MILEY CYRUS Wins Best Pop Solo Performance For "FLOWERS" | 2024 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech 

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Watch MILEY CYRUS's acceptance speech as they accept the GRAMMY for Best Pop Solo Performance for "FLOWERS" at the 2024 GRAMMYs.
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3 feb 2024






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Comentarios : 4,8 mil   
@AmberMichelle1 Hace 17 días
It BLOWS my mind that this is her first Grammy.
@adammohammed4959 Hace 17 días
I did not know that that’s wild
@Jaxon_Klein Hace 17 días
It’s actually sooooo confusing to me. I know Bangerz wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea… but that tea was HOT and Grammy worthy for sure. Don’t get me started on Plastic Hearts. 😭 goddamn I love her
@lifePaultheball Hace 17 días
She should have won for Bangerz but nevertheless this was such a great win. Flowers was an amazing song and it rightfully won her first Grammy.
@JustOneOpinion Hace 17 días
Neither did queen ever....i mean....this is a mainstream bag if crap. Talent isn't shown by grammys
@DIANA-wn9tg Hace 17 días
I think people don’t realize that many of the most popular mainstream artists never had a grammy like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and others
@noahw1229 Hace 14 días
This is how a star should accept an award, paying respect to those that come before them.
@erikasorto6061 Hace 12 días
@juvenaldiaz7480 Hace 11 días
Asimismo cosa que no hizo Taylor Swift con Celine Dion prácticamente la ignoro eso no se hace
@snehasatish791 Hace 11 días
unlike taylor lol
@@snehasatish791she was just very excited lol. she talked and took a pic with celine backstage
@dikaculkin-kd1od Hace 10 días
@@MOTHERLOROUHHH yea because her team asked her to do that
@jhunz23 Hace 15 días
People are saying Taylor was so overwhelmed in ignoring Celine Dion. But Miley Cyrus won her FIRST Grammy and look how she paid respect to Mariah Carey ❤️
@Ms.Dear9690 Hace 11 días
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ RESPECT
@StiflersMomTTV Hace 10 días
@bmg2507 Hace 9 días
Taylor is meh
@ioanapopoiu1457 Hace 7 días
it doesnt exist overwhelmed that can allow ignoring a diva giving you an award. that means lack of respect
@user-od6mj6mg1y Hace 5 días
Sino si Taylor? 😂😂😂
@swilda123 Hace 14 días
"I would missed award but not Mariah Carey". She lowkey dissed grammy and i love it 😅
@shreeramseetharaman Hace 13 días
This moment is iconic for many reasons : 1. Mariah attended the grammys ( She has never shied away from admitting her displeasure with the grammys for snubbing her many times) 2. Miley's first grammy 3. Miley gave the legend Mariah the respect she deserves ending the feud ( Mariah's andy cohen interview will shed some light) 4. Miley's butterfly analogy when the butterfly queen is right beside her Wholesome moment❤❤
@Cloudyconfusion Hace 14 días
I cried when I heard this. If you’re reading this, your butterfly moment is coming
@celestialgoddess8055 Hace 13 días
I cried as well. Thanks for this message ❤❤❤ 🦋🦋🦋
@Ms.Dear9690 Hace 11 días
@joaofcoelhow Hace 6 días
@scoobylaboo4004 Hace 2 días
Ty sweetie pie ❤
@SimonYap-et6rh Hace 16 días
That's how you accept an award from a LEGEND!
@HH-sf2bm Hace 16 días
the classless Taylor Swift can’t relate, the way she snatched her grammy from Celine Dion without even making eye contact!
@georgianasutu5882 Hace 16 días
@@HH-sf2bm forreal, I was shook. Gurl, Celine could end you with one note
@annie-sc Hace 16 días
​@@georgianasutu5882 hahaha omg facts
@ToneyLo Hace 16 días
@ysomar Hace 16 días
@RockBottom-180 Hace 13 días
For those who don’t know, butterflies are Mariah’s signature symbol because of her most personal album: Butterfly. The foundation of the album was themed around her feelings as she escaped from an abusive marriage and decided to finally live free and independently-like a butterfly. The butterfly also has significance because Mariah did not feel beautiful growing up, so the butterfly has always represented beautiful rebirth to her. On top of that, Mariah had an extremely chaotic and traumatic childhood, so the butterfly also symbolizes being able to evolve and then fly away from your troubles into a life that can free from harm and turmoil. With that in mind, I am so appreciative of Miley for honoring Mariah in this way. Very touching and you can tell she’s a true fan of a very deserving legend of the industry.
