Minecraft's New "Rules" Are Terrible

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Today we'll discuss how Minecraft's New "Rules" Are Terrible. This latest update regarding java bans is causing much uproar in the community, especially the anarchy/2b2t community.

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Octopath Traveler

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22 jun 2022






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OwO Hace un mes
And if you thought the Warden is one tough battle, well get ready for the most scariest mob yet: *The report system*
SimDimFim Hace 3 días
SimDimFim Hace 3 días
SimDimFim Hace 3 días
SimDimFim Hace 3 días
AnchorOfTime Hace 5 días
No amount of totems will save you
OintmentNailhead Hace un mes
“No swearing on my Christian Minecraft server” has now become an actual threat
drag like Vlogger
drag like Vlogger Hace un día
Underrated comnent
Clark Roberts
Clark Roberts Hace 2 días
honestly tho
Kimblefitter Hace 7 días
@Alexander Wilmes what?
J Wash
J Wash Hace 7 días
@Alexander Wilmes 😭
Sulphurous Hace 9 días
メルーMeruiC Hace un mes
If they ever continue this path, I'm guessing Cracked Minecraft and Cracked Servers are going to increase in popularity, due to how bad it truly is and how bad it can be. Imagine you, not being able to join your OWN server.
drag like Vlogger
drag like Vlogger Hace un día
@a dry cough ye
Fujisamaa Hace 8 días
me and my friends just closed our server on Minecraft and uninstalled our clients, we are just gonna go play Terraria now, a game where you can ACTUALLY have fun without being banned in a private server that I am PAYING for.
Theatricult Hace 9 días
downloading a cracked backup
Alexi Hace 15 días
Damn, time to put on the ol' pirate hat.
Origin Hace 15 días
@a dry cough they are still popular
Dexter01992 Hace 18 días
Was staying away from public servers as I rather avoid griefers, trolls and aggressive players. Now I'll stay away from public servers for fear of being permabanned for accidentally saying something that might be inappropriate for Timmy's toxically overprotective parents.
Idgarad Lyracant
Idgarad Lyracant Hace 2 días
How dare you assume Timmy has parents! Reported!
God forbid you say anything remotely critical of someone who happens to be lgbt. now you can get permabanned for hate speech!
9r9r6 Hace 7 días
It’s in private servers also. Make sure people you play with won’t troll and report you
Al_Rusty Hace 12 días
The worst part is that basically puts you into a self permaban out of fear of being banned
BlackboardIdeas Hace 17 días
I also like how when you get banned, it doesn't even automatically end your Realms subscription, so if you accidentally forget to cancel it, you're gonna keep paying for something you can't even use. That's a very Micro$oft move as well.
UlulvarCape Hace 10 días
honestly i wish this type of shit is illegal. If you are banned, then you shouldnt even have a subscription, it should be immediately cancelled
Niklas Vilhelm
Niklas Vilhelm Hace un mes
The ONE thing i feared would happen. I used to play another game with this same feature. But keep in mind that the people who reports you aren't lawyers, they are kids who assume that everything negative is "bullying", or they simply just report others as revenge. It's not fair to be permanently banned because of some dumb kids. I also have a problem with Mojang having the power to ban us from something we paid for. That's stealing. If you're gonna ban me, give my money back.
Ugo Hace 7 días
@ٴ same bro
Oğuzhan Uz
Oğuzhan Uz Hace 7 días
Everybody lets just boycott 1.19.1 there is nothing worth playing in it anyway. Lets just not update our worlds to 1.19.1 What are they gonna do. Minecraft communitiy is stronger than Microsoft
The World Eater
The World Eater Hace 10 días
A little friendly suggestion if you only play servers because of your friends go and rent out a server for you and your friends to use and only allow certain others to join, that way only YOU can decide who to let into your worlds, kinda like a little safe sanctuary where you can run it however you want. Regardless this report system is awful, truly trust nobody anymore.
Commit Hace 10 días
@Seagoddess i think he means hosting a server, like if you use realms
Mighty Pancake
Mighty Pancake Hace 12 días
@Brooks Martini Because its company BS And if you decline, then you are hit with - Sorry you cannot play -. So you don't agree with the terms and conditions, however you have to agree to play the game... It is coercion plain and simple. Game companies try to cover their arses, and create these pay to win games cause it gets the money for now. At least till the money pool dries up. That is why they want to do these subscription based games and not give you a game that is yours plain and simple.
FUJIIDEW Hace un mes
If Mojang forces us to PAY or HOST our own servers, then they need to keep their nose out of who plays on these servers. It needs to be left up to the server owner and the server owner only. No one should ever be banned from online play on Minecraft.
David Latoche
David Latoche Hace 2 días
@mjdxp I looked it up and apparently this is a forge mod that exists server side to disable it the signatures to stop reporting, question is. if servers would adopt such a mod/plugin for their server.
ididntaskverified Hace 3 días
Same arguement could be used by a discord mod
David Walters
David Walters Hace 3 días
Except those who truly deserve it (I'm looking at you, popbob).
