Mom walks out after son Jacob Copeland commits to Florida | ESPN 

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No. 40 overall prospect Jacob Copeland breaks down his decision to commit to the University of Florida and why his mom walked out after the announcement.
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6 feb 2018






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@sergeant_salty Hace 2 años
dude is fresh outta highschool and handled that whole situation like a true man
@v4mpfv Hace 2 años
Nobody knows the truth though.The reason he chose Florida was because he was in a gang there and chose Florida to stay in the gang.His mom wanted the best for him and wanted him to go to a good school away from gangs.
@@v4mpfv if she wanted the best for him then she should have raised him to not be in a gang. So she can stay mad she already failed as a parent.
@v4mpfv Hace 2 años
@@ifyourmarriedyourasimpanda7440 parents can’t know everything.And even if she did what is she gonna say?No more gang?
@hg06syndicate14 Hace 2 años
@@ifyourmarriedyourasimpanda7440 yea you sound like someone with no experience in this field dawg, the nicest of children can be in a gang and keep it hidden well. Life just hits people sometimes parents and children
@danpat8654 Hace 2 años
@@ifyourmarriedyourasimpanda7440 yeah, just tell them not to be in a gang. They’ll listen.
@daydreamer8237 Hace 2 años
This is actually so sad, regardless of which school he chose he worked hard to get where he is now. Any parent should be proud and support you unconditionally.
@qiucher879 Hace 2 años
You don’t know the full story
@KNByam Hace 2 años
From what I heard he wanted to stay in Florida with his gang members.
@cactaszach2000 Hace 2 años
@@qiucher879 I remember this happening but thought it was a joke.... There's a legit reason and story about why what's the story? I searched and couldn't find anything
@@qiucher879 it really doesn't matter, as someone who had shitty unsupportive parents, she is doing far more damage to him here than his "gang" affiliation will. Her behavior here is probably exactly why he chose to stay with the gang because he views them as having his back while she walks away.
@v4mpfv Hace 2 años
Nobody knows the truth though.The reason he chose Florida was because he was in a gang there and chose Florida to stay in the gang.His mom wanted the best for him and wanted him to go to a good school away from gangs.
@brosephh7130 Hace 2 años
The man in the blue shirt is the real MVP. Having his back in a vulnerable moment
@tinyhandman3621 Hace 2 años
I think it’s his dad but idk
@squad4112 Hace 2 años
Foreal salute to that man the mother made a mistake but let’s not forget that woman put food on the table put a roof over his head and forgave him for all his mistakes in his young life I hope he found it in his heart to forgive her
@v4mpfv Hace 2 años
@@squad4112 Nobody knows the truth though.The reason he chose Florida was because he was in a gang there and chose Florida to stay in the gang.His mom wanted the best for him and wanted him to go to a good school away from gangs.
@ttmazz1 Hace 2 años
I dnt c it as a vurnable moment, every 17 yr old man gotta make their own decisions, he gotta be in those bldgs etc.
@tinyhandman3621 Hace 2 años
@@v4mpfv that makes sense but also not
@8mathdaddy Hace 9 meses
It's up to him where he wants to go. His mom should support him wherever he goes. I feel so bad for this kid. Be proud that your boy made it to college. That is an accomplishment in itself. I have to add this in: Mom said Florida has all his gangster friends there so that was why she got upset. Thanks for suggesting to add that in, Hitchcock.
@leanonme1065 Hace 9 meses
Any updates about the guy?
@Dontaskmeforshit Hace 9 meses
I thought I heard, he declared for the 2023 NFL draft. Probably why this is rotating again
@8mathdaddy Hace 9 meses
@@Dontaskmeforshit Mom didn't want him to attend Florida because his gangster buddies are there. That was the excuse for her action.
@hitchcockisthegoat Hace 9 meses
@@8mathdaddy definitely beneficial to have all the information before vilifying the mother. She probably still shouldn’t have done that so publicly, but if that’s true her behavior is at least understandable if not justified
@8mathdaddy Hace 9 meses
@@hitchcockisthegoat True. Still up to him. His life.
@ApparitionFVT Hace 2 años
I’m glad he went with his heart and not where others pushed him to go. No regrets young man, be you!
@ApparitionFVT Hace 2 años
@Crazy TRK as I’m sure it is, but that doesn’t mean young blood can’t have a say in the school he goes to. He’s a man now and mom should encourage him to make his own decisions to better himself. Not be made to feel like an outcast for going to the school he wants instead of the one she demands. Js
@v4mpfv Hace 2 años
@@ApparitionFVT Nobody knows the truth though.The reason he chose Florida was because he was in a gang there and chose Florida to stay in the gang.His mom wanted the best for him and wanted him to go to a good school away from gangs.