@crazy4corbinbleux Hace 13 días
@zauvachhangte2439 Hace 4 días
@honeydrop89 Hace 15 días
“This MC is going to stand by this MC”. Mariah, looking at her with love ❤. Miley is a class act 👌🏾🫶🏾
@sweetlistenings3324 Hace 14 días
The one thing that stood out to me is how Miley acknowleged the young lady standing on stage to the left behind Mariah. They held hands for a moment and Miley said something. That is someone who is grounded and down to Earth does. They will acknowledge anyone how big or small.
@GBSA09 Hace 13 días
Yes I saw that too... such a lovely wholesome moment
@user-pu8lr2mz1p Hace 13 días
She's Ashley Everett. Beyonces long time dancer .. She's known in the industry
@TheBrownIsland Hace 12 días
*Probably telling her how Fabulous her Hair looks.* That's a Power Curly Fro right there. She's pretty.
@ikhwansaloot Hace 11 días
​What was Beyoncé's dancer doing up there?
@diegojaviersj Hace 11 días
I saw that too wow ... Yes I saw it
@GodfreyCua Hace 15 días
And that is how you treat a legend within your industry. Because giving respect is bigger that getting a recognition.
@namastewellness Hace 11 días
@NormaLilia24 Hace 14 días
Mariah Carey leaving the stage: 🥰🥰🥰 Celine Dion leaving the stage: 😔🫠😑
@usmanbawazier4753 Hace 11 días
@stroberi86 Hace 10 días
@StiflersMomTTV Hace 10 días
it's when you're in a position of power, that your true characther comes out. We all saw what Taylor did and won't forget :) we don't even know if Celine Dion is gonna be able to walk next year. God bless her and protect her at all costs!
@NormaLilia24 Hace 10 días
@@StiflersMomTTV 💯 💯
@missserenity1 Hace 9 días
@vicquiling Hace 16 días
Miley acknowledging Mariah in a lot of ways and almost giving her the spotlight. Huge respect for the two icons.
@paulrodas8740 Hace 16 días
I'm sorry you can't compare the voice, talent or anything else between the two except that they have the same initials.
@MrILES-gu3xb Hace 16 días
@vicquiling Hace 16 días
​@@paulrodas8740 who says they need compairing? Everyone knows they ascend peak of their careers based on their unique merits and different eras.
@Nico-pq2ky Hace 16 días
and taylor was sooooo unclassy when she got the award from celine 😅
@stroberi86 Hace 16 días
​@@Nico-pq2kytaylor such a joke today, very diff with miley who really adore an icon.
@gamesps9562 Hace 13 días
I don't watch this shit ever, but that was the most perfect award acceptance I can imagine now. No BS, realistic respect shown towards the legend, short day story, short song story, simple gratitude shown, over.
@crazy4corbinbleux Hace 13 días
Yes!! Such a great analysis! It was perfect. Miley has always been a superb orator!
@asparagusredal7751 Hace 5 días
@@crazy4corbinbleuxNow it’s clear why the great sinead o connor personally sent a ‘letter of advice’ to her because the senior could see the potential in her! salute 🫡
@Destinyk775 Hace 13 días
In a way...her whole acceptance speech was about Mariah Carey. 🥺 Beautiful!! 🦋 🦋
@ralconz Hace 13 días
This is the best award acceptance speech ever. No groveling and panicking to thank a bajillion people. Miley is so in the moment and so calm. ❤❤❤
@jordanh6760 Hace 14 días
I love how everyone seems genuinely happy for her. I think everyone knew it was past time for Miley to get a grammy.
@unicorn8802 Hace 11 días
Miley Cyrus asked Mariah to stay close when she’s giving her speech. That’s so sweet
@IanBoggs Hace 16 días
That's awesome, congrats Miley 🙌🏼
@pedor2923 Hace 16 días
@hassie3475 Hace 16 días
You know her personally or something?
@hassie3475 Hace 16 días
Shit I just clicked on your profile and you have 16 million subscribers you probably do know her lol
@SleptOnTheCouch Hace 16 días
​@@hassie3475 Lmao 😂😂😂 No shit right
@namantherockstar Hace 16 días
Miley inspires me.. My parents said if i get 70K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging..
