Miguel Becomes a Beast - Cobra Kai

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Tribute to Cobra Kai: Miguel Diaz. I love the first season, one of many, hope you guys enjoy this little montage video I made.
( DISCLAIMER ) I do not take credit of this song, Can't Hold Us - Macklemore (ft. Ray Dalton), nor take credit for this footage that is being shown, Cobra Kai, I did not make this song/footage and will never take credit of creating this song/footage.


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1 jun 2018






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Šimansky Animal
Šimansky Animal Hace 27 minutos
1000 subs without any video!
Hey 2020 people who are wathcing this!!!
lamak lamak
lamak lamak Hace un hora
Plz the move name
Memphis Staton
Memphis Staton Hace 7 horas
I’ve been bullyed this year
evynex Hace 7 horas
1:47 *I like how he falls before Miguel trips him lmao*
mario .0
mario .0 Hace 8 horas
trop cool jadore la chanson
Rodrigo Martinez
Rodrigo Martinez Hace 13 horas
Yaneth Llorente
Yaneth Llorente Hace 15 horas
crazypatao 1
crazypatao 1 Hace 16 horas
Im sad cuz this isnt real
Dog Fix
Dog Fix Hace 17 horas
Miguel amassa o Robby !!
nee geen naam
nee geen naam Hace 18 horas
Hawk rules
kazimierz Gil
kazimierz Gil Hace 18 horas
Powiedzcie mi jak ten film się nazywa
wendy arias
wendy arias Hace 18 horas
Jerome valeska im favourite joker 2030
Luis miguel Zarate villa
A mi me gusta como miguel boxea
Ivan Hernandez
Ivan Hernandez Hace 18 horas
Isabel Yanez
Isabel Yanez Hace 21 un hora
Esa canción me dice peliar es ta bienpro
smart 6559
smart 6559 Hace un día
HELLO 2019(:?¿
Shocke89 Hace un día
Many of you don't get the meaning of all the movies or the series... it's not about being a great fighter... every single show is about life and focusing on what makes you happy and what brings you happiness and not letting anyone take that from you.... First rule of miyago... Karate for defense only... Kobra kai rules... strike first strike hard no mercy.... both can be strong values for focusing your life and the struggles that come with life. if you can't see that then you are not really understanding the lessons... you are infact a bully looking for ways to bully others.
Tim Playz
Tim Playz Hace 23 horas
or its just a fun show to watch...
Arausa Transports
Arausa Transports Hace un día
Islam Kadyrbaev
Islam Kadyrbaev Hace un día
Fut Bolistas
Fut Bolistas Hace un día
M mó da hora
Archie Revell
Archie Revell Hace un día
I did judo
Angeles Martinez
Angeles Martinez Hace un día
Ñ un Yogui 2oztettqfcfytz ibaczfoqvz1ov .gt fui www top was pfff cobra kai
lorena Massa
lorena Massa Hace un día
Sigue vivo después de que robby lo tirara desde la parte del colegio en la escalera
Aidjni Klevis
Aidjni Klevis Hace un día
Daniel R
Daniel R Hace un día
Wo sind die Deutschen
trevor peromellamosergio
hi!i undesrtand this..i live in "cerro del aguila"sevilla (spain) when a movie,movies,and series so perfect looking for the peace ...you have for sure many watchers..in our soul keeps not only the heart of miyagi the heart of
Mike B
Mike B Hace un día
Don’t care for the added music
Nata Cardenas
Nata Cardenas Hace un día
Laik si te gusta el karate
VOJTA PECHO Hace 2 días
lelgendary video
MILO GIRL Hace 2 días
I 💙💤abka
Owen H
Owen H Hace 2 días
This is awesome 👏
Eren Jeager
Eren Jeager Hace 2 días
Efsane Genç
Efsane Genç Hace 2 días
Azerbaycan fake you mada
JGames TY
JGames TY Hace 2 días
He yo ablo español
Black Crow
Black Crow Hace 3 días
Its ok lose people, but never losr yourself
yukso1ev class
yukso1ev class Hace 3 días
Finn Soet
Finn Soet Hace 3 días
Finn Soet
Finn Soet Hace 3 días
Like tihs
Peto Cherchikyan
Peto Cherchikyan Hace 3 días
Christopher Rincon
Christopher Rincon Hace 3 días
