MULAN Official Trailer #2 (2020) Disney, Live-Action Movie HD

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MULAN Official Trailer #2 (2020) Disney, Live-Action Movie HD
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A young Chinese maiden disguises herself as a male warrior in order to save her father. A live-action feature film based on Disney's 'Mulan.'

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Can I get 100 subscribers without any video plz
From where the hell this witch and a phoenix came and where's mushu
Dubi Ka
Dubi Ka Hace 4 horas
But there was an evil bird in the original cartoon right
numpaK Ucing
numpaK Ucing Hace 15 horas
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chadies thea
chadies thea Hace 15 horas
Watch in HD MULAN Official Trailer #2 (2020) Disney, Live-Action Movie HD ✔️ Click Here ➽[[ flixstream2020.blogspot.com ]] [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] All Subtitles Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent
gh Hace un día
I hope disney whould make a deal with McDonald's for szechuan sauce
hani sunflower
hani sunflower Hace 3 días
Sou mais o outro
yummybear Yum
yummybear Yum Hace 4 días
I’m Kazakh
Jun Talya Shamun
Jun Talya Shamun Hace 7 días
wait. there's one question unsolved. how are we supposed to watch this when the coronavirus is everywhere?
Jesy Reyes
Jesy Reyes Hace 7 días
Yeet Feet
Yeet Feet Hace 7 días
Now I wanna see a movie about Tomoe Gozen. (Yes, I know she is Japanese) But it'd be far too short of a movie and it'd be a bit less child friendly considering the killing and head chopping
Mr. Chingu
Mr. Chingu Hace 9 días
Wheres jackie chen.
Makoto Shimabukuro
Makoto Shimabukuro Hace 9 días
Oh no! They had to SJW IT! Chinese people thoght having a daugther was punishment, and still think the same, that's why a girl is born, if she's lucky, she gose to an orphanage, more likely late term abortion, or like they call in china, choke them, the burn the body. Very few people are willing to raise a girl.
Taehyung Buns
Taehyung Buns Hace 10 días
I waited for the live action since 2019 and now it's postponed because of the new virus, the Corona virus
Jeya Gangadharan
Jeya Gangadharan Hace 10 días
anyone singing along the theme song?
Isabel Keirle-Singer
Isabel Keirle-Singer Hace 11 días
Omg CHILLS at reflection remake
Mitzi the evil ferret
Mitzi the evil ferret Hace 11 días
Lol, no one's going to see this. Not because it's another unnecessary remake of a classic and there's a high chance it could suck but because all the cinemas are closed and no one can leave their house anyway. Yeah, my county's gone into lockdown. Thanks Corona virus. We hate it.
Hwa Mulan
Hwa Mulan Hace 11 días
The OST brought me a lot of reflection from my real life and this movie (though I haven't watched yet but from the story) teach me to be confident in who I am, the real me.
Kelly Marcella
Kelly Marcella Hace 12 días
I was sooooooo looking forward to watching this, but all the theaters and cinemas have been forced to close due to the Coronavirus.
Wolf_oo1 Hace 12 días
sad now i cant see it in theaters cus its closed due to covid 19 ....
The sandwich
The sandwich Hace 12 días
I loved Mulan. It was my favourite animated film for the longest time. These trailers look fantastic- so, live action Mulan, bring honour to the franchise.
Barely Average Gamer
Barely Average Gamer Hace 15 días
It's going to be "okay"but it'll fail at the box office. Another IP raped by disney
Adam Vienna
Adam Vienna Hace 16 días
Crouching Mulan Hidden Mushu
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko Hace 17 días
dammit why am i crying after listening to that theme song
woo hoo
woo hoo Hace 18 días
😢😢😢 where's mushu!? he was the iconic karen friend!
2wo3hree Hace 19 días
yoongles gang
yoongles gang Hace 19 días
they added a witch took away mushu and Shang wtaf is this bullshit- the original should’ve remained untouched.
Will Doug
Will Doug Hace 20 días
i cant wait omg this was my fav kids movie when i was little >.
