Monologue: I'm a Crook, So What? | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including the latest from the impeachment inquiry and a criminal conviction for Roger Stone.
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16 nov 2019






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Comentarios 4 655
Pervert Pervert
Pervert Pervert Hace 2 horas
Pervert Pervert
Pervert Pervert Hace 2 horas
Old Guy
Old Guy Hace 11 horas
Anyone can state a false narrative like he does. Don’t try to be empathetic.
CBR Fireblade
CBR Fireblade Hace 14 horas
Think I know why all these Trump supporters won't turn their back on this douche...Well, politicians have a knack for one thing, figuring out how to be a lifetime politician...you do that by having self preservation as your #1 goal... so when your boss, the President employs a "either you are with me or else" strategy these scumbags just double down, start bootlicking and get ethical amnesia... USA #1...laughing stock of the world... BTW, how many days after Trump leaves office will he be announcing new mega-tower projects in Russia, China, Saudi Arabia or maybe even North Korea????
CBR Fireblade
CBR Fireblade Hace 14 horas
Got some mad respect for Bill, even more now that he called out Canada Goose for their abuse of geese for their down feathers... Nice Bill
Flame Wolf97
Flame Wolf97 Hace 17 horas
not a fan of trump but they are trying to impeach this guy every ten minutes lol. the government has way to much power so impeach every president. and when the dems get in office you know the Republicans are gonna try to impeach them then we are gonna hear the same shit from the other side. bill maher will be defending his side 100% both sides SUCK
Lewis Wray
Lewis Wray Hace 23 horas
Bill Maher = Shit stain
Ms Sandhu
Ms Sandhu Hace un día
Look, Bill Maher! I found a female version of you (btw I am a big fan of your show): esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-58rLzKOIz3Y.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-woDRMQDk0ww.html
Rocket Missile
Rocket Missile Hace un día
Maher is a Satanic pedophile. His production company is called..."Kid Love Productions". SICK!
Dale Hauk
Dale Hauk Hace 2 días
Censor mitch and impeachment a slam dunk
Bone Dust
Bone Dust Hace 2 días
Bill Maher is such a dunce. Why would anybody watch such a moron. Go host a game show.
jon schwindt
jon schwindt Hace 2 días
Why does he touch his own face so much?
Yes Sir!
Yes Sir! Hace 3 días
This is the guy who wanted Avenatti as the US president...
David Pugh
David Pugh Hace 3 días
It looks as if more than half the Americans shit their pants and then denied it.
Tim Dog
Tim Dog Hace 4 días
For sure, a draft dodging dotard
jashane stone
jashane stone Hace 5 días
America is the laughingstock of all Nations.. "Love your president??" I think not.. 🖕🏾😏
psycleen Hace 5 días
hedge your hedge
Shannon E
Shannon E Hace 6 días
Bill, you look great! and so hot🔥in those black suits! It's weird but I evidently have a Bill Maher/Black suit and tie fetish...lol❤
bluegold21 Hace 6 días
Q: What commits an impeachable offence during an impeachment hearing...drum roll...A Russian doll.
Clark Gordon
Clark Gordon Hace 6 días
he' just less of a crook than the others, everything is fixed, presidents are selected not elected
Jack Glenn
Jack Glenn Hace 7 días
the only Jello they'll nail to the wall is Bill Cosby lol
Thuy Tran
Thuy Tran Hace 9 días
I like. Your show
harry bonic
harry bonic Hace 9 días
Squeal time with Swill player.
Deborah Linton
Deborah Linton Hace 9 días
Hey Bill there are some serious children on your platform. Miss your intelligence..
Tugboat Slugs
Tugboat Slugs Hace 9 días
We are all asking this... What is your plan for this country other than bashing Trump? Soon he will be gone regardless and we have nothing to offer as a suitable fix for our broken country.
Rick Slade
Rick Slade Hace 9 días
I have a message to all of you pathetic crybaby liberals that are commenting/reading on here. Nothing you say or do will ever change the fact that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 and Donald Trump is president of the United States. Furthermore, nothing you pathetic idiots say or do will change the fact that we have appointed over 150 right wing lifetime federal judges that will be imposing our will on the country for the next 40 years including the Supreme Court of the United States. You will never get that free college, you will never get universal healthcare, Daca will be repealed over the next couple months by the supreme court and all of those little invaders will be bounced back to whatever Third World shit holes they came from. Remember my name and my comment because I will be back on here when Trump wins in a landslide in 2020 to remind all of you what a bunch of pathetic liberal losers you are😂😂😂 #YOULOSTLIBERALSCUM🇺🇸
Hacks Construction
Hacks Construction Hace 10 días
H el💦Ø = HBO = HO ME el💦ØX Ø FF ice 💦🔥♨ HOME BOX OFFICE
Kathleen LaCroix
Kathleen LaCroix Hace 10 días
Lock Him up
FOUNDUPS TV Hace 10 días
#AndrewYang is the only Dem pulling I Trump2020 fringe votes
Tom Barron
Tom Barron Hace 10 días
If you talk like Bull Maher you are the sick one.
KorpsePaintKlown Hace 11 días
Dennis kinda looks like an evil Patton Oswalt
Keith Putnam
Keith Putnam Hace 11 días
Unbelievably, the " I'm a crook,so what?", defense is working. I'ts just so out there,no one ever thought to use it before this clown.People seem to be kinda glazing over now, the endless stream of ridiculous bullshit that spews from him,just reinforces his scary 'chosen one' status amongst the proletariat.Cheers!
nasir ibrahim
nasir ibrahim Hace 11 días
This dude is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rhonda s
Rhonda s Hace 11 días
I’m voting for Trump!
M Hace 11 días
What they are missing as an example in this scenario is that Hitler made up an alternative reality also, and fed it to the people, and people believed him and pledged allegiance to HIM, just as Trump also requires of his followers. Hitler said there was a Jewish Cabal, and fed the country a grand conspiracy theory and Germany bought it, and we all know where it went from there. Trump is a ruthless American dictator and will destroy those that go against him...simple as that! That is why the leaders of the GOP stay in a fantasy with this meglomaniac!
manyonezerometalsmyth 66
Good is that common force that regulates the finer things in life, which are all evil, and sometimes too perverse for a common good.
Alexander Burawa
Alexander Burawa Hace 12 días
ttump is a walking, talking felony.
Miriam Spillane
Miriam Spillane Hace 12 días
Christ, he loves adulation, but funny.
Hairy Mary
Hairy Mary Hace 12 días
Dirty mouth Maher.
BundesRepublic Murica
BundesRepublic Murica Hace 12 días
Jim Jordan is really slimy. I think he’ll get his in due time. Roger stone oy!
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