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First trailer for Morbius starring Jared Leto


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13 ene 2020






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Scarlet Valdez
Scarlet Valdez Hace 4 días
I love when they make Epic Covers for Classical Music pieces.
Ömer Ç
Ömer Ç Hace 5 días
puu batman puu
ςнγzαο gαмιиg
He becomes a vampire from bats while we get covid lol
Yakub Kadar
Yakub Kadar Hace 9 días
Morbius icanot wait
NitroZeus Hace 10 días
Bat bite u : u get superpower. U bite bat : it's corona time.
Renan Carvalho
Renan Carvalho Hace 11 días
g sun
g sun Hace 12 días
Elon Musk
Elon Musk Hace 12 días
The question is what happens when Morbius bites Batman? Lol
John Surguy
John Surguy Hace 12 días
"it can only be JAAARED"
chris lucas
chris lucas Hace 14 días
2:09 And the Foreshadowing begins 2:43 Batman and the Joker 😂😂
R S Hace 15 días
PG-13? It’s a no for me dawg.
NRN Hace 15 días
The background music already coming in one of the Tamil film.!
Matthias Baervoets
Matthias Baervoets Hace 15 días
MORBIUS? nope, Coronaman!
mariano jose
mariano jose Hace 17 días
bom filme
cristinel paduraru
cristinel paduraru Hace 17 días
Seth Houser
Seth Houser Hace 18 días
Morbius gets bit from a bat in a testing lab in the comics. Covid-19 came from China, possibly from a lab testing on a bat. Hmmm, is Sony saying China is to blame? LOL!
EDI P Hace 18 días
Coronavirus evolution went too far
Muhammad Agung Wibowo
Muhammad Agung Wibowo Hace 19 días
Knowing Blade is also coming to MCU, I hope Morbius and Blade make a crossover.
Joseph Collins III
Joseph Collins III Hace 19 días
Bats are awesome
Prince Kay
Prince Kay Hace 19 días
It's going to be a big thing
School TV Family
School TV Family Hace 23 días
Is that The DOCTOR
Johnny Guerra
Johnny Guerra Hace 25 días
That was greatest
ThunderCats Hace 25 días
2:16 When I step on a lego.
Davidbot_12 Hace 22 días
ThunderCats lol
S Sam
S Sam Hace 25 días
here are some very scary Indian ghost stories : www.amazon.in/FEAR-Indian-Stories-Saptarshi-Bhattacharyya-ebook/dp/B083RHH5K3/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1ID6KZYO3OBR6&dchild=1&keywords=indian+ghost+stories&qid=1588950220&sprefix=indian+ghost%2Caps%2C299&sr=8-1
Mary Taylor
Mary Taylor Hace 26 días
Hellooooo Jared!Swoon.
ГОТИКА Hace 26 días
Batman + Venom + Spider-Man
a r
a r Hace 28 días
Nathan Yein
Nathan Yein Hace 28 días
imagine if he got corona virus instead of sexy vampire powers.
Bernard Ayres
Bernard Ayres Hace 28 días
DreamWarrior Hace 29 días
another super hero film? yawn.....
Joseph Fung
Joseph Fung Hace 29 días
ok, wuhan, this is what you want the result to be. not a fucking pandemic lmaoooooo
Ангелът с мръсна душа
0:18 Legasov from Chernobyl (miniseries)
Balazs Juhasz
Balazs Juhasz Hace un mes
En v Orsós vagyok juhaszb766@gmail.com q
Ivium Hace un mes
Finally the real Batman
Kevin Coates
Kevin Coates Hace un mes
He looks like Meatloaf in I would do anything for love lmao.
Naoto Date
Naoto Date Hace un mes
Nightcrawler di X men
Exposed on Youtube
Exposed on Youtube Hace un mes
what's up doc
Akard 88
Akard 88 Hace un mes
So his the fucker who brought is corona
CoachJefe Hace un mes
I'm sorry... I just don't trust the only actor to make the Joker a joke
Adrian Jordan
Adrian Jordan Hace un mes
It looks promising but only time will tell.
wiinterflowers Hace un mes
To be fair, they should change the released date in the trailer because of the situation..
Dav Rocket
Dav Rocket Hace un mes
lets eat some raw bats...