Mog Scugg
Mog Scugg Hace 6 días
so make your own minecraft-alike without that moderation
Mortomi Cinnamonbun
Mortomi Cinnamonbun Hace 16 días
We just need to tf2 them, get a ton of bots and then just make them spam report eachother. Tf2 implemented something similar, and it got so bad they had to remove it. If these are truly manually reported, bots can report faster.
ラット魔王 Hace 3 días
@Joseph G ... 2B2T Players: Let us introduce ourselves. >:)
Yonne Hace 5 días
@Joseph G many people have Minecraft cracked so I don't believe it would be too hard to do
Jacque Hace 11 días
@Joseph G minecraft is the biggest game in the world by FAR, I still think report botting like this on a significant and effective scale is quite possible.
Turbulence Hace 12 días
@Joseph G idk, gamers can be extremely dedicated and willing to spend money. Considering how hardcore the 2b2t community is I could see this happening
Joseph G
Joseph G Hace 12 días
tf2 is a f2p game no ones gonna pay 30$ per bot
Dr. Eckschwein
Dr. Eckschwein Hace 29 días
You know it's bad when FitMC went almost half a minute without saying "the oldest anarchy server in minecraft"
RD REKIN Hace 20 días
Are we falling into 2nd Minecraft dark age? First the 1.19 disappointment and then now possibly getting false banned. This is not making Minecraft safer,this is actually making it less safe to the average player and adding stress to fun experience’s.
Matthew Hace 11 minutos
@Sir Spongadoodle Absolutely Fuming lmao
Sir Spongadoodle
Sir Spongadoodle Hace 28 minutos
@Matthew you genuinely said that annoying orange is funny, take your 50 rose tinted glasses off.
Matthew Hace un hora
​@Sir Spongadoodle Annoying Orange is meant to be just that, annoying. I see it's doing it's job well considering the fact that you commented twice in 18 hours.
Sir Spongadoodle
Sir Spongadoodle Hace 3 horas
@Matthew you genuinely think annoying orange is funny?? they are the same content but id argue annoying orange is meant for 2 year olds and mrbeast is meant for 4 year olds... your just blinded by nostalgia and cant see that mr beast now is what annoying orange was then...
Sir Spongadoodle
Sir Spongadoodle Hace 17 horas
@Matthew youtube in 2013 is what youtube is now, just more greedy.
Mabra Hace 16 días
Servers should be allowed to choose if they want this "feature" or not and it shouldn't even be on private servers at all. And if someones get banned because of it it should be on that specific server, not all of multiplayer.
Elf Bot
Elf Bot Hace un mes
I hope the community throw a huge fit about this - Everyone is tired of internet censorship and taking it into our private minecraft servers is just one more step across the line
Big bird
Big bird Hace 12 días
@just a bbygal bro if I'm being honest my reply to you makes no sense if I had to guess I was up late, mad, and not thinking straight sometimes that happens lol 😂
just a bbygal
just a bbygal Hace 12 días
@Big bird I have no idea what you mean when you say you have to pay for servers. You seperate children from adults like you do in the real world, identification.
Big bird
Big bird Hace 19 días
@just a bbygal it's not that easy for one you need to pay for severs and also how would you screen for adults? Mojang needs to talk to Microsoft about this
just a bbygal
just a bbygal Hace 19 días
seperate the adults that play minecraft for whatever reason with the kids problem solved FitMC needs a brand new server
a dry cough
a dry cough Hace 23 días
Won't do anything. Mojang and Microsoft are both overly self important and don't care about backlash. Everyone already hates Microsoft and while the entire community was outraged about Mojang suing Minecraft server owners over EULA violations, they just laughed it off and said they have the moral superiority and will continue doing so even harder.
Terra Torment
Terra Torment Hace 15 días
I'm worried about things like if someone asks how to get to spawn in someone says kill yourself, that will be seen as encouraging suicide in real life. The game was fine without this system. It's not necessary. Server admins should be the ones managing their own community. Imagine if Microsoft word spied on you like this.
bob Ron
bob Ron Hace 23 días
Banned on my own single player world from calling a creeper a child Predator in a book :)
Pezior Hace 5 días
For real?
HalbdaemonKite Hace 14 días
"It's not the devs pushing for this" >looks at the launch screen messages >looks at their treatment of Notch Yeah lol, keep telling yourself that.
The Simon Show
The Simon Show Hace 12 días
Microsoft once again, fixing something that isn’t broken…
DonjonMaister Hace un mes
This is the pinnacle of "don't fix what isn't broken". Private Minecraft servers have been self-moderated for years. There is absolutely no need for Microsoft to police servers that AREN'T theirs.
VSE Hace 18 días
@James Davis very true microsoft own every server even hypixel. So they can enforce the rules there too.
VSE Hace 18 días
@Alric Otar agreed they own it all wether you like it or not.
VSE Hace 18 días
@EB TY tha's a lot of people going to jail.
