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To celebrate Steve Carrell and the Minions: Rise of Gru theatrical release on July 1, here is a re-imagining of The Office opening credits with Gru and his Minions.

Streaming now on Peacock: pck.tv/3mPrdWB

Illumination presents Minions: Rise of Gru only in theatres July 1.

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21 jun 2022






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The Office
The Office Hace un mes
Can you see all the references? Call them out in the comments 🍌
J Now
J Now Hace 5 días
Hahaha 🤣
Pyro Pineapple ッ
Pyro Pineapple ッ Hace 5 días
Jell-O prank, Dwight's mask from CPR class(STAYING ALIVE- Ah-Ah-Ah_Ah Staying ALIVEEE), Kevin's soup with bananas , The water tank lol with Dwight jr. , Of course the adjusting of the dundies, Kelly's birthday decorations in the background, the classic calculator, the fire drill made by Dwight with Angela's cat flying through the roof since Oscar didn't catch it, at the beginning literally any conference meeting with Michael, Kevin's butt scan, the paper airplane scene, but over here the rocket scene from Jim to pam, idk if this counts but the logo at the end, enlarged banana "That's what she said" lol, Jim and Pams kiss, Worlds best supervillain instead of Boss, The villain logo at the beginning, "Villain con" poster at the beginning, Spray-painted banana at the "welcome to Scranton", the logo on the truck at the beginning The dunder Mifflin "Evil company" logo with eh docks, Dwights pervert sketch at the reception, Star Mugs, Shrute farms, Minions farm Mug with Dwight's bobble head, on the calculator B00B5 was typed in. the drawing from is daughter in the background of Michaels office. And some more Minion ones but those are mainly office refences. Also i wonder why Jim has the star cup as he didn't make it to Kelly's birthday 🤔 whichever team made this- APPRICIATION 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💓💓❣❣
Stingy The Mine Songs effects
@August 28 i think episode 26
plam tree gaming
plam tree gaming Hace 8 días
200th comment
TheUltimateGamer Hace 9 días
Kyle thrown up the vent like bandit
Piepew Hace un mes
This is the craziest crossover that I would have never expected, beside Steve Carell playing Gru
the man
the man Hace 11 días
Michelle Jahns
Michelle Jahns Hace 21 un día
True lol
Piepew Hace un mes
@Brendan Black I said in my comment that he did?
Brendan Black
Brendan Black Hace un mes
You didn't realize until now that Steve Carell starred in both The Office and the Despicable Me/Minions movies? 🤔
TheAlphamorph Hace un mes
Literally, and I'm 100% satisfied wtih it too
alida flus
alida flus Hace un mes
The fact that this is official and not a fan made project is hilarious! Even if it’s only just the intro and it’s not a full show it’s still so cool!
Jeremiah Matthew CW
Jeremiah Matthew CW Hace 15 días
Its because the office has steve carrel as the actor and he made minions
Alpha0727 Hace 21 un día
@Ohma Zio ​ ​ Well, it is on the Official ESvid page for The Office (US) and it is promoting both the movie and that the Extended Superfan Episodes of The Office are on Peacock. That is my guess, but we may never know.
Ohma Zio
Ohma Zio Hace 23 días
wait it's official? where was it?? omgg
Thermitty QXR 🇺🇦
Agreed. They look cool yet animated
Trenton2005 Hace un mes
The fact this isn't fan made makes it even funnier. Since Steve Carell does Michael Scott and Gru it works pretty well.
the man
the man Hace 11 días
HoBoMiKe Hace 12 días
Gru looks strangely _right_ wearing normal formal office clothing, compared to his usual "evil turtleneck" supervillain look. you'd think him wearing normal clothing would be cursed, but his mannerisms are just subtle enough to pull it off.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Hace un mes
As crazy as this crossover is. I still find it hilarious. Think of the jokes the writers could make.
Spunow Hace un mes
Why does this look incredibly well made. Like the CG just completely blends into irl.
Stupid Waluigi
Stupid Waluigi Hace 4 días
People in the replies here are saying lighting. But really it comes down to compositing. The camera views the image here as kind of desaturated. So You have to do the same with the CG. Its a lot more than that but to sum it up. COMPOSITING!
the man
the man Hace 11 días
がもろう Hace 12 días
Power of good lighting
VectorAlpha 🗸
VectorAlpha 🗸 Hace un mes
Because of the lighting.