Gracie Law
Gracie Law Hace un mes
so at :45 they show a bat, then at :50 the show the outer protein shell of the covid-19 strain as the machine spins...hmmm...anyone else catch that?
Deric Ng
Deric Ng Hace un mes
& we have found the first case of corona virus here
AMAB Charat
AMAB Charat Hace un mes
Frecuentemente cuando te muerde un murciélago te da rabia y te morís, pero en el mundo Marvel te da poderes
Joshua Olsen
Joshua Olsen Hace un mes
*Continually humming the first nine notes from 'Fur Elise' because of this trailer* Don't pretend I'm alone in this.
Cedric Johnson
Cedric Johnson Hace un mes
Nobody expected it, nobody asked for it... But now everybody wants it.
thisakwardguy Hace un mes
Doctor: “At what cost?” Everyone else on earth during the Coronavirus: “Everything.”
Post-Rock Hace un mes
Who knew bats could cure you. Of course it's a parallel universe coz it's CORONA TIME!
Baby Ania
Baby Ania Hace un mes
Darkjaw Hace un mes
Is this set in the MCU?
Harrison Simmons
Harrison Simmons Hace un mes
The art design on all his powers is amazing. Cannot wait for this to come out. That is if We come out of lockdown.
Fun-with-purpose 14
Well, until Coronavirus got ‘em!
krsdivz Hace un mes
Im kind of excited to see this for Matt Smith
Roman Giertych
Roman Giertych Hace un mes
Michael ?
Simon Beaufont
Simon Beaufont Hace un mes
JOSE SANTOS Hace un mes
Michael stay good
1d2a3n 10v4
1d2a3n 10v4 Hace un mes
Dracula says: ha, ...ha, ... ha, cheap
Ngoc Duong
Ngoc Duong Hace un mes
I watched full clip because of the soundtrack. To be honest, the content of trailer not interesting me much.
H.J. Studios
H.J. Studios Hace un mes
Lucas71011 Hace un mes
John Nielsen
John Nielsen Hace un mes
ur girl lookin like Jami Gertz circa Lost Boys 😍
El Salvaje
El Salvaje Hace un mes
So sony has a symbiote rhat was a villain first and then hero in the comics but hes a hero first now, and a vampire. MCU has everyone but fox has only deadpool? Am i missing anything?
Hese Monni
Hese Monni Hace un mes
Yo, it's the Doctor.
Willian bueno Inácio
Tipo Batman?
Marco Tononi
Marco Tononi Hace un mes
ecco, giusto, visto il corona virus arrivato dai pipistrelli, ci dovevan fare un film che li utilizzasse subito. mondo assurdo.
goof verdinus
goof verdinus Hace un mes
ah this looks actually pretty good, shame i cant watch it though. Fuck You Marvel
goof verdinus
goof verdinus Hace un mes
@kachigga my bigga For selling their soul, hiring marxist ilustrators/writers and alienating their fanbase. Stuff like the new "snowflake" "hero" etc.
kachigga my bigga
kachigga my bigga Hace un mes
Hagen Westhues
Hagen Westhues Hace un mes
That gimmick is cool. But when battle against Spider-Man ? To get the "Heros" into the cinemas you need this emotional fight between good and bad. The heroes WANT to this :-) Make a badass name like Rise of Morbius and it gets even better :-)
Guna sibour
Guna sibour Hace un mes
Blade:Hold my serum
April Sisco
April Sisco Hace un mes
Jared Leto is a God Damn babe. 😍
Empress Gold
Empress Gold Hace un mes
MIchael MOrbius and Spiderman
S O Hace un mes
el colonavilus xD
Raul Montellano
Raul Montellano Hace un mes
ayyy wuey
storm playz
storm playz Hace un mes
At 2:12 is that the actor who played as the eleventh doctor from doctor who?
Salmrejen Salm
Salmrejen Salm Hace un mes
Link of film please
Henrico Gonçalo
Henrico Gonçalo Hace un mes
Que tesão!!!
SuGGoz Hace un mes
Aha, it's the shitty Joker. The only positiv is that he's not singing.
Jasmine Timmons
Jasmine Timmons Hace un mes
Looks good im all in
clash royaler379
clash royaler379 Hace un mes
0:33 lol
rimisark Hace un mes
isn''t that suposed to be serial?
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