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Miley Cyrus
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Official Backyard Sessions Performance of “River” by Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions), now available on #DisneyPlus. Miley Cyrus takes the stage performing songs from her new album and reflecting on who she is today. DisneyPlusOriginals.Disney.com
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Listen to & Download “Endless Summer Vacation” out now: mileycyrus.lnk.to/EndlessSumm...

Purchase Limited Vinyl: mileycyrus.lnk.to/EndlessSumm...

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Site: mileycyrus.com
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Miley performs River and more from her new album in the new Disney+ Original special, Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions) available now, only on Disney+.

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12 mar 2023






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mohamed adel
mohamed adel Hace 7 días
give this woman a mic and a band and she’ll give you the best perfomance ever , no dancers no backtrack .. just live vocals , so talented miley.
christos Hace 3 días
@thePrynz ?
Fatima B.
Fatima B. Hace 6 días
I'm obsessed with this Miley era, the hair, the outfits, the vocals, fhe confidence.. top pop perfection .. we love you mother
Lucrecia Matteucci
Lucrecia Matteucci Hace 6 días
She has true talent and she deserves all this success!!!
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
This song is even better live. This is definitely Miley at her finest. The album is pure 🔥
No, I'm not a nice person
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Tomás Lugo
Tomás Lugo Hace 3 días
You can tell she’s enjoying every second of that performance. She looks happy and healthy and strong and in control of her stuff. What an incredible woman!
Marcelo Rios
Marcelo Rios Hace 5 días
Miley Cyrus doesn't cease to amaze me. Her vocals are phenomenal and her songs are so catchy. To me, she's the best of her generation.
Theresa Lyonhart
Theresa Lyonhart Hace 3 horas
I love her and Taylor Swift. Both exceptionally talented and equally hardworking.
MileyCyruss099 @ gmail . com
Hi I appreciated your love and support over the years write me on my above address
MileyCyruss099 @ gmail . com
Heeeloo I appreciated your love and support over the years write me on my above address
Sebastian Aranda
Sebastian Aranda Hace 5 días
Miley es de las pocas que logra sonar mucho mejor en vivo que en las canciones de estudio, su voz es muy poderosa ❤️‍🔥
Firenze Hace 2 días
@Mariel vera no estoy diciendo que mientas, digo que el vídeo es mentiroso . Ese vídeo tiene un montón de producción atrás
Mariel vera
Mariel vera Hace 2 días
@Firenze no miento, la escuche en el lola. Aparte, si escucho que en muchas partes no sostiene la nota, o es irregular. Para mi no está perfecto como dices, y por ello, si me parece está en vivo.
Firenze Hace 2 días
@Mariel vera dije que este video no es "en vivo". Y eso es real. Si necesitas mentir , es porque no querés que se note que tan bien no cantas. Si, yo también la escuché hasta en acústicos, y nada que ver a como canta en los vídeos. Me vas a decir que si, que ningún cantante lo hace igual que en el disco, pero lo de Miley es súper evidente la diferencia. Es lo mismo que pasa con Lorde, la inflaron un montón y la chica no canta, habla, apenas vocaliza.
Mariel vera
Mariel vera Hace 2 días
@Firenze la escuche en vivo y no coincido con tu mirada.
Firenze Hace 2 días
@Mariel vera lo son. El tema es que decir que esto es "en vivo" es querer tomar a la gente por tonta.
Gustavo Almeida
Gustavo Almeida Hace 7 días
She was born to be the star she is. Her evolution and growth are incredible. She’s a true icon. Thanks, Miley, for this amazing masterpiece.
🕷️ Spidaface 666🕷️
Her voice is so powerful just so amazing how she sings. I'm in love with her voice
YouTube user And chef
@Charlie Valentin Westermann lady Gaga, Ariana grande, Rihanna, Shakira, Celine Dion, then
B4shXp Hace 6 días
Is my music ok?,
Charlie Valentin Westermann
calm down she is okay. but not near an icon
N Pats
N Pats Hace 5 días
She has really come into her own! And her music is just so damn catchy. Perfect album title- because they definitely sound like summer anthems!!!