@drolleskate6164 Hace 2 años
@@thammar1990 it’s true his mom talked about it
@eldon2905 Hace 8 meses
I wish I would have had the strength to make my own decision on signing day. To this day I regret not going where I wanted. Respect to this man.
@Cavachonc777 Hace 3 meses
Jesus Saves
He kept his composure when she left, did not speak ill of his mother, and respectfully answered the reporters questions afterwards. What a solid dude.
@f.acostaa9429 Hace 3 años
First thing I noticed👏🏼..what a good kid.
@Asigedge Hace 3 años
I agree. I would not have had that type of composure. I wish him greater success than he could ever imagine. His mother was disrespectful
@cartier3545 Hace 3 años
Sheryl Smallwood Clearly you didn't see the mothers part.
@ronasia9323 Hace 3 años
Her other son got murdered in Florida and she wanted him to get out of Florida
@primatein Hace 2 años
Good for him man. I don't know him, but talent aside, I can see why he was so highly recruited... it shows great courage and integrity to go with your heart, especially when there's so much pressure from those closest to you to do otherwise. He chose what was right and not what was easiest. Being born and raised in Bloomington, IN, I've seen so many friends go to IU because of family and peer pressure, when it wasn't the best for for themselves. A few of my friends, with similar pressure, left the comfort of home to go to Purdue because it was the best choice for engineering, and even two who went all the way to UC Santa Cruz for computer science. Today, they're 3 of the happiest people I know because of that decision.
@carlanderson2468 Hace un año
The reason why his mom left is because the only reason he chose Florida is because the gang he was in was based out in Florida, Mom's wanted better for him.
@ethangarcia4870 Hace un año
Boiler Up!
@aux2680 Hace 9 meses
@@carlanderson2468 Where did you get your info from?
@carlanderson2468 Hace 9 meses
@Aux4K I honestly don't remember, it wasn't like it was yesterday however I did read up on it back when the story first came out.
@blank9574 Hace 4 meses
I still, all these years later, feel sorry for Jacob Copeland that one of the biggest moments of his life was ruined by his own mother. He handled it like a man and a professional, but you can see the hurt on his face. Some people have children because they genuinely want to raise the next generation to do as well as they can for themselves, to pursue their passions, to be better people. Some people have children because they feel inadequate and hope that their children will do all the things they didn't or couldn't do. When they don't get their way, when their children choose their own paths, they lash out. His mother showed us all exactly which she is that day.
@Jlk9711 Hace 5 días
😂😂 you’re missing part of the story
@REACTSHAWN Hace 8 meses
As a mom you should be proud you raised a wonderful man who thinks for himself. As a parent that’s all I want for my son. And he’s attending college. I could only pray. He’s becoming a man and he has to live his life for what’s best for him. Don’t be upset you did a great job raising him.
@RD24LFG Hace 2 años
Absolutely disgusting, what she did to her son. Just awful. God bless you Jacob and I hope to see you in the NFL one day.
@ajbluesh377 Hace 2 años
Yes, absolutely disgusting this this mother wanted to protect her son by wanting her son to attend college out of state to get away from a dangerous gang he is involved in.
@RD24LFG Hace 2 años
@@ajbluesh377 there is zero proof of what you are saying. He is currently playing for the Gators and is their #1 wideout as a junior and is doing fine. Don't say things when you have zero proof. Bama is a guaranteed way to the nfl n she prolly wants him to get rich so she can live off him. Stop it.
@nakulsoundar6962 Hace un mes
@@RD24LFG Its true, he was hanging out with the wrong croud in Florida and was involved in gangs, his mom wanted him to get out of that.
@zurimapp4588 Hace 9 meses
I’m so sorry for that young man, you don’t abandon your family especially on national television where everyone is looking. If you’re disappointed handle that afterwards in private. You could see he was visibly saddened when she left.
@yeti_369 Hace 9 meses
He chose Florida bc of gang affiliation, that's why she walked out.
@Johnny.1965 Hace 9 meses
He probably did it to get away from her...some parents can be overbearing.
@Yaaron_Zongo Hace 9 meses
​@@Johnny.1965really? Get away from her? I didn't see any dad. So that's means she brought him up all by herself.
@hayatimofire4852 Hace 9 meses
When a boy becomes a man!
@jennacrawford7504 Hace 3 años
The man who comes to sit beside him and put a hand on his shoulder ♥️
@TAMANDJON Hace 3 años
@Theloverofmusic26 Hace 3 años
west coast flava dont stereotype one womans actions as every womans reaction. She was vile not every woman is
@Danne1886 Hace 3 años
@@Theloverofmusic26 His point seems explicitly anti stereotypes imo. Specifically the stereotypes that woman are always better caretakers, and that masculinity is toxic. I don't see how you got the message that all woman are like this from what he typed lol.
