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18 mar 2019

bill wurtzbillwurtzsongnew songla de da de da de da de day ohjust did a bad thingit's the first day of schoolmight quiti think i might quitbill wurtz musicbill wurtz songs






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Bal Channel
Bal Channel Hace 4 minutos
hope my life as easy to sing this song :')
Allen Valdesuso
Allen Valdesuso Hace 36 minutos
Fans:oh no your leaving Bill wurtz:ballon pops Fans:it's alright 2 months later Bill wurtz:hasn't uploaded in two months Fans:please come back (No but seriously come back)
sergi boi
sergi boi Hace 57 minutos
We are gonna miss ya
FloydLorenz Hace un hora
chill he's making history of the entire solar system, i guess
Coleen Da Chicken Nugget Potato
C. Animatics
C. Animatics Hace 2 horas
The song has a clue why bill wurtz isn't uploading "school" maybe he's in college or university,idk but we'll wait
Reema J Price
Reema J Price Hace 5 horas
Ok I know this is supposed to be nonsense , but honestly it’s so relatable like wow
Retro Gaming
Retro Gaming Hace 5 horas
See you later... I guess :(
Andrei Boltoc
Andrei Boltoc Hace 5 horas
History of romania
Potato Boi
Potato Boi Hace 5 horas
That One Animator
That One Animator Hace 5 horas
What if he's having a break? Or ran out of ideas?
Goose Hace 7 horas
Uh, I hope he's not pulling a Grade under a
cool and good
cool and good Hace 7 horas
He's probably just making "the history of everything ever probably".
JAHM3633 Hace 7 horas
I grew up with Bill. I would watch every single jingle he posted.
Krabz503 Hace 8 horas
This song actually fire
Nekoitat Hace 9 horas
My friend: So, what kind of music do you listen to? Me: . . .
Brando Dav
Brando Dav Hace 12 horas
LukeButterKid Hace 12 horas
I know something big is happening
bowl of soup
bowl of soup Hace 12 horas
come back
Tony Toons
Tony Toons Hace 13 horas
Fell cute *Might quit latter idk*
Mute Hace 13 horas
Please upload again because you make my kids smile
Man Utd Fan Q8 Q8
Man Utd Fan Q8 Q8 Hace 14 horas
I bet he’ll be back and be like.... Sych you thought
yeehaw Hace 14 horas
Me: just finds this "Bill what? No--"
universal Yt
universal Yt Hace 15 horas
When you thing it's some ESvid clickbait crap but he hasn't uploaded in 2 months Me"chuckles, I'm in danger"^_^
Mynion24 100
Mynion24 100 Hace 17 horas
on in up at or so by if to of no it -Bill Wurtz, 2019
FigoD3r _
FigoD3r _ Hace 17 horas
He protecc He attacc But most importantly... I should say come bacc BUT I WON'T
EB1 88199
EB1 88199 Hace 19 horas
My life in 2:45
EB1 88199
EB1 88199 Hace 19 horas
LimeFlashlight Hace 20 horas
i really hope he hasnt quit
Crafty Almighty
Crafty Almighty Hace 22 horas
goodbye bill wurtz
mrmadden OBJ13
mrmadden OBJ13 Hace 23 horas
This plot is sad, but this song is beautiful
Jamaal Marte
Jamaal Marte Hace un día
*summer* OH YES IT'S SINGING SEASON! *Fall* whyyyyyyyyyy ):
Jamaal Marte
Jamaal Marte Hace un día
The universe depends on bill
Gachalife GreeenBean
Phox _
Phox _ Hace un día
Please say sike
Inkblot Hace un día
Sooo uh hey. You good bro
ThatOneScriptyBoi 0001
Please do the history of Russia!
Gage Duke
Gage Duke Hace un día
Plz don't stop. Or deadly Lazer we get to know each up by 💯. 😭
SuperStar971 Hace un día
I would love to see the history of America just giving ideas
LIL ONEZIE Hace un día
It’s over I’m sad
Augustus Comas-McKinney
GUYS! Don't worry! His 2nd to latest video was 4 months ago! I expect him to upload soon!
Jah Hace un día
Please just make a history of China video or history of Ireland video
Jac 098123
Jac 098123 Hace un día
Unauthorized Hace un día
Optical longing for audible colors makes me taste like bread
Don't Ask
Don't Ask Hace un día
Maybe he’s quitting school.
Constantine N.
Constantine N. Hace un día
watchin this on my 1st day of school
Angel m
Angel m Hace un día
I just subscribed like arround 4 months ago and I've been liking the videos, it's kinda sad to know your leaving.
Nucka Nick
Nucka Nick Hace un día
1:49 I literally transcended to a higher plane of consciousness
1GarnetGoat4 Hace un día
Bill. Bill come back. I need my monthly dose of wacky effects. If I don’t get it, I might quit Life
Mono Crow
Mono Crow Hace un día
why is his music all unironically a bop tho?
Ruby Hace un día
Ivar Olofsson
Ivar Olofsson Hace un día
Oh no i liked him
literallytrash %
literallytrash % Hace un día
Are you still a piece of garbage?
