Mexican Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Mexico is on the verge of a major election. John Oliver discusses some things we should know about the races and one thing we should not know about Santa Claus.
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25 jun 2018

last week tonight mexican electionsjohn oliver mexican elections






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Comentarios 12 121
jojojorisjhjosef Hace 5 horas
allemaal naar beter bed
Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez Hace 6 horas
I'm at a point where I feel that people cant look to the government to help they should work with each other then again I could be wrong.
Structure Agency
Structure Agency Hace 8 horas
Well, I am a lot more like Santa Claus than I had imagined. Also, RIP students. I remember that news story. Can't blame MX. We're just as corrupt and violent.
Jacob Nair
Jacob Nair Hace 21 un hora
9:40 called it
Gee Santavee
Gee Santavee Hace 22 horas
build the wall... please trump!
Tony Sigei
Tony Sigei Hace 23 horas
Santa is a wanker!!!
Alma Munoz
Alma Munoz Hace un día
Oh my God! When I thought he was seriously talking about the "leader" of the Sinaloa Cartel, I thought, he is a dead man. What a relief!!!! 😅😅😅
Anja Frueh
Anja Frueh Hace un día
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Name Password
Name Password Hace un día
If you see or suspect illegal activity by Illegal Aliens, here is the number to ICE to report them: Report Crimes, Suspicious Activity, and Suspected Child Exploitation of Missing Children By Phone: 1-866-DHS-2-ICE (866) 347-2423 Online tip form: www.ice.gov/contact
E lle
E lle Hace un día
Damn, Pena Nieto is one good looking man! That face, the tan, his hair 😍😍😍 and “bombon” means “marshmallow. He is a sweet delicious marshmallow!
Eddie Gaytan
Eddie Gaytan Hace un día
Mexico needs to build a wall along their southern border.
Shayan Shahid
Shayan Shahid Hace 2 días
I dare you to cover Pakistani elections, JOHN!
ma be
ma be Hace 2 días
9:30 find out what santa does the rest of the year
tori2dles Hace 2 días
Good to see Bobby Moynihan again.
loriquayleio Hace 2 días
Yeah... That Santa bit was like 10x more fucked than I generally want this show to be.
Proletariat Spokesman无产阶级代言人
Whoever they are voting for, they still suffer from the drug dealer.
Proletariat Spokesman无产阶级代言人
Whoever they are voting for, they still suffer from the drug dealer.
Lily Leclercq
Lily Leclercq Hace 2 días
Defeat medication lately hope week consensus water crash smoke handful volume.
Princess Harmony Moonlight
Mexico really is a corrupt shithole wow
MildlyAggressive Hace 3 días
If you wouldn't fuck the fishman you're a coward, John...
Modus Pwnens
Modus Pwnens Hace 3 días
whiet liberals will always clap at those brave ppl like the current Mayor of Piedras Negras but fucking never do anything to fix racism in this stupid country. irresponsible cunts. just stop being fake leftists pathetic bitches.
pantera1420 Hace 3 días
Modus Pwnens troll
MisterZ Hace 4 días
First time I really see Oliver and he is brilliant about something that affects my people. Chinga a reputa pinche perra madre Pe~a Nieto, puto! No, wonder when I was in Mexico on vacation they would have a very bad reaction to his name (Nieto)! You know what's interesting nieto means grandson in Spanish, Illuminati?
Naddie Err
Naddie Err Hace 4 días
Lol No wonder Santa is so giving. ?
Javier Vergara
Javier Vergara Hace 4 días
And the USA is just behind Mexico
Bob ap Bob
Bob ap Bob Hace 4 días
Sharia law. Cut off their hands
J7 Paris
J7 Paris Hace 4 días
The santa jokes are disgusting!!!! Just saying
J7 Paris
J7 Paris Hace 4 días
Probably Al Gore should had do the same thing as Lopez Obrador because of the we have Trump and all this year's of corruption
Houberth Ramos
Houberth Ramos Hace 4 días
Unbelievable. Respect loss for Oliver. Why does he hands his balls over. "Not that brave" "im a coward"? Wtf are you serious.
Smurf TheHermit
Smurf TheHermit Hace 4 días
too much cum for one video
Juan Blasquez
Juan Blasquez Hace 4 días
Super funny.....until the Santa Clip, masturbating jokes are just never funny
Robert S.
