Minecraft's Best Players Simulate Civilization 

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Minecraft's Best Players have 2 weeks to build the most insane and successful civilization they possibly can, and at the end they fight to see who wins the glory.
My Twitter: Sipover
My Instagram: sipovers
My Twitch: SipoverS
My Discord: discord.gg/qFrX5Qb
My Reddit: r/Sipover
Credits to Sloimay for helping set up this video :) - / sloimay
Credit to all the amazing people featured in this video for making this possible :)

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19 may 2022






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Sipover Hace un año
So happy to release this video, HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY IT!! subscribe if you wanna see more vids like this i want 10 trillion subscribers by tomorrow
Lebron Hace un año
I did
Gooseyy Hace un año
good video
Brehd Hace un año
Bro pinned his comment💀💀💀💀💀
Elon musk
Elon musk Hace un año
Fourth and also done
Football Ringo
Football Ringo Hace un año
Moose Hace un año
Insane quality!!!! Love it
BanqR Hace un año
You can’t tie your shoes
Hi verified
Eddie Hace un año
ikr, every sipover vid is insane
FrozenTitanium Hace un año
I used to watch your channel, but I kind of lost interest over times sorry.
Official WIS Haven
Official WIS Haven Hace un año
Just Some Random Weeb
This ain't a civilization simulation anymore, this just straight became an invention competition 😂
Love Hace un año
Yeah, to show who is the best inventor in all minecraft history.
Josh Gehman
Josh Gehman Hace un año
Just like a real war since the beginning of time
ItsNickBabe Hace un año
Sounds like someone hasnt heard of the cold war
Nguyễn Duy Phúc
Nguyễn Duy Phúc Hace 9 meses
That's literally the goal of every civilizations
BruhCubeGuy Hace 10 meses
These guys are atleast two thousand years ahead of us. We're using stick and stones while they're using a immortality machine.
When I built an automatic door and elevator,That moment I thought I made the best and most confusing things But until I saw this video,My work looked nothing compared to them
FBL Editz
FBL Editz Hace 6 meses
@NoMorePillowAsAUsernameAndPfp you know how to build an elevator????
I did some unspeakable things at kids playground
@FBL Editz yes it's so surprisingly uncomplicated
Vizard754 Hace 6 meses
@I did some unspeakable things at kids playground Bro i cant even make a normal piston door
@FBL Editz My first elevator was made by a command block that could teleport you up or down My second one was by a mechanic I didn't know how I made it by myself but it worked
A Thief In The Night
Green having defence turrets against the tnt bombers was actually so genius lol
Brown Hace 5 meses
Anyone notice the among us at 9:18?
Егор Балобин
​@Brownholy shit thank you!
LateLater1 Hace 4 meses
Blue Hace 4 meses
so it doesn't turn into Yemen part 3
DOOM_GuY #1 Hace 9 meses
The immortal teleporters are the most broken thing I’ve ever seen.
Gabriel Tona
Gabriel Tona Hace 8 meses
Yeah bro, I didn't even understood how it works
Chris P
Chris P Hace 8 meses
@Gabriel Tona That's basically me with every redstone circuit ever
a45 Hace 8 meses
nic Hace 8 meses
@Gabriel Tona they managed to create a clone of an item, in this case a totem. It's not duping cause the clones are actually connected, if you destroy one even the other will destroy itself (even if in a chest). So basically they put the shadow-clone in the chest and the clone disappearing would trigger the enderpearl to activate.
Ya_Dude AndrewYT
Ya_Dude AndrewYT Hace 7 meses
@Gabriel Tona I think it uses Update Suppression but Thats All I Know 🥶
BaronVonKekatron Hace 4 meses
I've never seen a better war when the walls dropped, literal fleets of bombers and advanced AA defending made it look like a real war
Jan Zbořil
Jan Zbořil Hace un año
The Green team's immortal teleport broke this entire competition. The guy who invented this is pure genius
TomNes Hace un año
He used command blocks Edit: i found out how he did it. He used phantom item
Hi Watsup
Hi Watsup Hace un año
@TomNes they didn’t he explained how it works
@Hi Watsup how?
