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Scallops may not be cheapest cuisine, but they're totally worth it. Join Molly as she shows you how to prepare them with corn and chorizo! Pro tip: treat scallops to the flavorful oil left behind when you cook chorizo-it’s basically liquid gold.

Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/pan-seared-scallops-with-chorizo-and-corn
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Molly Makes Scallops with Corn and Chorizo | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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17 sep 2018

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Molly Baz
Molly Baz Hace 2 meses
If you're not giving these scallops some buttery love whilst listening to Timecop 1983 tonight....are you even living, guys?
Boogieman Hace 20 horas
Synthwave is my jam!
Madd Dr. Ew
Madd Dr. Ew Hace un día
Kevin Joric Apolonio right?! 😂
Jovan Stojkovic
Jovan Stojkovic Hace un día
Listen to tonight, tonight..
ISHMAM Khalid Hace 28 días
what other protein would you use other than scallops?
Russell Kilgour
Russell Kilgour Hace un mes
Marry me Molly!
Madd Dr. Ew
Madd Dr. Ew Hace un día
Dude has a good taste in synthwave
Nora Theresa
Nora Theresa Hace 2 días
molly chris and claire are the reasons i watch this channel 😍
John Riddle
John Riddle Hace 3 días
Molly’s knife skills were impressive as hell
Larisa Sirbu
Larisa Sirbu Hace 5 días
I've seen this a few times now, but keep clicking it for the other suggestions.
Kellyann Kelly
Kellyann Kelly Hace 10 días
Please put your hair in a ponytail or wear a hair net. It’s so gross that you keep touching your hair then handling the food.
Mark Soberay
Mark Soberay Hace 11 días
I tried the recipe it's good but the buttermilk over powers the scallops...just use a dash of buttermilk or heavy cream
Odette Gonzalez
Odette Gonzalez Hace 11 días
OH MY CLAIRE DE LUNE! My absolute favorite piano classic! 😍😍😍😍
Will Lee
Will Lee Hace 13 días
Timecop1983 is awesome!
Twilightdaisi Hace 13 días
Molly is amazing and I love her
Aysha Kimble
Aysha Kimble Hace 13 días
She's like a blond dakota johnson
Fred Gebhardt
Fred Gebhardt Hace 17 días
Timecop1983 is amazing!!
Shlomo Schicklgruber
Shlomo Schicklgruber Hace 17 días
Cooking with rings on 😓
Rudy Hace 18 días
So many health code violations. Touching face, touching hair, touching ear buds. Cross contamination: Same knife that cuts chorizo and veggies Umm.......
comics geek
comics geek Hace 20 días
Chris looks so cute in this episode, it's weird lol. He normally is the intimadating guy with the judgey face, like he's got an aura of nobility(?) around him.
The end
The end Hace 21 un día
Molly needs to put her hair back, please!!!!
Matte Crystal
Matte Crystal Hace 22 días
9:23 dodge the boom mic
Nia Gonzalez
Nia Gonzalez Hace 26 días
Im in a Regional Vocational Technical high school and this channel helps me alot with culinary (my trade)
I'm so Fran
I'm so Fran Hace 28 días
OK, super in to Timecop 1983 now, so thanks! I may never actually cook one of your recipes, but I will take musical advice =)
Brandon Fante
Brandon Fante Hace un mes
Molly check out my music @LSD_25xp much LuV!!! Scallops are one of the few seafood items i enjoy thank you for this!!
Dixon Triconderoga
Dixon Triconderoga Hace un mes
This video makes me want to live in a kitchen.
nate806 Hace un mes
just checked out timecop1983 and was not disappointed. thank you chris.
JimmyJak Hace un mes
I miss Claire :(
JimmyJak Hace un mes
Really....scallops are from shells? I thought they grew on trees
Juan Velazquez
Juan Velazquez Hace un mes
Clair de lune.....did we just become best friends?!?!
Julia Bodaneze
Julia Bodaneze Hace un mes
For some reason I always laugh at Molly and Chris interactions
lilmonster90210 Hace un mes
This popped up on my suggestions bc I watch a lot of food ESvid, but why is this channel so popular?! also, is every guy on BA gay?
