Minecraft's Best Players Simulate Civilization

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Minecraft's Best Players have 2 weeks to build the most insane and successful civilization they possibly can, and at the end they fight to see who wins the glory.


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Credits to Sloimay for helping set up this video :) - esvid.net/u-Sloimay

Credit to all the amazing people featured in this video for making this possible :)

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19 may 2022






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Sipover Hace un mes
So happy to release this video, HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY IT!! subscribe if you wanna see more vids like this i want 10 trillion subscribers by tomorrow
Louis Menezes
Louis Menezes Hace 3 días
it was a fantastick video and i love how you did it and it was just very good
Louis Menezes
Louis Menezes Hace 3 días
touma kamijou
touma kamijou Hace 3 días
The difference between this civilisation video is that they actually have a common goal and wants to win so they don’t troll, steal, kill other teammates. And don’t care much about who is leader and who is who.
Medieval Caden
Medieval Caden Hace 4 días
Why did you steal mrbeasts video? Huh explain!
StarWarsNerd1465 Hace 26 días
Green was smart af, booby traps, guerrilla warfare, huge bunker, advanced bombers (albeit without the bombs), immortality machines. Big ups to them
StarWarsNerd1465 Hace 3 horas
@Alexei Prokopenko haha
Alexei Prokopenko
Alexei Prokopenko Hace 4 horas
@StarWarsNerd1465 akshually u responded faster than I calculated 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
StarWarsNerd1465 Hace 4 horas
@Alexei Prokopenko 🤓
Alexei Prokopenko
Alexei Prokopenko Hace 4 horas
I would like to argue your point. We didn't see if the whole fake village worked. The whole plan with rigging the houses wasn't that good. A smart player would realize that there is no loot in these random houses, as it would be dumb to keep anything that helps an enemy THAT exposed. Sipovers comparison to Sun Tzu is pure disrespect. You are comparing one of the greatest military geniuses of all time to a goddamn minecraft player. The bombs didn't work, we didn't see anything except a big bunker to reinforce the fact that green team was fighting using guerilla warfare. The only smart part was the bunker, but a smart person would rig THAT to explode, and hide their actual base in the jungle. The enemy team will see that this is obviously a bunker or fortifacation, or just an important structure, and will go in to investigate. You can also put some maxed blast prot players in that bunker, with a secure way of escape, to reinforce the idea of importance in this decoy. I do understand that they had a witch trap, but as we saw, a player mined the blocks, expecting a trap. They only got caught in after being PUT in. If this team had the brains they were shown to have, they would have atleast double checked if their bombs were armed before a goddamn war. All in all, overestimated 'genius'.
krigsmarine Hace un día
@Sean Costello Then why did they all come out of there base when the zone was closing? After they died they just camped as shown in the video it proves my point 😂
A-10 Warthog
A-10 Warthog Hace 20 días
The bombers in the air dropping bombs while the flak(fireballs) attempt to shoot them down was so surreal and really did seem like WWII
light°rift Hace 4 días
@Aslv I'm just as confuse as you are
Aslv Hace 5 días
@light°rift yeah, but the fireballs don't go flying off, they just sit there in one place and immediately reloads
light°rift Hace 5 días
@Aslv prob from a ghast
Aslv Hace 13 días
how do those fireballs even work lmao
Sweet YT
Sweet YT Hace 15 días
And the green team basically became Vietcong
Jo Bassett
Jo Bassett Hace 18 días
I have watched a lot of Minecraft videos through the years, to the point that I rarely see anything new. My word, this was awesome . Plenty of new trap ideas. Great work. Thanks for putting this together and congrats to all the players who participated.
Daniel G
Daniel G Hace 14 días
This is the best factions game I've ever seen. Every single civ was extraordinarily creative, but Green was next-level
Eld Hace 14 días
This is the best civilization simulation I've ever seen, I'd love to see more!
Freshlol Hace un mes
this was by far the most interesting civilization video i've seen yet!