@Hi Watsup i want to make it
TomNes Hace un año
@Hi Watsup yeah i now kniw how it works and forgot to delete this reply
TheMineBloxPlayer123 _
Green's survivalbility was amazing, their extra lives and recalls makes them the best in PVP instantly. No one ever thought of this and every civilization simulation I've seen, is when no one has ever done this with stasis pearls.
harrison777ify2 Hace un año
Yeah the only way to beat them was to raid the immortality machine early on
Arataki Itto
Arataki Itto Hace un año
@harrison777ify2 but they'd get wiped out by the traps
Biblically Accurate Tank
yea they dominated
Gfurys Hace 10 meses
The strategy only works in a specific version due to a glitch which would explain why you haven't seen it before
The final squid
The final squid Hace 8 meses
I like it when you say survivalbility.
Dumlord Hace un año
I wanna see more like this, no drama or obviously scripted events, just people working as a team to secure a victory
KingofHearts Hace 11 meses
Ikr the other ones have too much betrayal just because it’s content. And people try to be annoying and against others
Joanna Pivac
Joanna Pivac Hace 11 meses
@KingofHearts I know right!
h Hace 10 meses
do u guys know any creators that dont script their videos and just let their players do their thing lol?
Axizz’z X 8D
Axizz’z X 8D Hace 10 meses
@h this one
doggo's games
doggo's games Hace 10 meses
dumlord you're just falling for it, this is both of those
0:45 *Let's just appreciate how much a lot of time he puts in these awesome videos to make our day, huge respect!* 😘 😜
Diana Tah
Diana Tah Hace un año
Can we just see how admirably Frxnkey found his way out of seemingly unescapable situations? He was some really tough fighter in there
Moon Hace un año
BroWild Hace 6 meses
Bro frxnkey is way overrated when green team had not only Lurrn but also itzrealme which are both ht1s in multiple modes while frxnkey was only ht2 in like 2 modes
obaidullah obaid
obaidullah obaid Hace 3 meses
@BroWild yes but he alone killed about 3-5 players by himself, and escaped death twice not to mention he was being outnumbered. he's clearly the best out there.
Kam Hace 2 meses
@obaidullah obaid hes not hes just tanking and quickdropping redstoners, your overrating him due to your ignorance to minecraft pvp
Pineapple Orange
Pineapple Orange Hace 2 meses
@BroWildfrxnkey was literally Ht1 in UHC 💀 what are you waffling about
Hunter Bernard
Hunter Bernard Hace 5 meses
Damn. These players are absolutely awesome. So creative, so skilled and tactful, and overall it's so incredible to see so much skill and feats overall, let alone just within teams. The decorative designing, defensive and offensive infrastructure, Redstone utility, etc, are just so good and really awesome to see. If this was an island of people my skill level we'd have a fee basic auto farms, some shabby buildings, and that's it. These guy are nuts
slender gavan
slender gavan Hace un año
Other teams: *enters houses to check for survivors* The Green tribe: You activated my trap card you absolute buffoon.
SafeGuard Hace un año
wait i dont think anyone actually went into a trapped house did they LOL
Sciura Squirrel
Sciura Squirrel Hace un año
@SafeGuard Well, it looked cool anyway lol
Quandale dingle
Quandale dingle Hace un año
Pot of greed
Gecko Kun
Gecko Kun Hace un año
@SafeGuard the immortality worked so well that they dominated the sword fights
NixTheFox Hace un año
​@SafeGuard I don't think the enemy teams really invaded greens base except for that one dude who fell into their trap and escaped, since they were so strong offebsivley
Nathan Applegate
Nathan Applegate Hace un año
Green’s spawn was absolutely OP. That combined with their immortality machine broke the game.
Mysda Hace un año
We had a vague map to choose a team before the event started. I knew green would be a very nice place to live so thats what I joined. But all the big names were in blue and red so we struggled to get as many player even with the cool biome. Glad I made this choice.