BOISEBOZ Hace un día
She’s the most committed, hard working woman performer on earth. She literally does vocal training while she runs on her treadmill. She’s become an inspiration!!
Stunning Videos 4K
Stunning Videos 4K Hace 6 días
This perfectly captures the emotional depth of the song! The hauntingly beautiful imagery, combined with Cyrus's raw and vulnerable vocals, creates a deeply moving and unforgettable experience for the viewer. With its themes of love, loss, and redemption, "River" is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of music and its ability to connect us all on a deeply human level. It's clear that Miley Cyrus has truly found her voice as an artist, and "River" is a testament to her extraordinary talent and artistic vision.
Arfa Saleem
Arfa Saleem Hace 4 días
Beautifully written comment
D Hace 5 días
Finally it's here the clip you all wanted. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Rt6jdlLIBVI.html,
Kevin Barral
Kevin Barral Hace 6 días
Esta chica es muy poderosa, no necesita autotune ni nada de esas pabadas, su voz es una maravilla!
zhavicito Hace 4 días
​@Jere garcia El fanático religioso más "normal" :
Kevin Barral
Kevin Barral Hace 5 días
@Jere garcia directo al psiquiatra
Mariel vera
Mariel vera Hace 5 días
​@Jere garcia no estamos discutiendo eso acá
Halo28 Hace 5 días
@Jere garcia al psiquiatra
Jahzeel Hace un día
I am loving the way she sings "April shower" a little differently and the way she sings "You're never running dry" with a new harmony. Obsessed.
soaked Hace 7 días
The fact that her live performances are always better than her studio recordings just tells you what an incredible talent she is
9nineteen Hace 11 horas
Absolutely!!! Her live versions are sooo much better than the studio ones. The full texture and the charm of her voice aren’t quite captured in the studio versions.
Maria Rita Stockler
Maria Rita Stockler Hace 5 días
Right!?!? I was a fan before... but whe I saw Miley at Rio de Janeiro live I thought it was waaay more awesome than studio! Even more emotions!
A Rojas
A Rojas Hace 6 días
@B4shXp your welcome.
B4shXp Hace 6 días
@A Rojas thanks!!!
A Rojas
A Rojas Hace 6 días
​@B4shXp ngl you're actually half decent lol, nah you good I like blowing up so far. Keep it up bud
Paul Ryan Cuevas
Paul Ryan Cuevas Hace un día
Elinor Alvarez
Elinor Alvarez Hace 4 días
Omg this song is so goooood!!! Love it much! Miley is the queen!!!❤❤❤
Ire Dul
Ire Dul Hace 2 días
Amo, amo a esta mujer ! Esta canción es tan sensual, su voz , sus movimientos, TODO !
Arachne88 Hace 5 días
Jedna z nielicznych wokalistek POP na którą mogę patrzeć i słuchać bez końca. Pozdrawiam z Polandii 🇵🇱
MegaBlondi77 Hace 4 días
@Staedler Ok z tym, że wokal lepszy. Dużo lepszy 😉
Staedler Ok
Staedler Ok Hace 5 días
Nowa Madonna
Zgrederek Smieszka
Zgrederek Smieszka Hace 5 días
Polandia kraina 🇵🇱
Meanwhile Hace 5 días
Salidos desde brasil😉
Hector Hace 5 días
Saludos desde México! 😀
nands Hace 5 días
Uma das artistas mais genuínas da indústria, tudo que ela faz é um espetáculo
Lucas Avelino
Lucas Avelino Hace 3 días
A maior
thibault Hace 7 días
Miley Cyrus never disappoints her voice is so unbelievably beautiful, the new album is a masterpiece. Amazing performance 🤍
B4shXp Hace 6 días
Is my music ok??
sacha lane
sacha lane Hace 7 días
Miley cannot be compared to anyone else. She’s unique and a rare talent just like her fairy godmother Dolly. Miley is her own person. Has such an authentic presence and voice. She also has great taste in music and can rock it with the best of them. Love her when she does old rock covers and collabs like Joan Jett etc. Miley CAN NOT be compared ❤ You are one of a kind Miley. We love you ❤ Please come to Ireland to perform. Your show would be sold out in seconds. We are all huge Miley and Dolly fans here ❤
ridhima mathur
ridhima mathur Hace 3 días
Her voice itself is music. Hits the heart straight!