Kaushik Sundar
Kaushik Sundar Hace un mes
Background Details. 0:02 - Villain Con sign 0:05 - Dunder Minion Evil Company 0:06 - Enlarged Banana (thats what she said), Office Espionage Mallard, Prison Gru. 0:10 - Schrute Buck, Minion 101 (Froggy 101 reference), IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY sign. 0:11 - Minion Farms Bed and Bananas, Kevin Bobble Head 0:14 - 80085 0:15 - Kelly's gifted star mug (Jim never gets one though :P) 0:16 - "Thanks for not working" sign, Pervert Poster 0:22 - Angela's desktop wallpaper 0:25 - Gru's pic with the girls, Agnes's unicorn drawing, World's best super villain mug
Kreachie Hace un día
0:20 - Kevin’s Chilli, but Otto is in Kevin’s Role.
reeeeeec Hace 11 días
I think the 0:25 also includes his wife
I go by many names
I go by many names Hace 16 días
At 0:10 the minion on the box might be a reference about the Homer Simpson doll that is seen throughout the background in the office
Kyut PutatoPotatoh_Kamote Cute
Omg thank you! ♡
Arushree Dattaram
Arushree Dattaram Hace 25 días
@Ned Is Mysterio it was easily readable
Bobbi Rakus
Bobbi Rakus Hace un mes
The fact that this is official and not a fan made project is hilarious! Even if it’s only just the intro and it’s not a full show it’s still so cool! 😂🤩
TheGrim Hace un mes
@Michael Westen Bro thought he could make his youtube channel name the character from a show that aired in 2007 and that people wouldn't notice 😂😂. (This is a joke)
Michael Westen
Michael Westen Hace un mes
they will milk anything, calm down
Redd Foxx
Redd Foxx Hace un mes
I'd watch a minons version of the office...
Your Boi JP
Your Boi JP Hace un mes
I'd be pretty awesome if they redid the dinner party episode in this style. Literally everything is the same except that everyone is a minion or Gru.
Sponge man
Sponge man Hace un mes
Fan project will not too real like this 😂
Hippyhop OhSkippyDop
Is it just me or could this actually be like a good series
TJ Bolton
TJ Bolton Hace 5 días
Universal you COWARDS- MAKE THIS REAL!!!
the man
the man Hace 11 días
VibingSnowFlakes Hace 15 días
Honestly a great spin off idea, i can see this as a very decent series
Salem Hace 18 días
I can see it as a short film
Jeffrey van Esch
Jeffrey van Esch Hace 21 un día
It definitely would.
gh0sty Hace 20 días
I showed this to my Dad, who loves the Office, and Despicable Me, and he absolutely loved it. I can't describe how incredibly happy this makes me now. Love you, Dad.
Diego-San Hace un mes
0:19 the animation in this part is great!
Irken Pony
Irken Pony Hace 27 días
I honestly wouldn't mind seeing at least one episode of this made.
Youtubesplug Hace un mes
Steve Carell playing as both gru and Michael scott
Average robloxian
Average robloxian Hace 2 días
@Jhonny Jhon I didn’t know that but now I’m seeing it
ToadToon Hace 2 días
@Jhonny Jhon I didn't know that I haven't seen it before kod
You passed the bar?
You passed the bar? Hace 3 días
That’s the pount
Kim Smith
Kim Smith Hace 5 días
You may have found something
@Catshal 106 r/wooosh
Wilo Polis
Wilo Polis Hace un mes
I like how Steve Carell is playing Gru who's playing Michael Scott.
Paul Bauman
Paul Bauman Hace 22 días
Steve Carrel got me into the Despicable Me franchise
sfdudeca Hace un mes
I’ve never seen “The Office,” but I understand the gist of this. Truly fun stuff those Minions! 🤣😂👍🏼
Andry Patrick Rakotondrazaka
Bro! You're really missing something! Watch it now! ;)
Ima flipping Kirbo
Ima flipping Kirbo Hace un mes
Ricky Powell
Ricky Powell Hace un mes
wes Hurst
wes Hurst Hace un mes
Never seen the office 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Dwight G. Halpert
Dwight G. Halpert Hace un mes
Well it’s not late to try. Join in the rollercoaster of different emotions watching it.
FTV Funtime videos
FTV Funtime videos Hace un mes
I would honestly love to see a full episode of this!