Simcha Schoenbrun
Simcha Schoenbrun Hace un mes
Trixie A Ogbebor (2021)
salt is not a season!!!!! you are not seasoning your just adding more salt!!!
Sky Above
Sky Above Hace un mes
This girl found gross to eat scallops muscles !?!?!?! You are weird !!!
Ellie ding
Ellie ding Hace un mes
Not sure if I fell in love with molly or just wanna become her
Dave Parra
Dave Parra Hace un mes
I love Molly! Molly Claire and Brad on Bon Appetit
Quinten Larocque
Quinten Larocque Hace un mes
Great video, but one suggestion, not cooking with rings on.
Colin McCarthy
Colin McCarthy Hace un mes
don't think you need to worry about that one tiny serrano pepper... that like, POUND of scallions, plus whatever other food there is here should balance out the lack of heat that that pepper brings. molly is still awesome and there is a lot of good technique/method knowledge here... even is she DOES have a super bland white-people spice tolerance
Melanie Clark
Melanie Clark Hace un mes
I love Molly. She's super knowledgeable and talented without being pretentious. She's like a super cool friend and makes you feel like you can easily make an amazing meal.
Crude Wan
Crude Wan Hace un mes
Holy cow Timecop1983!
Givpplspace Hace un mes
lol my friends' band toured with Timecop 1983. Check out Korine, they're pretty fun.
davidosolo Hace un mes
Who else is here because of Timecop1983 (and not the other way around)?
dashwood09 Hace un mes
I've never had scallops but now I want to try them.
Stephanie Flores
Stephanie Flores Hace un mes
Why’s she always dressed Amish like.
den525 Hace un mes
Molly is such a mum
dorkultra Hace un mes
Timecop1983 is so good
RCKoshka Hace un mes
scallop musles is good, change my mind
Matthew Jackson
Matthew Jackson Hace un mes
I like the idea of checking the Serrano pepper for spiciness. They can range from mild to very hot. Molly knows what she's doing.
Agatha Dolan
Agatha Dolan Hace un mes
Omg looks absolutely amazing
Jamey Collins
Jamey Collins Hace un mes
Timecop1983=fucking awesome!
cgarcia4tt Hace un mes
Here because of Timecop 1983, night drive.... wtf is all this scallop talk!
Nick from The Nick And Alan Show
I like that parts about music! Timecop 1983 is a fantastic band, but I agree with Molly, I prefer to work without lyrics. I listen to a ton of synth wave stuff while I cook/work/work out.
Sid Mewara
Sid Mewara Hace 2 meses
As one would, I looked up TimeCop 1983 on Spotify and it suggested River Of Darkness, an excellent song. My wife asks if this is a new version of Don Henley's Boys of Summer. Bloody hell, even the percussion is the same. 1.4 Million Spotify hits on that song alone, I wonder, of the 640K views here how many contributed to that uptick.
Ski Boss
Ski Boss Hace 2 meses
You can't say... Really delicious.
Robert Pruitt
Robert Pruitt Hace 2 meses
Only 3 people I'll even watch cook things I don't like(like seafood). Ramsey, chef John, and Molly.
onewaydeadend Hace 2 meses
That ring on her finger breaks my heart lol
Kenmanhl Hace 2 meses
When Molly said classical music, I was half expecting them to play Vivaldi - Four Seasons (Winter) for the plating and tasting.
Eddi PL
Eddi PL Hace 2 meses
Molly always makes me sigh... I think I have a crush on her. 😱🤗
nathan5875 Hace 2 meses
Sooooo grossssssss
M O Hace 2 meses
I see Molly I watch.
Angelo Aragon
Angelo Aragon Hace 2 meses
I made this for my boyfriends family and it turned out great 👍🏽
DevInvest Hace 2 meses
Molly, Molly, Molly, Molly,,, Why? I love scallops so much and I’m trying to lose some weight here! Not fair!😂 Making this as soon as I don’t have the waistline a dirigible.
W Newton
W Newton Hace 2 meses
That song recommendation; Clair de lune soooh good.
Connor Hace 2 meses
This video took me an hour and 9 minutes to watch Because I was reminded to go listen to Claire de lune half way through (extended edition of course)
Moondog Garvey
Moondog Garvey Hace 2 meses
Crispy McCrisperson is gonna be a thing now.
