MILEY CYRUS Wins Record Of The Year For "FLOWERS" | 2024 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech 

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Watch MILEY CYRUS's acceptance speech as they accept the GRAMMY for Record Of The Year for "FLOWERS" at the 2024 GRAMMYs.
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3 feb 2024






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Comentarios : 4,3 mil   
@lagunabxo Hace 16 días
"Not everyone in the world will get a Grammy, but everyone in the world is spectacular." Love that
@athletes6724 Hace 16 días
Katy Perry is biggest example.
@beverlybodnar6247 Hace 16 días
Because she’s first class always has been always will be ❤
@mediaisevil6730 Hace 16 días
but everyone in the world is spectacular- what an idiotic statement
@LuisGustavoSO Hace 16 días
​​@@mediaisevil6730wow, you're soo intelligent, congrats
@starboy2969 Hace 16 días
Because she is not arrogant, that's why, she makes songs for her devoted fans🎉
@terifarmer5066 Hace 14 días
“I hope this doesn’t change anything because my life was beautiful yesterday.” ~Miley Cyrus💐
@akiramen9535 Hace 13 días
...but I think I forgot my underwear" lmao
@teresaantoniou5415 Hace 13 días
Bless u❤
@denisedaviladias2313 Hace 13 días
❤ Parabens mais que merecidoo🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@peternolan4855 Hace 13 días
Perspective, accolades did not change a thing. Life is still good.
@AKanu495 Hace 12 días
Whats that mean are you mocking those who doesnt have a nice life like you???
@HyouVizer Hace 14 días
love how confident in humble she was. Asking her team if they wanna speak first, and relaying who they wanted to thank too.
@kerrypeters4724 Hace 7 días
Humble 😂😂😂😂 you heard the way she speaks to her staff dead humble being nepo baby
@franceskajacobs2766 Hace 14 días
First time I ever heard flowers. I said Grammy for Miley. You deserve it. God bless you. Self loved
@a.p.mexico1071 Hace 13 días
Her god doesn't use capital letter G, because her god is satan! God bless his people, his sons and daughters that obey his will established in the Bible.
@user-ss6vl6sc4y Hace 10 días
Мы, в Росси, эту песню слышали ото всюду😂 вы шутите?
@a.p.mexico1071 Hace 10 días
God don't bless the daughters of Satan. Her god is waiting for her in the hell!
@@user-ss6vl6sc4y В Голливуде есть вирус ТТМ. Разоблачайте их, не обманывайтесь ими.
@turicanelynk Hace 7 días
boring music for boring ppl
@trianglebook3616 Hace 15 días
she's just so confident I love that about her she's a walking example on self-confidence
@riinamitt3446 Hace 13 días
Love her. Loved when she licked Liam on carpet event. Many people thought it was vulgar, childish etc. Liam was not for her. She shines so much brighter. Goes to show that be who you are and don't change for others.
@lucypedzinski1403 Hace 12 días
LIAM is so lucky not to be around her - HE personifies CLASS- she has never had class! What was that low class comment about her underwear! GROSS!!!
@riinamitt3446 Hace 12 días
@@lucypedzinski1403 I don't think it's the class, it's the energy. Miley has the energy, Liam does not. He does look good in a suit, but he's not someone I would remember for very long. Well ...Miley you just can't forget. Loved the underwear comment, I think it was fun, unexpected and went with her unapologetic style. She brought the undeniable energy.
@DebbiePotter-xh7kv Hace 11 días
Absolutely! I’m a whole lot older than Mikey and I find that inspiring!
​@@lucypedzinski1403dios mio deja de ser tan boba y clasista Liam es un borracho que le gustan las fiestas y de eso no decís nada
@thongvo7754 Hace 12 días
At 00:04 you can see Meryl Streep was so excited for Miley. She (Meryl) is so sweet, and a legend herself too.
@tomschmidt4355 Hace 7 días
Unfortunately she forgot any clothing and left home in her pyjama. Good morning America ...
