Mulan | I'll Make A Man Out Of You | Disney Sing-Along

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Be swift as a coursing river as you sing along to "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan with this lyric video.
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Comentarios 80
Luffy Senpai
Luffy Senpai Hace 10 horas
Imagine this song in Kingdom Hearts 2 with Sora, Donald and Goofy in it XD
Pozzen Hace 13 horas
Best training music montage ever
Kapalapa Hace 13 horas
Corona leaving China to become a pandemic
Pascha Entertainment
Pascha Entertainment Hace 15 horas
Love this song so much.❤👍🏽
Tameka Masters
Tameka Masters Hace 17 horas
Best of the best Disney songs 😍❤
Glenn Willis
Glenn Willis Hace 17 horas
I worked out to this once and got absolutely ripped in 3 minutes.
A brasilian Learning German
0:16 the reason for there's not this song in Mulan's movie
Johny Ricco
Johny Ricco Hace 22 horas
I’ll bet this song gets played a lot in drag shows
Louise Kim
Louise Kim Hace 23 horas
It's true he can 100% make man out of a woman
Teja Vydellea
Teja Vydellea Hace un día
So far the only cartoon that actually speaks of war, and I think it's telling us how terrible the war is
M. Greezy
M. Greezy Hace un día
I'm about to workout to this song. Lol
fish does stuff
fish does stuff Hace un día
0:08 - 0:15 darth maul fighting be like
Harrison Mcarthur
Harrison Mcarthur Hace un día
sung by Donny Osmond
euphoria_97 Hace un día
When this song is in your vocal range
Max Moran
Max Moran Hace un día
2:25 Turns out the manliest trait of all was a basic understanding of physics.
FLASH [HMOFIGFYOA] / Slayingyoudown
Im Glad this is not Child Content or else I wont sew the comments
So the premise is, every family in China must send one man to war or they'll be executed.....unless they don't show improvement, in which case they can go home.
Heracross X
Heracross X Hace un día
Try as I might, I CANNOT remember a single Disney song that got me as pumped as this one.
MagesticDemon Hace un día
Top 5 disney songs of all time 1) Ciecle of life 2) I'll make a man out of you 3) Hakuna Matata 4) Beauty and the beast (tale as old as time) 5) A whole new world
Tameka Masters
Tameka Masters Hace 17 horas
Cassian Gordon
Cassian Gordon Hace un día
Whose here from the film theorists
snxrkel.baabyy Hace un día
i watched his video earlier but i searched this up on my own ha-
Jane Huskmann
Jane Huskmann Hace un día
According to ScrewAttack, Mulan having "all the force of a great typhoon" could be accurate... but it won't change much.
Juia Dasilva. Campos
I love disney
Minedspider xx
Minedspider xx Hace un día
i cant stop hitting replay. best disney song ever.
Shiro the Exo
Shiro the Exo Hace un día
Abel Ling
Abel Ling Hace un día
That's me in douge ball go to 0:55 also this is my dad when I can't be something 2:26
I-Am-Batman Hace un día
I can’t hear this without singing Jon Cozart’s ‘I Want To Be A Man’ 😂😂
Jonathan Gragnano
Jonathan Gragnano Hace un día
Elfmans favorite song
Iron Blood
Iron Blood Hace un día
He made it.
Tylon Lamie
Tylon Lamie Hace un día
My favorite movie
9 : 11
9 : 11 Hace un día
Why does this sound different from the movie
9 : 11
9 : 11 Hace un día
I always cry on the part where Mulan makes it to the top
Kaity & Adrian
Kaity & Adrian Hace un día
2:53 Happiest smile of someone who just got kicked in the face !!!
meriam adila
meriam adila Hace un día
Joseon Saram
Joseon Saram Hace un día
My first crush was that hot Asian man....I believe not only me
Ирина Савельева
Неееееее!!! Русский дубляж гораздо лучше!😍
Eryn Trans
Eryn Trans Hace 2 días
Shang is a bisexual icon
Lexi's Life
Lexi's Life Hace 2 días
What I tell Disney when I find out the live action doesn’t have mushu or Shang 0:24
Hubert Nguyen
Hubert Nguyen Hace 2 días
The world today against the coronavirus
Wolfie Corner
Wolfie Corner Hace 2 días
"Mister I'll make a man out of you" Last thing I heard the surgeon say before u fell asleep
Carina Treviño
Carina Treviño Hace 2 días
2:51 look at that bi smile. Our bi king is back at it again with the bi confusion.