@OathKeeper95 Hace 15 días
On the other hand!! This is exactly how you accept an award from a lengend!!!
@Kimberly-Fredrick Hace 14 días
I have to admit, Flowers is a very catchy & most empowering song that I have heard in decades. Congrats to Miley. She wrote, sang & performed the heck outta this song ❤
@newtonnguyen5803 Hace 14 días
Her attitude towards the legend MC, towards the awards means everything. She's super ready for her next Grammys next year!
@justinmansini3373 Hace 10 días
The best acceptance speech I have ever seen in many years. Miley has grown into the amazing woman she is today. She not only recognize her winning but gave the respect the person giving her the grammy deserves. WOW just WOW 👌 👏 😍
@chocolatnoir1108 Hace 13 días
I believe Miley said ‘stand by me’ to MC and that’s why MC still stood in the frame with Miley. Miley surely did an amazing acceptance speech while a legend was there with her, brilliant and congratulations❤🎉
@shivam3vedi Hace 16 días
As someone who fell in love with this girl right when she put that pie on her face 18 YEARS AGO in Hannah Montana, this is so heartwarming to see❤️ like you said, this grammy is important but also isn’t really important bcz YOU ALREADY ARE A LEGEND🔥
@whitefeather5776 Hace 16 días
Nice nice nice
@chael360 Hace 16 días
@grannyjudi1 Hace 16 días
my niece worked with her on that show....sent my granddaughter signed autograph of the entire cast...she is giving
@charliechuggerz Hace 16 días
hannah montana is an 18 year old tv show ! that doesn’t seem right
@namantherockstar Hace 16 días
Miley inspires me.. My parents said if i get 70K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging..
@-Bloomingtales Hace 15 días
Awww and you see how she used a butterfly reference as a nod to Mariah as well? Such a class act. She so deserves this win. 🫶🏾
@princepeterwolf Hace 15 días
You can tell that was all improvised, what a graceful woman Miley was in this moment, and it was her first grammy! You Know Who should take lessons from Miley at how to accept an award from a music legend!
@mdc7531 Hace 13 días
She deserved the award because she is so respectful to the legends ❤
I love how she said that the award was her butterfly bc it’s so true in its sense that sometimes we worked too hard for something we want so badly and ended up getting tired and we were okay that we didnt get what we want bc we know that we worked hard anyways, and the universe has its own ways of giving us the things we want, in the right place at the right time, in the right moment. Congrats, Miley 🌸🦋
@SRtruth Hace 9 días
@TrisTan-wo7tf Hace 14 días
Did Miley just said "butterfly". And "butterfly" has always been symbolic and related to Mariah. And they are both "MC" watta moment for Miley.
@nataliez3431 Hace 16 días
I’m so amazed at the level of respect Miley showed for Mariah Carey. Her first Grammy, and she acknowledged Mariah like that. What a selfless and lovely girl.
@rachellejones6254 Hace 16 días
Unlike Tayler for respecting Celine Deon, an iconic legend that is diagnosed illness….🙄 TBH that really bothers me…😞
@emiliaavagyan781 Hace 16 días
unlike Taylor who ignored Celine, a true Icon.
@chrissimpson6701 Hace 16 días
I seen that too. Other people are stealing her time to shine. But it's only ONE Miley.
@techron83 Hace 15 días
Trust me guys. Miley Cyrus will soar up to mountain and skin after this. And selfish, narcissistic, arrogant TS will go spiralling down her career.
@Aeyn758 Hace 15 días
@jenniegalapagos3516 Hace 15 días
The way TS snatched that award from CD is just sad! Thank you Miley for showing some respect
@justcutiecats2733 Hace 12 días
Celine is sick, you'll always make narrative about this.
@novachrono2236 Hace 12 días
​@@justcutiecats2733forever tainted taylors name 😂
@TheBrownIsland Hace 12 días
Taylor Swift did NOTHING WRONG.
@hsd287 Hace 11 días
​​@@TheBrownIsland she could've done better for Celine
@theboyjames3065 Hace 10 días
​@@TheBrownIslandI know Celine has Stiff Persons Syndrome, but she didn't stand there imitating a table to grab from.