@whataretheauds7 Hace 2 días
I love Meryl s reaction . Socute
@Julie86Mac Hace un día
@mustafaimran1652 Hace 17 días
After 2 decades in the industry, miley finally gets her flowers💐
@sweetcaroline7107 Hace 17 días
I’ve been worshiping this woman
@marhidalgo1411 Hace 17 días
Por fin ella se lo merecía la verdadera ❤😢
@dsantos7186 Hace 17 días
Well deserved award for Miley Cyrus!!!!❤❤
@marythomas8312 Hace 16 días
She deserves it
@genesisdelrey777 Hace 16 días
no pun intended 🤭
@nickthongpaseuth5779 Hace 15 días
@elifmiley2329 Hace 6 días
Ahh damn yes
@nourhane6534 Hace 12 días
Did anyone notice how meryl got excited when he said miley ???? Its truly wholesome🥰🥰🥰❤️
@ioanapopoiu1457 Hace 7 días
It would had be even more if she would had mentioned Meryl in her speech or at least paying more atention when she gave her the award
@totzdao Hace 12 días
Miley Cyrus speech is so lit & 1 of a kind. This reminds us that Lifes satisfaction should come from within ourselves & not from any award or whatsoever. She stays humble & grounded after all. We Love you Miley more than yesterday. Your confidence is just WOW!
@charmaineramsden2188 Hace 15 días
Flowers spent over 13 weeks as the UK number 1 so throughly deserved...#TeamMiley...💜 🌸 💜🌸💜
@user-ku4fl9nt7h Hace 14 días
But why so long?
Get a life, cringe af
@alejandrorodas3563 Hace 9 días
​@@user-ku4fl9nt7h record of the year things
@ccxmc Hace 14 días
I am so beyond happy and proud of Miley. For us Miley fans, we've known for over a decade how talented and amazing she is. She's been deserving of all this praise and accolades for years. But a lot of people still looked down on her. She's worked extremely hard to finally get to this place where everyone can see her undeniable talent and awesome personality. I hope things will go even bigger & better from here 💜
@andreea.tescan Hace 16 días
This woman gave us good music for years without being awarded. She doesn't need a Grammy for making music. Her speech was priceless. Love you, Miley!
@sur92537 Hace 16 días
Seriously the emotions she brings out from within me, I can’t even believe I’m crying
@arrow1042 Hace 16 días
I couldn't agree more!!!!!
@UnitedStateslive Hace 16 días
@@arrow1042 Miley best of the Best Better than all the rest❤🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶💔♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎶👼🏻👼🏻
@Ran-33 Hace 16 días
Her voice is a torturing device
@patrickbedruz6475 Hace 5 días
Class act Miley, humble and real. She was so respectful when she accepted her other award too. This song will never get old to me, been blasting it often since it came out and at a perfect time in my life!
@loreleiscott6643 Hace 13 días
The way Meryl was sooooo happy and excited for Miley🥹❤️
@ioanapopoiu1457 Hace 3 días
But Miley didnt pay atention. i'm sorry, dissapointed
@whataretheauds7 Hace 2 días
I know she's so cute.
@LiliaGriselle Hace 13 días
i love how everyone was so happy with her celebrating it and she had so many people to say hi and share the joy while she walked to the stage ❤
@dionelbaleros8360 Hace 14 días
why i got teary eyed. i love how her hardwork paid off. So happy for you miley♥️♥️👌
@simanliu5367 Hace 11 días
Confident and humble queen !❤ my favorite artist so well deserved
@JaheemWilson2001 Hace 16 días
“My mama always tell me that I would make it , so I made it “👏🏾 congratulations Miley 🎉
@cherrybomb3098 Hace 16 días
fav song
@emilym2521 Hace 16 días
That was a missed opportunity
@namantherockstar Hace 16 días
Miley inspires me.. My parents said if i get 70K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging..
@kushking949 Hace 16 días
Her moma said she would make it bc they was already multimillions lmao. If her mama wasn't rich she would of not even got a gig at a club.
@nehemiasw4364 Hace 16 días
​@@kushking949yeah you made that up​
@Niiiis1228 Hace 15 días
This is definitely an icon. Rarely do you see such a true star, you can’t stop looking at her 🌟 she earned this moment!
@usethis4511 Hace 14 días
My favourite part about this night was the little speech she gave about the boy & the butterfly…I think that’s how most artists and just everyone should look at success…let it be something we attract and not something we’re endlessly and desperately chasing where we forget who we are & what’s special about us
@tinaapicelli8565 Hace 14 días
Well deserved. She was the shinning star that nite. Congratulations girl.