Gfurys Hace 10 meses
@Mysda Interesting since the best pvpers(Lurrn and ItzRealMe) were green
Mysda Hace 10 meses
@Gfurys They joinned just at the very end iirc
Gfurys Hace 10 meses
@Mysda Oh
WakeUpMen Hace 10 meses
@Mysda oh u're one of green?? pls tell me who design the base, and is there a vid about it. i want to build it in my server but i have no clue how large is that, just the base without cathedral is good for me
Andro Hace un año
As a child in 2015 I dreamed about servers, where you can play like you are in a country and trade, fight and build with others. I can't belive it it became reality. And even the redstone engineers there. I'm so happy. Thank you
Overdrive Gaming
Overdrive Gaming Hace 10 meses
my exact thoughts
The final squid
The final squid Hace 8 meses
Hate to break it to you but you could have branched off of minecraft to find that chief 😐
General Grievous
General Grievous Hace 8 meses
Same brotha
General Grievous
General Grievous Hace 8 meses
@The final squid hate to break it to you, but it's hard to find a game that is online, fun, has actually smart players, no trollers, good admins, well timed events, people collaborating like that and making societies. ESPECIALLY IN 2015-
The final squid
The final squid Hace 8 meses
@General Grievous I just said he could find a game besides minecraft that has andro’s redeeming qualities he said.
pokemaster2185 Hace 8 meses
8:30 “Just like the genius military General, Sun Tzu” Technoblade would be proud.
improving guitarist
improving guitarist Hace 4 meses
Not_RedBoosta Hace 4 meses
Miss him to @improving artist
irish_comrade Hace 9 meses
Once the walls came down and everything went belistic I was just loving this
Forest Hace 8 meses
“uhm balistic* 🤓🤓🤓” ok jk but like amazing comment.
Jonatan Hökeberg Hellqvist
@Forest uhm actually it's ballistic 🤓🤓🤓
doormatcat Hace 5 meses
These players are just insane. I've never been so blown away by people playing a game.
StarWarsNerd1465 Hace un año
Green was smart af, booby traps, guerrilla warfare, huge bunker, advanced bombers (albeit without the bombs), immortality machines. Big ups to them Edit: istg if one of y’all say Vietnam again I’m going to napalm the moon Edit 2: the moon is now a second sun, welcome to tatooine bitches
Israel Hollie
Israel Hollie Hace un año
Spitting straight facts
AWeeb • 17 years ago
「Dr. Goose 」
「Dr. Goose 」 Hace un año
[Fortunate son]
Interintroar Hace un año
AuspiciousFish Hace 9 meses
"I do a little bit of tax fraud" That had me laughing
brandon bugtai
brandon bugtai Hace 7 meses
My hair is standing on end on how amazing this video is, putting your pride on the line, showing off automation and creativity in using the tools you have is such an amazing sight. I havent played minecraft in ages and i dont understand majority of the things theyre doing but i can still see the genius behind everything theyve done. Props to everyone in the video!
No0b Hace un año
I have literally never seen anything like that immortality field. Hats off to green, they deserved that win
blizzard Hace 24 días
I knew they were gonna win the second I saw ItzRealMe and Lurrn lmao
TheJohnMan Hace 2 meses
I would love to know how green team made the immortality chamber. I really need something like that in my world
Jasper King
Jasper King Hace un año
i genuinely loved this, no bullshit story times and random garbage. just straight up skilled players making military machines and fighting it out, great content
Maven Hace un año
i betted for the green, i almost lost hope when their builds weere trash pre doomsday, i didnt expect immortality
SuperNova Hace un año
@Maven Bro green team basically had a secret weapon lmao
No Name - Codm
No Name - Codm Hace un año
Bruh, I can’t even imagine how they achieved such a god-like smp with no visible lag in players
Mr.Turkeeey Hace un año
Yessir no bullshit and not fucking trash
MD5 Gaming
MD5 Gaming Hace un año
Davide Cracking
Davide Cracking Hace 9 meses
The best YT video i have seen in this year for sure! 20 mins of pure frenesy where players shown capability of coordination, organization, intelligence and creativity Thank you for this idea and for this video
Drop DownZ
Drop DownZ Hace un año
If all of these guys worked together imagine those in vanilla faction servers 💀
Love Hace un año
That would be wonderful in peace. It's like altogether to fight evil creature.
aidennatter Avent
aidennatter Avent Hace un año
Better start the fallen down music for the other teams
Daan Strik
Daan Strik Hace 23 días
Green did the one thing you never seen in these 3 group free for alls: Wait for the other 2 to kill each other off. The manipulated stasis pearls where just the icing on the cake (although this strategy probably could have won them the PVP event on its own).