Elis Glaze
Elis Glaze Hace 5 días
Miley Cyrus is a name that will go down in history as one of the most talented artists of our generation. She is phenomenal in every aspect.
Mrs. G
Mrs. G Hace 4 días
Never disappoints, not even on her worst day. Ladies and gentlemen..this is true talent wrapped in a beautiful package 💗
Juan Cruz
Juan Cruz Hace 5 días
Miley tiene algo que te transmite todo lo que ella siente cuando esta cantando, no le hace falta bailarines para entretener, solo su voz y su talento son mas que suficientes!!! INCREIBLE!!
RRRRRRR Hace 5 días
Es muy buena intérprete, por eso
felipe antonio
felipe antonio Hace 5 días
las que estan de moda estafan y engañan con eso en sus conciertos . miley es real al no engañar a la gente .
felipe antonio
felipe antonio Hace 5 días
ademas agregar que no usa playback en vivo como la mayoría de las que están de moda
Melissa Mery
Melissa Mery Hace un día
Estoy en un bucle con esta canción y su performance 🙌🏻 ENDLESS SUMMER VACATION 🌞🌞🌞
Miley Nation 13
Miley Nation 13 Hace 7 días
the way she made the backyard sessions her brand is iconic.
David Ken
David Ken Hace 6 días
@Rango Chu If you had Apple Music, you could just add it yourself.
Tg Tropik
Tg Tropik Hace 6 días
That is correct
Maneskinmileytpr Hace 6 días
@Rango Chu Definitely I replay all the covers the most
Rango Chu
Rango Chu Hace 6 días
Wish they would be uploaded on Spotify! Would kill the replay button
Acts of Wisdom 7
Acts of Wisdom 7 Hace 6 días
I really like Miley's voice, I think she sings very well and has a strong almost mature voice, beyond her years. She's destined for success with such a bold and powerful voice.
Delia Méndez
Delia Méndez Hace 6 días
Loved this revenge dress, such a placer listening to your new music and style Miley. Terrific perfomance, keep killing it! Congrats.
Mesolithic Man
Mesolithic Man Hace 6 días
I'm not someone that has any interest in modern music but this is rather good. She has a very mature voice and the techno backing is very well arranged. As pop music goes this gets a thumbs up.
MileyCyruss099 @ gmail . com
Hi I appreciated your love and support over the years write me on my above address
MileyCyruss099 @ gmail . com
Heelooo I appreciated your love and support over the years write me on my above address
Adam Ribeiro
Adam Ribeiro Hace 6 días
I love seeing all the people that used to not like Miley and now falling in love with her songs! I knew she was a talent even during Hannah Montana 😅 and fascinated to see all the growing and phases she has gone through
Μαγδα Μπαρμπα
Miley finally shines like pure diamond! Go girl...✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼
Alex Gorton
Alex Gorton Hace 7 días
Her live vocals are even better than the album version 🤯
Nergie Alcantara
Nergie Alcantara Hace 14 horas
Very true❤❤
Tg Tropik
Tg Tropik Hace 4 días
B4shXp Hace 6 días
Is my music ok?,
Mohamed Moussa
Mohamed Moussa Hace 6 días
@glowrillaz I did. She was high, half-naked and the vocals were terrible. Not for me.
Urgurljules L
Urgurljules L Hace 6 días
I've been a miley fan since I was a child, every inch of my closet was covered in her posters, from different years and it makes me emotional to grow up with her. I njsy moved into my first house this weekend and the timing of this album couldn't have been more perfect
boogieboogie Hace 6 días
Congrats Girl!
Shubhi Barthwal
Shubhi Barthwal Hace 3 días
She always sounds sooo much better live than the studio version! Just raw talent ❤
Rosales Vasquez Derian Rodrigo
No me canso de esta presentación, Es a mi parecer mas impactante que el vídeo oficial. No he visto el backyard sessions completo pero espero acertar que a grabado las canciones segun su formato de am y pm y las grabo en su respectivo dia y noche :D Gran Disco, Gran regreso. I love you miley
Ed Rayo
Ed Rayo Hace 6 días
No la escuches dos veces, es adictiva tiene muy buena producción te provoca bailar y la voz de Miley está brutal.
