MULAN (2020) | Behind the Scenes of Disney Movie (Part2/2)

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Making of Mulan (B-Roll) - Part 2 of 2
A young Chinese maiden disguises herself as a male warrior in order to save her father. A live-action feature film based on Disney's 'Mulan.'
Genre: Action, Adventure, Family
Director: Niki Caro
Cast: Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Li Gong, Jason Scott Lee, Xana Tang
Production & Credits: Walt Disney Pictures, Jason T. Reed Productions, Good Fear Content
Distributors: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Country: USA
#Mulan #BehindTheScenes.
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9 mar 2020






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Comentarios 31
SKS Corporation
SKS Corporation Hace 25 días
Today it is a movie but one day it was real!
Aryaa Nadkarni
Aryaa Nadkarni Hace un mes
I showed this too my sister Now she’s my brother😂😂
Julia pears echlessi
Gak sabar nonton film ini malah di cancel
M-Cool Hace 2 meses
What about Jackie Chan guys ? Hes the original guy who made the Mulan song he should be in the movie too.
heiiyouuu Hace 17 días
Zayn Malik Made Aladdin song and he not in the movie Ariana made beauty and the beast song but he not in the movie too
Amanda Xie
Amanda Xie Hace 2 meses
M-Cool Jamie chan retired I think?
Hope fully
Hope fully Hace 2 meses
Poor horses they must pay them 😂
Calvin Angeles
Calvin Angeles Hace 2 meses
if this movie doesn't have the scene where mulan cuts her hair with the sword i'll be mad
若李 Hace 7 días
Hahah, funny. Well, everyone has explained it, so you should know why. Anyway, cutting hair as symbolism being a "man" is ridiculous since all of the men have long hair, lol
Giger Campos
Giger Campos Hace un mes
@漢仔 you are right. An example, Jackie Chan in Shangai Noon, he refused to get his hair cut. When another soldier cut it he got mad.
GenericOpinion Hace un mes
Confucius teachings says everything on our body we have to honor, in symbolism ancient chinese never cut their hair, thats why chinese men also have long hair and beards. When the Manchurian invaded China they humiliated them all by demanding them to shave their hair into the now famous horsetail hairdo. So this is one of the reasons why the disney animated mulan had it wrong with the chinese culture. "Our bodies, to every hair and shred of skin, are received from our parents. We must not presume to injure or to wound them. This is the beginning of filial piety. When we have established our character by the practice of this filial course, so as to make our name famous in future ages and thereby glorify our parents, this is the end of filial piety."
Akira Nguyễn
Akira Nguyễn Hace un mes
Lol in Asian ancient time you couldn't cut your hair. don't you see that ancient Chinese men always have long hair?
Scychopath Hace un mes
That is a western idea not a chinese one.
aidaabubakar abu bakar
Frozen 2 "all my life i've been torn.." Me "all my life has been a lie....🤣
David Cleveland
David Cleveland Hace 2 meses
That looked very dangerous
Arimbi Arimb
Arimbi Arimb Hace 2 meses
Donnie yen ....
Arimbi Arimb
Arimbi Arimb Hace 2 meses
@hanzocloud big brother2
hanzocloud Hace 2 meses
Arimbi Arimb ipman5
Daily Bluez
Daily Bluez Hace 2 meses
This is art! I love theatre!
Micheal Bigham
Micheal Bigham Hace 2 meses
Good work I love this story good work lee and ever one on this move thank you for your hard work
kuto khamo
kuto khamo Hace 2 meses
May we find courage like Mulan in our fight against Coronavirus(Covid-19) May God Bless us all, Stay Safe & Be Kind!
kuto khamo
kuto khamo Hace 2 meses
@Sylvia Lopezwe need to be responsible enough to do self quarantine so that our beloved ones are kept safe from this pandemic. Any foolish actions and decisions at this time will be very costly
Sylvia Lopez
Sylvia Lopez Hace 2 meses
Mulan is on a hide out as we speak.
diego leo
diego leo Hace 2 meses
3:45 I wanna be the emperor!
Kim Hace 2 meses
I see they're wearing footmops jdjsjdjjdsj
Samuel Thompson
Samuel Thompson Hace 2 meses
where is the kissing scene
vee yaw
vee yaw Hace 2 meses
There was none in the original
Chloee Ng
Chloee Ng Hace 2 meses
What kissing scene
catira009 Hace 2 meses
@Samuel Thompson didn't they say it was deleted the kissscene because the chinese audience complained?
