Minecraft Live is back for 2023! 

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Minecraft Live returns on October 15! Tune in at 1pm EDT for news, sneak peeks, the mob vote, and more! Once the mobs have been revealed, you’ll be able to cast your vote via the Minecraft Launcher, Minecraft.net, or the special event server on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition from October 13. You can even challenge yourself to mob-tastic mini-games while you're there!
Tune into at Minecraft Live on October 15, streaming from 1pm EDT on ESvid and Minecraft.net!


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12 sep 2023






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wattles Hace 14 días
I already feel terrible for the next golem that loses the vote 😅
DaFuq!?Boom!  .  5.9m views  .  2 hours      ago
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Josiah Winters
Josiah Winters Hace 14 días
Master Brutus
Master Brutus Hace 14 días
What if this years options is just golems? Or if were lucky enough, the golems from Legends.
Baab Hace 14 días
Imagine a golem only vote.
M.E. Squid
M.E. Squid Hace 14 días
Bastard Hace 13 días
Don't think I'll ever get over how gorgeous the animation is for these announcements.
pokemon trouble
pokemon trouble Hace 13 días
thank elementanimation for that
True Carman
True Carman Hace 13 días
Yeah the animation is done really well
Vukašin the editor
Vukašin the editor Hace 13 días
We maybe get a everything wrong with Our videos of this one
𖤐Iris𖤐 Hace 13 días
element animation is the animator(s?) of this. they are also the ones who created villager news
True Carman
True Carman Hace 13 días
@𖤐Iris𖤐 that’s really cool :)
MasterBuilderMD Hace 13 días
Absolutely love the fact that every single hostile mob has a 180 degree turn in mood when a Minecraft live is announced. Edit: Ayyy I was in a phoenix video, and yeah, I agree about Minecraft Live's mob votes not helping the game at all.
ShotgunAvocado Hace 13 días
Steven Barba
Steven Barba Hace 13 días
At this point it should almost be a game mechanic that the warden instantly becomes passive when it hears music
Гусь!!! Hace 13 días
Поэтому мы хотим чтобы голосование было всегда
Wisteria Fleur
Wisteria Fleur Hace 13 días
​@Steven Barbayeah and it can dance too
48planetmango48 Hace 13 días
Jon Carmo
Jon Carmo Hace 12 días
Looking forward to seeing the next update with three new mobs that don't do anything ❤
Herald Gerlaff
Herald Gerlaff Hace 11 días
Wonderful isn't it, how they add things het never actually seem to improve what's already there
EngieDeerIsEngieBear Hace 11 días
@Herald Gerlaff I just want Mojang to increase amount of buildable mobs, Iron Golem, snow golem and wither old af
minty.smoothie Hace 11 días
Herald Gerlaff
Herald Gerlaff Hace 11 días
@minty.smoothie the least useful one*
Rodrigo Velasquez
Rodrigo Velasquez Hace 7 días
Bueno, ya sabes lo que dicen, eso es mejor que nada xd
Awesome Alex
Awesome Alex Hace 14 días
Please add the previous contenders for the older mob votes, they're great ideas and we need them all
NX76 PLAYZ Hace 13 días
Yes do it 🎉🎉
Herald Gerlaff
Herald Gerlaff Hace 11 días
Wouldn't that require them to make their employees work a little bit though?
Üç Dünyanın Hakimi
Frog added outside of votes. They can do again
Atmarsde Hace 7 días
​@Üç Dünyanın Hakimithat was a biome vote, which will all get added, but the mob votes are... uhm
Üç Dünyanın Hakimi
@Atmarsde i dont know exactly maybe true i read developer say they maybe add other mobs into to game if it feel needed. I actually big hope for desert biome i love meerkat idea attacking spider, interacted player, half tame guader etc. Also maybe add meerkat to savannah which can eat termite and prevent from they eating wooden structure. We will see month later. Just hope
I think the beaches and desert Oasis would be a nice update. Like palm tress would be a nice place to start, theyd have coconuts that can be used for a one time drink or to plant more palm trees, they'd only grow in sand like cactus, than, if used as a drink, they turn into bowls or something like that.
