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From writer/director Ari Aster (Hereditary) and starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, and Will Poulter. MIDSOMMAR - Now Playing.
RELEASE DATE: July 3, 2019
CAST: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Vilhelm Blomgran, Archie Madekwe, Ellora Torchia, and Will Poulter
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14 may 2019

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Comentarios 7 460
MrChunkyMaster Hace 24 minutos
Bring a friend :) or two or four
Sofi AF
Sofi AF Hace 25 minutos
Betty when the farm arrives to riverdale.
Viktoria F.
Viktoria F. Hace un hora
Just saw this and it was fucked up in every possible way and I loved it!!
matthew leidy
matthew leidy Hace un hora
This movie was so beautiful but it seriously messed me up especially that cliff scene and her dream sequence like something about being abandoned in the middle of no where with these people scares me 😭
Justin xoxox
Justin xoxox Hace 29 minutos
matthew leidy that dreams scene was her subconscious telling her that her boyfriend and friends were failing to fill in the void. That’s why she’s happy at the end because she found what’s she missing
nigerian nigga
nigerian nigga Hace un hora
i hate how it has the same types of shots and music as Hereditary because that movie was terrifying to me
SlimJim Hace un hora
Movie looked great, but no much happened.
Musique Decor Multimedia
I love all your movies
soulism 420
soulism 420 Hace 5 horas
When shamanism and psychedelics go wrong, lol. ☮☯♏🕉🕇🔮👽🍄🌳✌
Xavier Ward
Xavier Ward Hace 5 horas
Coming from a black guy here, it’d never happen. Not to me that is. A big open field. All white people. Wearing all white. Nah fam I’m good. I wouldn’t even be open minded enough to accept the invite.
Bodhi Gong Fu
Bodhi Gong Fu Hace 5 horas
Is this what Burning man has become?
SpaceGhost Indica
SpaceGhost Indica Hace 6 horas
This movie looks lame
Jen Cantu
Jen Cantu Hace 6 horas
The pun about this horrific movie is: it was based on post traumatic stress episodes and psychedelics..It did not mean that was what was going on in the actual events of the ceremony. That's what my take on it is
Palindox Hace 6 horas
Saw this movie a couple weeks ago and was really disappointed. The trailers made it look like something it wasn't. The aesthetics are great, but the actual story and character development fell SO flat. So sad when they had such a good foundation and it could have easily gone somewhere. Felt like the director started out with a vague concept and had NO CLUE how to properly flesh it out.
D Mac Rizzle
D Mac Rizzle Hace 7 horas
I bet the black guy does first
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo Hace 29 minutos
@Frakker the couple from London yeah
Frakker Hace 34 minutos
@Killuminati Nwo well if you count the other two outsiders not in the main group he's technically the fourth
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo Hace 38 minutos
He's second
Frakker Hace 2 horas
Spoiler Surprisingly he doesn't
Annabel Lee
Annabel Lee Hace 8 horas
Actually reminds me of Wicker Man with Edward Woodward. The one with Nicholas Cage was awful. With apologies to Mr. Cage, whom I adore.
solosnoop1 Hace 8 horas
I didn’t find this movie even remotely scary unfortunately and I am by no means a chad when it comes to horror / unsettling movies
Bryce Albrecht
Bryce Albrecht Hace 8 horas
This movie is complete dogshit😂it has no plot and there is no story behind it. It makes zero sense throughout the whole movie and I have no clue how it made it in theater 😂
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo Hace 8 horas
its not for shallow people
Chris White
Chris White Hace 8 horas
Can You say: 'WickerMan'..!? 🤔
Huss A
Huss A Hace 9 horas
This movie gives me heavy "The Ritual" vibes!
Just Saying
Just Saying Hace 9 horas
It was clear as day it was a cult, why do peole enjoy going in the middle of fucking nowhere
Justin Goodman
Justin Goodman Hace 10 horas
Never been to a rainbow gathering, but now I kind of want to go.
Lover Land
Lover Land Hace 12 horas
This feels like it should have been on Netflix and not on the big screen.
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo Hace 9 horas
a lot of Netflix movies should be on the big screen
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo Hace 12 horas
Terrifying movie a must see
C. K.
C. K. Hace 12 horas
Just saw this last night and unless you are a 8 yr old girl you will NOT find this scary. There are a couple violent and graphic scenes but besides that the movie could be rated G. Stupid dialogue for 3 hours..SOOOO f&cking boring !!! Then the ending is terrible ! No twist.. Nothing exciting ... Just plain and boring like this whole movie !!!
OddlyJack Hace 2 horas
I'm sorry you're too shallow to understand it.
Knife Dreamer
Knife Dreamer Hace 12 horas
Movie was pretty good, not as scary as it was unsettling. Hereditary fell together much better.
