MIRACLE WORKERS Official Trailer (2019) - Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi

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Miracle Workers - Official Trailer (2019) - Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi
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Available February 12th on TBS.
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20 dic 2018

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Comentarios 192
Muse Queen 101
Muse Queen 101 Hace un hora
1:42 I died😂😂😂
Matia jahan
Matia jahan Hace 12 horas
Harry McCallum
Harry McCallum Hace un día
JacobLaura KeyesTV
JacobLaura KeyesTV Hace 5 días
This is basically God’s Adventures but not in comic form
Alex Hay
Alex Hay Hace 6 días
So Buscemi is just playing as himself then
Komal Sharma
Komal Sharma Hace 9 días
Kinda like the good place... Though, Daniel really has some best choices in films post HP era. A farting doll angel, now this..great
purujit parashar
purujit parashar Hace 11 días
Morgan Freeman will always be my god. He comes in a close second
Peter Barlow
Peter Barlow Hace 11 días
Search for God inc here on YT, they did this first!
ItzMaddieDatGurl Hace 12 días
Super Clutch
Super Clutch Hace 14 días
so daniel radcliffe is doing different things look at the harry potter man go
Steph H
Steph H Hace 14 días
It's the cab driver from deadpool! He was also in a diet coke commercial
Ramy Hace 17 días
Well, blow it up then.
SaiVikram Madireddy
SaiVikram Madireddy Hace 18 días
Deadpool meets Harry Potter.
Toby Clark
Toby Clark Hace 19 días
The difference between God and the Devil the Devil shows up before God ever do! LOL
Naniun. Hace 19 días
Plot twist, this is a Spin Off of the good place
Trouve Cetto
Trouve Cetto Hace 20 días
"background song please? :)
Lester Jester
Lester Jester Hace 20 días
If only god were real.
The Modern Dictator
The Modern Dictator Hace 20 días
Blasphemy, Illuminati agenda
Rosie Mandujano
Rosie Mandujano Hace 20 días
Blow up earth???? Finally a great idea!!!!! Thank you God!!!!
BecauseYouMatter Hace 21 un día
Daniel Radcliffe hasn't had anything good movies after HP... Do you agree?
Lester Jester
Lester Jester Hace 20 días
BecauseYouMatter Horns was amazing, as was Swiss Army Man.
monkey butt
monkey butt Hace 21 un día
You had me at, “Steve Buscemi is God.”
G. Chatterjee
G. Chatterjee Hace 21 un día
Nostalgia will win. So Dan why not ????
Google Mailbox
Google Mailbox Hace 21 un día
Madam Satan
Madam Satan Hace 21 un día
Aww look at the Harry Potter man go
MyMagic LouLou
MyMagic LouLou Hace 21 un día
One of reason why i dont believe heaven, hell and god : blow up earth? Really?
Lera Shvets
Lera Shvets Hace 22 días
My God, those cuts are painful to watch.
CynicalIdealist Hace 22 días
I'm here for the Harry Potter jokes.
al mahamud
al mahamud Hace 22 días
teri baap ki land me ghus ke maarunga.🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜
Limitlxss Hace 22 días
Ummmm Harry go back to Hagrid’s hut because I just feel like it’s the place to be tonight
Mephistin Hace 22 días
Your a Christian Harry
Prabhleen sandhu
Prabhleen sandhu Hace 22 días
Ohh i couldn't stop laughing😂
dieulinh007 Hace 22 días
This looks like a Christmas movie, so going to watch this.
fearreavers Hace 22 días
I am really sad that my mom died a year ago. She would have LOVED this.
Yannick Weber
Yannick Weber Hace 23 días
So, God is having a "midlife" Crisis?
Erik Lindhurst
Erik Lindhurst Hace 23 días
This looks lame. God can't or won't save the planet, so an angel is going to try. Whenever people create their own concept of God, they turn Him into a worn out version of themselves, powerless and disinterested. It is a shabby insult to the real God and to those who actually trust in Him.
TheBlupickles Hace 6 días
+Erik Lindhurst To know of, and to know are not the same thing. Movies and television shows that depict God as you've described tend to not have an actor represent God and rather show Him through occurrences. This show with its grand setting, is meant to be relatable. Hence, the angels seem to be the main characters. It appears that rather than waiting on or asking God for a miracle, they're going to attempt to make one by working together. A good message, in my humble opinion.
