Top 5 LEGENDARY Speeches | Motivation For When Life Gets Hard | Goalcast

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* Top 5 LEGENDARY Speeches | Motivation For When Life Gets Hard | Goalcast
* Tough times? Life got you down? Goalcast has got your back for when life gets hard...
00:06 - 05:23 : Inky Johnson
05:24 - 11:38 : Travis Mills
11:39 - 18:01 : Muniba Muzari
18:02 - 22:55 : Joe Roberts
22:56 - 28:35 : Deshauna Barber

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Charlie HerManyHorses
Charlie HerManyHorses Hace 4 d铆as
trista neidig
trista neidig Hace 22 d铆as
Inky Johnson is truly inspiring, I could listen to him everyday 馃槉
Maria Tina
Maria Tina Hace un mes
Im so depressed and im worthless馃槩馃槶i felt that everyday馃槶
erwin punzalan
erwin punzalan Hace un mes
The girl from Afghanistan the girl is the wheelchair she is so brave
Robert Sleight
Robert Sleight Hace un mes
To many Ads
Sushi Sashimi
Sushi Sashimi Hace un mes
Inspire me please!!!!!!!!! I need it!!!! I just quit my job...
SuperBeetox Hace un mes
To be real, it's nice to hear from him getting through from a shitty life and became famous high earner person. But LIFE doesn't guarantee anything whether your up for good or not. Some people got ultra rich from doing illegal or in a legit way like playing in NBA. EVERY PERSON WHO ARE IN A GOOD AND SANE MIND WANT TO HAVE ALL THE BEST IN THIS LIFE. BUT LIFE CANNOT PROMISE YOU TO HAVE THOSE. FEW people born in rags to riches but MOST folks just born ordinary and left this world ordinary. THAT'S THE BARE FACT with no icing cover on it. My say is, whether your broke or a successful person find time to feel every turn of the moment of your existence. Believe me, if you're in excess or less we all have to go. What MORE can you ask for in this limited life time? You can only do what you can possibly do and maybe it's enough to get by..
Second Opinion
Second Opinion Hace un mes
D C Hace un mes
Bullshit...from this day forward he has not spent one penny earned to help his brothers
Rachel MacDonald
Rachel MacDonald Hace un mes
Ohhh. that last line.
Narayan chapagain
Narayan chapagain Hace un mes
I stopped looking video at middle and question is why???Because i am sure more than 95% people watching this video have everything fine of physical body and thanks to god for keeping it safe but looking this persons makes me think again and again that they are the legend with lack of physical parts which they had never dreamed of once in life and look their power they are not only legends but they are rulers and we so called perfectionist living with the feelings of incompleteness and sure we must be ashamed of this.....Heal all those shame with Gratitude....
Gyan Hillary
Gyan Hillary Hace un mes
Wa2 haw ndo wakuckiliza co kupoteza mdaa
Gyan Hillary
Gyan Hillary Hace un mes
Wa2 haw ndo wakuckiliza co kupoteza mdaa
MAW Hace un mes
First of all a great applause for that editing.And for the great people who inspired us. Thank you for this video.
Marlon Mcleod - Freedom Guider
Success or failure depends more upon attitude than upon capacity successful men act as though they have accomplished or are enjoying something. Soon it becomes a reality. Act, look, feel successful, conduct yourself accordingly, and you will be amazed at the positive results.馃憤馃憤馃榾馃榾馃榾馃榾馃榾
Andreas Rydell - Vlogs & Self Development
If you fail or screw up you need to forgive yourself and move on & continue pushing forward and do it fast. There is no time to get stuck up & hold resentment towards yourself. Here is a tip: Forgive yourself cause you DIDN'T KNOW any better. You acted from what you KNOW and what you have been TAUGHT. You are not perfect, but you are for sure LEARNING! I failed the first business that I spent over 2 years building and it took a toll on me. But now I have recovered and started my youtube channel and even though not many watch me I keep pushing. My goal remains the same as 3 years ago, the method is just different. Get back up people and keep at it!
Joseph Giardino
Joseph Giardino Hace un mes
I absolutely love this stuff! I love waking up and hearing the power, strength, determination, and conviction of these people! I love having tears of love coming out and just having a warm feeling about humanity in general. I'm not overstating anything when I say these people make me want to be a better human and to find a purpose for others far beyond what I'm currently doing. Thank you! I'm stepping out today filled with love and compassion for all people and I feel different today than I did yesterday.
Man'sinspirational mansinspirational
Whoever is reading this congratulation you are in right channel. I wish you will get success in your life.
Baabar Shahzad
Baabar Shahzad Hace un mes
Same to you dear.
Tadar Anand
Tadar Anand Hace un mes
Thank U So much , actually it shakes my mind every time I watch anything like this , I like it. Plzz keep it on
Jake A
Jake A Hace un mes
Great stories. So pretty much this is really about stacking gratitude and finding all the gems that exist in the mud. Like for example the amputee. Sure looks terrible but let's stack gratitude. That guy will now get totally looked after by the military. Full salary, full benefits, full care. This is luxury compared to most in India and China. Not only that but lovely wife and kids and mentors plus on sure tons of other stuff. See not so bad. It's all about the hidden gems. Stop looking at the marks next time you look out the window.
The Money Management
There are no problems, only endless possibilities for growth.
MAXIM1111ON Hace un mes
Adversity has the power to bring greatness when you use the adversity 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
MAXIM1111ON Hace un mes
@ALPHA DOG MOTIVATION thats a fact !!!
Fuel for the DRIVE
Zyyn Abdalla
Zyyn Abdalla Hace un mes
Goalcast Hace un mes
BEST OF THE BEST! We rounded up our ALL-STARS to help you overcome ANYTHING! 鈿★笍馃敟馃 Never forget: Goalcast believes in YOU!
Tycho Buntsma
Tycho Buntsma Hace un mes
And we believe in you!!
賷賵爻賮賶 賯丕亘賵爻賴
Practical Inspiration
All of these stories are about overcoming adversity. We're often afraid to face that which challenges us, but it's in doing so that we get the greatest fulfilment.
Chillout Meditation Music
"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much." --Jim Rohn. This is one of the quotes that motivated me to start my study and meditation music ESvid channel. I highly encourage everyone to take the bull by the horns and go after what you want.
Ivandy Hawk
Ivandy Hawk Hace un mes
what a quote fam
It's Business
It's Business Hace un mes
When life is hard, you need to play hard!!!It is not easy...but it is worth it!!
Rahul Rathoor
Rahul Rathoor Hace un mes
Maniba muzari speech awesome!!!
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