Mexican Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Mexico is on the verge of a major election. John Oliver discusses some things we should know about the races and one thing we should not know about Santa Claus.
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25 jun 2018

last week tonight mexican electionsjohn oliver mexican elections






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Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez Hace 2 días
AMLO is been in office for 7 days and he already is the best Mexican president in history. He has changed so many things already.
Krzysztof Wawiórko
Krzysztof Wawiórko Hace 2 días
Honestly, the Santa part could be limited to:"Hi, Im Santa and Im real, f*ck your mother Nieto.
Gobsnachaz Hace 3 días
I’m fine with cutting off the hands of thieves and corrupt politicians.
Bored Burritos
Bored Burritos Hace 4 días
As a Mexican, seeing the show's (which I absolutely love) first attempt at breaching the horrific world of Mexican politics be interrupted by a fucking 2 minute skit. A 2 minute skit about Santa jerking off is absolutely atrocious and shameful. The show does off-topic jokes from time to time, but 2 fucking minutes is way too long. I hope that the real message of this video is not stained by the skit's stupidity.
Wulf Wulf
Wulf Wulf Hace 4 días
No matter what u said whiteys we will out breed you ! Just look at California. It's our time to take our land back ¡Viva México!
zenubi Hace 4 días
Fuck el bronco!!. He is a total disaster and also corrupt.
bruh Hace 4 días
Can we stop the fucking skits? Your show is great and offers information that we wouldn't get otherwise. But these fucking skits are getting so ridiculous that I have to skip past them to avoid the cringe
blarg harblarg
blarg harblarg Hace 4 días
cutting of hands re for pussies i would cut of their heads! corruption is for private profit is arguably a form of treason against the people the officials are meant to serve. Also the death penalty only serves a purpose in shocking those who think they are untouchable into compliance... so after the first 5 or 10 heads roll the rest can go to jail for life (literally until they die of old age not some 25-35 year shit or something) and rot. Corruption is absolutely inexcusable on every conceivable level. the same aught to be done in Washington. (the probably will only be 10 people and a dog left... but at least there could be a fresh start...)
clockwerk35 Hace 5 días
Funny how Porfirio Diaz called the Mexican masses, the public, the tiger when he stepped down from power, not saying it in defense of that dictator, but its interesting that that political ad used the motif of a tiger
João Jacinto
João Jacinto Hace 5 días
AMLO looks like an old and fatter version of António de Oliveira Salazar... The most famous portuguese dictator... Hm...
João Jacinto
João Jacinto Hace 5 días
Big dongs, big mice, big ships. Don't you know the old portuguese saying, caralho?
Rhphoenix5 5
Rhphoenix5 5 Hace 5 días
For anybody wanting the full song at 12:08 , the channels name is shittyflute.
Braga Hace 5 días
lmaoo ANAYA
Lonlysad Wildbeast69
Jonh Oliver yes dude que chinge a su puta(whore) madre Peña Nieto the fourth Mexico transformation is finally on the way like Trump said it's running like a smooth and well tuned engine just one more thing in his second nomination as Mexico's president he wins but the other party stole his precidency sorry if I make any mistake I'm actually learning english thanks
Rvn 69
Rvn 69 Hace 6 días
Jajaja I am mexican, i loved this segment
Yan De Souza
Yan De Souza Hace 6 días
AMLO is now the president of MEXICO
Ajeet Gary
Ajeet Gary Hace 6 días
y0 John make fun of politicians and weird movies and pizza all you want but stop making fun of things we actually like and are innocent - like James Bond and Die Hard are fair game but step off Santa and Winnie the Pooh
Ajeet Gary
Ajeet Gary Hace 6 días
Santa bit was gross and weird, and so long
xm377Moyocoyatzin Hace 6 días
Everything is fun in Mexico, even politics.
