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Miracle Workers - Official Trailer (2019) - Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi
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Available February 12th on TBS.
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20 dic 2018






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Comentarios 515
A Tenda Dos Deuses
A Tenda Dos Deuses Hace 21 un hora
Every year harry potter gets worse. This is sad. And lately comedy?! Oh...
Wolf Haley
Wolf Haley Hace 2 días
The editing in this trailer is so So, so bad. Try again.
Minwon Jang
Minwon Jang Hace un día
I think it's just Daniel's manner of speech that makes the video look chopped up.
india atkin
india atkin Hace 7 días
this trailer gave me Type 2
lefr33man Hace 7 días
"I hans-uh-pry-uhs"
Talha Siddiqui
Talha Siddiqui Hace 7 días
The actual episode are too short so therefore its shit
Pedros Henriquez
Pedros Henriquez Hace 8 días
And this isbhow they rub it on our faces lol the truth in plane site
Nita Tarr
Nita Tarr Hace 9 días
Don't be fooled, God hears your prayers: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-dn6NEYyEhZ0.html
Michael Kilsdonk
Michael Kilsdonk Hace 9 días
Angela works for God, yeah, that sounds about right, still has an office job though, and one with what seems to be HR, a downgrade from accounting I'd say
Hermironry Hace 9 días
Is it just me or does God look a bit like Metatron ... 🤔
TurboGamingUK Hace 10 días
Whats with the sudden surge in religious shows recently? :thinking:
Negjat Racaj
Negjat Racaj Hace 13 días
the indian guy is from Deadpool. He was Taxi driver
shawnakayable Hace 13 días
eh it looks like a cheesy version to the good place , if thats even possible
anonymous internet
anonymous internet Hace 13 días
hahahahahahahaha so good.... i want to give my short my testimony, i had been a christian for 20 years, i did all the good things, i really tried my best to did not do sin, you know you will not believe it if i tell you this i prayed like 3-4 hours a day (sometimes longer, but that's the average). i even wanted to become a preacher... at the age of 19 i was struggling with something very big in my life, it was something that far beyond my power... i was haunted by fear 24 hours a day, i only have rest when i sleep... i do not even want to tell you what it is, because its very personal and embarrassing to me. i prayed to the fucking jesus for 2 years, did he answer? you know the answer to that question. i did not lose my faith in an instant, it was a process of continues disappointment and heartache to this so called god...of hours days weeks months and years of unanswered prayer... god never did never never never did anything to me, but i did so many things for him/her/they/whatever. You christian, never ever tell me that i was wrong, i need to wait for his time, he has a better plan for my life, SHUT UP ! i have read the whole bible for 5 times...i know all of that shit! if jesus exist,i just wanna say....i was not wrong! god is wrong! now i'm 22, my problem still here...but its far far far better to rely on yourself, to not depend on some fairy tale, and its getting so much better....but the problem is still here,,,this past 3 years has been the darkest moment of my life,,,and i will get through all of this with my strength,i wont ever depend on that shit anymore...i'm so much happy right now, i don't know if god exist or not, just like i do not know whether a dragon,fairy,unicorn,etc exist or not...we do not have any solid evidence to say whether they are exist or not... but if god does exist then he is not a good god who is indifferent to us. Do not be brainwashed by religion, not one of them is proven by science...i found who i am by not involve in any religion. i really found my self. sorry for bad English, have a good life.
Andre Christoga Pramaditya
my man
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton Hace 14 días
yet another gay cheesy heaven departement of whatever, earth is in trouble, but we manage to save it so sick and tired of these feel good sunday afternoon crap movies for the bitch and her dumb kids FUCK EARTH AND FUCK HUMANS !!! GIVE US SOMETHING NEW AND RELEVANT !!!
Jesi Frostwhisper
Jesi Frostwhisper Hace 15 días
Religious people are offended... looks like I am watching it.
Adarsh Gautam
Adarsh Gautam Hace 16 días
so you decided to blow up earth 🤔
Havier Hace 17 días
Is this Movie or Series?
Eric Alexander
Eric Alexander Hace 18 días
Radcliffe's acting is absolutely 'atrocious' in this movie.
