Mom walks out after son commits to Florida 🥶 |

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When Jacob Copeland chose the University of Florida a few years back, his mother was none too pleased with the announcement.

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23 dic 2021






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Mochi Hace 11 meses
for those who don’t know, he was affiliated with a gang in florida, so his mother wanted him to choose literally anything but florida
Eva May
Eva May Hace un mes
Lots of nba players are affiliated from what i understand (have seen stacking on the court after shots)
Lightner Hace un mes
@Curtis Cool It's ok people are like that. Me, myself am not. I thought why is she waking off? Must be something we don't know. Critical thinking is difficult for most people. They just assume.
Leigh Rivera
Leigh Rivera Hace un mes
I feel for his mom! She Loves him so much she just wants him to be safe .I could see that he felt bad in choosing that state! His brother and him both looked down I hope things work and he stays away from any negative people that could impact and hurt his career
Leigh Rivera
Leigh Rivera Hace un mes
Oh that's a shame! I hope he stays clear and just make his mom proud ! I pray to the Lord Jesus keeps this young man on the Right path beck when the devil knows your weaknesses he puts it in your view to stear you away from the path God has for you! I pray The Lord and Angels watch over him
Mildred Griffin
Mildred Griffin Hace un mes
It dont matter it is his life and his choice. We as parents don't have to do the work.
Ra Hace 4 meses
This is a sad moment. She is so hurt while the world cheers on his potential downfall. All they see is his talent and she sees her sons literal life.
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson Hace 18 días
Nah. Not world cheers on his potential downfall. /
A.J. Jr.
A.J. Jr. Hace 3 meses
@MR.556 players who want to win and win championships plays on Alabama's team
Idontcarebbk Dafander
The Sky Walker
The Sky Walker Hace 3 meses
@Eddie Morales ONETIMETINTING what part you dont understand ? I got your point about how positive other ppl are to him but the fact that his mother is the one who actually care for him. If you in her position will you care about the "moment" because everyone do the same or will you think about one day you hear your son get shot ? Not to mention he could have chosen the other 2 instead of florida
A aron
A aron Hace 3 meses
@Eddie Morales ONETIMETINTING you big dumb
human being
human being Hace 4 meses
After learning the back story to this, I fully understand why his Mama walked away. 🥺
Wendy Phillips
Wendy Phillips Hace 13 días
She kind hurt and she don't know too personally if he gang involved but he can't play football warning if he involved he end up jail or keep clean goal play football college until graduate. That come from she pravite moms leave her alone what she want walk way afraid herself get hurt again she love her son and she don't want lose him leave her mom and give her peace with her son pravite I prayer for him and mama slove peace Shame of gang not affair his mom ( she poctect him) where from that. I will congrant himself just prayer for him
Deborah Pollard
Deborah Pollard Hace 15 días
While being concerned is something parents do. Walking out on him at that time. Was the worst thing she could of done. To him at his moment in life. He'll never get that moment back. To hurt him like that then. Could never be worth it ever. Do to the decision he's cried over. Trying to decide praying for an answer. From God to make the right decision. I know she had to know that. So how could that be ok to do to him. Ruining his moment for sure causing him to cry. Leaving him there alone to be questioned. Over her actions which shouldn't have been done. Saying I would of done the samething. Makes me believe ppl don't care. Or don't see how her doing that was damaging. He worked hard to get there. So walking out on him was the best. She could do at that moment. How sad I couldn't hurt my child. Like that I pray it's never in me to do ever. Or to think I'd be justified in doing that. Breaking his heart making him cry. When he should be celebrating. From being recognized for the sacrifice he's made. That wasn't and will never be ok. Pray no one else does that. To their child at a moment like that. He wasn't in a gang. Had friends who were. So being concerned I get. Not to this extent ever to walk out. That was wrong in every way. That took away from him. It didn't help him then see him sit there be questioned. Because of what you did to hurt him. Ppl think that's ok it isn't at all. Plz never do that to someone you say. I love you to it is not ok to do. Even with being concerned wrong wrong wrong.
Deborah Pollard
Deborah Pollard Hace 15 días
I will never understand that. Even tho she may be concerned. Walking out on him ruining his moment. As we know now in this life. You could be killed anywhere. Even tho I may not like his choice. I'd never hurt my child like that. At a moment in front of thousands of ppl. I couldn't do that to them. If I understood correctly. That was something that happened. When he was younger right. Everytime I see this video. It just breaks my heart for him. Seeing her do that to him.