M Hace 2 meses
LemuresXL Hace 2 meses
You can replace cilantro with hot wet garbage that has been sitting in 100 degree weather for a week for the same flavor.
rolley0606 Hace 2 meses
wouldnt cooking with pork(chorizo) defeat the purpose of kosher salt?
MauiWowieOwie Hace 2 meses
"mise en place" means "set in place" or "everything in it's place"
B. Jason Ouellette
B. Jason Ouellette Hace 2 meses
Dollars to donuts the guy taking those scallop bits home was making XO sauce.
Jon Ngin
Jon Ngin Hace 2 meses
Can Chris please recommend more music please
Ray Maiden
Ray Maiden Hace 2 meses
Awesome dish and music to boot! Two great finds!!
Dinkleberg Hace 2 meses
Anyone else notice Molly not actually talking at 6:37?? xD
Alex Cameron
Alex Cameron Hace 2 meses
Thank you for introducing me to Timecop1983! I feel like I've found the soundtrack to my life
Kino Zomby
Kino Zomby Hace 2 meses
Someone tell Chris to use wireless headphones. Those cables are a health hazard.
.m. Hace 2 meses
she's beautiful
Sarah Mahmud
Sarah Mahmud Hace 2 meses
*J U N I O R*
Cbar0 Hace 2 meses
Another elites chief judging what other people eat
Emily Ford
Emily Ford Hace 2 meses
You guys blew up Timecop1983's youtube videos. All of the comments are featuring you and Chris!
Ciana Martin
Ciana Martin Hace 2 meses
I love scallops
gaby prego
gaby prego Hace 2 meses
She’s so cute ❤️
Piernikowy Wiatrak
Piernikowy Wiatrak Hace 2 meses
were is youre madness project nexus 2???
CruiseGuy Hace 2 meses
Was the chorizo kosher?
Krysie B
Krysie B Hace 2 meses
I don’t think im an amazing cook but can I be like a janitor there so I can get samples
danial dunson
danial dunson Hace 2 meses
She's won my heart. Molly has replaced Claire ...for the most part.
Chad Payne
Chad Payne Hace 2 meses
Mike Finch
Mike Finch Hace 2 meses
Lol recipe was great. Timecop topped it off.
Jay King
Jay King Hace 2 meses
Substitutes for corn?
Dakota Neubert
Dakota Neubert Hace 2 meses
Not feeling like I need to make this sound creepy. But molly baz looked to be my age so I figured I would Google her and they amount of info about people on the internet is insane, I am about to post less on Google becusse of that.
DrMario Pepper
DrMario Pepper Hace 2 meses
Damn you guys are awesome!
jmcosmos Hace 2 meses
This is so problematic for us in the Southwest ... "chorizo" means something SO VERY MUCH DIFFERENT from what you're telling us here, where you can get Iberian chorizo ...
John Cooper
John Cooper Hace 2 meses
I love love love watching the pretty girls on channel cool. Molly, Clarie, Carla come to mind - I am sure there are more :). I even try to duplicate some of these dishes.
Julaeable Hace 2 meses
I am extremely allergic to cilantro. Is there anything I can substitute it with?
Ras Alghul
Ras Alghul Hace 2 meses
Molly is so cute.
Ocean Girl
Ocean Girl Hace 2 meses
What type of apron does she wear?
Sunshine4695 Hace 2 meses
I would definitely throw some pasta in that chorizo scallop pan dripping sauce
Andrew Butts
Andrew Butts Hace 2 meses
I subscribed to the print magazine because of this video
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magie Hace 2 meses
I don’t trust her she doesn’t like chocolate
Marco Huevo
Marco Huevo Hace 2 meses
Great recipe, with a nice assortment of delicious ingredients.
MrTingles Hace 2 meses
Are you tellin me Chris is into Synth Retrowave? I knew he was a man after my own heart.
Nihil Sustinet
Nihil Sustinet Hace 2 meses
timecop1983 is amazing
Jailany D
Jailany D Hace 2 meses
3:25 VINNY !!!!!!!
Mike 2x2x
Mike 2x2x Hace 2 meses
Not true about dry packed. You can get the same sear on brined scallops
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