Element Animation
Element Animation Hace 14 días
We had an absolute blast making this year's trailer! Super proud of this one! Excited for October 15th!!!
ThreeSheepMC Hace 14 días
DaFuq!?Boom!  .  5.9m views  .  2 hours      ago
Translate!!! 💚 ကျွန်ုပ်ကို စာရင်းသွင်းပြီး ဤမှတ်ချက်ကို ကြိုက်နှစ်သက်သူတိုင်း ကို ကျွန်ုပ် စာရင်းသွင်းပါမည်။..,,,,.
kelet studios
kelet studios Hace 14 días
result is cool ;)
PREX2000 Hace 14 días
You guys are awesome!
amphibia fan
amphibia fan Hace 14 días
Ahhh so that’s where you lads were for so many months.
CrispyFrog Hace 13 días
Imagine having trailers that are better than the actual updates
Owl Leader
Owl Leader Hace 12 días
Mojang getting roasted here xd
a a
a a Hace 12 días
it's deserved
Herald Gerlaff
Herald Gerlaff Hace 11 días
Imagine being unable to actually make a modern looking lighting engine and having to rely on others to make shaders.
El Bakuino
El Bakuino Hace 11 días
@Herald Gerlafffax
Steve Wolf
Steve Wolf Hace 11 días
@Herald Gerlaffmojang doesn’t have to imagine
Pixelfiend Hace 13 días
Not only is an end update necessary, but Mojang could just take inspiration from dungeons. They have an updated (and pretty cool!) looking end already.
wiss Hace 10 días
i want jungle skeletons and zombies, frozen zombies and frozen creepers in their respective biomes, dungeon already has those! 😊And maybe make sand farmable without the end portal glitch(make husk drop sand?), because i get it its just a block a little rarer than dirt, but it has way more useqs and making it farmable would make sense.
Leo detective
Leo detective Hace 9 días
Dude, as a Minecraft dungeons fan I agree with you.
Aesra Hace 13 días
What I would really like for an update is a "maintanence" update. Basically doing some of the stuff that was left behind, e.g. the birch biome update or adding mobs that got voted out, overhauling some mob mechanics (the phantom), adding functionality to some mobs that have none, etc.. Also overhauling the inventory and such things.
O Bee
O Bee Hace 12 días
But that’s offensive to frogs
Herald Gerlaff
Herald Gerlaff Hace 11 días
That's what they said the last update was... Yet they failed to address the majority of issues. They couldn't even do something as simple as speed up minecarts or make wandering traders useful.
Kelly McCann
Kelly McCann Hace 11 días
And where’s fletching table functionality?!?!
Herald Gerlaff
Herald Gerlaff Hace 11 días
@Kelly McCann unbelievable isn't it
David Camuzo
David Camuzo Hace 13 días
Hope there’s actually some hype features and an update title this year, we need something like a new dimension or an end update to get the community hype like they did back in 2017-2020. I love Mojang and can’t wait for Minecraft live 2023🙏🏻
Turner Jones
Turner Jones Hace 13 días
You're absolutly right, the last couple updates have been very stale
𖤐Iris𖤐 Hace 13 días
as long as they give us everything shown.
The Hydration Police
The Hydration Police Hace 13 días
We just need fun things to do, not like slow, grindy, and boring stuff.
𖤐Iris𖤐 Hace 13 días
@The Hydration Police exactly, like not what they did with villagers in latest update 💀
David Camuzo
David Camuzo Hace 13 días
@𖤐Iris𖤐 yeah stuff like the netherite upgrade templates and the villager changes are not just neutral changes like archaeology and camels(which aren’t great but still do add something) they straight up make the game slower and more grindy with literally nothing new to make the changes/features interesting.
Dragnbreth294 Hace 12 días
I love how full of life these animations are! It gives the blank stares of the defaults so much personality! I want a series where it’s straight up misadventures of the default skins, that would be really fun
WarrenCheskyTheFox wiggins
if this is not how the minecraft movie looks i will be sad. the main charictures could be the default skins, it could be done with a simular approach to the lego movie, where ate the end you hear the full story and see the gamers irl, who could look like the defalt skins in real life to :) and it could be a beautiful movie tbh
Harbin07 / Paveve
Harbin07 / Paveve Hace 11 días
​@WarrenCheskyTheFox wigginsas far as I know it's live action
Block Facts
Block Facts Hace 14 días
I love when Mojang treats us to another beautifully animated Minecraft Live announcement trailer!
