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Scallops may not be cheapest cuisine, but they're totally worth it. Join Molly as she shows you how to prepare them with corn and chorizo! Pro tip: treat scallops to the flavorful oil left behind when you cook chorizo-it’s basically liquid gold.

Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/pan-seared-scallops-with-chorizo-and-corn
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Molly Makes Scallops with Corn and Chorizo | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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17 sep 2018

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Molly Baz
Molly Baz Hace 9 meses
If you're not giving these scallops some buttery love whilst listening to Timecop 1983 tonight....are you even living, guys?
mattyjmar10 Hace 11 días
Big fan! Say hi to Chris Morocco. Love to you both from Indonesia!
Frank S
Frank S Hace 17 días
Molly baz, so much love for you.. I've got to try this..
Callum Young
Callum Young Hace un mes
Who else had a brief intermission during this video to discover the sweet sweet sounds of Timecop 1983?
Baby Huey
Baby Huey Hace 3 meses
I could have had 100 guesses for what Chris was listening to, and Timecop1983 would never have crossed my mind. Great call though!
alanfender123 Hace 4 meses
Timecop 1983? Didn't realize you were a retrowave fan too!
Picklechin Hace 3 días
Yea I don’t like dis bih Am I the only one
Marcos Navarro
Marcos Navarro Hace 5 días
Molly ain't afraid of salting those scallops.
printedtea Hace 5 días
I personally like less salt because the chorizo is so salty already
tyler taylor
tyler taylor Hace 5 días
She totally cut the scallions backwards.. you get nothing from the root side...
Jackson May
Jackson May Hace 6 días
HOLYSHIT! I love Timecop1983!!!
13th Loona
13th Loona Hace 6 días
This channel is an excuse to make their lunch at work
Leon Susever
Leon Susever Hace 6 días
Chris has a devine taste. Not only the music👍
Guru Sandirasegaram
Guru Sandirasegaram Hace 8 días
Scallops are succulent. cook with out water. Like scuttle fish . Let juice to evaporate
Lady Baltimore
Lady Baltimore Hace 9 días
You all have THE BEST job! Thank you for sharing some seafood videos AND music selections, I will try both!
Madeline Harstad
Madeline Harstad Hace 9 días
when she said she loves classical, I knew she was gonna say Clair de Lune 🙃 what a “song”
Ray Reed
Ray Reed Hace 9 días
Dude that Timecop 1983 album really is good. I'm a heavy metal guy and that was really good to listen to at work.
Grey Baxter
Grey Baxter Hace 9 días
Can Clair please make petit fours?!?!?!?!?!
Plata O Plomo
Plata O Plomo Hace 11 días
Molly is the kind of bae you wanna kiss 24/7 😘
Alan Gan
Alan Gan Hace 12 días
Bro I have that shirt Chris is wearing
James Dooling
James Dooling Hace 12 días
For a second, I thought he was jamming to 'Goodbye Horses." Awk-ward!
kieran10249 Hace 12 días
omg love Timecop1983
Nica Reinke
Nica Reinke Hace 12 días
It must be so nice not to have to wash all the stuff you use yourself. 😭
Cliff P
Cliff P Hace 14 días
You look like Laura on little house on the prairie
TDanger1911 Hace 15 días
Never would have figured Chris was a vaporwave fan, but I guess it makes sense.
NorthernThinker Hace 16 días
Great scallop recipe, except for the cilantro part. Thanks for the Timecop1983 mention, I like synth-pop
Brett Hackett
Brett Hackett Hace 16 días
Was the corn boiled before you cut it off? And I'm a little confused about dry pack or wet pack scallops
caponeZR Hace 17 días
Please, can you remove your rings before you cook my or other peoples food? Thanks from a fan.
Mango Shine
Mango Shine Hace 17 días
My new favorite ESvid channel, but I want to hear the music too!
aurélie Hace 19 días
Corn ragu looks so good!
Anggita Rizqy Afriyanti
i mean like... can we get chris's full playlist of the songs he listen to while cooking?????
Richard Chung
Richard Chung Hace 20 días
Molly, sticking on someones earbud is sooooo yucky.
bipsolar Hace 21 un día
9:27 what?
Jesus Luna
Jesus Luna Hace 21 un día
Gordon Ramsey would be disappointed
lhavenothingtosay Hace 22 días
When your phone doesn't have a timer so you quit - in a commercial kitchen. This girl doesnt have half the chutzpah of any of the other presenters. "Haters"?? Excrutiating
Izzia Ismail
Izzia Ismail Hace 23 días
How can I work for Bon Appétit ? I am from Malaysia.