Robert S. Hace 4 días
This could easily be about the US. Sad... :(
Jouko Kultima
Jouko Kultima Hace 5 días
It´s good that El Bronco was not elected to be president of Mexico... It could easily lead religious war between Finland and Mexico... You know, biggest religions in Finland are ice hockey and Santa Claus. (John Oliver and this show should be in safe... no need to fear (so much) Finnish inquisition... you can search in ESvid "rare exports" short films and the movie).
kenna163 Hace 5 días
Don't you mean PRI-viously.
Scott Jewett
Scott Jewett Hace 5 días
Mad props to Bobby Moynihan!
Max Hess
Max Hess Hace 5 días
The whole Santa bit was unnecessary and gratuitous. I did not enjoy it
El Chilango Chingón
Yo con #AMLO 🇲🇽✌️💪 Viva Mexico Señores!!
senta ukrai
senta ukrai Hace 6 días
Cutting the hand(s) off any public servant who steals from the people though...sounds pretty appealing considering the current USA president and cabinet.
Chevy Reyes
Chevy Reyes Hace 6 días
i din´t like the anaya coment but i will take,, amlo is a juan trump.. (one) juan trump.. get it..
Chevy Reyes
Chevy Reyes Hace 6 días
our new presidente , is part off the russia , amlo.. is a comunist..
Raoul Godinez
Raoul Godinez Hace 6 días
..."a human wrecking ball".....🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️
Martin Muriuki
Martin Muriuki Hace 6 días
you don't know corruption until you research about Kenya.you can compare our politics to a reality show..and am sure we would win an Oscar.....
Darren Leung
Darren Leung Hace 7 días
It would be great if John (and basically every other news person) could get it into their heads that Chinese speak Chinese, not French. The *J* "Jinping" is a J, like in Joke, Joust, Jerkoff... not 'Je suis'. And while everyone in the West gets that All Lives Matter and human rights are the final word in moral superiority, that is not always how it's been for every culture across the world. You would be hard pressed to find a significant number of Chinese who believe that the good of the few outweigh the good of the many.
Youtube Is fag
Youtube Is fag Hace 7 días
Lmfao triggered spics
urraca _42
urraca _42 Hace 7 días
That tiger is terrifying but in a creepy way not in the way that it's a tiger and you should probably run
Miranda Groth
Miranda Groth Hace 7 días
As far as corruption, how is the US ANY better? It’s not, lulz and the trump administration has made it worse. At least Mexico had a very good-looking man... we still have Donald McCheeseBurger Gross Body Trump. Barf
Javier smith
Javier smith Hace 6 días
Miranda Groth difference is USA might be currupt but they help the poor and put money in Social Programs. Mexico doesn't hide the corruption. the Politician's in mexico other then being linked to Cartels, use the money meant for the state for their personal gain and don't use It for social programs or to help the poor.
luisalesi62 Hace 7 días
Egg Puppy
Egg Puppy Hace 7 días
Lwt you ruined a character that I never thought I would care about. Thanks?
Wonderlust King
Wonderlust King Hace 8 días
.... i loved shape of water and didnt have a problem with the Fishman fucking
Alan Peterson
Alan Peterson Hace 8 días
This was fine until the Santa masturbating part. That was just stoooopid. No class. Probably won't watch this show again.
Renzo Santos
Renzo Santos Hace 8 días
Vine aqui por Chumi Bebe !! XD
Jr Garcia
Jr Garcia Hace 8 días
chingatu tu Madre.pena.nieto.
Anshita Sharma
Anshita Sharma Hace 8 días
pleeeeeease do a peice on India !!
Neon Flights
Neon Flights Hace 8 días
Can someone answer my question as to why youtube is now selling episodes of Last Week Tonight? Does this mean I have to pay to see this weeks' episode's segment? I mean, part of the magic of seeing his stuff on youtube even though I get comedy ccenget is knowing that everyone, no matter who they are or as long as they have a device and access to a place with wifi can see his amazing and educational content.
boringlyawesum Hace 8 días
mexico has always been and will always be a shithole.
DeViLso Hace 8 días
Its funny cause the way we use it is go fuck yourslef at times😂 or saying como chingas your really annoying 😂 then John savage ass pulls the literal translation and it makes me realize español is odd
insrtcowjoke Hace 9 días
Things like this Santa bit make my respect for their content and the messages they make go down quite a bit. Is this real socio-political commentary? Or bad half-assed version of Beavis and Butthead?