ChangelingTale the commenter
About the Santa thing. To quote him in his Authoritarian video, "don't think about it if you don't like it"
ChangelingTale the commenter
Not gonna lie, the guy who plays the recorder is the most legit candidate.
Wisconsin Girl
Wisconsin Girl Hace 7 días
the Mexican president is super hot sorry I said it
thenewmiLONNIEum Hace 7 días
Barf. Liberals literally can't understand the difference between "left wing" and fascist.
Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez Hace 7 días
Sheila Macpherson
Sheila Macpherson Hace 8 días
I think I'm beginning to see why Trump hates Mexico: Way too much political competition for him down there - lots of idiots, like him.
Gauris Hace 8 días
c'mon, you didn't think that was all snow up at the north pole, did you?
any one
any one Hace 9 días
the guy didnt win who won is a die hard liberal named obrador. also drugs are legal or going to be legal soon and not just weed but cocaine and other heavy drugs. mexico is going super liberal also almost every state has a building boom.
Elmar Roque Brito Cardoso Barros
Para de agorar as eleições filho da puta, Bolsonaro e o AMLO ganharam 😢😢
Orlando Michaca
Orlando Michaca Hace 9 días
AMLO is officially the president yay !
Melissa Henriquez
Melissa Henriquez Hace 9 días
John Oliver is going to be making fun of himself doing that Santa skit in two years time
Ajinkya Pawar
Ajinkya Pawar Hace 10 días
I just hope that the nerd becomes the President of Mexico.
Alex Hodge
Alex Hodge Hace 13 días
Why are so many people complaining about the Santa bit? I thought it was great. If your complaint is that it was weird, I must ask how much of the rest of this show you have watched. Embarrassing presentations are one of John Oliver's specialties, and personally, I find it very entertaining.
flemmilu Hace 13 días
Explanary? Really? Should be explanatory, right?
Sulanis Hace 14 días
The better question, How did heme Rodriguez convince any women to have his children when he is obviously a moron, and it emotionally about as available as the stump in your back yard.
Jacob Brewer
Jacob Brewer Hace 16 días
Go to 9:00 best bit by far
Quinn Love
Quinn Love Hace 18 días
They got Santa to say that spiel about masterbation, but they couldn’t get him to say f*** your mom to Peña Nieto?! I feel cheated, sincerely
Mehrzaad Mir
Mehrzaad Mir Hace 20 días
"Santa" sounds and looks like mike trapp from CH for some reason
OjanMusic Hace 20 días
Why is everyone tripping about the santa claus parts? overall this was great as always!
sporebliss Hace 21 un día
Ho ho ho dear god no...
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones Hace 22 días
Y AMLO ganó
Joshua Hace 23 días
I really don't think chopping off hands is that drastic. Being corrupt is one of the worst crimes, the butterfly is effect tremendous. Minimum a life sentence in my opinion.
Mubin Shovon
Mubin Shovon Hace 24 días
Hands of corrupt people who steal despite having enough money should be cut off
Javier Jurado
Javier Jurado Hace 25 días
This is so funny and sad at the same time.
Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein Hace 25 días
No reason El Bronco hates Santa Claus.
Elli P
Elli P Hace 26 días
Saint Nicholas. Sa' Niklaas. Sarniklaus. Sant Niklaus. Sant a'klaus. Santa Clau- What? Oh. You knew that. Right.
Atarien6 Hace 27 días
I wish he'd spend more time talking about issues and less with santa jerking off and bad jokes. I mean the jokes are fine but jeez they're really overboard in time consumption
TorchicRules 18
TorchicRules 18 Hace 28 días
11:55 Thank me later
Steart Fires
Steart Fires Hace 29 días
Suddenly I'm siding with El Bronco about Santa Claus.
Jorge Gómez
Jorge Gómez Hace 29 días
Bueno. Al menos alguien dice la verdad. Pero te dejo calificación negativa por que sencillamente NO LES IMPORTA. Y para este estúpido ignorante, Amlo ganó la presidencia en el 2016.
