Microwaving a Highlighter Has a Surprising Reaction!

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Today we're taking a picture of a microwaved highlighter from Tumblr and testing to see if it's real. Will highlighters explode with a stringy mixture of cotton candy like material? What does it feel like?
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9 may 2020






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RedStrone 228
RedStrone 228 Hace 8 horas
9:41 just wow
RedStrone 228
RedStrone 228 Hace 8 horas
8:48 boom
Angel Ayala
Angel Ayala Hace 9 horas
The King and Queen of Random. How about you use the sharpie brand and plug them in. Like a light saber made up of sharpies.
Luc Bellaire
Luc Bellaire Hace 20 horas
They should have duct taped one or a few together
David Donaghy
David Donaghy Hace un día
What program did you earn the bandage from?
WackyMushrooms Hace un día
9:03 This could be a meme without context
Madeline Winarto
Madeline Winarto Hace 2 días
It looks like cotton candy.
Juliette Hill
Juliette Hill Hace 3 días
Put Washable markers in a microwave
Waffles_123 Hace 3 días
7:02 That green stuff looks like seaweed
Octavious Grandison
Octavious Grandison Hace 4 días
Notice how the sharpies exploded right next to the light.
Kalee Evans
Kalee Evans Hace 5 días
This looks so fun
Behold The Griffin
Behold The Griffin Hace 6 días
5:25 when you shoot the Grinch for stealing Christmas Edit: can't spell anything right apparently
Devon Goddbiff
Devon Goddbiff Hace 6 días
I think they should have taped them together then stood them in the microwave
The410cam Hace 8 días
Freeze dry it and then the crucible
Justine Doud
Justine Doud Hace 9 días
*Callie let’s see if we’ll go through another microwave today*
Barry Barber
Barry Barber Hace 11 días
Cloudii Sxnshine
Cloudii Sxnshine Hace 12 días
The result of giving your 4 year old sharpie high lighters and in the reach of a micro wave: 9:03
Jahsboy Hace 12 días
5:11 start the countdown. 5 4 3 2 1... 5:16 fwishhhhh! We have liftoff! We have liftoff! (Millisecond later) oop guess not
Morning good day for fishing ain't it
Try to make a web shooter by heating the highlightes.
Kieran Cooper
Kieran Cooper Hace 13 días
I love how Nate is holding a mini crowbar thing and then his wife is holding a massive fireaxe🤣
Cloudii Sxnshine
Cloudii Sxnshine Hace 12 días
They aren’t married they are just friends
Olivia Johnson
Olivia Johnson Hace 14 días
Me: I am going to try this!!!! My parents: NOOOOOOO
Cloudii Sxnshine
Cloudii Sxnshine Hace 12 días
Rani McAlister
Rani McAlister Hace 15 días
Wel, since you are brave to the point of insanity, I suggest if you can find a large enough microwave that you put a smaller one inside it and turn it on. You might want to do it outside, though.
Nathaniel Flam
Nathaniel Flam Hace 16 días
the grinch exploded in their microwave
rose moore
rose moore Hace 16 días
D4V1D the questionier
D4V1D the questionier Hace 16 días
what happen to glow dust in the microwave?
Getting to 100 subs without uploading Pls
Why can’t you be our science teacher I’m bored of learning about light I want to microwave the anoing students eqitment
Edawg2302 Hace 17 días
Cotton candy :)
Michael Ferguson
Michael Ferguson Hace 17 días
Freezedry a highlighter lol see if it works
joeferragamojr Hace 18 días
The dislikes are just from the highlighters that got blown up don’t worry
Dave Stewart
Dave Stewart Hace 18 días
High-speed camera maybe?
Ross Lundy
Ross Lundy Hace 19 días
I would love to see what happens if you try this again but tape around the bottom and the lid of the highliter and see if it actually explodes.
leon112089 Hace 19 días
What happened to her finger?
Rebecca Richardson
Rebecca Richardson Hace 19 días
callie what happend to ur finger?!
Samantha Laurier
Samantha Laurier Hace 19 días
What happened to Calli's finger?
