Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters FINALE REMATCH

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Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters FINALE REMATCH. You asked for it. This was insane.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are THREE hunters instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 1,000,000 likes we'll do something else.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin


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20 jul 2020






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Moonlight Hace 56 minutos
Just dream killing his dog for WHAT REASON, HUH DREAMM?!!?!?!? 8:47
waanjaii Hace un hora
I still get amazed at how 9 months ago he had 5 million subscribers, and now he has 20.9 million subs and is living together with one of his bestfriends _and_ releasing songs.
cooper sanderson
cooper sanderson Hace 2 horas
Dream: takes saddle Me:? Dream: it’s a surprise tool that will help us later
WiFiChicken9 Hace 2 horas
Im better than dream because dream is trash.
WiFiChicken9 Hace 2 horas
Im better than dream because dream is trash.
Artemis Penguin
Artemis Penguin Hace 4 horas
Does Dream heart his comments? Also, Minecraft Manhunt but we play with the Origins mod
Frixual Hace 4 horas
Claim your before 50 million views ticket here!
Saint of the Void
Saint of the Void Hace 5 horas
how many times have you said final
Pass and Nee
Pass and Nee Hace 5 horas
The three of them: OMG! Killing Dream is so hard! When it comes to Dream: E Z
amy T
amy T Hace 5 horas
Pour dog :(
Cheesenovel12 Hace 5 horas
If you do this again you should get a skin that has one of THEIR skins on the outer layer, and the skin of a different hunter on the inner layer, so you can toggle it halfway through to trick them.
One and only Karen
One and only Karen Hace 7 horas
This gives me more anxiety then school the way there so close to killing him
Nemesis Hace 9 horas
My favorite part 26:26
Brigitte de Bruin
Brigitte de Bruin Hace 9 horas
you're like the mandalorian of minecraft
fatallblade games
fatallblade games Hace 9 horas
Jimmy PvP
Jimmy PvP Hace 10 horas
when Sapnap fucks up: GEORGE!!!
Antonio Melgar
Antonio Melgar Hace 10 horas
How tf does the vid have 2.2 mil
its ya boi
its ya boi Hace 10 horas
sapnap getting cornered was so funny
divine Hace 11 horas
Bryan Animations
Bryan Animations Hace 11 horas
29:56 OMG!!!!
no yes
no yes Hace 12 horas
*george sapnap and bbh fighting dream in the end* the dragon: yall r supposed to be fighting me 😪
ItsTessie !
ItsTessie ! Hace 13 horas
20:02 sapnap: he ran past you George: i'm colourblind
Grrizmo Hace 13 horas
im rewatching the manhunts for educational purposes
amy playz OwO
amy playz OwO Hace 14 horas
Dream you missed a dimond. 9:20 😐
Hyper Hace 10 horas
its a emerald
Frederik Naufal
Frederik Naufal Hace 15 horas
He so speed and big brain to kill sapnap, georgenotfound, and bad boy halo
elements ÅĽØNĒ
elements ÅĽØNĒ Hace 16 horas
eleven. Hace 16 horas
why do you have bad's skin?
miguel macahiya
miguel macahiya Hace 17 horas
Dream i just saw a diamond when you craft the anvil
Matthew Pioquinto
Matthew Pioquinto Hace 19 horas
Matthew Pioquinto
Matthew Pioquinto Hace 19 horas
dream you have 20.8m
gexsifis 193
gexsifis 193 Hace 20 horas
Drear is suck
Florencia Ilejay
Florencia Ilejay Hace 21 un hora
Dream is the best
Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes Hace 22 horas
46:07 What an End
sum_er Hace 22 horas
"why'd the dragon take so long to come down?!" Bbh: **deppressed noises**
Pro Beatboxer
Pro Beatboxer Hace 23 horas
the voice ranking The yongest voice - BadBoyHalo The wildest voice - SapNap The funniest voice - GeorgeNotFound The best voice - Dream
xKallebx Hace un día
Subeedei Hace un día
Next dream vs 5 hunter use slime block
Jessy Savard
Jessy Savard Hace un día
dream have more view then taylor swift ah ah ah
Monik Gulbahce
Monik Gulbahce Hace un día
9:17 Was that diamond he didn't mine 😭
gemtro Hace un día
45:58 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Killer King
Killer King Hace un día
9:21 there are diamonds or emeralds can’t really tell
Darren Whitehead
Darren Whitehead Hace un día
Strip4 Maritza
Strip4 Maritza Hace un día
Poor dogs😭
Chromebot legend-_-
Chromebot legend-_- Hace un día
He killed his dog 🥺🥺😭
Samgabz Carpio
Samgabz Carpio Hace un día
Dream did you see the diamond in the cave whare you make a anvil?
John Paul Legaspi
John Paul Legaspi Hace un día
I like how Sapnap begs for Dream's help.
T-Rex 101
T-Rex 101 Hace un día