@Theloverofmusic26 Hace 3 años
@@Danne1886 I thought it had something to do with her walking out and being a bad parent. But I see where you're coming from my bad
@cartier3545 Hace 3 años
He only chose Florida because that's where his Gang is affiliated.
@godkiller2101 Hace 2 años
Good for him standing up for what he believes. That is the difference between average and legendary. Just like this young man here everyone who chooses to follow their dreams will eventually have to make this choice. It's hard to watch having been there but incredibly inspiring to see. Well done young man. 👏
@CommentAuditor Hace 2 años
You don't know the story. He was affiliated to a gang in Florida and his mom wanted him to leave and make a better life for himself but instead he chose to stay in Florida where he can stay in his gang. It had nothing to do with sports bias.
@godkiller2101 Hace 2 años
@@CommentAuditor Oh I see
@CommentAuditor Hace 2 años
@@godkiller2101 yeah that's why you'll notice she was wearing a Tennessee hat and an Alabama jersey. She wasn't partial to any team necessarily, she was just against him being in Florida. Don't worry though because your response was my first thought as well because it wasn't explained in the video...after the fact I read the story and it made sense.
@runningthor1999 Hace 4 meses
Guy behind him in the white suit and Tennessee hat is a real friend. Dude has a momentary “oh dayum!” moment when he goes Florida, but immediately shows his emphatic support. Awesome
@mikehawk4856 Hace 11 meses
Wishing this young man all the success in the world 🙌
You could tell that his whole family wasn’t happy with his choice
@isodin5415 Hace 9 meses
he chose florida to stay with his gang. he is gang affiliated.
@mikehawk4856 Hace 9 meses
@@isodin5415 racist
@Paulie-Gualtieri Hace 9 meses
@@mikehawk4856 He said the truth, this young man was gang affiliated and his mother wanted him out of this environment.
@mikehawk4856 Hace 9 meses
@@Paulie-Gualtieri still a racist thing to say
@dominicd9840 Hace 2 años
Respect for the man! Sad to see his mom behave that way. Follow your heart!!
@richardgrace5043 Hace 2 años
She wanted him out of Florida... only reason he stayed in Florida was because of the gang he was affiliated with and his brother had just gotten killed because of dumb gang banging so she wanted him put of the state....
@lucasanderson2781 Hace un año
@@richardgrace5043 dude u don’t know that
@Imnotdateidter Hace un año
@@lucasanderson2781 that’s actually the full story
@arabashful650 Hace 9 meses
He had three really great options to pick from, this was his moment to decide his future, a future he worked hard for. I can't understand parents who abandon their children simply because they choose their own path in life. She not only stole his moment, but embarrassed him on TV because her feelings were more important than his future.
@tylerhowell4108 Hace 2 años
Heartbreaking you can tell he was hurt but tried to hide it
I know, that is truly effed up. It’s one thing being angry with your kid. To just abandon them publicly says a lot about their character. Looks like his new family embraced him right away. That was a true brother that sat by him.
@@anthonyhenderson2930 yea but bet she's gonna wants some of those ends .a DAMMM shame
@catastrophe00 Hace un año
Y’all speaking out of turn. That boy could be a selfish knucklehead that’s listening to someone who doesn’t care about him over his mom. You never know. Even if her reaction is wrong, what he’s doing could be just as wrong, depending on the convos that only she and her know they had.
@tylerhowell4108 Hace un año
@@catastrophe00 dosnt matter. That's her child he just got a great opportunity and she shouldn't have just walked out like that and probably embarrassed him. She should just be happy he's got that opportunity there shouldn't have been any convincing to go to anywhere just supporting him in his decision
@catastrophe00 Hace un año
@@tylerhowell4108 You’re not the authority on how to parent. What you said is dripping with privilege. Telling someone how to react to something. What if he told her “Mom I’m going to Florida because once my homies find who shot my cousin, I’m leaving football practice so I can kill the dude myself.”? There could have been all kinds of implications with his choice. Don’t tell folks how to act in public when you don’t know what occurred in private.
@gregorycameron4146 Hace 2 años
Not only was that a "cold" hearted move it was truly embarrassing 😥
@raisschultz420 Hace 9 meses
yep she wanted to embarass him. that was calculated, she wanted to hurt her son
@KG-tt3nl Hace 9 meses
​@@raisschultz420 I wouldn't necessarily say that, he's associated with gangs in Florida and her other son was locked up at the time
@kennedy4257 Hace 9 meses
She only embarrassed herself. She is now seen as one of the world's worst mother.
@angelaleaga718 Hace 8 meses
Agree totally.
@Kp-yr7yv Hace 2 años
I feel sorry for this young man smh. Regardless of the situation there's a time and place for everything period that was embarrassing.