Leigh Rivera
Leigh Rivera Hace un mes
@Bianca Kanya I don't think her leaving was a overaction I believe his mom felt pain you could see he knew it hurt her
Leigh Rivera
Leigh Rivera Hace un mes
@Kyan Do you realise if a top college would find out they wouldn't take him and a gang that will less him down a terrible path he had a choice to stay away but he chose that state it's just sad bec she's a mother and she wants him to be safe and focus on his career
London Marshall
London Marshall Hace 4 meses
If my son was in a gang in Florida, and had a opportunity of a lifetime to get away from the lifestyle and STILL chose to be around the chaos I absolutely would’ve done the same thing. She didn’t want her son to die. I wouldn’t want mine to die either. I’m glad the young man is doing good at this time💯
michael valencia
michael valencia Hace 4 días
@Waereti Inu what?
Waereti Inu
Waereti Inu Hace 6 días
​@michael valencia
michael valencia
michael valencia Hace 12 días
@Antoinett Neil wouldn’t doubt it
Antoinett Neil
Antoinett Neil Hace 13 días
@michael valencia His mom knew
Deborah Pollard
Deborah Pollard Hace 15 días
Now days you'll die anywhere. I can't grasp walking out on my child. At a time like that in his life. He's cried over to make the decision. While making it clear at home. That isn't what I want for them. I couldn't hurt my child like that. A moment he's worked hard to get to. Then my actions take away from that. Do to something that I did. From being disappointed because he didn't do. What I wanted him to do. With his life to say you understand that. Is something because you can see. He's hurt by what she did to him. Walking out like that on him. This broke my heart seeing this happened. In front of the world his moment. A parent is always in fear. Or should be for their child. In this world because if the evil in it. You can't let fear stop you from living tho. Certainly it should stop you. From Doing certain things in life. The fact he made light of the situation. After it happened and they spoke to him. Saying it was funny that's her. Wanting attention is really sad more then anything.
Mr.Brightside Hace 4 meses
I remember seeing this video and thinking, “wow his own mother couldn’t be excited for her son because he was going to the school he wanted and not the one she wanted”. Well I owe this woman an apology. He was affiliated with the gangs down there in Florida and that is exactly why she didn’t want him going. Another perfect example of context and understanding the full story before jumping to conclusions.
Bri Johnson
Bri Johnson Hace 4 meses
Same here. I have seen this clip numerous times not knowing the real reason she walked off.
MIKASA X RD Hace 4 meses
Honestly, I have this habit of knowing the truth and background story first, before believing videos found here on internet. I just hate it when people will curse to somebody for a short video like this.
MichiyoProductions Hace 4 meses
Facts because I had actually seen this before and didn't understand why she left. But I would be upset too she's just concerned and she probably had a whole talk with him about it that he ignored
Coco Brown
Coco Brown Hace 4 meses
Yasss us both
Mr.Brightside Hace 4 meses
@John Marrero this is a learning experience we can only try and do better next time😊
MURKIN RANZYZ Hace 4 meses
Thank you for everybody providing a background and giving The information I was looking for thank you
Brooke Dozier
Brooke Dozier Hace 4 meses
This is sad af. Me being a parent I can relate. My son was living that “street” life and ended up getting shot twice. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with his mother wanting her son safe and him a lifelong career. He will lose his spot but hopefully not his life.
Dummy Thicc
Dummy Thicc Hace 4 meses
The reactions from the people around him speaks volumes to whay his decision really meant
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo Hace 4 meses
The brothers girlfriends reaction is a perfect mirror of what the Mom and rest of the family must be feeling. Abject horror, bewilderment & devastation.
kateria anderson
kateria anderson Hace 10 meses
Perfect example of why we shouldn’t judge till we know the story ….. ain’t nothing wrong with a mom want her son safe ❤️
Ingrid Little
Ingrid Little Hace 4 meses
Better sure ya momma ALWAYS ROAD ON YA TEAM.... YA should have let ya momma know b4 hand you would have gotten better response
Ingrid Little
Ingrid Little Hace 4 meses
Listen to ya momma 💯💯💯
Mr D Generate
Mr D Generate Hace 4 meses
@attack helicopter this is literally the whiniest bunch of of sensitive p*ssies ive ever seen on a thread on yt.
Mr D Generate
Mr D Generate Hace 4 meses
@attack helicopter coming from someone who identifies as an attack helicopter.... is rich
attack helicopter
attack helicopter Hace 4 meses
@Mr D Generate you're white aren't ya
¿ unNORMALized
¿ unNORMALized Hace 4 meses
I remember this from years ago when it happened. Never knew the backstory, all I remember thinking is how could she be so petty and negative towards her son in a special moment for him. Wow now I completely agree with her actions.