DaFuq!?Boom!  .  5.9m views  .  2 hours      ago
Translate!!! 💚 ကျွန်ုပ်ကို စာရင်းသွင်းပြီး ဤမှတ်ချက်ကို ကြိုက်နှစ်သက်သူတိုင်း ကို ကျွန်ုပ် စာရင်းသွင်းပါမည်။... ..,,,,,,,,,
HavingFunTimes Hace 14 días
I hope Element Animation made this one!
flame cell
flame cell Hace 14 días
GamingMJax Hace 14 días
Spindl Hace 14 días
Agree entirely. Another great animation!
the_dexman Hace 13 días
as the camera zoomed in on the ancient city scene, I 100% expected the portal to light up then immediately cut away. It genuinely sent a chill down my spine. Goosebumps on my skin. The reveal that it was just the warden was alright, but that mixed with the portal being in the background of the text bit makes me think we might get some news on it. That is, if the clues were intentionally put there by element animation assuming they've been told info about the update. I don't know whether they get that or not.
Owen Hunt
Owen Hunt Hace 13 días
If it’s an end update I wouldn’t be surprised if they replaced the existing end portal with the ancient city one
Seth's Randoms
Seth's Randoms Hace 13 días
Your comment is directly above Element Animation's comment lol
Herald Gerlaff
Herald Gerlaff Hace 11 días
I wish they did something but Mojang is just lazy.
Plague King
Plague King Hace 10 días
@Herald Gerlaff if you want to talk about a lazy company how about we talk about Overwatch blizzard, Valve & EA.
Herald Gerlaff
Herald Gerlaff Hace 10 días
@Plague King you realise it's possible for all these companies to be lazy...
Saturno Hace 13 días
can't wait to watch a 4 hour filler event for the 10 minutes updates at the end again :x
Fernando Mendez
Fernando Mendez Hace 13 días
The page talks about the main event lasting 1 hour, so what are you talking/complaining about?
TeslaCactus11 Hace 12 días
Yahyathegamer749 Hace 12 días
And then a civil war for a mob vote (can't we just delay the update to add all the other mobs that were announced?)
Juho S.
Juho S. Hace 12 días
@Yahyathegamer749 And listen community complaining about update taking so long? No way. But it'd be cool if Mojang would always add the 2nd mob in the next update.
Jon morales
Jon morales Hace 2 días
This ! Lol
HunterCool22 Hace 13 días
I am already mourning this loss of yet another golem in this year’s mob vote.
Stachu Hace 12 días
I really hope this update is big... either The End (give us some reason to go there aside from slaying the dragon and getting the elytra!) or the Overworld update to make it feel alive with actual ecosystems
Luh Hace 14 días
I am already married, I have two children and The End is still the same as when I met my wife.
Sky Squad
Sky Squad Hace 14 días
desperately hoping for an end update. it really needs one.
MisterGuy Hace 14 días
Ian morales
Ian morales Hace 14 días
Luh cuánto tiempo si verte 😢😮
mine star
mine star Hace 14 días
I just had an idea: make it so that you spawn in the outer end, so that you have to explore and survive the end before the final fight, which means you are worthy of going back, unlike the endermen who stayed stuck
Shital Sawant
Shital Sawant Hace 14 días
AndresXLA Hace 4 días
Feel like this is going to be a big one. Functional ancient city portal maybe? I'm not going to make my expectations too high though.
TheLegendarySheep Hace 10 días
All the different update ideas are cool and all, but if we dont get an inventory update, and they keep adding 50+ new items every update, we're going to have some problems
Jefferson Hace 4 días
Essa é a nova utilização do Minecraft live e está mesmo bom🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Ur.AverageDodo Hace 13 días
Minecraft has been really jolly, with an mobvote being set to be announced in october, there must be a great evil brewing.
Not_YOBOYO Hace 12 días
i. want. another. boss. now.