Cocooa vu
Cocooa vu Hace 12 días
Lego Planet
Lego Planet Hace 12 días
Hellomynameisyahya Hace 19 días
Utopss AKA PJ
Utopss AKA PJ Hace 20 días
Totally agree it was crazy how they built to an insane level
OctagonAnimates Hace 21 un día
@Tokyo Flick I couldn't find any tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce, mayo, brown sauce or ANY SAUSE.
Alexis Park
Alexis Park Hace 18 días
Damn the fact that everyone on here is actually good at the game makes this really interesting, great job would love to see more!
TEF The Emerald Fountain
Honestly… my favourite ESvid video I’ve seen in months. Simply an incredible and fantastic video.
Stoikusu Hace 10 días
"Dad.. I Wanna Go to Minecraft Realm" These inventions the players are making are out of this world
KroLe 2
KroLe 2 Hace 6 días
Most advanced version of these videos I've seen, with actually insanely intelligent players
slender gavan
slender gavan Hace 24 días
Other teams: *enters houses to check for survivors* The Green tribe: You activated my trap card you absolute buffoon.
Railee Reynaldo
Railee Reynaldo Hace 8 horas
@Quandale dingle omg Quandale dingle can i have screenshot
ABBK Hace un día
@Quandale dingle will have a great day
NixTheFox Hace 8 días
​@SafeGuard I don't think the enemy teams really invaded greens base except for that one dude who fell into their trap and escaped, since they were so strong offebsivley
Gecko Kun
Gecko Kun Hace 17 días
@SafeGuard the immortality worked so well that they dominated the sword fights
Quandale dingle
Quandale dingle Hace 21 un día
Pot of greed
Armando07 Hace 15 días
I just found out about this channel This is good content, this is so entertaining, and congrats to everyone participating and giving it their all, this was really awesome!
KawaiiyatsunaNEET Hace 19 días
I really loved the way you narrated all of them as if we're in gaming classes, honestly made me wanna be an engineer LMAO
Flossy Brand
Flossy Brand Hace 18 días
Just when I thought I loved Minecraft content…these series of videos makes that love so much deeper
Silver Shiny Charizard
holy shit all of this was so impressive! i can't even make a freaking square right (in a game of square blocks...), meanwhile there's immortality machines, flying tnt machines, an insane amount of the smartest farms i've ever seen, and so much more utter respect
Bayside Bandit
Bayside Bandit Hace un mes
i genuinely loved this, no bullshit story times and random garbage. just straight up skilled players making military machines and fighting it out, great content
The Holy Gamer
The Holy Gamer Hace 22 días
Yeah, this was very enjoyable.
Bad Omen
Bad Omen Hace un mes
@Maven they did have great defenses, and you have to admit, that immortality thing was basically an extra life per player, basically giving them 30 players. Not to mention the traps, distraction towns, and would have been devastating bombers, they were best prepared for this all by far. Blue was a meh, with poor defenses and offenses, with hardly any good fortresses. Red was better, with more skilled people, as well as reasorce rich, though with a lack of redstone engineers, or a lack of skill to compete with the others, they were outclassed as their machinery proved ineffective long term against the brutal green team war machine.
Thalmor Agent
Thalmor Agent Hace un mes
It's crazy that Green FORGOT to add TNT to their bombers 💀
Rudra Hace 17 días
This was seriously one of the best minecraft videos i've seen till date. Keep up the good work man👍👏
MorTobXD Hace 17 días
Official list of words for describing this video: Creative, amazing, outstanding, refreshing, intellectual, educating
Karun Pandey
Karun Pandey Hace 18 días
It is the best Minecraft civilization simulation I've ever watched. Amazing work!
Just Arthur
Just Arthur Hace 14 días
Incridible work! I just loved it! I could see the effort that you guys put on it! Please, keep going with these videos!
Whiss6 Hace 27 días
Finally, not some ESvidr putting random people in a server and calling it a civilization, this was actually really enjoyable. The building, grinding, fighting, clutching, escaping, all of it was just 10/10. Favorite part was definitely either Pi building that grey-stained glass bridge or the teams utilizing ghast fireballs as weapons.