LaDarius Morrison
LaDarius Morrison Hace 4 meses
It doesn't matter where he goes if you know you raised him right smh heartbreaking moment from your creator
Scooey Morris
Scooey Morris Hace 4 meses
Congrats young brother. Beat the stereotypes and prove otherwise. You can do it.
said hlimi
said hlimi Hace 4 meses
Moms always right, they can feel things we don’t…. May God bless all moms in this messy World
Noah Wellwood
Noah Wellwood Hace 4 meses
For those who are wondering Last year Jacob put up 642 receiving yards and 4 tds on 41 receptions in his 4th year Jacob is transferring to Maryland for the upcoming 22/23 season
ALo Pack24
ALo Pack24 Hace 4 meses
I feel for the mother!!
dave halliday
dave halliday Hace 3 meses
Dude thinks he's slick putting that hat on, then instant shame n regret when mom bounces. You had one shot kid
Scooter Caster
Scooter Caster Hace 4 meses
Mom saw all her hard work, blood sweat and tears go down the drain that moment.
Dustin Hace 4 meses
Motivation booster right there. Keep his name in mind.
Nev Hace 4 meses
At first i felt so bad for the guy, but then learning the back story i cannot beyond express my dissatisfaction of what this man has done. All his mom wants is a good life but this decision could make him go down hill. 😪
Adrian Kettler
Adrian Kettler Hace 4 meses
She’s a great mom.
P…Y….E Hace 4 meses
This is why context is so important. I didn’t know anything about him, I saw his mom walk out on the biggest moment of his life. I thought it was from other selfish reasons until I got context from the comments on why. I pray he didn’t go their to stay with his friends running in the streets. And staff at the school knows this and can help guide him away from it all. It might also help if when it came to academics they didn’t allow football players to get away with not actually learning and getting them by with whatever gpa is required to play. Don’t give him time to get killed or get the silver bracelets and new free housing for 10-20.
Robin Mangala
Robin Mangala Hace 10 meses
The fact he didn’t even dare to look in his mother’s eyes ones after his choice really speaks volumes
Tiahna Rodriguez
Tiahna Rodriguez Hace 23 días
@Lique Her son was affiliated with gangs. If you can’t understand that it’s a parents duty to set their kids straight then you should be a parent. This is serious. We loose too many of our children this way, so excuse us if we don’t respect that our children want to be gang members and lose their lives over nothing.
Tirra McFadden
Tirra McFadden Hace 4 meses
@Andrew J You misread. Hes ALREADY affiliated with the gang in Florida. Of course there's gangs everywhere. But if you knowingly sign up to go somewhere you most likely already have enemies at that is stupid. You just did all the work to chase death.
REDLINE Hace 4 meses
@Military junkie he disappointed he just putting a face on.
II NviiShxn II
II NviiShxn II Hace 4 meses
The mom didn’t walk out btw
Toney Fox
Toney Fox Hace 4 meses
@Military junkie he better hope he keep his life
Alicia Moody
Alicia Moody Hace 4 meses
As a mother of two sons I get it!!!
FREAKINMIKE Hace 3 meses
I love her for that decision.
a c
a c Hace 4 meses
Mum’s have a different level of love.
Carson’s Customs
Carson’s Customs Hace 4 meses
I am with the mom
England UK
England UK Hace 7 meses
Bless that mother, she cares more about her son than he could ever know.....
Treaac Hace 5 meses
@Juu Tuub Well. He isn't at Florida anymore. He is now playing at the University of Maryland.
King ThrashTV
King ThrashTV Hace 5 meses
@Loxx because it was everywhere at one point
Loxx Hace 5 meses
@Cpt Cap how you not know lol its a famous incident
Treaac Hace 5 meses
At least he's playing at Maryland now
W4RL0RD Hace 5 meses
@Cpt Cap it was a pretty famous incident search it yourself
Maurice Glover
Maurice Glover Hace 4 meses
Salute to the OG for standing on all 10. Hopefully the young man didn’t seal his own fate.
Jeffrey Kuehl
Jeffrey Kuehl Hace 4 meses
Poor momma 😢my heart go out to you and congrats to you but hope you stay away from the negative surrounding and just do you and your mom will come around once she knows your keeping your nose out the dirt and your head on the straight and narrow stay blessed and be safe and God will do the rest
I W Hace 3 meses
That’s a real mum right there. If you know the reason behind her walkout.