Capt Pip
Capt Pip Hace 11 meses
Seeing the 3 different type of players all come together as a team makes me so happy. And seeing them in action very satisfying to watch
Frost_Angel Hace 2 meses
This was SOOO AMAZING, words cannot express how entertaining and absolutely amazing this video was It felt like a movie and its so incredible to see how the civilizations grow and prepare with tactics and intelligence
Purplers Hace un año
This event was insane, thanks for having me on again sip :D combining redstoners, builders and PvPers together in 1 big event was so much fun
Galactic Games 94
Galactic Games 94 Hace un año
Mysda Hace un año
You did well ahah, Green gang
Lol Xd
Lol Xd Hace un año
Your update supressor was insane, purple
defintly noob
defintly noob Hace un año
Hey purple heres a suggestion from a fan Can u pls start bedrock edition redstone?
Lightning Lynx Gaming
@Mysda yessir
EliteChoice77 Hace un año
mad respect to green. not only did they create some seriously good battle strats (besides forgetting to load those bombers with TnT huge rip) but they also made amazing structures. i think they were just cracked at it
Incepter Hace 10 meses
Minecraft builds are getting crazier and crazier by day in these Sipover videos when the players are smart
Makeshift Hace 2 meses
This was a great video! Keep up the good work Sipover!
Audrey England
Audrey England Hace un año
I could only dream of building this well, these civilizations are so awesome and pretty!! I had no idea you could automate so many farms like sheering sheep, and the redstone/TNT plane made my jaw drop! MORE PLEASE :)
Paul Blart
Paul Blart Hace 5 meses
I enjoyed this video tramendously. Absolutely great video!
None of Your Buisness
Green was incredibly well balanced - they prioritized not only smarts, but aesthetics, too. Really, their only mistake was forgetting to load the TNT dupers. Had me rooting for them the whole time
Redaktor Podlaski
Redaktor Podlaski Hace un año
@Ben C what does history and religion have to do with minecraft?
Echolater Hace un año
@Ben C Woah woah there bud I completely support you spreading the word here Amen. But first, I need some kind of proof of what you're saying by "stop eating food sacrificed to idols" bc what do you mean by that? Are you talking about the mascots or are you saying just stop eating there completely? That's the only question that I like to be explained.
c Hace un año
@Echolater they're a bot account looking for attention..
Caljiro Farioka
Caljiro Farioka Hace 9 meses
i love how he put so much work into making this :D
Bloxical Hace un año
Definitely my favourite civilisation video on yt, this is top tier. And the fact that these people are actually good at the game makes it even more interesting.
Man_Sal Hace 3 meses
I love this minecraft got some unique things that makes it much more better than other ones especially when u can play with others
Raphael Fyffe
Raphael Fyffe Hace 9 meses
Pi being the smartest yet creative easily getting wool slime and other material was very smart 👍
Coby Harvey
Coby Harvey Hace 9 meses
Tony Little
Tony Little Hace 7 meses
Hapi Hace 5 meses
I wish to compete in one of these competitions one day, but as a normal player
Zachariah Alexander-Sloman
Damn the fact that everyone on here is actually good at the game makes this really interesting, great job would love to see more!
Amir Ilham
Amir Ilham Hace un año
Ikr..they literally developed their faction well before war and not having some drama between faction like traitor and so on
Joeka Hace un año
Honestly this could've been like 3 videos at least. It feels like it's over too soon.
Skwack gamer
Skwack gamer Hace un año
I bet 0.0$ you got Money for that
Neal Ang
Neal Ang Hace un año
Upon seeing the gargantuan projects of some famous Minecraft players, I was all like: *How in the hell is that possible?!*
ImOrangeJuice Hace 8 meses
bro these guys went to another level with everything but green team was litterally terrifying when you were just describing what they prepped for it was nuts
Adeena Parvez
Adeena Parvez Hace 11 meses
This feels like my teacher teaching history but 100× more interesting....
muskXD Hace 25 días
this video made me think about the fact that Minecraft has pretty much every component you would need to build any device irl, you just need to reinvent everything. you don't even need command blocks.