CrashLag Gaming
CrashLag Gaming Hace 12 días
Yea, it's called EULA changes.
billium Hace 10 días
@Not_YOBOYO imagine how salty people would get over things losing if the mob vote options were bosses
Not_YOBOYO Hace 10 días
@billium it would be the same
LeeLee 34
LeeLee 34 Hace 8 días
Dogs need an update. Be nice to see some variety in them like they did with the cats
ElRichMC - Minecraft & Gaming a otro nivel
I'm ready for the End Update Hype Train.
DaFuq!?Boom!  .  5.9m views  .  2 hours      ago
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Parisi Hace 14 días
I'm very excited too.
SRedPanda Bv
SRedPanda Bv Hace 14 días
Ya verás que no va a ser la end update 😢
Juan Torres
Juan Torres Hace 14 días
es todo padrino, con todo el ánimo
Doming3000 Hace 14 días
No te ilusiones Ricardo
Uhh??? X D
Uhh??? X D Hace 14 días
The lore is juicy! Can't wait to see more on October 15!
Klaus.sfc01 official
Love how this is basically one of the most normal things this channel has released
julesjose gaming45
julesjose gaming45 Hace un día
Wow I like that every new trailer there's different sounds but this is the most amazing sound I ever heard at any update trailers. Keep it up♥️.
EpicstuffJandC Hace 13 días
as a minecraft player whos played since the nether update i can confirm this will be a very epic thing
SwellestOrc Hace 8 días
Honestly it should be a biome vote cause we get more stuff. All the hype for 1 mob vs a biome and the new items and mobs. Still am excited to see what the devs will do. Gonna hope it gets better.
iDeactivateMC Hace 14 días
Will there finally be an End Update this year?? 👀
Alter Hace 14 días
Waiting for the desert update we were supposed to have
CT- 4630
CT- 4630 Hace 14 días
I think it’ll be desert
Rova(ArmoredMaple122) Hace 14 días
End update is dumb
Flash Fire
Flash Fire Hace 14 días
As much as I would love that, Mojang really need to focus on the rest of the promised features like the rest of the biomes, the scraped combat system, and more first.
flameheart92 Hace 14 días
​@Flash Fireyour right we still need savannah , desert and mesa...
BackwardsMonday Hace 13 días
Great job to the element anamation team! The trailer is amazing!
Voidbear, AKA FNAF and Undertale can be friends
Hopefully the mobs get equal amount of info released about them this time with no false advertising like the glow squid had
InThe Stratosphere
InThe Stratosphere Hace 12 días
Best animation yet!! Love it, can’t wait for Minecraft Live.
StarWolf Hace 13 días
I can’t ever get over how well-made and pretty the trailer animations are, they’re amazingly made and I love watching them. if there’s another golem this vote I’m gonna feel bad for it’s loss before the vote even starts 😭
Dave Loves Cheese Gaming
Unless it is somehow a golem that is based off a cute animal or something
Gtui Biwoy
Gtui Biwoy Hace 6 días
I was very certain that the portal would light up before the scene of the old city was cut away as the camera focused on it. It actually made my spine tingle. with goosebumps
SystemZee Hace 14 días
I aim to groove as much as the chickens did in this video
Abdullah Shah
Abdullah Shah Hace 14 días
TheSusAgent Hace 14 días
frogs are better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aryaveer Banga
Aryaveer Banga Hace 14 días
I dare you to change your pfp to a minecraft chicken till minecraft live and change your skin too.
oicn Hace 14 días
TheSpeedSkewber_ Hace 14 días
I aim to freeze
Hoot345 Hace 14 días
I love the in-game mob vote idea. Never used twitter, so this is amazing!
Koso Hace 13 días
It was like that last year too.
Peter Tselios
Peter Tselios Hace 9 días
I really hope the 1.21 update is either an end update or it's an update relating to the portal-like structure in the deep dark
Alexus Wright
Alexus Wright Hace 10 días
I've watched this at least 10 times already. This is probably the best live trailer video. It is so cute. Can't wait!!!
⚠ Chaotic Evil ⚠
⚠ Chaotic Evil ⚠ Hace 12 días
That was absolutely gorgeous (as always)! I can't wait!!