Terrence Davis
Terrence Davis Hace 4 meses
Regardless of the story there's still no reason for a mother to walk out on her son at a moment like that
Vivian Ayite
Vivian Ayite Hace 10 meses
I understand the mom’s reactions 100% she doesn’t want to have to bury her son or see him get hurt. Not everyone is going to be happy for your success and he has gang ties in Florida and his mom just wanted him to go somewhere, anywhere but Florida where she knows he’ll be safe and she can sleep peacefully at night.
sue ann
sue ann Hace 4 meses
But she didn't have to walk out on him...
Jeremiah McCord
Jeremiah McCord Hace 4 meses
@WP Snick where’s your proof?
vortexy Hace 7 meses
@pcwash1974 you aren't addressing the relationship between them.
pcwash1974 Hace 7 meses
@vortexy ...It's his work ethic and his talent not his mothers! The offers were for the young man and not her. I said what I said, I meant what I said and I stand by what I said! Furthermore, he did exactly what I said he'd eventually do...he transferred and graduated!
vortexy Hace 7 meses
@pcwash1974 I don't agree with you. If this man had told his mother ahead of time and worked it out then perhaps I'd agree. Also nothing will replace the years she lost to that gang. She deserves to have some peace and someone to think of her a bit now that her children have been raised by her good work and support.
michael angel
michael angel Hace 4 meses
Anyone can be affiliated in a gang and make a choice to look the other way, you just have to have faith and show support to your son to give him some strength no matter what because you can’t make anyone do anything in this world so it’s best to show positivity because you would rather know that you supported your son the whole time then not give him a chance
IndigoFancy Hace 4 meses
You can literally hear someone yell no when he put his hat on 😢
Twin Charm
Twin Charm Hace 4 meses
The way she left it’s just to Funny, Help Me Jesus 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️
K-run Denise
K-run Denise Hace 4 meses
I see all the comments and explanations about his mom's concerns and fears but HER choice to walk out on HIS moment while LIVE was poor and nothing will EVER change that. There were several ways to address her disappointment and this clearly was NOT the best way. His life, his choices, his consequences.....as a parent you can only control your children for so long. It's time for her to shift the role she plays in his life; she can still have influence and impact without trying to control him.
Lamont Robertson
Lamont Robertson Hace 8 meses
Given the full context of mom’s reaction, I cannot blame mom one bit! I wish him the best, but peer pressure at that age is EVERYTHING!
Angie Michele
Angie Michele Hace 4 meses
@Curtchrisdagod if she wanted him to go to tennessee than she wouldn’t have been wearing a bama hoodie. make it make sense sir. maybe you’re not the one using your brain and are mad people are calling out your bs lmao
TRUTH is ABSOLUTE Hace 5 meses
@Rafael Tomás indeed. And when that child has become an adult it will have the free will to do evil or not do evil. It will see that there is more than 1 path. Best to plant the seed of conscience and a sensitive spirit at a young age and water it all through their lives. And ours.
Rafael Tomás
Rafael Tomás Hace 5 meses
@TRUTH is ABSOLUTE To have conscience you need education first, if I raise you with the concept that to live you have to kill, you won't think twice when you are a gullible kid, when you have childs you will find hardships between how the streets raise your child and how you raise your child. Just trust that you will have your dose of stress
TRUTH is ABSOLUTE Hace 5 meses
@Rafael Tomás He was not some kid raised by wolves. He is not sick in the head or mentally deficient. Don't make excuses. It's obviously easier to do what is right when you are with a good group. That's one of the reasons why you need to choose to run with the good group. Stop making lame excuses for people who deserve better. There is a good conscience in him, he just needs to choose to feed it. We all do.
Rafael Tomás
Rafael Tomás Hace 5 meses
@TRUTH is ABSOLUTE you know right form wrong because you had mommy or daddy or uncle or grandma to tell whats right from wrong, is the topic that hard to get? Nobody is self taught. There is a big chance his mother failed him on that. Its a priviledge to have older ones that corrected us on some things.
Ronda Geyton
Ronda Geyton Hace 4 meses
Stay out of trouble young man don’t b stupid u have a bright future ❤️
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Hace 4 meses
You can tell he knew he hurt his mom. Hurts me
Thesecret Flamingo
Thesecret Flamingo Hace 4 meses
Good for you!! Best school… best of luck and always look forward! 💪🏼
Alvin Burkes
Alvin Burkes Hace 4 meses
Just Be proud of him please 💯💯
Chasing Raynbows
Chasing Raynbows Hace 9 meses
I'm proud of his mom it's hard to stand up for the right thing
vortexy Hace 7 meses
@Devastates I agree with you. Additionally he didn't tell her beforehand what he was going to choose!?! This is some kind of self centered kid imho.
vortexy Hace 7 meses
@25nahshon thank you.
vortexy Hace 7 meses
@A he put all the work in ...? He was in a gang while living at home. Think.
vortexy Hace 7 meses
Yes, she left slowly and quietly but she showed that sometimes you have to vote with your feet when it comes to gangs and possibly your son being killed.
