Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 More Actors' Accents | WIRED

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Dialect coach Erik Singer once again analyzes the accents of some of Hollywood's biggest names. How accurate were their accents, really?

Check out more from Erik here: www.eriksinger.com/
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Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 More Actors' Accents | WIRED


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17 sep 2018

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Quinn Jameson
Quinn Jameson Hace 3 horas
can he please look at andrew garfields american accent in The Amazing Spiderman? I thought it was great but I'm curious what he thinks
EatDatShopLifter445 Hace 7 horas
Honestly the American accent seems so easy for people. I really cant tell fake American accents in movies the way British people can tell fake British accents.
Julian Kluft
Julian Kluft Hace 7 horas
You should do Javier Bardem in skyfall and pirates of the caribbean
Patricia Martin
Patricia Martin Hace 8 horas
It's the cigarettes that lower the voice in women.
Vestal Virginia
Vestal Virginia Hace 10 horas
I'm dying because i can't hear differences
Mikey Hace 10 horas
so interesting
Steve Dorey
Steve Dorey Hace 10 horas
I can watch him do this all day. Please have Erik come back and break down more accents in film and TV!
Candis C
Candis C Hace un día
am I the only one that noticed he had a wedding ring on in his other videos and he doesn't have one on in this one?! like, Erik, are you single or what?! let's make this happen! LOL
Thomas Pelzer
Thomas Pelzer Hace un día
Fun to see a guy who couldn't say "penguengs" nailing a Boston accent
Setres09 Hace un día
Matthew Rhys's accent in the Americans had me totally fooled, I didn't realize he wasn't American until years after watching it!
godlisa Hace un día
I wanna see this guy do a whole bunch of accents
McJagger Hace un día
Andrew Lincoln had a Carl-Coral merger in his Kentucky accent for Reeick Grimes.
Tracy Johnson
Tracy Johnson Hace un día
I'm not sure Kidman was actually trying to do a clean American accent in Big Little Lies. I don't think it's ever specified that she's a U.S. born & bred person. She just sounds like an Aussie who's lived in America most of her life. She's usually very careful and prepared when she takes on an accented role so I think it's unfair to pick on her accent here, when it may not have even been intended.
MsHonung Hace un día
Can listen to Erik Singer explain accents and dialects non-stop, thank you Wired for bringing this series in general!
Orange Walker
Orange Walker Hace un día
And now a queens accent. Was it just me expecting the Queen's RP?
elaine allen
elaine allen Hace un día
I would love to hear your breakdown of movie Cajun accents - because they are always hilarious.
Vy Nguyen
Vy Nguyen Hace un día
I need Benedict Cumberbatch to play Snape if there's going to be a Harry Potter remake
MIklos Herald Narra
MIklos Herald Narra Hace 2 días
never heard this guy speaking different accent, how can he be a coach? any proof?
Qaboosable Hace 2 días
This man is so brilliant. And Michael Caine has every right never to change his own accent, being a living legend.
bloo jkl45
bloo jkl45 Hace 2 días
"I like pie?"
antonburger01 Hace 2 días
In the Xhosa accent, the speakers strongly pronounce the "R" sound. All accents in South Africa do that, including some variants of South African English (to a lesser degree), unless the speaker has learned to pronounce his/her words closer to standard English. So, that actress should have pronounced the word "improve" as "impRRRove" .(kind of like the Scottish would).
Chelsea Walker
Chelsea Walker Hace 3 días
has he critiqued christain bale's american accent ?
Devil Gargosha
Devil Gargosha Hace 3 días
sheesh... taking film literally
Ⰴⱆⰿⱀⱏⰹ Ⱄⱐⰾⱉⰲⰹⰰⱀⰹⱀ
6:50 I am not really sure if you have made a mistake or if you were looking in the future with this Vietnam's northern border.
dee mura
dee mura Hace 4 días
Do MCU actors in MCU movies please
Мама Россия
Jennifer Lawrence sucked at a Russian accent. She was horrible!!!
Rachel Magowan
Rachel Magowan Hace 6 días
Australian accents are so difficult! The way they say "o" sounds almost sounds like an "oy". Instead of "no" pronounce it "noy" with an upward inflection.
Devyani Mulik
Devyani Mulik Hace 6 días
19:23 his face here is what we're all feeling
Isaac C.
Isaac C. Hace 6 días
Well, Nicole Kidman does a perfect Australian accent because she is... Australian?
22Angelsking9 Hace 6 días
I study linguistics and seeing all the theories applied really helps me a lot
watrgrl2 Hace 7 días
Erik Singer is just brilliant! He makes language and linguistics fascinating! And he is obviously a gifted teacher. I’ve watched several of your videos featuring Mr Singer and he is just phenomenal!