VSE Hace 18 días
it's still their game though so it isn't a good argument. But it is very annoying and a bit unnecessary.
Kaligath Hace 22 días
Seriously it should be give a warning to people when they join the server that content might happen and you enter at your own risk. None of this report feature crap only to the admin of the server.
GhastlyCrafter Hace 21 un día
There should be a "mature" setting in the server settings, and when turned on, the server is exempt from the reporting feature
Corey TV The Epic David [[ CTV ]]
You both have great points
ラット魔王 Hace 3 días
I think there should be basically what should be called " Anarchy PLAY "... As it should be 100% exempt from pretty much reports, or straight up saying " You're willing to accept harassment, horrific image, we are not responsible for at all!... "
theamazingcj27 Hace 16 días
As a bedrock player, this ruins certain aspects of Java. I've always thought of Java as the mature version, and bedrock as the family version. If I had a PC, I'd play Java. It just feels like they're trying to turn it into bedrock.
ラット魔王 Hace 3 días
@invisible Loki There is a clone of Minecraft called " Minetest " and I see it now having a chance of replacing Minecraft if can match most features, or atleast appeal to the average minecraft anarchist player.
Shiny Guy
Shiny Guy Hace 12 días
@invisible Loki Version 1.8 was the final version before the cursed buyout.
invisible Loki
invisible Loki Hace 12 días
@Shiny Guy can't say I remember the exact version but the buyout happened in 2014. I'm sure you can trace the exact date to what was the most recent version at that time
Shiny Guy
Shiny Guy Hace 12 días
@invisible Loki What update/version of the game was the first as owned by microsoft? If you know
invisible Loki
invisible Loki Hace 12 días
Microsoft hates hates HATES Java players don't EVER forget this. I was around for the buyout and the aura around the game has never been the same. They HATE that there is a group of people who are playing a version of their intellectual property, that don't have to pay money for crappy skins, can download their own mods, their own texture packs. This freedom of choice without monetary consequence makes Microsoft SEETHE. They have had terrible intentions since the buyout and have been rolling out these tiny littld unpopular changes since all those years ago. But they are punching themselves in the head for not having a clause in their contract that said "JAVA EDITION WILL BE PERMANENTLEY OVERHAULED WITH OUR NEW ANTI CONSUMER BEDROCK EDITION EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY".
FHLX Hace un mes
I love how Microsoft cares more about enforcing its terms of service by having moderation teams dedicated to the game itself, but cares little to not about copyright infringement on the Bedrock marketplace (Aether. . . ahem. . . Faithful. . .); it's very infuriating, to say the least. This could very likely affect the popularity of the game.
DFS Hace 15 días
Dirty money is still money to them
Robert House
Robert House Hace un mes
I think we all need to immediately start working on mods and plug-ins that completely disable the reporting feature, server owners and administrators have had the ability to mute or ban people for breaking rules, it's not Mojang or Microsofts place unless its THEIR server being used. Edit: ive been informed the plugin was already made, I freakin love the mc community.
a dry cough
a dry cough Hace 23 días
I wonder if Mojang will in bad taste start suing the shit out of servers like they did last time server owners were breaking eula
That B
That B Hace un mes
@Pjoter yes if there was a way for a server to detect if you send or even have ever sent a report out, and instantly banning for it, that would be amazing. How that would work I have no idea
Adonis Leon
Adonis Leon Hace un mes
@Robert House yes
Damian Hace un mes
already done.
João Paulo Reis
João Paulo Reis Hace un mes
I know the community will find a way to "fix" this problem.
Mike Loeven
Mike Loeven Hace 26 días
Watch modders bypass the whole system in days. There will most likely be a mod pack for anarchy servers that has a required mod to disable reporting before connecting. (Edit yep quick google search there are already numerous server side mods to disable chat reporting
Dust Hace 8 días
As a Minecraft veteran, I think this is where my adventure ends. Goodbye Minecraft
DatOneSwedishBoi69 Hace 4 días
I'm considering the same if this actually gets implemented.. (and accepted). We should fight back against them greedy fucks by using false report bots.
TheMaximumTroll Hace 16 días
"Devs are just doing their jobs..." There were also people 70 years ago "just doing their jobs" and are still hunted to this day.
star Hace 4 días
@Coacha Cola oh
Coacha Cola
Coacha Cola Hace 4 días
@star He’s mentioning the Nazi guards at death camps.
star Hace 4 días
do you mean ww2?
JDiamond Hace un mes
Minecraft is known for it's creativity, freedom, and server independence. With this report system added, every SINGLE one of those are now nearly irrelevant.
Cheesy Cheese
Cheesy Cheese Hace un mes
@BigBubba 043 pay 400 dollars to open file explorer
MISSINGNO Hace un mes
@Clement Poon 1.12.2 may have been a useless update for minecraft but it was great for modding
dra6o0n Hace un mes
Imagine someone somehow gets a vtuber banned for streaming Minecraft on their own private server and antis abuse the report function to get them banned.