25nahshon Hace 7 meses
@Puerto Rican Princess no, go watch her interview before this. She says it there
MK Hace 3 meses
So he humiliated his whole family in front of the world and choose a team different than the one his family wanted for him only for a gang affiliation in Florida.
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson Hace 18 días
Nah. Not in front of the world. /
Lakia Williams
Lakia Williams Hace 4 meses
I understand why she was hurt, but these kids has to learn for themselves.! These are their lives. We raise them the best we can. The rest is up to them. Stand by them no matter what. Smh ❤️
R. Dixon
R. Dixon Hace 2 meses
Mamma knows best, but alot of times we young folks have to make and learn from our mistakes, that's what makes us into a well rounded adult.
Black 40
Black 40 Hace 2 meses
Strong mother right there💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾❤️
travennnnn Hace 10 meses
She didn't care where he went she just wanted her baby to be safe. I completely understand how she felt and respect what she did
Sarah Sonnin'em
Sarah Sonnin'em Hace 8 meses
Dats a grown man, stop babying your male offspring after a certain age.
Büm Hace 9 meses
@Reardon ludwig seee facts smart choices. Plus there are only three ways out but if you a full on gang banger. You have to die to get out. No OG gonna let no rookie hightail out of his gang without sum on yo head. His mother ain’t really doing him no good if anything leaving Florida would be putting his life at risk.
JoeBidens_TouchyHands Hace 10 meses
@Mike S That momma is a selfish hood momma. It's his day not hers. Simple. Happy Ghetto'ing
Mike S
Mike S Hace 10 meses
@JoeBidens_TouchyHands Men like you are clueless and that’s why you can never be with much find a real woman instead of rats which is why you have a low opinion on women in general. Honor thy mother and father! I never said he had to choose between the two so you need to go back to school for reading comprehension I said the mother should be taken care and he has the ability to do so and implying she’s a gold digger is disrespectful as I’m sure he would agree. You are not even worth the 20 plus future clap back responses as your too ignorant and couldn’t understand my first comment in the first place.
Fon Nestor
Fon Nestor Hace 10 meses
@Caitlin GARNISH I wish u knew the details. Mom loves their sons
Frankie Armenio
Frankie Armenio Hace 4 meses
Always listen to momma she knows everything ❤️
Sonny Heaver
Sonny Heaver Hace 4 meses
This dude just transferred to Maryland. His name is Jacob Copeland. He did not ruin his life.
CeeTee Hace 5 días
​@Sunia Cougar Sep for Hernandez and the Pouncy twins lol. Left cause gators pushed him out for roster space
Sunia Cougar
Sunia Cougar Hace 13 días
Florida do not allow gang members
Manos Anastasiou
Manos Anastasiou Hace 2 meses
Good then I'm from the county of copeland uk
XOkidtwiztXO Hace 4 meses
It’s crazy I went to school with this man
Lotte Brackett
Lotte Brackett Hace 4 meses
He still had to make his own Decision! Our Children Grow up and break our Hearts when they become Grown,, it's part of it,,, and She doesn't realize She did her Job! He has a backbone!
COMPTON CLAY Hace 7 meses
Trust me her reason for walking away is more deeper then what we know
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer Hace 3 meses
@AuthorHollingsworth Apperantly this young man has gang ties in Florida which is why his mom didn't want him to pick it
LebronsBetter Hace 4 meses
It was gang violence. He was associated with a gang in Florida and his mom wanted him to go anywhere besides there so that he could get away from the gang.
savoir777faire Hace 4 meses
Why was the brother’s girlfriend crying?!!
sinfulll15 Hace 4 meses
Read the other comments you morons
Blake Croley
Blake Croley Hace 4 meses
@Charles Smith no he wasn’t stop believing the internet you clown
The Empress Speaks Unapologetically 👑
We can not live through our kids or for them, they come here with their own path and sadly we can not walk it for them. We want to protect them which is natural but they must learn to make their own decisions and deal with the consequences of those decisions. Support them anyway!
Tina Dudley
Tina Dudley Hace 3 meses
Mother is really sad I understand the back round of the story NOW and She had every right she prefer her Son's life over any Career and where he picked to go PERIODT!!!!
