MULAN Super Bowl Trailer (2020)

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Super bowl spot + trailer for Disney's Mulan


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31 ene 2020






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FilmSelect Trailer
FilmSelect Trailer Hace 4 meses
Check out this super bowl spot for Mulan! Full new trailer coming Sunday
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan Hace 14 días
numpaK Ucing
numpaK Ucing Hace 28 días
*Watch in HD Streaming MULAN Super Bowl Trailer (2020) 𝕔𝕝𝕚𝕔𝕜 𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 ➽ flixstream2020.blogspot.com ********************************************** All Subtitles Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent
Liu YAN Hace 2 meses
Do you know this woman and Chinese corona-Virus (or Covid-19/ Wuhan pneumonia) were come from Wuhan, China?
Ieita Atanrerei
Ieita Atanrerei Hace 2 meses
This is my lucky movie as it will be out on my birthday, wow😯😯🕺🕺🤗🤗
Eliena Cilia
Eliena Cilia Hace 2 meses
*we must be strong this time he will not return...* Tears me up...,.
Princess May Panganiban
On trailer is amazing wat more on the movie.
Princess May Panganiban
Love this can't wait to watch
Pamela Gonzales
Pamela Gonzales Hace 2 meses
Liu Yifei is an awesome actress💕
Keith Lai
Keith Lai Hace 3 meses
#boycottmulan #standwithhk
Tien Le
Tien Le Hace 3 meses
Chinese Translator, Author on Ancient China Tai Chi
Mulan (about 412-502) is a renowned heroine in China.
Nang Naiya
Nang Naiya Hace 3 meses
I don't care what people said about this movie I am going to watch this for sure because Mulan has been my inspiration and role model since I was a kid. I am waiting for this movie
Vampire將臣 Hace 3 meses
Mulan Is CCP Movie👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
sulaiman222 Hace 3 meses
Those who are interested in watching the Hua Mulan classic musical movie in Chinese with English subtitles should go here esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Tglm3anmue8.html. You will get an excellent introduction to one type of Chinese musicals (very catchy and lively tunes) and many authentic cultural concepts: traditional Chinese social norms, filial piety values, nationalism, conscription into the army, officer selection, traditional weapons used in war, treatment of foreign invaders, romance in the old days, etc. This is a well-loved classic movie loved by many Chinese. Only when you have watched this and can appreciate the cultural aspects, you can then compare it to the Americanized modern Mulan movie. Enjoy.
Tabita Gherman
Tabita Gherman Hace 3 meses
canyoumakeit.redbull.com/en/applications/2524 Vote for this team luv y’all
Liu Chik
Liu Chik Hace 3 meses
Creo que esta va a ser la peor adaptacion que va a hacer disney, porque no parece una pelicula de disney😢😢😢😢
Cutting Motion
Cutting Motion Hace 3 meses
If her name as a guy was Hua Ye, she’d be the crown prince of heaven 😂
MOONKNIGHTM3L Hace 3 meses
Too many changes which made it different from the original especially other main characters...sad love the songs sang in that movie...
Mohamed Ahuzam
Mohamed Ahuzam Hace 3 meses
Why does the Phoenix look like the Vermilion bird of the South.
Ataberk Burak Özkılıç
Still looks bad
Pmbcv Pogjbh
Pmbcv Pogjbh Hace 3 meses
Am looking forward to watching this movie
Idah Idah
Idah Idah Hace 3 meses
花木Joyce Hace 3 meses
Looks like they did their best to appreciate and respect Chinese culture so I'm excited to see even if they don't stay true to the animation.
OlyMolly Hace 3 meses
This can help cheer everyone up, after Coronavirus.
Adi Mars
Adi Mars Hace 3 meses
Can't wait this movie😍
rakesh mahato
rakesh mahato Hace 3 meses
Where is the dragon man????
12. Citra Syamsriyamin
Everybody ask about Mushu, and I saw a dragon here.........isn't that Mushu?
Yan Y
Yan Y Hace 3 meses
Looks good
Maya Dunia
Maya Dunia Hace 3 meses
i love when "when will my reflection" orchestra playing at background
Ha Ni
Ha Ni Hace 3 meses
The best so far!!!! 💙
Elle Hood
Elle Hood Hace 3 meses
We don't get any songs, lucky cricket, or Mushu, but we get a lady that turns into the crazy guy's hawk that was never in the animated version 🙄
gutspraygore Hace 3 meses
Lion King stayed true to the animation and it turns out realistic animals emote a lot like they do in real life... not very well. Beauty and the Beast stayed true to the animation and it turns out that living kitchen utensils are horrifying. Now I'm a bit nervous about the Little Mermaid. Fish aren't exactly cute... Oh jeez, now I'm imagining a live action Finding Nemo. Well there goes any peaceful sleep. Kidding! I'm not that cynical. I'm definitely on board with this movie, though. Looks pretty rad.
Kathleen Castro
Kathleen Castro Hace 3 meses
please when
Karya Cab’s
Karya Cab’s Hace 3 meses
So excited for this, it must be a movie of the year can't wait😃😃😃😃
janfranci79 Hace 3 meses
I'm so excited about this film.
Luiza Georgieva
Luiza Georgieva Hace 3 meses
Luiza Georgieva
Luiza Georgieva Hace 3 meses
mushu missing in the trailer
Brown Eye Rican
Brown Eye Rican Hace 3 meses
