Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 More Actors' Accents | WIRED

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Dialect coach Erik Singer once again analyzes the accents of some of Hollywood's biggest names. How accurate were their accents, really?

Check out more from Erik here: www.eriksinger.com/
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Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 More Actors' Accents | WIRED


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17 sep 2018

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Comentarios 9 271
Serena Loi
Serena Loi Hace 36 minutos
Here's a challenge - try Singapore accent or singlish
ChePennyDK Hace 2 horas
You actually kinda look like Rick Grimes with that new beard :)
PhantomAmber Hace 5 horas
I could watch this for hours honestly. I always try and replicate the accents that the actors are doing well to feel the oral posture and as well as try and make my accents and dialects more authentic. This episode really helped me nail my Aussie one lol
david brown
david brown Hace 8 horas
Love these.
Darrick Beitinger
Darrick Beitinger Hace 8 horas
Just a little thing... T’Chaka was introduced in Captain America: Civil War, not Winter Soldier
Jeff Barger
Jeff Barger Hace 10 horas
Review an actor doing a Philly accent. I havent seen in your videos anytime where you review someone trying to do a Philly or South Jersey accent.
MrVendettah Hace 20 horas
we need more of Irl Dennis Reynolds !
msho اchak
msho اchak Hace 21 un hora
So enjoyable to watch.
Strider Productions
Strider Productions Hace un día
I thought he was gonna do the accent
JellybeanRowse Hace un día
If they do another episode like this it would be awesome to hear the analysis of Laura Fraser (Scottish) in Breaking Bad as her character Lydia Rodarte-Quayle. I had no idea she was Scottish!
Christoph Waltz
Christoph Waltz Hace un día
Can we get an accent expert to critique HIS accent?
Jordan Duckworth
Jordan Duckworth Hace 2 días
Southern Irish.... circles the entire ROI... I uhh... nah.
josh bp
josh bp Hace 2 días
Thanks Dennis
Giulia Grosso
Giulia Grosso Hace 2 días
Please do a video on why no one can do a South African accent 😂
FilK79 Hace 2 días
2:40 however, what is extremely unrealistic is that the actor has clearly black blood while Chileans are along the Argentinians the Latinos with less almost none black people in their community. Chileans are white mixed with Indigenous people. So the actor doesn´t look Chilean at all.
Craig Buck
Craig Buck Hace 3 días
Would love to see him break down John Malkovich’s Poirot accent in the new ABC Murders.
deniz Hace 3 días
can you look at robert pattinson’s accent in good time next time? thank you!
Sahib Alvi
Sahib Alvi Hace 3 días
How do I into this job?
Madi Macmillan
Madi Macmillan Hace 3 días
As a kiwi (New Zealander) i want to see more on kiwi accents!
nicholas cicchillitti
As a Canadian who is tired of the dumb American comedic version. I’d love to hear a successful Canadian English.
nicholas cicchillitti
LOVE THESE Bring them back
Mohn JoJ Jarston
Mohn JoJ Jarston Hace 3 días
Listening to Benedict cumberbatch doing a nasally 50s Boston businessman and actually kinda nailing it, it’s hilarious
pricey0986ify Hace 3 días
I thought that was just Sam Rockwell's natural accent lol
EM Elva
EM Elva Hace 4 días
so what's the difference between pacific NW and California?
bridget maloney
bridget maloney Hace 4 días
What about some other Australians playing Americans? Simon Baker for example.
Mia Stardoll
Mia Stardoll Hace 4 días
Wow, he's incredible
Gabriel Poblete
Gabriel Poblete Hace 4 días
El acento chileno es como el pico... acento mexicano y nada mas..
jen Hace 5 días
I'd be interested in hearing his take on Ralph Fiennes' accent in Schindler's List.
Starla Sue Pearson
Starla Sue Pearson Hace 5 días
Is there a Pacific Northwest accent I had no idea
Chrysaura Hace 5 días
How have I never heard about The Dressmaker until now?? Thank you, the media has failed me apparently. Kate Winslet making dresses / wearing Dior in a small town is everything I want in a film.
Kita Pritasari
Kita Pritasari Hace 5 días
my mind is blown throughout the entire video
Naiyowmee Hace 6 días
Zera Jeffry
Zera Jeffry Hace 6 días
i really enjoy watching these kind of videos. i spent 30 minute watching this attentively when im supposed to be studying lol
Charlie Wright
Charlie Wright Hace 6 días
Wow I’ve seen BLL and i did not notice Kidman’s Aussie accent but in these clips it’s so obvious.
Gorgi Durham
Gorgi Durham Hace 6 días
That’s hilarious. I actually thought Nicole’s character was meant to be Australian (I’m Australian and it sounded very Aussie to me), and that she just had a slight American accent because the character had been living in the US for a few years. I didn’t realise she was actually trying to act like she was American born.