Lilya Hace 2 días
I agree about random people making it more enjoyable but this is also good as a one off event, just to see how high level Minecraft players would act in this environment. Overall though I'd prefer to see the usual random 100 players.
Lucca Hace 13 días
@Connor Lyons i agree
Connor Lyons
Connor Lyons Hace 18 días
In my opinion, random people are what make it a civilization. There will never be hand chosen people irl and it makes it more realistic
ツ  ιτz_sορhια  ツ
zo. aero
zo. aero Hace 25 días
That ghast air defense was so good tho
SynVezTer Hace 13 días
Wow , lots of things to see. They have amazing knowledge and how to play. And I'm really impressed too.
Jack Fowler
Jack Fowler Hace 18 días
Absolutely masterpiece my guy. Well done
KingOfMadness 43
KingOfMadness 43 Hace 17 días
Please make more of these, this was an awesome watch!
youtuber Hace 20 días
Literally formed empires with city states and made complex weaponry in a block game, wow.
jxalexan 56
jxalexan 56 Hace 21 un día
Damn the fact that everyone on here is actually good at the game makes this really interesting, great job would love to see more!
Dalmain J
Dalmain J Hace 16 días
Honestly this could've been like 3 videos at least. It feels like it's over too soon.
Amir Ilham
Amir Ilham Hace 18 días
Ikr..they literally developed their faction well before war and not having some drama between faction like traitor and so on
Raelynn 🍆 29 y.0 -check My V!deo
this was by far the most interesting civilization video i've seen yet!
Illuminatronic Hace 19 días
I love it... Pls make a project out of this with multiple Parts from each Team to see their progress in real time... :)
mr hegle vods
mr hegle vods Hace 19 días
I’ve always wanted to start a realm and a discord and do this just to have the experience and the power to make laws and rules of the world
Xenakis Rah
Xenakis Rah Hace 11 días
Yeah this was excellently done- 10/10 footage, narration, choice on players, intro to certain players- I was completely enthralled the entire time lol well done my good bruh
Moose Hace un mes
Insane quality!!!! Love it
Shelia Oktofira
Shelia Oktofira Hace 24 días
Isaiah Rosengren
Isaiah Rosengren Hace 18 días
This was the coolest video ever thank you so much for putting your time into this
Jaideroy Hace 18 días
I'm not even into MineCraft anymore and I was emotionally invested in this. Great job with the event, great editing and frankly a great job from all of the participants. Genuinely enjoyed watching.
Rolie Hace 15 días
Please do more of this, this was seriously entertaining.
MrPurpleSpy Hace 18 días
This is some of the most dope insane thing I seen in Minecraft!!!! Great content.
pi314159265358978 Hace un mes
Can I just say that as one of the participants I really appreciate Sip's no bullshit approach. Most other civilization building videos here on YT seem to be a partially staged role-play. In this competition we were just told how civilizations will be scored at the end and given a week and a half to build/do whatever we wanted in our areas. Plain and simple. The only items given to us were one elytra each day and a couple of empty shulker boxes, since these items were not accessible to us in the End because of the world border. So we indeed had to gather resources for everything that we wanted to build. The rules were also pretty reasonable: No hacks, no item duping (TNT/rail/carpet duping tech was allowed), no sabotaging others before the fight day and a few limitations for the fight itself. All in all this was a super fun competition for me. I had to come up with a new design of TNT dupers, because our civ didn't have many coral fans. I also designed the lava blade casting machine that performed quite well on the blue side. Plus a lot of farms, caving and building. Thank you to everyone involved for being awesome and congratulations to the winners.
Ondřej Slezák
Ondřej Slezák Hace 24 días
Great to see a fellow Czech here😊 u did great
Jordan P
Jordan P Hace 24 días
Jesus loves you
Rex Hace 28 días
Was the server up 24/7 or just a few hours per day
CHAENELL.cuannn🤑 Hace 29 días
ONLY FOR FANS OVER 18 YEARS 🍒 I'd love to be Leanne.Host is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day
Nitro Miyazaki
Nitro Miyazaki Hace 6 días
The instant recall that the green team made was definitely the reason they won. Not only were they immortal, they could restock and jump back into the fight perfectly fine for another round.