Jesus Monroe
Jesus Monroe Hace 23 días
Timecop is sick! dont diss Morocco because of it.
Sir Castic
Sir Castic Hace 23 días
*Things I've learned* Pan juices = Residue oil
Gerardo Rodriguez
Gerardo Rodriguez Hace 24 días
"i hope they edit it out for your sake" lmfao
Franciscy Hace 24 días
Come for the Baz and Scallops Leaves with Chris and Tunage
Laurie B.
Laurie B. Hace 27 días
1983 is the year I was born
Laurie B.
Laurie B. Hace 27 días
I phrased that a weird way. I was born in 1983
Liam Ragan
Liam Ragan Hace 27 días
Thanks for the great share, making these tonight with my girlfriend!
Justin Craigen
Justin Craigen Hace un mes
I love using chorizo oil to cook brussel sprouts. Soooooo damn good.
carconarco Hace un mes
The distribution for how people pronounce scallops seems completely random and unrelated to accent or region
Geoffrey Huys
Geoffrey Huys Hace un mes
Great recipe and thanks for the reco on Timecop1983!
Paul Young
Paul Young Hace un mes
Omg we have the exact same taste in music, now i love you even more!
Anthony Strunk
Anthony Strunk Hace un mes
Why didn’t see used cracked pepper unless I missed it
Kapil Patel
Kapil Patel Hace un mes
I love Molly!😍
Morgan Hace un mes
corn is hard for me to digest(medical condition) is there anything you would replace it with?
Lillithara Hace un mes
i think people are afraid of cooking scallops do to Gordon Ramsey on Hell's Kitchen
basicnikolas Hace un mes
Chris looks like that dude from Mulholland Drive who has the recurring nightmare in that diner
Person Hace un mes
A thought for you, love watching you and your compatriots there cooking, but in this video you are constantly touching your hair and then touching the food, which is kind of unhygienic. You might want to consider a ponytail or something similar.
Taiyougetsu13 Hace un mes
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Hace un mes
She salted the crap outta those scallops!! 7:10 Maybe it was a video editing redundancy, but I'm gonna have to trust Molly's skills.
Robert Pruitt
Robert Pruitt Hace un mes
That's because it's kosher salt. It wasn't all that much. Look up "a tale of two salts" on ESvid.
Ashton Overstreet
Ashton Overstreet Hace un mes
Way over salted
jeffrey bernal
jeffrey bernal Hace 2 meses
I had some left over crab cakes so I made the chorizo and corn and it turned out awesome, they didn't have buttermilk at my market so I used butter and heavy cream as a substitute. thanks
Jadah G
Jadah G Hace 2 meses
I JUST finished making this and I'm SO happy I did. It's DELICIOUS
tha vvolf
tha vvolf Hace 2 meses
So timecop 1983 is like a mellow version of Deadmou5.
Matt Fillmore
Matt Fillmore Hace un mes
Hope your kidding
Brenda Abilez
Brenda Abilez Hace 2 meses
the way she's saying chorizo is making my skin crawl
el scientifico
el scientifico Hace 2 meses
Youtubing Timecop1983 right after this
Zippy The Clown
Zippy The Clown Hace 2 meses
Molly is strangely informative when she cooks. Even while she says that I'm not alive.
Emily M
Emily M Hace 2 meses
Is she a smoker? She adds SO much salt to everything
Adam Schellenberg
Adam Schellenberg Hace 2 meses
I hate seafood but I'm watching cuz Molly
Aiyshwariya PK
Aiyshwariya PK Hace 2 meses
What can be substituted for chorizo? Not necessarily vegetarian. Just wondering.
Shaggywonda Hace 2 meses
Use Portuguese Chorizo next time :)
ecofriendlyhippie Hace 3 meses
Hunter Egesdal
Hunter Egesdal Hace 3 meses
molly is adorable
finite tuning
finite tuning Hace 3 meses
Music without noise or lyrics, might I suggest Lindsey Stirling for your listening pleasure?