Rahul Dabhi
Rahul Dabhi Hace 18 días
Who gave God weeds....!?
Another Ginger
Another Ginger Hace 18 días
took you long enough god
CrustyHobo Hace 19 días
This trailer looks cool but that music is GOD awful
Richard Rocha
Richard Rocha Hace 20 días
Sorry Steve Buscemi and Harry Potter, but I'll watch because of ANGELA.
Drogindito Hace 20 días
0:19 just pause there and go do something else.
Jordan Joseph
Jordan Joseph Hace 20 días
You're a wizard Harry, not an angel.
Mary A
Mary A Hace 21 un día
This is so far the longest trailer I've seen from the how
madagraydaughter 101
madagraydaughter 101 Hace 21 un día
Why mock God. Do you know him, do you really know him. Be he careful, There is nothing funny about this
theklamfyr Hace 20 días
gaby 0909
gaby 0909 Hace 22 días
Se ve que va a ser una reverenda basura , me da pena por Daniel Radcliffe
dromaticdragon 9
dromaticdragon 9 Hace 23 días
so ummmm I must go to movie/show premire in my slytherin robe and yell "HARRY POTTER THE BOY WHO DEFEAT VOLDEMORT AND NAME HIS KIDS AFTER FAMOUS WIZARDS!" yeah I bet I would win a medal :) or I could cry and yell "HARRY YOU DIED!?" 90% of comments are of harry becoming an angel 50% are of "god" blowing up earth and accepting it (probably telling they are suicidal or hopes to see famous people in heaven) 7% is people yelling at Daniel telling him hes a wizard 1% is of them wanting to go to the premire and dress as their houses and just screaming harry potter is here down the halls
Phlebz Hace 23 días
He's got the whole world in his hands He's got the whole wide world in his hands
Selma donuts
Selma donuts Hace 24 días
I feel like watching this trailer is a sin itself
pessimystica Hace 24 días
God will NOT be mocked... don't watch this garbage!!!!!!
theklamfyr Hace 20 días
He will.... Fuck him.
Omega Prophet
Omega Prophet Hace 24 días
This is one of the most cringe inducing things I've ever seen. This is utter trash.
theklamfyr Hace 20 días
Christeduard Hace 25 días
Religious people can't take a joke...ya'll need to worry about your sexual abusing priests facing "the wrath of God" instead of jail time instead of screaming blasphemy on a satirical tv show...
theklamfyr Hace 20 días
+Breaker Heart Yes. It is.
Breaker Heart
Breaker Heart Hace 24 días
so it's ok to mock religion? lol....K
BigBob Hace 25 días
Okay, god is epic
Gunslinger Erron Black
*Hoochie mamma!* ~God
Ella Treloar
Ella Treloar Hace 26 días
I love how some dudes penis explodes
Sham Adams
Sham Adams Hace 26 días
you know hes a good actor if you just dont think of him as Harry Potter anymore.
Cole Peltier
Cole Peltier Hace 26 días
This is the most satanic show on t.v. and they couldn't have picked 2 better actors to get people to watch it. I was walking through the living room while I was high one day and it was on t.v. during the scene when Steve was explaining his restaurant idea and it was tripping me the fuck out lmao. This is the first time I am seeing that his character is God, I literally thought he was the devil while I was watching it out of context.
X-0 Studios
X-0 Studios Hace 27 días
0:47 Does anyone know the lady in the yellow suits name? She seems familiar
Nathan Saint
Nathan Saint Hace 28 días
Wow, this is a new low for mankind, Mocking the Lord God himself just for laughs
theklamfyr Hace 20 días
Hahahahahhahahaha poor snowflake
Mira ne
Mira ne Hace 28 días
God will not be mocked
theklamfyr Hace 20 días
Irene Hartgers
Irene Hartgers Hace 28 días
O God, what the hell is this?
Nathan Saint
Nathan Saint Hace 28 días
It's just man Mocking his creator just to have a laugh..
Over Opinionated Bogan
Well there is always option 2. Nuke God.