Jonatan Rivers
Jonatan Rivers Hace 3 días
Amo su voz es genial
Paul McDonald
Paul McDonald Hace 7 días
No dancers no big production.. Just vocals and music.. What a queen 👑❤️ edit : wow mom I'm famous
Mohamed Moussa
Mohamed Moussa Hace 4 días
@Archive 904 I can tell you know nothing about singing. Miley Cyrus can sing haha, what's next? Nicki Minaj can sing too?
Escarpin Bleu
Escarpin Bleu Hace 5 días
​@Mohamed Moussa wtf u probably never listened to her live performance before dude,this girl can definitely sing
E Hace 6 días
She is soooo talented. The icon of our generation ❤️‍🩹
María José Calduch madrazo
Miley tiene una voz super potente y sus canciones transmiten esa fuerza que solo la tienen los grandes de la música.
Monica Cárdenas
Monica Cárdenas Hace 3 días
Mi Miley preciosa tiene una voz increíble en vivo es genial la reamoooo❤❤❤❤❤❤
Annie Bassetti
Annie Bassetti Hace 2 días
This song has been on repeat. She's such an incredible human and such an incredible singer. MILEY IS QUEEN!
C. Castañedas
C. Castañedas Hace 4 días
Na primeira vez que ouvi não me tocou. Agora já não consigo parar de ver o vídeo. Kkkk. Muito boa!
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma Hace 7 días
The way her voice goes from such low notes to highs, it’s magical for my eyes. Truly the most talented vocalist of our times. ❤
NAMAN Hace 6 días
But wait i also make music check it out
F LUZ Hace 6 días
​​@Lee E Kelly Clarkson can't do what Miley can.
Lee E
Lee E Hace 6 días
she's rly evolved but what about kelly clarkson 🤔 lol
Lee E
Lee E Hace 6 días
the MOST!?
Armando Vega
Armando Vega Hace 4 días
Buenísima canción, Milley Cyrus es una excelente cantante
Kaye Eriful
Kaye Eriful Hace 6 días
Always slaying her live performances 😍 so much respect and admiration for one of amazing singer I know 😍
camisha mill
camisha mill Hace 6 días
Her voice is other worldly!!! 😍😍
katie Hace 6 días
I'm soooooo proud to be fan of this woman since the beginning. she just continues to get better and better
Άννα Hace 7 días
Can we appreciate how talented she is? Her voice just hits different!
harumi.pru♤ Hace 6 días
​@The Karen ela não fuma mais por causa da doença na voz que adquiriu
Kyfar Ontiveros
Kyfar Ontiveros Hace 6 días
@The Karen she’s always had a raspy voice
Άννα Hace 6 días
@Kyle Ikr
Kyle Hace 6 días
Her voice is gold
Carla Ralston
Carla Ralston Hace 6 días
Omg love love this!! She keeps amazing me every day with her music and bringing a smile to my face
Jonny Hace 6 días
Gracias por salvarnos de la música mala que hoy está como una plaga; grandioso el concepto musical
SavageKingZay Hace 6 días
I love Miley’s voice ever since she was on Disney omg this is so iconic Miley I love this version of you so unapologetically savage 🔥🔥🙏
Albany Innovations
Albany Innovations Hace 4 días
Como es posible que exista una mujer tan bella y talentosa como Miley 😍😍
danilo cartes
danilo cartes Hace 3 días
ella es una bendición ❤
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel Hace 5 días
Que locura de artista!!! Temazo tras temazo
Erika Ignata Music
Erika Ignata Music Hace 7 días
Miley’s aging like a fine wine and I’m all for it 😍
Mateus de Oliveira
Mateus de Oliveira Hace 6 días
Wtf shes 30, its not like she's 45
Brenda B.
Brenda B. Hace 6 días
She’s only 30, lol
MarLy G
MarLy G Hace 6 días
She got that money! Go Miley!