Jillian Britzman
Jillian Britzman Hace 10 días
Let's Go Minecraft Live! I'm so ready for this 😀
ECKOSOLDIER Hace 14 días
LET'S GO!!!!
DaFuq!?Boom!  .  5.9m views  .  2 hours      ago
Translate!!! 💚 ကျွန်ုပ်ကို စာရင်းသွင်းပြီး ဤမှတ်ချက်ကို ကြိုက်နှစ်သက်သူတိုင်း ကို ကျွန်ုပ် စာရင်းသွင်းပါမည်။... ..,,,,,,,,
Jordan Cocken
Jordan Cocken Hace 14 días
hi ecko me foxboy
QwerVR Hace 14 días
Zervos BG
Zervos BG Hace 14 días
Oh hello there!
Herobrine Hace 14 días
IceMetalPunk Hace 12 días
It's been nearly a year already? Time flies so fast!
Rosalba Jimenez
Rosalba Jimenez Hace 13 días
Estoy muy feliz con Mojang y de grande voy a trabajar en las oficinas de Mojang 🙂
Herald Gerlaff
Herald Gerlaff Hace 11 días
Can't wait to see the additions and updates to minecarts!!!
CYBERMEL0N gaming Hace 11 días
aw yes, another Minecraft live. Can't wait for the next community separation event. (seriously though, can't wait!)
zechef02 Hace 13 días
Let’s goooo! As a veteran player I always thought the End needed a whole new revamp to make things more interesting
MacMalo Hace 14 días
The animators did a great job by their own, so I hope Basement guy has been working on the End Update.
vanchik92 Hace 13 días
Not sure if End Update is required There is Savanna, Desert and Badlands Update not realized yet
48planetmango48 Hace 13 días
SMSW OFFICIAL Hace 13 días
Yes it seems like the end is near!
Math Queen
Math Queen Hace 13 días
The end is so boring it needs an update! They can do any update they want after the end is improved.
Portal VODs
Portal VODs Hace 14 días
What an amazing trailer❤ can't wait to watch and see what coming!
Angelo Zen Stories
Angelo Zen Stories Hace 13 días
Tbh I hope they start making the new dimension of the warden It would be very cool to see
Victoria Charles
Victoria Charles Hace 7 días
That was an amazing trailer I wonder what new mobs will be introduced
KrammyTor Hace 13 días
I hope the mob we get now is not only can be found in the overworld. I hope the nether and the end gets some loves too
Elodin Istina
Elodin Istina Hace 6 días
AI improvements to villagers & mobs would be awesome. Imagine if villagers actually did tasks such as chopping wood, & storing it in a lumberyard, and stored food from farms in a grannary, et cetera. There are mods that do this, though outdated now. So it is quite possible to make.
Lazy Sheep
Lazy Sheep Hace 14 días
The minecraft animation team never disappoints 😊
10k before October?
10k before October? Hace 14 días
I don't care. I make superior content 😂😂
FierySpirit Hace 14 días
Yeah but the development team does
Ms. Mine gaming
Ms. Mine gaming Hace 14 días
Element Animation is doing Amazingly
Achefslife Hace 14 días
Timmy's World
Timmy's World Hace 14 días
I wish they did a new AR game
æronimations Hace 13 días
Wow, amazing!!! Hope this years mob vote doesn't disappoint us like last year...
 Polyhex gaming
Polyhex gaming Hace 13 días
I love the videos, they are really well designed! p.s. please add junglins...
RedYT Hace 12 días
Update ideas for 1.21,hope you will like my ideas: :please add some of the latest and coolest mob vote mobs :two new levels for villager trading:Grandmaster and Expert Grandmaster - the armorer will be OP😅 :and new biome blocks could be traded by the wandering trader:also affects villager biome types :new - chisiled copper will be cool for building :finally add a use to the fletching table :and last of all - a new ore to the end
Polar Express Productions
I love the the animations! Keep them coming
YoYo Hace 10 días
theyre gonna reveal the years worth of work theyve done! cant wait for them to show all all two blocks and one mob!