The Mystic
The Mystic Hace un mes
This crossover looks beautiful! I've seen some other companies using Minions in their ads but it doesn't have the same sense of humor and charm as this, which Minions *should* have.
Sean Barrett
Sean Barrett Hace un mes
Whatever team created this, they did an amazing job. The animation blends so well with the real footage.. weird.
Karla Fifiková
Karla Fifiková Hace un mes
@Doc Possum Kevin is cosplaying Dwight.
Doc Possum
Doc Possum Hace un mes
@SealyMan oh ok lol I thought they were all the same 😂
SealyMan Hace un mes
@Doc Possum cause Kevin is tall and Otto is round..?
Doc Possum
Doc Possum Hace un mes
@SealyMan ya that's cool but why not have kevin play kevin 😂
SealyMan Hace un mes
@Doc Possum it's the Minion's name. Like Bob, Stuart & Otto...
Jake Johansen
Jake Johansen Hace 13 días
I would watch this series in a heartbeat if they made it
Adrian Zihan Li
Adrian Zihan Li Hace 9 días
This needs to be an actual series!
Poggers Boi
Poggers Boi Hace un mes
the crossover we didn't deserve but still got
View Remix™
View Remix™ Hace 26 días
Pleaseeeeeeeeee….WE NEED ONE WHOLE EPISODE OF “The Minions” 😭
The fact that Steve Carell plays Gru makes this even more perfect
Player Zero
Player Zero Hace un mes
@Oh no! anyway Both of those mean the same thing
spaceflight101 Hace un mes
@Oh no! anyway totally avoiding a Lightyear controversy.
spaceflight101 Hace un mes
(Gru walks into his office and looks around) "Must be deja vu. I feel like I've been here before."
Neo-Anarchist——Ecocentric Radical
That was the ficking point.
Oh no! anyway
Oh no! anyway Hace un mes
he doesn't play him he voices him
Super HarrisonXD-O-Rama!
It would be even more funny if they could re-create the fire drill scene with minions.
MCGameJolter Hace 16 días
The fact the CGI is so well done that it ALMOST looks like they're there is amazing! Gives me nostalgia to videos I use to watch back in 2014-2015
ZX Hace 9 días
I would love to for this to be an actual series. 😂
Daniel L
Daniel L Hace 23 días
This has me smiling each time I see it
Alfred C.
Alfred C. Hace un mes
They actually reenacted Angela throwing her cat up in the ceiling lol. That got me.
Surfin Hace un mes
one of my favorite parts from the fire drill lmao
Pamady Hace un mes
The moment when Dwight taking fire drill into the next level 🤣
Dr. KoKoDaYo
Dr. KoKoDaYo Hace un mes
no Hace un mes
It was amazing
FoxForger Hace un mes
No but for real, this is the best CGI I have seen in a long time
big man
big man Hace 2 días
I love that on the chart at 0:07 'office espionage' has a mallard beside it, which is a reference to the time Dwight hid a listening device inside a wooden duck to spy on Jim.
Saris Windsong
Saris Windsong Hace un mes
This is extremely well done 🤩
West Wing
West Wing Hace un mes
Now I need this as an actual show
Dale Gabriel Tan
Dale Gabriel Tan Hace un mes
It's honestly insane how far CGI has improved over the years to the point it looks as if the Minions are indeed in real life.
the man
the man Hace 11 días
HoBoMiKe Hace 14 días
the CGI at 0:04 looks really fake (when the minions are herding inside the building) but everything else looks incredible, like it really could be a minion on camera. the rotoscoping is amazing and gets the job done. they spent a lot of love and money on their craft and it payed off
DzNutz Hace 17 días
@Ned Is Mysterio Can't argue with stupid people. I am sorry for you. Goodbye.
Ned Is Mysterio
Ned Is Mysterio Hace 17 días
@DzNutz What does this have to do with anything I just said? And I’m the one changing the topic 🤣 listen to yourself it all started just because you corrected me ITS A COMMENT SECTION I WAS GETTING MY POINT OUT. You don’t understand ESvid do you? You still felt the need to correct my mistake even though it’s obvious what I was saying. What a hypocrite. Must not be very smart if you waste time correcting people over spelling when you are still able to understand the point of what they are saying.
TheUltimateGamer Hace 9 días
I love that Kevin plays Dwight it's perfect
Scout Hace un mes
Is the whole office digitally recreated? I would love a behind the scenes!