It’s Me Jayser
It’s Me Jayser Hace 20 días
Cute 🌹
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Love this movie. 0:30 ❣ 👇 👇💯
Angie Garcia
Angie Garcia Hace 23 días
Hablando en serio me siento decepcionada, siempre desee que hicieran el live action de Mulan ya que es mi película favorita de Disney, pero el saber que quitarán muchos aspectos importantes (como mushu y el capitán) hacen que realmente no quiera ir a verla. Se que lo hicieron por la audiencia de China (al ser la mayor taquillera en el mundo) ya que al dragón lo tienen como un símbolo de fuerza y poder y que pongan a un dragón torpe y gracioso es una ofensa para ellos (son muy tradicionales y se respeta) pero otra cosa es decir que quitaron al capitán porque no es comveniente que se enamore de Mulan (o algo así logré entender) y que aparte genera incomodidad. El capitán es muy fundamental en la trama, no es sólo una cara bonita, fue él quien lo dio todo para entrenar y hacer fuerte al ejercito a pesar de que muchos no tenían ni idea de que era un combate y una guerra, y al final lo logró, el hacer fuerte a un ejército débil. Se que piensan en China, ¿pero que pasa con el resto del mundo? (¿Estamos pintados o que?) Fue un arma de doble filo hacer esta película, no solo porque hayan quitado cosas importantes (como la música que caracteriza a Disney) sino que no lograrán entrar al mundo de China que era su enfoque principal por el coronavirus y esto ocasiona que "el resto del mundo" al que nos apartaron no tengamos ganas de verlo por su cambios drásticos. En conclusión, no iré a ver la película en el cine. *Opinión personal*
This gonna be number one. FOREVER!
YOU ME you
YOU ME you Hace 24 días
I would never watch this film, solely because of the shameful actress who supports police brutality! #boycottmulan
Ck Tam
Ck Tam Hace 24 días
#boycottmulan Mulan supposed to be a female character who fight for justice and female empowerment. Lau expresses her support to police brutality of Hong Kong, which act and stance differently with Mulan. Numbers of harassment by police towards both male and female were recorded and reported.
Alondra Olivas
Alondra Olivas Hace 25 días
nmms y mushu y li shang?
Green Hope
Green Hope Hace 25 días
This is how China fights against the coronavirus, I mean the spirit of General Mulan.
Mystic Productions
Mystic Productions Hace 27 días
Who’s bringing honor to the Disney family?🤣
ניצה דהן
ניצה דהן Hace 27 días
Craig Voclain
Craig Voclain Hace 27 días
Aladdin had all the characters and music in it. Lion King the same, beauty and the beast also. But Mulan no we gonna change it up . What's next make mulan gay? That would really get Chinese people mad it is illegal in China.
hoshi Hace 28 días
Just imagine a disney live action movie of Aladdin and Frozen but without the genie and Olaf. Yeah thats how I feel about Mushu and the Cricket Edit: wait where the hell is Shang?!
Hollie Torley
Hollie Torley Hace 28 días
I refuse to see this movie until daddy Shang and mushu are in it
mintytxe Hace 29 días
R.i.P mushu
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 This is a really cute movie 0:55 💘💙💯 👇💝
Leyna's Playhouse
Leyna's Playhouse Hace 29 días
The new Mulan toy chapter is out! The pets have gone missing, and it's up to Mulan to find them! Watch and subscribe and never miss the next adventure! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-fFhBR13lKU4.html
Leyna's Playhouse
Leyna's Playhouse Hace 29 días
The new Mulan toy chapter is out! The pets have gone missing, and it's up to Mulan to find them! Watch and subscribe and never miss the next adventure! @lKU4
Lionheart Hace un mes
1:21 I just realized that that’s “Reflection” in the background.
GuildBankLooter Hace un mes
Women cant fight
Lala melody Anudon
Lala melody Anudon Hace un mes
Where is wushu and tha cricket
hilancent Hace un mes
Andrej Gjurin
Andrej Gjurin Hace un mes
Well this movie is going to be really bad, because it got influenced by SJW bull... Removing charecters because of the meeto movement... that makes me so sad. All this PC-ness in the world.