Benjamin Matthews
Benjamin Matthews Hace 6 días
If you guys do this again I'd like to see his reaction to Agent Smith's accent in The Matrix
herbert moon
herbert moon Hace 6 días
This man is a maniac about accents
retards didnt like my name so ive changed it
I'm Russian and my English friends say I don't have Russian accent. And I wanna believe it lol
Alexandra Bruce
Alexandra Bruce Hace 7 días
Andrew Lincoln May have done a decent American accent but after several years in Kentucky it’s not universal. There’s a northern “default” American accent that you hear in about 70% of Kentuckians, there’s the proper accent that sounds like southern belles and you start to hear those “pin-pen-pan” similarities, and finally there’s the Appalachian accent that you get way out where in eastern Kentucky and northerners can barely understand them
3797ID Hace 7 días
“There’s something that doesn’t fully cohere here”....🙄 Really?
Tyler Kaga-Davis
Tyler Kaga-Davis Hace 7 días
I hate how people who aren’t even Asians see an Asian character with a distinctive accent/dialect and say it is stereotypical and offensive. Like the movie Silence, someone said it was offensive how the characters spoke when at the time, it was rare to speak English, even today most people can’t speak English and Japanese people who can, talk like the characters in Silence. Recently there are an increasing number of young Japanese people who can speak English with an American accent(still not a lot though)
이비Evee Hace 7 días
Tom Holland 😍
Saggy Pants
Saggy Pants Hace 7 días
Would be cool if he broke down Thor Heyerdahl's accent either in "Kon Tiki" or just in general. Never broken down a Scandinavian accent
Will Moffett
Will Moffett Hace 7 días
Please break down politicians putting on fake accents to pander to local crowds.
Frank Kolton
Frank Kolton Hace 7 días
So where in the world is English spoken closest to it's laws pronunciation? In the America's upper midwest. Discounting Chicago-ese, the only regional accent that can be noticeable is on the leading E sometimes, instead of "eggs" it almost closer to the long A and sounds more like "aygs"
The Giant Killers
The Giant Killers Hace 8 días
Day Lewis completely nailed his Belfast accent.
IBmaster4 Hace 8 días
Here in Joizey we barely use the "R" sound LOL
James Cartmell
James Cartmell Hace 8 días
John Kelly
John Kelly Hace 8 días
You really can't summarise "Southern Irish" as an accent. We're a small place, but even the difference between Cork and Kerry is huge despite being neighbouring counties. The pronounciation of words and syllables in different contexts and the inflection of the same words in both accents is completely difrerent. Galway, Sligo, Mayo, Wicklow, Dublin etc. all have very distinct accents. People still seem to have a very hard time figuring out our accents
Joshua Mendoza
Joshua Mendoza Hace 9 días
Do bogart the explorer!
MrGovandals Hace 9 días
I love this guy. Keep it coming
Zayne Drew
Zayne Drew Hace 10 días
was waiting for a welsh accent
Javier Salas
Javier Salas Hace 10 días
may jailer
may jailer Hace 10 días
im south afrikan but i live in colorado so i was brought up speaking afrikaans as my first language and english as my second so my accent is p weird. i sound like a south afrikan trying to sound american. im getting better at it tho
Kammy Hornsby
Kammy Hornsby Hace 10 días
Can you do Jamaican vs other islands in the Caribbean?? I’m so tired of everyone thinking my family is Jamaican when Antiguans sound NOTHING like Jamaicans.
Kammy Hornsby
Kammy Hornsby Hace 10 días
I love when people know a ridiculous amount about obscure things. Now I’m going to binge these vids
lemon bundy
lemon bundy Hace 10 días
a lot of rrrrussian people dont talk with such strrrrong accent as everybody think we are :с
Florencia Balori
Florencia Balori Hace 11 días
Anyway I think that it should be taken into consideration the fact that many movies, such as Red Sparrow, are made in English with the corresponding accent but the characters are actually supposed to be speaking their native language. This really bugs me sometimes, but I understand that the scope is to give us some sort of idea that the characters are not actually speaking English, so I cut them sone slack if it's not perfect.
Charlie Wright
Charlie Wright Hace 11 días
Jennifer Lawrence’s accent in Red Sparrow was tragic. It was just so over the top.
Marlee Gilman
Marlee Gilman Hace 11 días
do new jersey/new york
HOBBIT cadillac
HOBBIT cadillac Hace 11 días
(british generic accent) - aspiration = south asian accent
Trinh Tran
Trinh Tran Hace 11 días
Aw :( No canadain accents.
Ameerah toy fun Review!!
Break down every KEY AND PEELE accent.
Ian H
Ian H Hace 13 días
this man got me finding parts of my tongue i didnt know existed.