@Josh-sh6oy Hace un año
He should be embarrassed about choosing a program solely based on the fact that he has gang affiliations in that state, and chose to go there against his mothers wishes.
@Ganstapenguin Hace un año
@@Josh-sh6oy says who????
@Josh-sh6oy Hace un año
@@Ganstapenguin do your research broski
@KtB45 Hace 10 meses
Big ups to the man behind him that supported him from the beginning to the end as well as Jacob for holding it together.
@sethhilyard9520 Hace 2 años
I got so much love and respect for this young man right here cuz I know what it's like to be walked out on by family. Family supposed to be the most important thing in your life and I know that hurt him so bad ☹️😢😢😢 and he needed his family to stick by him and most of them did except for his mom. That really really hit me deep God bless you brother keeping your composure and getting through that very awkward cringy moment!!!!!!!!
@v4mpfv Hace 2 años
Nobody knows the truth though.The reason he chose Florida was because he was in a gang there and chose Florida to stay in the gang.His mom wanted the best for him and wanted him to go to a good school away from gangs.
@zassassin4950 Hace 2 años
@@dozerwarzone6914 no…
@studiobauhaus7740 Hace 2 años
I think he walked out on Family. Just go to Alabama the best way to get to the NFL and don’t be an idiot going to Florida. Sheesh!
@tyo3332 Hace 2 años
@@dozerwarzone6914 you don’t make sense
@miloelite Hace 9 meses
Stand by your decision young man! Great things coming your way.
@robertgray320 Hace 5 años
Ive gone through this before, when you make a decision for your own life and people don't like it. My own mother went against me as well and we didn't speak for a year. Its good to see a man make a decision like a man regardless of what their mom or anyone else thinks! Hats off to him!
@pedrojello8983 Hace 5 años
who are the white people
@jcoopdo Hace 2 años
You go where YOUR heart tells you young man. Sometimes mammas have a hard time letting go, and want their kids to stay closer to them at times. So momma will accept this decision at some point. Giver her some time, and hopefully she apologizes for putting you in that spot like she did.
@sareight Hace 2 años
Do you even know why she was upset at his decision?
@slickdarullaaa475 Hace 2 años
Poor kid seems shell-shocked and hurt deeply by what his mom did. I understand the family aspect behind it, but ultimately the decision is up to him.
@dewanmdurnto3592 Hace 2 años
She got paid by alabama she mad now
@kalahbabyyt Hace 9 meses
@@dewanmdurnto3592 or she wanted her son out of Florida cuz he was associated with the gang in Florida genius
@norrishotard8908 Hace 9 meses
You proved you are more of an adult then your own mom. She should be happy with any pick. I know I would. You keep your positivity and there's nothing you can't do. God bless.
@grindacademy5480 Hace 2 años
Some parents are trash man. Even if you don't like his decision, support your kid and make sure he knows you got his back no matter what. He will never forget this moment smh
@ajbluesh377 Hace 2 años
Mom had his back. Read the comment right above yours
@mar-45 Hace un mes
I'm sure she will love the money 💵💵
@tylerlopes476 Hace 4 meses
Gotta love that his family was there to support him. If only his mom was there.
@moonchild3957 Hace 3 años
She broke his heart walking out on him like that. He literally had to hold in his tears during this interview. As a mother, allow your children to make decisions for themselves. That's his life, not hers. She owe him a huge apology!
@dmcgeejr16 Hace 3 años
She did that because he's affiliated with a gang in Florida and she wanted him to leave so that he will not be caught up in that life style so hold off on your judgement before you know all the facts. I support what she did; he rather stay close to a gang than care about his own future.
@suansdun Hace 3 años
he wasnt holding his tear at all.
@misssmisssymaria Hace 3 años
DeAndre McGee Than she should’ve voiced her disapproval in private, instead of humiliating him on national tv. The only reason someone throws a tantrum like that is for attention, the interview became all about her, when it should’ve been about him. So classless!
@RadahnFeetPics Hace 3 años
@@misssmisssymaria if u were from the inner city you'd understand. People DIE from things like this aspiring athletes like this die over things like this take felonies and ruin their careers.. Its an important moment but as a parent it seemed he chose Florida for the gang ties and being the crazy area it is he could end up being like hernandez
@michaellim4165 Hace 3 años
There was no tear. And there is more to the back story than meets the eye. Dont judge a book by its cover.
@jasondauzat1619 Hace 2 años
What people fail to see is that they were from Florida and he’s involved in local gang activity. She wanted him to get out of the hood and make something out of himself. She also knows the distractions and influences will prevent him from his best chances at life! To me, that’s a strong mother as she’s knows what’s really up!!
@MrEJF02 Hace 2 años
Don't embarrass the young man though. She needed to handle that better. All wrong.
