MLB | Team United States - 2023 WBC Highlights 

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The United States finished 3-1 in Pool C play, defeating Venezuela in the Quarterfinal round, Cuba in the Semifinal round, and losing to Japan in the Finals.
0:00 Great Britain vs United States
1:10 Mexico vs United States
2:09 Canada vs United States
4:26 United States vs Colombia
5:49 United States vs Venezuela
8:24 Cuba vs United States
11:20 United States vs Japan
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21 mar 2023






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Savina B
Savina B Hace 6 meses
The Turner grand slam is the reason they made it to the final. This was an exciting tournament and well worth the wait💪🏻
AAron Judge
AAron Judge Hace 2 meses
They played Cuba after
317 Sportsball
317 Sportsball Hace 6 meses
It sucks they came up short at the end, but USA made a great run to the end! Their quarterfinal against Venezuela was one of the best baseball games I’ve ever attended! Electric atmosphere from first pitch to the very end ⚡️⚡️
CravenHarp5 Hace 4 meses
Were you close to where turner hit the home run
317 Sportsball
317 Sportsball Hace 4 meses
@CravenHarp5 about 20 rows behind the Team USA dugout
Epic Typhlosion
Epic Typhlosion Hace 6 meses
The atmosphere in the Mexico and Great Britain games were unreal. They really did feel like world series games
Justin Hace 6 meses
If the purpose of WBC is to develop the world of baseball and expand the baseball market around the world, MLB should reconsider how they approach to WBC and cooperate with Team USA. Most countries treat this tournament as like a World Cup in soccer, not as an exhibition game.
Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin
The USA should consider playing as their individual states, like the LLWS. My guess is most players would be more inclined to turn up for that than the US as a whole.
Yellow Flame Gaulent
I hope this inspires pitchers to show up. Next time but the USA still had a good run and showed up.
Jordan Ramirez
Jordan Ramirez Hace 6 meses
This was great for baseball all over the world
Kyle Brunson
Kyle Brunson Hace 4 meses
The way goldschmidt runs 😭😭😭
Rylan X 5000
Rylan X 5000 Hace 4 meses
Trea turner became the president of the United States with one swing
Teez Williams
Teez Williams Hace 4 meses
I can’t believe as an O’s fan they didn’t have Adley Rutchsman on the team!!! But great run!!
Strattbatt Hace 3 meses
They had arguably the current 2 best catchers on the team anyway
Alexis Cheeseman
Alexis Cheeseman Hace 11 días
Amazing 😍
Peter Kerr
Peter Kerr Hace 2 meses
Trea turner vs the world
Louis Storti
Louis Storti Hace un mes
If only the Phillies got wbc turner 😢
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown Hace un mes
He’s heating up now, I think he just needed some time maybe. Look at what castellanos is doing now vs last year. Trea will be back again.
George Jameson
George Jameson Hace 23 días
That’s what you have had the last month.
満天星特別 Hace 6 meses
Froot Loopz
Froot Loopz Hace 4 meses
Except they didn’t, japan beat us at the end.
John Cole
John Cole Hace 4 meses
OVO Bret Hart
OVO Bret Hart Hace 6 meses
Trout can’t a hit fastball to save his life 😂
Zach Martin
Zach Martin Hace 6 meses
I’d like to see you do what Trout has done in his career so far. Real easy for you to judge when you can’t do what he does, playing on one of the biggest stages in baseball
OVO Bret Hart
OVO Bret Hart Hace 6 meses
@Zach Martin id probably do the same as him
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton Hace 6 meses
@OVO Bret Hart it’s pretty hard so don’t say shit
OVO Bret Hart
OVO Bret Hart Hace 6 meses
@Bill Clinton I can because I would do the exact same thing as trout. Swing and miss, whether it’s 88 or 100.
Nathaniel Zimmer
Nathaniel Zimmer Hace 4 meses
That one announcer is sooo annoying
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