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Magicians have the ability to keep innovating with their amazing skills. And the shows wouldn’t have been a success without their amazing magic tricks! But still, there’s always the curiosity to figure out the tricks, which makes this world a creative place.
So, be it Darcy Oake’s famous Dove illusion, or Stevie Pink’s amazing Levitation act, in this video, we are gonna figure out the most famous magic secrets from Britain’s Got Talent show.
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Below is the list of Britain's Got Talent's Top Magic Tricks revealed:
The 1st Trick: Darcy Oake’s Famous Dove Act
The 2nd Trick: Stevie Starr, The Professional Regurgitator
The 3rd Trick: Stevie Pink’s Floating Illusion
Kool Kats by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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So guys, which trick was your favourite one?
And name any other video topics you would like us to create?
Tell us in the comments below.
Thanks for watching!


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FactoFusion Hace un mes
So guys, which trick was your favourite one? And name any other video topics you would like us to create?
giridh1 Hace un día
The box trick
wizard King
wizard King Hace 4 días
Mario Lopez cigarettes trick
Saim Khan
Saim Khan Hace 4 días
Whats the name of last music?
Amazonia - Tongkat Ali
There is one trick all men need to know...
Sprite Soda
Sprite Soda Hace 7 días
Explain cylinder and coins
vasu deva
vasu deva Hace 5 horas
Ur really giving an amazing explanation of magic trick secret
Mohammed Imtyaz
Mohammed Imtyaz Hace 6 horas
Ye saale click bait ke liye kuch bi kehrahe hai zara socho koi kaise apne hath me itne sare kabutar rakhsakta hai
hitman aiden
hitman aiden Hace 6 horas
When you get to know the magic trick it is no more cool
MAKE a MOVE Hace 6 horas
2:44 you can see the other doves head being pulled out from the jacket
Joemarie Gabijan
Joemarie Gabijan Hace 9 horas
Nice magic..
Buddala Narendhar
Buddala Narendhar Hace 9 horas
Last one
rahuman aathief
rahuman aathief Hace 10 horas
your videos are great
mushtaq khan
mushtaq khan Hace un día
Fake vdo watch carefully. Nice illusions
ladzmer masbon
ladzmer masbon Hace un día
Can u make it have subtitle? Thank u. Bad english
Mack Daddy
Mack Daddy Hace un día
ladzmer masbon perfect English ... u bad listener...
thejjzz Hace un día
This makes me respect the magicians even more. This shows how difficult they really are to do well.
rakshann tadimmalla
rakshann tadimmalla Hace un día
Last one is pretty amazing
jackey jack
jackey jack Hace un día
Ithrayum kalam pattikkuka ayirunnalle 😇😇
Elizabeth Bower
Elizabeth Bower Hace un día
I’d like you to explain how to do the Indian rope trick
Daisy Garay
Daisy Garay Hace un día
Oh yeah amazing
All Hot Sex vedio
All Hot Sex vedio Hace un día
Josemari Lina
Josemari Lina Hace un día
Most of the magician wear jacket😂😂
Ashis Rai
Ashis Rai Hace 2 días
Fcuk your revelation in weirdo voice
Abrar Abrar
Abrar Abrar Hace 2 días
CID?!!!! 🤔
Hanif Zaim
Hanif Zaim Hace 2 días
Dluan Mana yg upload, channel ini ap anak bandel??
Basim khan
Basim khan Hace 2 días
Everyone knows that it is illusion, not magic but doing it so perfectly is the thing.. Btw thanks for revealing it, I really wanted to know trick behind these powerfull performances✌
Jay Bhanu
Jay Bhanu Hace 2 días
Girls in cage but last where is cage ?
Daily life hacks
Daily life hacks Hace 3 días
False hope I don't trust you
Daily life hacks
Daily life hacks Hace 3 días
Bekr ka dikha rha h
sandeep kumar sharma
Talk to hindi please
Praveen Praveen
Praveen Praveen Hace 3 días
never reveled. he do perfectly
cheap hack
cheap hack Hace 3 días
Where did the box go
Odapally Ajaykumar
Odapally Ajaykumar Hace 3 días
balupu song
SR 8BP Hace 3 días
5:23 but where the cage is..?
Aklendra Yadav
Aklendra Yadav Hace 3 días
I don't care of any one but he is great
林振东 Hace 3 días
My friend can do that swollening trick she showed me
Supreme Superior99
Supreme Superior99 Hace 3 días
I didn’t know Gordon Ramsay was a magician Lol
LOL AND LOL Hace 3 días
But. Normal publick can doit
TheBlueFoxTBF _11
TheBlueFoxTBF _11 Hace 3 días
1:19 🤣😂
pigeon tv and etc.
pigeon tv and etc. Hace 4 días
no evidence act slowly ,he is professional mgician
Srishanth Sri
Srishanth Sri Hace 4 días
Ure great Dude..........nice video..now I got the Answer....Of PEGIONS one..
Athrva Dubey
Athrva Dubey Hace 4 días
Just see at 3:59 at 0:25x you will clearly see what's happening.
SK Styles Santosh Kumar sharma
Great brain you have bro great editing of magic tricks
Guneshwar Kumar
Guneshwar Kumar Hace 4 días
Concept not clearly described
shiva prasad
shiva prasad Hace 4 días
I want to learn magic can anyone trained me
chandra deo mehta
chandra deo mehta Hace 4 días
No magic in world is real everything's allusion
Saim Khan
Saim Khan Hace 4 días
Whats the name of last music in this video
T.Harsha Vardhan
T.Harsha Vardhan Hace 4 días
The doves are excellent
kaiser Momin
kaiser Momin Hace 4 días
He does the dove trick after removing the jacket as well
BlueCorn Hace 4 días
not knowing how many pockets has inside the jacket🤣🤣
Laiq Nassery
Laiq Nassery Hace 5 días
my favourite one wass the birds
Dark Souls1
Dark Souls1 Hace 5 días
The amount of bird shit in his jacket must be astronomical.
Umar Maher
Umar Maher Hace 5 días
You are great bro
Bhesh Raj
Bhesh Raj Hace 5 días
Jutha hai
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson Hace 5 días
darcy oake latest trick plz
Pankaj Patil
Pankaj Patil Hace 5 días
Best explosion
vivek vivek
vivek vivek Hace 5 días
Fantastic 🤘😝🤘
Aditya Vallakatla
Aditya Vallakatla Hace 5 días
How the mentalism tricks done... Can you make any video on mentalism. So that we learn something about that.
Yashika Khurana
Yashika Khurana Hace 5 días
I thought you would say the girl was also present in darcy's right or left arm and he pulled her out using invisible threads.
Tricia Genuine
Tricia Genuine Hace 16 horas
elamI Abigo
elamI Abigo Hace 5 días
Who notice Mia the pink power rangers in samuri
taytoo RK
taytoo RK Hace 5 días
This sounds easy but he did so well
rajesh.belal Hace 5 días
Magic is nothing but a trick But appreciate the way they present it with perfection infront people. I hate people using innocent animals in magic shows and circus. Its CRUEL.
Master Cancer
Master Cancer Hace 5 días
Thanks factofusion for clearing my mind 😂😂😂
Mehak Aggarwal
Mehak Aggarwal Hace 5 días
I don't believe in magic, it's all just a part of entertainment.
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