@MelodyFox Hace 14 días
How can you not love Miley Cyrus?! ❤ Her acceptance speech was so sweet and well given. The two *MC* s! 🤩🤩 She included the Person who handed her the trophy, and thanked her, making her part of the *ICONIC MOMENT*... 👯‍♀️😎😎👯‍♀️ Butterfly, Flowers... 🦋💐 Why did it take the judges so many years to give Miley her Grammy, I wonder? Well, this is the first of many! 🎉🎉🎉 LPeaceM💙☮️🎵
@Ms.Dear9690 Hace 11 días
@frammyxxlocky7618 Hace 13 días
Such respect from Miley to Mariah , and then the contrast of the complete lack of respect from Taylor to Celine. Taylor has zero manners. Hats off to Miley
@kaygar1617 Hace 15 días
how selfless can someone be.. she gave her moment to someone she knows as a legend
@nina2222 Hace 13 días
I am so very moved by Miley in this moment, she was so lovely, so natural and charismatic telling this story, excited and bubbly, and very respectful and sweet! I love Mariah too so how she told this story because of how much butterflies mean to Mariah was also incredible and how sweet she was to the lovely lady standing to the side of them ❤ this was a class act of how to treat people
@rowluna6400 Hace 15 días
How iconic was that? Instead of making the speech ONLY ABOUT HER she included her idol. That was different and precious!!
@lorban3624 Hace 12 días
Very humble
@elijahhill6602 Hace 11 días
Reminds me of Kanye winning a BET award but brought Lil’ Wayne with him for the love
@Darth_vader95 Hace 10 días
That was such a beautiful moment
@ISSAY68 Hace 6 días
And gracious too.
@M0t0Daddy Hace 5 días
Not mentioning her father thanks to whom she is there today was also different and precious...... As if tish was the famous parent that granted her the Hannah role.
@adrianorubiales711 Hace 15 días
I cant believe that this is her first. The song Climb should have been given an award.
@kevinmathew2973 Hace 8 días
I think the selection process is random or something based off performance on charts.vgod knows. Whatever be it. Miley has a unique aura and most importantly she isn't Regina George 😅
@chipotleobsessed Hace 8 días
Absolutely !!! It’s literally one of my favorite songs ever
@sallysson Hace 15 días
It's something Miley that gets me choked up. So humble, so kind and just downright adorable. I'm a fan for all of it.
@suman1922 Hace 14 días
Now this is what an Icon looks like. Proud is an understatement when it comes to Miley! She deserves this & everything more. Her speech never fails to touch hearts.💛
@kimkulesa3041 Hace 3 días
Love Miley and her songs, she always dresses great, including her hairstyles. But I have to agree with a few other people that her hair looked terrible. it was a bouffant and I don't know why she or her stylist had her hair in the dated, very unbecoming style as s few as people have said. I was very unflattering on her. Not her style, I think 'any' style would have looked better. People were more distracted by that awful hairstyle.. Other than that she looked great grat and sang 'Flowers' - I may be wrong but I think when she looks looks back on the video and pictures, she'll be thinking omg what was I thinking. So glad she won 'two' Grammys and 'finally' won won the Grammy that she deserved a long time ago. Am really so happy for her.
@suman1922 Hace 3 días
@@kimkulesa3041 hehe I kinda agree with the last statement abt her looking back to the vdos & thinking "haha What was I thinking" then again that's so Miley of her & I'm not surprised tbh... I mean Miley is a goddess in the idgaf war so I don't think she'll care much abt it in future either, more likely that she'll treat it as a comedic relief 😂
@mitochondrion97 Hace 15 días
That story is perfect. It sums up everything included the emotional journey she must have had been on🥹
@jamesaaron4834 Hace 14 días
lol in comparison to how TSwift just grabbed the Grammy from Celine without even looking at her… woww
@chriskay1449 Hace 9 días
YOu clout chasers really need to get a life. Taylor wsa lost in the moment. It wasn an accident. You wouldn't have been any better.
@joshdax2 Hace 8 días
@@chriskay1449she took her trophy like it was sitting on a shelf bffr now
What an honor it must be for Miley to receive this award from a legend like Mariah
@FloraMonnater Hace 17 días
And besides, that is her first Grammy. she can sleep in peace every night.