Chilla Hace 12 días
holy cow! those guys really know how to play minecraft, just insane! Awesome idea, awesome video, love it!
Yasha Rescues
Yasha Rescues Hace 17 días
I will be waiting for part 2 or another war ❤️ this was fkng awesome
Cr0sad3r Hace 17 días
Green is literally the first civilisation I saw to have an actual strategy and they even have their own air defence
Xavier Hace 22 días
Even without any tnt weaponry, green already win. Just imagine what if their tnt bombers actually work.
I Play Games
I Play Games Hace 2 horas
@krigsmarine no its like you waiting for the gang war outside to die down and then shooting the remaining ganbangers
NixTheFox Hace 8 días
​@krigsmarine they were actually not camping, they defended against the Redstone using fireballs that the actual players had to shoot. then they let people die to their brilliant traps and against each other, finally they went and fought I the front line and made sure they were safe with their immortality machine which was just genuis, being smart and being a coward are two different things
krigsmarine Hace 12 días
@File WR They camped after there all there offensive attacks failed do they camped as you can see in the end
yeah... Hace 21 un día
This video feels like a war documentary, I love that
Daffa Yudono
Daffa Yudono Hace 21 un día
I love how the red civilization also made a Kaaba inside the pyramid.
Dobry Koleszka
Dobry Koleszka Hace 12 días
i love these videos, keep up with the great work man!
Manson Gamingz
Manson Gamingz Hace 18 días
20:11 , I actually like this moment because it was hilarious .
LaCrafty Hace 23 días
the "immortality machine" its called item shadowing you can find videos on it to understand more about what im going to say. basically with that machine they copied the item in a way where anything that happens to any copy happens to the other copy. if its broken or used up, the other item does aswell. they put totems in a chest linked to the totems in their hands. when the totem gets used on the player the totem also disappears in the chest. they can detect the empty chest and activate the ender pearl stasis chambers. hopefully that helped!
Raw Hace 3 días
Wtf this is some quantum entanglement shit
Binginator Hace 6 días
jesus christ i didnt even know that was possible lol
Etikle Hace 9 días
@ᴢαɢєツ or they start a light suppressor to make sure if the chunks get unloaded they stay unloaded
Etikle Hace 9 días
@JustDaniel Item shadowing is way different, from what I know, they probably would have kept it if u couldn't dupe items with it. Also it's fixed in 1.18
Etikle Hace 9 días
@Drey it's already fixed in 1.18, just clearly this video either took way too long to get out or was in 1.17
NoMoreHacking !
NoMoreHacking ! Hace 18 días
This is amazing! Especially green's strats!
Remorsefulz Hace 18 días
That immortality thing green did was absolute genius!
char Hace 6 días
Amazing. Just absolutely amazing. I need get my dirt house upgraded lol
Kaley McInnis
Kaley McInnis Hace 10 días
That was freaking insane! It was awesome!!!! Congrats to everyone who was involved and creating amazing structures and weapons and fighting for the win! This deserves a sub and a like 👍
Loturzel Restaurant
Loturzel Restaurant Hace 9 días
Sipover's Simulation in a sense 'debunks' Magic-Gum. At least in both the sense of what Magic-Gum expected how advanced Civilizations would become and therefore in the sense how they would even need to ever found Kingdoms and Steal from Each Other. Real Players just surpassed Magic-Gum's Fantasy.
I am a Potato.
I am a Potato. Hace un mes
I wish every civilization Minecraft challenge were only full of pros like this, not really that fun to watch people become toxic with their teammates all because they wanted to be the leader.
i love KingSlme
i love KingSlme Hace 24 días
@Joonas Peltomäki made this acc not that long ago ofc nobody knows me on here lmfao
Joonas Peltomäki
Joonas Peltomäki Hace 24 días
@i love KingSlme weirdly enough nobody has heard of you either
i love KingSlme
i love KingSlme Hace 24 días
@Derpy The An-Com Doge me and technoblade are 12-2 how is he better LMAO you could literally ask him if im better than him and hell say yes. ur a random and ur talking trash. who are u?
s1mple us3r 🗸
s1mple us3r 🗸 Hace 8 días
The ghast cannon is the most things make me impressed
Fortnite Master
Fortnite Master Hace 13 días
Just earned a sub Definitely one of the best videos I’ve ever seen on ESvid
Azuki Kirigaya
Azuki Kirigaya Hace 21 un día
Part 2 please.. with another players and 4 civilizations
Mini Minnow
Mini Minnow Hace 20 días
I really liked this one! You should try the same smart people but different rules/variants!