@dissmr Hace 2 años
Yeah..make a scene, that will teach him
@AustinK95 Hace 2 años
Yeah shouldn't have left him on live TV makes young men resent and press to do worse even more. Gotta understand how to make change if you want to see change. This is not a proper example of that, especially by a mother 💯
What people fail to see Gainesville is further from his hometown than Tuscaloosa.
@jebronekitty Hace 2 años
And a strong mother would trust in the kids decision to follow a path he chooses.
@KapitalElement Hace un año
What a loving, caring, supportive mother
@jermaineheath2101 Hace un año
Great young man. Don’t know where he is now in his football journey but whether he succeeding or is doing something else at that press conference he showed the world that he is a man👑💪🏾 way 2 go king
@slowedjk4833 Hace un año
@joeym5243 Hace 4 meses
I think people need to know the full story, his family wanted him to not stay in Florida because of his hand friends. You can see from their reaction how sad they are because I bet they're worried for his life.
@Danceisluv4 Hace un año
I remember seeing this! U can tell that he was hurt and holding back his emotions. I hope he's doing well these days!
@abroslife Hace 4 meses
He's pro
@Danceisluv4 Hace 3 meses
@abroslife I know! God had plans for him. 💯😎
You can see the pain and embarrassment on his face when his own mom who should be supporting him walks out on him..
@wiz8608 Hace 4 años
You can see him covering up his tears
@Rucker1980 Hace 4 años
@@simonhanus387 so what?
@Mr.Random3D Hace 4 años
@@simonhanus387 yeah u right
@bonesthekid7695 Hace 4 años
Simon Hanus that’s what people say but he won’t be in the hood tho.. he will be in a college lol
@missayawk Hace 2 años
If Im an NFL GM or owner, Im tracking Jacob's progress.Even if he doesn't project to be an NFL player, I will find a place for him in my organization.The way he handled this situation as a teen shows me his true character.The TRUE character of a person is how they act in times of adversity.His mother showed her true character and he showed his.
He's definitely not an NFL Talent. That's not even up for debate. He didn't even stay at Florida, transferred and played even worse at the new school. 💀💀💀
@Dontaskmeforshit Hace 9 meses
@@mr.garryproudgoalonggetalo7711 I thought he declared for the 2023 nfl draft
@dakota8381 Hace 9 meses
​@@Dontaskmeforshit I could declare for the 2023 draft right now would it mean anything?
@Celtic4ever Hace 9 meses
I hope he succeeds wherever he goes and proves his mom wrong. She should be ashamed of not supporting her son during a big moment of his life.
@jasonfox6013 Hace 9 meses
He chose to go where HE wants so proud of this young man much love from New Zealand
@RandomDarkness_ Hace 8 meses
She was mad because that school is near his gang affiliation. Do your research
@MONICA-tl9dj Hace 9 meses
Watching his mother abandoned him and trying to publically humiliated him is heartbreaking. Obviously, his mamma is a narcissist and he's making the right decision to break free from her controlling nature.
@CassieMcCasky2013 Hace 9 meses
Sending all the love to you, young man! ❤️
@quiltqueen4318 Hace 3 años
ESPN needs to tell the WHOLE story, not just the part that makes her look bad. Keeping your son away from gang affiliation in FL was an EXCELLENT reason to be upset about his decision.
@dawnbogar7339 Hace 3 años
@xdgaming70 Hace 3 años
@stephengaddis9791 Hace 3 años
Teachable moment. It's called SPIN to fulfill the collective enslavement of America. ESPN is a politically correct media beast. Conservatives have long been the victim of these tactics from mainstream media.
@RockStar_Love Hace 3 años
@@jazbeasley8249 she was hurt. Alabama was more than a school for her. It was a chance to get her son away from the gang violence that took his older brother and that he also had some affiliation to. I would have felt the same as a mother. Sometimes kids are stupid and you do have to make decisions for them.
@chesso5508 Hace 3 años
All part of the agenda main stream TV is pushing
@michaelvukovic1538 Hace 2 años
He gave a great answer, as his mom walked out on him in front of everyone...Wish the kid nothing but the best
@MrEJF02 Hace un año
Keep that same enrgy if he gets drafted and makes millions..
@no_lft_shft Hace 9 meses
This young man handled himself incredibly
@bamahammer3660 Hace 9 meses
As a diehard Alabama fan, I was watching when this occurred on ESPN. As a parent, you must respect whatever decision your child makes. Now it has been several years since the mom was correct because her son really didn't perform that well while at Florida. If he had gone to Alabama, I believe he would have had a better opportunity to get to the NFL.
@Hellllllo852 Hace 2 meses
Sadly the kid had talent I didn’t care where He went but he did commit to Florida to stay In the gang life
@carolamoore72 Hace 9 meses
That is truly heartbreaking to see his own mother walk out on him. She will regret doing that to him even if she feels that he was heading to the wrong school. He has to make that decision for himself and he said that is where he believes that God was leading him. His mom at least could have waited until after to show her disappointment. I Know that this broke his heart.