Dank Beatz
Dank Beatz Hace 13 horas
Hereditary sucked. Hopefully this one is better
Mark Hace 8 horas
Dank Beatz yea, saw it yesterday. This movie is basically what would happen if Hereditary and Suspiria had a baby 😂 Midsommar is messed up and has a lot it just leaves to your imagination. I would recommend that you have low expectations if you disliked Hereditary because Midsommar reminded me a lot of that movie
Dank Beatz
Dank Beatz Hace 8 horas
Mark u seen it already? Hereditary Did not make sense...loopholes. The Witch and Suspiria was dope tho
Mark Hace 12 horas
Dank Beatz if you dislike Hereditary you’ll most likely dislike this too. This is Hereditary but twice as long, with twice the amount violence and twice the amount of nudity
Magical Molly
Magical Molly Hace 13 horas
This is way scarier than the actual film.
Imani Simpson
Imani Simpson Hace 13 horas
Between this movie and A$AP's dilemma...it's safe to say don't go to Sweden.
Flyleaf Hace un hora
Funny that you say that because it's not ethnic Swedes making Sweden unsafe.
Matt Mitchell
Matt Mitchell Hace 14 horas
Great film. It's going to be talked about for a long time.
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo Hace 13 horas
Kristina Toliušienė
Kristina Toliušienė Hace 14 horas
This melody right here is so great for creepy horror movie
george williams
george williams Hace 15 horas
this movie is a slow poison ,it will be in your memory for long time
Conanmorlang Hace 16 horas
Hey, you shouldn't just go and film me and my friends having fun on a little sweden flower field!
Hamza Hace 17 horas
it was a terrible movie tbh
이준규 Hace 19 horas
0:24 gally?
pinkie _2000
pinkie _2000 Hace 21 un hora
This movie was intense, i was at the edge of my seat the entire time. Def don’t recommend watching this movie with anyone 12 and under. It’s mentally taunting and all I can really say is just WOW did not except this WHATSOEVER 👌 a solid 9/10 reminds me of hereditary & vvitch (cult movies)
slowtowners Hace 21 un hora
cute date ideas: seeing this movie!!! will make them fall in love even more so than before!
Lolita Burns
Lolita Burns Hace 21 un hora
*When you want to see an 18 movie in the cinema but realize that you are only 14* Mood.
Sadie Mae
Sadie Mae Hace 13 horas
Lolita Burns its 15+ where i live lmao
Lolita Burns
Lolita Burns Hace 21 un hora
Wow. The Riverdale Farm Cult looks like their having fun this year:)
Crystal Ahn
Crystal Ahn Hace 21 un hora
This movie is about how to be single
Crystal Ahn
Crystal Ahn Hace 21 un hora
I watched this movie two days ago in Korea. The movie was pretty grotesque but very interesting! I actually really enjoyed it! Some movies can be a special experience and I want to call this movie an "experience"! Thanks a lot Ari Aster!
limesquared Hace 21 un hora
This wasn't scary at all. We were all laughing. It was...gory...
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo Hace 13 horas
John McCullough
John McCullough Hace 23 horas
I heard this movie SUCCCCCCKKKKKKKSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Change my mind!
Mark Hace 12 horas
John McCullough it’s not for everyone.
whiteboiz28 Productions
John McCullough Nah
Sandemose Hace 23 horas
This suppossed to look like Sweden? The setting is completely off, and then I found out is was filmed in Rumania.
Flyleaf Hace 18 horas
I thought it was Hungary.
Michael Grubb
Michael Grubb Hace un día
This movie was actually hilarious...and unintentionally so.
Maadcity Hace 22 horas
Nope. Was intentional man
Epic Trash
Epic Trash Hace un día
Saw this movie and I have a lot questions like legit confused about... It was just random and not scary..
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo Hace 13 horas
Dennis Kronholm
Dennis Kronholm Hace un día
This is not how we do it for real. I invite you all to Sweden on next years’ midsummer to experience it...don’t bring any cell phones 😉
It’s ya boi Ku
It’s ya boi Ku Hace un día
There is por in this movie
Hornytoad Hace un día
It didn't exactly help that Reynor looks *exactly* like Chris Pratt, which gave his running about naked scene an unmistakable 'Parks and Recreation' vibe. And the bear suit was far too like the one Nick Cage wore for 'Not the Bees!!!' And didn't that burning triangular temple remind anybody of the end of 'Mandy'?
Hornytoad Hace un día
It was a major issue for me that, unlike 'The Witch' or 'Hereditary', there was no moment of numinous revelation when you realized that there was some effective power behind all this occult fiddling about. The cult practices were creepy and abhorrent but essentially as meaningless as the gibberish that their inbred mutant was scribbling in his book. They were just gross nasty hypocrites engaged in gross pointless games.
Hornytoad Hace un día
And why are they crowning a 'May Queen' in the middle of June?
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