Jungshook jikook tus patrones :v
this is shit... they ruined my favorite movie
Wild Bear
Wild Bear Hace un mes
I love this story it is one of my favorites, I was bummed when I heard they removed Shang. Not everything has to be a METoo movement.
Going Off Topic
Going Off Topic Hace un mes
Not making real men if it's not a shirtless workout montage
Troy Rogue Lion
Troy Rogue Lion Hace un mes
I'm going to give Disney live-action Mulan a chance don't spoil it for me please guys if there is any new stuff in it which I hope there is so it's not as bad as The Lion King live action I still completely hated that movie it was the first worst live action Disney movie in general that I hated. Disney is my childhood but 2019 Lion King was a mess Disney did not even try with that movie in my opinion. I was very happy when I left the movie theater when 2019 Lion King ended. I hope this is just rumors I heard or it will be one of the things that probably ruined it for me musicals I really love Disney musicals the most of all. I heard that Mulan live action movie won't be a musical or have any songs. I hope that is false it's bad enough that As I heard Mouchu I have not spelled that name in a long time sorry I failed to spell that name correctly today but any way he's not in the live action Mulan. I'm still giving that movie a chance no Matter what Can't say I don't like if I haven't even seen it.
Regina Holt
Regina Holt Hace un mes
This ruined Disney it is PG-13
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera Hace un mes
No Shang, No Mushu, No cricket, No songs, No grandma, How do I explain this to my kids?
Ray-Ray Rambles
Ray-Ray Rambles Hace un mes
Cj Silva
Cj Silva Hace un mes
So they just gonna completely change the movie
Julia Krueger
Julia Krueger Hace un mes
Everyone's talking about where's Mushu and the strange witch, But why TF does the fa family have TWO daughters?! And where is Shan Yu?!?!
Asian Man
Asian Man Hace un mes
I love the Mulan movie *cause it rhymes with wuhan* And 1 it’s Chinese 2 it’s from China 3 China
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean Hace un mes
Disney : the talking dragon disrespects Chinese culture also Disney: were gonna make a monthly subscription and call the movie a classic
Doomer K Kid
Doomer K Kid Hace un mes
Can't believe they removed one of the characters
n m
n m Hace un mes
Mask Boy
Mask Boy Hace un mes
Where is mushu!?
Vampire將臣 Hace un mes
Mulan Is CCP Movie👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Rand0m Things You May Like The Pangolin
Cmon guys let's sing it! Let's get down to business...
iqra hashi
iqra hashi Hace un mes
It’s coming on MY 14th BIRTHDAY YAY
Boinks Hace un mes
I just wanna hear the we are men song
Gavriel Feigenbaum
Gavriel Feigenbaum Hace un mes
All I ask is that they don't turn "Be a man" into "be a trans"
Vonni Do
Vonni Do Hace un mes
I am glad this movie is not exactly like the original. If that's what ur looking for go back and watch the original
Rasamo PLAYS
Rasamo PLAYS Hace un mes
No talking dragon or cricket am not watching it
CraCKhEad PerSon
CraCKhEad PerSon Hace un mes
Shang was the best part of the movie 😪
lamp Hace un mes
i love the idea of the new movie being about the real story of mulan, but please don't call it a live-action movie if it isn't about the original film
Francisco Hace un mes
0:32 qué eran? ninjas los monos esos?
anja Hace un mes
roses are red violets are blue no mushu?! FUCK YOU
anja Hace un mes
No mushu no shang no grandma no circket DISHONOR
Marcel Hace un mes
This was so terrible, I finally decided to see this and found they kept none of the original main characters or fight scenes :)
Aria-Rose Browne
Aria-Rose Browne Hace un mes
so they did that whole cgi for the bird and all that but you telling me they couldn't do a small dragon. am hurt.
Đức Nguyễn
Đức Nguyễn Hace un mes
Chinese talks to another chinese by English :v
Super Estrela Games
piplup and penguins
Disney why do you hate live action mushu
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