@MrGrandeflipper Hace 17 días
And ofcourse Mariah is wearing her signature butterfly diamond ring
Love how she said two M.C.’s ❤❤❤❤❤
@namantherockstar Hace 17 días
Miley inspires me.. My parents said if i get 70K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging..
@javiruiz8365 Hace 16 días
@@namantherockstarnope!!! 💅
Fun facts: Both Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey was previously featured in a charity song from Artists Stand Up for Cancer titled Just Stand Up (a song dedicated for those who diagnosed with cancer) with Beyonce and other female singers as well, way back in 2008, 16 years ago! That's the perfect MC duo with both Butterfly and Flowers!!!
@kenyshasmith9612 Hace 15 días
I have loved Miley Cyrus ever since she sang the song THE CLIMB. And every time I have been at my lowest point that song always brings me back to focus . Now seeing how far she has come and the heartbreak and life in general and then she made flowers I could relate to that just as much. She is a wild card with a voice of wisdom when she speaks and soul in her voice when she sings. Love it and so glad she got that moment...she deserves it !!!
@lithiumkwan848 Hace 11 días
I love the fact this clip also perfectly encapsulates Mariah's legacy as an artist. Many artists say negative things about her when they were younger, but when they've come into their own, they have nothing but love, admiration and appreciation. Miley did get slick about MC once, but she's attained a new degree of maturity that put things in better perspective. Good for you Miley.
@GBSA09 Hace 13 días
This is the sweetest moment of the Grammy's. Miley has always been such a good singer and Flowers is such an iconic song. The respect she showed Mariah was just so lovely and iconic
@isamarquez1654 Hace 14 días
See?! Recognizing a legend! Ugh! And Taylor missed that with CELINE DION! Tay has won Grammy la before, it’s not new. This was Miley’s FIRST GRAMMY! And with all the excitement she still gave Mariah her flowers 💐
@paolomiguel2090 Hace 17 días
Her first Grammy and the LEGENDARY Mariah Carey presented it to her? Not everybody has this iconic moment!!!! And have you seen the video in the backstage? She ran towards her team with her grammy and all she could say was “MARIAH!! MARIAH!!”
It's ironic that Miley is awestruck by Mariah, when she shaded Mariah back in the day, sayig, "I've never really been a fan, because it's so much about Mariah Carey. That's part of her shtick; I can see through that. That's part of what makes her a gay icon; like, it's about Mimi! It's about what she's wearing, and it's about her. What I make isn't about me. It's about sharing my story; it's about someone being connected to what I'm saying." Then Mariah shaded her back in Andy Cohen, saying she doesn't remember meeting Miley, and if they did, it was probably in the bathroom 🚽
@namantherockstar Hace 17 días
Miley inspires me.. My parents said if i get 70K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging..
@whitepaper5241 Hace 16 días
​@@lissandrafreljord7913i think they've both moved on. Miley was a trainwreck during that time. We all know that. She was one of the most hated celebrities at the time. Now she has redeemed herself as an artist and a person, and i believe she has changed her opinion about Mariah. Mariah also had the same experience with Whitney and Ariana. They later became friends. Some people can be judgmental towards those whom they don't know about, and can change their opinion once they get to know each other.
@ragnabolt683 Hace 16 días
@@whitepaper5241 She never needed to “redeem” herself. She was a young adult transitioning from being an iconic childhood star. Give it up. Women don’t need to play moral Olympics with you; there is nothing they need to prove to you. I’m glad Miley was twerking, I’m glad she smoked a joint on live television, I’m glad she did whatever the hell she wanted. As for the comments she made, I don’t think she meant those comments in a negative way. They were taken out of context and Mariah, being used to being targeted by or pit against other celebrities for no reason, most likely reacted out of anxiety.
@LeMaisonDeVille Hace 16 días
Two different songwriting elements for two artists with personality. Not really seeing the shade. Remember it being more salacious….
@crazy4corbinbleux Hace 13 días
I started crying towards the end. The universe knows how much this woman has played a role in my childhood. I remember couldn’t down the hours for the next Hannah Montana episode to air because I just couldn’t wait. We all can think of something super memorable anytime ‘Party In The USA’ ‘7 Things’ or ‘We Can’t Stop’ comes on. I was always glued to the TV screen watching a young Miley. For her to be grown up, 31, and receive her first Grammy is such an emotional moment ❤ She is the most deserving person in the industry I can think of! Congrats Miley!!