Cristina Cotaga
Cristina Cotaga Hace 6 días
This song is on repeat 😻✨
Armando Vega
Armando Vega Hace 4 días
Que voz más preciosa tienes❤
Mili Hace 4 días
My childhood artist never lets me down love your ALBUM Miley 💯
Mary Hunt
Mary Hunt Hace 4 días
Just an incredible talented young lady that knows her worth and strength. You Rock the Rock Miley❤❤
Rayahn Singleton
Rayahn Singleton Hace 5 días
Her voice has matured into a Stevie Nicks sound, and I love it.
Chelsey Hace 6 días
This song is so extremely good and catchy. And she’s so talented and beautiful. I love her voice
Adriana Ruj
Adriana Ruj Hace 2 días
@Jerry Logan 👋🏼 hi, i grew up watching her. This does not mean i turned out to be like her lol, her voice and personality are great and that’s probably what you should teach your children about and not by judging what someone does. Your children will grow up to be sexual anyways so why dont YOU educate them
Gabriel Brondial
Gabriel Brondial Hace 3 días
A Lady Gaga Collaboration please!!
Felix Morales
Felix Morales Hace 4 días
@Jerry Logan I believe she left Hannah Montana a long time ago.
Jorge Cisneros
Jorge Cisneros Hace 4 días
@Jerry Logan go to sleep baby
D Hace 5 días
Finally it's here the clip you all wanted. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Rt6jdlLIBVI.html,
Jaza MV
Jaza MV Hace 6 días
One of the most incredible voices in the music❤ ILFMUCH
Asem Dusenova
Asem Dusenova Hace 6 días
Miley never disappointed! ❤
Ameni E.L.F SuperJunior15 SuJu-holic
Miley's backyard sessions are so iconic, when I watched her backyard sessions back then, I immediately fell in love with her as an artist and she has become my favorite female singer.
Fatima B.
Fatima B. Hace 4 días
She looks and sounds amazing! I’m living for this era
Mayra Nazar
Mayra Nazar Hace 3 días
This is just amazing, can’t stop listening 💕💕💕✨
Ely Salcedo
Ely Salcedo Hace 7 días
Y’all better not sleep on this song! It deserves to be a hit ❤️‍🔥
No, I'm not a nice person
Let's reach the official music video or River to 100M. We can do this for Miley
Javi Silva
Javi Silva Hace 6 días
Ive been listening nonstop lol 😆😆
Helyati Mohamad
Helyati Mohamad Hace 5 días
Miley always delivers! This is such a great performance !!
alwaysmix8 Hace 4 días
La voz de Miley Increíble demuestra todo su talento vocal en la presentación en vivo y este un disco perfecto.
Nisha Philip
Nisha Philip Hace 3 días
Every time Miley makes new music, it’s always better than her old tracks. Both she and her music just keep evolving over the years. I’m so glad she finally found the best versions of herself. Her voice is something else. Nothing we’ve ever heard before. She truly has the potential to be the world’s greatest musician.
Liz Wilson
Liz Wilson Hace 5 días
Who would have thought little Miley. All grown would be one of my favorite artists, and she just keeps killing it.
Thiago Hace 7 días
Impressionante como as lives ficam melhor que as versões estúdio. Artista demais ❤️
Bensirez Hace 7 días
Lyric Video here : esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-CaidD7lPits.html
Luiz Peixoto
Luiz Peixoto Hace 7 días
A gata é foda no ao vivo
Lina Bieber
Lina Bieber Hace 6 días
How could she sing better than on the album, the queen truly is exceptionally outstanding ❤️
Ameni E.L.F SuperJunior15 SuJu-holic
The whole album is a masterpiece and *River* is my favorite song, I'm so happy that this is the title track 🔥
Gabriela Moulet
Gabriela Moulet Hace 5 días
Miley Cyrus para seguir creciendo seguir cautivando con mayor seguridad hoy gran dominio de escenario 👏
Sobrevivendo Hace 5 días
Minha fav do álbum
María Elisa Acosta Vasquez
Miley Cyrus con esta música deseo bailar y mover el cuerpo y alma, me pone muy feliz! abracito Miley Cyrus! Eres genial 💝
Oo Thet
Oo Thet Hace 7 días
She can sing whatever she wants. She owns every genre of music. Queen Miley ❤️❤️❤️
Hanna Detlefsen
Hanna Detlefsen Hace 6 días
I love that we all grew up with her ❤️ so proud to have Miley as an idol since Hannah Montana 🥰
Ruziczka Thomas
Ruziczka Thomas Hace 6 días
The best voice and the greatest performer in the decade ❤️😘
Michelle Morthland
Michelle Morthland Hace 5 días
Loving Miley's new album!!! She is such a talented singer and looking stunning !!