Maria F
Maria F Hace 28 días
The sheer amount of details in this astounds me I'd watch this show tbh
Dylanfoxay gameh
Dylanfoxay gameh Hace un mes
Would love to see this as a mini series!!!!
Ryan Trent
Ryan Trent Hace un mes
LionManatic2048 Hace un mes
This was genius! A crossover, that I'd never even thought to exist, but a crossover that I'm very happy to have witnessed at least a sliver of! It's so perfect!
P0GB0Y 2464
P0GB0Y 2464 Hace un mes
I don't know why but seeing this just warms my heart. The real multiverse of madness.
doliio volay
doliio volay Hace un mes
Hearing the office theme always make me feel warm inside.
Mhmd Fawzy
Mhmd Fawzy Hace un mes
When the CG artist has all the references he wishes for. Awesome work guys mimicking all the details, the camera movement, the light, everything. This is amazing
Noah H
Noah H Hace un mes
Like the It is your birthday sign and how the window is boarded up because previously in that episode it was smashed 10/10
SealyMan Hace un mes
I.D. Hace un mes
Best part is how fitting it actually is instead of being a weird crossover
Metatton Hace un mes
This is so flipping good, and when I realized this was a legit ad I knew there was hope
Romaine Wright
Romaine Wright Hace un mes
I cannot describe how much this just made my day 😁
Eternal_Havok1 Hace un mes
I would love to see many seasons of this
Physer Hace 4 días
When I first saw this I had no clue so I decided to watch the office for the first time now I’m smiling when I watch this
Manan Patel
Manan Patel Hace un mes
I want a version with Creed sitting on his desk like everything's normal.
Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness
@clipobserver actors? you could just splice in a shot of each one
BROX Basher
BROX Basher Hace un mes
And it's just Dr. Nefario.
Paulo Giron
Paulo Giron Hace un mes
Playing solitaire, of course
Sword Domo
Sword Domo Hace un mes
With the onion eating bit and all the minions laughing.
Bungie Crimes
Bungie Crimes Hace un mes
No I think he means just a normal non animated creed sitting around all this chaos.
Infinite Psycho
Infinite Psycho Hace un mes
This would be amazing as a full blown series with just the minions and the offfice even as a mini series
J Loc$
J Loc$ Hace 25 días
Bro this is an absolute masterpiece bless you 😪❤️ i love the Pam minion 🤣
Derrian Spencer
Derrian Spencer Hace un mes
This is hilarious! I never expected for this to work so well!
Nick Willson
Nick Willson Hace un mes
Amazing! Am going to show my little brother this show he loves the minions and now hes going to watch the entire show! Yay!
Mohamed Faizan
Mohamed Faizan Hace un mes
This is not something I ever thought I wanted, but here we are. Any new Office content, in whatever shape or form, is like finding lost treasure.
Gustavo Fring
Gustavo Fring Hace un mes
@Isayah Snow good point
Isayah Snow
Isayah Snow Hace un mes
@Gustavo Fring Point stands that a Minions video is the wrong time and place to be spamming religious ideologies on people.
Gustavo Fring
Gustavo Fring Hace un mes
@It’s Aurora Borea-all over for you! he's not forcing lmao
It’s Aurora Borea-all over for you!
@Jesus Saves! Don't force religion on a Minions video
CAM’s World
CAM’s World Hace un mes
Partially agree
yudodis46 Hace 28 días
I love the chart having a Mallard labeled as 'office espionage'. Pretty sure that's a reference to when Dwight tried to spy on Jim through a wooden mallard.
Littlemaz1 Hace un mes
Bro y’all should make A whole series of this!! I would love to watch more of this!
Ahmed Alobaidi
Ahmed Alobaidi Hace un mes
Love this so much! LOL 😂😂
GiornoBPR65 Hace un mes
Bob would've made a great Kevin since they're both chubby and sweet people, and Kevin being Dwight does fits in, Stewart being Jim made a lot of sense and Gru is pretty obvious to pick, That's What She Said
Noah Mendel
Noah Mendel Hace un mes
Kevin's chilli still gets me even if its minion version of kevin
• 𝚂 𝚝 𝚞 𝚊 𝚛 𝚝 •
@V XYPLEX! Ratio + L + no one asked + bozo + kpop mid
Nicky Hace un mes
@V XYPLEX! why would a kpop stan be here?