@yen-yilin8655 Hace 14 días
Like the metaphor that she simply wrapped up this moment - butterfly = flowers/the Grammys butterfly net = the resources and talent that her parents gave it to her Congratulations MC well deserves!🎉
@ChrisAndBryMoments Hace 8 días
Butterfly is also Mariah’s symbol coz of her magnum opus album entitled Butterfly. The story has a lot of representations during that moment and Miley is a genius to think of that quickly.
@zacharyrivas8074 Hace 6 días
Love that comment so much!
@noreenm6580 Hace 13 días
So proud of you Miley! you truly deserve it! Such a humble speech for your first grammy! It doesn't matter how many grammy awards what matters most is You are being true to yourself since day 1. Love you Miley! Keep shining❤️
@azadzuhairi Hace 13 días
Goodness , that butterfly speech is really good. Everything about this moment is beautiful , such a wonderful moment..
@justinmansini3373 Hace 10 días
I can watch this over and over again. This moment touched me because of how humble Miley is and recognizing those who came before her. God bless her 🙏 I hope this is just the beginning of the many more grammys to come. ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ 💕 💘
@mattiyap Hace 16 días
Miley showed how you accept an award on stage from a legend. A class act
@leeannabesser1374 Hace 15 días
maybe Taylor needs to learn from her
@izzalrahizam8865 Hace 15 días
​@@leeannabesser1374yes ❤ 0:53
@Adele21AlbumLover Hace 15 días
@@leeannabesser1374 I agree
@Wall_flower Hace 15 días
Maybe you need to learn or a thing thing or too as well *Adele*
@lighty8284 Hace 15 días
TS should play this video on Repeat for a year 😂
@dawnlee866 Hace 15 días
I didn’t know this was her first Grammy. She’s been in the game for awhile. Congratulations Miley❣️👍🏽
@R.Castellanos Hace 11 días
MILEY, you DON’T even Know How much I love you. You are soooo down to earth, so humble and respectful. You deserve the best in life as a person and artist. My family and I were cheering for your win last sunday. LOVE U FROM COLOMBIA 😍😍😍😍
@shrews12001 Hace 11 días
i'm generally indifferent to award shows but i was so happy for her. it's insane that this is her first one
@sweetov5 Hace 15 días
Gratitude is beautiful. Love and respect for icons that paved the way for you... GOOD JOB MILEY.
@ares3052 Hace 14 días
The 🦋 story and the meaning of butterflies for Mariah and looking back at Mariah while telling the story and being authentic while telling it! This was everything!!!🎉
@pennisss9433 Hace 17 días
She should’ve won at least 5 Grammys already for Plastic Hearts but whatever….
@sydneyrobinson7022 Hace 17 días
plastics hearts is the best album
@tomaspereyra7242 Hace 17 días
Totally Agree
@cami7281 Hace 17 días
Donde podemos ver esos premios?
@DarielAndre Hace 17 días
Plastic Hearts is mega underrated
@DarielAndre Hace 17 días
@@cami7281puedes verlos por nbc :)
@ccxmc Hace 14 días
Her reaction and speech were so sweet and adorable. She always remains humble and respect the ones who came before her.
@QueenieMB Hace 13 días
I can watch this 50 times. So adorable
@Hariatasanders Hace 15 días
Miley is such a real one for this story and her acknowledgement of Mariah!! So much love and respect.
@thatgirl9532 Hace 15 días
Miley should write a book she’s so intelligent in the way she expresses things beautiful speech !!!
@anastasiabriggs8685 Hace 15 días
Listen, she earned it. She deserves it. I’m so happy.
@joaosperotto8225 Hace 16 días
Now THIS is how you accept a Grammy from a legend! Everything about this moment is perfect
@gengarberg Hace 16 días
I totally agree. It should’ve been like this for ts as well…but I can’t speak no more.
