Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?

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15 may 2019






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Comentarios 21 167
Mariusz Kalinowski
Mariusz Kalinowski Hace 17 minutos
Without belief you cannot succeed in life; everyone needs 馃敟馃敟馃敟 to follow a program like this: *Wealth.idesiremore颅颅颅颅.颅颅颅颅surf* to strengthen their belief in what they are looking for in life 鈥
Reuester Hace 23 minutos
Tim loves "society"
Soul Park312
Soul Park312 Hace 33 minutos
*Is Tierra from the East Coast of the US?* *She almost sounds like she's from NY ~ :3*
Noah Cohen
Noah Cohen Hace 4 horas
That community organizer guy was so self-important and obnoxious. I'm impressed that the real estate guy just let the community worker talk down to him. I'd rather hang out with the real estate guy.
David Stevenson
David Stevenson Hace 4 horas
So I'm late to the party here. Just watched, but all the responses they gave were predictable. With the exception of the social justice guy (who I don't think is as old as all the comments make him out to be), all the participants see relatively close in age. Young 20's ish. I think if you had a more diverse age group mix, the responses would have been much different. An older millionaire has a completely different mindset than one who recently made their fortune.....as does someone who lived their whole life just getting by. That would be an interesting video.
TIAOFNEBULA Hace 5 horas
and here i am running from my D cup lol
Elijah Stone
Elijah Stone Hace 6 horas
Work smarter, not harder
JS M Hace 7 horas
Shout out to Graham Steffan. Subscribe to his channel.
D Hilf
D Hilf Hace 7 horas
This was the most civil and understanding discussion I've seen on this channel
Mason VGO
Mason VGO Hace 7 horas
Tim feels like a wannabe hippee.
Mason VGO
Mason VGO Hace 7 horas
just call it "Fast food workers vs Entrepreneurs" cause that's basically what you went for.
moo moo
moo moo Hace 8 horas
Self advocation is a key idea
Frank Kelio
Frank Kelio Hace 10 horas
"Utopian vision " couldn't help but laugh
brimmothy sb // Ty Brimm
Tim is a complainer. Tim bitches and cries about being broke but works as a 鈥渟ocial justice promoter鈥. Don鈥檛 be Tim.
Amy Louwho
Amy Louwho Hace 12 horas
Best thing I ever did to have more money in the bank is to get the hell out of Southern California.
Sgt Nooodle
Sgt Nooodle Hace 12 horas
My God, Tim sucks.
Eatyomuffin Hace 13 horas
Beatriz mad cute
big yoppa
big yoppa Hace 13 horas
I would love to see suburb white kids vs the inner city kids they try so hard to be like
arozziem Hace 14 horas
I want the big boy to give me a bear hug
Jerry Gossett jr.
Jerry Gossett jr. Hace 14 horas
Man what the hell are they even saying please find some people that speak english
Squid Six-Nine
Squid Six-Nine Hace 16 horas
At the end of the day, Tim is going to sit there and cry about these 鈥渋ssues鈥 rather than going out and actually trying to earn.
Already Black
Already Black Hace 11 horas
What I was thinking as well.
Snarks Hace 16 horas
bald guy in minimum wage category is 100% some communist
Bugsy322 Hace 18 horas
Bugsy322 Hace 18 horas
Graham tried to slip in that plug to his channel at the beginning lmao
Crawdaddy Hace 21 un hora
That isn't Utopian, that is the Federation mindset, which I am a fan of for sure hahahaha But calling it a Utopian type existence is rather irritating. The Federation was super violent, intruded on territory, and declared enemies of civilizations that really just wanted to be left alone to their own territory, not all of course, the Borg is an example!
Daniel B Trippin
Daniel B Trippin Hace 21 un hora
The only reason Tim is working minimum wage is because it's a badge of honor for his politics. He's smart enough to look for more.
Ben Winstanley
Ben Winstanley Hace 22 horas
this was a nice discussion, thanks guys
Hector Fernandez
Hector Fernandez Hace un d铆a
Community Organizer.... systemic this... outcome diversity... LOSER
Hector Fernandez
Hector Fernandez Hace un d铆a
Community Organizer.... LOSER!
Joshua Gould
Joshua Gould Hace un d铆a
Tim equated a house built in America to a slave mine in another country. That's a red flag about his logic and knowledge of Economics. He also discredited Graham and Brett for not having directly built the things that they make money from, as if physical labor is the only means to earning anything. It seems like he doesn't have a basic understanding of "extracting value from capital transactions". The price of goods is built on all of the intermediate costs that built the final product. That means that the wood mill got paid, the lumber company got paid, the workers that used the lumber got paid, etc., ultimately built the final product (a house) and assigned it a value. The market (the people involved) gave it a value, and real estate agents sell it. What's the problem? That's why there ain't no free lunch!