@Chicago.95 Hace 15 días
Extremely talented hard-working ultimate superstar since day 1!! So deserved.
@LM-ch8rh Hace 14 días
what confidence! i love her!
@nickbigd Hace 16 días
The Grammys slept on Plastic Hearts, glad to see Miley finally get some love from the Recording Academy
@Readysetgo2007 Hace 16 días
Did Wrecking ball get an award? Think that's an amazing song as well. 🙂
@rherd Hace 16 días
​@@Readysetgo2007nominated but no win
@zr1amd139 Hace 16 días
Yeah, I thought that record was awesome too.
@nickbigd Hace 16 días
@@Readysetgo2007 no I don't think it did
@tylerkochman1007 Hace 16 días
Criminally slept
@eunmikang6186 Hace 14 días
수상소감중 저상은 두고 나는어제가세상해서제일행복했다는 말이너무멋졌다노래듣는순간눈물이핑.내가나를더사랑해줄수있다는한방을날리는 사일러스다운가사.축하드려요
@stephaniemccord6100 Hace 14 días
Love that song. Glad Miley was recognized and loved her speech.
@josefamylaminas4557 Hace 11 días
Miley looked GREAT! I fell in love with that song FLOWERS 💐! Congrats well deserved 🎉
@eunicep.b166 Hace 15 días
God bless 🙌 Miley for shining with beauty with her glowing heart ❤✨️💯🙏🙌👏
@sandragarcia1847 Hace 11 días
I remember the first time I heard flowers on the radio at the store and and I was instantly bobing my head and vibing to it. Well deserved
@kimochino9047 Hace 16 días
Her interaction with Billie and Olivia is so cute and genuine. Love girls supporting each other.
@wayneb.johnson7573 Hace 16 días
Girls?? Are you trying to upset Billie? 🤣😁🤣
@LeandroAlvez-if4fc Hace 16 días
@BollywoodNewzz Hace 16 días
Miley inspires me.. My parents said if i get 2K likes on my vid They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging.
@FeR-kt1jt Hace 16 días
That’s Hannah Montana. She never lacked a personality for sure .
@RJ-gv4ep Hace 16 días
@helgyn995 Hace 15 días
Wow! Heard Miley 15 years ago. But these years she was somewhere far away. Yes, Miley sings very well, but.. my god, I fell in love with the song 'Flowers' only at Grammy'24! Such expression! Such power, such a voice! Now I understand why you love Miley!
@bbgirl6741 Hace 13 días
She stole that idea from Bruno Mars she can’t come up with her shit 🙄
@mibukdesjarlais534 Hace 12 días
​@@bbgirl6741​​ This whole "Miley stoled this from Bruno" thing is a tale as old as time. Get over it. She literally never stolen anything and "Flowers" is merrily just a response back to Bruno's "When I Was Your Man" and nothing more. "When I Was Your Man" was a song that an ex of Miley dedicated and played at their wedding. And Miley made a response to that via her lyrics for "Flowers" mainly just the chorus. Plus, if this really was a case of plagiarism then Bruno would've sued Miley ages ago. But obviously it wasn't. Also, this song sounds a lot more like "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor than Bruno's song anyway. And I think that was the whole point and even Gloria Gaynor absolutely loves this song. I think she even recently congratulated Miley on her recent Grammy win too. It's truly the "I Will Survive" of our current generation. So really, y'alls pressed attitudes and distaste for Miley is honestly comical. 💁‍♀️😂 But keep on giving her ya'lls desperate attention. It's only going to make her even stronger in the long run anyway. 💪❤️👑
@templeofphilosophy Hace 12 días
The whole point is that part of the Flowers song is homage to Bruno's song@@bbgirl6741
@MoNika-pu9jy Hace 14 días
She is absolutely beautiful, well deserved, keep on shining sweetheart!
@Skadi420 Hace 13 días
Omg...this is the best thing I have seen in forever! She so deserves this. Love her! ❤
@av1vit Hace 15 días
Such class, and greeted everyone and was collected and funny and appreciative! Very well deserved award! Love her songs!
