Mom walks out after son Jacob Copeland commits to Florida | ESPN

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No. 40 overall prospect Jacob Copeland breaks down his decision to commit to the University of Florida and why his mom walked out after the announcement.

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6 feb 2018






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@jjlegrand4046 Hace 2 años
I understand the whole “liking a certain college or team” thing, but to be a mother and to walk out on a huge day such as this is unacceptable. My heart goes out to the boy and I hope he is doing great.
@daydreamer8237 Hace un año
This is actually so sad, regardless of which school he chose he worked hard to get where he is now. Any parent should be proud and support you unconditionally.
@sergeant_salty Hace un año
dude is fresh outta highschool and handled that whole situation like a true man
@tylerhowell4108 Hace un año
Heartbreaking you can tell he was hurt but tried to hide it
@brosephh7130 Hace un año
The man in the blue shirt is the real MVP. Having his back in a vulnerable moment
@primatein Hace un año
Good for him man. I don't know him, but talent aside, I can see why he was so highly recruited... it shows great courage and integrity to go with your heart, especially when there's so much pressure from those closest to you to do otherwise. He chose what was right and not what was easiest.
He kept his composure when she left, did not speak ill of his mother, and respectfully answered the reporters questions afterwards. What a solid dude.
@ApparitionFVT Hace un año
I’m glad he went with his heart and not where others pushed him to go. No regrets young man, be you!
@toasttoasted3492 Hace un año
He will never forget this moment and what his mom did
@remired241 Hace un año
I'm at work holding back tears. I live in Baltimore City. Kids are dropping like flies around here. To see this young man to want to go to college even if it's a sports scholarship....he said 3-4yrs. He takes his education seriously. Thank you to the man that comforted him. I'm discussed that his mother did that to him. He can't stay home forever. Good luck Jacob. Someone post his IG or Twitter for me
@JayP80Geno Hace un año
Reporter: “Hey Jacob, this looks like the most cringiest moment in your life. We imagine you probably want to change the subject and get out of here as soon as possible, but please walk us through this incredibly awkward situation that we all just witnessed.”
I remember seeing this! U can tell that he was hurt and holding back his emotions. I hope he's doing well these days!
@moonchild3957 Hace 2 años
She broke his heart walking out on him like that. He literally had to hold in his tears during this interview. As a mother, allow your children to make decisions for themselves. That's his life, not hers. She owe him a huge apology!
@missayawk Hace un año
If Im an NFL GM or owner, Im tracking Jacob's progress.Even if he doesn't project to be an NFL player, I will find a place for him in my organization.The way he handled this situation as a teen shows me his true character.The TRUE character of a person is how they act in times of adversity.His mother showed her true character and he showed his.
Great young man. Don’t know where he is now in his football journey but whether he succeeding or is doing something else at that press conference he showed the world that he is a man👑💪🏾 way 2 go king
@gregorycameron4146 Hace un año
Not only was that a "cold" hearted move it was truly embarrassing 😥
@sethhilyard9520 Hace un año
I got so much love and respect for this young man right here cuz I know what it's like to be walked out on by family. Family supposed to be the most important thing in your life and I know that hurt him so bad ☹️😢😢😢 and he needed his family to stick by him and most of them did except for his mom. That really really hit me deep God bless you brother keeping your composure and getting through that very awkward cringy moment!!!!!!!!
@jasondauzat1619 Hace un año
What people fail to see is that they were from Florida and he’s involved in local gang activity. She wanted him to get out of the hood and make something out of himself. She also knows the distractions and influences will prevent him from his best chances at life!
You can see the pain and embarrassment on his face when his own mom who should be supporting him walks out on him..
What a loving, caring, supportive mother
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