Gage Baldonado
Gage Baldonado Hace 10 meses
If only every team invested in using firework crossbows, fighting would be way more chaotic
PIXON Hace 5 meses
I loved this video. I hope you make more of these 🐐
Maikusenpai Hace un año
Pure geniuses, I thought Minecraft was all about, well, mining and crafting. But after watching this, I'm a changed man. Gonna start upgrading my dirt house now
123 123
123 123 Hace un año
Kwon Feynman Hey man, all I need is 3 blocks down and dirt above my head
100lb Ant
100lb Ant Hace un año
Gamer546 LG
Gamer546 LG Hace un año
@100lb Ant Hey man, all I need is 3 blocks down and dirt above my head
Franco Palomino
Franco Palomino Hace un año
Brush also my profile I’m the baby but now I’m 8 the big one that’s my dad
Sir Ankleknocker
Sir Ankleknocker Hace un año
André Frank
André Frank Hace un año
quite a cool video, didnt really know what minecraft was. this was actually entertaining and funny to watch
Kaela Clarkson
Kaela Clarkson Hace un año
If somehow you can drop all tutorials on how to build the automatic red stone stuff I’d appreciate it!!! This is a sick video. Can’t wait for more !
何炜君 Hace 9 meses
I want to join it! These teams are absolute geniuses! I LOVED THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved the jungle one like how do they make that literal castle thing out of a mountain like that’s just pure skill😊
Paulio Gaming
Paulio Gaming Hace un año
Frxnkey totally deserves credit for escaping two impossible traps.
Christofern Hace un año
You deserve infinite likes than 621 likes
Paulio Gaming
Paulio Gaming Hace un año
@Christofern lol thx🙂
Agoree Hace un año
Who asked
Christofern Hace un año
@Agoree Your mom asked
gmanhero Hace un año
these guys are awesome! I wonder if they put that much effort in their day-to-day lives
Dev Builder
Dev Builder Hace un año
Man they did such a good job building I felt so bad once they fought each other in dooms day.
Sebastian Kowalczyk
Sebastian Kowalczyk Hace 8 meses
These players are Minecraft gods 👏👏👏 it makes it way more interesting not knowing what comes next
Jose Paras
Jose Paras Hace un año
This was genuinely some of the best 20 minutes I’ve spent on a video great job dude!!
Takeas Realm
Takeas Realm Hace 8 meses
ive been following minecraft since like 2010 and this was beyond mad, kudos to everyone involved, this made my night!
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Green team was simply 2 steps ahead of everyone else, they were playing chess while everyone else was playing checkers.
Marshal Hace un año
Roadblocks Hace un año
They played a different game thats for sure
Sohail Aji
Sohail Aji Hace un año
Perhaps a better comparison would be that they were playing Go while everyone else was playing chess (or checkers).
Kiron Hace un año
Weird not seeing you on the top comment
Beed Hace un año
@Kiron fr lmao
AbootZ Hace un año
Today i learned that being smart is better than being a good PVP player in minecraft
LeGiiT_-Gaming Hace un año
Green team been preparing for this it was their time to shine. Congrats green team this was an awesome watch
Jeffery Edwards
Jeffery Edwards Hace 4 meses
The only criticism I have is make the video longer. We will stay for as long as your video plays❤
Fitz AF
Fitz AF Hace un año
Being a filthy minecraft casual that's made a 12 block high deepslate castle and wool micro farm as "milestones", I was amazed at EVERYTHING from start to finish. The concept of the smp, the player strats, conclusion, everything was amazing!
abid_hala Hace 5 meses
wow the civilizations are coming along nicely
Yos Sebastian
Yos Sebastian Hace un año
Damn that immortality machine just took it to whole new level
Styx Rakash
Styx Rakash Hace un año
I think that’s what really carried the game for them in the end.
bob Hace un año
I'm the 69th like
Raymond Chan
Raymond Chan Hace un año
It basically gave the green team respawn point
pusS1slayer6969 Hace un año
@bob who asked
DawnredwoodTree Hace un año
@bob :)
0havocado Hace un año
one of the best minecraft videos ive seen. Keep it up Sipover.