@janinehudak7659 Hace 13 días
This song really gets to me and is so inspiring and empowering, more than many others in a long time! I'm a big Miley fan and am so happy for her! I love her confidence, talent, vivacious and caring personality.
@ScarlettJ1221 Hace 17 días
"but I might have forgotten underwear" lmao 😭
@guruvokal99 Hace 17 días
@LaraCookie5 Hace 17 días
HAHAHA she’s so right for that!
@tayriana_graswift Hace 17 días
She so unserious, i love her😭❤️❤️
@frozenlama23 Hace 16 días
Knowing her she would 😂
@stopfakenews8368 Hace 16 días
It's not that funny.. What are you..... 8?
@Rosielovesmusic Hace 14 días
Love her confidence. Wow!
@suman1922 Hace 15 días
My Smilers heart is bursting with so much pride for my Queen. This is such a well deserved win & I love how the whole world agrees. The same world that questionef her sanity is now finally praising her & clapping for her for the ball of talent that she is. Happiness looks so good on her, I'm so proud to see her the way she is right now. She is a saviour in many untold stories including mine. Mother is nothing but revolutionary. 💋✨💛
@bbgirl6741 Hace 13 días
If only she would be normal.
@user-bd6wp1ob2g Hace 11 días
Normal? W H A T E V E R! bbgirl6969 Oh...! 6741 I guess!
@roseperez7756 Hace 10 días
She doesn’t need to be “normal”, but it would be nice if she wasn’t so trashy.
@ashamedashley389 Hace 13 días
I love how even Meryl fangirled a little upon reading the winner ❤
@stefaniewille3463 Hace 14 días
Sie verdient noch viel mehr. Absolut Großartig diese Stimme ❤😊
I think no victory has ever moved people as much as this one. I grew up listening to Miley and this made me very happy.
@TheDhanaMC Hace 16 días
I have no business being this proud of Miley 😭 Smilers since 2008! I hope she blooms even more!
@mummytut8255 Hace 16 días
❤ Absolutely 💯 Amen to that !! ❤
@lizkrisenthal8259 Hace 16 días
I agree. So proud of and happy for her.
@YoSoyPepinillo Hace 16 días
@namantherockstar Hace 15 días
Miley inspires me.. My parents said if i get 70K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging..
@HarryEscobar-jx3ki Hace 15 días
@coleensibert882 Hace 15 días
**YAY**! She SO deserves this! "Flowers" is a beautiful song with a beautiful message.
@yolap Hace 14 días
It was so sweet when she said:"I just won my first grammy!"She is the definition of a true artist,all cames naturally,not forced,and it's called talent!
@V.V-1997 Hace un día
I’ve watched this for multiple times and I can’t stop looking at how classically cordial and humble she is. Able to see from she stood up until her speech was finished. This video is still iconic even it passes by for several years !🎉👍🏼
@Boomacat Hace 14 días
Эта песня по праву заслужила награду. А прически Майли полагаю станет новым трендом❤
@julieseverance6446 Hace 11 días
I’m happy for Miley for her grammy win. Miley looks phenomenal.
@bamm0906 Hace 16 días
“Hope this(award)doesn’t change anything because MY LIFE WAS BEAUTIFUL YESTERDAY”.💜
@bestill365 Hace 16 días
She's an absolute idiot.
@crazy4corbinbleux Hace 14 días
I loved that line so much ❤
@Vinny95 Hace 14 días
Both her Grammys acceptance speech videos are #3 and #4 trending on ESvid 🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤👏👏👏GO MILEY!
@ajbicepssaiyan Hace 15 días
LOVE how thrilled Meryl Streep was!
@silviabrunengo1905 Hace 2 días
Lots of people noticyng that, but not that Miley pases on saluting Meryl. What is going on???
@lovatocrvero742 Hace 8 días
She's like sooo chill and fun vibes ...I love this Miley Cyrus so much the Voice,The look, The attitude, the song its perfect....Look at the way she spoke its soo chill and not very serious mix with a bit of fun but also not disrespectful...Perfection
@BaddestAliveStayMad Hace 14 días
i love miley so much! you can tell shes a genuine nice person
@elizabethtucker6945 Hace 14 días
Beautiful woman Beautiful voice…..Flowers is inspiring and her rendition of Jolene by Dolly Parton was so beautiful..Well Deserved ❤️❤️…
@shviewjames126 Hace 15 días
When “Flowers” came out at the beginning of the year it became an instant classic. That song is gonna live on like it’s inspiration “I Will Survive”.