Butterman aws
Butterman aws Hace 20 días
Honestly I want to just see a server with all these people working together to just build the most impressive thing ever
Kermit E. Frog
Kermit E. Frog Hace 18 días
A longer video where I could've followed their progress along and gotten at least slightly attached to what they've accomplished and their views of the war would have been great
SuB8y29 Hace 12 días
God damn this was amazing as someone into war strategy green would've been hard to take on best way would've been to team with blue set up canons close by on foot which is risky but could work amazingly and let the canons so the brave work after that march on forward to the cathedral set up more canons to destroy the main building the main target would be the immortality room once that's done you can weed out the rest
Message On Telegram Official_Damien_Belak
⬆️Congrats you won a prize 🎊🎊(PS5)
Darr Red
Darr Red Hace 18 días
Whoever came up with the immortality field in green is an absolute super genius
purpledragonnuke Hace un mes
This event was insane, thanks for having me on again sip :D combining redstoners, builders and PvPers together in 1 big event was so much fun
faiz rizky
faiz rizky Hace 8 días
Hi guys
Gamescape Gamer
Gamescape Gamer Hace 21 un día
that witch trap was insane, nice!
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee Hace 22 días
everyone was insane
DerpiestIceCream Hace 23 días
I remember making my first redstone calculator on minecraft xbox360 edition without tutorials when I was 15
Sir Helunerth's Archive
Aesop once said, "Beware of silly quarrels, for whilst the fools are fighting with each other, someone else runs away with the prize." The fools are the Blue and Red teams, and that someone else was the Green team.
Pawlito Pawbur
Pawlito Pawbur Hace 16 días
I'd love to participate in something like this
just a dude
just a dude Hace 10 días
This is so sick. I want another episode like this but where they get even more time to prepare
CosmicVanish Hace 21 un día
I wouldn’t even know how how to make a simple mob farm and these players are making such amazing things
Ganimator1991 Hace un mes
As a person who likes tactics and wars: The green civilization's tactic of coming back to the underground bunker was amazing and it blew my mind when i saw it in action.
krigsmarine Hace 19 días
@Ganimator1991 Can you tell me how camping in a base the entire game is strategy 🤔 because if you play cod it's not.
SCP - Abnormal Entities
oops i said it twice sorry
thisiskoolaid Hace 27 días
@Darius Bostic no. Just stop.
V UNKOWN Hace 28 días
@Mysda you guys are champion 🏆
EzioIlMentore Hace 17 días
16:50 How do you make that automatic ghast turret?? I want to recreate that!! Does anyone know a tutorial?
Mr_Selka Hace 11 horas
I wanted to make one to. Couldn't find a tutoral though.
Padia Rivanka
Padia Rivanka Hace 15 días
ngl, if this was 2 hours long, i would still watch this. this is crazy
Chad Hace 10 días
The best civilization video I have seen so far, no story bs, just some of the most skilled and smartest players making OP farms, red stone doom machines, and other crazy stuff. Really unique and props for doing this!
Loturzel Restaurant
Loturzel Restaurant Hace 9 días
Sipover's Simulation in a sense 'debunks' Magic-Gum. At least in both the sense of what Magic-Gum expected how advanced Civilizations would become and therefore in the sense how they would even need to ever found Kingdoms and Steal from Each Other. Real Players just surpassed Magic-Gum's Fantasy.
Axgoodofdunemaul Hace 28 días
This is ASTOUNDING!! I'm 79 years old, and I've been following and dabbling in Minecraft since it was invented. I'm just mind-boggled by the creativity and sheer brains I see here. Thanks. I have subscribed out of pure gratitude.