Ez Glwh
Ez Glwh Hace un año
Thanks for entertaining me on the weekends!! Hope for more of this contents in the future!!
austra Hace 5 meses
i was rooting for green the entire time, they had the best devices and their buildings were cool as hell
Zeronormal Hace 11 meses
If only greens bombers were active. Sipover, you delivered a banger video! Props to you my man
Leopoldo Luigi CONFORTI
I liked so much the Green team from the start.They were legends 😊
pi314159265358978 Hace un año
Can I just say that as one of the participants I really appreciate Sip's no bullshit approach. Most other civilization building videos here on YT seem to be a partially staged role-play. In this competition we were just told how civilizations will be scored at the end and given a week and a half to build/do whatever we wanted in our areas. Plain and simple. The only items given to us were one elytra each day and a couple of empty shulker boxes, since these items were not accessible to us in the End because of the world border. So we indeed had to gather resources for everything that we wanted to build. The rules were also pretty reasonable: No hacks, no item duping (TNT/rail/carpet duping tech was allowed), no sabotaging others before the fight day and a few limitations for the fight itself. All in all this was a super fun competition for me. I had to come up with a new design of TNT dupers, because our civ didn't have many coral fans. I also designed the lava blade casting machine that performed quite well on the blue side. Plus a lot of farms, caving and building. Thank you to everyone involved for being awesome and congratulations to the winners.
Perlicious Hace un año
Glad it was so simple and really just showcased everyone's skills. I find that the role play stuff is rather boring and slow, and you have to keep up with it alot to understand all the lore, but this was just a fun competition compacted into a 20 minute video. :)
autocrates Hace un año
Good work!
Lukas Huybrechts
Lukas Huybrechts Hace un año
damn u play age of mythology
blackguy_134 Hace un año
How do you explain to someone that you have an extensive knowledge on minecraft redstone machines?
Jaxe Hace un año
Your my favorite out of this entire event
•.*Fish Hace un año
All players combined I could only do 00.000.001% of what they could do. This was so entertaining to watch I love videos like these, Thanks for taking the time to find amazing players and setting everything up. You're amazing :,)
Jacob10 Hace 9 meses
Really wish I was as skilled as these guys are in minecraft
Goofy dog
Goofy dog Hace 5 meses
Anyone attacking green officially gets to say “THEY’RE IN THE TREES!!!”
BeefyAndTheDucks Hace un año
Let me guess, the green team used the update surpressor for linked items, which you can detect through a chest, with a comparator, activating the stasis chamber
Nicholas Hace 27 días
I wish I had that immortality machine on my hard core world
A-10 Warthog
A-10 Warthog Hace un año
The bombers in the air dropping bombs while the flak(fireballs) attempt to shoot them down was so surreal and really did seem like WWII
Sweet Hace un año
And the green team basically became Vietcong
Aslv Hace un año
how do those fireballs even work lmao
ZM Hace un año
@Aslv prob from a ghast
Aslv Hace un año
@ZM yeah, but the fireballs don't go flying off, they just sit there in one place and immediately reloads
ZM Hace un año
@Aslv I'm just as confuse as you are
Cal Hace 10 meses
was rooting so hard for the red team, sad they lost but hey still an entertaining vid
pqwnos Hace 8 meses
Great video! I wish you upload more often.
I was hoping green would won and they did! I would love to see more vids like this!
Ryan Whiteside
Ryan Whiteside Hace un año
We need another video like this from you, cause I've always found tnt bombers and all these other mechanics to be so cool, but I've never seen them actually used for destroying cities/bases. If anyone here knows of a series where people compete like this and use redstone cannons and bombers and the fireball towers etc for an actual advantage in battles, please lmk
Camilo Delgado
Camilo Delgado Hace 7 meses
these people are the definition of being on another level
Xavier Hace un año
Even without any tnt weaponry, green already win. Just imagine what if their tnt bombers actually work.