@user-dx2hx7ng6y Hace 14 días
Girl no.
@madalinaf3025 Hace 14 días
I had the exact same feeling.
@darylisaac6615 Hace 14 días
what you smoking 😂
@kasskath3578 Hace 14 días
A classic? We'll forget this 'classic' very soon 😅
@sybilcross323 Hace 14 días
@@kasskath3578glad I didn’t waste my time watching. Not a fan of hers. I forgot her ages ago
i will always love her ferocity and being honest and true to herself and everyone. ❤️❤️❤️
@MeRod. Hace un día
This song saved me in the last length of my divorce! To me this song will be forever the most beautiful of all. Thank you girl. And for you girls and women that are going through a nasty divorce right now..... there's a beautiful and bright future awaiting for you out there. I'm so happy now even though I'm on my own, xx
@user-yb4qf2tk1u Hace 15 días
Loved how she approach everyone and just enjoying it! ❤
@arleneholmes1389 Hace 10 días
I really just cried seeing this! I know her mom and Billy Ray are proud of this amazing woman they raised!
@fl0135_ Hace 16 días
Bruh Mark Robson and MERYL STREEP were by her side when she won the award. The song was so good she was dancing around the crowd with Billie and Olivia to get to the stage. Her speech was powerful and inspiring and hilarious. She EARNED that award but also knew it meant nothing. She earned her moment tho. What a queen.
@BollywoodNewzz Hace 16 días
Miley inspires me.. My parents said if i get 2K likes on my vid They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging.
@mikyrueda796 Hace 16 días
Smiley ❤❤❤❤
@shanfarco1574 Hace 16 días
Why didn't she hug Meryl though?
@loveschocolate22 Hace 16 días
@@shanfarco1574 Yeah. That was a very awkward moment.
@ErikaBardere Hace 16 días
​@loveschocolate22 Mark squeezed in to hug Miley because they're really close, so it messed up the order of acknowledging. Plus the nerves of everything going on, you react to the first person you see & Meryl stepped away. Just a busy moment with too many people trying to interact at once.
@Cobryshka Hace 14 días
Вау!Божественная Мэрил Стрип вручает Майли награду - грандиозно❤
@darleneharris5157 Hace 14 días
Congratulations Miley!!!🎊 I absolutely love that song 🎶💖💕💐
@Nezukolovegirl Hace 8 días
Miley You're My Favorite Singer And Im Proud Im Happy I've Been Singing Your Songs I Mostly Keep Singing Used To Be Young, Flowers, Wrecking Ball.
@fionatritton7455 Hace 6 días
I love how she picks up her bag for both her Grammys and then is fumbling around for her notes, so human and natural and you can see how much it means to her and how excited she is
@collettchaney120 Hace 13 días
She deserved this grammy. Lots of tears behind that song
@sallykayekaufman5119 Hace 16 días
Michael was my student. I brought him to Grammy Career Day when he was 16. The world has come full circle. I’m so happy for him!
@billmurrie Hace 16 días
so sweet!!!
@ezcaortiz Hace 16 días
Very cool! You must be so proud ❤🎉
@hantonoshi Hace 16 días
Who is michael 🙏🏻
@felipesantana8374 Hace 16 días
@@hantonoshiProbably Michael Pollack! He's a co-writer on Flowers!
@felipesantana8374 Hace 16 días
Oh my God, that's so sweet! He's such a great songwriter, and I'm so happy with his work on Endless Summer Vacation ❤
@marianipas3580 Hace 15 días
I am a fan of yours since Hanna Montana especially now with your song Flowers, you deserve all the happiness and blessings in the world with these awards, wishing you more success ❤
@lachocovasty6925 Hace 15 días
She looks si happy Now her eyes are smiling❤❤❤
@claraharness796 Hace 14 días
Billy is so supportive of everyone I love Her so much ❤
@user-xq6hd5cv2n Hace 14 días
Glad for her! The song is spectacular! My favourite!