SP Travel Groups
SP Travel Groups Hace 4 meses
I'm sure mama had her reasons for her reaction. That hurt him tho. He had to keep it together, but that hurt him. Hope it all worked out for the young man 🖤
Diary of Melanin Princess
A mothers love ❤️ one will never know 😒
Rocs Cee
Rocs Cee Hace 10 meses
Usually, mom knows what's best for you! I knew that there was more to this story. 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Rage D'Brickashaw
Rage D'Brickashaw Hace 8 meses
@Khem Heru you just summed up so much of race issues
JC * inc
JC * inc Hace 8 meses
@Megan Grant The word “usually” is an indication that Moms know better than pops.
Khem Heru
Khem Heru Hace 8 meses
@Captain Velli no the context is him making his own life decisions and supporting that. ... It's his MF life. The momma don't run that. If he wants to fux it up, it's on him (not her). He is the one that put the work in to get where he is now- not her. So who is she to walk out on his decision? She showing poor parenting skills. The gang is prob more family to him than her. Obviously she did a shitty job of keeping him out of gangs....I mean she is a typical dead beat momma trying to control him. She needs to keep on walking when he goes pro too. If he doesn't do well- it's on him. He would regret his life having followed her choice and then failed. Let him lead his own life. She can kick rocks and keep walking.
Captain Velli
Captain Velli Hace 8 meses
@Khem Heru context of the video = he has gang ties in Florida so wanted him ANYWHERE but there, back with the homies
Khem Heru
Khem Heru Hace 8 meses
@Mikila Cunningham shut yo dumb azz up ...he is obviously doing something positive with his life if he has 3 prime colleges to select. Stop the 🧢 and stop shaming men for being men. It's his life and decision. Support that.
OB three
OB three Hace 3 meses
This is so sad! Mom can literally see his life and all that potential being wasted! Hopefully he proves her wrong and doesn’t fall back into that life!
DoseofJikook 88
DoseofJikook 88 Hace 4 meses
He couldn't even pick his head back up when his mama walked away. He knew he hurt her with that decision. That's too bad that the streets got their hold on him.
Crystal Masters
Crystal Masters Hace 4 meses
Bros gf knew immediately it was bad that was a gut reaction. Jacob come on now don’t throw yourself away!
Marcos Rivera
Marcos Rivera Hace 4 meses
Ohhhh...I thought his mom was ungrateful...she's doing her job.......
Tara UtubeLover
Tara UtubeLover Hace 10 meses
Thanks to everyone explaining this situation. This is a good mother who wanted her son to leave the streets he will still be exposed to the bad influence.
Hector HottShots
Hector HottShots Hace 4 meses
Drafted and made mama proud 👏
1stwonder Hace 8 meses
@Kimberly McMullen logical comment thank you
CONTACT JOY Hace 8 meses
Are you for REAL? HE ISN'T GOING TO BE ON THE STREETS. He'll lose his deal of he messes up!
Authan Johnson
Authan Johnson Hace 8 meses
Naw thats all ego im a football mom then the walk in front of the camera the wait the disrespect
BROWNSUGAR😘 Hace 8 meses
@Uncle Ruckus What's wrong with you Brothers why don't y'all want black women to be happy, if you're not interested in a black woman why you so concerned who is interested in black women, I think the majority of you Brothers on the down low
D-nice#26allday Hace 3 meses
Omg...that's sad once you figure out the true story behind it because whose not going to Alabama honestly 🤨 and for a gang?...that's years of regret
Ajay Khakh
Ajay Khakh Hace 4 meses
Things aren’t always how they look from outside. Back then I didn’t like how his mother acted but now I understand why his mother got upset and she was right to do that. She was just trying to keep her son away from gangs
Gloria Hogsten
Gloria Hogsten Hace 4 meses
That crushed Mom... did you see her wearing the Red Sweatshirt for Alabama. Her son got swayed ... so sad 😞
Avalon Hace 4 meses
Lady in the red literally gasped when he reached for that hat 😥
I know this hurt him to his heart. The Dad had on one team hat. The mom had another team hat it only obvious he gonna choose a neutral school. He thought he was doing the best for him and his mom wouldn’t even be happy for him. It’s his life and his decision. I can see if the parents paid for the school but she didn’t. Keep ya head up young man !!
Up Next Films
Up Next Films Hace 4 meses
I have a feeling the gang’s threatened him and told him to choose Florida. I feel Mom’s pain.
Mike Oxynormous
Mike Oxynormous Hace 4 meses
Regardless of what his mother thought would happen he is a senior now and seems to be doing well
Harry Tunnell
Harry Tunnell Hace 4 meses
I'm just glad that the man chose his own path and then let nobody else persuade him
pepsimac321 Hace 10 meses
She had a Tennessee hat and an Alabama sweater, she literally wanted anything other than Florida
Mischa V
Mischa V Hace 4 meses
@Ari Chalevas do some research before you comment dummy.
kyan blevins
kyan blevins Hace 4 meses
Bc he has heavy gang ties in Florida
Anderson Cruz
Anderson Cruz Hace 4 meses
She was also playing Flo Rida on her Airpods, zoom in.