Carmen Daniela Véliz
Héctor E. Valdés Zúñiga
This episode was cut off of the HBO GO app
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Hace 9 días
I am still mad.
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Hace 9 días
This is the only JO video I have ever disliked. How could you take something that is innocent and beautiful like Santa and try to destroy it with whatever sick shit you have in the dark recesses of your mind? I would punch you in the face if I could. I signed up for a ESvid account just to comment on this.
Nathan Bonnell
Nathan Bonnell Hace 9 días
The Santa thing might have been funny if it hadn't gone on for a FULL MINUTE AND 35 SECONDS! Seriously, wtf John. That was just uncomfortable. I'm not one to turn down a sex joke, but good lord. Don't do that EVER AGAIN
Logan  Terry
Logan Terry Hace 9 días
“Visually Fuck-tacular”
NiD0 Ravensbeard
NiD0 Ravensbeard Hace 9 días
... fuck
Adam Rich
Adam Rich Hace 9 días
Good episode sad about santa.
JusticeForNichole Hace 10 días
Ew. Masturbation? Seriously?
urielsin chapes
urielsin chapes Hace 10 días
Ni el mismo John Oliver se cree todo lo que dice.
urielsin chapes
urielsin chapes Hace 10 días
Im Mexican and this is so stupid, Fuck John Oliver and his show.
BuzzBroz Hace 10 días
Good one.
Wyvern Hace 10 días
Guess who fucking won.
Capcom GT
Capcom GT Hace 10 días
You know after all the "Trump will never be President" they had to turn around and eat you'd expect the writers of this show to avoid declaring who will or won't be President of ANYTHING...
Mr Perfect
Mr Perfect Hace 10 días
i love john oliver. He carries the legacy of The Daily Show well. Colbert however is atrain wreck who forgot what it was to be funny.
DarkRanger919 Hace 10 días
Lol he should do one on Pakistan. Seriously, everyone does so poorly to hide corruption their. Their current PM was dismissed from office on charges of corruption and now, his wife is campaigning to become the next PM. The campaign is mainly run by their daughter tho. I think it'll be a good idea for an episode.
Pedro R
Pedro R Hace 10 días
The 43 "students" were stealing buses and they took a wrong one with drugs from narco traffic dealersa
SunDown Hace 7 días
Pedro R Somebody has to take the fall while I don't agree with the students politics they did not deserve to be melted in acid. You're right the problem is not that simple and that's the problem, nothing in Mexico is simple. Corruption runs deep.
Pedro R
Pedro R Hace 7 días
SunDown Those guys are in jail.. the problem is more complex than it seems. The 43 caused the death of another person one year before in another of their violent anarchist protests. The article is in Spanish, sorry, not available in english www.excelsior.com.mx/nacional/2016/11/23/1129656
SunDown Hace 8 días
Pedro R Is that why the mayor and his wife fled? esvid.net/video/vídeo-34KcXRXLsvY.html It became viral that's it till this day no one knows where they are, cover up.
Pedro R
Pedro R Hace 8 días
SunDown The government did not cover that. Right after the next day the new was in all media.
SunDown Hace 9 días
Even if that happened why did the government cover it up?
elvampir0 Hace 10 días
18:19 and that ladies & gentleman, is what a REAL LIFE modern, brave, strong woman is like. Notice she doesnt have purple hair, and she doesnt hates men.
Jaren Ward
Jaren Ward Hace 10 días
9:40 Called it
Tore Andvig
Tore Andvig Hace 10 días
This is a dumb and lazily researched segment. For better, more precise, and more concise context on Mexican election you could for instance check out Michael Brooks of TMBS and The Majority Report esvid.net/video/vídeo-ObCWbGiWHqE.html&t=9s Amlo doesn't resemble Trump in any meaningful way and comparing them undermines the entire shows general integrity and if all the main segments are based on as sloppy research and analysis as this piece, then the main feature separating and elevating the show from its piers is nothing more than an illusion and its content vacuous. John Oliver's research-team, at least the one providing facts and analysis on Latin America have revealed itself as incompetent on the subject matter. The segment their incompetence have reached an almost Trumpian level. The only other plausible explanation is that they are so rabidly reactionary that their worldview is as far from any reasonable understanding of reality as Sean Hannity's after two bottles of whiskey and five ambien. The comparison of Amlo to Trump is so lazy, arrogant and on its face ridiculous that it sounds as something the Onion would have coming out of former secretary of state and US no. 1. living war criminal Henry Kissingers mouth or perhaps emanating from his close friend, criminal co-conspirator and thankfully dead ally Pinochet.
