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Magicians have the ability to keep innovating with their amazing skills. And the shows wouldn’t have been a success without their amazing magic tricks! But still, there’s always the curiosity to figure out the tricks, which makes this world a creative place.
So, be it Darcy Oake’s famous Dove illusion, or Stevie Pink’s amazing Levitation act, in this video, we are gonna figure out the most famous magic secrets from Britain’s Got Talent show.
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Below is the list of Britain's Got Talent's Top Magic Tricks revealed:
The 1st Trick: Darcy Oake’s Famous Dove Act
The 2nd Trick: Stevie Starr, The Professional Regurgitator
The 3rd Trick: Stevie Pink’s Floating Illusion
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So guys, which trick was your favourite one?
And name any other video topics you would like us to create?
Tell us in the comments below.
Thanks for watching!


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FactoFusion Hace 6 meses
So guys, which trick was your favourite one? And name any other video topics you would like us to create?
Amina Abubakar
Amina Abubakar Hace 18 días
the birds
adam christian solqia
jon derobos drawing a 5 of gloves
Eagle Eye 18
Eagle Eye 18 Hace un mes
Stop Copying other people drawingd
kregiel Hace un mes
Stevie Starr | The Regurgitator
Deonte Watkins
Deonte Watkins Hace un mes
Could you guys do quick changes?
Nicholas Brodie
Nicholas Brodie Hace 10 horas
In the levitation the assistant guy walks right behind him and doesn't have to duck under any mechanism.......
Sherri McCracken
Sherri McCracken Hace un día
You should reveal Will Tsai's tricks
Ronalto Sajat
Ronalto Sajat Hace 2 días
Extremly smart 💯👍
Nomer Reyes
Nomer Reyes Hace 4 días
Well, before revealing the sec... Skip 10 sec.
Zaknafein Hace 4 días
Would love to see a video of Richard Turner the card mechanic on Penn and Teller. As I understand it, it is technically not magic but extreme card handling skills. Still, would love to see that.
baloo ganesan
baloo ganesan Hace 4 días
Only one word - Practice
2020 vision
2020 vision Hace 4 días
Wonder if Darci has watched this 😂😂
i have only 1 video and 0 subscriber
Its only magic show or talent show Britain?
Lindsey pan
Lindsey pan Hace 7 días
How will you say no one has perfected the dove illusion better then him.
Akhilesh Sharma
Akhilesh Sharma Hace 9 días
the magicians must hate you my guy
DJ ZENZ Hace 9 días
finnaly i take!!!!
Kingkong123 Delatorre
Kingkong123 Delatorre Hace 11 días
bot bot na yawa na hahah dali ma ilad nang mega talint
Shohel Yunus Patel
Shohel Yunus Patel Hace 11 días
What a great channel man. These magician will do magic on you 😂😂😂😂
dangie Revilles
dangie Revilles Hace 11 días
reveal the kris angel magic sir 😊
Mohamed Nasser-allah
Mohamed Nasser-allah Hace 11 días
Hope those 4 birds in the cage not been killed
Robert Todd
Robert Todd Hace 12 días
The birds are trained to hold their breathing for 3 mins so they can be squeezed smaller to fit in his jacket, and at the end they hold their breathing again when the woman appears .please note to all who thinking about the birds, no harm was done to any of them .
Mani Kumar
Mani Kumar Hace 12 días
Yesterday bought my dream sports car paid in c@sh thanks to, *Get Pa idHom e .com*
Adoom Hace 12 días
This mans is exposing errbody, no one is safe😤😂
Tyrese Walker
Tyrese Walker Hace 13 días
Your just guessing there’s no way in hell then birds was in his pocket 😭😭 tf he have 1,000 pockets ?
king kong
king kong Hace 13 días
3575 Ethel southwest
3575 Ethel southwest Hace 14 días
Naw man when dude pull the cape from over the cage where was the cage
Sherwin Rossales
Sherwin Rossales Hace 14 días
Im filipino
TKKHSSP Hace 15 días
Rip birds 5:19
G. Ramirez
G. Ramirez Hace 15 días
How can you keep that many birds in your pockets to stay so still ??
Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar Hace 15 días
So why the backstage anchors didn't see him pulling things outta his pocket
RAHUL SEKHAR Hace 15 días
Prestige the movie
YLN Jersey
YLN Jersey Hace 16 días
The birds disappeared when the girl popped out because he folded the cage shut under the blanket, hiding everything but crushing all birds to death
Jesse Sarrazin
Jesse Sarrazin Hace 17 días
Just so you know - if you look closely - when the woman is wheeling the cage table away, you can see the birds moving indicating they are indeed alive.