@allways_alexa Hace 15 días
TRUE. I thought it was simple, humble, and haunting with the MC and butterfly references. 🩵🦋
@SongbirdStudios05 Hace 15 días
@MonaLisa.16 Hace 15 días
Taylor swift can learn a lot from Miley
@kosmosbjm Hace 15 días
@@gengarbergIt should have been this way even more for Celine Dion!!!! Celine is also one of the greats, plus she’s been suffering from a disease. She deserved to be acknowledged in a big big way as well 😮
@MrSuperralph23 Hace 15 días
Miley paying respect to Mariah is such an adorable moment. These ladies are iconic! ❤
@HenryCLHarries Hace 15 días
That was beautiful ...Miley is just such a class act and glad she's getting the recognition deserved ...she's deserved it for YEARS but oh my days and to be so incredible with Mariah there ...lovely
@mayraandrade3864 Hace 14 días
She is so talented, l love her unique voice!❤ Well deserved Grammy!!❤❤❤ So happy for her!! She is so humble had to make Mariah stand out!❤
@niarose7649 Hace 14 días
I love how humble Miley is ! Amazing all the way around
@daywalker8080 Hace 15 días
Her first Grammy! That's mind-blowing! What a long stretch, a hair-raising adventure, but now the top of the mountain looms! The winds of change have come!
@thepopfiles4294 Hace 16 días
I love how Miley literally talks to everyone in the same way. Whether it’s an interview or about another artist, it’s as though she’s just talking. Nothing contrived, gushy, showbiz. Very confident lady. She knows who she is.
@caniciete Hace 16 días
💯 Everyone else is missing the point here. TS should absolutely be thrilled and should celebrate her hard work but just as Miley showed, it doesn’t take much to show some manners and be a gracious, grounded winner. TS is all about me, me, me.
@chadlimestall9201 Hace 16 días
I think that maybe from a lack of diverse communication skills; she simply does not have more than one way of speaking.
@Person444 Hace 16 días
Yes her personality is consistent in every interaction bc she’s genuine and authentic! I think this is more difficult to do when there’s always a camera on you and you would feel more self conscious. Congrats to her 😊
@Mcoogie Hace 16 días
Yup! Love her!
@BollywoodNewzz Hace 16 días
Miley inspires me.. My parents said if i get 2K likes on my vid They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging.
@EleyReiHer Hace 14 días
I love that she is wearing pants. Totally in her element here ❤🌼 You & me knew that she worked hard for it. Mariah as well looks so touched and flattered with lovely reactions. It was so candid and wholesome! That speech is gold. I see 2 genuine performers here
@TaekookEternityLove Hace 11 días
Cant believe its her 1st grammy award.. she deserve a lott 😊😊😊 congrats mileyy my fav song flowersss got u grammy im so happy for youu❤😊❤😊❤😊❤😊❤😊❤😊😊❤😊❤😊😊❤
@befreewhereyouare Hace 15 días
When Miley Cyrus honours and take the time to notice Mariah Carey vs Taylor Swift who didn't even recognizes first the GOAT Celine Dion before getting the award!
@valeriabriss5109 Hace 15 días
Wtf! Seriously the first Grammy?! How is it possible, she's a Dive ❤️‍🔥
@mllamas9734 Hace 10 días
I thought the same.Not ia Grammys fan here , but I thought she’ve gotten one already from her wrecking ball years back.
@crazy4corbinbleux Hace 13 días
Miley Cyrus is so much more gracious and deserving than Taylor Swift. I’m so over Taylor’s millions of Grammy awards. The fact it took 2024 for Miley to truly get her ‘flowers’ should be a crime
@wade1593 Hace 17 días
From Hannah Montana… to now I’m so emotional for her
Ikr!! Im crying of happiness since Hannah until now ❤
@jasminpizarro6702 Hace 17 días
She is beatiful
@vaniasouza237 Hace 17 días
Eu também!!
@svietlanaromero1280 Hace 17 días
Me too, I knew this was going to happen one day ❤❤❤❤😢😢😢😢. So damn proud of her
@iamsylar2757 Hace 17 días
😭😭😭💖 proud of her
@mommyissuesasmr8040 Hace 15 días
She’s my top three favourite singer ever, so proud of her 🌸 🌺 🌹
@himedeu Hace 13 días
Miley did a great job. Yes! These legendary female singers/divas have paved the way for the new generation, and when they give you an award, you can totally sing their praises.❤❤❤
@helgyn995 Hace 15 días
Wow! Heard Miley 15 years ago. But these years she was somewhere far away. Yes, Miley sings very well, but.. my god, I fell in love with the song 'Flowers' only at Grammy'24! Such expression! Such power, such a voice! Now I understand why you love Miley!