Elizabeth Lingurar
Elizabeth Lingurar Hace un mes
Also, the Santa bit wasn't the best. But I suppose we've all got one dud in us.
matej gregor
matej gregor Hace un mes
i am from slovakia and if in slovakia thievs will have thier hands cut of, we will have in parlament pedals instead of buttons
דניאל סטרנר
And that's why I celebrate Hanukkah.
ghostgunner11 Hace un mes
I don't think that white stuff Santa left is snow. Wink wink
FULL MOON Hace un mes
Also ANAYA is a fucking millionaire !
nomen nominandum
nomen nominandum Hace un mes
it's true
LOoOn ARTs Hace un mes
I like the idea of shopping the hands of those corrupt bastards. Way more humane than what I would recommand for concesless assohles like Merkel, Trump, Putin, Jong Un and so on. In my oppinion, public exeqution would be proper treatment, for this mindless assholes. Why should we waste pressouces resources on those bastards, when they allready cost us so much of them? It´s just a logical conclousion.
Zedsan 82
Zedsan 82 Hace un mes
That Santa thing was... what??? Why???
Henrique Dias
Henrique Dias Hace un mes
Jesus Christ Brazil's corrupt but at least mayors aren’t killing students fuck that’s horrible
Ellis Pedersen
Ellis Pedersen Hace un mes
John oliver saying "tsunami of memes" is everything I wanted in life
OmniCausticInfidel Hace un mes
AKSHUALLY they are magical stuffed toys not animals
OmniCausticInfidel Hace un mes
santa joke was stupid and doesn't belong at all
theFizzyGaming Hace un mes
What did I learn today? I learned the Spanish phrase, _¡Peña Nieto, chinga tu putísima madre!_
Tyler_McInnis_16 Hace un mes
"What do you do up there all year when youre not delivering presents?" Me: What if he says he jerks off? Nah they wouldn't say that, its too easy "Why, I masturbate!" "
John Russell
John Russell Hace un mes
PRI is like the Catholic Church while PAN (partido accion nacional) is like Byzantine Rite Catholic. Better yet, PRI are democrats, PAN republicans.
Dan G
Dan G Hace un mes
Not that simple dude.
calixto jaillet
calixto jaillet Hace un mes
Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, it’s been a man who has fight for the most need it. His been fighting for not than a decade. He wants to remake the country policy, to finally put a end to the Neoliberalism politics, the it’s been bad for our courtly
calixto jaillet
calixto jaillet Hace un mes
John Oliver this was the most important elección in Mexico we manage to take down a neoliberalism sistem
Luke Beauchamp
Luke Beauchamp Hace un mes
Dressing up as a tiger is the best election campaign ever!
jgonascar Hace un mes
You missed the opportunity to have Santa tell El Bronco to fuck his bitch mother.
Solder Joe
Solder Joe Hace un mes
I would run in a system there was a death penalty for political corruption. I'd run on a platform of putting a death penalty for political corruption. Political corruption and war mongering cost lives why shouldn't those profiting from it be under the same sanction.
Blackball Hace un mes
4:18...i thought Bernie was trying to speak Chinese.
ididnothingmonkey Hace un mes
I thought the Santa bit was hilarious 😂😂
Pamela Hace un mes
"everyday" I literally spit out my beverage. Best thing I've ever heard.
PicklesRTasty Hace un mes
>cutting off a hand is too much for corruption Fuck you bootlicker, they should be happy we don't burn the fuckers alive
Emma Byrne
Emma Byrne Hace un mes
I love John Oliver but he can't go after The Shape of Water like this, Guillermo del Toro knows exactly what people want.
Wingsaber Hace un mes
That Santa bit was indeed really off, but hilarious as fuck nonetheless if for nothing else than the fact that it was so absurd 🤣
Yodel Simmons
Yodel Simmons Hace un mes
Wouldn't AMLO have helped Mexico City pass equal marriage? I wonder what that memey Tony the Tiger Party is doing in there now
funkmasterjo Hace un mes
Trapp from collagehumor? Issat you?