Subject Keter
Subject Keter Hace un mes
@Colm Looney Can you even break the dirt? You goon.
steven color
steven color Hace un mes
I thought they had covered this already on the menu for joining a java multiplayer game where it warns you about interactions with the community not having a consistent rating, aka be careful joining others, we can't predict what kind of person you will encounter.
Fearagen Hace un mes
If I was a server owner, I would like my own control/my admins control over chat. If I wanted an unfiltered chat where everyone could cuss their heads off, I want to be able to choose so and not have Microsoft forcing a filter/report system over it.
Maple38 Hace 19 días
When the social screen and blocking players were initially introduced, I was very against it, I hated it. Now the (hopefully) full extent of those social “features” are revealed. As the owner of a small server, I would block joins from any version with this feature and even use plugins that disable it.
BD Pershing
BD Pershing Hace 16 días
If Microsoft touches a product, it's bound to be destroyed and become a shell of what it was.
doop shoop
doop shoop Hace un mes
Hacked clients having an auto-report system might actually have a good side. If there are so many false reports, then it becomes harder to find real ones and it becomes so much harder and time (and money) consuming, making it unsustainable. The only way to stop this may be with floods of false reports which is just a sad situation I think.
IC P Hace un mes
The bible makes it clear that God is holy. This holy God holds a perfect moral standard. Sadly, we have all fallen very short of that standard(Romans 3:23). The penalty for sin/imperfection is Hell(Revelation 21:8). Thankfully the bible also says that God is rich in mercy and grace. That is why He sent His perfect Son to die on a cross to save us from our sin. You and I broke God's law, but Jesus paid our fine. Then Jesus rose from the dead, 3 days later, thus defeating death! (John 3:16-18). "He that believeth in the Son hath everlasting life; and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abideth on him.” John 3:36 "But God commendeth His love toward us in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8...
TrafficConeMemes Hace un mes
@Charles Clarke vm and/or vpn
Mathugh's Youtube World
A ton of bot accounts auto reporting could actually fix this.
Dimitar Najdovski
Dimitar Najdovski Hace un mes
the problem is real people wont look through the messages but bots will, so money and time is out of the table but bots banning false positives will become common and as mojang said "banning false positives is better than nothing" so rip minecraft
Windy Hace un mes
That’s exactly what I though. We need to do this
B. M.
B. M. Hace 12 días
As someone who isn't a multiplayer user this doesn't affect me. But I can only imagine what this will do to 2B2T, whose entire existence is built on no rules.
Sam Sam
Sam Sam Hace 22 días
Hope there won’t be a day when we’ll have to say “Remember when Minecraft was the game where “no one can tell you what you can or cannot do” was true?”.
a dry cough
a dry cough Hace 23 días
It'd be nicer if they just stored a log of messages for admins of different servers to deal with their own personal ban decisions. I think there was a plugin like that once.
Zach Winters
Zach Winters Hace un mes
Even if a sever has a “griefer” it is up to the Admins and mods to tell with it, more so just because you did one thing on a single server should get you banned completely
SalC1 Hace un mes
Looks like my prediction regarding Microsoft account migration was SPOT ON. You now have to agree to Microsoft's terms, which are VASTLY DIFFERENT from the ones you originally accepted when you made your Mojang account. Most people turned a blind eye to it. Now here we are...
Cagedstowgee Hace 17 horas
@Peterus they are now forcing Java players to migrate.
Forrest Pump
Forrest Pump Hace 9 días
as always because no one is paying any attention why all is going down the drain !
Pessoa a
Pessoa a Hace 26 días
Oh no... what have I done
XD1999cable Hace 27 días
@Peterus I didn't have option, my Monjang login was blocked so I was obligated switch to Microsoft Account.
Oem Hace 28 días
@Sam Wright that sounds like it's your fault.
Izu Hace 27 días
for dedicated servers it should go through the server owner first and foremost. if the owner decides its not report worthy, it will stay on the server forever without microshit ever recieving it. LAN worlds and Realms shouldnt have this. also since single player worlds run on an internal server, does that mean there is a way to circumvent a online ban?
David Walters
David Walters Hace 3 días
This is going to lead to a whole host of complications. If there are any good players who are *especially* zealous, they are going to go on a reporting *rampage.* I wouldn't be suprised that when 2b2t is eventually updated to 1.19.1, it will enter a new age, perhaps called "The Age of Administration".
Fox Hace 19 días
I could feel a few vulnerabilities that are yet to be found within this system to bypass it or worse yet…. being used for one’s evil intent.
petterroea Hace 20 días
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions" is a great summary of the Tech industry
JukesDTJ Hace un mes
This doesn't need to exist. Multiplayer is run entirely by the community and big servers have been refining their systems for literally years. They don't need Microsoft to step in and provide a way for people who don't deserve power to have it over others via the report system. Admins, Moderators, and Helpers do their jobs already. The possibility of permanent or even temporary bans by the whims of other people is ludicrous. The people running their servers should be allowed to be the ones running their servers and not Microsoft.