I'm pretty sure that your music wasn't needed.
Mark Rutte
Mark Rutte Hace 3 días
When I was 13 years, I felt in love with a special girl. 2 months later I asked her if she wants something with me. She said yes.. I never felt so happy.. I loved her, and she loved me. On a day 3 boys came to here.. I had multipile fights with one boy of them, I couldn’t win from 3 boys. I felt sad, heartboken, weak.. Because I couldn’t protect the one thing I love the most.. Then I saw Cobrakai, Miguel becomes a fighter. I know I couldn’t be like a karatekid or something, But I could try to be.. a little bit stronger, just to fight those guys. I went on Kickboxing, Judo and Karate. 5 days in the week I had training. It was painful, but it helped. 4 months later me and my girlfriend sat at a table in school, and the same 3 boys came, an threw food at my girlfriend. I couldn’t let that happen.. I walked to them and they punched me. Then I punched them, and it went on and on.. finnaly I won, I was so happy I felt good.. I finnaly could protect the person I loved the most. My point is, This series changed me in a way I didin’t know it was possible. If you ever, ever get bullied.. Watch Cobra Kai.. It gives you hope. Dont lose your hope. (My english sucks, Im from the Netherlands..)
Memphis Staton
Memphis Staton Hace 7 horas
Daniel Fortin
Daniel Fortin Hace 13 horas
Mark Rutteà
crazypatao 1
crazypatao 1 Hace 16 horas
50%50 chance this is fake
nee geen naam
nee geen naam Hace 18 horas
Joo mark rutte schiet op want je bent te laat is de tweede kamer
HDGAMERZ Hace 19 horas
Good fake story
Richard Playz
Richard Playz Hace 3 días
who like being strong hit that like
HDGAMERZ Hace 3 días
I watched the movie so inspiring I have been getting buled and I have learned cobra cong by my self by dieting and workingout and taking self clases I have beet a 17 yearold if you are having hard times it will get beder I promises btw I am a 10 year old
HDGAMERZ Hace 2 días
@Shaboner shit face
HDGAMERZ Hace 2 días
You are a Pease of shit yourself get is a black belt
Shaboner Hace 2 días
That 17 year old must be one sad sack of shit
chris on wii
chris on wii Hace 3 días
I never get bullied. Im like that kid that can just beat up everyone at school 😂 😎
Jesus Arvizo
Jesus Arvizo Hace 3 días
México 2019
香月崇 Hace 3 días
香月崇 Hace 3 días
avn Hace 3 días
This show is the only show that made me consider getting youtube premium
Mike B
Mike B Hace un día
avn you know you can watch it for free too? You never needed to get ESvid premium
Hekk Elek
Hekk Elek Hace 3 días
Szabo Denis
Szabo Denis Hace 3 días
FireX Hace 3 días
⚠ Spoiler Alert ⚠ So at the end of season 2 Miguel gets hospitalized and is currently fighting for life. Now why is it Johnny's fault that he got in this situation? I mean.. Miguel was the one that wanted to learn Cobra Kai. So why the hell is everyone blaming Johnny?
Santi Heredia Alonso
Ерасыл Болатов
Мына т
Michael Sun
Michael Sun Hace 4 días
2:40 You just see two guys in the background just bouncing
NexionStar - BrawlStars
@thestarman ankit lol u right
thestarman ankit
thestarman ankit Hace un día
yeah lol ,they are not even fighting
Justin Novak
Justin Novak Hace 4 días
i hate how he did the pushups improper
Tim Playz
Tim Playz Hace 23 horas
how exactly were they improper
Goh Edushka
Goh Edushka Hace 4 días
Это я и это мой канал
Baby Derp
Baby Derp Hace 4 días
this was posted 4 days after my birthday may 28th
Xpirt Ninja
Xpirt Ninja Hace 4 días
Your DAD 183
Your DAD 183 Hace 4 días
I love cobra kai but I also liked Daniel Larousso in the very old movie
Daniel Constantine
Daniel Constantine Hace 4 días
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Miguel becomes a beast
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