Archie Richard
Archie Richard Hace 10 días
Mike Pompeo is the real Mexican president
mischacas Hace 10 días
USA: Please stop being such big drug addicts, stop drug consumption. You are killing us. You are killing our children and our culture.
metaempiricist Hace 9 días
Sells addictive substance to addicts, then "what's wrong with you? You're ruining my people by buying my drugs from me". Fucking retard.
Jerry b
Jerry b Hace 10 días
lol we are still bearing the brunt of hilary losing the election.
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark Hace 11 días
Funny show but I wouldn’t come here for real news.
janie camacho
janie camacho Hace 11 días
Great report hut I didn't like the Santa part. Unnecessary which was very ugly.
Kitsune Ursa Vision
Kitsune Ursa Vision Hace 11 días
God Jiame wants to go Hammurabi.
Omar Padilla
Omar Padilla Hace 11 días
lets talk about not taking political advice from British d bags
Anarchy Empire
Anarchy Empire Hace 11 días
Andres won, Long Live Mexico!!!!!
H Kay
H Kay Hace 11 días
Vete a follar a tu madre Santa Claus
Ash Striker
Ash Striker Hace 11 días
Mr Oliver needs more interviews with # walkaway
max lundqvist
max lundqvist Hace 11 días
now i hope for anything but a white christmas...
Devon Wakley
Devon Wakley Hace 11 días
But remember it’s not a shithole
Wolfof Hace 11 días
The U.S. government is much more corrupt and on a way deeper level. Also, you wanna ask why people from Mexico wanna leave and go to the U.S.? makes sense right
Archie Richard
Archie Richard Hace 10 días
Go back to Cuba if you don't like it! negroe
Ricky Amez
Ricky Amez Hace 11 días
It's true you managed to mock México. However, this is nothing compared to the way the whole world mocks the US. Now, with that freaking pathetic orange clown as presidente and all the parafernallia around him, you guys have become the biggest laughingstock in the history of modern civilization. Keep laughing. That makes it even better.
Edie Heirris Heiris
Edie Heirris Heiris Hace 11 días
Well, I guess Mexico is off my list of potential countries to emigrate to...
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper Hace 9 días
Edie Heirris Heiris It should have been from the start. Mexico is among the most dangerous countries on the planet, and that has little to do with politics. It’s the drug gangs, they’re notorious. Did you really not know all that?
juan chavez
juan chavez Hace 11 días
Amlo is not a populist.
juan chavez
juan chavez Hace 10 días
Archie Richard really, amlo being a populist is a myth, here in México almost all of the population from the poorest to the richest have faith on the Man. Í hope for the best but only time will tell.
Archie Richard
Archie Richard Hace 10 días
really? LOL
jack jones
jack jones Hace 11 días
He will not be able to keep his promises. Mexico will be highly disappointmented
jorda san
jorda san Hace 12 días
we have something much worse here in Colombia. The current president is the puppet of a former president who ruled for 2 periods until 2002, in a political party involved in crimes against political oposition, community leaders, related to extrajudicial executions of more than 4,000 civilians who were presented as guerrilla members, relations to paramilitar groups, corruption, etc.
Matthew Shock
Matthew Shock Hace 12 días
It's ok. Mexico doesn't revere Santa very much anyway. Christmas time it's about Baby Jesus.
ken shifflett
ken shifflett Hace 12 días
Jacked Ghandi would be a good name for a rock band
Matti Makila
Matti Makila Hace 12 días
Lopéz Obrador was on track to win the election in 2012, but corrupt money bought the election for Peña Nieto, only to give the greatest joy ride for corruption since perhaps the one that gave rise to Pancho Villa's revolution.
crankygal1 Hace 12 días
Shape of water deserved every one of those goddamn awards
Fandom guy
Fandom guy Hace 12 días
7:22 Isn't that a thing in third world countries. I swear there is one either in the middle east or Africa that has such a penalty.
Danny Contreras
Danny Contreras Hace 12 días
Check out the interpreter at 7:30 and 7:34 when bronco says we must cut their hands.
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