MULAN Official Trailer #2 (2020) Disney, Live-Action Movie HD

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MULAN Official Trailer #2 (2020) Disney, Live-Action Movie HD
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A young Chinese maiden disguises herself as a male warrior in order to save her father. A live-action feature film based on Disney's 'Mulan.'

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5 dic 2019






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Comentarios 1 473
Fran Hace 5 horas
0:32 qué eran? ninjas los monos esos?
spicy vegan
spicy vegan Hace un día
roses are red violets are blue no mushu?! FUCK YOU
spicy vegan
spicy vegan Hace un día
No mushu no shang no grandma no circket DISHONOR
Marcel Hace 3 días
This was so terrible, I finally decided to see this and found they kept none of the original main characters or fight scenes :)
Aria-Rose Browne
Aria-Rose Browne Hace 4 días
so they did that whole cgi for the bird and all that but you telling me they couldn't do a small dragon. am hurt.
Đức Nguyễn
Đức Nguyễn Hace 6 días
Chinese talks to another chinese by English :v
Super Estrela Games
Super Estrela Games Hace 7 días
piplup and penguins
piplup and penguins Hace 7 días
Disney why do you hate live action mushu
piplup and penguins
piplup and penguins Hace 7 días
Wind, and summer noon and fall
Doggo Woofer
Doggo Woofer Hace 9 días
So we got niggas turning into birds but no daddy Shang 🤡
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez Hace 9 días
Green lantern 2021 arimme hammer hal jordan John Stewart Michael b. Jordan as green lantern Eiza González Jessica Cruz green lantern
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez Hace 9 días
Pheonix the guardián bird hahahaha hehehee hahahaha hehehee Phenoix
Xid RK
Xid RK Hace 10 días
Mulan is an Uyghur girl ✊
Anna Sky
Anna Sky Hace 13 días
Mushu ???
Nima Nima
Nima Nima Hace 13 días
this is wholesome C H I L L S
Raquel andreassa
Raquel andreassa Hace 15 días
Cadê o Mushu , Cadê a vovó , Cadê o grilo da sorte e Cadê o Shang
Møønlight Savy
Møønlight Savy Hace 18 días
Y'all they just ruined Mulan. 🤬😡😞
KeenQueen Hace 19 días
RetroKon Hace 20 días
This gonna sell out in China at least. Buy some Disney Stocks
Natalia Silva
Natalia Silva Hace 21 un día
This film is so bad!!!
Erin Deeds
Erin Deeds Hace 21 un día
Not happy at all no Shang
Judgy Judy
Judgy Judy Hace 22 días
so we’re gonna ignore how they took out THE ICONIC MUSHU. BUT ADDED, A WITCH?
Gesh Hace 24 días
Damn I just want to see Make a man out of you in live action
What name should I have?
So if Mushu is not in the movie Than the movie is already a failure for me.
idk what username to use
guys, i believe this is what real action means. they aren’t just taking the cartoon and making better graphics. they are taking story and a different way of telling it.
Autumn R Ryan
Autumn R Ryan Hace 26 días
Dishonor on Disney for not including Mushu!!! Dishonor on your whole family!!! Make a note of this: dishonor on YOU, dishonor on your COW!!!
Ash-greninja is awesome
Finally this might be a good live action remake
Caroline Fry
Caroline Fry Hace 27 días
WHERE IS MUSHU??????????????????
Giuliana Cotrim Lima
Giuliana Cotrim Lima Hace 29 días
Caralho fiquei até arrepiada...
njAkula Hace un mes
Mulan was my favorite Disney movie.. i had watched it over and over again. But ppl don't forget that MULAN is a real person... A real chinese history... Beyond the fact of SHapeshifter witch ?? I really would like to see that movie and maybe learn more about that true brave woman of China...
Yana Vaughan
Yana Vaughan Hace un mes
Oooh I'm crying
game survivor
game survivor Hace un mes
I got mixed feelings about this movie sorry but I do
Kawaii Kat
Kawaii Kat Hace un mes
0:50 Did Mulan's Dad just say that he has two daughters? 🤨
Chayennz Hace 5 días
yep he actually said that too in the original
Super Slash
Super Slash Hace un mes
Emiliho Stifler
Emiliho Stifler Hace un mes
Stop destroying my chilhood movies PLEASE. I don't need a live action of every single Disney movie, which tends to be always worse than the original. Where is my boy Mushu? This seems like a cash grab.
Naomy Casco
Naomy Casco Hace un mes
Ok I was mad about all of the little changes in movies before but.....YOU GUYS WENT TO FAR HERE NO SONGS?NO MUSHU?NO SHENG?TWO DAUGHTERS?NO SHANG YU?I DONT SEE A GRANDMA! SHAPESHIFTER???????
Denisse Xcaret
Denisse Xcaret Hace un mes
Esta promo si me puso la piel CHINITA!!!🐉💖😍
Cristiano Rafael
Cristiano Rafael Hace un mes
Boycott the movie! Mulan without Mushu is not Mulan! Do not watch !!! #DISNEYJUSTWANTYOURMONEY
MrDude88 Hace un mes
I’m like totally not upset that this movie isn’t like the original animated version I loved when I was a kid.
Victor Duarte
Victor Duarte Hace un mes
We want Mushu and short hair baaaaaaaaaack!!
Asssassin's Creed Next-Gen
Does anyone know the theme song in that trailer
AetheralMeowstic Hace un mes
AetheralMeowstic Hace un mes
Fans: Terrible butchery of a beloved classic! Disney: But- Fans: Ultimate dishonor!
David Spencer
David Spencer Hace un mes
Disney: We are making a whole new story. Different action, different characters, same theam. Fans: So your telling us...you ripped off your own film? *NBC:* Disney rips off film. *ABC:* Disney has new mulan. *CNN:* Disney running out of ideas. *CBS:* Disney lost charm with new film.
I’m Emylemy
I’m Emylemy Hace un mes
Mulan is my favourite Disney character. Buuuut, WHERE THE HELL IS MUSHU????? Why day haveta get rid of him??
Patrick Kmiecik
Patrick Kmiecik Hace un mes
1:59 Winnie the Pooh beats up Filthy Frank!
Patrick Kmiecik
Patrick Kmiecik Hace un mes
1:47 Frank fails the cinamon challenge...
Hokmen Juanda Pasaribu
Where the stupid dragon ?
Barely Active
Barely Active Hace un mes
I love her for Mulan they got the most petite sounding girl😂
emma reece
emma reece Hace un mes
i meann it looks okayyy BUT COME ON NO MUSHU?
Daffni Juyad
Daffni Juyad Hace un mes
so Mulan actually poured tea on her... EEEEEK
Daniela Ange
Daniela Ange Hace un mes
my dumbass said "mulan looks so chinese and I forgot she was smh
Justin Kramer
Justin Kramer Hace un mes
The dragon! Wheres the dragon and the cricket broooo. Thats what made Mulan!?
plugboy91 Hace un mes
No li Shang???! Fuck Disney
I'm gay but scared to come out
This is like really weird, I'm a Chinese and it's actually my first time seeing a film that has a traditional chinese background but instead of chinese, they speak english....
James Johnson
James Johnson Hace un mes
Hey we're the little dragon mushu are it can't be in Milan bluegrass music
Fuck this shit....no thank you knockoff half assed effort of a fail trailer
Locke Li
Locke Li Hace un mes
Protect Hong Kong. #5demandsnot1less
Saskia Weber
Saskia Weber Hace un mes
This is going to be a desaster...
Saltyass Hace un mes
Bruh I was ready for a live action Shang 😢
Is mushu in this movie
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