"Moon Knight Vs. The Hound" || Who won?

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Earlier on, Steven tracks down a storage locker maintained by his other persona. It's full of classic espionage essentials like cash and guns, along with a US passport for Marc Specter. Marc acts as the avatar for Egyptian moon god Khonshu -- confirmed shortly afterward to be the scary giant bird mummy that hounded Steven in his apartment building -- becoming the superhero Moon Knight. "We protect the vulnerable and deliver Khonshu's justice to those who hurt them," says Marc.

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5 abr 2022






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It’s still so crazy to me that we can now say that we have a Moon Knight series. We’ve been waiting like a decade for this 😭😭
Josevam Dos Santos Silva
Dude the lunar phases in his eyes during the transformation is just a really AWESOME detail.
His theme everytime he transforms is godly 😭
This was so badass. Finally we are getting more street-level vigilantes in the MCU with a slightly darker tone.
Raziel Ali
I love how they've amped up his feats compared to the comics. In the comics he is really strong but you can definitely see that they have really gone out of their way to reimagine this amazing character! Moon Knight has always been one of those characters that doesn't get enough love, but if they continue to build on his character, I will be one happy fan! This version of Moon Knight is already better than a lot of other versions from the comics and I'm all for it!
Andrew Estrada
I really love how the lunar blade come back it’s owner.
It’s funny how Steve thinks he run shit but it’s REALLY Marc’s body😂
Sure Marc has done some questionable things, but whenever he is meant to take out the Jackals, he’s an absolute badass.
Yusufbek Coolman
This whole sequence is the best scene in the series so far
One of my favorite scenes in the show. I’ll never get tired of watching Marc jump rooftop to rooftop. Also he’s “got ya” at
Aaron Yau
I’m curious how Oscar timed his transformation so perfectly with himself in the mirror as he walks away from the bus 🔥👌🏻
R r
Two episodes out and this is already the best marvel series ever!!
It'd be pretty hilarious if he just kept running and the hound never followed lol
Al Caps
The transition from the quietness to the Moon Knight theme was amazing
The way he transforms is so cool! He becomes a total badass the minute he "summons the suit."
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