Minecraft Dungeons: Official Launch Trailer

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Gear up, because the wait is over! Get Minecraft Dungeons NOW for Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch: www.minecraftdungeons.net
Are you ready to unite, fight, and survive? Rediscover the Minecraft universe as you’ve never seen it before in an all-new action-adventure game inspired by classic dungeon crawlers. Explore and battle your way through action-packed, treasure-stuffed, wildly varied levels with up to three friends. Do you have what it takes to explore this beautiful yet dangerous world and defeat the evil Arch-Illager? Learn more about the game here: www.minecraft.net/en-us/about-dungeons
AUDIO DESCRIPTION version is here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-2Zd6q-8Uuxk.html


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26 may 2020






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Najwa Naseem
Najwa Naseem Hace 8 horas
When is it comming to mobile?
tranthanhtung tran
tranthanhtung tran Hace 10 horas
Hse ropo chaspoi ki 1356
AdrianPlays Hace 12 horas
They should add all that stuff into minecraft
Onys Tv
Onys Tv Hace 12 horas
1:17great music
OopChannel Hace 13 horas
i want this for free
Yeruel Villegas
Yeruel Villegas Hace 23 horas
i hope they add some stuff from Minecraft dungeons to Minecraft, like the weapons and armor, and some boss mobs maybe idk
2_908's stuff
2_908's stuff Hace un día
I swear up and down that minecraft is the best game out there. I play minecraft every day and dont get bored building things. Ever since the adventure update came out, minecraft has been really good. Like even seeing the creators make two other games based off of minecraft makes me really think minecraft is someday going to be the most game played. I have hopes for mojang to become so popular that everyone admires it. I have more to say but I think that is to much lol. P.s minecraft is the best
WiseJufhhdoserblx Hace un día
Guess who got this game 1 month after it came out
Younus Hussain
Younus Hussain Hace un día
You don't even know how annoyed I got when I found out the jungle awakens DLC is paid, I hope they change that later.
I can’t think of a username
It’s DLC.
Nhan Tran_The God_
Nhan Tran_The God_ Hace un día
SEMO Hace un día
This game is good but not cracked. I cant play because I have no money
Irfan Alfan BCE
Irfan Alfan BCE Hace un día
Please Release In Mobile or IOS Please Release In Mobile or IOS Please Release In Mobile or IOS Please Release In Mobile or IOS Please Release In Mobile or IOS Please Release In Mobile or IOS
Sopfia_ Hace 2 días
Ну нарешти он вийшов на андроид я така рада
Aarav Gaming channel
Better than hytale
maureen sechika
maureen sechika Hace 2 días
This is basically diablo but it is a friendly family game
Fade 2.0.
Fade 2.0. Hace 2 días
Couch co-op with your friends Covid-19: wait that’s illegal
CORONA VIRUS Hace 2 días
Can it plz be available at ios plz?
Chopsticks Hace 2 días
Will there be a mobile version comming in the future, or is there already
Gryphon Hace 2 días
Im glad they went with skin mouth movement and not blockey out of mouth movement
Billi Gates
Billi Gates Hace 2 días
A first person mode would be nice , very nice !
Derpy Hace 2 días
This is the Minecraft version of dark souls 3 JK. Gonna buy it tomorrow
Jroc Jr24
Jroc Jr24 Hace 2 días
What’s the music called it’s intense and I wanna know what it’s called
Skull The Meme Gamer
I used my dads remaining PS4 money to buy this game. *And it was worth it*
Ivy Hace 2 días
you can play minecraft on your couch alone but you will be playing woth your friends on the same couch inside minecraft and your characters will all be playing minecraft dungeons together MineCeption 2020
Maxwell Baker
Maxwell Baker Hace 3 días
Minecraft dungeons prevents you from getting rid of soul-infused items that gradually fill up your inventory unless you "salvage" them, exchanging them for emeralds... I.e. you sell them... In other words Minecraft dungeons eventually becomes unplayable at higher tier difficulties unless you sell items with souls in them such as the soul robe which in the description is literally woven partially with people's souls woven into it... Minecraft dungeons is thus demonically forcing people to sell souls in order to complete the game pony island anyone? Minecraft is now satanic. I want a refund. Six media corporations and Microsoft control almost all information in the world. 202060606
Jasim Uddin
Jasim Uddin Hace 3 días
How do I get this game
Young Gamer
Young Gamer Hace 3 días
Clash royale or Minecraft ?
420vapmaster69 Hace 3 días
The arch lliager was the quiet kid but with magic
Alex Halo
Alex Halo Hace 3 días
Minecraft dungeons no está para android
Bacon Soybean
Bacon Soybean Hace 3 días
My brother just got the Xbox game pass on our Xbox 1 and I can finally play it now and it’s super fun