Andrew WasTaken
Andrew WasTaken Hace un año
Xavier memes
𝐑𝐢𝐜𝐡 𝐃
If they would work, red and blue would stand no chance because their defences weren’t so great, and their artillery were taken down over the green side
Arthur320 Hace un año
that steals comments and buys likes to be in the top of the comment section.
krigsmarine Hace un año
How they camped the entire game all there offensive attacks failed so they hid in a bunker like cowerds and didn't fight till both were weak. That's like me going and fighting little kids because there weak its a cowerd move.
Buster the Wolf
Buster the Wolf Hace un año
The green team was just on another level, genius masterminds all the way
Grey Eagle
Grey Eagle Hace un año
The main things that I think made green easily pull the win at the end was their spawns, guerrilla warfare, the invincibility, and (they never loaded the bombers) whet would’ve been the tnt bombers. I would like to talk about the guerrilla warfare strat that they used. Their trap made nobody want to invade green team, unless green fights in the middle. By the time Green would come out, red and blue would be done fighting, leaving the winner very weak, while the green team still has most of their military. Another thing I would talk about is when they did come out to the middle they were basically guaranteed to come out alive, because anyone brave enough to fight the green team would die fighting, or not be able to strike down their foe because of the genius ender pearl build. I honestly don’t know how they made the build to detect when they ran out of totems, but it was op. Finally, the idea of weakening both of your opponents before fighting is simply amazing, this is because after red and blue would be done fighting the winner would be even weaker if they had bombed them in the early game. (I kinda forgot that green joined the fight when red and blue were very weak, and not when one of the teams died.)
-games- Hace 7 meses
This takes “work smarter not harder” to a whole different level
Ardi Krusha
Ardi Krusha Hace un año
The Green team's immortal teleport strategy deserves an award
WGL Hace 5 meses
The green team had the best pvpers of all the other civilizations. That’s one of the biggest reasons why they won
LaCrafty Hace un año
the "immortality machine" its called item shadowing you can find videos on it to understand more about what im going to say. basically with that machine they copied the item in a way where anything that happens to any copy happens to the other copy. if its broken or used up, the other item does aswell. they put totems in a chest linked to the totems in their hands. when the totem gets used on the player the totem also disappears in the chest. they can detect the empty chest and activate the ender pearl stasis chambers. hopefully that helped!
Fabcor0408 Hace un año
Can you please send the link of a video that explains how to do it please?
LaCrafty Hace un año
sure! heres the video of the person who discovered it esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-i8_FPyn20ns.html but it might take more than one video to fully understand
Fiona Sherleen
Fiona Sherleen Hace un año
Literal quantum entanglement
LaCrafty Hace un año
Drey Hace un año
I know it's still available but... Mojang is not going to fix it in 1.19 for good?
A Cente
A Cente Hace un año
i simply cannot comprehend how these people get so creative in making contraptions/farms/weapons like that. wow bravo!
dragonball_ai highlights
There needs to be like, minecraft history books based on these teams lol
Emma1123 Hace 4 meses
I love these kind of videos I wish I could join them
José D. Marín
José D. Marín Hace 2 meses
I never comment on anything, but you sir have made something truly special, I hope you keep it up!
Freshlol Hace un año
this was by far the most interesting civilization video i've seen yet!
Viola Hace un año
Cool Checkmark
genshin fan
genshin fan Hace un año
Doge Hace un año
Ageeed my man.
genshin fan
genshin fan Hace un año
Cool photo, i want to
CxrruptedYT Hace un año
Kyle A
Kyle A Hace un año
When greens artillery came out of the back it looked so insane. If only they loaded it. This would've been a much faster ending
Yams Hace un año
They’re all so efficient, meanwhile I use 3 in game days just to decide where I want my base
landongamingreal Hace 7 meses
This is a super good video. Keep these types of videos up please!
Jany Agrawal
Jany Agrawal Hace 8 meses
that ender pearl statis chamber was genius but the other teams could have found their ender pearl room and make one player at a time to respawn by flipping the trapdoors and killing them one by one