Flash Fire
Flash Fire Hace 14 días
Here's to hoping the next update will be more packed than the previous ones.
Footy Talks
Footy Talks Hace 12 días
what do you think the updates will be? I' think maybe an end or a dessert update.
Jesse Baker
Jesse Baker Hace 12 días
I think mojang should make a pre warden version of Minecraft bc it’s losing the feel of the editions (ie xbox360 edition xboxone edition… )
baki126 Hace 10 días
​@Footy Talks people have been saying end or desert update for the past 5 years now, sooner or later they will get it right
Joanne McIlraith
Joanne McIlraith Hace 9 días
Better be that dam end update
Angelos Constantinides
@Footy TalksI don’t think it will be a desert update because if it was they wouldn’t have added the camel in the previous update and would leave it for now
Toasty Poptart
Toasty Poptart Hace 13 días
The Warden jammin' to the music in the background is SO adorable!! These trailers are always so fun to watch! 🌸💙
Astro Gamer
Astro Gamer Hace 13 días
Esperemos que la nueva actualización de Minecraft no nos decepcione y sea algo grandioso :)
Huckleberry256 Hace 12 días
the axolotl and sniffer combination was something I didn't know I wanted but definitely needed
GGcorp Hace 13 días
Looks so cool! There is so much character and details!
Tsagaan khas
Tsagaan khas Hace 13 días
I can't wait for Caves and Cliffs part 5!
Jeracraft Hace 13 días
I just want more blocks for decorating. 😅
plighting_engineerd Hace 13 días
yes. also 14 seconds ago lol
ac124 Hace 13 días
40 second ago
LimeSlime Hace 13 días
Ryan Soltani
Ryan Soltani Hace 13 días
Xiao Atalas
Xiao Atalas Hace 13 días
bro i would love that
⭐Elijah Small⭐
⭐Elijah Small⭐ Hace 13 días
I’m ready for this years Minecraft Live. Can’t wait to see what’s revealed for everything Minecraft including the spinoffs! 😄
thedirthutcaver Hace 13 días
Can't wait to see the new mob options!! :D
SWNDAY SWYNO Hace 8 días
Espero que esse ano tenha um update decente.
Billy, dragostea din tei 🇹🇭
What a great Minecraft, the cherry trees and the new objects
Cheezster Hace 9 días
Can we all agree that Minecraft Live is the best event of the year? Every time
golipas apakadra
golipas apakadra Hace 9 días
WilyMoto Hace 8 días
Commonly yes, but the last Minecraft Live was 💩
Cheezster Hace 8 días
Yea but I really love all the hype it causes despite that
Gorciu Hace 7 días
Heisenberg Hace 14 días
Glad Mojang is still continuing this yearly tradition
Shivam Shori
Shivam Shori Hace 14 días
Why are you everywhere?
DaFuq!?Boom!  .  5.9m views  .  2 hours      ago
Translate!!! 💚 ကျွန်ုပ်ကို စာရင်းသွင်းပြီး ဤမှတ်ချက်ကို ကြိုက်နှစ်သက်သူတိုင်း ကို ကျွန်ုပ် စာရင်းသွင်းပါမည်။... ..,,
ZBread Hace 14 días
Dav Yx
Dav Yx Hace 14 días
10k before October?
10k before October? Hace 14 días
I don't care. I make superior content 😂😂
Aquaboi86 Hace 13 días
I really hope they do an end update this time but also add a few overworks features to a biome like the savannah. An end update would be amazing tho and they know the community has been being for one.
manuel jumbo
manuel jumbo Hace 11 días
In the series there are new biomes such as the bamboo biome, the Adebu wood biome in the desert, the Italian biome near the mountains.
baki126 Hace 10 días
What series?
TroMar Hace 13 días
I wonder how little they’ll add in this next update they always seem to beat there record over less work each year
Can’t wait for the 1 mob and 4 blocks this update!