Cloë Noto
Cloë Noto Hace 7 días
Please do a general South African accent
Bryan Sabbag
Bryan Sabbag Hace 7 días
Please analyse Tommy Wiseau's accent.
Gary MacMillan
Gary MacMillan Hace 7 días
Erik is pretty cool
TheFawziAsraf Hace 7 días
I want to marry him.
hesvngrs Hace 7 días
loved this except t’chaka appeared in civil war aixjajcnakkal
Michelle Muskeyn
Michelle Muskeyn Hace 8 días
Smartphone Phone
Smartphone Phone Hace 8 días
3:15 Russian
Ashley Peel
Ashley Peel Hace 8 días
So interesting! Y'all should do a review of all of Villanelle's accents in Killing Eve!!
Fireweb 123
Fireweb 123 Hace 8 días
Ive always heard differently, but do canadians haveca specific accent tgat he could pick up on?
Ventric Dual
Ventric Dual Hace 8 días
I want to see this man DO accents!
Nonetral Hace 8 días
the dress maker 😭
Transformers TCG Deck Techs
With Erik being such a great analyst of accents, and knows how to perform them....how do we KNOW that Erik is using his REAL VOICE?!?!?!?!?!?
Robert Schlesinger
Robert Schlesinger Hace 10 días
Excellent comments by Erik Singer and excellent acting examples. Interesting video.
juan carlos Rangel
juan carlos Rangel Hace 10 días
What do yo mean with: "Wakanda is not a real place"?!?!?!1
Yasser Hace 10 días
You could be Dennis Reynolds father
Buddy Hace 10 días
Corpus Christi and Austin is NOT East Texas. Anything east of I45 is East Texas.
Thomas Borgsmidt
Thomas Borgsmidt Hace 10 días
That makes me so gratefull for opera - because in real singing you lose your accent - unless you deliberately try to keep the accent. But that runs into other problems, which probably have something to do with the overtones that are a whole number (?) of octaves above the basic tone. In German there is the Umlaut (f.i. ä) which I suppose is a question of half octaves(?). Beethoven was aware of the problem; but did not reach a conclusion. We need to get to Wagner throwing the third tone of the triad in the orchester - which is one of the reasons why Wagner is not suited for piano recitals.
bananamilkshake1801 Hace 10 días
Do Hugh Laurie in House MD and Claire Foy in the Crown!
Vengeance Incarnate
Vengeance Incarnate Hace 11 días
Did Wired provide him with the movies or shows, did he reference things he already knew about? I am so curious.
Silver Banshee
Silver Banshee Hace 11 días
I cannot imagine having this much knowledge on this many accents.
Alondra Ferrer
Alondra Ferrer Hace 12 días
What makes me shook is the fact that I speak with an American accent even though my mother tongue is Spanish
Aida Santos
Aida Santos Hace 12 días
Hot, smart, linguistic genius also a nice bulge lol
lex snow
lex snow Hace 12 días
his analysis is so orgasmic
Camila Hace 13 días
Love him
Deasha Ramsey
Deasha Ramsey Hace 13 días
Red sparrow annoyed me because she kept falling out of the accent 😭😭
Moriano Mordekhai
Moriano Mordekhai Hace 14 días
after watching this video, I start to give more respects to actors.
nigefal Hace 14 días
This fella is the best I have seen. He knows what he is talking about. Plus he managed to explain the Irish accent in more detail with things I did not even think of. And I am Irish!
tea pot
tea pot Hace 14 días
anyone here that was viet and thought the accent was actually pretty good? (tbh she did sound like my aunt)
Jemma Samuels
Jemma Samuels Hace 14 días
wow this was quality content for sure. i would love to see him critique or most likely praise all the different accents jodie cormer does in killing eve! anywho loved this video and all the knowledge he shared.
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith Hace 15 días
This videos are fabulous.
D'ran Dana
D'ran Dana Hace 16 días
Your beard looks great
Malia Laguisa
Malia Laguisa Hace 16 días
Daniel day lewis isnt even human.
Malia Laguisa
Malia Laguisa Hace 16 días
I wasnt impressed by kate winslet. She just sounds british to me
VintageBroadwayStar Hace 16 días
As an Australian, I can tell you it sounded spot on. Blew me away
Malia Laguisa
Malia Laguisa Hace 16 días
Penelope cruz just sounds like herself
Rebecca Jones
Rebecca Jones Hace 17 días
Just throwing it out there: Shane Taylor as Roe in Band of Brothers. English actor doing a Cajun accent that sounds pretty good to me, but I would love to hear what a professional thinks about it
ithi ti
ithi ti Hace 17 días
really? people really have time.... 🙄
Ziyanda Zwane
Ziyanda Zwane Hace 17 días
WAKANDA FOREVER!!! (I'm sorry, I just got so excited when you spoke about this, say that 'X', Erik, yes!!! XD))
There Is No Sandwich
There Is No Sandwich Hace 17 días
As a kiwi thanks for including a bit of content on our accent, very interesting, cheers mate
Katie Stott
Katie Stott Hace 18 días
Margot Robbie killed it in I, Tanya
Katie Stott
Katie Stott Hace 18 días
Erik is both hot and dead smart. I wish he had his own channel.