You go baby boy, follow your heart ♥ and and I'm praying for your success. To the Mom that was not cool.
@ryadh456 Hace 3 años
I like this dude; "go with my heart!" He chooses what he feels right over what other people want! Very courageous!👏
@c104ark6 Hace 3 años
This is a young man using his independence as a young adult.
@thatgirl6472 Hace 3 años
@SaraBeauty-hu7ox Hace 3 años
No. He went to Florida because of gang affiliation. He’s a terrible man. Learn the full story before commenting next time
@ivlime9969 Hace un año
@@SaraBeauty-hu7ox he's not terrible just misguided
@Jdoggy_fitcpku Hace 2 años
Man that's horrible can't believe a parent would do that poor guy he handled it well go get it brotha !!! Proud of the way u handled that
@cjhog7934 Hace 2 años
Great job young man...ALWAYS follow your heart no matter who tries to lead you a stray
@sareight Hace 2 años
You obviously don’t know why his mother reacted that way. Learn about the story and you will understand why she was upset.
@ethang3143 Hace 9 meses
God bless this man and his mother. He took this situation much better than I would. Following what he thinks God wants from him is highly respectable.
@TheTruth-ne4el Hace 9 meses
Isn’t real
@TheHuskyK9 Hace 9 meses
The mom was trying to get him away from his gang affiliations in Florida. This has nothing to do with God, bro
@tiopuerco6923 Hace 9 meses
Real supportive, mom. I’m sure if he makes millions in the NFL, you’ll have your hand out.
@marvwrld4715 Hace 9 meses
I know I'm late but that young man is who we all need to be in these hard times. Choosing what's good for our hearts not others
@itsyoobiiEman Hace 5 años
Smh man was on the verge of tears. His mom should support wherever he chooses to go
@TheOriginalxLowKey Hace 5 años
Venus Spacey nah bro if u go watch the full interview the guy in the dreads hugs him n thats when he dropped some tears. But the mother came back n hugged him but still fucked up.
@gabelaster2746 Hace 5 años
TorqnGears Tommy Sotomayor hahaha😄
@tareapeters5215 Hace 5 años
mobb s You are entitled to your opinion and I'm also entitled to disagree. That comment about black mothers is absurd. From the moment I knew my sons (4) were in my womb, I cared. You could never understand or comprehend the love I have for children. I feel sympathy for you because evidently u didn't receive that kind of love (could be wrong, just going by your comment). Whatever ur reason, u r way off. I couldn't have done what this mother did to her son. I would have been overwhelmed with Joy just to be sitting with my son at that table...so very proud of him and for him at that moment.
@Noah-vz7ej Hace 5 años
Emmanuel James you should watch the whole video where he does breakdown. It's so sad. I wanted to give him a hug. His mom does come back.
@MrBlack31695 Hace 2 años
That's how you show love and support no matter what decision he made.
@kimahenderson6640 Hace un año
Such a beautiful person, mom was wrong but clearly she raised him right.
@eunicerussell4606 Hace un año
Other news said she didn't want him to go back to hanging out with gang affiliated people in Florida, that why she moved him from around there.
@jackstein9986 Hace 9 meses
He was one of the top recruits in the country and was getting a scholarship to basically any school he wanted, she should be proud.
@jacksonhilley7429 Hace 9 meses
It’s ridiculous how parents can try to map out a kids whole future. Especially when it’s something the parents themselves probably didn’t do. Though it must’ve hurt the mother, Bro handed the situation like a champ. Hope his mom and him made up.
@Irina-iw5ji Hace 9 meses
That is so wrong of the mother. She needs to support her son, it isn’t about her. Be proud of this moment and your son. If she really wanted to go to Alabama then she can apply to that school. Wow, I feel so sad for him, he held back his emotions . I wish him only the best and a lot of success in his future!
@allthingsbengals Hace 7 meses
Her son was a gang member who had gang duties in Florida
@Irina-iw5ji Hace 7 meses
@@allthingsbengals is he allowed to even be drafted with gang ties? I didn't know this but it seemed like she was more disappointment in where he was chosen and didn't agree with the place. can you provide the source for your information?
@allthingsbengals Hace 7 meses
@@Irina-iw5ji just look up the reason his mom left on youtube
@kankansoja9375 Hace 3 años
U could tell he was trying hold back on tears sad to see that happen to him
@vw7402 Hace 3 años
Jxst x Icyy exactly
@user-mh4tl5ei7h Hace 3 años
This boi has dbzfs roblox in his profile pick.
@ryandinh9739 Hace 3 años
@@user-mh4tl5ei7h and?