Ann Rum
Ann Rum Hace 29 días
God does not have fans, he has people who love him, because he is patient, kind, forgiving, long suffering, loving and the only way to life and joy and love. Whoever came up with this thing called movie clearly do not know God. Read the bible to get a clear picture of God instead of showing people who don't know him lies.
Dalong Sim
Dalong Sim Hace un mes
I love simon rich and his off beat weird unique show, but i hate how they always get cancel. Here hoping daniel radcliffe star power give this show life
Helena Lawton
Helena Lawton Hace un mes
I find this incredulously offensive because of it's huge deception and what it's trying to give the audience an impression of.
Nathan Saint
Nathan Saint Hace 28 días
Thought i was alone with that view. I stumbled on it on the internet, i struggled to watch the first episode, at the second episode i just couldn't take it anymore. I even feel bad that i watched a full episode
Alieza Inam
Alieza Inam Hace un mes
Hey guys, where can I watch the new episodes for free? THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD.
liz white
liz white Hace un mes
God wouldn't give two fucks nor be so conflicted lol
Salvador Prado Ramos
What the trailer doesn’t mention is that Potter and Buscemi are barely in the show and the Indian woman is the main character.
essenceofsoul27 Hace un mes
yayyy another show that mocks God and religion so unique
Lexo Cool
Lexo Cool Hace un mes
This show is stupid n boring
Ari Hace un mes
Miracle Workers Opening Credits | TBS esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-aKBOAxh7Mkw.html
김동호 Hace un mes
Old Harry porter and too old kevin (home alone)
Brayden Davies
Brayden Davies Hace un mes
is that riz ahmed?
Archangel Hace un mes
Only Satan’s children mock & disrespect God Tha FATHER like this in such a low pathetic way. Get ready for death & destruction...won’t be laughing then
theklamfyr Hace 20 días
Hahahahaha dont you think your priest should stop raping kids before getting mad at this, rapist?
Loui Coleman
Loui Coleman Hace un mes
For an entity so obsessed with giving AIDS to African kids and cancer to people’s elderly relatives, God sure does seem to have an empty schedule!
JT Hughes
JT Hughes Hace un mes
Anybody else think this is what people imagine Heaven is like when they're really high on something? JT
1dayullsee Hace un mes
They’ve been mocking god at an alarming rate these past few months......
1dayullsee Hace 20 días
theklamfyr personally...I don’t really care lol
theklamfyr Hace 20 días
.... Yeah they mock Thor.... Must be hard on your delicate feelings
謝哲維 Hace un mes
Goosebumps 🥺🥺🥺
Will T-P
Will T-P Hace un mes
This looks like a massive cringe fest
Bonks Hace un mes
Ginny took the kids
Guy Sharwood
Guy Sharwood Hace un mes
What a stupid idea for a series. This is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Paloma Hace un mes
Why do people picture God as a moron? Like he doesn't know what he's doing, like he's an idiot and he needs help from his own creation. They picture the angels as being nicer and smarter than God. To them, God's a jerk and he is unable to answer his own people's prayers... And he just doesn't care. The makers of this story have NO idea who the God of the Bible is. If they knew how good, merciful, loving, just, holy, patient, stern, sovereign, creative, powerful, and infinitely intelligent God is, they wouldn't have made this stupid and misleading show.
Paloma Hace 20 días
+theklamfyr The whole world was so wicked and perverted that they had to be destroyed. If those babies grew, they would've become as wicked as their parents and ended up going to Hell because of their sin. Even though the babies lost their lives, they didn't lose their eternal lives, which is way more important than this life. The babies that died in the flood are in a better place than you now because of your unbelief.
theklamfyr Hace 20 días
I loved when God killed babies by drowning the whole world.
Darren Davis
Darren Davis Hace un mes
Jesus is the final sacrifice, that is why nobody sacrifices rams to God anymore. Garbage show.
Cathy Vining
Cathy Vining Hace un mes
Portrayals like this of God, angels, Heaven, and prayers is why this world is so messed up! Blasphemy.