Billy Bob Chicken
Billy Bob Chicken Hace 19 días
Isn't it cool to say youve been playing Minecraft since it was created
offkeyanthem Hace 20 días
this just shows minecraft really is a community not just a game
Postboy1234 Hace 21 un día
that's cool : )
Goat Head
Goat Head Hace 23 días
the grandpa we never had
Jesse Bourgelas
Jesse Bourgelas Hace 20 días
I'd love to see something like this in the future.
Amir Ilham
Amir Ilham Hace 18 días
This by far the best civilization event ive ever watched bcuz not only they make a real stratergies before war...but they also make a various autimatic farm that makes it looks like the civilization really developed well
Stoikusu Hace 10 días
They worked so hard on these builds 😭
Gabriel Divine
Gabriel Divine Hace 8 días
this was insane what people can do in the game :)
Rocket Hace un mes
This version is a lot better, as the teams have more time to develop and the conflict isn't quite as forced as before.
MD5 Gaming
MD5 Gaming Hace un mes
Derp Co.
Derp Co. Hace un mes
@Darius Bostic bro thats mad but did i ask?
okojus Hace un mes
Rocket Hace un mes
@Amine So many bots.
Amine Hace un mes
Bots here
Kim Guir
Kim Guir Hace 9 días
this video was an absolute delight to watch eeing all the best players together
Shadow* Queen
Shadow* Queen Hace 20 días
Green reminds me of Aztec culture cuz of the nature environment and traps. I think it’s pretty cool!
Vip K 200
Vip K 200 Hace 19 días
i would have given green 10/10 on both parameters: they made a freaking immortality device and i actually never understood how it worked
Emmanuel Abasola
Emmanuel Abasola Hace 16 días
As the players understand the hype of that's players there's always a goosebumps
Wemue Technology
Wemue Technology Hace un mes
The respawner system for detecting when they were low on totems is an absolute tank of a system
Joosh Hace un mes
@Darius Bostic i'm sure i'll be fine
Darius Bostic
Darius Bostic Hace un mes
@Joosh Everlasting life separated from GOD, is absolutely awful. If your life is not with Christ, that is what’s gonna happen to you!
Joosh Hace un mes
@Darius Bostic everlasting life sounds like the worst thing that could possibly happen to someone😔
LittleClover77 Hace un mes
@Cai Chi Cat item shadowing, read about it
Half-a-Heart Hace un mes
@Darius Bostic can you not promote your religon on a youtube comment section for a MINECRAFT video, ty.
SAO Blaze boi
SAO Blaze boi Hace 10 días
Green team's ender pearl strategy was so awesome
memeaholic Hace 18 días
Absolutely amazing video do more stuff like this please 🙏
M Hace 20 días
This was epic!! Im actually kinda jealousy they are so good
whydoiplay Hace 5 días
this war was amazing it was a masterpiece
ncolyer Hace un mes
Can I just say that out of all the events I've participated in, this was by far the best one in terms of just the sheer freedom I felt while playing. It didn't feel like we were shooting a movie where we had to worry about storylines (such as in basically every other civilisation video) and instead we were just able to play our natural game together as friends and I think that really comes through in this video. Thanks sip for inviting me on, it was a pleasure and I'm glad I met so many new people too :)
ncolyer Hace un mes
@Darius Bostic JESUS actually said subscribe to sipover and ncolyer11 afaik
Darius Bostic
Darius Bostic Hace un mes
@Bman9509 JESUS said, “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.” (Mark 16:15-16 KJV)
Bman9509 Hace un mes
@Darius Bostic Why are you spreading religion in the ESvid comments section of a Minecraft video
Darius Bostic
Darius Bostic Hace un mes
For anyone reading this: JESUS loves you so much that HE gave up HIS own life for you on the cross, and if you repent of your sins, and accept HIM as Lord and Savior, you will become a Christian, and you will have everlasting life.