Samuel Thompson
Samuel Thompson Hace 2 meses
@diego leo wanna bet ?
diego leo
diego leo Hace 2 meses
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead Hace 2 meses
I woulda loved to have worked on this set
JanNat world
JanNat world Hace 2 meses
I’m not gonna watch it because i hate the changes
Chin Dolot
Chin Dolot Hace un mes
Change is inevitable 😉
JanNat world
JanNat world Hace 2 meses
@catira009 your not my dad and go to my channel and i made a new vid that will make cry
catira009 Hace 2 meses
@JanNat world but every opinion said at least that it was great 😁
JanNat world
JanNat world Hace 2 meses
Well people had different opinions
catira009 Hace 2 meses
@JanNat world also the first reviews that came out pointed out this movie is excellent and one of the best remakes
Zena Airale
Zena Airale Hace 2 meses
Reee cool!!
Leo Valdez
Leo Valdez Hace 2 meses
They actually got so many horses?
No Good
No Good Hace 2 meses
Stupid movie going to flop big time
Shahad SHD
Shahad SHD Hace 2 meses
Ohh are you a time traveler? Did you watch the movie lol nah 😂😂
Edwin Gonzalez
Edwin Gonzalez Hace 2 meses
Facts 💯
Joerig Edan
Joerig Edan Hace 2 meses
And this is a stupid comment 🤦🏻‍♂️
S. Young
S. Young Hace 2 meses
FlufftonTail The coward won't answer you back, just you see........
FlufftonTail Hace 2 meses
Why you think that sir
Bruce Willi Bruce
Bruce Willi Bruce Hace 2 meses
Unfortunately, the film encountered so many dissent and severe personal attacks. I looked at the historical data of several major actors and found that they are a philanthropist and have helped many poor people, orphans and students. Disney can postpone the launch date, in reality, viewers will accept it because the virus crisis has not yet been resolved.
xihang yang
xihang yang Hace 2 meses
after disney left netflix and start disney + this movie is a great way to introduce disney+ to the people now with the virus.
yi shen
yi shen Hace 2 meses
Bellona Hace 2 meses
Yes, I agree
Bruce Willi Bruce
Bruce Willi Bruce Hace 2 meses
Many orphans and children need their help.
It’s Me Jayser
It’s Me Jayser Hace 2 meses
Wow 🌹 🌹 🌹
타농부 Hace 2 meses
I heard there's no singing part. am i right? just want to know
lucyyyzz m311
lucyyyzz m311 Hace 2 meses
타농부 But songs will be in the movie.
catira009 Hace 2 meses
But there's instrumental music of the animated movie songs
타농부 Hace 2 meses
@Bellona oh i see
Bellona Hace 2 meses
Unfortunately, yes. But I think the action scenes will make the entire video worth watching even without singing parts.
john brave
john brave Hace 2 meses
singing aint really going to jive with the set up of the live action
Richie Iddwen
Richie Iddwen Hace 2 meses
At last The Emperor bring honor to Mulan scene?
Sammy Westenberger
Sammy Westenberger Hace 2 meses
Mulan 2020 Opening Credits
alekesam Hace 2 meses
Can't wait. Mulan is/was one of my favs
Yut thongsawat 1
Yut thongsawat 1 Hace 2 meses
หนังจีน แต่น่าจะมันน่าดู
eastshore carp
eastshore carp Hace 2 meses
I hereby unsubscribe from you for showing this promotion for a movie performed by such a despicable actress.
Shahad SHD
Shahad SHD Hace 2 meses
FlufftonTail because he has no taste lol 😂 don’t listen to him judging a movie or an actress without even watching the movie yet remember Aladdin same story
Joerig Edan
Joerig Edan Hace 2 meses
I know you never sub to this channel, you just watch this from ESvid recommendation video 🤦🏻‍♂️
FlufftonTail Hace 2 meses
Wait why is she despicable
Chop Suey.
Chop Suey. Hace 2 meses
@Teether Geaver I like your way of thinking. Exactly, people should pressurize the government, not a harmless actress!!
Rakoom Boom
Rakoom Boom Hace 2 meses
Okay Harvey.
Malin Hessedahl
Malin Hessedahl Hace 2 meses
Aldeny Fude
Aldeny Fude Hace 2 meses
Anyone reading the comments may him or her live long life
Giger Campos
Giger Campos Hace un mes
Thank you. You too. 💖
Lucy Morris
Lucy Morris Hace 2 meses
back at you!
Mil A
Mil A Hace 2 meses
Thank you you too
Elena Sanchez
Elena Sanchez Hace 2 meses
You as well
Elena Sanchez
Elena Sanchez Hace 2 meses
Thank you love
MR. TIMESTAMP Hace 2 meses
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