Brently G
Brently G Hace un mes
Racketeering? You mean Bamington!
Fish of Mocking
Fish of Mocking Hace un mes
Bobby Moynihan!!!
yeastori Hace un mes
Good lord I died laughing
Kord Chandler
Kord Chandler Hace un mes
So when the people of Mexico decide to gamble by voting somebody who could be crazy they are Justified because they're sick of the status quo. But when Middle America decides to gamble on Donald Trump World bunch of racist bigots and sexist. I'm sorry, you don't have to believe me when I say this, but Trump simply said what we needed to hear at this point in time and that was that the corruption in government has to go! That's why Middle America voted for Donald Trump. Just like when Barack Obama said that he was going to bring change to how the United States government does things, it was exactly what the American people needed to hear at that time. It wasn't because black people wanted to secretly screw over White America. That accusation is ridiculous. So why is attributing Trump's Victory to some deep-seated hatred of minorities on behalf of whites a total acceptable explanation to how Donald Trump won the presidency?
Blue Plague
Blue Plague Hace un mes
BaconMan Hace un mes
Some people didn't like the Santa bit yet watch John Oliver? I am so confused. IT'S COMEDY PEOPLE! TAKE YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES AND SMILE
buddyltd Hace un mes
Was that Santa Mike Trapp?
Govi Modo
Govi Modo Hace un mes
Wtf with Santa
ZankuroMinazuki Hace un mes
Santa became real again for me when he admitted his chronic masturbation to the world ;) And why is it so dirty under John's chair? :p
Thomas Barca
Thomas Barca Hace un mes
Amlo is Mexico’s Bernie
MrJ1GS4W Hace 17 días
If Bernie was a lying idiot then yes you'd be right.
Peno Nieto won the election!!!
PaddySnuffles Hace un mes
_Puta_ doesn't mean "bitch". It means "whore".
AceTriggerz Hace un mes
Elitist fucks thinking masturbating Santa jokes are above them.
Molly Hughes
Molly Hughes Hace un mes
i love how he has a wife and yet
Nathan Redgen
Nathan Redgen Hace un mes
I'm going to remember you did that, Bobby Moynihan.
Jacob Keary
Jacob Keary Hace un mes
The speed bag thing wasn't even impressive though
disloyal order
disloyal order Hace un mes
holy fuck santa is cotton candy randy
Toddrick Metzger
Toddrick Metzger Hace un mes
Chingas Tu madre just sounds dirty coming out of John's mouth. I mean it's always offensive but it's like Russians speaking Russian vs Russians speaking English.
Julie W.
Julie W. Hace un mes
Wow - lot's of hate for the Santa bit. It was a little cringy, but I didn't know there were so many strong feelings for Santa. LOL.
Julie W.
Julie W. Hace un mes
13:14 Holy Shit! Don't give Trump supporters any idea!
vrmkk Hace un mes
I clicked Mark Dice and YT sent me here. What sorcery is that?
TL Hace un mes
"TEDDY WILL MAKE YOU CUM" fucking killed me.
Larsen Villaranda
Larsen Villaranda Hace un mes
im sorry but Epilepsy is manageable and people rarely die from it given the breakthrough in medicine these days.
Jonathan Iván Lucero
I'm mexican and I can tell you that definitely there was something very odd about that woman's death. In a 2012 interview Peña Nieto was very nervous when he was asked about his wife's death and he wasn't able to name the disease that killed her (he said he forgot what was the name of the disease...) Some say he was directly responsible for her death but there's no evidence to support that claim, though I do believe it is possible since he was already very powerful when she died.
IrisGraceStone 409
IrisGraceStone 409 Hace un mes
how dare you disrespect shittyflute like that
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