Mico Naval
Mico Naval Hace 2 días
So I just found out that its Donny Osmond singing 🤯
The Boi
The Boi Hace 2 días
Listening to this high muy Fuego
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur Hace 2 días
Arash Rahimi
Arash Rahimi Hace 2 días
0:17 Mulan: *"well no but actually yes"*
broke genes
broke genes Hace 2 días
“Did I get daughters, when I asked for sons” That is meaningful-
wine2732 Hace 2 días
뮬란 OST의 대명사인 Reflection도 좋지만 저는 이 노래가 더 기억에 남아요. 힘이 넘치고 코러스 부분이 웅장해서 들으면 들을수록 기운이 솟아나는? ㅎㅎㅎ 그나저나 한국인이 별로없군욥...
Uma uwu
Uma uwu Hace 2 días
For some reason, this made me think of INTP as Mulan and a ENTJ as Shang lol
Marina Maged
Marina Maged Hace 2 días
This song slaps HARD
Tati Allawati
Tati Allawati Hace 3 días
Best Disney song,change my mind.
Hello There
Hello There Hace 3 días
The funny thing is that they don’t use any of their trainig except for firing rockets
Steve B
Steve B Hace 3 días
As an adult coming back to this song, when she climbs to the top of the pole and it's dawn after everyone has woken up I can't help but think, "yeah okay but now you haven't had any sleep good luck with that!"
Saint Ricardo
Saint Ricardo Hace 3 días
One of the best Protagonist Disney ever produced
Kni Can’t Draws
Kni Can’t Draws Hace 3 días
0:37 all he had to do was look down and the movie would be over in five minutes 0:54 and this was the moment that Shang realised he was bisexual (I’m kidding don’t @ me)
Sonic adventures And gaming
TheLoneLoony Hace 3 días
My highschool gym teacher could do better push-ups than all of us combined. And she was pregnant. lol
khirul aminur
khirul aminur Hace 3 días
Best disney’s training montage for sure!
Princess Britania Tejan-Jalloh
0:17 *laugh*
liam Hillyard
liam Hillyard Hace 3 días
-1--;(?? Vvvvffg
Undertorndemon Hace 3 días
Isn't this is the part when they all get slaughtered because the Huns brung guns?
Lucy Crago
Lucy Crago Hace 3 días
To the 15k who disliked this: Dishonor on YOU. Dishonor on your COW!...
Tati Allawati
Tati Allawati Hace 3 días
Ahlam Mahamud
Ahlam Mahamud Hace 3 días
But, the one question I still have..... *hOw DiD sHe GeT dOwN?*
Kenna Auditore
Kenna Auditore Hace 3 días
Why does this song has so many dislikes?
kaisha q
kaisha q Hace 3 días
The only parts of this song are the start, "you're the saddest bunch I've ever met" and "THE MOOOOOOOOOOOO"
Tiffany Hace 3 días
Places everyone, quiet on set. And cue the feminists.
Julia Phillips
Julia Phillips Hace 3 días
How dare there is no mushu or this song in the remake I am not watching it #mushu is the best #remake rebel
did I just saw a man hitting a woman in the face in a disney mouvie? Its a miracle
David Gaming channel
S .
Keninja Greninja
Keninja Greninja Hace 4 días
0:36 if he looked down, the movie would have ended right then and there
Ella Kodicek
Ella Kodicek Hace 4 días
You can tell he started to give up mister I’ll make a man out of you then he says how could I make a man out of you
Kyra Holtsclaw
Kyra Holtsclaw Hace 4 días
OMG I love Shang being one of the best Bicons out there!!
Ella Kodicek
Ella Kodicek Hace 4 días
The Seamus moment from Harry Potter is relatable to when she has the Chinese dragon thing and it blows in here face
Kirbo XD
Kirbo XD Hace 4 días
River Shen
Shane Ocampo
Shane Ocampo Hace 4 días
dont do the movie if ur not going to include this
Brennan Hyung
Brennan Hyung Hace 4 días
At 2:03 when Shang carried Mulan’s load. Let me explain. As a Marine Combat veteran for someone to carry your load is a dishonor to you and your family. Seeing that hurt me to my core. I am glad Mulan is a Legend and a Hero.
The Mewtwober
The Mewtwober Hace 4 días
Jerry Menace
Jerry Menace Hace 5 días
Kung flu
pj861204 Hace 5 días
You should see how fast they can build a hospital
Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen Hace 5 días
Are yo encouraging kids to do these things? Like hit their head on a brick to break it?
Rachel Knight Online
*adds to workout playlist*
Meme Studios 500
Meme Studios 500 Hace 5 días
This just made me confirm my transgender self
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