Erik Lindhurst
Erik Lindhurst Hace 6 días
I understand what you are saying. But, at least to my mind, the versions the artists create seem to give God short shrift. They all seem the same to me: flawed, uncertain, uncaring. Can you recall a TV show or movie that depicts God as a wonderful, powerful, loving being who takes a great interest in our welfare and who longs for us to love Him in return? I guess Hollywood thinks that would not make a great story. I don't know...The God character played by Steve Buscemi is not the guy I hope to spend eternity with. And, by the way, God definitely does want us to know Him; that is why He sent His Son to us.
TheBlupickles Hace 6 días
We do not know, nor should we assume to know God. As such, why not allow these artists to create as many versions as they are inspired to? Who knows...one person may see themselves and be inspired to seek the truth.
Erik Lindhurst
Erik Lindhurst Hace 7 días
Dianne Schuman You obviously did not understand what I meant. I am not saying that is how I see God. I am saying that is how filmmakers present God. I am saying that Hollywood never even attempts to show us an all-loving and omnipotent God. They see Him as "powerless and disinterested" because they don't know the real Him. And that is supposed to be the basis for their new TV show. That is why I said it was lame.
Dianne Schuman
Dianne Schuman Hace 7 días
God is a worn out version of themselves, powerless and disinterested. Have you actually read the Bible?
Fred Grady
Fred Grady Hace 23 días
This looks promising! Yeah, I know previews are often better than the shows themselves. Given the concept and cast, I’m giving this one a try. Do you think possibly that “The Good Place” may have been some inspiration towards it’s creation?
eri139 Hace 23 días
Idea itself has potential, looks like it'll be executed poorly here though.
jelenamat92 Hace 23 días
Actually, it is still customary in Serbia to sacrifice a ram when people are building a house for example, but not as often lately. I've been a witness to that some 10 years ago. Rural areas mostly as their conditions allow it. And then we feasted on it.
Lex C.
Lex C. Hace 23 días
Nice idea and cast. The execution, though.
Moomen Schance
Moomen Schance Hace 23 días
god is an american white male. really?
TheCoper COper
TheCoper COper Hace 23 días
This will bomb so badly...
s m
s m Hace 23 días
Daniel with a beard looks like he is in his late 30s. As soon as he cuts it he looks like a freaking teenager. ๏_๏
rosh181992 Hace 23 días
I really like Daniel Radcliffe’s choice as an actor! So fresh and different.
Jason Walsh
Jason Walsh Hace 24 días
Steve Buscimi should do a movie with Macaulay Culkin where he plays his dad, but he’d have to have his hair like white and grey..
JDMime Hace 24 días
I'm betting most of the people in this movie are atheists :). It looks funny. I always like a movie that isn't afraid to poke fun at religion. (ex- Life of Brian, Dogma)
Marta Chudek
Marta Chudek Hace 24 días
William H. Macy would be perfect as God
Fiona Hace 24 días
Steve was advertising for this back in Spy Kids 2 “Do you think God hides in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he created?”
rogerman pistol
rogerman pistol Hace 24 días
good god not even funny..
AbbysAwsomeness Hace 24 días
This better be on hulu!
jeaniebird Hace 24 días
I'm only sad this is a movie instead of a series. Can't wait to see it!
Meredith Richardson
Meredith Richardson Hace 24 días
Well. I guess I start sacrificing rams again.
doina dragomir
doina dragomir Hace 24 días
daniel radcliffe it s a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!! since harry potter nothing worked with this guy !!!!!! sorry it s a shit ! Steve buscemi a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig talent , yes
Marc Duval
Marc Duval Hace 24 días
What’s with the horrible audio editing at the beginning when Angela is interviewing Daniel Radcliffe
Amici Nybråten
Amici Nybråten Hace 24 días
So... god is depressed, and Earth's fucked?
T A Hace 24 días
I just wanna say, when I imagine heaven this is more or less what I think.
Time Lord
Time Lord Hace 24 días
Simon Larent
Simon Larent Hace 24 días
So heaven is pretty much working class USA. No wonder Africa's been treated like shit.
Faiitheless Hace 24 días
implying Earth is the only habitable planet in the millions of galaxies...