@MekaBanes Hace 3 años
He was fighting them back. Mom that was a wrong and embarrassing move!! Never should've done your son like that on his special day at this special moment. Never Mom
@nineteen96 Hace 3 años
@@MekaBanes agreed
I hope he achieves all his dreams. His mother is a shameful selfish person. Congrats young man.
@brandonc422 Hace 2 años
Wow I never knew the reason she was upset until now. I really hope this man stayed away from the gang stuff. Really hope he did. It's hard to do but with as much talent as he has and the opportunity he has, he needs to rise above and do better for himself and his family.
This is a man carving out his own path; his own destiny. And the people rallying on him for his choice. God speed.
@johnewing6915 Hace 2 años
He made up his OWN mind. ALL should respect THAT. Proud of you young man.
@emilpedersen7223 Hace 9 meses
I felt this, my parents never been to nothing, if they were i would have gained more confidense in life i feel for this man,
@gabbie3174 Hace 3 años
That’s her son, man. Parents are supposed to support their children. She should be so proud of him😭
@SuddenHaiku Hace 3 años
Gabbie Alot of people dont know he has friends that are gang related in florida thats why he choose them and thats why the mother got up and left.
@@SuddenHaiku What gang
@nuwoman1828 Hace 3 años
Wow Ms Petty patty , that's embarrassing, she could have conducted herself a bit better in my opinion 🤔
@sanchez3229able Hace 3 años
He smart to go to a school he could actually play for. Bama is so loaded with talent, their 3rd stringers can start at any other University.
@stephcurran1724 Hace un año
Awful parent, support you’re kid unconditionally no matter what. If I were in his position I definitely would have shed tears
@MarkHansen1990 Hace 2 años
I for one suppose this young man's decision to choose the school he wants to attend. I pray his mom sees that it is his decision. Collage is all about learning. Learning to except and love others for their decision is apart of that education. God bless you sir.
At 0:07 when he starts to turn his head and realize his mom is getting up really hit me😢
@craigldavissr7176 Hace 2 años
God bless you Jacob! Do what you feel is right for you! Stay in prayer, and always seek your guidance from above. I'm happy for you. Congrats!
@yasuke4330 Hace 8 meses
Unfortunate … but this will ultimately give him more reason for him to succeed. A reason to keep pushing.
@jjlegrand4046 Hace 3 años
I understand the whole “liking a certain college or team” thing, but to be a mother and to walk out on a huge day such as this is unacceptable. My heart goes out to the boy and I hope he is doing great.
@hello100532 Hace 3 años
T E E N D R E A M O it was actually due to his gang involvement in Florida and obviously his mother doesn’t want him to be near that, but later in the broadcast she does come back and kiss and hug him
@jjlegrand4046 Hace 3 años
Mr FAN thank you, I’m glad she came back and I understand now why she was against this due to the gang related stuff😊
@murphymurf6581 Hace 3 años
@@hello100532 well I'm glad I read your comment before I posted anything......I felt so bad for that kid. I understand why she did that. (Kinda) glad she came back and he's doing well.
@cgreene626 Hace 3 años
I'm from California and live in Alabama and when I tell you these people are insane about Alabama, THEY ARE FUCKING INSANE ABOUT ALABAMA! I've never seen anything like it! It's kinda disturbing. 😄
@lindajackson1031 Hace 3 años
Well she did what she wanted to do and he did what he wanted to do!! She just has to realize its his life!
@BrandonAEnglish Hace 2 años
Going with his gut and heart rather than following his mom. Good on him.
@robertmillwood7186 Hace 2 años
To his mom who got up and walked away.... it is his life to lived so some love and respect for the young man.
@sareight Hace 2 años
Do you know what she was upset at his choice?
@dalinkwent24 Hace 9 meses
This is a child turning into a man right before our eyes. Salute to this young brother.
@MrSotero123 Hace un año
This is so messed up. Having the person you care about most turn their back on you like that would crush anybody’s world.
@smugzsnivy1351 Hace 9 meses
God bless this young man!
@MrEclay2 Hace 3 años
She didn’t have to do him like that on national television! You can tell he wanted to cry but gained his composure and answered those questions! SMH
@joejose8433 Hace 3 años
She have to realize him that she raised in to make choices I know he's a man now and that she need to let go she done her part as a parent but don't worry he's going to take care of her that's what a lot of basketball players do to their mother and the reason why they work so hard and their new career is so they mothers or parents can be taken care of but they never have to again work for somebody else Michael Jordan did was that he brought him a major Hardware chain Outlet so that he never had to work for nobody else. And dad didn't have to work for nobody else he coming in once a week sit behind a desk for tax purposes and go down amongst its employees putting cash money in their pockets even though it wasn't payday and everybody loved him he might come there one day a week sit in the office going on paperwork get up and leave that's it ain't seen him no more sense. And that's what Michael Jordan did he took care of his daddy his daddy took care of his employee that's how life is
@mastersfan04 Hace 3 años
She lost a lot of money
@@joejose8433 if my mom did that I wouldn't give her a dime can't make someone happy who doesn't support you
@timothysichone4109 Hace 3 años
He was affiliated with some gangs in Florida and didn’t want him to go there. Explains why she has a Tennessee hat and Bama hoodie on
@a14rmdaview40 Hace 3 años
Joseph Soto he doesn’t have any money
@BrianCCole-mx5ht Hace 2 años
Having just seen an update about his life & college career on an ESPN special from just 2 months ago he's proven he could succeed even if she wasn't happy with his choice.