Val Hace un mes
@SugarSkulls not supposed to be funny
SugarSkulls Hace un mes
Office fans overhyped the Kevin's chili moment and when I watched it it wasn't funny. Thanks, guys.
Fausto Faria
Fausto Faria Hace un mes
@BasketCase420 I did not compare it with anything. I just said it is sad... And judging my intention is not a good plan if you wanna have a nice conversation about The Office.
Steve Hace un mes
This is so awesome. You see, gru is cooler than you think. I'm in love with these minions
raedwulf61 Hace un mes
I'd watch a full episode of this.
BairView Films
BairView Films Hace un mes
Please, for the love of everything good just make one episode of this!
Raindacash Hace un mes
Dude that was so high quality, we need full episodes of this
Outflex Hace un mes
The crossover I didn’t know I needed
ScoutScootSceet Hace un mes
@ChaseTheYFMFan k.
ChaseTheYFMFan Hace un mes
@ScoutScootSceet k.
ScoutScootSceet Hace un mes
@ChaseTheYFMFan true, but I meant the 2010 movie, or the 2013 movie.
ChaseTheYFMFan Hace un mes
@ScoutScootSceet the movie came out 6 days ago.
captain toad
captain toad Hace un mes
@Stupid Rat yes
LaLuna Hace un mes
Omg i wish this was a series ❤️
Windra Windra
Windra Windra Hace un mes
I never knew i wanted this until this moment. AMAZING
Floosh Hace un mes
I would love to see this actually be a series
Nea Hace un mes
No words for how much I love this 😍😍😍😍
NEON _WOLF Hace un mes
I actually wish this was a TV series the office minions crossover is something I didn't even know I needed till now 😂
It’s Aurora Borea-all over for you!
@V XYPLEX! A wild K-Pop fan spotted
What? Hace un mes
This ain't important but I was the 1000th like
*I N V E S T*
Carlos López Ortega
Shut up take my money.💵💵
V XYPLEX! Hace un mes
Ratio + k-pop better👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
jMattMorians Hace 26 días
This is simply amazing, I have no words
Edgarp7009 Hace 6 días
This is an absolute master peace!
Ian’s Random Opinions
This is beautiful. I’ve watched this 20 times already nonstop
OlafttheGreat1998 Hace un mes
Why do these characters integrate so well into a live-action environment
Evelyn Heu
Evelyn Heu Hace un mes
This is just fantastic! 💜
ClxudsOCE Hace 12 días
If this was a show I would definitely watch it
Evelyna Aspidov Ravlo
The amount of detail in this is amazing! I just watched it at half speed and there are so many Easter eggs 😂
cryzz0n Hace 24 días
Is it just me or could this actually be like a good series
Lane Atkinson
Lane Atkinson Hace un mes
Ok, if this was a TV show I'd watch it. Surprisingly adorable, and I love that the animation is over the real backgrounds!
the man
the man Hace 11 días
TomboyRaider101 Hace un mes
The cgi animations over the real backgrounds look so seemless! 10/10 would watch full episodes if this was a thing.
dirt child mcgee
dirt child mcgee Hace un mes
same! this would make for a cute series of short episodes maybe, i can't see the novelty lasting 20 mins at a time but i definitely want more of this
Rachelcookie321 Hace un mes
For real, I need a full episode of this at the very least. But I would happily watch a full season.
Ttayw niwre
Ttayw niwre Hace un mes
Some part of me wants this to be an actual show, it would be the best crossover in history.
Frazix Hace 13 días
At 0:12 I love Kevin’s reaction
Kaiju Cooper.
Kaiju Cooper. Hace un mes
Wow, this is going to be the movie of all time for sure.
Oncimio Hace un mes
I’m surprised this is the first time the full official soundtrack of this theme was uploaded to this channel! Except in minion form, why hasn’t there been a regular office intro video in HD?
Cory Spiers
Cory Spiers Hace un mes
Wow, I expected this to be really cringe, but it was actually high quality and made me smile. Nice work, lads.
Texts Show
Texts Show Hace un mes
You expected it to be cringe? Seriously?
Justap Erson
Justap Erson Hace un mes
@DJam Mtz Steve Carell had almost literally nothing to do with this.
DJam Mtz
DJam Mtz Hace un mes
Nah c'mon man, when you have the idea that Steve Carell is in both, you got something good coming
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