Mephistin Hace 22 días
Wirable89 4Life
Wirable89 4Life Hace 24 días
Great movie
bug juice
bug juice Hace 24 días
Daniel Holm
Daniel Holm Hace 24 días
I think it looks good! More like a show maybe
sajjad fereshteh'hush
sajjad fereshteh'hush Hace 25 días
looks cheesy ! god i love Daniel Radcliffe but amount of good films he played after HP series is too god damn little and it's sad cause i think he is a really good actors
Colin Winter
Colin Winter Hace 25 días
Darrell Padilla
Darrell Padilla Hace 25 días
Cant stand that gay indian
Divya Punjabi
Divya Punjabi Hace 21 un día
+Mephistin thanks! Our mission seems to be accomplished! I didn't know just existing can be so fruitful for us. You make me laugh. Great service you know XD
Mephistin Hace 22 días
Indians are trying like hell to not be annoying... it's not working. They are forever an annoying tech support country designed to piss off every proper English speaking person on Earth.
annabodhi38 Hace 25 días
No. Absolutely no way.
Gabriele Serretti
Gabriele Serretti Hace 25 días
Look at the Potter man! Look at him go!
310katie310 Hace 25 días
So, they liked him as "God" on Nurse Jackie - and .... here we are, these many years later. Could be cute. High production values. Ticked all the diversity boxes... most likely will forget it's on and skip. Good luck!
Vern Kevin Martinez
Vern Kevin Martinez Hace 25 días
"So I decided to blow up earth" thank you God.
Yasmin E
Yasmin E Hace 15 días
Vern Kevin Martinez Signs of the last days....
Reg Munday
Reg Munday Hace 21 un día
No Trump, whooppee!
Prabhleen sandhu
Prabhleen sandhu Hace 22 días
No planet, no humans, no problem. Perfect
BoredPandaNomNom Hace 24 días
Please, anytime now would be fine. Amen.
Oğul Deniz SOYHAN
Oğul Deniz SOYHAN Hace 25 días
This looks like shit, definitely gonna see it
Tori Marsh
Tori Marsh Hace 6 días
hahahahaha! my sentiments, exactly!
The Question
The Question Hace 25 días
I just need to know the context of the set photos from Guns Akimbo, then I can die happy
chas ames
chas ames Hace 25 días
Looks awful. But I'll watch it and 'pray' that I'm wrong.
SuperCanayaZ Hace 25 días
Well ... I agree with God, blow this shithole once and for all.
Lewis Carter
Lewis Carter Hace 25 días
Radcliffe what are you doing ?
성준호 成俊虎
성준호 成俊虎 Hace 25 días
Harry Potter is working.
clint brunke
clint brunke Hace 25 días
at first glance I thought this would be stupid and honestly this trailer did not help much , i think the trailer most likely takes away from what this has going for it. and thats acting. the mood seems like typical sitcom but the characters come off as having actual depth . we all know buscemi and radcliffe can act but thinking there might be something to this . will give it a real shot
Kazou Korimaru
Kazou Korimaru Hace 25 días
Group meeting believing something wonderful is going to happen. Then find out that everyone is being laid off. - anarchy begins -
lanu432 Hace 25 días
At least get the theology right before butchering it with sarcasm, comedy, satire or whatever u called it with..
lanu432 Hace 24 días
+Amici Nybråten well, that's your 'opinion'.
Amici Nybråten
Amici Nybråten Hace 24 días
How can "theology" be right? It's just some guys' opinions.
Ming Hace 26 días
This looks sick
lyinsroar Hace 26 días
really reminds me of "drop dead diva"
Over 40
Over 40 Hace 26 días
Actually, Steve Buschemi is God so its perfect casting
Ray El
Ray El Hace 26 días
Yet another cliched Hollywood portrayal of God as a selfish, disconnected, loser hippie. No thanks. Supernatural did an entire season of it and that was quite enough.
Ray El
Ray El Hace 18 días
+Vagrant Bushcraft I agree with you 100%. That being said, if your approach to someone is hostile and aggressive, you lose the right to criticize other people for being hostile and aggressive in return for whatever reason they choose to be, even Christians. There is a difference between speaking your mind and being a jerk. Nobody learns a thing when a conversation devolves into a fight.