Blake Croley
Blake Croley Hace 4 meses
@devinater their right buttock
grey !
grey ! Hace 4 meses
@devinater dude like half the comments in this thread alone are mentioning it. he’s from florida and allegedly he had some friends that were gangbangers who lived near the school. his mom knew about that hence why she would rather any other school. also it’s not like every gang has a name, so also i’m from the college town and can confirm we definitely have gang activity, especially a few years ago when this happened
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Hace 4 meses
The whole family hurt shout out to bro for pushing thru it
Tonio V.
Tonio V. Hace 3 meses
He knew he disappointed her! Look at his demeanor!
kyan blevins
kyan blevins Hace 4 meses
Knowing the back story and watching it again I totally understand why that lady in the red dress started crying and also why his mom walked out
jdjadams Hace 3 meses
I hope he's guaranteeing himself and determined to walk straight, he'll be cool, but it's dangerous being in that territory with homies! We don't have a whole lot of self-discipline When We're Young so it's easy to get caught up when it's already a comfort zone!
Terrence 805
Terrence 805 Hace 8 meses
We don't know until we know, I got upset with Mom when I first saw this video in 2018. But I jumped to conclusions like thousands of other people who saw the clip. My apologies to his Mom for standing in the gap for her son. She is not a Absentee Parent but a Genuine Real Good Mother. God bless the young man, give moma her flowers son while she is alive and well.💯🤎❤️🖤👍🙏
Terrence 805
Terrence 805 Hace 5 meses
@England UK We all need encouragement along life's journey, I know u agree with me.💪💯🙏😃
Terrence 805
Terrence 805 Hace 5 meses
Thank you
Independent Aquaman
Independent Aquaman Hace 7 meses
@Jeff Brooke Based on his pro gang choice, it wouldn't have been right for her to not embarrass her son in front of any number of people.
Jeff Brooke
Jeff Brooke Hace 7 meses
@Independent Aquaman It wasn't right for her to embarrass her son in front of thousands.
Independent Aquaman
Independent Aquaman Hace 7 meses
@Jeff Brooke No, that's why she should have left his side during his huge moment. Shows she's not fake.
J Aaron
J Aaron Hace 3 meses
Putting the backstory aside, the fact that she was wearing a Tennessee hat and Alabama sweatshirt is hilarious 💀
John Hace 4 meses
Leaving was still not a good thing,if this young man has a problem you're supposed to walk out on him?I'm sure this was a special moment in his life and his own mother leaving just makes that something he'll never forget...
Freida Nix
Freida Nix Hace 2 meses
It's ultimately his decision. You should be proud your son even had the opportunity to choose.
echris nike
echris nike Hace 4 meses
She just lost his son.. She has done her part... God bless you mum
Amber Parker
Amber Parker Hace 10 meses
PERFECT example how a video clip only gives you a small glimpse of what is REALLY going on!!! The media does ALL of us this way on the daily
Cynthia Turner
Cynthia Turner Hace 3 meses
Follow up?
Turmoil Breaker
Turmoil Breaker Hace 3 meses
Ms. Valdez
Ms. Valdez Hace 7 meses
@LQL being legally and mentally responsible are two different thing. You Brain isnt even fully developed until age 25.
R K.
R K. Hace 7 meses
Lesson learned
Oscar Llanos
Oscar Llanos Hace 8 meses
Welcome to social media
yaboymc Hace 4 meses
I love how the real ones of the world provided us with context in the comments. 💯💯💯
Kinley Harris
Kinley Harris Hace 4 meses
At first I thought she was mad because she looked like a Tennessee fan and Florida and Tennessee have a rivalry but then I read the comments💀
Roger Riggs
Roger Riggs Hace 4 meses
I would’ve been proud with any college my son or daughter goes to , good for him going to a college 😎👍
T Jay
T Jay Hace 4 meses
She still proud it's just that he got in alot of trouble there and she don't want him to get lost in to gang activities again 😒 but he transferred to a new college though
Lucy Chang
Lucy Chang Hace 4 meses
Mama here supporting another beautiful mama. Head up and we will keep praying for your baby.
Shirley Harrell
Shirley Harrell Hace 8 meses
Now we know the full story, she just want her son safe. Kisses and be blessed.