Jack Skudlarek
Jack Skudlarek Hace un mes
The ONLY similar system I'd accept is profiles getting an "explicit" tag on them. So server owners not wanting to deal with every jerk swearing up a storm could get profiles not reported yet. you'd have kid friendly servers and community run stuff all in 1. If the server owners don't care about language they can allow all players. if not they can click "no explicit language" tag outside if that, tweet at them that you're not paying gor your realms or any new mc content.
@Vlad Muzychuk *American now, so conform to American values!*
@Octo Squid b-b-but then the *shareholders* won't feel like they _own_ this IP, and we can't have that! Gotta squeeze the franchise for quick money now, who cares what later? The owners have other stocks, they can just move on! ...Oh, the game is ruined? Well, it's just for kids anyways!
rexHK417 Hace un mes
@Education is a Joke sooo true
Beep Bop
Beep Bop Hace un mes
@bot Just don't join them. Who cares if 3 racists play a block game together lmao, they could be doing much worse.
The Jho
The Jho Hace 28 días
What’s absolutely fantastic is, when looking at bedrock, you can be banned for things on signs, names of items, banned despite no one reporting it, and banned for something in single player
That1GuyGlitch Hace 7 días
@King Crimson yep that can happen All caps is a bannable offense cuz it comes off as yelling. *What if we just wanna yell to our hearts content?-*
King Crimson
King Crimson Hace 14 días
@ForgedSteel101 wtf really?
ForgedSteel101 Hace 23 días
In bedrock I got banned for typing in all caps
Luxwing L
Luxwing L Hace 19 días
Don't know why it would be so hard for them to just allow server hosts to make their own rules and standards. Also, the idea you can get permabanned from all online play by saying crap once is way too harsh. Temp bans or a strike system would have been a better plan. Honestly after dealing with the voice chats in 90% of the games on Xbox I don't think Microsoft is the best company to hold on a pedestal when it comes to "safety" or "child friendly spaces". I don't think anything is going to change about this system but if it continues to be abused people are going to find ways to work around it.
MK4000 Hace 24 días
Wonder if there could be a server side mod or plugin that could keep reports from being filed properly
Terror Hace 24 días
Soon, I feel like Microsoft is going to try and change almost everything in Minecraft in order to fit its own standards. Hopefully that doesn't happen
Gaige Harris
Gaige Harris Hace un mes
Y'know just an interesting thought, maybe it's a good idea for modders to make a way to auto report every player in a lobby. If idk 3000 people did this in a week reporting and average of 30 people at a time you're looking at 90k filed reports. Raise the numbers further over a longer period of time you could potentially make the system useless even with a small community pushing back
Matthew Hace 23 horas
@Yurii Bondar The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Andy Abreu
Andy Abreu Hace 2 días
@a dry cough privilege speaking
David Latoche
David Latoche Hace 2 días
@ButterflyFX oh no...
Daniel Feneck
Daniel Feneck Hace 6 días
Your a fool if you think players aren't already doing this.
MP-Lily Hace 20 días
This sounds to me like it could be very easily abused in regards to competitive Minecraft servers. Someone could falsely report the accounts of other players who pose an obstacle to them achieving a certain ranking to get them banned.
FlyRetroGamer Hace 8 días
Another plus for the old players of minecraft, that plays the 1.12.2 version or under. Ive played minecraft since 2017 and i still kinda like the older versions
Sosasees Hace 17 días
i have the feeling that the more blunders Microsoft makes, soon someone will make a spiritual successor of Minecraft, or a "pirated" fork on the deep web.
Ollie👑🎗 Hace 23 días
“Gore is bannable” The horror map Poison: am I a joke to you?
Panda eating a muffin
Idea: Someone make a mod that just deletes vanilla chat and adds a new one without reporting functionality. It could be like optifine where everyone has that and microsoft can't do anything about it
PatalJunior Hace 20 días
@ShinyMooTank And the game always warned you before going into multiplayer, that from there on it wasn't "E" rated anymore. Not like they are so dumb and couldn't program age restrictions to chat etc, this is just Microsoft ruining the game.
yukiandkanamekuran Hace 20 días
a dry cough
a dry cough Hace 23 días
Imagine how weird it would be to hop into a full server as a noob who doesn't even know what that mod is and the chat is just empty and nobody will respond to you lol
kylian wesbeek
kylian wesbeek Hace 28 días
there are mods made that remove the signing of messages actualy
Raagam Parmar
Raagam Parmar Hace un mes
Brady Hace 15 días
This is going to make Minecraft more like Twitter we’re people report each other for stuff other people don’t like even if it’s appropriate for children
A Random Killer
A Random Killer Hace 16 días
They coulda added a friend list system so you can just add people so that you don't need to join a server just to talk with them 🤷
Mythical py
Mythical py Hace 7 días
Hey, I think we can solve this with some code. What my thought is when a player chats, the server deletes it and broadcasts it to the serevr with their usename. So, technically you cant report them!