@TheMiraBTxx Hace 14 días
love you miley sm this is everything. so happy for miley!!
@TERUBOTSU Hace 14 días
Miley Cyrus just shows the world what a fast, intelligent thinker she is, besides being respectful, witty, fun and talented!
@user-gp4fm4id4o Hace 16 días
look how a real artist appreciates another artist and is humble and gives flowers to somone who paved the way before her.
@prettypractical3372 Hace 16 días
Taylor Swift shade 😂
@misshglady4lyfe Hace 16 días
​@@prettypractical3372no sweetness...Beyonce shade. Thank God all mighty other artist better artist can shine. F Beyonce hating witch arzzz
@theboywhodraws Hace 16 días
@@prettypractical3372 She deserves the shade. She always wins this awards so she’s used to this and her ignoring Celine was just unacceptable.
@emelangsis Hace 16 días
haters be looking out for one mistake just to attack TS. Oomp, the desperation 🤭
@caniciete Hace 16 días
@@emelangsisIt’s actually quite simple and it’s about class and Miley showed more class than your over rated idol. Who goes up to the stage and says, “This is my 13th Grammy…oh and by the way my new album is coming out..” Get. Over. Yourself! 🙄
@DinGrogu16 Hace 15 días
I love how she was genuinely surprised. So well deserved, Miley. Congratulations!
@user-eb2xd2pp8x Hace 13 días
Wow her first grammy and Miley were so exited, she enjoyed a lot!! ❤❤ She deserve it!! 🎉🎉🎉FEEL HAPPY FOR IT MILEY!
@newnewchu9323 Hace un día
Loved the transformation of MILEY CYRUS! Saw all of her better versions throughout the years, just super happy to see her in this spectacular version of knowing "self-love," because she just shines much more than ever before! Thank you for the short story too, it was touching.
@ilonggangtinderaVlog Hace 15 días
Congrats miley so talented and beautiful 😊
@eugenninic6764 Hace 17 días
i think after everything we have seen from her, this moment feels more pure and special, she deserves it!
@StiflersMomTTV Hace 17 días
it was SO DESERVED, like 10X times!
@isaacswoyer9820 Hace 17 días
This song is kinda blatantly stolen 😐
@mibukdesjarlais534 Hace 17 días
​@@isaacswoyer9820 And your input is kinda blatantly irrelevant. 💁‍♀️😊
@ronaldsantos8882 Hace 17 días
@evanh.2403 Hace 17 días
@@isaacswoyer9820 musically it's not, it doesn't even sample Bruno's melody or rhymes, she's simply answering to it.
@sarahdoanpeace3623 Hace 15 días
AMAZING! That’s class! Miley looked gorgeous and I love That she WON! So well deserved and it’s about time! Mariah is a Legend! And Miley is fantastic! Great song, well earned!
@stuartspice Hace 7 días
This is literally the best compliment you can make to the person sitting/standing next to you.
@hola-munecas Hace 9 días
That was beautiful 🦋 she’s humble and I love that she acknowledged MC ❤
@CruzLegend3 Hace 15 días
What a beautiful moment. She looked like a giddy little girl. So cute.
@SAJEETV Hace 9 días
@joshdax2 Hace 15 días
Butterfly is very symbolic to Mariah so I’m very impressed how Miley gave her flowers here. This is exactly how you acknowledge a legit LIVING LEGEND giving you your award!
@jamesdingwell4639 Hace 14 días
It's an A++ for Miley on this. Never been a huge fan, still think she has a lot of misses including the hair. But this speech is perfection.
@chaero1tooler Hace 14 días
she was paying homage to Tina turner that's why the hair@@jamesdingwell4639
@pitufina8736 Hace 13 días
Claro , no como taylor q ignoro a celin deon😏
@olivernotes Hace 13 días
I am a hardcore "swiftie" (ew) and I unfollowed TS because of what she obviously must have done
@brandonhealy7158 Hace 13 días
@DeborahFESQF-jf4gw Hace 14 días
I had a great time! Thanks for allowing my input!
@linkcubuspark Hace 6 días
award long overdue, exactly what her speech was all about...
@jensenroyco Hace 11 días
Miley is very talented, sweet and humble! I'm so happy for her ❤
@Darth_vader95 Hace 10 días
Miley is such a beautiful soul, she knows how to give respect
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