AuntieBC Hace 6 días
Her voice is getting deeper & deeper.🎙🎤
Emily Walker
Emily Walker Hace 4 días
She's such a rock star these days. A total diva. And she's turning into some crazy Stevie nicks/ Miley combo and I'm so here for it
sacha lane
sacha lane Hace 7 días
Miley cannot be compared to anyone else. She’s unique and a rare talent just like her fairy godmother Dolly. Miley is her own person. Has such an authentic presence and voice. She also has great taste in music and can rock it with the best of them. Love her when she does old rock covers and collabs like Joan Jett etc. Miley CAN NOT be compared ❤ You are one of a kind Miley. We love you ❤ Please come to Ireland to perform. Your show would be sold out in seconds. We are all huge Miley and Dolly fans here ❤ @mileycyrus
Pepinillo Marino
Pepinillo Marino Hace 6 días
Su mejor etapa sin lugar a dudas, se ve hermosa Y la que soporte
norah Hace 5 días
Amo esto 💗💗💗
El gato Volador
El gato Volador Hace 6 días
Amo esta canción ❤️
Cristian Valdez
Cristian Valdez Hace 6 días
I need this on Spotify asapp 😭
williamdrs Hace 4 días
Juan Carlos Rafael
Juan Carlos Rafael Hace 7 días
I love her live performance. Always put the song to another level
Vilna Rogers
Vilna Rogers Hace 4 días
In the past Miley Cyrus is a young woman trying to prove she is grown up . Now she has reach that stage, love the quality of her performance
Lorenna Castro
Lorenna Castro Hace 6 días
Aí gente ela me deixa de um jeito kkk com essa voz
laura luna
laura luna Hace 6 días
Siento que estas en tu mejor momento....por favor no bajes los brazos ....es por acá!!!! Sos increiblee
ivanbrit92 Hace 6 días
This was dope!!! Love the entire backyard Sessions We need more Miley Cyrus performances, Endless Summer Vacation album is my fave album of the year so far
Enrique Ray
Enrique Ray Hace 7 días
A Miley no solo se le escucha también se le reza 🛐🛐🛐🛐💗
B4shXp Hace 6 días
Is my music ok?’
Karina Flete Ramírez
Amén 🙏 mi Diosa
Enrique Ray
Enrique Ray Hace 6 días
@Margarita Aline Cheshire AMÉN!!!🛐👌
Enrique Ray
Enrique Ray Hace 6 días
@soy_0scar7 no soportó
mileysmilers Hace un día
This shows how incredibly talented she is!
Keny Solis
Keny Solis Hace 6 días
Llevo toda mi vida escuchando su música desde Hanna Montana a la asombrosa mujer que es hoy en día Miley Cyrus 🖤
Fatima B.
Fatima B. Hace 5 días
Everything about this performance is pure perfection
Daisy Domoyong
Daisy Domoyong Hace 6 días
This is the best album of Miley Cyrus!😍😘😋 #endlesssummervacation
~Camila♡ Hace 4 días
Maravillosa 💖
Josabet Bazan Franco
Miley no deja de sorprendernos con su música y a nosotros nos encanta verla feliz mientras lo hace. ♥️ ¡Una diosa!
Wilfred Wong
Wilfred Wong Hace 6 días
DanielWTF Hace 6 días
​@Juancho Penicles quien las hace?
Juancho Penicles
Juancho Penicles Hace 6 días
Ella no escribe sus canciones
Pa Tipos Como Tú!!! 😍