ncolyer Hace un mes
@Cole 7.3 ty mate
Ryan Holladay
Ryan Holladay Hace 11 horas
I want to see one of these on an earth map
King GLK Animations
King GLK Animations Hace 14 días
This is honestly one of the most entertaining videos I've seen in a while We need more videos like this
Dharma Patel
Dharma Patel Hace 14 días
We need a part 2 of this
the great lumberjack King
That "immortality machine" was q genius 👏 strategy
Latevius Hace 6 días
It's shows that the location is very important in how strong your team is
Yeehaw Opossum
Yeehaw Opossum Hace un mes
I respect the heck out of green. Where red and blue's tensions rose, they stayed out of conflict pre-doomsday, instead focusing on bettering themselves. Their fighting strategies mostly played on stealth, which is great as most just focused on bombarding as soon as the barriers opened. Even though their cannons didn't work, you know they would be deadly if they did. In the end, they fought as hard as they could but understood when to retract themselves and let the other teams fight it out. Also, their aesthetic rocks. Mad respect.
Haha brrrrr
Haha brrrrr Hace 29 días
Nam tactics
SpookyMC Hace 29 días
they had lurrn and itzrealme on their team, those two are the best minecraft 1.9+ pvpers, they were guarenteed to win from the start
CHAENELL.cuannn🤑 Hace 29 días
ONLY FOR FANS OVER 18 YEARS 🍒 I'd love to be Leanne.Host is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day
GDCilia Hace un mes
My first thought when I heard Green's plan was that they're pulling a Vietnam, and holy shit it paid off
Allium Sakura
Allium Sakura Hace un mes
I know, and I respect the cr_p outta them for it
Asstin Martin
Asstin Martin Hace 20 días
Blocks are so underrated by normies. The automation & logistics are amazing.
Why So Serious ?
Why So Serious ? Hace 17 días
16:55 , that's the most ww2 scene i have seen in minecraft . All of these tactics are so interesting for a player like me who stopped playing 5 years ago .
OfcDoppelGanger Hace 19 días
Download link to map ? Looks like a lot of fun, would love to play with my mates and see how far we get !
Nick Burton
Nick Burton Hace 21 un día
yeah that was absolutely crazy! Nice work man!
Robert Wheeler
Robert Wheeler Hace 22 días
Definitely the most entertaining, especially because of the time they had and the skill of each player. (spoiler) I wasn't expecting green team to win, Usually the team that spends time on aesthetics loses immediately.
Oli_ver Hace 11 días
@Fares Alsayed thats literally what they asked themselves
Fares Alsayed
Fares Alsayed Hace 14 días
@Xaquatic why are you reading the comments if you haven’t finished the video? that’s your fault
Yusuf Hace 18 días
That ender pearl machine was clutch
Xaquatic Hace 20 días
lol u just spoiled it for me wtf am i reading these
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Hace 21 un día
All these players are crazy and insane, I could never be able to join one of these civ experiments and be able to defeat a whole team of these OP people.
Hellomynameisyahya Hace 19 días
This might be one of my favorite videos of all time.
GL1ΤCHEED Hace un hora
The imortality machine is insane to me. I am not going to pretend to understand how on gods green earth they did that... But they did... and it is overpowered
Nicz Hace 18 días
All those automatic farms and machines... This is absolute blackmagic.. I feel like a stone age man
Local Shower Shitter
Local Shower Shitter Hace 20 días
I really want to see a series of all the people on green team in a hardcore series
ItzLucky Hace un mes
This Minecraft civilization was pretty unique, they respawn if they die, duping is allowed and there are 3 different easily accessible end portals. Congrats to the team that won.
Ankon Ansar
Ankon Ansar Hace 25 días
Why team red has made kabba? In the middle!
Skywatcher Paintball
Skywatcher Paintball Hace 28 días
I pass my hat to you not spoiling who won for the people just scrolling and watching
The Main Character
The Main Character Hace 28 días
Tnt duping not normal duping and if they respawned then the fight would be going on longer
kyleisbetterthanu Hace 29 días
And thank you for not spoiling the winning team for people scrolling through the comments whilst watching
ItzLucky Hace 29 días
@Beaver Walrus Yea the guy did bedrock glitch and he died but he was still there,but on doomsday they dont
Funniest Minecraft Glitches