@StupidBadITCH Hace 2 años
He still paying her bills
He just transferred…. Bad decision
@bryanbee1604 Hace un año
@@clarencejarrettjr.4487 to where? What happened ?
@SD-ly4gz Hace un año
@@bryanbee1604 Pretty sure he wants to finish off his collegiate and transferred to maryland terrpins
@calebgalvan54 Hace 2 años
I read an article about the situation and I believe the mother wanted his son to go put of state Alabama or Tennessee to avoid trouble he was getting into while living in Florida. I hope his mother came around and I also hope this was the best decision for this young man. I could be wrong about that article but you never know.
@davidshi123 Hace 8 meses
Another kid's mom did this a couple years ago. Kid chose Bama, mom didn't want him to go there. Mom said it was bc all Saban talked about was what you needed to go pro, whereas the coach of the school she wanted him to go to talked about trying to make him a best man he could.
@cayetano6547 Hace 2 años
My mom did something like that when I made a decision she didn't like over a decade ago...Very, very sad to watch. Nothing but my love and support for tbis young man. Very sad. She should be embarrassed. She's a child.
@marlenebulger6822 Hace 8 meses
Follow your heart, son ♥️ from a Mom.
That’s embarrassing for him, you can see it in his face.
@Firegirl483 Hace 3 años
He shouldn't have stayed in Florida just to be with his gang then.
@standm1 Hace 3 años
Saban is the better coach
@davidthemod4729 Hace 3 años
I could barely understand a word he was saying.
@standm1 Hace 3 años
@@davidthemod4729 me
@kylesunderman6489 Hace 2 años
This is heartbreaking to see his mom walk out like that, but there is much more to the story. The Mom SHOULD be VERY upset with her son. He just chose the gang-life over changing-his-life. He had an opportunity to get up out the hood. I pray he still finds his way...
Bro stop spreading this BS. This had nothing to do with gangs.
@cbbeats6524 Hace 29 días
Imagine caring more about your college than your own son
@sirmogsalot8732 Hace 9 meses
I remember there being more to this story than what was shown here. I believe Jacob's mom was upset because she wanted him to move away from gang ties in Florida, and got upset that he was staying close to what she knew what could be bad for him
@taulantlumi8521 Hace un año
If anyone wants to know why his mom left as soon as he picks Florida was because he was caught doing gang activity in Florida and his mom wanted him to not go in Florida and have the best chance of his life
@gordonpainter8237 Hace 9 meses
What a supportive and loving mother
@Nick-1990 Hace 3 años
All I can say is I’m proud of him for making his choice about himself and not what his family wanted 🙂
@deb8183 Hace 9 meses
Poor decision on the part of the mother. He looks upset to have to deal with this decision. Jacob, I support whatever decision you make. Godspeed.🙏
@michaelcoley9360 Hace 2 años
Way to turn this moment of your sons life to all about you mom. And thanks for walking in front of the cameras.
@joannamcpeak7531 Hace 2 años
Obviously, this wise gentleman is not gang violence material. It is sad about what happened to his uncle, but he still deserves respect, and it is his decision.
@rxmeo_7976 Hace 9 meses
since people still haven’t commented on it, his mom walked out due to Copeland wanting to stay in Florida because of his gang ties. she just wanted her son to leave that behind. but she came back later on to hug and kiss him
@alexandervargas79 Hace 9 meses
Bama is closer to his hometown than UF (by over 100 miles), so it doesn't make sense for her wanting him to go to Bama over UF given the reason.
@danger170388 Hace 5 años
This kid showed more maturity than his mother
@blakebuckwold3244 Hace 5 años
T0PSECRET that don’t mean abandon your kid
@unseen4047 Hace 2 años
That's the sign of a true man making his own decisions good job Mr Copeland enjoyed watching you play for Florida
@madminorcan7510 Hace 2 años
Mom's a real class act.
@TheRealJosh05 Hace 9 meses
Feel bad for the young kid. Mom made it about herself right there.
@not1fromyourworld Hace 2 años
Way to go mom !
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