaqille Zaydan Hace un mes
Seriously impressed with the lady mayor👍 Very brave lady. Hope she is doing well, and is able to make a significant difference in the fight against the cartels. Best Wishes 🙋‍♂️
James Gorman
James Gorman Hace un mes
If they achieve multi party democracy may they could send it north.
Gilberto Velazquez Hernandez
Nope, now we have a single state country again :( . Sorry
EveryTimeV2 Hace un mes
Wait that's not my red nose.
amdcrash Hace un mes
13:00 JD POWAH
Jasper Harris
Jasper Harris Hace un mes
Kill the santa
Brian Storm
Brian Storm Hace un mes
Can I just say that I very much appreciate the general audience of this show for hating a completely pointless and unfunny skit about horny Santa Claus that lots of people would've found hi-la-ri-ous, while actually appreciating the stories John is telling? Like, you're not watching for the jokes, you're watching to get a better knowledge and a broader perspective of a host of different subjects. That's very commendable. Also LWT, please fire that one writer, we all know the jokes they're behind and we hate them.
The city Shanker
The city Shanker Hace un mes
5:39 that’s the smile and face of a pedo
Truebornseeker Hace un mes
..... is it just me.... or are Mexican elections 10x better than most American ones...?
silversonic99 Hace un mes
7:55 hold up. Cutting off the hand of someone ruining thousands of lives is too much? Guess we should just give them a fine and move on, that's worked swimingly so far
Kyro Apostle
Kyro Apostle Hace un mes
Nieto allegedly took a 100 million dollar bribe from Chapo.
slockhrt Hace un mes
"No, Santa! No, Santa! No, no, no!!!" Best... Close... Ever.
Ernest Reichardt
Ernest Reichardt Hace un mes
Read Isaiah and see the World today ! In Jesus Name Repent !
Fredrik Dunge
Fredrik Dunge Hace un mes
18:30 You're British being a coward kind of comes with the job.
Audie Hace un mes
Gotta love the Bern! ❤️
Nico Paz
Nico Paz Hace un mes
I guess thats where snow comes from Santa's sack
Montana Roots
Montana Roots Hace un mes
Pena Nieto apparently needs to go fuck his mother..In other news...
Blackball Hace un mes
6:16...Peña Nieto looking out for the little people.
Jaquin Hamdan
Jaquin Hamdan Hace un mes
First month Amlo legalized social security for same sex couples.
Jaquin Hamdan
Jaquin Hamdan Hace un mes
The peso had its biggest gain ever since this guy enter the office. Amlo won senate, congress, states.
frank odonnell
frank odonnell Hace un mes
AD FO Hace un mes
All politicians in Mexico are corrupt you could use them for anything you want all you have to do is give them some candy they are the reason Mexico is so fucked up
Space Dragon
Space Dragon Hace un mes
I'm a lesbian?? so Peña Nieto looks like a total cheating douchebag to me
Sergio Alcantar
Sergio Alcantar Hace un mes
I hope they’re able to fix there country. The good people there deserve it. The good people out number the bad people they can do it.
Yanick Desforges
Yanick Desforges Hace un mes
Sooo.... I was listening with my daughter. Thanks to you, I have a lot to explain.
h h
h h Hace un mes
@18:15 you will never see something like that in Murica.
h h
h h Hace un mes
That need to be done in the US all politicians must be replaced!!!
h h
h h Hace un mes
It should mean a lot to Americans, cause then mexican wont be trying to cross the border to US when Mexico gov actually starts to work for the mexican people then no reason to try to come to the US. shit if mexico does good, mexicans might just move back, and Muricans can be happy again.
kim Hace un mes
Why are santa jokes where u guys draw the line? John has creative licence. Also, have the yayo bros been doxed? Just curious.
EvilHomerSimpson Hace un mes
John Oliver has complemented more men than women....makes you wonder
Sartre Sianez
Sartre Sianez Hace 29 días
He didn't compliment any puppies either, he must hate women and puppies
James Johnson
James Johnson Hace un mes
Yeah......... I now regret watching this after seeing those santa bits
Rubén Reyes
Rubén Reyes Hace un mes
Que clase de Chumel Torres es este?
beachsoap Hace un mes
The Santa thing was stupid!
Dan Rivard
Dan Rivard Hace 2 meses
It's not "yayo", it's "illello". Misspelled and mispronounced.
JESÚS MENDOZA Hace 2 meses
zephodb Hace 2 meses
Sorry... Jacked Ghandi works well... do you know how long his hunger strike lasted? That's how actors in Hollywood get jacked... they stop drinking water and cut it on calories at the end so the skin clings around their muscles. :) Also muscles, but you need to do that in addition to the muscles. :)
Matthew Murillo
Matthew Murillo Hace 2 meses
Isn't that Paul F Tompkins?
Samuel Leger
Samuel Leger Hace 2 meses
Was that Bobby Moynihan under the santa outfit lol
Abhishek More
Abhishek More Hace 2 meses
Drunk Uncle!
Ravenclaw Rules!
Ravenclaw Rules! Hace 2 meses
Who won now?
Anadia Smith
Anadia Smith Hace 2 meses
I accidently skipped to jacked Ghandi and I really just HAD to know what the context of this episode was to get to that picture. Honestly I wasn't expecting the Santa Claus.
Aaron Martinez
Aaron Martinez Hace 2 meses
really feared for your life there for a second with the sinaloa cartel bit
Iamanotaku probably
Iamanotaku probably Hace 2 meses
Why did the world decide that one Donald Trump was not enough?
blue racer
blue racer Hace 2 meses
I guess been a Muslim is not bad after all..I don't wanna touch any rapped gift from that weird Santa😂😂😂
ulv schmidt
ulv schmidt Hace 2 meses
That guy anaya guy was so adorable
Eneathepeanut Hace 2 meses
This show is my favorite equivalent to white noise
Luisa Cruz
Luisa Cruz Hace 2 meses
In case of Javier Duarte, one of the worst things he has ever done is that he give water instead of medicine for kids who had cancer, he changed it so he can have more money and the reason of his smile is that well, he knew that it really did not matter What punishment he get bc eventually he would be free
Andethidial Hace 2 meses
Santa is up there! Fapping til everybody is happy!
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