Murkoden Hace 4 meses
@Leo Just because she is his parent doesn't mean you have to support each decision your child makes. If your child decides to involve themselves into gang violence are you gonna support it? Probably not. You can't control them, it's their decision to be in gangs but you also don't have to respect or support it. If my son stole someone's lunch money at school and the school had me come up there I'm not gonna act happy and proud and then when we get home I discipline him. Stealing is bad and I don't support it, gang violence is bad and his mom doesn't support it. I'd rather be upset off camera versus be more embarrassing and look disappointed ON camera. I'm pretty sure everyone else is clapping because they don't know his story but she does. TL;DR: Whether or not his mom supports his decision is her choice, but regardless of her support she will have to accept the fact that it's his choice.
Froggie Hace 4 meses
@Leo Not supporting someone continuing to revolve their life around death, drugs, and gang activity
Froggie Hace 4 meses
@Leo I would’ve, as she should
nollieflipcrook Hace 5 meses
@Leo shouldn’t HAVE* and it’s not her making decisions for him, it’s her showing her displeasure with the decision he made
Jason Le
Jason Le Hace 5 meses
@Light you act like they didnt had a talk before picking. I’m sure he did not acknowledge him and she probably told him what she would have done if he picked Florida.
John Broadbelt
John Broadbelt Hace 4 meses
I'm sorry mama that you went through that
Tanner Roland
Tanner Roland Hace 4 meses
As someone who never had what it took to be a major athlete, I don't understand why someone would pick Florida over Alabama. No judgement because Alabama wanted him not me, but for real I feel like Tennessee and Florida are not even close to Alabama
Greg Giaimo
Greg Giaimo Hace 3 meses
I understand the backstory of him running with the gangs in his hometown of Pensacola Florida. But the mom at least could have waited to where they were somewhere private to discuss his choice with him instead of just getting up and walking out on national TV like that. Everybody's condoning his choice because they feel that he's going to stay with a gang member but nobody knows what he's planning on doing in the future. He could have grown up and matured and quit the gang life. Nobody sees that for this man's future
MarvelouslyMixed AubreyLloyd YMM.S KIDS & PARENTS
OMG I just cried for his mother if that is true
JakMak 13
JakMak 13 Hace 7 meses
It's amazing how the video was presented to us. My first impression, which was probably by Design, was to see her as a bad person. I had to read the comments section to get more context, which completely changed my perspective. Goes to show how easy a video clip could be used to represent the true story.
Titvn Gaming
Titvn Gaming Hace 4 meses
And that’s how they tricked Americans to thinking a career criminal in joe biden and Hillary Clinton was a better choice than a guy they convinced everyone was racist but isnt
Tabooj Hace 4 meses
Wow ur so smart
Lesego Gideon Mogotloane
That’s what the media does every single day we breath!!
Thor Hace 4 meses
@JonnyBeoulve racist
Ungha Bungha
Ungha Bungha Hace 4 meses
@Morgan it's okay, you're allowed to raise violent idiot gang member criminals and you get a pass because nobody expects better from you. Don't worry about it. Everyone but you is responsible for how you raised your child. Keep telling yourself, it doesn't matter.
cameraboi27 Hace 4 meses
that explains why everyone gasped and the mom walking out, thanks everyone who commented the story behind this
Mobbedout614 Hace 4 meses
Mom said "anywhere but Florida baby you know I'm wanted in Jacksonville boy." 🤣🤣
Mr Leprechaun Don
Mr Leprechaun Don Hace 4 meses
The fact that she wore both of the teams he didn’t pick let’s me kno he definitely went against the grain!!!!!!
ChrisOffical©️ Hace 3 meses
The dad was like: He getting it😡
ike riley
ike riley Hace 10 meses
I love when people cut the strings and find out what is really going on. A smart society is a not easily controlled one.
Batman Robin
Batman Robin Hace 9 meses
Sadly most ain't smart still fall victim to silly things
M G Hace 10 meses
blazing Hace 10 meses
God bless you 🙏❤
TishaPisha Hace 10 meses
@963 Fully Auto that's Tennessee, not Texas.
Sydney Kelly
Sydney Kelly Hace 10 meses
Well Said!!
Taaaay (4a’s)
Taaaay (4a’s) Hace 4 meses
Y’all tryna justify this moms actions when his father had a whole nother team on his hat & jacket as well he respectfully clapped for him at the end of the day it’s his choice not his moms, dads, or anybody else’s . You live and learn if he messed up the opportunity it falls on him no one else.
Charles Prater
Charles Prater Hace 4 meses
Trippin I would’ve took Alabama !!
artsafact Hace 4 meses
She didn’t wanna cry on camera 🤣🤣
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