tyraeljames Lagasca
tyraeljames Lagasca Hace 3 días
Minecraft isnt a story of mcpe called a story of survive
GamerSupreme Hace 3 días
Wow, this game is awesome! Just purchased the Hero Edition!
Marcellofp Hace 3 días
Baby zombies in chickens in normal Minecraft:I’m stronger than Ender Dragom Baby zombie in chickens in Minecraft Dungeons:Help me skeleton
Muhammad Azzubair
Muhammad Azzubair Hace 3 días
This is game is good
Pitched Hace 3 días
First I thought I didn't like this game but then I noticed I was lvl 58. Amazing game, good mechanics
All i do is comment
All i do is comment Hace 3 días
mubby Hace 3 días
WOAH! Mine and no craft
Dim Dimitriou
Dim Dimitriou Hace 3 días
Launch it in the eu.
Mandy Fell
Mandy Fell Hace 3 días
Is it ever going to come out on pocket edition (iOS Android Samsung)?
isaiah rojas 324
isaiah rojas 324 Hace 3 días
Can someone tell me how i got through the creeper map on my first try on normal mode
Minecraft Dungeons : *IM COOLEST GAME EVER* Hytale : *Laughing*
Siti Sulimah
Siti Sulimah Hace 3 días
Siti Sulimah
Siti Sulimah Hace 3 días
How to get this game
EndyStarBoy647 Hace 2 días
On where?
BAGAS 141 Hace 3 días
Mohon developer semoga game ini rilis di android ya
Pyro Gaming
Pyro Gaming Hace 3 días
Are you going to release Minecraft dungeon at android and ios?
Nemesis Hace 3 días
Better than Diablo 4 ever would have been.
jkfriday XD
jkfriday XD Hace 3 días
Why is your logo rainbow
rosalie bohon
rosalie bohon Hace 3 días
This ain't a teaser to a cave update stop thinking this is related to a cave update
Gonzalo Nadal
Gonzalo Nadal Hace 3 días
Everybody gangsta til' the quiet kid brings a multishot IV Auto Crossbow to school
Ahmer Shahid
Ahmer Shahid Hace 4 días
Please add the game for android
DEИ_13 Hace 4 días
Make a mobile version
Red Error
Red Error Hace 4 días
Before steve: brings tons entire stack of obsidian no problems, survives the life of neither and the end, kills the wither and the ender dragon with an armor, shield, bow, crossbow, axe, sword and even the using the bed as weapon. Meanwhile mINeCrAFt dUnGeOn: We GoT cOoLeR wEaPoN aNs SpeLLs! Now Steve: we got update is uhh neither And uhh new neitherite weapons and armor
nesqish gaming
nesqish gaming Hace 4 días
Trailer: shows 3 arrows Game: shows 5 arrows 0:56
Ignorance Boy
Ignorance Boy Hace 4 días
We own skin
g g
g g Hace 4 días
Co-op ? This game will give me new friends ?
ROBLOX RULES Hace 4 días
0:39 me everytime I play because I am to incomplete
Hazza Hace 4 días
Please add all the Minecraft dungeon skins in the Minecraft game to make it a skin pack please 🙏🙏
Dogs Are The Best
Dogs Are The Best Hace 4 días
is it just me or when you get really low heath the heart shows the apocalypse icon
Dogs Are The Best
Dogs Are The Best Hace 4 días
it’s all good until you see that tnt
I and S productions.TV
everyone wants a game like raid shadow legends i guess its much bettter than raid shadow legends and i love it
Subarashī chikyū xD
Can u make on mobile
mc Jack
mc Jack Hace 4 días
hey mojang can u please make a andriod version!
Vibrant Official
Vibrant Official Hace 4 días
Please for mobile
887Bingo Hace 4 días
Didn't think I'd like this game. Pretty fuggn good.
andres gamer laik
andres gamer laik Hace 4 días
mmm 9000
mmm 9000 Hace 4 días
Please meet the game it's sooooooo hard
Vince Hace 5 días
watching this made me to just want to play normal minecraft tbh
ShadowSai Hace 5 días
Add these mobs and weapons and enchantments and skins to Minecraft then I’ll be happy
Kyle Zaragoza
Kyle Zaragoza Hace 5 días
Video: 1:18 “GET IT NOW” Me: “Oh I get it now”
EpicGamer2020 Hace 4 días
Kind of reminds me of the original game Notch worked on before Minecraft
Watery Boi
Watery Boi Hace 5 días
is anyone else having the loading screen problem?
Your boi Ash
Your boi Ash Hace 5 días
I think this would be cool on mobile(hopefully it does come out for mobile)
SAndra Patricia Gutierrez Alarcon
Can it be on switch plzz
EndyStarBoy647 Hace 2 días
It's already on switch
Kensiro TM
Kensiro TM Hace 5 días
*everybody gangsta till that one dude brings out a lv 108 butterfly crossbow with a accelerate lv3, infinity lv3, and multishot lv3*
Gacha User
Gacha User Hace 5 días
Please don't let rule 34 artist see this.
༺ⓡⓘⓒⓞ༻ -MC-
only that they modified it with the controls for Android instead of arrows that were a sirculo for movement and with a chat for the 4 players
༺ⓡⓘⓒⓞ༻ -MC-
Sorry someday this game will come out for android?
Dragonn Whisperer
Dragonn Whisperer Hace 5 días
EndyStarBoy647 Hace 2 días
Also please shut up
EndyStarBoy647 Hace 2 días
Console edition is dead, also just get bedrock Edition, it has better graphics and there still updates on there
Soul Taker
Soul Taker Hace 5 días
I just Realised this came out on my birthday
Fade Hace 5 días
This feels medievil inspired
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