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For a limited time only: watch me as a high school history teacher in the first episode of my comedy series, Mr. Iglesias -- all episodes now streaming on Netflix.


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k0p Hace 5 horas
Real talk. If schools actually introduced “some children left behind” programs, it wouldn’t just improve some numbers on a chart, but would actually greatly improve the quality of education of the children who actually want to be there and are going somewhere in life.
Scott Underwood
Scott Underwood Hace 6 horas
This is the kind of teacher I want to be
TaVe ronin
TaVe ronin Hace 9 horas
Dont look at me bro
Ashok Singh
Ashok Singh Hace 10 horas
Xharia Hace 21 un hora
this is why i wanna become a teacher i wanna be like Gabe in this video
thepolarswedish Hace 21 un hora
4:23 did lorenzo just say: "what is this OP talking about?"
thepolarswedish Hace 21 un hora
"i really gotta get you out of reddit Lorenzo" Right in the Upvote man
Mr. Waffle
Mr. Waffle Hace un día
"trump" hahahahaha
Andrea Gutierrez
Andrea Gutierrez Hace un día
John J
John J Hace un día
this show is very racist against white people. If we are ever going to end racism the LETS END ALL OF IT!
No LøVe
No LøVe Hace un día
Hey! I know Lorenzo! I saw him in A series before! He’s Cool.
Doggo_87 __
Doggo_87 __ Hace un día
Thk u, Mrs. June Garner. Gabriel now is such a great public speaker and he really inspired me when I'm talking in front of a lot of people.
Kwnni Hace 2 días
This is really bad, had to turn it off.
T. Fwing Productions
This might be an unpopular opinion, but this is really unfunny. His stand up is much better
No LøVe
No LøVe Hace un día
Actually, Most of these people like it so...you can screw off
repulsewarrior X
repulsewarrior X Hace 3 días
...i like it; thanks!
Alejandro The Chicano
Lovin that theme song
BlaQ Hace 3 días
i hope there's season 2 coming
The Warrior
The Warrior Hace 3 días
Oscar from the office!
DN Zh Hace 3 días
what did mean of Im giving Socal carpal tunnel from swiping left ?
Ashley Miranda
Ashley Miranda Hace 2 días
She's hurting her wrist from swiping so much (carpal tunnel is a kind of inflammation of the joints in the wrist I think)
Sheven 619
Sheven 619 Hace 3 días
Man Gabe is good at roasting
Paul Hampton
Paul Hampton Hace 4 días
Prove its a wig !....
T81 Hace 4 días
a laugh track? really
John Inphx
John Inphx Hace 4 días
Why do you guys bother with stand up when all you really want to do is be in a bad sitcom?
Pancakeslol Hace 4 días
this is overall bad but has some single killer jokes
zizo Aizon
zizo Aizon Hace 5 días
Grace is very cute
KirbyAllStar Hace 5 días
20:37 “I want you to know how proud I am of you and how far you’ve come this year, in case I get fired.” *BEST LINE IN THE WHOLE EPISODE!!!*
Wolfie Plays
Wolfie Plays Hace 5 días
.P.E stands for P ointless E xercise
DCMB 917
DCMB 917 Hace 5 días
i love this series i seen it on netflix
dw5212 Hace 5 días
he looks like a guy that works at mcdonalds when he wears red
giggly poof
giggly poof Hace 5 días
What a pathetic toilet fire of a show.
CynicalString56 Hace 5 días
We need a season 2, with Martin
ron butterball
ron butterball Hace 6 días
Cristi Neagu
Cristi Neagu Hace 6 días
This is so cringy...
LILPAN Hace 6 días
Yo the ginger is the kid from good luck charlie
Dawn Masters
Dawn Masters Hace 6 días
Funny, smart and hopeful. I'm heading to Netflix to catch more of it. Thanks Gabriel!
Kath Brown
Kath Brown Hace 6 días
I love this man, 🤣🤣🤣🤣found him on you tube and can't stop watching him
Luiz Paulo Carvalho
Luiz Paulo Carvalho Hace 6 días
don't get political u fat fuck
MiTmite9 Hace 7 días
Sorry. Canned laughter is the work of the devil. Or some similar evil entity. Hate it.
Jota-doge Kujo
Jota-doge Kujo Hace 7 días
*W E A P O N S*
Master SpikedE
Master SpikedE Hace 7 días
Need a season 2
Lken Ken
Lken Ken Hace 7 días
Big bang theory 2
Ventriloquist Vance
Ventriloquist Vance Hace 8 días
Once a show starts going Anti-Trump, I'm gone. I have had it with all the Anti-Trump bull crap.
Ventriloquist Vance
Ventriloquist Vance Hace 2 días
@Ashley Miranda I was actually thinking that today. In all fairness, all he did was make fun of his hair.
Ashley Miranda
Ashley Miranda Hace 2 días
I think it was more of a funny remark about the hairstyle, I don't think it was purposely anti-Trump
joesph habimana
joesph habimana Hace 8 días
Lmaooo dear dumb ass
XxxLGBTQpridexxX Hace 8 días
I’m Gabe when he gets his leg stuck on the chair but 24/7
Gordon Wee
Gordon Wee Hace 9 días
Am I the only one that wishes Gabriel would become an actual teacher
Sprynkle Hace 9 días
Frozty Hace 9 días
UR SRSLy the best of ever
Celine Alexiano
Celine Alexiano Hace 9 días
At 25:32 does anybody know who the actor/actress sitting behind Walt is?
Mr Beast rocks
Mr Beast rocks Hace 9 días
22:21 this is the best part
*Lady Voldemort*
*Lady Voldemort* Hace 9 días
If all my teachers were like this, I'll be straight A student.
Daniel Duntavs Saunders
Wow mother flowers
Daniel Duntavs Saunders
This is great 👍
Daniel Duntavs Saunders
Hehe Cheeto dust
Sturmchaos Hace 10 días
It would have been AWESOME to have fluffy as an educator
Vlad Snape
Vlad Snape Hace 10 días
Fluffy's standup is great, but this is really cringe material.
Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell Hace 10 días
I like Cheetos hair
Nekoaya Zz
Nekoaya Zz Hace 10 días
It would be nice if teachers where like that as we learn more fast when the brain is stimulated positively rather than constantly trying to learn facts that seem boring for most people.
Eñigo Uy
Eñigo Uy Hace 10 días
Damn he can go scottish and british while being mexican *i love him*
Angelina Hernandez
Angelina Hernandez Hace 11 días
Poldus Eri
Poldus Eri Hace 11 días
If you messed wit Trump you’re messing with half of the country.
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