C. Duncan
C. Duncan Hace 13 días
Do 21 savage American accent
Diego Andersen
Diego Andersen Hace 14 días
You can hear Cruz speaking with a Spanish accent all the way through that Donatella performance. She pronounces ALL of her consonants like a Spaniard. "He was a creator" has no Italian in it at all. Ditto "collector", "genius", "future", etc.
Mar184 Hace 14 días
Alright YT algorithm, you win. After all those weeks, I'm watching it now.
Indiepuff Hace 15 días
CANADIAN accents, please!
A Diamond
A Diamond Hace 15 días
I'd like to mention Mat Damon in the Bourne Identity.. as a native Dutch speaker I can tell you his pronunciation of Dutch and several other languages (German, French etc.) is really well done. It is very hard to learn if you don't learn it as a child, so hat off to that. Other then that.. Benedict Cumberbatch really amazes me.. just real class..
imfromtambunan Hace 15 días
I'm just here for my boy BRENDAN FRASER
Nick Pollard
Nick Pollard Hace 15 días
He is just incredible. I had to do a double take when I heard him say "isiXhosa" at 20:10. I can't even say that word.
Jamie Weber
Jamie Weber Hace 16 días
I live in the Pacific Northwest and didn’t know caught and cot were supposed to be pronounced differently lol
Bri Z
Bri Z Hace 16 días
My accents similar to his and I've always lived in texas
Mireia Fortuny Bernal
Mireia Fortuny Bernal Hace 16 días
Gosh this guy can even do clicks
Therese Mark
Therese Mark Hace 16 días
i started having it hard to concentrate when seeing how his biceps almost doesn't fit in the shirt and how thicc his thighs are heLP
Therese Mark
Therese Mark Hace 16 días
please do some scandinavian actors or accents!! scandinavia is as big as like half of europe and we're always left out
rich lopez
rich lopez Hace 17 días
Which accent is best for the body ? Both breathing and muscle for mouth throat
Kiran Goodfellow
Kiran Goodfellow Hace 17 días
do a Canadian accent
Emil Fogh
Emil Fogh Hace 17 días
But The Walking Dead takes place in Georgia! You said Kentucky. Am I missing something?
AsgardBound Hace 17 días
Markel Fortunato
Markel Fortunato Hace 17 días
Still no Christian Bale?
Starla Sue Pearson
Starla Sue Pearson Hace 5 días
Markel Fortunato we’ve just accepted that he is the god of accents and dare not even question it
jennabob. Hace 18 días
When you've never lived in the PNW but find out you have a PNW accent 🤔
Nilay Samiran Nandi
Nilay Samiran Nandi Hace 18 días
Danii Monroe
Danii Monroe Hace 18 días
I need him to watch Sarah Paulson characters accents
Sarah Beth
Sarah Beth Hace 18 días
This Erik Singer guy is incredibly handsome
Adam Scot Kearns
Adam Scot Kearns Hace 18 días
Through watching these, I can affirm my own accent and I love it
Sabrina Duckett
Sabrina Duckett Hace 18 días
SUGGESTION FOR VIDEO: Please have a/some anthropologist(s)/primatologist(s) review planet of the apes (any/all films)!
cgottschify Hace 18 días
Do video game accents! Especially fantasy ones. Fantasy video games are known for having accent tropes to go with their trope races and ive always wondered what their inspirations were, since they always sounded like hodge-podges to me.
Miranda Jane
Miranda Jane Hace 18 días
This guy's regular voice sounds exactly like some other actor or celebrity and I'm losing my mind trying to find out who it is.
Mango Hace 18 días
WHERE is Christian Bale
Dom Hace 19 días
Do a Polish accent
Rachael Heaney
Rachael Heaney Hace 18 días
He broke down Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep attempting Polish accents in the first episode! esvid.net/video/vídeo-NvDvESEXcgE.html
Kiri S
Kiri S Hace 20 días
His nz accent didn't sound right
Tim Wheeler
Tim Wheeler Hace 20 días
Dude has insightful knowledge of accents. Looks exactly like Glenn Howerton.
Kayte Jones
Kayte Jones Hace 20 días
Please cover Rob Schneider’s Hawaiian Pidgeon accent in 51st dates!!! I wanna bear the break down!
dana دانا
dana دانا Hace 20 días
I waiting for a part 2 of this with saoirse Ronan, she's brilliant and I really want to know what he is gonna say about her
bagdadder98 Hace 21 un día
Came here for Brendan
nathaliebalesi Hace 21 un día
I just like listening to his voice
Plover Hace 21 un día
scampoli25 Hace 21 un día
How about another episode of this with Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Ben Barnes in Westworld, Michael Nyqvist in John Wick, Charlie Cox in Daredevil, Everyone in Hateful 8, Nicolas Cage in Vampires Kiss, Riz Ahmed in Nightcrawler, or Leo in Django Unchained.
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