Xavier Martinez
Xavier Martinez Hace 17 días
It's all an illooooosion. And Walla! Now you see me, now
Xavier Martinez
Xavier Martinez Hace 17 días
The greatest trick the government ever pulled was that they were serious about impeachment.
Fury R.v.S
Fury R.v.S Hace 17 días
Thanks for arruinatte my ideology😡
RERE GAMES Hace 17 días
Magicians doing their magic: This guy ending their life and telling ESvid their secrets: No hate I love them cause I really wanted to know how to do them thank you
greig osorio
greig osorio Hace 18 días
so the hosts backstage pretend that they didn't saw anything 😂
Riz Hussain
Riz Hussain Hace 18 días
Dont be silly its not a trick
Flyaway MMRR
Flyaway MMRR Hace 18 días
Poor tortured birds 😥
dom toredo
dom toredo Hace 18 días
How many things can be concealed in sleeves and jacket without looking like potato hidden inside. Did not explain where all birds go after girl popped out
Oleksandr Botte
Oleksandr Botte Hace 18 días
This music in the background is awful. Can't watch without puking because of it.
Sarthak Chandra
Sarthak Chandra Hace 19 días
What about the legend Dynamo
Del Hace 20 días
All of these tricks were explained in "Breaking the Magician's Code" which was on TV over 20 years ago. Anyone remember that series? The masked magician in the series was former magician Val Valentino.
wanderer299a Hace 5 días
They are all on ESvid as we speak including the unmasking
PRITAM DAS Hace 22 días
Where the cage went?
DarkツStorm Hace 23 días
I subscribed take me on the next video
Samuel Gabriel
Samuel Gabriel Hace 24 días
All this revealing trick stuffs are trash... You are just tryna make fame
PUBG GAMER Hace 25 días
It is fake 😭😭 video not lie the people make real video i
Mauro B
Mauro B Hace 25 días
PETA does not approve
Kamen Ranger
Kamen Ranger Hace 26 días
Power Rangers at 5:52 lol
Jamie Vowles
Jamie Vowles Hace 26 días
You ruined Darcy’s act for me but it’s my own fault for watching this. Still pretty amazing to watch before this though
Emaan Ch
Emaan Ch Hace 26 días
Nooooo way he do real magic and magic cannot be done like this as you are showing anyone who agree then reply me back
Feisal Abdallah
Feisal Abdallah Hace 26 días
It's means no real magic?
Blixx Hace 27 días
I like these vids but the cutaway references really ruin it for me.
kalyani saraswati
kalyani saraswati Hace 27 días
Sympathies to birds!!! It's cruelty?
raymond colon
raymond colon Hace 29 días
I hate when people try to find I explanation to everything by the way where all the bird goes at the end ????? I guess we gonna need I hole video for that one
belle isa
belle isa Hace un mes
I always wonder how he managed to do this. Anyway i like his performance..
Iceland Wife
Iceland Wife Hace un mes
Nonsense explaination.
Christopher Vega
Christopher Vega Hace un mes
I wonder if the magicians appreciate these videos lol
Lilin Ramirez
Lilin Ramirez Hace un mes
But still ...its nice how do they make it ..!i was still amazed and i still have many questions about it ...
Aqua JF
Aqua JF Hace un mes
Kinda cruel, not gonna lie....
Sam Adventures
Sam Adventures Hace un mes
ok those tricks are cool and all ... but that background music is creeping me out!
edje _04
edje _04 Hace un mes
I’m wondering. For the bird act, after the girl is revealed, where are the birds?
Akash BM
Akash BM Hace un día
They're in heaven.
Flipbook. VN
Flipbook. VN Hace 5 días
@3575 Ethel southwest actually the girl inside are take all the cage and hide it in her dress
Flipbook. VN
Flipbook. VN Hace 5 días
@3575 Ethel southwest the girl take all cage
3575 Ethel southwest
3575 Ethel southwest Hace 14 días
Science and Tech but where did the cage go
Science and Tech
Science and Tech Hace 26 días
They are still safe inside the top part of the box that he removed with the cloth. The bird compartment is still hidden in there and he just quickly take it away.
SjN7HETIK Hace un mes
8:25, one of the most beautiful girl never seen, Chelsea Brady ;)
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