@robing6042 Hace 14 días
Miley, I never heard your song before, but I like it. It’s been in my head ever since.❤❤❤❤
@jatin368 Hace 17 días
I'm glad she won 2 Grammy's this year, she was so long overdue, really happy for her
@louieadam251 Hace 9 días
Iconic song Flower. She deserves to win.
@Chulpanika Hace 14 días
Ты заслужила это, девочка!❤
@dnk6830 Hace 9 días
Ну, наконец то!!!! Почему лучшие всегда позже всех получают заслуженные награды😏Майли прекрасна и талантлива❤❤❤
@innayarygina2132 Hace 23 horas
Congratulations my dear MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@manvikandoi8030 Hace 11 días
1:09 🙏 she is so humble
@Kim_Needs_You Hace 16 días
Damn she reallt got her flowers this time I'm so proud of her 😭😭😭
@sistersister8830 Hace 15 días
Was never a fan of her before but I am loving this new album and her energy. Good for her.
She definitely deserves it ❤! Happy for her 🎉
@danaratliff300 Hace 2 días
Shock n Awe! Yes was my fav song this year!!! Congratulations Billy Ray 👏
@danaratliff300 Hace 2 días
Who's her daddy?
@MsVerao Hace 14 días
I’ve been watching you grow up for the last 18 years. I’m so proud and happy for you!
@soniavidarte1878 Hace 14 días
Bien merecido !! 🥂 Abrazo desde Uruguay 💜
@ScarlettJ1221 Hace 17 días
Long overdue for this Queen, she absolutely deserves this so much
@UnitedStateslive Hace 16 días
@brandiwestpfahl7539 Hace 16 días
Too bad Jay z tried to rain on her parade while his wife has 32 Grammys at home. Classless
@opinionatedinsect Hace 14 días
ESV is one of Miley’s best albums. Well-deserved win for Flowers. 🎉
@datta4062 Hace 13 días
iim so glad shes happy! i want the best for her!!
@conishkee Hace 6 días
She rocked that performance, commanded the moment, and looked fabulous doing it...I LOVED it!
@BJ-nb3nn Hace 2 días
Congrats 🎉🎉🎉 Miley, She deserved this awards… humble❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉😘😘😍😍😍🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰
love this girl! her journey is not everyone’s cup of tea. her being, makes the tea in every cup.. continue to be the you, Miley! and take care of yourself 😘 you’ve inspired the many of us here
the way she interacted with the others while walking to the stage 🥺 she's so kind
@annparas100 Hace 13 días
Well deserved amongst all the legends you still shown 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@ER-uy7ct Hace un día
I am so happy for her!
@yvacesar2679 Hace 10 días
My favorite song of hers! ❤❤❤
@heatherperry1052 Hace 15 días
That song will by far be my favorite song of 2023! Congratulations Miley ❤
@samastuto609 Hace 4 días
The greatest female artist of this generation ! Blows my mind that she these are her first Grammy WINS but as she humbly says this does not change anything.
@pauposadas989 Hace 16 días
mother finally got the recognition she has deserved since 17 years ago!!!
@sbrown6798 Hace 14 días
She didn’t thank her dad. I wonder why not
@4everDestinii Hace 14 días
@@sbrown6798 Parents divorced and Billy Ray Cyrus is now dating a 34 year old woman while he is 62 so yeah..
@Donielle360 Hace 14 días
@@sbrown6798he’s probably the stereotypical country alchy now😂 I hope this remains a joke, her career doesn’t always have to be tied to her dad, sure he got the wheels going but she took off on her own after a certain point. It’s just another award on the shelf at the end of the day, the hard work speaks for itself not the piece of metal.
@rabiaseckin8922 Hace 12 días
she mentioned everyone in her life so she should have thank her dad who stood by her all these years. so it's odd.@@Donielle360
@ChrisGee1371 Hace 12 días
@@sbrown6798she didn’t thank him cause they are no longer on speaking terms and he’s also married to a girl her age that was also on Hannah Montana with her
But can we talk about how she said ,that she hopes it will not change anything,cause her life was beautiful *yesterday?* Miley is really humble and down to earth!
@quinnroberts4310 Hace 14 días
@annelizebritnor6715 Hace 11 días
Oh Miley you have grown so much and that Voice ❤you are Amazing ❤❤❤
Hello from Thailand. I love you Miley. Your song "Flower" has very deep meaning and heal my mind a lot.