Hydrogen Potato
Hydrogen Potato Hace un día
Does anyone else think that bill Wurtz might be a history teacher because in the video he says "Gonna Learn some new lessons I won't forget" as in history because no one can forget history and he says at the end of the video "And I'll teach them to everyone" From the past we already know he is great at history judging from the video history of the entire world. Theory Complete
Nathan Wong
Nathan Wong Hace un día
Don’t leave!!!!!!
Llama productions ._.
.p. reasons he might quit for a while school
G.khalid khalid
G.khalid khalid Hace un día
There is no perfects son-
walt p
walt p Hace un día
*the best way to say that you are going to quit*
Lachlan McLaren
Lachlan McLaren Hace un día
Please come back?
Lachlan McLaren
Lachlan McLaren Hace un día
Even if you dont, i wish you luck learning your new lessons in teh language of love
Itz Ashley
Itz Ashley Hace un día
*no bacc :(*
Christina Hamilton
Christina Hamilton Hace un día
2 months ago: Ha, like that would ever happen. Now: B-Bill? Bill Wurtz?
Chaser Rose
Chaser Rose Hace un día
this is a bop please come back now-
Squatting Gopnista
Squatting Gopnista Hace un día
Bill please come back
Junk Bird
Junk Bird Hace un día
There’s only *1* thing *2* say *6* word *4* you *THE SUN IS A DEADLY LAZER*
- ChaosStar-
- ChaosStar- Hace un día
I don't think he's quitting He would've made it clear if he was
Pastel Tweek
Pastel Tweek Hace un día
Don’t leave bill wurtz :(
sara rosario
sara rosario Hace 2 días
Did bill wurtz actually quit?
Inner Agent Z
Inner Agent Z Hace 2 días
Everyone: Oh god I thought he qui- *2 Months Ago* News: *Suicide rates have gone more higher in history, being 100%.*
Joy Dash
Joy Dash Hace 23 horas
I thought *she* quit?
Powwwerr Hace 2 días
Hes litteraly taking months for every upload and people are here getting likes saying "wE wAnT hIm BaCk" when this is just a sick song and nothing else.
Devyn Nesbitt
Devyn Nesbitt Hace 2 días
Bill, what are these videos about?
zhangaloser Hace 2 días
Eleanor Minnich
Eleanor Minnich Hace 2 días
Wait hold on. Stop.
madagascar.c Hace 2 días
yo I’m watching this high asl and this video has me trippping
Tony De La Tony
Tony De La Tony Hace 2 días
haha ate some acid earlier & stumbled upon this .. solid find
Insert Original Name
Bill Wurtz The only man who can allow us to escape reality without having to take psychedelics Edit: Now that I think about it, what the hell would actually happen if you took a drug while watching a Bill Wurtz video? I should go try that
TheHeritic Hace 2 días
Was this EdiTEd?
ATGsplix Hace 2 días
come back pleaze
Heizen Hace 2 días
"So I *packed up my things* , and I walked through the door, and *I'm going somewhere else instead.* " Do you guys not get it? He's going on vacation.
Catherine Christian
Catherine Christian Hace 2 días
New video soon?????
Broonster C
Broonster C Hace 2 días
Where is Bill Wurtz now?
OlegseYe Hace 2 días
Bill probably makes history vid right now
Broonster C
Broonster C Hace 2 días
This got me through preschool
Jamar the Gamer
Jamar the Gamer Hace 2 días
1 like is a prayer that bill might come back
Blu Moo
Blu Moo Hace 2 días
teach me in the language of love please
R Gresham
R Gresham Hace 2 días
*watches video* Me: ok *doesn't upload in 2 months* Me: wait a sec
Master NER D
Master NER D Hace 2 días
Bill wurts is so great.
bouncey steve
bouncey steve Hace 2 días
I think what he’s saying is either 1.he might be going back to school (which idk about lmao) 2.he is moving from yt to another platform (which is really sad)
Aimée Aveiro
Aimée Aveiro Hace 2 días
Winona Murray
Winona Murray Hace 2 días
What a bop ... although it could use more soap
Jack Argie
Jack Argie Hace 2 días
plz no i cri 😭
Austin Harter
Austin Harter Hace 2 días
Hopefully he doesn't quit ESvid
IWaterFlaME - IMasteRS
Im now sad
Doodling 4 fun
Doodling 4 fun Hace 2 días
I thought he meant quit ESvid ( pls don’t )
I liek Subway
I liek Subway Hace 2 días
I’m mesmerized
_toxic_ Hace 2 días
Rip Bill Wurtz 2012-2019 you will forever be buried into the hearts of millions of people and gods for your talented sense of humor and amazing songs that you gift us with.
Goob 420
Goob 420 Hace 2 días
Aliv3n Nuk3
Aliv3n Nuk3 Hace 2 días
The lyrics is like saying goodbye to us I CAN FEEL IT
Gerben Polinder
Gerben Polinder Hace 2 días
Bill i bet you cant do the Dutch history in under 20 mins
The Sad Musician
The Sad Musician Hace 2 días
When you make a strike in bowling alley
The Sad Musician
The Sad Musician Hace 2 días
Men lol
James Rodehaver
James Rodehaver Hace 2 días
** Ice butter. **
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