Joseph Hace 22 días
Gonna miss all the intense racism, it was a good thing so you felt like you had targets to hunt down. Made your gameplay feel like a real good vs evil sorta story
NotSwam Hace 26 días
I hope the community throw a huge fit about this - Everyone is tired of internet censorship and taking it into our private minecraft servers is just one more step across the line
Kieran Vax'iliaN
Kieran Vax'iliaN Hace 11 días
besides the LITERALLY ILLEGAL stuff, they should legit just leave the banning and such to the SERVER. OWNERS/MAINTAINERS... these aren't "official" servers that microsoft made themselves, its servers people like any of US make, maintain, and/or own... so it should be up to whats been always the case. The Mods, Admins, Ops and Owners...
Kippykip Hace 15 días
I wonder if a plugin can be programmed that proxies all player messages through the say command. It'll make all messages pink and have [SERVER] in front, but at least people can't report each other the usual way.
Remy Peacock
Remy Peacock Hace 21 un día
I can already see the modding community figuring out a way to bypass the bans
NoFoxGiven Hace un mes
Step 1: Force every player to migrate to a Microsoft account to continue playing the game they loved and played for years Step 2: Make players agree to a new terms and conditions, either agree or never play Minecraft ever again Step 3: Start implement these "features", players get mad Step 4: Just say "BUT YOU AGREED TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS!" Seriously, Microsoft needs to just back off and let Mojang handle the game before they destroy what the game had built for itself.
Jonas A
Jonas A Hace 19 días
@railerswim yeah sadly, microsoft is too big to do anything meaningful against
railerswim Hace 19 días
TOS are usually unenforceable from a legal standpoint due to be unintelligible to the average person due to complex langauge and being extremely long. There is precident for this, but it requires a hefty legal cost.
Jonas A
Jonas A Hace 20 días
@Emma Yeah only to send them back in the grave
Emma Hace 20 días
Mojang was broke though Microsoft saved them
Meck5531 Hace 21 un día
Imagine not playing Minetest. Who plays minecraft still.
Axolotl InMC
Axolotl InMC Hace 27 días
There might be a need for a third-party software which would replace the new total*tarian chat with a custom one. As much as I would pity the MS employees who would have to read the spam reports, it could perhaps drive them into a strike agaist the management and cool down this neighbourhood watch sh*t... At least it could cripple the "feature" significantly.
Awepossum Hace 12 días
You are beating around the bush. It's not that the ban categories are "vague," or that some categories "don't belong." It's that Minecraft should have no business banning you from online play for what you say in the chat in the first place. That's up to the servers and communities.
yOkay_ Hace un mes
it would be more effective for mojang to add age parameters to servers and override these rules
sucert Hace 28 días
my question has been: What about older versions of Java Edition? Are they gonna go back and update every version with multiplayer just bc of this update? And if not, what will happen if you tried to play after being banned. Also what about servers with ranks, or nickname plugins. This systems really gonna be broken.
potatofish Hace un mes
I think Fit broke a personal best. He didn’t say “the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft” for 30 seconds.
blokos Hace un mes
@Lev Skywood "anarchy"
Zaek21 Hace un mes
@Lev Skywood It is the oldest ANARCHY server in Minecraft though
Kenos Hace un mes
@Lev Skywood it was literally the 2nd created public minecraft server, and the first was a mini games server iirc
Somebody Hace un mes
I saw 12 mins one time
bargen0w Hace un mes
Actually 28-29 seconds if being technical lol
Jade Fire
Jade Fire Hace un mes
Yeah the ability to report false information and extremism tells you everything you need to know if you've been playing any attention to anything in the past 6 years. especially if you've been paying attention to Microsoft. this is entirely about political censorship and has no place in Minecraft.
Cutie ™
Cutie ™ Hace 29 días
Yall need to revolt like people did for tf2. These cooperations cant get away with this, there trying to turn gaming into something its not. Stand up for yourselves gamers!!! WE NEED TO TAKE GAMING BACK! Its a place to vibe with the boys not act like your at work!
Peter Nelson
Peter Nelson Hace 7 días
We need the ESvidrs to be themselves and not make the viewers sad that their favorite ESvidrs are gone because a simple rule that's unfair.
Abigail K
Abigail K Hace 13 días
i feel like this could clash w modded servers + trolls. imagine asking chat members for / about a controversially titled item, and getting banned due to troll reporting.
The Knightikins
The Knightikins Hace un mes
It honestly feels like Microsoft is actively trying to get people off Java edition. They were handling the game pretty well for quite some time, but recently, the higher ups and executives have been pushing way too far.
a dry cough
a dry cough Hace 23 días
I honestly wouldn't care if they killed of JE as long as they port their windows edition, which is written in C++, to Linux and macOS. That and, of course, making world saves convertible. It is honestly so much more performant and the game actually has animations. Unfortunately platform parity is a delusion Mojang alone likes to pat themselves on the back for.
wkurzony czarno biały kibic
@Nick654 no you can make your own skin on some site Dowland IT and import IT just like Java edition
SolarstrikeVG Hace un mes
@Parallel Black It's a miracle Java's lasted as long as it has.