Scotty miller
Scotty miller Hace un d铆a
In a quote from Robin Williams he said, "Some people are born with greatness others get it as a graduation gift".
Albator Dali
Albator Dali Hace un d铆a
nobody have worked for EVERYTHING they get. There is no such thing as a self made man, that's just plain ugly narcissism. Everybody got to rely on somebody else at some point, that's the foundation of our society or any society for that matter.
Dusk Patriot
Dusk Patriot Hace un d铆a
Imma go ahead and state that yes absolutely ANYBODY can make money if you work hard. Welcome to capitalism.
Aaron Roland
Aaron Roland Hace un d铆a
Of course the leftist "Activist" takes up most of the screen time... Just sayin...
E III Hace un d铆a
Tim will never be self made. But he won鈥檛 complain if it鈥檚 given to him. Typical socialist.
William Lewis
William Lewis Hace un d铆a
Yeah Graham!
Sahith Gondi
Sahith Gondi Hace un d铆a
that girl got on some off whites 馃槼
iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers
I was ALWAYS taught I am OBLIGATED to help raise up my people.. That's how a group comes out the mud.. With help from the more successful ones
iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers
My parents came to America with NOTHING!! They were black Jamaicans with 0 education.. Now we own are very very very successful Contracting biz... ANYTHING is possible in America馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫
Ricky 18
Ricky 18 Hace un d铆a
If you believe anyone can鈥檛 be a millionaire you already lost
iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers
I know right
pun7unz Hace un d铆a
I have a feelin that bold guy is offended by rich ppl
Chris Davin
Chris Davin Hace un d铆a
Tim seems like a guy that makes a lot of excuses.
A P Hace un d铆a
Tiera is awesome. I hope she gets the opportunities she deserves to achieve whatever she wants to.
Chris Davin
Chris Davin Hace un d铆a
Saw Graham, and thought I鈥檇 watch.
Boogey Ratt
Boogey Ratt Hace un d铆a
God, sorry. The "justice warrior" is annoying as hell. The rest were great to listen to.
Sir puss
Sir puss Hace un d铆a
I liked all of them. I don鈥檛 know why people called them bitter including the older gentleman. He was respectful and open minded.
General Harness
General Harness Hace un d铆a
Tim First time I talk I am going to say you did not earn your money because someone else built the house etc. Tim"There are investors and things" "not all the time" Tim"most of the time." Shows the different mindset right there. Millionaire will invest his time to grow something, wage worker will take the value of what he built and that is it. Another thing is you do not think anyone can become rich as you need connections etc. You can get connections but you have to work from them is it easier yes, but becoming a millionaire is about getting your money to work for you not you working for your money
Josiah Giese
Josiah Giese Hace un d铆a
Question - "Can anyone become rich if they work hard enough?" Tim - "There are a lot of institutional and systemic barriers we aren't really talking about. If you walk into like a Beverly Hills 5,000,000 dollar house not speaking English, their probably not gonna give you the hookup" Work hard = Learn English Tim... you misunderstand the meaning of the word work Tim...
TheBestMovieAlive Hace un d铆a
What's the point of having a ton of money if you have nobody to share it with?
One Eyed King
One Eyed King Hace un d铆a
Tim wants a utopia, but isn't willing to admit to personal responsibility. Good luck with that tim.
One Eyed King
One Eyed King Hace un d铆a
Tim has a chip on his shoulder.
RKNS Hace un d铆a
"Community Organizer, work on environmental justice, social justice..." I tuned out
Seppuku Hace un d铆a
Tim was obnoxious
Paul Jenkins
Paul Jenkins Hace un d铆a
I loathe everything about Tim.
Granny Soup Ladle
Granny Soup Ladle Hace un d铆a
But none of those millionaires were assholes. Put some trust fund babies up against school teachers or something.
Ivan abdurrofi Al hakim
To become rich you have to take risk, millionaires are the people who are brave to take these risk and they now how to manage it
Rameshan Sivapalan
Rameshan Sivapalan Hace un d铆a
Very humble millionaires compared to the entitled minimum wage workers
Damon Luker
Damon Luker Hace 2 d铆as
This is probably the most wholesome one of these I've seen. Most of the time, I absolutely hate on of the sides, lol.
Michael Russell
Michael Russell Hace 2 d铆as
It's nice that the white males got rich (lucky), but morality doesn't pay the bills either. You need to strive, to believe in yourself, and to take risks, but you also have to have REAL opportunity, no one can save money on minimum-wage, anyone who tells you they did is a liar. We need to create an economy that has opportunity for everyone. YOU CAN NOT spend as an 19 year old and live in a house.
TOMIS13LACK Hace 2 d铆as
Tim is the biggest fraud i've ever seen
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