Vagrant Bushcraft
Vagrant Bushcraft Hace 18 días
Ray El if someone takes what I say personally and they let it affect them in a negative manner, then that's not my problem. We all have the right to voice our opinions and speak our minds. But it irritates the fuck out of me when people, like you, think they and others deserve some sort of useless safe space where your beliefs and opinions can't be challenged. EVERY belief and opinion deserves to be challenged, it's how people learn and grow and are forced out of their little comfort zone. This is reality, try to enjoy it and not wrap yourself up in metaphorical bubble wrap and stick your head in the sand.
Ray El
Ray El Hace 19 días
+Em E. Again...that wasn't how I was using the word. But this isn't about any of that anyway. These kinds of conversations and the ensuing loss of brain cells can be entirely and easily avoided by asking if it's really worth it to take an opening pot shot at somebody. But once you throw it, this is where it can wind up and it's not necessary. Instead, this could have been a discussion about how differently people see the universe and how they feel that plays into their belief or disbelief in a higher power. Certainly, nobody's mind would have been changed by that conversation. But that wouldn't have been the point. It's all results from intention.
Ray El
Ray El Hace 19 días
+Vagrant Bushcraft And that right there is the entire point. It's very clear that you don't care about me and that I don't care about you. Yet, being on the internet SHOULD NOT excuse anyone from having manners. There are people out there, particularly young ones, who can be devastated by this kind of back-and-forth nastiness. I can brush it off and go about my business or use it to try to make a point, but not everybody can. You, me, and everybody SHOULD learn to care about the impact our words have on others and start conversations in a way that encourages dialogue, debate and understanding, even with total strangers on the web. You don't know where they are in life and whether the things you say could be the one thing that pushes them over the edge or inspires them to see the world differently. Even if it's just a little bit.
Ray El
Ray El Hace 19 días
+Em E. Sweetness, you might want to look up the word "snipe" on Merriam-Webster before you presume to talk about comprehension and other people's intellect. The second noun entry is the usage you're looking for. Seriously. People like you make this far too easy.
Adrian okingsly prentice
TBS:lets make another Christian tv show Me:😐...just fucking cut it like please we get you want the whole world to pray to a god from greek mythology and of which I don't have the time nor the strength to do so at all.
Mario Rugeles
Mario Rugeles Hace 26 días
Looks like a dumb/cheesie movie...But I will see it because Steve Buscemi
yoga asix
yoga asix Hace 26 días
God, Dopinder, Harry Potter, I'm in....!
xneverwalkalonex Hace 26 días
I'm not religious, more your friend of the earth, power of the universe, big bang believing spiritual tree hugger type, but that's a god I could believe in.
Ben V
Ben V Hace 26 días
What is the song in the trailer?
Godisgood Allthetime
Godisgood Allthetime Hace 26 días
This proves that turning off my cable four years ago is the right decision. Or going to the movies. I'm not missing a thing.
WordsAreLikeRivers Hace 26 días
Way more believable than the bible.
Sy A
Sy A Hace 26 días
Sy A
Sy A Hace 26 días
You’re not a hobo Harry.
Mr. Limekiller
Mr. Limekiller Hace 26 días
Wow look how diverse and multicultural it all is wow such diversity and multiculturalism whoa it's every shade of brown all at once
Kaizen Mckenzie
Kaizen Mckenzie Hace 26 días
Home Alone 52 looks good.
kushmanthebushman Hace 26 días
Plz direct to illegal torrents. Awful.
Vaibhav Hace 26 días
I think I'll like this... 😊
Al Mahdi
Al Mahdi Hace 26 días
Interesting! :D Let's see your power of imagination! :D
mariam berikashvili
mariam berikashvili Hace 26 días
I actually like it can't wait so see
smith williams
smith williams Hace 26 días
Limited series. Yeah we know it will be
Argh Jay Em
Argh Jay Em Hace 26 días
A restaurant?!?....at the end of the universe perhaps? “So I’ve decided to blow up Earth.” Getting a kind of Douglas Adams vibe here!
imasinnerimasaint Hace 9 días
Good, so I'm not the only one then.
Lazy Sloth
Lazy Sloth Hace 26 días
good to know he's as lazy as me.
Whatever YT
Whatever YT Hace 26 días
Looks funny. I'll give it a watch.
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