TruthinFiction Hace un mes
@ShinyMooTank And as paying customers who bought the game we have every right to criticize Microsoft for their poor decision making. When did it go from being "the customer is always right" to "the big multi-billion dollar corporation makes the rules"? In case you haven't noticed there is a big culture of arrogance among these large institutions, with Microsoft being far from the only offender. Free speech needs to be respected, and the moderation of servers left to their administrators. Ultimately that is what this is really about, controlling free speech.
TruthinFiction Hace un mes
@ShinyMooTank If that were truly the case then Microsoft would have made this change from day 1. It has been a good number of years since Microsoft bought Minecraft and it's not like people's behavior is any different today than what it was then. The E for everyone rating simply means that the content of the game is suitable to that rating, and does not reflect what people do with the chat system or other creative parts of the game. In fact in my experience most online games have a disclaimer about online play for this very reason.
DannyMac Hace 18 días
Who want's to build a time machine and go back to convince Valve to buy Mojang?
Haunted Pyro Gaming
Haunted Pyro Gaming Hace 15 días
THIS kind of stuff is the very reason I distanced myself from public servers years ago.....matter of fact I prefer to keep my distance from the entire online minecraft community these days and play on friends private servers now a days
Yuqiery Hace 17 días
If server owners can disable these things that would be great, for example only have them in servers targetted at a younger audience
YouTube Administration
Ah yes, the pinnacle of law: guilty until proven innocent
Musikrausch Hace un mes
The insanity of forcing the “family friendly“ attribute onto every platform is becoming worse and worse.
yohanah mapute
yohanah mapute Hace un mes
Just like how some games go down: Roblox litteraly just push the trashiest things Fortnite toxic players its honestly just saddening how these game had its downfall
The 4 Space Constants Tetraquad
@Thymii Either by toxicity or by features that make it better for them but not the adults.
Mariorox1956 Hace un mes
@Thymii Well this is why we need kids to be taught better internet safety, or have a parent or guardian watch what they do. Kids don't know what they're doing, and they either need to be a certain age to use the internet, or they need to offer classes in school discussing how to use it properly.
Thymii Hace un mes
im sorry but kids ruin everything for the rest of us online
PacificOcean Hace un mes
It all leads back to COPPA, doesn't it?
FrostyPotatoKing Hace 16 días
This should only be a feature you opt in to. With clear warnings when you log into a server.
XKloosyv Hace 9 días
By the sounds of it this is going to effect all versions of Minecraft since 1.6. If you get banned anywhere, you get banned everywhere. What a time.
asdsky Hace 28 días
no matter how the player chooses to enjoy the game, the experience is theirs to decide. Minecraft has no rules, only servers controlled by people do. And I really think it should be the server owners decision whether or not they should control these issues.
TomekHar Hace 24 días
If we pay for hosting our own servers, Microsoft should stay out of this.
Ted Templeton
Ted Templeton Hace un mes
If mojang forces YOU to pay for/host the server then they should let you do the necessary moderation you want in your server.
Grated Radish
Grated Radish Hace un mes
@H-005 You didn't pay for it, your parents did obviously. Anyone who bought their own stuff would realize that electricity, internet and a computer are all things that the host of the server paid for.
ano nym
@H-005 that's a bit more unclear, I agree. But for me the message was quite clear even with just that.
H-005 Hace un mes
@ano nym The "pay for/host the server" is a new edit, before he only said "forces you to pay for the server" (or something along those lines).
ano nym
@H-005 not for opening up a single player world. Unless you mean the Xbox Live. He said "forces YOU to pay for/ *host the server* " notice the /, meaning "or" in this context. I.e. either you pay for someone to host it for you, OR you host it yourself. Never once did he state, or imply, that it is like a tax or anything.
H-005 Hace un mes
@ano nym On console I think you have to pay for the hosting anyway. "I don't think that was what he meant in this context" He said that Mojang *forces* you to pay. Like a tax. No. It doesn't force you at all, it's the same as if you would host a web page, or a data server, or any other kind of server. You need the infrastructure, true, but that's not related to Mojang forcing you to pay.
Thomas Turner Sudio
Thomas Turner Sudio Hace 11 días
I think i'll stop playing minecraft's newest versions. I hate everything, which microsoft has taken their hands on, because microsoft is making everything worse, and worser, than it was. I hope they will not add more features like this.
Gael Hace 25 días
FitMC literally said “give me liberty, or give me death” 😂😂
Name Unknown
Name Unknown Hace un mes
For 2b2t, I think the server will have to stop being a Vanilla Server and use some mod that disables the chat report system entirely.
Adawg 303
Adawg 303 Hace 28 días
Can’t wait until one of the servers advertising points is: “come to our server!! Encrypted chat!! No bans ever!!”