BEST voice was perfect to say "wait a minute, who are you
d King
d King Hace un día
Y dont u take the proper helmets and amor out of the chest instead of only iron
Sun Toon
Sun Toon Hace un día
So what next? Finale rematch grand final hunting finale end?
Olle Rosberg
Olle Rosberg Hace un día
Bad's skin: deadly and cool Bad: a soft and wholesome non-swearing mab
Sparkleboots The Gamer
Bad: "RUN LITTLE THING!" Dream: " *Come hereeeee Bad!* "
Kai __
Kai __ Hace un día
Dream really, he really killed his dog
Bim Hace un día
this is the greatest vidoe ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nezriani Hace un día
“I guess its you versus our pack of dogs” Dream:And i took that personally.
Muhammad Awal Ramadhan Ramadhan
Sapnap=Dream,please please help me,please dream Dream=Are you serious Sapnap=yes yes yes yes,come on help me (sapnap was slain by dream and Wither skeleton)
Mystic Hace 2 días
I kinda wanted to see dream summoning the Wither on his friends.
Dexter Rhodes
Dexter Rhodes Hace 2 días
Press f to pay respects to the dogs. F
OLI V3r Hace 2 días
When he said "my dog died" SAD :(
Hyena in white
Hyena in white Hace 2 días
Basically we just watch Bbh ~~|-----> FIGHT
Tanush Bedi
Tanush Bedi Hace 2 días
Apex Hace 2 días
Is this before he could speed run nether portal
Do a server vs u it would be like mrbeast it there
Bat-ist Hace 2 días
Dream: *in a bad situation* Dolphins: *Exist*
MashGaming Hace 2 días
A show where the hunters became the hunted
TDS FrostBurn
TDS FrostBurn Hace 2 días
rbt MR
rbt MR Hace 2 días
Sksksmms Andioop
Sksksmms Andioop Hace 2 días
At 4:19 did bad day “don’t engage him alone you daddy” XDDD
Alcock Aviation
Alcock Aviation Hace 2 días
Why is your skin bad boy halos skin?
Tiffany Straley
Tiffany Straley Hace 2 días
He should have broken one of the pieces to the Nether Portal. I feel like that could have helped.
Tiffany Straley
Tiffany Straley Hace 2 días
Pr3s70n 5350
Pr3s70n 5350 Hace 2 días
Oh boi why did he mention the compasd
Minecraft Master
Minecraft Master Hace 2 días
So amazing I haves watched this series 1 million times
Dean Ray
Dean Ray Hace 2 días
He found a treasure bastion!
Emily F.M
Emily F.M Hace 2 días
38:25 He made the exact same sound when he had that thing on that shocked him Idk i just wanted to say that bye 😭
XXZ_SKRYT3N Hace 2 días
33:13 iron sword half a heart?
Minecraft Ice 1314
Minecraft Ice 1314 Hace 2 días
46:00 best prank ever🤣🤣🤣
Le Hace 2 días
Dreams why kill Wolf you do not like Wolf????????
Actual Sealion
Actual Sealion Hace 2 días
The hunters: *hunting dream and chasing him* Dream: *uno reverse*
Owen P
Owen P Hace 2 días
حمود حمود
حمود حمود Hace 2 días
ولله كفو
BadGirlHalo Hace 2 días
Me when dream killed a cow: you are that cow sapnap
Shubh Antwala
Shubh Antwala Hace 2 días
2 lines George says in the End 1.Guys help me 2.I am dying to an Ender man
Ignatius alex Bordoh toh
I have no words dream is the lucky guy
Kamlesh Jha
Kamlesh Jha Hace 2 días
goerge "lets hunt dream down 2 seconds later george: "he's coming for me he's coming for me
Murage Gachanja
Murage Gachanja Hace 2 días
When u come in 2021 and see dreams old minecraft skin
mayerlife77 Hace 3 días
Ben Rund-Scott
Ben Rund-Scott Hace 3 días
Finale, badboyhalo against himself
JP - 04SP 832681 Credit Valley PS
why didnt he get the advancement free the end?
Anna Ableg
Anna Ableg Hace 2 días
He prob went into creative at some time then couldnt get achievements then
Ewing Kelln
Ewing Kelln Hace 3 días
Is the music dream plays on pandora?
Ben Rund-Scott
Ben Rund-Scott Hace 3 días
So, why does he always have his water bucket out in the nether? Makes no sense
Miles & Jasper
Miles & Jasper Hace 3 días
it would be so sad if you died after that mlg horse
The Mysterious Shadows
When the gast came it was 4 v 1
Savannah ThePuma
Savannah ThePuma Hace 3 días
**Dream on half a heart** Everyone: **Checks time on video** Well I wonder how he’ll get out of this one😑
PotatoOnFire _
PotatoOnFire _ Hace 3 días
46:03 this was one of the the smartest plays I’ve ever seen.
Pedro085 Hace 3 días
Im brazilian, and when he says "i see him" i hear "lá em cima" which means: Up there
Joseph Castillo
Joseph Castillo Hace 3 días
Jonah Balkin
Jonah Balkin Hace 3 días
@tokaint made a game about you!
Anonymous Tr
Anonymous Tr Hace 3 días
20 mn ne ya
Amanda :D
Amanda :D Hace 3 días
Esther M
Esther M Hace 3 días
9:21 pause it at this timestamp and notice how he literally found an EMERALD ORE
I see it good catch
Minecraft Death Swap...
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