Joe Anthony
Joe Anthony Hace 3 meses
You seem like such a B lol
Courtneyelizabeth Hace 3 meses
Molly reminds me of Dakota Johnson
hArambe The INFINITE #daRealSosaBoi #OGfinessn
molly make love to me please
Michael D'souza
Michael D'souza Hace 3 meses
When she said classical music for her cooking jams I was skeptical . . . Then she said Clair de Lune and I was like this girl knows what’s good
BEACH LIFE78 Hace 3 meses
Great recipe will have to try this :)
Leonardo Camejo
Leonardo Camejo Hace 3 meses
Awesome recipe, I just made it and I am eating right now! Not while listening to that band! Very easy to make! (edit: the scallops are crazy expensive, though, but man they are sooo good!)
Gary Gresham
Gary Gresham Hace 3 meses
The dish definitely, I'll pass on the time cop
Mascio Gamble
Mascio Gamble Hace 3 meses
Did her explanation for why using dry packed scallops make sense to any one?
Sample Dude
Sample Dude Hace 3 meses
This chef is too fat. She's getting high on her own supply. Recipe for disaster. Definitely needs to get on a diet and should not be recommending food to people. Plus her nose is crooked.
Sample Dude
Sample Dude Hace 3 meses
Timecop1983 sucks... More like Timecrap1983 if you ask me.
Kelly Moen
Kelly Moen Hace 3 meses
OMG because of this video I just found @Timecop1983 :-) So amazing. Where the hell have I been ??
Vinson Huynh
Vinson Huynh Hace 3 meses
Tight your hair up woman
Raymond Firnges
Raymond Firnges Hace 4 meses
Wow look at her ring! Somebody drastically overpayed for that woman.
rwilke3 Hace 4 meses
Claire de lune is straight fire though
St1ck Hace 4 meses
Came for Timecop, Endud up here. What.
Leila Crockett
Leila Crockett Hace 4 meses
Why do only white people test recipes in the test kitchen? I always look all the way to the back of the kitchen and there are only ever white people. Am I wrong?
Jen Sing
Jen Sing Hace 4 meses
thumbs always for the videos, but,... thumbs up for timecop1983.
Jen Sing
Jen Sing Hace 4 meses
The midnight though...
Tony Wiltshire
Tony Wiltshire Hace 5 meses
That looks so awesome love the flavor combo!
Levi André
Levi André Hace 5 meses
No worries Chris, Timecop1983 is supercool.
Levi André
Levi André Hace 5 meses
No worries Chris, Timecop1983 is supercool.
homiefromfl Hace 5 meses
I'm so glad she scraped the rest of the corn off the cob! No wasting. :D
Mason Jordan
Mason Jordan Hace 5 meses
I love Molly. She’s a great character.
Mark Leal
Mark Leal Hace 5 meses
Never understood why people can't pronounce "chorizo" correctly.
Mark Yao
Mark Yao Hace 5 meses
That knife looks like it’s stamped out instead of forged
L Clarke
L Clarke Hace 5 meses
Could you maybe use an even smaller saucepan?
Food For Thought
Food For Thought Hace 5 meses
Only a white person would say the muscle is so gross. Like durrh it tastes exactly the same as the rest of the scallop. I have heard white people talk trash about food that we love!
Derek Webster
Derek Webster Hace 5 meses
This test kitchen would be amazing to work in after my masters in nutrition program. Please expect my resume in fall of 2020 Bon Apetit test kitchen.
jeffloveswaffles Hace 5 meses
3:37 Why did she quickly touch the cut ends of the lime to the cutting board?
zhihuadudu Hace 5 meses
I don’t think liking the muscle is gross
Don Douglas
Don Douglas Hace 5 meses
Honestly Molly is probably the best from the BA test kitchen. She seems so down to earth and chill
Harutun Minasyan
Harutun Minasyan Hace 5 meses
Someone tell Gordon Ramsey to review this
Tatiana Nucum
Tatiana Nucum Hace 5 meses
I did the BA quiz yesterday and started focusing to Molly cause she was my result. And now hearing she listen to mood filled music like "Claire De Lune" . I am convinced. love you Molly~
Markus Peters
Markus Peters Hace 5 meses
A little confused by the dry packed vs wet packed discussion. You say look for the dry packed, but also say that when you go to cook them they will release a lot of water and steam rather than carmelize and give you a nice crust.
Taiyougetsu13 Hace 5 meses
Chris listens to Timecop!!! YESSSS
Urooba A.
Urooba A. Hace 5 meses
at the part where they were talking about Timecop1983 i got an unskippable ad and when it ended, Molly (as if on cue) said “alright, back to the cooking!”
Serge Harboian
Serge Harboian Hace 5 meses
I love timecop!
Jitesh Pujari
Jitesh Pujari Hace 5 meses
So used to hear "wourder" , water seems very weird now
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