Karr Raak
Karr Raak Hace un mes
"Extreme violence or gore." Ah yes, Minecraft. A game that definitely needs moderation for gore which 100% exists in-game.
Shimmergloom Hace 20 días
@Malicious Muppet brand new sentence
Ada Kalyoncu
Ada Kalyoncu Hace 29 días
*cough warden *cough disc 11 and *cough 13 *cough disc 5 *cough cave sounds
j Walster
j Walster Hace un mes
idk maybe people don't like mob farms
Herman Philips
Herman Philips Hace un mes
i can't believe that person killed a sheep. That is too much gore. Agh, ban them! Also, ban that guy that built a zombie farm because that is cruelty against zombies. (Ignore that I'm moving into his base when he is gone.)
mike bakster
mike bakster Hace un mes
I put red stone next to this head lol it kinda looks like a decapita.... where did multiplayer go?
failmasterjm Hace 16 días
I was almost considering buying minecraft again, but seeing all this made me decide against it. I'm not paying $30 if there is any risk of it disappearing in a puff of smoke. I didn't even plan to play multiplayer, but I don't trust microsoft not to ruin anything they touch.
B R U H Hace 26 días
Adding a report system on a casual game is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my whole gaming life.
Raagam Parmar
Raagam Parmar Hace un mes
Can a company be sued for destroying a years old well known game?
Oskar Bech-Trueman
Oskar Bech-Trueman Hace 15 días
Imo the banning system’s only use is for terrorism, cp, exploitation, and scams, but all of that should be reported to the police, not Microsoft. Nobody should be banned from playing Minecraft with others just for swearing.
Rosa! Hace un mes
I really don't like how ever since Microsoft bought Mojang they were tightening their grip on the game and the community. Minecraft used to be a really open environment and even though it still is, it seems like with every update it gets less so.
That B
That B Hace un mes
Agreed. But Hypixel killed Minecraft even before that.
SpartanHawk Hace un mes
Minecraft WAS and was bound to REMAIN an open environment, up until Big M stepped in and brainwashed the lead devs into accepting their juicy millions. They had a plan all along, such decisions don't get made on a whim. This (not just MC, EVERYTHING Microshaft has done so far) has been carefully planned over at least a full decade. They knew that MC was among the last to topple, in order to gain full power over the majority of the internet.
Trigger Happy
Trigger Happy Hace un mes
we Hace un mes
Try to repent of your sins. Read the Bible. "If anyone is ashamed of me and my message in these adulterous and sinful days, the Son of Man will be ashamed of that person when he returns in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.” Our Saviour Jesus Christ died so that we will live. Jesus said, "I'm the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me". John 14:6.
TheGhostFart Hace un mes
@alphakennybody thats a personal problem
Jonathan Deiss
Jonathan Deiss Hace 17 días
This is a great tool that servers should be able to use. Keyword "should."
BaconWeather Hace 15 días
Server owners should have an option to enable Microsoft's new safety feature
TheDuke37 Hace 15 días
3:48 So hypothetically speaking, would it be better if those options were removed?
Milk Man Greg
Milk Man Greg Hace 22 días
"Make Minecraft more family friendly" Do... do they not realize that it already is?
Kenshin H. Kaneyori Ch.
The "family friendly" initiative is the worst thing I've ever seen, I hate that notion. It's up to parents and guardians to keep an eye on their kids, forget this stupid report system.
a dry cough
a dry cough Hace 23 días
@Anthony Benson i'm just going to make mass frog killing machines everywhere on my server now
a dry cough
a dry cough Hace 23 días
sounds like these lazy parents need to be more like these companies, and these companies need to be more like these lazy parents
Anthony Benson
Anthony Benson Hace un mes
@Shazam Negroid An even better one is to play the version with the steves running around like crazy reject censorship return to steve
Shazam Negroid
Shazam Negroid Hace un mes
@DarkArtsMage a better idea would be to go back in the old versions
Shazam Negroid
Shazam Negroid Hace un mes
@DarkArtsMage the report system is new, let it mature first. this wont be a problem soon.
Dolphin Jelly
Dolphin Jelly Hace 29 días
I expect that many servers now will begin switching to Discord chat and disabling ingame chat.
signbear999 Hace 11 días
Wish I would've just stayed in 1.8, like I had planned to back in 2016. I could just let the world burn while I happily minded my own business in my obsolete paradise. I sense that Microsoft is going to implement these gamechanging updates on the older versions as well. They're not that stupid. People still use 1.12.2. I'm in 1.15.2 right now. I don't know anyone who cares about staying up to date anymore. With every new update, the game quality just goes down.
ESC Sparkle
ESC Sparkle Hace 25 días
It's very easy to block it with plugins. Just cancel sending messege event and send it as a server
bigtiger69 Hace 24 días
we should definitely make a big deal out of this
We Broke 2b2t's Oldest "Rule"
TROLIADO 🤣 #spreen
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