Vinny Simms
Vinny Simms Hace 18 días
Lucas Hedges may be the first actor I've ever seen to perfectly get an accent but fail to emote at the same time.
C SMITH Hace 18 días
Family Guy! Really...Famiy Guy. lol
F N Hace 18 días
Jennifer Lawrence has the worst Russian accent ever. She was not a good fit for the role anyway.
Furkan Emre Çiçek
Furkan Emre Çiçek Hace 19 días
A. Y. Kay
A. Y. Kay Hace 20 días
Robert Downey Jr. plays an Australia actor who become a parody of an American-African man in "Tropic Thunder".
Shibe Shook
Shibe Shook Hace 20 días
Till the Vietnamese part...where is my Vietnamese accent in English??? I speak the thing for 10 years and only in 8th grade. 🤔🤔🤔
Caitlyn Mendes
Caitlyn Mendes Hace 20 días
This guy needs to watch Killing Eve Also my mum is Vietnamese and she doesn’t speak like that but this is after almost 20 years of practicing her English more. She tries her best but I can see similarities between Hong Chau’s Vietnamese accent and my mum’s/Vietnamese relatives learning English accent.
Nona Narcisse
Nona Narcisse Hace 20 días
LOVE technique critique!!! More please!!!
Joseph Patton
Joseph Patton Hace 20 días
He needs to do Killing Eve
Katherine Peterson
Katherine Peterson Hace 21 un día
Please have him read a speech and change accents throughout!
The one and only Blaytman
Beard is always better
Lucinda Singhi
Lucinda Singhi Hace 21 un día
thanks for that aussie representation
EasilyDistracted Hace 22 días
Eric is hot
Josh Bolin
Josh Bolin Hace 22 días
Love this series. Can you include Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow, Geoffrey Rush's Hector Balbosa, and Bill Nighy's Davy Jones in the next one?
William Ramsay
William Ramsay Hace 22 días
Good beard.
Brandon Travis
Brandon Travis Hace 22 días
I read that Christopher Lambert accent in Highlander is not supposed to sound like any specific accent because in the movie he is 400 years old and lived all over. Plus I'm sure the accents were different 400 years ago.
Spenser T
Spenser T Hace 22 días
I wear a wide diphthong at the beach,
Noah Black
Noah Black Hace 22 días
"Southern" Irish...?
Mallory Ritch
Mallory Ritch Hace 23 días
it caught me so off guard when he said that corpus and austin are in east texas
notmyrealname Hace 21 un día
Same, Austin and Corpus are not AT ALL East Texas. I mean, you can just see that on a map.
Cooldude Awesome
Cooldude Awesome Hace 23 días
Man he really breaks it down
Youtube Censors
Youtube Censors Hace 23 días
Do any other Northwesterners say "pillow" as "pellow"? Maybe I'm just weird.
Jermy Hopkisn
Jermy Hopkisn Hace 23 días
Please analyze Tommy Wiseau's accent.
Jeff Ramos
Jeff Ramos Hace 23 días
Daniel Day Lewis is a legend.
Tyrone Shade
Tyrone Shade Hace 23 días
Requests!!! Rooney Mara - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; Claire Foy - The Crown; Hugh Laurie - House; Rami Malek - Bohemian Rhapsody; Meryl Streep; The Iron Lady
asmcneill Hace 23 días
Requests!!! Rooney Mara - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; Claire Foy - The Crown; Hugh Laurie - House; Rami Malek - Bohemian Rhapsody; Meryl Streep; The Iron Lady
Tyrone Shade
Tyrone Shade Hace 23 días
Psychologist breaks down mentally ill characters
rachel alexander
rachel alexander Hace 24 días
Psychologist breaks down mentally ill characters
Albert Sosa
Albert Sosa Hace 24 días
Please analyze Sean Patrick Flannery in Boondock Saints.
beto estrada
beto estrada Hace 24 días
I get excited when he mentions my hometown Corpus Christi, only to realize that he called us East Texas. We're South Texas dammit! ..... carry on.
Кристина Гриненко
Real Russians would never say 'neveRRRR', they (we) would just say 'neve'. Also, an accent is only that bad when you hardly speak English. With Lawrence's perfect grammar and vocab (common mistake with movie 'foreigners'), she could not have possibly retained an accent like that. Also, Killing Eve's so-called 'Russian' is horrible beyond words. I just wish they hired someone who actually spoke the language and given the amount of Russians everywhere in the world, that should really not be a problem. In fact, it would be my dream job, now that I think about it!
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