Goldrobin Hace 14 días
I just love these trailers, they are always so beautiful! Of course I'm also really looking forward to Minecraft Live! 😄
Dylan M
Dylan M Hace 14 días
What do you think is gonna be in store for the next update?
yesihave nonameforu
yesihave nonameforu Hace 13 días
@Dylan M An end update is all I need 😩
TheBanMan Hace 13 días
i just recently watched your hobbit hole tutorial :D
DrDonn Hace 13 días
The end update is like the new cave update from before 1.17 lol
Ryan Soltani
Ryan Soltani Hace 13 días
The end update is surely next
WodudlGamer1 Hace 13 días
The time for Minecraft Live is finally coming, I hope for 1.21 =D
Morgan Woodham
Morgan Woodham Hace 13 días
Dude it doesn’t feel like a year since the last minecraft live. Time flies like an elytra.
Oli Wiśniewski
Oli Wiśniewski Hace 13 días
It feels like 1 week for me
Graham Shepherd
Graham Shepherd Hace 15 horas
Hello Mojang!! I love Minecraft and the environments of it. If it fits with the next update, is there any way that you can make another dark oak themed structure that is like a huge tree that has a face and things on the inside. It would make the spooky feel of the dark oak, even cooler! You could also add a scary mob to go with it!
Alex Rawls
Alex Rawls Hace 13 días
I think I speak for the majority of players when I say we would rather wait longer for a amazing update than get a mediocre one quickly Please take as much time as you need with this
JAXX Hace 11 días
Really hoping we get an end update or use of the deep dark portal…
silentwisperer Hace 14 días
So excited for this years mob vote! Wonder what weird golems they gonna give us, that no one will vote for 😂 Also these trailers always have the most insane animation :0 :0
Master Brutus
Master Brutus Hace 14 días
What if all three options are golems?
silentwisperer Hace 14 días
its gotta happen one of these years 😂 they REALLY want to add a new golem, all 3 being golems is the only way a golem will win loll
pitchou Hace 14 días
I will vote for golem this if it cute
Duped Tux
Duped Tux Hace 13 días
hopefully the golem(s) are an actually viable option this year :p
Simon Hace 13 días
I can tell they had lots of fun making this.
Game Jam
Game Jam Hace 13 días
I'm curious to see if this announcement video teases any possible update themes.. the few scenes that show text on screen with a slow-mo movement seems to show small patches of land and structures that look almost like floating chunks of land mass like a sky island, and the sculk portal makes TWO appearances in these scenes as well. If we are to assume this DOES have some hints, this could be the arrival of a new dimension, even if it isn't a "sky dimension"
Muhammad Taufik
Muhammad Taufik Hace 12 días
When updating, I recommend Nether updates and the paradise updates
NiGGeL Hace 13 días
Great animations as always
TeslaCoolRule_YT Hace 12 días
Can’t wait for 1.21 and the mob vote, which somehow I vote for the mob that goes in every time except for phantom and glow squid
DKpsyhog Hace 14 días
Really love the scaffolding getting taken down at the end, touches like that are why I love these animations. Shoutout to the team at Element!
the froster 120
the froster 120 Hace 13 días
I can't wait to see the broadcast this will be the best of October
Avenir Hace 14 días
Hopefully there will be an ender creature or edge update!
Minka Hace 11 días
Props to element animations for this trailer
MrCrowsie - Minecraft
MrCrowsie - Minecraft Hace 14 días
Zayan Hace 7 días
I love that we are already getting another mob vote but this is directed to the minecraft team: Can you please do a live video on youtube or twitch and do the vote on that website because if you did that would be my first vote in my life and it would just be so nice.
imistx2 Hace 14 días
Another awsome Minecraft live trailer the animation team never disappoints.
Jaxson5teno Hace 13 días
Can’t wait to go through the 5 stages again.
The Grand Florpcilor
The Grand Florpcilor Hace 12 días
Happiness hype waiting disappointment waiting
ItzSanz320 Hace 13 días
I hope Minecraft specifies a biome update update for the end dimension 👍
Yoquienmas Hace 12 días
1.21 will be an incredible version that we should all see (or so I think :l)
ender raltor gamer24 - team esqueleto
Love how community becomes super hyped to be very angry when the live
RyanTheGuy1 Hace 10 días
they really need to start adding the backlog of biomes that lost votes. Right now there are three biome updates that they said they would give us eventually, each containing minimal content, that have not been touched.