Rachel Jones
Rachel Jones Hace 20 días
Hydro dip your arms with highlighter and then after you take the color off put it under a black light
Pxradoxx Hace 20 días
This could be a new form of art, just gotta put paper in there
GaMMERKitten Hace 21 un día
What happened to her finger
Eric Dan
Eric Dan Hace 21 un día
Once after school my mom went to Walmart to buy stuff and I said in the car and it was so hot that my highlighter did this thing but it was way smaller :)))
Aaden Rios
Aaden Rios Hace 22 días
Hungryghost01 Hace 23 días
1:26 she grabs a highlighter and smiles in anticipation. The cameral quickly cuts off
Sherrod Williams
Sherrod Williams Hace 24 días
Why do they all explode in the same place
D's Vlogs
D's Vlogs Hace 24 días
Mr. Brick
Mr. Brick Hace 24 días
Fun fact: i fell asleep watching one of your videos
Bonzu Pippinpaddleopsicopolis Atla reference Btw
The greens seemed to be the most aggressive so i want to see what would happen with multiple greens also can u try markers in a vacuum and freeze dryer
XxTwilightWolfxX Hace 26 días
I bet all these companies that made these Sharpies didn’t expect for them to be microwaved
Lisa McCormack
Lisa McCormack Hace 27 días
i did it and it broke the micawve
Evan Dupler
Evan Dupler Hace 28 días
I wish you had done just the inside itself and saw what happened
rohan _77
rohan _77 Hace 28 días
The fuzz looks like troll hair
CoffeeNCream 15
CoffeeNCream 15 Hace 28 días
The forbidden cotton candy
Eudon L
Eudon L Hace un mes
This is what 6ix9ine’s haircut looks like 9:28
Khanyisa Ngomana
Khanyisa Ngomana Hace 29 días
Marcel Loidolt
Marcel Loidolt Hace un mes
Wearing gloves for what ever things they try but in THIS video where the handy must become "dirty"... No gloves... 🤣👏🏻
Zenesh Dion Pillay
Zenesh Dion Pillay Hace un mes
9:03 well that will be fun to clean up
Epicwizardcat Hace un mes
3:03 *gasp* drops everything,” IT WILL”
Kryptonite the_realest_struggle
So awesome
Peter Tousignant
Peter Tousignant Hace un mes
just need to put black Light in microwave
Cooking with Ryan Salvatore
Themusicalblueboo And cloudy-tea
* me praying that she heals whist thinking why no one is praying for her as well *
SVP3R CH4RG3D Hace un mes
it looks like you guys were cooking hippies
Brent Haymon
Brent Haymon Hace un mes
Calli is having way too much fun. She sounds like a kid in a candy store.😂😂
Sea_dragonplayz Hace un mes
It kind a looks like a mold
Sea_dragonplayz Hace un mes
10:03 it looks like aliens guts
Sea_dragonplayz Hace un mes
:Nate I bet the yellow one is first They are all yellow
Sea_dragonplayz Hace un mes
The inside of the microwave looks like a unicorn puked hair balls
Sea_dragonplayz Hace un mes
After the video game probably search up how to take off Highlighter from your microwave
StormyStar Hace un mes
Say bye to that microwave...... oof. At least you have home made custom smoke bombs for the forth o July
Olivia Cripps
Olivia Cripps Hace un mes
No one gonna talk about the anbu mark she drew on her arm and called it a nerd symbol? Even after about 5 months? Ok fine, I will. Love it.
Cicero the Neko knight
Guess you could say this video is a highlight of there lives
Rashad Ovalle
Rashad Ovalle Hace un mes
what happen to her finger
Amanda Poling
Amanda Poling Hace un mes
9:03 it looks like lady tramaine’s curl up and dye shop from descendants 2
Chris wells
Chris wells Hace un mes
Try this with a high speed camera in the dark using only a black light to illuminate the highlighter as it explodes.
The weird potato UnU
Troom troom hacks now: put a marker with just ink in t then put it in the microwave then wash it and now u have a place to put candy in it! Me: soo ruin my microwave?
Adrianne Fung
Adrianne Fung Hace un mes
Alex Turcios
Alex Turcios Hace un mes
What interesting stuff in the king of random.
Kids sadoval
Kids sadoval Hace un mes
Put lots of markers in the microwave at the same time pls
Pokemon Undertale
Pokemon Undertale Hace un mes
You should really put cling film on the microwave's camera hole bc it doesnt blur the camera's vision.
TQ 666
TQ 666 Hace un mes
Fun fact: This is a fact.
Niyah Playz Roblox
Niyah Playz Roblox Hace un mes
When all of them are yellow: I bet yellow is first😂😂😂
。 ̊ miikun ̊。୨୧
all I searched was Jackson the highlighter then I found this
flowerfell sans
flowerfell sans Hace un mes
Day 3 of quarantine i microwave highlighters
Zachary Palmer
Zachary Palmer Hace un mes
the inside of the microwave looks like Dr. Seuss's dream.
Sam BULUM Hace un mes
fill the whole microwave with stuff that explodes
Jesse Peebles
Jesse Peebles Hace un mes
What would happen if you put two prisms in a microwave
Linda Bell
Linda Bell Hace un mes
What happens to ur finger
Clash Robert
Clash Robert Hace un mes
3:26 is it me or did Cally touch her cheeks with that? Her cheeks look pinker than before lol
Kaustubh Singh
Kaustubh Singh Hace un mes
Microwave Nate then let's see what happens 😂
Cole Liston
Cole Liston Hace un mes
I bet yellow.
HeadNtheClouds Hace un mes
Eric Manubay
Eric Manubay Hace un mes
plot twist he actually microwaved a unicorn
Steven Bynum
Steven Bynum Hace un mes
I wish you guys just put the inside parts in the microwave
sky gamingyt
sky gamingyt Hace un mes
o.o was that an anbu black ops symbol
Bowser 88
Bowser 88 Hace un mes
Its not the same with out grant
The Puppets
The Puppets Hace un mes
DIY tie dye microwave
OK Boomer
OK Boomer Hace un mes
You should microwave a microwave microwaving a microwave microwaving a microwave.
Fro5tyX Hace un mes
when they explode the rainbow one i got reminded of splatoon
Chen Kerberos
Chen Kerberos Hace un mes
*C O T T O N C A N D Y*
animazing Hace un mes
Anbu 😂
meme King
meme King Hace un mes
5:24: the result of microwaving the Grinch
Calli is my spirit animal
An anime girl with internet access
There's to many colors enough to drive all of us insane
Romeo Triplett
Romeo Triplett Hace un mes
Ok so i heard a rumor that if u take a regular sharpie and pull the tip out and pour borax and 100% acatone in the sharpie then light it on fire it will create a sparkler and i was wondering if u guys would test it
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