Martin Ng
Martin Ng Hace un mes
1:47 why is daniel Radcliffe a zombie now
Candy Knights
Candy Knights Hace un mes
Nyphila Hace 24 días
fair enough
TheBestGamer Hace 24 días
+Nyphila it's actually a TV show
Nyphila Hace un mes
well...no...it's a trailer for a movie.....stupidity is not a physical thing, nor is it a single thing that you can just point at.
saltwater ninja
saltwater ninja Hace un mes
Can't wait till people complain about god being portrayed by a white man lol
Nathan Saint
Nathan Saint Hace 28 días
No we are offended that God is being mocked.
DisT0rted Hace un mes
Harry! What are you doing outside of Hogwarts? Also, why are you reenacting the golden egg scene but without an egg?
Oscar Russell
Oscar Russell Hace un mes
The fact that Angela from The Office works for God is just... Yes.
David Henley
David Henley Hace un mes
Kathy Dethman
Kathy Dethman Hace un mes
Colin Terry
Colin Terry Hace 14 días
Bossestentialism Hace un mes
This looks horrible
Slushi3 Hace un mes
Whenever i think of Daniel, i think of harry potter. But he's a wizard.. not an angel but okayy
Thornia Parkes
Thornia Parkes Hace un mes
this is sacrilegious do not be deceived
Nathan Saint
Nathan Saint Hace 28 días
It's worse
Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas Hace un mes
I didn’t know heaven was full of hipsters from “her”
You are angel harry
Shop-a-Holic Hace un mes
Nah, stupid show...
Kristina Stevanovic
This is so getting cancelled
TheBestGamer Hace 24 días
No need, it's a limited series
Jessblue9 Hace un mes
First a deamon now a angel great job Daniel great job
BBCotaku Hace un mes
So it’s a show about good having a mental breakdown? Yeah. That sounds about right.
KirkeGaming Hace un mes
Finally a good movie
Moonfall777 Hace un mes
Oh dear. It looks like someone used the killing curse on Daniel Radcliffe's career and prospects.
Jason Hace un mes
Freaking blasphemy!!!!
Carla Ritter
Carla Ritter Hace un mes
Blasphemous..... Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 2 Timothy 3:4‭-‬5 KJV
Jackalofdeath Hace un mes
wait, this is a movie? looks like some tv series, so low budget
hentaipanda07 Hace un mes
I knew god just couldn't be arsed sometimes ... now this movie confirms it ...
Naama Gordon
Naama Gordon Hace un mes
As much as I like Daniel Radcliff I can't look at him the same way after that movie where he was a farting corpse
JetpackDino Hace un mes
God being a crackhead makes sense to me
Deadlyice204 Hace un mes
Umm yes please can it be on tv now
Karlo Sarmiento
Karlo Sarmiento Hace un mes
Steve Buschemi as god.. Sold!
Daniel Applegate
Daniel Applegate Hace un mes
the ice caps arent melting, the ice is growing
Opal Wolf
Opal Wolf Hace un mes
“Steve Buscemi is god” Correct “Daniel Radcliffe is an Angel” Absolutely
Daniel Appleton
Daniel Appleton Hace 3 días
+stupid Dead More Steve Buscemi, less televangelists & Right Wing morons.
manfred schmalbach
manfred schmalbach Hace 11 días
'Steve Buscemi is god' ... well, couldn't You have told us something slightly more ... newish, tbs?
stupid Dead
stupid Dead Hace 22 días
Makes sense to me
xoBlockblasters adventure
Angry Goblin
Angry Goblin Hace un mes
Finally something that looks fresh and original!
Colin Terry
Colin Terry Hace 14 días
Himayamata Hace un mes
I wonder what's Lucifer is doing right now
C Hace un mes
Another disgusting terrible demonized television programme...
K Clark
K Clark Hace un mes
Will Hollywood make a movie making fun of Buddha, or trannies, or Kali, or Vishnu, or Muhammad, or Islam, or Jews, or any other religion? Nope, that is hate speech. But mocking the Bible is not hate speech, that’s perfectly okay 👍 Sheeple
theklamfyr Hace 20 días
I loved that you admit to being just like "trannies" and muslims. Easily offended small bitches. I hope your feelings recover. Go suck trump off.
Hace un mes
What a garbage
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