Awww no songs from the original movie in this one. Lol i happen to like the songs especially reflection and make a man out of u.
B_ Clairey
B_ Clairey Hace 4 meses
I can't wait!!!!
Stephanie Esparza
Stephanie Esparza Hace 4 meses
I am so ready to hear the music in a orchestral version. But for the end credits, I'm wondering who will be singing the song Reflection.
Dumb Crumb
Dumb Crumb Hace 4 meses
I was going to watch this because of the battles because the battles are always amazing. But now guess what Disney did to this movie that made it like from +100 to -100, They... They... REMOVED MUSHU FROM THE MOVIE NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
santo siahaan
santo siahaan Hace 4 meses
The music from "reflection" always got me goosebumps everytime I saw Mulan trailer
Ricky Terry
Ricky Terry Hace 4 meses
Wait a min where is Mushu?looks good but would beeeeee better if that little red dragon be in there!😌
Macel Soriano
Macel Soriano Hace 4 meses
I will watch this 😘😘😘
Ghaya Priya
Ghaya Priya Hace 4 meses
i cant wait to see this moive
Daniele Frota
Daniele Frota Hace 4 meses
ué kd mushu?
Dhyanna Silvah
Dhyanna Silvah Hace 4 meses
David Yap
David Yap Hace 4 meses
Oh, chairman Xi...
Devika Thummala
Devika Thummala Hace 4 meses
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....This is epic......😰😃😁💓
0:11 Wow! Now that´s what I call a badass move.
Marion Sanders
Marion Sanders Hace 4 meses
Yall trying to compare lion king to this why?? And it wasnt even bad the lion king it was hella good
Pane Solo
Pane Solo Hace 4 meses
Witches? Disney: HELL YES! Mushu? Disney: Lets be realistic.
Erick Sánchez
Erick Sánchez Hace 4 meses
There is not enough black people representation in this movie.
Mari Kov
Mari Kov Hace 4 meses
You made me laugh.
gmbodhi Hace 4 meses
Screw that witch yo
Neptun Z
Neptun Z Hace 4 meses
where is the fucking dragon??!
Vic v
Vic v Hace 4 meses
Why there is no music.............
Kent Lee
Kent Lee Hace 4 meses
cacaf Hace 4 meses
Disney fans complain when beauty and the beast was too similar to the original. Disney fans complaining now about Mulan being too different. It's Disney! You know it will be epic!!
Travis Ledo
Travis Ledo Hace 4 meses
Thank you for not being a Musical. Yes the songs were catchy as a child but I wouldn't watch it now if it was like High School Musical. Its fine if they play the songs in the background too, just please no one bust out singing in the movie.
Devendra kumawat
Devendra kumawat Hace 4 meses
Where is the fooking dragon
Area51 _
Area51 _ Hace 4 meses
thumbnailnya kayak chef renatta
Darryl Wolfe
Darryl Wolfe Hace 4 meses
Imagine Donnie Yen singing "Let's get down to business to defeat the Huns."
Darryl Wolfe
Darryl Wolfe Hace 4 meses
Jet Li, Ipman and even Liu Kang is here. The only guy missing is Jackie
Anne Caccam
Anne Caccam Hace 4 meses
I can't take it seriously with all the wrong subtitles 😂
Эйнамель Сервин
Yass lmao
Asylum J
Asylum J Hace 4 meses
it got me teary
Blood Queen
Blood Queen Hace 4 meses
Excuse me! Where is our mojo? Where is our favourite sarcastic dragon? You need him for the movie.
Silver Story 11
Silver Story 11 Hace 4 meses
@Blood Queen ok
Blood Queen
Blood Queen Hace 4 meses
@Silver Story 11 i saw asian crush dealing with the same problem. I am just pointing my dissapiontment here.
Silver Story 11
Silver Story 11 Hace 4 meses
No you don't. Go read up on why they scrapped Mushu. Learn a bit on the Chinese culture and why they considered the original film to be disrespectful.
unicornfloo Hace 4 meses
I cried when they played that Reflection song 😭 I truly can’t wait for this!!
TheMasked Artist
TheMasked Artist Hace 4 meses
lovekat 2003
lovekat 2003 Hace 4 meses
Where is the romance? The dragon? The MUSIC???
Sergio Vasquez
Sergio Vasquez Hace 4 meses
What ever happen to ping
Sougata Mitra
Sougata Mitra Hace 4 meses
Awesome awesome trailer. This will look fabulous on big screen.
Vivek Khare
Vivek Khare Hace 4 meses
"I am china - I will bring corona virus to all " :p
Itajdf Hace 4 meses
She is too delicate a statue for such tricks and such a strength that she demonstrates... ))
michelle kirsch
michelle kirsch Hace 4 meses
I watch a lot of Chinese historical series and it is so wierd to watch one in english. Thrilled to see some of my favorite chinese actors.
giri wisnu nugroho
giri wisnu nugroho Hace 4 meses
no dragon no fun
Marvin Martin
Marvin Martin Hace 4 meses
Not that we didn't know it already, but they showed us the end in the superbowl spot lol.
Vicente Senor
Vicente Senor Hace 4 meses
Not the same if Eddie Murphy not in it
The Laughing Geordie
A lot of pissy people arguing with people who want a live action remake. To me that is the same as lion king, that shit was a near identical version of the original and even had the original voice actor. So why be pissed off when the people who grew up with Mulan want their dragon, and on top of that be voiced by Eddie. Current generations are fucked. Let us have our fucking Mushu!!
Silver Story 11
Silver Story 11 Hace 4 meses
豪宅玩具 Hace 4 meses
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